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Spontaneous Past-life Memory.

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posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 01:08 PM
Here is my story: NOT a spontaneous happening, but rather while taking a Junior College course called " literature of the Occult", which basically meant that anything that the young, hip female teacher decided to do was what we did. It was great. this is back in the early 70's. Everyone would come to class baked anyway..and she always had to bring in a tray of cookies because so many people got the munchies during class that it was a distraction..with students going to the machines and buying stuff and bringing it back in..interruptions. So she brought cookies ( good ones!!) and we all experimented with various things she knew.

First, it was meditation, claming, using candles..and discussion of all kinds of sfuff. And then, she told us that we would be doing " Past Life Regression" and that we would get to see at least one of the past lives we lead. I was really skeptical..but curious and bold and I and a few others volunteered to participate. WE laid down with pillows under our heads and the teacher has us close our eyes ( she did it one at a time ) and breath e certain way, and expand..and after a while I could see myself floatring upward, like over my neighborhood, recognizing homes and streets, I was fascinated. Then:

BOOM! like a flash I was looking thru the eyes of a man, age unknown but not really young or old, in some ancient time. I could SMELL the nasty goats and sheep in the streets and see the sandals on my feet. The detail was amazing and it was quite real. I was a part of a group of about 4 or 5 people who met in a room..everything stone..all walls, streets small stones..sounds were all authentic, or as one would imagine them to be..and we were in a CONSPIRACY, so help me God!!

I was the one chosen to kill some leader..Names I did not get. But I felt fully vindicated in doing so, and knew that any of the others would have done so had they chosen the short straw. That is how we determined who did the deed. I recall, and was describing to the clas in great detail under the teachers urging, our group approached the subject, a man, and I moved in and took a large knife from my cloak and knifed the man to death. It was so real. It was not like you see in the TV shows. I FELT the knife hitting bone and organ and felt him struggle and thrash as I held him. It was emotionally wrenching, not at all like a dream.

After that, I was pretty affected, and the teacher brought me back around with suggestion and I recovered. It was unreal. I was convinced that it was a true experience and not a manifestation of my imagination. It was far too detailed and personal. Over the years, I have come to ponder the matter and am not CERTAIN that reincarnation is a fact..a likleihood perhaps, but not a fact. Not in all cases, that is. As a Christian, I believe that one can find the final escape from the cauldron of the spirit realm and have no need of further' lessons ' in the fleshly realm: When God can work directly with a soul, there is no need for personal experience to be the cause of all personal change and improvement. Why spend 20 more lifetimes here when the revelation of the living God can impart what you need to know immediately, or at least vewry quickly.

BUT, again, it was as real as can be and I am willing to believe that reincarnation plays some part in the scheme of things in the spirit realm. No other way to explain some events, and the reality of the experience is hard to deny once you do it. One girl who participated went back into the 1800's in Ireland and she gave a name and had a thick brouge..The girl that did this was NOT a character..or the type to pretend, she was serious. She convinced me..I was next, and as I watched her laying there you could se a change physically as well..the facial muscles relaxed and she spoke and appeared to be this girl in Ireland talking about the conditions back then and her chickens, who were ill and her main concern.

It was remarkable, and made a great impression on me. I am willing to believe that it is real: Not the whole story but a part, and a fascinating part for sure.

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by aussiespeeder

Very interesting. It's strange isn't it, when we have childhood 'memories' that persist through to adulthood. It sounds like you have a good recorded account of it all. Have you ever considered PLRT ?

I know you said you'd checked stuff out at the library but when I started getting my 'Cornish' memories, I bought a map of Cornwall and let my finger follow the shape of the coastline (I knew I lived along the coast). As soon as my finger hit the spot where Hilley had lived I just 'knew' without a shadow of doubt.

My point being ... if you tried a similar method and found a location, you could maybe focus your research in that specific area to find-out the history of the place. From there more detailed images/memories may come forward (finer, more specific detail).


(note to CavemanDD)

Did you get the info that I sent to you via u2u concerning Atlantis ? Woody

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posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by eyewitness86

Thank-you very much for that post ... you just gave a perfect description of someone who has experienced PLM. I hope this is helpful to anyone considering having regresion therapy.

I always think the biggest indicator is actually 'feeling' the difference between memory and imagination. When I'm trying to explain this to people in one of my workshops I always use 'the orange analogy' eg;

If you had never tasted an orange before and someone described how it tasted to you ... you could only 'imagine' the taste.

And if 6 people described the taste of an orange to you ... you would have 6 varying descriptions ... depending whether or not the describer actually liked oranges.

But if someone described the taste of an orange to a person who had eaten one before ... they would not only remember the taste ... but the fleshy texture of the fruit in their mouth ... and the sensation of the juice spurting down their throat. Their mouth would begin to water at the 'memory' of the sharp citrus taste.

(Ok, who's mouth is watering now they've read that) ?

The point (as you mentioned) is the subtle yet distinct difference between imagination and memory during regression. I can tell the precise point that my clients get fully into memory-recall during their session. As you said there are changes in the way they express their answers (tone of voice/accent), and certain physical changes in their facial expression etc. It's an amazing thing to witness.

As you will know by my name tag, I am not a Christian but I hold the same opinions concerning different lifetimes being for the purpose of the soul's experience and development. And when our souls have learned the specific lessons required, they remain with the God-source (and I think it is these evolved souls that can also take on the role of 'spirit-guides).

Another great post, thanks to all who are taking the time to contribute and ask questions. Woody.

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Thanks for that woodwytch,
I love to hear peoples "life changing" accounts. It makes you aware that anytime, anyplace could be a new path. Do you think that, what happened to you occurred because all the elements were right. You were in the right frame of mind, at the right place and time etc? Do you think there is anything that day, that if it had changed would not have set up the sequence of events for this discovery?

This state of mind is something that interests me. I had been thinking for a bit of time that mans left brian thinking has taken further from nature and that meditation, sleep etc was our means of accessing it.

It then got me thinking, that as it is this imaginative bit of noggin that senses the other worldly stuff and that because all other animals are closer to nature they are more right brained. I have observed that animals do spend a lot of time just staring into space...and wondered if it was a kind of meditation. I also speculated that this right brainedness(?) was the reason that cats and dogs, for example, seemed to be more aware of spirit or the unseen. I have a few times witnessed a cat hissing and staring into a corner..then run away...with nothing for a human eye to see.

But now you got me thinking. If an animal were to be deep in a meditative state it could be detrimental when a predator appeared. So I am now wondering if it is this "mundane task" state they are actually in. That way you are aware of your surroundings and able to I said about driving a car...relaxed but aware and ready!!!

I know that Bruce Lee the 70's martial artist was a bit of a philospher (yes he read Philosophy!!) and he did liken his fighting ready state as " not thinking but not dreaming...but ready..." (OK it was a line from a movie but I read his Tao and that has some amazing thoughts there was more to the little guy than the's a shame that is all most people remember him for!!). He did say somewhere that when he fought he saw the fight as an external beyond his body...or something like that... So I am wondering if he trained to such a physical peak that he was back at one with nature...on a spiritual level?? That perhaps he was back to that animal state of conscious and unconscious boundary??

Just a thought I just had....probably change it tomorrow!!

I understand what you are saying about PLR and hypnosis. Although hypnotists try to put your mind at rest by saying "You wont do anything you don't want to do!" that doesn't rule out, that, if deep down you hope you are a Viking, that with suggestion you become one!!!

MMmm yes people who have no memories of a Past Life. I would like to know the failure rate from hypnotic regression...where an idea could be planted? If there really is something in this PLR then there will be questions about those with no memory. Could be that PLR is bunkum or the memory is that bad it is lost forever...someone lost the index card from the Akashic records perhaps!! But another idea hits me. I understand that today on Earth, that there are more people alive today, than has ever lived before us. So we would have run out of souls for todays bodies. Which offers the question that if souls are eternal can more actually be created?

As for development circles, all my "local" ones are Spiritualist Churches...and I am kind of uncomfortable with having to pay homage or accept the universal consciousness as having the name god...but maybe it is a way to go...just that I would feel a hypocrite...

I have looked into others and nearly started but it was a 2.5 hour commute and I can't guarantee attendance with my job...but I am becoming more and more sure that patience is the game...and the celestial messengers will give me a sign...just hope I can read it!!

Sorry anuvva long post but it's an interesting thread

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by eyewitness86

Hi eyewitness86,

Interesting stuff. I can't believe that such an enlightening course as "literature of the Occult" and PLR would be taught in school...schooling has been set back a long way.....

And a great account of things

I have always dismissed this paranormal stuff as bunkum until a few years ago. I can remember a gentleman who said he meet someone who he instantly got on with and felt comfortable. He found out, somehow...PLR?...that they were friends in the Russian Revolution and that one of them had betrayed and killed the other...but they held no malice as it was all part of theie individual soul learning experience.

As for reincarnation, who knows? Could be that man is just a biological organism and that our soul is a parasite in a symbiotic experiences what we experience but ultimately it might not be us...on the other hand our soul could be the reality and our corporeal bit merely a displacement in the physical world....what??

I hold no religious beliefs as such. That there is a universal consciousness I am sure, well as sure as I can be without physical proof. Why this consciousness has us experience things that it already knows is the problem I have!!

It is strange you I write this I have had a flashback/memory bubble. When I was young, young young I can remember having a feeling of total, inconsoluble sadness, that I had taken someones life. It was a real feeling..I am struggling to remember now...but back in my home town, I think it was, I can remember going past somewhere and a kind of deja vue flashback experience. I can't remember the details..but I am sure for sometime later I felt I had a "secret" that I wasn't to tell anyone.

It is strange but I have not been a typical male child. I have always been gentle and none agressive. At this point in life I find all life sacred..I cannot kill an insect..even wasps I try to guide out of windows rather than spray them..I think this attitude caused frisction with my ex...she always wanted to kill spiders...I would pick them out and put them of my greatest moments was nursing a seemingly dead bird back to life. I claim no paranormal was stunned and dead to the world. I think my warm hands woke it up, thats all..but it was a great moment at a time when life was falling apart!!!

But I am now wondering if I have had a partial flashback to some evil deed I have undertaken in a previous life...and my none-aggression is a means of recompense....kind of "This time solve your problems without violence sonny!!"

Wow, I forgot all about that, that's got me thinking!!!! Thanks..what a thread

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 03:38 PM
Woodwytch and IlPapa: Thanks for the was a real experience I will always remember.

I had an experience, thankfully witnessed, many years ago that proved a spiritual reality to me. I have never posted it anywhere or even discussed it much because it is quite personal but supernatural as well. I am willing to relate it to a few interested people, but if I can avoid placing it here openly to attract silly responses from the few fools here, I would rather do it that way. It is not a short story, and I don't know if I can U2U that much info easily..let me think about it.

But at any rate, it involves proof, evidence, witnessed, of aerial phenomenon culminating in a very intense and up close visit from a manifestation of the One. It made a believer out of me, a total skeptic, on the spot. If anyone is interested, drop me a U2U and if a few people want to hear it I will find a way..

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 03:58 PM
woodwytch, yes. I got the first u2u you sent to me yesterday. Then I sent one back.. so if you sent another I didn't get it. Maybe you didn't get my reply?

I've got something to add too. You nailed it. You are right, or i'm alot closer to the truth. It actually had a profound uncontrollable emotional effect on me today. That feeling of loss with strong, like the memories were gone or buried but the feelings were still there. I was really depressed and I found myself at work drawing myself from the dream. I thought it might help or something.

About the blue vs purple eyes... my eyes were blue, but i was young, and confused by the imagery. I remember they were blue and then they were purple, then blue again, and i remember being confused about it, as well I think I was permantly seeing auras quite effortlessly off myself and the woman, the 2 attackers were either red auras or none. I think the purple eye fluctuation could have been chakra?

I also remember when I was waking up from the dream I felt like I was traveling an extreme distance to get to where I was, but not physically, more like time-wise. I remember waking up and thinking.... these events happened like 10 000 to 100 000 years ago. Just a really damn long time ago.

And well yeah, I think you made a pretty good guess with atlantis.. I don't know, it really messed me up today... I was relecting on my flaws and I couldnt help but feel really sad like I used to be so great and it's taken me a while to get even close to that. I want to explore this idea more but I wouldn't know where to start... the dream was short, but perhaps more info on atlantis might stir up inner feelings.

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 04:10 PM
reply to post by Il Papa

Hey there,

Firstly, if a post is long because it has something interesting/useful to say I don't think people (wishing to gain information), mind.

Look at how many people have viewed this thread as opposed to the number who have posted. I think sometimes people might find the info/answer they were looking for just by reading the different posts. Whether I wrote it ... or anyone else who's contributed ... doesn't matter if someone got what they needed from it.

After I've replied to some of the points you made, I'm going to make another post outlining the events in my Cornish lifetime and give some examples of how they relate to my current life and the improvements they helped me to make. (that will answer your other queries) ... and yes, I think that's going to be quite a long post too.

What you said about Bruce Lee 'seeing' his fights from an external perspective, reminded me about a couple of occasions in my childhood when I did a similar thing (didn't realize that's what I was doing at the time of course).

When I was about 6yrs old, I remember lying in bed and being too excited to sleep because school had just finished for the summer and my mom was taking me to the local pool the next day. At the time I couldn't swim, but as I lay in bed I tried to imagine how it would 'feel' to swim. I could literally feel the sensation of my body cutting through the water ... how my arms and legs felt as they propelled me along ... even the water on my face. Next morning off we went and I got in the water and I swam as if I'd always been able to. I don't mean I did loads of laps or anything ... but I could swim.

The second time this happened I was about 10yrs old. My gran lived in London and my parents and I had gone to visit for Christmas. Not far from her house was an skating-rink and my parents took me for the afternoon. I couldn't even standup on the damn things ... spent most of the afternoon on my ass or picking myself up off my ass.
I was so disappointed.
The next time we went to my gran's my parents said they'd take me skating again. That night (just as with the swimming thing), I tried to imagine myself skating. It was amazing ... not only could I feel that fantastic sensation of gliding smoothly on the ice ... but I could also feel the air on my face as I skated around the rink. You guessed it, when I went the next day I took to it like a duck to water didn't stumble or fall once.

(new souls created); Maybe the fact that the number of 'new' souls coming through is slowing down, is in readiness for 2012 or something ( prior to a planetary rebirthing), just a thought.


posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by eyewitness86

I'd be very interested to hear about your experience. You can u2u me or email me on Yahoo (click the link below any of my posts), or to;

This also goes for anyone else that would like to contact me privately.


posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 04:26 PM
Well thanks, Woodwytch, for the encouraging words. I posted something in the aliens forum because I've had a lotta werd stuff happen to me, and also some bad stuff that coincides with the weird stuff.... read my post about "Reprocussions of my abductions/contacts"..... and man people just flat out attacked me and said I needed to see a therapist or ya know the typical "meds" comment.
Bad move. I knew I should've kept all that to myself. Seems as though the paranormal forum is frequented by much more open minded, understanding people... and I most of the time find these threads very pleasant and open.
I would love to get on your couch and have a past life regression! It sucks around here, because there's a group that does that type of stuff like a half an hour away from my house, but it feels like they are in it for theivery... becuase some of their different types of "sessions" can cost up to 300 dollars a visit!!! Why can't people be into this for the right reasons, like to help people become more enlightened? If I had the skills to bring people to higher levels of awareness, assuming I am higher aware myself, wouldn't I feel as though it was my obligation to do this as a service of love, rather than a service of profit?
Wouldn't profitting from the whole thing kind of nullify the good you are doing for people, or at least hinder it? Because if the intent isn't fully out of love and caing, then how can it have the maximum impact that it should have?
I understand people have to "make a living" so it's understandable, to a point.... but 300 dollars a session??? Those guys must be laughing at their clients for being so gullible. It costs so much, that I'm almost leaning towards believing that these are false miracle workers.
A little off subject, but... yeah. Thanks, woodwytch!

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by indierockalien

I think what you'r referring to is something I've always believed.

Special abilities are within our grasp...usually spiritually mature people you think would posess them the most... but I think that if anyone's capable of posessing them then this could be a result of that. I've heard similar stories of childish behavior, people using their thoughts and powers for childish reasons.

Some people have the power but they don't have the knowledge or the discipline. They live such rich lavish lifestyles. I don't currently posess the kind of power they do, but I know enough to tell what i'm doing is right or wrong or productive or pointless to my own growth and the function of society.

I don't think I need to say more, I'm sure a couple people might come to mind, some people you've read about or seen on tv.

I just had to comment on that.

Dont listen to anyone in alien forum man. Its a good place to go if you want every single varying opinion possible on a subject or experience, but just don't expect the maturity for anyone to spare insulting comments where they could have easily done otherwise and still made their point.

I don't bother argueing with anyone here, or debating an issue I know they just aren't even ready to consider. All that matters is what YOU think..others just help the process.

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by indierockalien

How much ???
that is scandalous !!!
That is a ridiculous amount of money. As I said in a previous post I have a price guideline but it's always flexible ... hell, I've done it for free on many occasions;

a/ I just love doing it and seeing how people react when we chat about their memories after.

b/ I believe anything that has the potential to help people/improve their understanding, should be available to all who seek, regardless of their finacial situation. I remember when I was starting out on my journey there were many things I would like to have tried ... but couldn't afford. I swore that if I was ever able to offer any kind of service to people, it would always be accessible to them ... and I'm happy to say I've stuck to that principle.

It's like claivoyants/mediums who charge silly prices ... to me it's like taking a phone message for someone who's out and making them pay before you give them the message ... always thought that's weird and a bit off. Yes, we do all need to make a living but even the thank-you's I've had on this thread alone are so much more valuable (and I'm not being all pink and fluffy about that)

I to have had scorn poured on threads posted at other forums (particularly on the ancient civilization forum ... got so much s*** from one person I'm ashamed to admit I rose to the bait and ended up getting a 'warn' and stripped of 500 points ... I tend to steer clear now ... but it's a subject very close to my heart so I miss not getting involved). People are so much more civilized at this forum, I love it ... grown-up conversation.

(NOTE TO cavemanDD);

I didn't get your u2u reply just my original post returned ... thought I'd pressed the wrong button and sent it to myself ... can you re-send plz.


PS; Ok I'm off to write the post about 'Cornish' links as promised, Keep posting and I'll be back to catch-up as soon as.

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 05:42 PM
ok hey, i resent it. Tell me if you get it...or just reply to it. Maybe you're ate your U2U limit or something, delete some old stuff.

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 08:37 PM

Throughout the years that I've been a therapist, I've noticed that many people who become aware of innate spiritual recognition/psychic ablities, often do so following either, chronic illness or life-trauma.

My personal awakening took place via the latter.

After giving birth to my stillborn son in the August of 1989, my heart was consumed with grief and devastation and my head was filled with questions ... WHY ? ... being the obvious one.

From the moment of Callum's birth/death, I began to look at life through new eyes and without any effort from me, started to display an array of 'psychic abilities' that I never knew I had. As weird and unnerving as it was initially, I believe (in hindsight), that it was a sort of crash-course in enlightenment, designed to prepare me for what was to come, when (in 1992), I had my first insight of what 'spontaneous past-life regression' was all about.

As I mentioned in my OP, I also believe that the same group of souls reunite in some past-lives. This is certainly true in my own case (to date I have been able to place several people from Hilley's lifetime ... in my present lifetime. Two of which held major significance;

1. My Ex-husband (in this lifetime); This encounter was always an enigma to me. For example, I'd never been in love with him ... I didn't even like him very much ... in fact I'd go as far as to say, he was everything I deplored in a man ! And yet I felt this overwhelming compulsion to be with him ... because of what I can only describe as 'familiarity'.

Then after recalling my past-life in Cornwall ... the terrible truth dawned. My ex-husband and the man who was responsible for Hilley's arrest, torture and subsequent death ... where one and the same soul. In my present life the relationship between my ex-husband and myself was following the same violent path ... with the increasing liklihood of being played out to the same fatal conclusion.

The recognition of this gave me the strength and determination to alter the course of that possibility ... by leaving him and making a new and safe life for me and my children. Without my past-life memories it could mean at best I was still with him ... at worse ? ... I don't even want to think about 'at worse'.

2. Being the mere mortal that I am, I often had the romantic notion that Peter (Hilley's lover), would come back into my life and save me from what could have been a bleak looking future.

Then I realized ... he already had !

My most devastating experience had not been the waste of my childs life after all. His brief but indelible mark on my life had served a very definate purpose.

Callum had been my catalyst ...
Callum had saved me ...
Callum was the reincarnated soul of Peter ... who had come back into my life, to save me from another untimely end ... something he had been unable to do for Hilley.

Now I understand that some of you might find these details particularly difficult to take on board let alone believe and as I have previously specified ... I can be (when the need arises), very logical ... sceptical even.

So after determining that I was not crazy and I hadn't had some kind of breakdown, I started to question whether these 'memories' might be the result of my brain trying to detatch from the reality of my miserable and frightening marriage ... by turning it into a fantasy story, that had happened to someone else !

It's probably true to say, that if I'd not found the amount of supporting evidence (to back-up the reality of my past-life memories) that I did (I will post some examples later), I would most likely have stuck with this idea.

(outline of past-life to follow tomorrow. 2:30AM here and I need my bed).


posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hi CavemanDD,
Sorry, still received my own post back again and still have u2u space. Don't know what's going on

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 08:59 PM
but did you get my reply? we can send via email or AIM if necessary... well if you feel like it, ha.

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 11:40 PM
I went through this self meditational stage that lasted roughly 10-15 minutes. in short, after reaching a certain stage of placidity, i pictured my self in a cave with only one way out. that way out was an opening through a waterfall. i pictured myself walking through the waterfall and seeing what i used to be. i know i was a warrior at one point in time on a battlefield killing others, perhaps i was killed on a battlefield. i'm talking about B.C. time. this is intersting because if you belive in coming back into life time again to progress the soul, perhaps one of the reasons I am so compassionate for all living beings (from a lady bug to my best bud my dog) is because i used to be a killer in a past life.

posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 08:14 AM
reply to post by LooseLipsSinkShips

Hey there.

Do you think the waterfall was part of your past-life memory ... or the access point to it, in a medatitive sense ?

It's really interesting to see how many people are reporting past-life 'snap-shots' via dreams/meditation. It's always a good idea to keep a notepad beside your bed ... most of the images you see are quite likely random and mundane ... but I guarantee their will be the occasional gem amongst them, that you might otherwise forget.

And yes, I think it's highly probable that you feel the way you do about living things, because of actions you carried-out in a past-life. I personally, have had more than the average amount of crap dumped on my head (in this lifetime ... couple of examples in my previous post) and whilst as Hilley, I was a very gentle, caring person who genuinely wanted to help anyone she could (as I do in this life), without any ulterior motives ... I did some really terrible, sickening things during my Egyptian lifetime (that came as a great shock to me). I believe this is the reason I have experienced so many terrible things in this lifetime.

However, it's not all doom and gloom !

I seriously believe that due to my recalling these memories (good/bad/indifferent), it has helped me understand why such things have/are happening to me in this incarnation. What's more I 'know' without question, that they have made me a much stronger person than I ever have imagined I could be.

(note to CavemanDD); No never received your reply

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posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 02:55 PM
Outline of My Cornish Lifetime;

As promised here is a very brief guide of events throughout my life as Hilley Tregasky (birth - death).

1. Born May 1st 1623 ... only child ... lived at Millcombe (now called Rocky Glen) ... idyllic childhood ... loving parents ... both of whom were killed in an accident when Hilley was 13yrs old. Being Pagans they were buried in the woods behind the (bod) cottage ... Hilley was taken in by Flora and Samuel Hobson (who were family friends and owned a (deworty) ale-house on the bend of the road that leads out of Tintagel (as you head towards Boscastle.

2. Hilley followed the Old Religion as her family-line had done, for longer than anyone in the area could remember ... taught in herbal-craft by her mother she became as adept as her parents had been, from a particularly young age ... her family had the respect and trust of the locals ... and it was naturally accepted that she should replace them after their deaths.

3. Too young to live on her own at the cottage when her parents died, she divided her time between the bod during the daytime ... where she maintained the (lowarth) garden, to keep a regular supply of plants and herbs for her remedies ... and at nightfall she would return to the deworty ... on her 15th birthday Samuel allowed her to start serving ale, in the evenings (something she had always wanted to do since she was a little girl).

4. At 18yrs old she met and fell in love with Peter Edmunds (21yrs old) ... he was the only son of Sir Greville Edmunds (I believe he was a magistrate or something else in the legal profession) ... they lived a couple of miles outside the village, at Trevillet House (a Tudor Mansion) ... Peter's mother had killed herself when he was 5yrs old ... Hilley and Peter kept there relationship a secret because they knew his father would not approve ... when Hilley discovered she was pregnant Peter decided to tell his father ... and announce his plans to marry Hilley.

5. Peter worked for his father (as a sort of PA/clerk) ... and made regular trips up-country to Plymouth & London on his father's business ... after being told about Peter's intentions, Sir Greville sent him North on the pretense of collecting court-transcripts for him ... in reality he intended to arrest Hilley for practicing witchcraft / get her to make a false confession / and have her killed (before Peter returned from his trip).

6. Sir Greville hired the services of a french witch-finder named Claude Duvall for the job ... Hilley was held in a stone room to the side of the church ... guarded by Gerald Hayes (constable ?) and observed by the Rev. Matthew Sweeter ... throughout the first dy and night Hilley was brutally and repeatedly raped by Duvall (and Hayes) ... on the third day Hilley was tortured using an array of instruments ... (without being too graphic on the thread) one instrument that looked like a huge syringe was filled with boiled water ... after this had been used on Hilley she went into labour and was left alone to give birth to her dead son ... the following day she was burned atthe stake under Sir Greville's instructions (because he said 'hanging was to good for her').

7. Less than a week after Hilley had been killed, Peter returned from his trip ...

I won't reveal anymore details here just in case I ever decide to publish. Obviously this is an extremely abridged version of events but it will give you some idea of the strngth of my memories.

Examples of evidence to support my memories;

1. I managed to substanciate over half a dozen names that I'd recalled and written about (including the name of the vicar and guard).

2. There had indeed been an old ale-house at the exact location I'd recalled ... this had been demolished in the 1950's. So no way for me to have known about it previously.

3. Trevillet House (home of Peter and his father). Again their had been a tudor mansion of this name, at that location. Interestingly, this was left to fall into a state of decay from the 1600's and was finally demolished in the 1800's ... for a farmhouse to be built on the site ... but it is still recorded in old land records ... and marked on old maps.

4. I found the location of Hilley's cottage (although it has long since disappeared, I'm confident proof of a dwelling would be exposed if excavation was ever to be carried-out at the site) ... and the 14th century Mill, where Hilley's childhood friend (Davey Beckett), had lived (nearest neighbour), still stands proud.

There is much, much more evidence that of course is all in my book manuscript.


posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 03:10 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Your swimming and skating events are interesting.

I believe that a lot of our "issues" are subconsciously dealt with during sleep. I have never been a good sleeper but I have found that the evening before doing something new and challenging I visualise myself going through the process. I have found that I don't actually have to know the process but in my mind just visualise achieving something successfully..with a smile from the heart.. as I say!! I have been amazed how it works!! I am not saying I could successfully fly an advanced aircraft or suddenly win Olympic Gold in the 100 metres but it seems to be that the positive attitude, perhaps, relaxes me enough not to be phased by any problems with the job. So maybe like a certain martial artist the body and mind are "..not thinking and not dreaming..." just ready to do the job!!

But to perform the tasks as well as you that is kind of advanced....I tried skating and skiing, spent so much time on my ass I might as well put a ski or skate on each cheek...and taught my butt to walk.LOL. But I must say that, that was before I realised this visualisation process was a possibility...remember...I am new to all this stuff!!

Regarding new souls coming through. I did have a thought that if there are more people alive now, than there has ever been before, then perhaps that leaves more "bodies" for the spirit world to fill, as it were. So what about a contention that the body / soul gap has been closed by more malevolent spirits occupying humanity? Would answer a lot of the badness out there!!

For a sceptic (?) like me, 2012 is not on my scope of concern. The only disaster I can see is the Olympics coming to London and you need no special powers to foretell the mayhem that will be

There have been so many dates over the years..usually supported by some kind of "evidence" that have predicted many things...including the end of man and the rock we live we are still here. My current viewpoint is that, I will believe, if in 2012 the world collapses around me and whomever I am with at the time says "Told you so!!!"..
.. But hey, I am a thinking, reading kind of guy...there is time to convince me yet!!!

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