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Spontaneous Past-life Memory.

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posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 08:51 PM
woodwytch I got your email yesterday and I will reply to it soon, tonight hopefully. I've just been tired or pre-occupied with other crap. I'm super tired today, i think I had an O.B.E. this morning...yeah... well i'm informed they DRAIN you energetically, and thats how I felt all day, until I meditated, so my heads like clouded right now but I'll try and respond to the mail, happy birthday. For some reason people like hearing that.

Congradulations on surviving another year on this planet. Is that what people tell us that for? Good job for sucking up another 200 tonnes of our dwindling oxygen and meager supplies?
.. I feel as though when someone says happy birthday to me I should respond with "yeah i know....sorry"

Hey living 365 days on this world without going crazy is a fantastic feat, we should ALL feel accomplished.

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 09:26 AM
Just dropping this in for interest's sake.

Some years ago, I knew a highly-regarded hypnotist who wrote a weekly column in the paper. His services were sought by a number of city doctors and dentists with regard to patients who, for one reason or another, could not be anaesthetised (sp?) and he had several times assisted women to give birth with no other pain-relief than hypnosis. He was also called upon to hypnotise cancer-patients in order they could be operated on when it was believed conventional anaesthesia was inappropriate, dangerous for the patient.

This hypnotist had been a NASA scientist, back in the heyday of US space exploration. Since early retirement, he'd practised hypnosis. He was a quiet though warm personality, and determined to lift the profile of hypnotism. He deplored 'stage' hypnotism and the more sensationalistic aspects of hypnosis. He had a keen mind and was interesting to listen to.

The only case of 'past life' emergence under hypnosis in which he'd ever personally been involved, he said, had occurred several months earlier. He'd been contacted by a group of city psychiatrists regarding a patient who was demonstrating very convincing past-life recall whilst under hypnosis. The first instance of the hypnotised man's past-life had occurred by accident while he was under hypnosis for another matter. Suddenly though, the man had apparently begun to writhe and scream in agony. Alarmed, the doctor had asked him what was wrong. The man had gasped that he was in excruciating agony .. that his leg had been almost blown off. Under questioning, he'd said that he was a British sailor on a man o' war which was under attack from either the French or Spanish (I can't remember). The man's blood pressure was by now way up and he was certainly exhibiting the signs of someone in great emotional and physical distress.

He was brought out of hypnotic trance by his doctor and asked to return for another appointment. At the next appointment, the original doctor had arranged for other psychiatrists to be present. The man was again hypnotised and once again began recounting a highly dramatic scene on the man o' war. During this, the man's speech (terms, accent, etc.) appeared to be very convincingly that of a sailor several hundred years ago. The psychiatrists were recording this electronically and taking notes, photos, etc. They questioned the man.

He supplied them not only with the name and a description of the ship he'd been on when his leg was blown up, but also much detail of other ships on which he'd served and a detailed account of his life history as a British sailor. Throughout, he remained in 'sailor mode' as far as his speech, accent and terminology were concerned. He was asked to return for another appointment. After he'd departed, the psychiatrists were by now almost convinced that they'd uncovered a genuine instance of past life recall. Prior to the man's next appointment, one of the doctors contacted 'my' hypnotist and sought his opinion, based on the tapes made whilst the man was hypnotised and recounting his sailor experiences.

My hypnotist listened to them several times, he said and yes, the man sounded very convincing. There seemed little doubt that he'd genuinely been suffering pain and his account of the close-quarters fire between the British ship and the enemy were enthralling and highly detailed.

My hypnotist attended the man's next session and observed ... and asked the man the occasional question whilst he was under hypnosis. The man's sailor accent and terminology were consistent throughout. When he was awakened fully and completely in 'real time', he impressed my hypnotist as being a truthful and sincere individual. He was not a sailor in his current life and had no knowledge or experience in that area. In real life, said the man, he'd never had an interest in British history, maritime or other. He was intrigued by what he'd learned of his behaviour and claims whilst under hypnosis.

The psychiatrists and others involved were intrigued also and several were of the impression they'd uncovered a verifiable past life case. 'My' hypnotist said he sensed that one or two of the doctors were already of the belief there was a book in it as well as the opportunity to write the case up in medical papers and publications. They were convinced the man's past life was genuine, in other words.

'My' hypnotist had arranged another appointment in order he may again observe and question the man. After the man was hypnotised, he again 'became' the wounded sailor. My hypnotist friend by this stage had researched many of the terms and ship names that had emerged in previous sessions with the man and was aware that a lot of the terminology used by the man actually did date back to the time in question .. in other words, a lot of the things said, words used, etc. appeared to be authentic.

When the man was under hypnosis and had been instructed that he could not feel the pain of his shattered leg, but could speak easily, 'my' hypnotist began speaking with him. Then, my hypnotist slipped a length of rope into the man's hands, with the suggestion he would tie in succession, three knots of different types. My hypnotist said to me that the knots the man was instructed to make were of a kind that would have been second-nature to even a novice sailor .. something they could do in their sleep.

The man manipulated the rope, but in actuality he did little more than fumble with it, even though (as an old salt) he believed he'd completed the task with ease. This experiment was repeated several times. Afterwards, the man was brought out of trance and thanked by the attendant doctors. Privately, my hypnotist friend advised the doctors that in his opinion, despite appearing extremely convincing, the man's past life experience was not genuine. There was no evidence that the man had set out to deceive the doctors, he said. He believed the man was unaware that at some time in the past, via whatever source (movies, books, etc) he had absorbed information about British sailors and ships and warfare, including sailors' terminology, living conditions, battle conditions, ship descriptions and numerous other details. The man's mind, without his being aware of it, had creatively arranged these various details into a highly convincing first-hand account .. and this is what had emerged under hypnosis. After the failed knot-tying tests, the other doctors agreed.

At that point, my hypnotist friend said there remained however one case of past-life emergence under hypnosis which appeared genuine. The case involved a movie actor named Glenn Ford, who under hypnosis had apparently begun speaking quite fluently in a language which no-one involved was able to identify. Finally, someone was found who could identify it. A Jesuit priest who was one of the few experts in that specific dead language, identified it as an uncommon French dialect from the past. Ford apparently was highly disturbed by the entire thing and refused to discuss it. From what I remember, it was later learned that way back in his family-tree, Ford had French ancestors who'd lived in the area in which the language had been spoken .. although Ford had not been aware he had French ancestry.

So of course you're correct, Il Papa ... our minds are astonishingly inventive and creative .. truly astonishing. But then of course, all we are, really, is Mind, wrapped in a body.

There are many cases of highly convincing past life recall which under investigation turn out to be unintentional creative-licence on the part of the mind.

Glenn Ford, though, is apparently one scientifically accepted exception to the rule. And that's all it takes. Just as a 100% genuine recording or other proof of a ghost (or 'alien', etc) will be all it takes. It only needs one.

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 10:24 AM
reply to post by Weaver

Hi Weaver,

Welcome to our little family (on this thread) and ATS in general. I hope you've found the posts interesting (so far) ... and that they've given you some food for thought.

I (as I'm sure the rest of us), would be very interested to hear about the way you felt when you realized that you recognized the place. Can you remember if you had any strange senarios playing out in your mind during/after it happened ?

Have you ever had any similar experiencs ?

Feel free to ask any questions, I can say with confidence that we will all give you a response ... and you can see if any of it makes any sense to you. You may have noticed that since some of the people started posting on this thread they have actually recalled things that had been buried ... dreams/experiences etc.

Don't be shy ... you're one of us now, we'll listen/comment/advise to the best of our abilities. Woody.

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 10:29 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hey CavemanDD,

Got you're email ... happy you liked it ... got loads more inc 'Siran'.

Some people may like hearing that stuff but when you turn forty ... sort of losing the pleasant ring it used to have ... but thanks for the thought.

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 11:09 AM
Yes .. hi Weaver and welcome

You entered a strange town which you recognised

Life will never be the same for you again now, you know.

I read a story similar to yours but with a twist. You may be familiar with it, but if not, apparently there was a woman who kept dreaming about a house .. except in her real life, she didn't know the house. On and on, she dreamt about it though. Then one day, she and her husband (I think this is how it went) were told they were being transferred to a new area. So they drove out to the town to look for a potential home and when they did, the woman spotted the very house from her dreams. She begged her husband to take her to it. When they got there, they discovered it was for sale (I think) so they knocked on the door. The owner answered and they explained why they were there and asked if they could have a look around. The woman who had the dreams said she already loved it. Then the owner said words to the effect: ' Well, I hope you don't mind ghosts, because this house has one ... it's a female ghost and she trails through the house at night.' Of course ... it was the woman who had the dreams who was the ghost .. during her nightly visits to this unknown house, she appeared as a ghost to those who lived in it.

Makes you think, doesn't it ? One possibility may be that we're all 'ghosts' (or a form of). Maybe we flit from era to era, observing, feeling the emotions of those we observe. Maybe you've been doing a bit of night-time flying during which you visited the town which later was so familiar to you ? Or maybe you somehow visited the future and saw the town in advance, but didn't remember until you saw the town again in 'reality' ? There's so much we don't understand about ourselves, isn't there ?

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 12:01 PM
Late, late, late again, but want to post this before I slink off into the dawn .. been meaning to ask:

Anyone 'visit' a place repeatedly when they're asleep ?

Or encounter the same person / people .. again when they're asleep ?

Love to hear about it and compare notes .. pick your brains.

There's a 'location' I've grown quite familiar with over the years. It's nowhere I've ever been in 'real life' though. It appears pretty 'normal' (earthly). Nothing remarkable about it. The parts I've 'been to' the most include
* a train station and the surrounding town. Daytime.
* Then there's a stretch of road ... a convergence of roads actually. Night.
* A hillside near the station. See it in both day and night.
* Then there's another hilly but mostly uninhabited hilly section where a ranger lives. Daytime.
* some more hills, or slopes really, where low-rise apartments have recently been built. See it during day and night.

Then there's a lakeside place, with luxurious dwellings cantilevered over the lake .. the people there are very sophisticated but they put up with me.

More but can't remember them just now.

Oh, and this one. Night-time. Quite a lot of vegetation around. Must get a fair bit of rain. Not sure what it is. Could be part of a big school-ground or maybe a park. Group of people hanging out on something .. could be playground 'furniture' .. swings maybe, or see-saws. I hesitate to suggest its a sort of graveyard, because of the sensational aspects inherent in that. But it could be. They seem to be late teens, early twenties.

I've just remembered a couple more of the locations, but no need to detail them.

The strongest 'impact' of these locations to which I've never been in this life, is the atmosphere. I've mentioned the home-sick after-effects before and that's just how it feels. When I wake up, these night-time experiences feel exactly the same -- just as authentic -- as 'real life' experiences. And I feel 'unusual' for hours afterwards. Best way to describe it is to ask you to imagine you'd spent several hours with people and in a place ... which made a very strong impression on you. Then, suddenly, you're yanked away from the people and the place. The echoes of their comments and their smiles and personalities would still be strong in your mind, as would the amazing atmosphere of the place and 'the whole thing'.

Now imagine that the people you met -- although ordinary in appearance -- had an extra dimension or something to their personalities. They're 'more' than anyone else you've met. More fun, or more condescending or just 'more'. Same with the places in which you met these people. Although the places are ordinary in appearance, they are more alive, more meaningful, they have more flavour that the places you go in your real life. Should stress that these places and people don't do anything extraordinary. No, it's the atmosphere. It's not noticable when you're THERE and WITH these people. It's only afterwards, when you're pulled away from them and back to 'real life' that you realise 'real life' feels so flat and shallow and flavourless.

So, you feel this enormous longing to 'go back' to these people and places which as far as you're aware, don't exist in this real life. You feel homesick for them, even if though some of the experiences you have in this 'other place' and with these 'other people' aren't always easy and often involve anxiety on your part. After you've been there, it takes a while to get it out of your system .. takes you a while to adapt again to real life.

When you remember the people and places later on, even months or years later, the memories are just as strong (at least) as your 'real life' memories ....... even though the actual content of the memories is often seemingly mundane. The other place and other people are imbued with an atmosphere (best word I can think of at the moment) that is simply lacking in 'real life'. So when you remember the places and people, you feel homesick, you miss the place.

I am 'myself' in the other places and with the 'other people', or at least I seem to behave like 'myself' (this me).

Something I've noticed after years of these experiences in the way the people in these other places, treat me in the same way (approximately, because it's hard to describe) as a group of teenagers would treat maybe an eight or six year old who was hanging around on their fringes. They put up with me, often seem to find my efforts to keep up with them amusing. But not laughter type amusing. More a sort of amused tolerance or even detached curiosity. I'm never really one of them, even when I'm with them. But I think I must have substance, some at least, because I think they can see me. Sometimes they do stuff and I try to follow, but what they can do with ease is actually a dangerous feat for me ... yet they don't make allowance for that .. they don't help ... if I died in the attempt, I have no doubt they'd just proceed on their way without concern.

So I wake up from being there, then lie there realising 'Ooooo... I've been there again.' Then it's a real wrench, realising I can't go back but am 'here' now. I lie there trying to prolong the last wispy moments of being there, because I don't want to let it go .. don't want to surrender the atmosphere of the place. For the next day or so, my mind keep remembering being there and it's hard to adapt to 'real life'. And of course the home-sick feeling takes a while to dissipate.

Oh well, I can tell without reading back over all that that it sounds completely nuts. Only someone who's experienced it will know what I've been trying to describe.

Anyone know what I mean or experienced anything remotely similar ?

Will say goodnight now before I delete this post out of embarrassment.

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 04:12 PM
No scenarios played out. It was more like deja vu but more potent. Even more powerful though I was born with a boston accent and was racist as a child for no reason. I came from very tolerant people and everyone around me was tolerant too. Luckily I got over all these things around third grade. I also have seen pictures of places in Boston that I knew about before I saw them.

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 01:09 PM
Hey Guys (girls),

(Dock6); I have not experienced what you describe but I sort of 'know what you're talking about. It sort of stirs feelings of a 'parallel universe'. Not quite sure how to explain or why I feel that ... it's just what came to mind when I read your post. Woody.

(Weaver); The first tme I experienced 'deja vu' (that I remember), I was about 10yrs old. My grandparents lived in London and it was the first time we were travelling to see them by car (previously we'd gone by train, sothis was the first time I'd been this route before.

(pre- M1 ... so we were travellng along the A5 - Watling Street).

We were probably in the Henley/Oxford area, on a tree-arced part of the road (very pretty). As we were driving along I looked up into the trees (lefthand side of the road), and I saw one of the old mile-stones 'xxx miles to London' etc.

As soon as I saw it amongst those specific trees I knew in an instant that I'd been ther before ... I was a young man and I was on a dark brown horse with a black mane and tail. Very clear!!! Woody

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 07:11 PM
I kinda have a deep feeling I was prester john

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 07:03 AM
reply to post by little-rod

Hey there little-rod,

In what what way ?

Let us know what you feel and if there was anything specific that prompted the 'deep feelings'. With more details I or the other people who post on the thread might be able to come up with potential explanations.

Even if replies seem slow coming back to you don't think you're being ignored ... just with Christmas n'all everyone sort of gets sidetracked. I promise I will get back to everyone who leaves a post and I will check the thread as often as I can over the holidays. That applies to anyone who has a point to make ... a question to ask ... or a story to tell.


posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 07:29 AM

I'd like to use this post to say 'Season's Greetings' to everyone who stops by this thread over the holidays

I hope everyone has a great holiday, but in particular I 'KNOW' this is not a good time for everyone ... for a variety of personal reasons.

This sometimes gets overlooked by people getting swept along in the excess of food / drink / jovality.

This message is particularly for the people who feel down at this time of year ... when I was married (21yrs ... a lifetime), Christmas/New Year was the worst time of the year for me ... when my ex-husband was at his most volitile.

Christmas can be sad ... depressing ... and very dark, for a lot of people ... everywhere, for a multitude of reason's.

If you are in that catergory ... please just take a moment to remind yourself that however bad you feel ... YOU ARE NOT ALONE ... sometimes just remembering that fact can bring a strange sense of comfort.

And if you are reading this you obviously have access to a computer ... and whatever day of the year it is there are many out there wanting to communicate ... so chat away and the madness of the season will soon be over for another year

I'm going to be checking into the thread every day (at some point), so why not leave a post ... even if it's slightly off topic for the next few days, I'm sure no-one will mind.

Love Light and Bright Blessing to all at ATS. Woody.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

Yeah I agree the holidays suck

I just kinda like that lots of people have like a week off. In my opinion though this holiday has to go. I don't think people are getting so swept up in the consumerism anymore, everyone just wants to be happy. Most people don't even care about the religious aspect of it, so whats left?... well on christmas you're supposed to kind to your fellow man, and be happy! Well guess what, we should start doing that EVERY day, the fact that theres a designated "nice" holiday reflects pretty sad on this race man! Peace and love, always!

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hi CavemanDD,

Here, here my friend.

I've spent the last week cleaning-up ... within minutes of the family arriving it looked like a war-zone ... bah humbug

Nice to hear a voice of sanity and reason ... jeez it's not even here yet and I feel like I'm in the middle of the 'Griswold Christmas Vacation'.


posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by woodwytch


have fun with that, I pity you. It's pretty much the same around my place too, holiday madness, but nothing is expected of me, I just hide, and drink.

This is really screwing of my planned like 2 meditations a day thing.

You gotta email me that stuff, but good lord, do it when you get the chance, no rush. Stupid christmas.

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hey there friend,

Methinks I see a loophole ... that Sirian information is of course vital ... so it would be rude not to email it ASAP

I wish I drank ... can't even stand the taste of the stuff
In fact come to think of it I'm pretty boring coz I have no vises ... don't drink or do drugs ... haven't even had a relationship for 5yrs (however, I do have the odd crafty 'cig' when I walk the dog ... looks like she'll be getting a lot of excercise over the hols).

Looks like the rest of the 'gang' have been netted by christmas-cheer ... poor things ... hope they make it in one piece.

Oh well, I'll have a looksee what's new and then get that stuff emailed to you either tonight or tomorow.

I know what you mean about finding time to meditate when there are people all over the house ... it's a nightmare.
Speak to you soon ... we must be brave. Woody

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Yeah I more or less stopped drinking because it doesn't really fit in my life anymore, i don't smoke either, it seems like it kills any kind of social life eh? Poison is the method in which stranges meet on neutral grounds. haha

I save the drinking for the weekends now, even though I hardly drink then unless I'm with a freind whos an alcoholic, then its like old times.. but I KNOW, i will be drunk all christmas day, to make the pain cease.

Haha, ok well this is getting off topic. But yes, the sirian stuff would be neat whenever you have time. Thanks.

posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 07:37 AM
Hi all, been away for a few days.

Bit of a work crisis somewhere, had to fly out to a sunny bit of find it raining there....and the rain lifted as I was flying back!! The Universal Consciousness is having a laugh...methinks...


reply to post by woodwytch

'appen that 't Hutton Radby is about 35 miles north of is nearer Cleveland's got a TS postcode..I was surprised that it is in Yorkshire!!!

With reference to Dock6's post and the "evil chanters" had me spitting tea / coffee out in immense guffaw!!

Your disappointed "Celtic warrior" client. I think that many of us have a perception that we are something special..more than we are. Well of course we are..we are individuals with our independent gifts, weaknesses and strengths.

I remember watching a TV show, where that Scottish populist historian, sorry can't remember the Gentleman's name, but essentially he had a series going round the UK looking at historical, ethnic grouping. Now apparently quite a few people around York are convinced of Viking bloodlines. One subject on the show seemed flabbergasted when their DNA had shown they were not of Viking stock!!! I can imagine how gasted their flabber was!!

But there is the beauty of PL. You can't get verifiable DNA to confirm...because it is not the corporeal existence that lives on. As I see it, if spirit is eternal, it has no ethereal or whatever "bloodline" does not procreate....!!!!!

posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 07:49 AM
reply to post by Weaver

Weaver. I am finding this an interesting thread and quite often lurk and re-read stuff. It is amazing what you miss!!!

I have had, on ocassion, experiences that now on reflection, may have possibile memories of a PL.

I too get quite a bit of deja vu..but I do travel the UK, so I may be just confusing simlar architecture etc. But I do get feelings of familiarity...and am now thinking perhaps I should start righting stuff down...and collate it and see what happens.

I wont repeat stuff that I have already said but the other posters have had some interesting stuff to say...worth reading for sure...although the post lengths can seem daunting!! Sometimes takes me days to think of a response

posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by Dock6

I wouldn't be embarrassed by it!!!

I am still reading and comprehending what your post is all about.

I often have moments where I feel I am on the very fringe of some wonderful piece of feels like fate or spirit is standing there behind my shoulder saying..."Yes that's it, nearly there...c'mon, c'mon...." But the moment passes...and I can feel fate / spirit go "Oooooh not again....."

I was recently sitting at an Airport with 3 hours to kill. I spent a bit of time reading some book I got on "Chaos"..(nothing like a nice bit of light reading when you are flying:lol
. Now quite often when I read, something almost sparks somewhere in the old noggin. I was kind of staring into space...sort of a meditation...I was looking at a "striking" lady and thinking that really, in all her beauty, she was just a mathematical indeed was the terminal building and the very book I was reading. I started to think that perhaps my physical "appreciation" of the lady, the building and the book were subject to the same mathematical programming.

I then thought what makes her different to the book? Well she has a mind that gives her all the wonderful abilities we all have as humans. I then thought about spirit. From outside our dimension...what made that particular physical displacement, in the form of that lady, be selected to be "occupied" by her particular spirit? Does a spirit have to be "attracted" to a particular person / body, to form a relationship?

I then tried to think outside of our world, trying to visualise what is going on without and within us. This brought about a deep mediation, right there in the airport. It lasted about 30 minutes+ I think. I started to feel and see things was like within and without my body was merging with everything... I have had similar meditations before at home but never, ever, ever in public at an airport. I came out of "trance" when I visualised a tyre coming towards me!!!!
Absolutely no idea of its significance. I was just sitting there with a smile in my heart and on my face. I was aware of a shop assistant who was staring at me "In a funny way!"

But as I became aware of the airport again...I suddenly felt that once again I had missed an enlightening moment!!!

There was definitely a thought there waiting to be discovered...I keep thinking back and wondering what!! In fact having re-read this does not come close to what I felt was happening to me then....but that's because language is a communication tool for this realm...I need to speak of it in a spiritual dialect!!

Oh and Dock6

Originally posted by Dock6

But then of course, all we are, really, is Mind, wrapped in a body.

Thanks for that. A really thought provoking statement for me

I feel a kind "wonderment" about that statement at a spiritual level.

posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 09:15 AM
I would just like to add my vote to the Bah Humbug camp.

I ruddy hate xmas. It starts in sodding August.

The world is the same crappy place all the time and will still be there when people get back from their drunken stupors.

A bunch of people who can't stand each other for the rest of the year pretend to like each that can get a free sherry and a mince pie when they visit

It is all consumerist nonsense and it is getting worse. The commercialism of Halloween and Easter is increasing. I am convinced that there are a bunch of retail analysts deciding what the plebes should be celebrating next.

My understanding is that they are celebrating the birth of a bloke who wasn't born that day anyway? Either way, where does the good book say slaughter turkeys and get drunk..

The wisemen gave him gold, frankinsense and myrhh. Where does it say they got inebriated, vomited on the cat and behaved "inappropiately" with Mrs Tiddlesworth from number 7, when she popped round for a sherry?

Why can't people go round and smile a bit more the rest of the year? I am in the position of going to visit my parents this year because my neighbours are threatening to take me in, like a lost puppy, for christmas..."You can't spend Christmas day on your own!!"...Yes I leave me alone..

People go round claiming "We only do it for the kids!!" Having spent half the domestic grocery money on food and booze....and crappy board games...I hope they all get salmonella. One of the best Christmas' I had was when a friends mum poisoned me with dodgy turkey. I could just stay in bed and forget the rest of the sad fools.

Our Uncle Ernies are the same horrible blokes they were 40 years ago...sticking a cheap paper crown on their heads and getting them drunk changes nothing!!!

I have never been a big drinker but have found with my increasing spirituallity that I lost the taste for it..two years ago. Which did cause friction with the ex...who loves booze..and xmas

I have never smoked or done drugs. I have always felt that whatever I experience I need to know it is real..and not the result of a chemical reaction or impairment...and that was when I was a cynical, sceptic.

I am quite a "jolly chap" and have often been insulted by people who blieve my character or demeanor is due to chemical enhancement.

Yes true my words here will doubtless have a few saying chill out you miserable sod. But my words here are light hearted and my character is always jovial....that is not the same for most christmas practioners during the rest of the year.

So on behalf of the retailers...especially the booze manufacturers...lets hope you all have a Sherry Xmas...sorry Merry Xmas

Oops sorry off topic...


anyone here had a PL of a certain water walking, barefoot Nazarean??

**ducks and runs for cover from the barrage of Bibles and Holy Water**

Now away to my retreat to watch "A Life Of Brian...."

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