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Spontaneous Past-life Memory.

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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by Dock6

OMG ... you witch you
You sound like you've been very unfortunate to know a selection of very, very narrow-minded people in your life. I'm not laughing at you, you understand but at those awful girls ... notice I say girls not friends because well, they weren't were they ?

I often feel sorry for people like that, because they have no idea how much they are missing, by being so narrow-minded ah-hum

Well Dock6, I've said it before and dammit I'm going to say it again ... I feel like this little group here are much more than strangers posting on an ATS thread
Well met my friend. Woody.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

HI Woodwytch ... I know what you mean. Don't worry, we've all felt that way on occasion. You do your very best drawing and everyone tells you how good it is. You've tried so hard. Put so much of yourself into it. You're so proud of it. It's the best thing you've ever done. You can't even believe it yourself. Then you go to class and someone who already 'has everything' (lovely face, hair, home, parents, other talents etc.) pulls out her drawing and you feel such a fool. Yours seems so pathetic by comparison. You're ashamed of your poor drawing now and put it away quickly .. say you didn't do one, or left it at home, because you don't want your loyal friends put in an awkward position. If yours isn't there, then they don't have to suffer divided loyalties. Then you join the applause for the good drawing and you mean it, but try to mean it even more because you're ashamed underneath of the pride you felt earlier about your own.

No. Ego is not a terrible thing. It's your inner little-person, your 'authentic you', trying to protect you against pain, against all comers, against everything that might topple you. The Dali Lama has ego ... a BIG one, despite his claimed lineage of dozens of superior-spirit incarnations. So I think the rest of us can be forgiven for harbouring our inner-buddy who after all is just trying to keep us above water for another day, lol.

I've remembered a couple of what could be interpreted as snippits of past-lives. Posted them before (probably a couple of times, actually) on past ATS threads, but in the spirit of this thread, they could probably take another airing.

I'm a man in both of them. One is quite brief. My men have been trudging through the snow (don't know where it's located .. could be Prussia or in that region, just a feeling) for a long time. I suspect we're in retreat. We're exhausted. It's dark .. could be just pre-dawn. We come upon a building, quite large .. possibly a deserted stately home. There's a flat roof and I don't know what they are ... battlements? Whatever the case, around the flat roof (not totally flat, there are projections in the expanse) is a low-ish wall, maybe hip-height. The low wall goes up and down, squarish, like the shape on the top of some castles. So we clamber up there, everyone finding his own way up. Some might get up there via the internal. Don't know. The sequence is a bit choppy.

End result is, we're up there on the roof and we KNOW the enemy isn't far behind us. We can feel them. We've been just ahead of them for .. I dont' know, could be days. There are a lot more of them. We're tired as hell, absolutely exhausted. Then the enemy start to become visible over a snowy ridge. They're that close. We'd hoped they might miss us. The ridge is actually higher or around the same height as the roof we're on. But then the land slopes down to the castle thing we're on, so the enemy becomes lower again as they approach. But when we first see them, they're coming over the ridge at us. They know we're there. We know we're in for a fight and a half. We're on our last legs. It's a last ditch stand atmosphere. And it's pretty clear the enemy knows we're done for. So that's the general air when the action starts.

I'm up on the roof, wearing a big heavy coat, about shin level. It's open, flapping. I'm roaring at my men .. telling them to get over to this part, cover that area, etc. There's so much noise by the time the enemy hits. They're making noise, we're making noise. Gunshots on top of it. I'm firing everywhere at once, wheeling around all the time. Enemy everywhere. A sinking feeling, seeing them coming over the ramparts or battlements .. whatever that low wall on the roof is. We can't kill enough of them to stop their progress. Five drop, more come.

Then it's as if everything fades into the background. An enemy has his sights on me .. coming for me .. has selected me. I see him. We look at each other. He's coming at me, pistol raised. Raise my pistol. I could have fired and dropped him. He's coming closer all the time. I have the advantage .. I'm stationary, have him in my sights.

But I don't fire. I see his face, see him getting closer and closer, running awkwardly at me on the uneven surface. That slow-motion thing has kicked in. Time just stretches. Seems to take forever for his feet to hit the ground ... lift ... another step. All slowed down. Then it gets normal again. The time to fire has passed. He's almost on me. I'm so sick of it all, so sick of fighting, worrying, killing, all of it. Tired to the bone and mentally just want an end. I lift the gun to my own head and fire.

The other one starts off quite nice. Gorgeous afternoon, grassy hillsides -- gently-shaped, all sort of converging and sloping down to what I later discover is a little river bed. I could draw it better than I can explain it.

Winding in and around the hills is a road. There are groups of cyclists making their way up. Every now and then some stop, take in the view, then continue. Family groups and couples are all over the hillsides. There are trees here and there, casting shade. More trees towards the tops of the hills. It's idyllic, really lovely. And the atmosphere is wonderful .. one of the best I can remember at any time. Sometimes I remember this scene, just for the pleasure of that atmosphere and scenery. People having a wonderful day in a very special place.

Then it changes suddenly and dramatically. At first, not everyone notices. But one by one, the panic spreads. I see people leap up from their picnic blankets and grab their children. Others look around, startled, unsure.

What's happened is, official looking vehicles have parked on the roadway, above most of the people. Officers and men in uniforms get out. Trucks bearing more of these military types pull up behind the first. At the beginning, it's not too bad .. the military people study the scene. Then, all of a sudden, it's mayhem. The military are running down the slopes, some of them have guns in their hands.

Everyone on the hillsides is now running hither and thither. I don't know who I am or anything about 'me'. But I'm a survivor, obviously. In fact, I'm ashamed of who 'I' was in this event, because I didn't help anyone. Others were helping each other, but I didn't. But then again, 'I' survived.

I took in the scene. I was to the left of a lot of it, under some trees, away from the main gatherings of people having picnics. So I saw it all unfold, saw the trucks arrive, saw people become scared and then start to run away, to try to hide. It gives me an advantage. I see people shot and fall. I knew it was bad, but didn't know what it was about.

I run down where everyone else is running, towards the river bed at the bottom. On the other side of the river bed, the land rises steeply, lots of rock cliff things and deep tree cover. I run along the river bed, following the others. See some fall. Don't stop to help them. Survive.

See some cave indentations in the rock wall, further along the river bed and around a bit of a bend. I get up there. See people scared and running. I say nothing. They might look at me and give away my hiding place. Gun shots, lots of them. Bodies lying all over. I remain undiscovered.

Next ... I see a convoy of flat-bed trucks with railings around the sides. They're filled with the people who'd been rounded-up. Trucks come to a 4-way crossroad. Drab, wooden buildings. Looks Russian or similar. Air of deep depression, even when I remember it in order to describe it here. Don't have room to describe the military's uniform, but they are very well-tailored, the officers. Peaked caps. Badges. Has a relatively 'recent' feeling . 20th century I think.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

the thing you said about children.

I read not too long ago that some little girl from India I think was claiming to be one of the female astronauts from a shuttle that blew up not too many years ago. I find that interesting, and good supporting evidence to the reincarnation thing. What 5 year old girl from the other side of world is going to claim that, let alone know about that?

When we're children, we haven't been polluted by the societal ignorance yet, our mind is still open to everything. You ever recall seeing things as a kid, getting scared, and your parents don't believe you and tell you you're just seeing stuff that isn't there, or it's your imagination. I bet you that statement really clouded/confined the abilities and mindset of a lot of people.

I have a cousin who was acting really really wierd, saying she was hanging out with a ghost and everyone thought she was nuts but you know, I bet she was right.

Well, for most of us it seems like it's too late to get that open mindedness/abilities back but that's not entirely so. All we have to do is be aware of our surroundings and I read theres some simple excercises to restore your peripheral vision. (Thats the part of your vision that can pick up all the wierd lower and higher frequencies of energy... you know when you just blur your eyes and don't focus and kinda look out the corner of your eye. Thats peripheral. I think thats why we also think we see things but its only ever out of the corner of our eye, away from our attention. Who knows, maybe we did?

If a child starts making up some story about seeing someone else.. you should listen to them.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hey there,

You're exactly right about children ... it's said that up until the age of about 5-6 yrs old, children are very aware of other lifetimes because it's still relatively fresh in their subconcious mind (not far below the surface) and they don't have enough life-lessons this time around to be contaminated with present-life logic.

Oh by the way, I emailed part 2 of the 'Atlantean' info at last. Still more to come. Woody


After reading all of your posts (particularly the Prussian one), I have to say, you should give yourself more credit. What you referred to as a 'snippet' is actually very detailed recall. We're getting a real good collection of memories between us all.

Tomorrow I'm going to post a few details about my other lifetimes. I never imagined the thread would last this long (thought people would lose interest), so never bothered before. You can see that although they are very different in many ways ... there is actually a common thread that connects the. That is the fat that in none of my recalled lives (so far), have I been brought-up to adulthood by my 'birth parents' ... that is also true of my current lifetime (I was adopted as a baby). Weird hey ?


posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

You're very kind, Woody ... thank you :-)

Yes, it is interesting, the recurring theme, culminating (in your current life) in adoption.

Would be interesting to learn if anyone else (thread participant or lurker) has realised a recurrent theme throughout their past-life memories and their current life. You may have struck something there. Although from the way she's described it, Jenny Cockles' current life doesn't appear to have anything in common with her publicised previous life in Ireland. To be taken into account though, is the relatively brief time lapse between her Irish life and her current one ... must work out to be only around 30 years or so (I think she queue-jumped due to her worry about her children).

Here's a odd one ... anyone who's experienced anything similar, please jump on board .. I'd love to hear if anyone else has experienced this. From childhood (age 3, 4, 5 ... and ever since) a piece of music has reduced me to tears. I have no idea why. The music, I learned when I grew older, is The Merry Widow's Waltz.

Years ago, people had their radios playing in the background all day long, quite often. Nowhere near as often today .. tv has taken the place of the radio in the lives of most. As consequence, I don't hear the Merry Widow's Waltz except once in a blue moon. But as soon as I do, it's just like being back in my childhood ... I become transfixed, unwilling to move or to tolerate any interruption. The world could spin off its axis as far as I'm concerned when I hear that music.. I'd just remain in one place, listening to it. I absolutely cannot describe what it means to me or does to me .. it is all-consuming. The tears just flow of their own accord ... it's the most intense 'home sick' type sensation I've ever experienced. It's linked with something so deep, it's painful. A combination of sadness and happiness.

It's the music, the melody, and not the words that effect me. The tears just start, even if I'm in a busy shopping centre, and there's nothing I can do about it. I don't really cry, as in 'boo hoo'. No, it's a case of tears just pouring down my face, even though I remain outwardly composed. When I was little I used to ask why that piece of music made me cry. After that, they'd give me a look that usually meant they'd decided I needed 'more exercise' ... their cure for anything I did that made them uncomfortable. Usually resulted in a type of forced march for an hour or so. Was supposed to 'knock the stupidity out of ... '. lol.

What I discovered to be the German national anthem has a similar effect, but without the tears.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Your room-mate seems to have mastered the old "Positive things happen to positive people" thing. Guess he don't need a lamp and Genie!!

Maybe your roomie did have some connection to the "universal consciousness" and got what they asked for. Maybe on the other hand fate had already decreed they were to get the barbeque and let them in on the secret...and made them think it was miraculously "willed up"!!

Thing with a lot of this paranormal stuff is the unknown and the belief of it and it's possibilities..The sceptic bit of my noggin is looking for answers..well alternatives to the perceived and the obvious. I sometimes wonder if there is a numbers game going on.

Did you ever see that Bruce Willis film "Unbreakable" where out of the billions living on this rock if one human gets a poor, weak body then another gets a super, stong unbreakable one? Now I have often wondered if something like that is going on. With the billions of people wishing for many, many things surely a minority of them will be luckier than others..similarly a minority will also be less lucky? Suppose by co-incidence that the lucky few continue to be lucky? Others would say "You lucky so and so"...or in the UK "You jammy so and so"...(the term "so and so" replaces the many expletives that can and often are used.

I wonder if, say you had 1 billion people, stating whether a particular coin will fall heads or tails. Suppose you have a one wrong and you are out rule...eventually very few will be left but as we get closer to the "winner" their run of luck would seem to be uncanny..Increase it to an infinite number of people with an infinite number of similar tasks.. If we had a winner then..would they be considered psychic or just showing, chance, probability and chaos is a wonderful thing?

Regarding the meditation stuff. Good points raised. Yes indeed if there is real reincarnation and we have fears to face why not face them sooner rather than later? Life experience has shown me that others and myself have or had fears that actually affect you life worse the longer it takes to deal with them. The doubts and insecurities I have are because, I believe, my mind is always chattering and I am always over cautious. I have a very creative, overactive imagination (well at times) and armed with the knowledge that we can create our own doesn't help meditating knowing that my thoughts could create good or bad. This is probably why I won't be meditating to images of bloated corpses any day soon!! All I will say here, is that, a while back I wished, dreamt for something to happen. My every waking thought was about this something. After about 3 to 6 months I heard news that what I considered the first stage was ocurring. I could not believe my luck!!!
Anyhow, a later, while I was still crowing and happy that "My dream was to come true!!" I heard some absolutely tragic news concerning the situation. I was distraught...and at first put it down to coincidence. Then started to think did I indirectly wish it to happen by not qualifying what I wished to occur, with the old "...and no harm to come to any living or dead" clause type thing? I still wonder now and given my current pacifist, lover of all living things nature, I do at times find it hard to handle.

Either I am not ready for the next stage or I must seek guidance. I have left many people behind now, in that they would not appreciate where my mind is these days. There were two people I felt may have been of guidance for me. One has her own major life crisis at the moment (and to be honest their relationship to someone else makes it difficult to approach them..wont say more in case they are reading this..oh no paranoia!!) and the other just walked up to me at a psychic fair and was an astounding revelation. This person was special, I wont say more but I felt them overpowering. In some way they did give guidance but I felt that we were not meant to tread the path together...if you know what I mean.

I think part of my "condition" is that is in the past. A psychic type person did say to me that there is something in my past..perhaps when I was 7...that knocked my confidence..I have no idea be honest I have very few recollections of my childhood. I can think of two or three up until I was about 14. It is like I suddenly appeared on the Earth or in this body...weird!! I have often spoken to my siblings about the past and their recollections are a great deal more vast than mine!!

What you say about fear is spot on. I have a rather silly fear, I am definitely not mentioning it...anyone who knows me will definitely know who il papa is then...but I do try to face it...well a bit...

I have tried quite a few meditation types, CD's, images, chants, silence, rock music...yeah rock music!! Forest mediations I have tried a few times and have been waiting for my Totem Animal to show itself. Thing is, where I live there is a wood about 400 yards away...across a stream. Whenever, I do a forest meditation I am very soon in those woods. It is kind of is like I am both here and in the woods at the same time. Seeing the badgers, squirel and foxes..hearing the birdies..especially the alarm call of the blackbird...but at the same time I am sitting there in a chair...with a feeling that my body, feet to head, is connected to my Solar is all one. It is as if I am the room...I am everywhere....both here and in the woods. When I am in those woods I have on ocassions called out to the "Elementals" and thanked them for the tranquility of the woods, my ex would think me mad!!

As I keep saying, I am not a complete convert..probably just hedging my bets..But with all the beliefs out there...someone got to be right!!!

This is a monster thread isn't it? I have to keep going back and reading stuff

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

On the subject of children .... my niece was a cute little thing. Didn't have children of my own at the time and formed quite a bond with her. I was was visiting with her parents for a week or so when niece was about two and a half, or three. One evening she was tired and being a bit difficult. Her mother instructed her in no uncertain terms to get in the bath, NOW. Niece simmered at the order ... went looking for her father. Called him by his Christian name and said, ' Robert ... will you tell that woman (her mother) to stop bossing me around !'

Her father, the original Mr.Placid, made soothing noises .. 'Mummy's tired too, darling. Go on, be a good girl and have your bath ... '

Niece tossed her head indignantly, but headed to the bathroom. Thinking to sooth trouble waters, I followed to keep her company and hurry her along, because it was almost time for dinner and I could hear her mother's impatience rising to a crescendo.

Found niece splashing around, mumbling to herself. Then this cute little girl, cheeks all pink from the warm water and looking like a little angel, looked up at me with stormy eyes. ' I don't like Mummy sometimes. You heard her. She treats me like I'm a little child ! ' she said, in the tone of, 'Can you *believe* she treats *me* like a child? '

It sounds funny and sounded so to me too, at the time. But something told me not to laugh. Two serious little eyes were fixed on me. 'You ARE a little child.' I wanted to say. But again, something stopped me. For a moment it was all a bit unnerving. Who exactly was I speaking to ? Who was 'inside' this child ? She looked like a little girl, but who was she really?

When niece had gone to bed, I recounted to her father what she'd said in the bathroom and asked him if she'd taken to believing she was older than she was. Did she call him by his Christian name often, I asked. A volcanic eruption in the backyard wouldn't phase that man and he hated anything even vaguely controversial. ' Oh, you know kids ' he said, ' It doesn't mean anything. She'll grow out of it.'

When I put the same questions to the child's mother, she too was dismissive, ' Oh, we're just getting on each other's nerves,' she said about herself and her daughter, ' She's turning into a right little madam. Time she went to kindergarten. '

Next day, niece was back to being a normal little three year old. But every now and then during my stay, she'd say something that would make me look at her twice. She'd be playing with her toys and chattering away, and then out of the blue she'd say something (to or about one of her toys) that wouldn't have been out of place if someone in their 20's had spoken. Then, just as quickly, she'd go back to being just a little girl again. It used to happen so quickly that sometimes I'd wonder if I'd misheard her. If I turned to her mother as if to say, 'Did you hear that? ' .. her mother would roll her eyes, as if to say, 'Oh, take no notice '. It led me to suspect that the child's parents were too close to the situation, or too used to it, to grasp how unusual it was.

My own children, later on, were just typical little kids with the appropriate levels of behaviour at the appropriate ages.

Then, when my son was aged about six, he shocked the daylights out of me one night. He'd always been cute, happy and uncomplicated .. more shy than his sister in unfamiliar surroundings or with strangers. It was a very hot night, and as a treat, because we had visitors, they'd been allowed to stay up later than their usual bedtime and were swimming happily in the pool under floodlights. After the heat of the day, the water in the pool was warm. One of the adults decided it would be fun to give the children a cold-water drenching and had filled a plastic bucket with cold water from the tap. I didn't realise this was going on until the last minute. Would have prevented it if I'd known. All I saw was the grinning adult creeping up behind the children. Then ... swoosh ! A bucket of cold water cascaded over my son's head and down his back. I was already on my feet and heading to the children, furious actually that someone would do something so stupid.

But instantly, my little boy (blonde and pink, face like a little cherub) turned around and ROARED at the adult: ' You bloody idiot ! What did you do that for ?'

I stopped dead in my tracks. Couldn't believe my ears ! It hadn't even sounded like my son's voice ! The voice that had emerged from him -- in words and in tone and strength --- sounded as if it had emerged from an adult !

The person who'd thrown the cold water stood stock still, embarrassed and lost for words -- and looking and obviously feeling, very foolish. I think everyone present was shocked to the core. We were all thinking, I'm sure, ' Did that tiny little boy say that ? ' Then there was nervous laughter and people told the water-thrower that he'd got more than he'd bargained for, and the moment passed. I've never forgotten it however, and neither has my daughter, even though it was years ago now. If ever she chides her brother with, ' Hey, do you remember when you had water thrown on you and you used that big voice ?', he invariably becomes impatient (cover for embarrassment & discomfort) and brushes it off.

Same thing happened when he was ten. It was during a highly charged and frightening experience for all of us, one in which I was under threat from someone who'd had way too much to drink. I was trying to downplay the situation for the sake of the several children and others there, but it was escalating. Then, like the voice of doom, everyone heard, ' Leave her ALONE ! ' It was a loud and hugely powerful and commanding voice (sounded as if a huge man had roared) and we all instinctively looked up to where it had emerged at the top of the stairs. My son's little head ducked behind a corner, up there in the darkness. Everyone was stunned, even the threatening drunk, who immediately looked chastened and not a little afraid. I actually saw the shock and fear on the drunk's face for a second.

At age ten, my son was a tiny little boy, people used to nick-name him Sweetie, because of his innocent, sweet nature. He'd been too afraid to venture down to the foot of the stairs to help me, but his fear for me had awoken this 'big person' which obviously resided within him .. the same 'big person' who'd cowed the silly adult who'd thrown cold water on him years earlier.

People often say, ' Oh, they're just kids'. I think the truth may be that children are not always 'just' children.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 11:37 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hi woody,

'twas north, North called Hutton Rudby mean 'owt lass?

Could have done with the coffee. The A1 was blocked for something like 4 hours...I had used up my thermos

Oh well back to reading the thread.

Got to say it again...great thread woody

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 12:03 PM

Just saying Hi!! and welcome to ATS and the thread..I hope you like reading

I find it cool (can we still say it hip?) that you have always had a fascination with Alexander. I have also..used to have some books somewhere...

I have often wondered what it is that makes us have such interests at an early age. I have always been fascinated by Alexander and King Arthur (the proper one..whatever that means.. not the Hollywood one) amongst others.

I can remember from an early age, having a fascination about the Titanic too.

Now I wonder how much of it is just the romance and tragedy of those times..or some deep-seeded spiritual association with those events / people?

I am also beginning to wonder if we carry the scars of those previous lifetimes too. Say for example one of your previous lives passed on at 40 years of age from an arrow in the neck and now you are 45 and have had neck pain for 5 years?? Could it be the answer for all those strange mid-life aches and pains that suddenly occur!! Got to blame something..can't be the lifestyle!!

I dare say many people have similar fascinations / experiences and we can't all have been King Arthur or Jack the Ripper...but if reincarnation and PL is real...then someone was!!

Reading what has been said in the thread, I am beginning to wonder if I have been missing clues somewhere along the line. I think woody was saying about writing notes and collating them in the future, as woody did for her manuscript...

Each post here is a bit more long can it go on...superb stuff!!

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by Il Papa

You are a VERY interesting individual, Il Papa.

By the way, you've pretty much described what I inadequately raised in an earlier post ... about not wanting to say too much, in case people you know are reading in ATS and will know your identity from your posts. I suffer the same 'paranoia'. If they recognise you from a single post, they could then trawl back through your others and may find themselves, for example, described in honest but not exactly flattering terms. It's a difficult line to tread, isn't it ? You would like to speak openly amongst like minded others here in the forum, yet at the same time and because ATS is so widely read, you find you still cannot be completely open.

I share your reservations about meditation, too. Some have no problems, no frights and it all goes swimmingly. For others (and particularly those who commence in a state of trepidation) it can open a Pandora's box you might end up wishing had remained closed. Imagination is both a blessing and a curse. Those lacking imagination are fortunate, in a way. Stephen King has an overabundance of imagination for example, and I doubt anyone would want to spend a night alone in HIS head, lol. Anyway, I understand what you mean.

Here's something else to add to your paranoia, lol .. be careful with those subliminal tapes, please. I bought the best money could buy several years ago ... for my children ! (groaning in guilt here). Then, too late, read warnings about their content. I bought the bubbly-brook type (various subliminal messages) and 'chirpy bird' ones .. even bought a series containing a Burl Ives type voice droning on about how to achieve this and that, etc.

The children (well, they're adults now) stopped listening to the above tapes some years ago. What I'm worried about now are the blasted supposed Gregorian Chant CD's I well-meaningly bought a while ago. My son was in the habit of listening to them as he went to sleep and I thought, as I passed his room and heard the droning, ' Oh, how nice -- how nice and relaxing and after all, it's holy too'.

Then one day I decided to put the Gregorian Chants on downstairs in the living room while I was alone in the house. I soon turned them OFF ! Not only was the sound *depressing* as anything ........ I found to my disbelief that it was *menacing* ! My whole system was sending me warning bells ... 'Get this off ... get rid of this .. this is BAD '.

So I told my son about my exeperience and apologised for recommending the Gregorians to him. I mean at that point I ackowledged that even the CD's cover was horrible ... a supposed 'monk' wearing a hooded cloak. It looked like the Grim Reaper.

Told my son I didn't trust the supposed Gregorian Chanters .. I now suspected they were chanting something horrible. And as it's all in supposed Latin .. how is the average person to know WHAT those voices are saying or suggesting.

I'd noticed my son becoming more and more depressed and monosyllabic but hadn't connected it with the CD. They weren't the 'famous' Gregorian Chanters .. that CD must have been lost when we moved. So I'd replaced it with a 'generic' bunch of Chanters .. and I do NOT trust them. I know -- I sound hysterical. It's because even though I thought my son had tossed out the Evil Chanters long ago, when I asked him to ... for the past few weeks I've noticed the CD on his bedside table as I've passed his room. Intended to go and remove it while he was at work ... but late hours on inernet must have destroyed my memory, because I forgot about it until a few moments ago.

I'm going to write myself a note in a minute to remind myself to grab the Evil Chanter CD and smash it to bits tomorrow.

Anyway, please be careful of which subliminal tapes you trust .. because when it comes right down to it, you really don't know what they're repeating, over and over and feeding into your brain, creating neural pathways so the 'message' is embedded. We're too trusting, as a general rule.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 12:22 PM
Jeepers ... just noticed the sun is coming up ! It's 5.22 in the morning ! No wonder my brain's shot.

Better run. 'Nite all. Keep safe :-)

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 03:09 PM
reply to post by Dock6

You are so right about the self scepticism of my own experiences. I always want to know how things workd or why something happens. Sometimes, at work for example, something goes wrong but rectifies itself. I always want to investigate...but the others attitude is...forget works fine now...

I too have the internal dialogues. that whole "didn't ask for the experience.." paragraph
It is sometimes like having someone else in there isn't it?
I am terrible I always have internal dialogues..well debates really...some people may call it fence sitting..but there is genuine internal debate. I can drive people mad at deciding tea or coffee, milk no milk, sugar no sugar...etc ..
I can always see things from the other side...devils advocate..I think they call it...

Your daughters confirmation of events, support from an unexpected quarter..isn't life like that sometimes? Yes independant confirmation is so important. The old "I didn't see anything!!" syndrome. I have been on the otherside too though. Years ago, when I was a young, young fool and even more a scoffing sceptic than I was 5 years ago..we used to go for "ghost hunts". This consisted of getting over imbibed and visiting cemetries etc. On one ocassion the we all heard something and were alarmed by it. We went to investigate, when suddenly..with lots of expletives..the guys to a man screamed and shouted while running in the opposite direction to the sound. I saw nothing!!! They scaled a very big wall and sobered up really quick. I suggested going back to look but it was obvious I was alone with that endeavour. I walked back a way..but to be honest I would have never found my way back to where it was seen...and the Dutch courage was wearing off. I found another way out..I still cannot figure out how we scaled that wall..drunk!!....Met up with the guys and got them to draw what they saw, while fresh in the mind. Next morning woke up, looked at the sketches laughed and binned them. Speaking to the guys later, I was in no doubt, that they had seen something that I had not. Whether it was someone in a hallowen costume or not..who knows..but I saw nothing!!!

I liked the Zebra example. I guess that's why so many species were shot and prove they existed. But we have no examples of spiritual Taxidermy for proof of the paranormal. Just our feeble minds and even more feeble memories...well mine anyway..

Dock6 I just love the way your mind works..ploughing through this stuff!!

Your comments on fate..heck. Imagine if it could be proven that all acts were pre-determined..what hope society and the legal system? It's fate, there is nothing you can do about it...Jack The Ripper, Death Camp Nazi's ...none of you could help it...your free to blemished are what fate makes you..Well there is no point moving out the way of the Tsunami...I am destined to die!!! Really thought provoking....I generally accept that it is fate...what will happen will happen...but your right it is an injustice...where is free will in all this?

As for the precognitive dreams. A warning? A kick up the bottom to get you out of the complacency you were in? Looking back on it now, would you say that if a similar situation occurred how would you react? Would you be calmer knowing that you should consider the "warning" or would you be in panic..wondering how it will manifest itself? What I mean here is that if it was a precognitive dream it was merely saying "something aint right" but it did not give a full account of what to look out for. The sceptical part of the noggin says "What use is that information...I want time, date, names etc....". But the other bit is saying "My feeble 3 dimensional human brain is trying to interpret multi-dimensional's like running a super computer program on a calculator..or abacus...". But there again the acceptance of pre-cognative experiences almost raises as many problems as does the acceptance of fate..imho..

Quote from Dock6 " I've been led to suspect that 'someone' was looking after me " and " I don't take the protection for granted". Very interesting. I have been for a while been considering a similar thing, only now in my more open minded phase though. It is as I said before, I don't put myself in harms way but there have been occasions where I have suspected "someone was watching". My intuition is telling me that it is a pact, if I don't put myself deliberately in harms way then whatever "it" is will do it's best to protect me from lifes randomness. Just a feeling really. I don't know if I am getting subconscious messages in my slumber or if a silent voice warns me. But as an example a few days ago I was driving on some good old icy British roads and following a very large lorry. I was a respectful distance back...I was sure I could stop if he did..with a safe margin... Anyhow as I approached a junction with a slope coming onto the road I was on, for some reason I took my foot off of the accelerator and this slowed me down some more. As I approached the junction I heard a skidding, sliding sound and looked to my left as a van, out of control with it's wheels locked slid right across the road in front of me!! Now I am convinced if I didn't slow down it would have hit my car..and he was doing quite some speed.

Now, did I subconsciously hear the skid and react to it without knowing or did something intervene? I could also say that the driver of the van was luckier than I, he hit nothing from either side of the road. Now he is probably not a mentally disturbed and delusional believer in the paranormal and therefore told his work buddies he was "Rather fortunate!!" (of course this phrase is used to replace the more colourful version I am sure a van driver would have exclaimed!!)


posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by Dock6

Quote from Dock6 " The fact we have accurate precognitive flashes and dream indicates things that happen here are themselves the echo."

Wow!! The actual events are the echo!!! Big stuff!! Like your thinking!! We consider that pre-cognitive events are snippets of foretelling. I did at one stage conjecture that pre-cognitive events (if they exist
) maybe like prompts to an actor "Line please!!" we ask and we get a prompt. Something like we are actors in a play that is our life...then we wander off script and the great director shouts "Prompt!" we get the prompt and we are back on course. Of course the prompt isn't the full script but just a line or a word to kick the brain back into where it should be. But I have never considered that "our" reality could be the echo!!! Stirling stuff...absolutely mint....

I do believe that there is the pssoibility that a real life event just resembles a so called "pre-cognitive experience" and the good old noggin fills in the's good at that!!

Hey the whole thing about our reality travelling backwards through time is something I have considered. I like a lot of this stuff..I try to create mind experiments and see if I can work out what we should be observing...given any possibility of reality.

I feel the answer, whatever it is, to whatever the real question is, is somewhere where science, parascience, maths, philosophy and all those other wonderful areas of pondering and knowing converge. I believe we need to go beyond human to get there...whether or not an individual believes in biological evolution, I feel that spiritual evolution could be a reality....which raises the question...if we are evolving to the state of being all that there is..part of a universal consciousness...and time is not a boundary for that universal consciousness...then are we not already there / here? If so has this dimensionality merely been constructed just for experimental purposes? The universe wants to know what it is like to be conscious?

Oh my brain hurts!!!

Oh no!!! Dock6,

I have just caught up with all the reading to find you have posted another piece !!

Oh well back to the board again!!!!

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posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 03:47 PM
reply to post by Il Papa

Yes it could very well explain it or it could just be our human nature to blame something supernatural for things we cant fully understand/comprehend? Who knows, thats all you can really think to yourself i suppose.

But i mean, you've had a fascination, but have you ever said a name and researched it only to find that the name you said was a person who played a role in the persons life you were fascinated with? I think maybe that could help determine some truths from others trying to just "play along" like that name i thought of, that i had never heard before that brought such emotion with me uttering it. Or it could be i was just being a guy wanting to be someone famous, its always a possiblity that we have to accept truth of.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 04:08 PM

Originally posted by Dock6
reply to post by Il Papa

You are a VERY interesting individual, Il Papa.

Aw shucks!!

Back at ya!! Well I think that's what they say friend!!

Yes the posting paranoia!! It is annoying because sometimes I want to say stuff but hold back because I know the event or subject may lead to my unmasking
and of course we do sometimes say things that later we may think better of!!!


Yes the thought of spending a night in Stephen Kings head is not something I would do willingly

As regards "subliminal tapes". I have tried white noise type stuff and some voice guided product. The most successful one I used was by Awakenedminds who are now the Immrama Institute, I believe. This set of CD's plays binaural beats over rainfall or something. I was a scoffing sceptic of that too. But I was desperate for sleep, due life events my weekly sleep was just a few hours..I would have made a good sleep deprivation study!!!

Anyhow I was really in need of some sort of help. The Medicos straight away prescribe drugs..problem I don't tend to do any drugs..recreationally or medically. If there is an absolute medical general surgery ok fine..but I don't really like anything, even for headaches...

So what to do?? Well believe it or not I was on the website of a famous rock guitarist. Well bless the man, he has a letters page where people can write in..and on occasion he will reply. Well someone on the website suggested these cd's. I had nothing to lose so I sent off for them...unbelievable!! They are not recommended for sleeping..but at this time, I used to go to bed with my ex, to try to have some sort of bedtime routine...even though I wouldn't sleep. Anyhow, first night I played them I must have slept like a log!!

So I kept using them and got more and more sleep. I started to meditate with them and this is the first phase of seeing images and hearing voices...during the day and while in bed. So I stopped using them!! I realised if I could just meditate I could go part of the way to counter the sleep loss. So I tried various things and eventually found that I could come out of "trance" a couple of hours later..with no idea where I had been or how long I'd been there for!!

Yet again, images, sound, mists swirling about, a feeling like being underwater, a sickly feeling in the Solar Plexus, with a "connection" from head to toe......all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. In a way, I would say I was addicted to it. But things started to happen, like that tickling spirit at the hotel and I thought time to stop!!! It was about this time that the little flashy thing started to appear. It continued long after I stopped meditating though...and it was never threatening, sometimes mischievious but was always like a big warm hug....loving feeling...when I think about it Solar Plexus tingles!! I haven't seen it for a while though!!

Oh well just a quicky this time!!!

See you on the boards!!


posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 04:51 PM
reply to post by xiGnis

Yes your "case" (I sound like a shrink!!) is intriguing. I would love to know what the language these night time utterances are in...let alone what you are saying!!
The language could be very useful too.

Don't think I doubt what you are saying or what you believe. My point was, why have I always been interested in certain historical periods when my siblings were not..despite having exactly the same exposure in the home school environment? Back when I were a nipper, we had a radio and books...and not many books. No other stimuli. So I can't see how I could have had a fascination for say the Titanic..without actually knowing about it. I had heard it mentioned in passing perhaps..but probably my first memory of it was a black and white film with Kenneth Moore.

Now did I just have empathy with a bunch of people freezing and drowning to death, probably, so. But it is possible that there is another answer. As I keep saying, I have always been a logical, methodical thinker...blame Mr Spock!! But I know things happened when I was young...but I have only about three memories of my years up to 13 / 14. Have I blanked stuff out? Was I in a coma? I have vague memories of having to get into bed with my brother out of fear...things approached me in the night...I think...

I believe that I heard voices and laughter when I was alone in the house...say if the parents went to the shop across the road, for example. I know I have had sudden feelings, I said before about how I was convinced that I had killed someone and felt not the act itself..but the remorse and self hate of taking another life.....something which in my current pacifist life I have difficulty with believing. I cannot believe that I could ever take a life..I value the life of everything...heck sometimes I do think about whether plants and fruit are sentient at a different level...what can I say..I am one screwed up guy

I am rambling but what I am saying is...I may have missed clues..dismissed things that came to mind..I know I can do that. If logic can't support it I could throw it out. It is possible I have a connection to these "interests" but unlike you and others I have not had that epiphany, that magic moment of realisation...maybe I will..maybe I won't...maybe I already have and haven't realised it. Until I do, all I can be is open minded and accept the possibility that people are relaying their real thoughts and experiences.

To use Dock6 and her Zebra, as an example of what I mean, if I had not seen a Zebra but seen a black horse and someone said they had seen one but it had white stripes on it. Do I call them a liar or a fool because I have not seen it? Do I believe what they say? Or do I have the open mind that it is a possibility and that one day I may see one? When I do eventually see one I will be in total awe!!

Taken at face value, the accounts here and the various degrees of verification, if true, are enough to tip the balance positively in the PL direction imho. But as I say, it is the mind, can we really know? We may believe perhaps but knowing is a higher standard of proof.

But really do you, woodwitch, Eyewitness86 and everyone else with self-affirmed PLM really care what others think? What you have got for yourselves is evidence that there is life after death....mainstream science ain't got that yet!!

I think this is what intrigues me about PL. I am sure deep down that I is real...I am in danger of losing objectivity here I know..and in part, I think that is stopping me from attempting to deal with it. I want to go into it totally open minded...not already half believing.

But it is something I would like to believe. It is weird how when I was young eternal existence scared me, I had to put the thought out my I want proof of it....bit of a swing that!!!


posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by Il Papa

Well the i actually cant remember the words, but i do recall researching one of them and it was latin, roughly translating into "protect the flanks" or something of that sort, a military command i suppose? Seeing as he used the Phalanx it would make sense to one, but you have interesting points, I myself have an open mind to the PL among other things, i suppose, experiencing is the way to believing. No one will ever change my mind on whether ghosts are real or not due to several experiences, but thats a diff. subject anyways, ill keep my paper around me more often so when i say anything i can write it down and research it later.

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posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 05:54 PM
Hi Guys,

It's just coming up to midnight and I've just arrived at the posting party ... I have a good excuse for my lateness ... tis my birthday (well for a few more minutes anyways.

So much to catch up with again ... daren't turn my back for a minute

I shall be back once I've caught up.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 07:19 PM
(Il Papa);

'Nay lad, ner heard of Hutton Rudby'.
(for the Americans reading this that's my poor attempt at a Yorkshire accent ... for any Yorkshire folk reading this I'm sorry, please don't banish me from the county).
I live in a little market town called Kirkbymoorside (nr Pickering) ... nearest 'Hutton' to me is Hutton-le-Hole (just up the road).

Ahhh! God bless the thermos ... patron saint of weary travellers & picnicers everywhere.

Maybe just as well you didn't come for coffee after all ... tea ... sugar ... no sugar
you'd never have made it home at that rate.

Do I care what others think about my personal PLM ?
Ner ! Not in the slightest, everyones experience is only valid to them as an individual ... can't expect anyone to believe something they haven't experienced firsthand.


Evil Chanter's ... my goodness that cunjures-up an image
I'm a bit of an 'Enigma' fan myself ... they seem to like a bit of Gregorian Chanting ... as do I ... but I'll probably listen to it in a different way now.


I think I posted this on another thread, about a client I had once. This guy came to me for PLR just out of curiosity ... but convinsed he would recall being a Celtic Warrior, during his session. The reason for his assumption came from the fact that he'd always been drawn to Celtic history.

Anyway, I began the process of regression and we reached the stage where I began to ask him questions. Very general at first (to get him used to the sensation ... I don't use hypnosis). Things like what country are you in ? ... Are you male/female ? ... Starting at your feet, tell me about the clothes you're wearing etc etc etc.

He gives very clear responses without any hesitation, so I start taking the questions to a deeper level.

Well, it didn't take long for me to realize the responses he was giving had nothing to do with Celts. He did however give one of the most clear and detailed accounts I've ever heard in all the years I've been working as a Past-life Regression Therapist ... of a lifetime he'd had as a 'North American Beaver Trapper'.

He provided the tiniest details of his day to day life. He explained not only how and where he set his traps, but also how he made them and with what materials. From the description he gave me of his home and what it looked like both inside and out, I felt like I'd actually seen it for myself ... it was incredible.

However, when his session was finished, instead of being exhilarated by all the details he'd recalled, he was gutted that he hadn't been a Celtic Warrior (bless him).

I consoled him by explaining that during regression therapy, it is the memories of the lifetime that hold the most relevant information, that will provide understanding of what's happening in your current life ... at that point in time. Adding that he may well have been a Celtic Warrior ... just not in that session

This happens a lot, to the point where I usually ask clients now, if they have any pre-determined ideas of where they may have had a lifetime before ... then explain that they shouldn't be surprised if they recall being in a totally differant time and place to the one they expect to visit.

That's one of the things I love about my job. Woody.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 07:51 PM
I believe in past lives. I was visiting some friends with my family and we drove around Vermont. We eventually reached a small town and I knew where things were in the town without ever being there.

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