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Spontaneous Past-life Memory.

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posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 03:32 PM

Originally posted by indierockalien
I understand people have to "make a living" so it's understandable, to a point.... but 300 dollars a session??? Those guys must be laughing at their clients for being so gullible. It costs so much, that I'm almost leaning towards believing that these are false miracle workers.
A little off subject, but... yeah. Thanks, woodwytch!

Might be off subject but a good point. I find it amusing that these "pricey" people set themselves up as an alternative to mainstream..but their ethics are exactly the same as the pharmaceutical industry for example!!

I have been to a few "Psychic Fayres" and looked in wonder at all the miraculous cures available. A lot have the common factor of being precision wallet excision of the gullible. I think there is a body of marks out there, who are convinced that they need help (whether they need it or not!!) and if one treatment doesn't work then another may. So really a "practitioner" could effectively be seeing the same client several times a year, with different techniques until the "right one works". At fifty pounds a pop that isn't too bad a living but at 200+ it's sinful.

At one fayre a lady was fully booked, I can't remember if it was 6 or 8 clients but even at a reasonable £30 (well to me anyway..but it is subjective and quality dependant!!) that's £180 to £240 a day!! Now I know it is I am read. But that's my point, if you were a charlatan but people believed in you your pushing near the average wage just for working every weekend. Bit of a bind I know but you get five days in between

These $300 or £300 figures are crazy, do it for a few years retire. Write a book about your "Psychic Life" and transformation. Then write a best seller telling everyone your a fraud

posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

I have read the Prelude. I am beginning to wonder if the role of tragedy in one's life is a trigger. It was the passing of someone really close that got me questioning...and realising, science don't know it all. As I have said I have had a few minor unexplained experiences..that seem to have kicked off sometime after the loved ones passing...and I do seem to get, flash backs / memory bubbles / deja vu etc of things from my past that I had that feeling of that I was responsible for someones death...but was not....well not in this life

The thing here is that, if everything happens for a reason (which I believe!!) and if the purpose of a key life event is to kick start some process of enlightenment etc. then why does a loved one have to pass on? Surely it is too much of a coincidence, that they have achieved all they could in the time they had here and then conveniently pass you can start another phase of life?

Your viewpoint is interesting. It is good for me to realise that if there really are "past lives" and we meet those souls later on in another life, that you shouldn't expect things to play out like a well rehearsed's the same actors but in a different play...wearing different costumes..!!

Oh I see you have put up another instalment an Outline!!!

posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 03:46 PM

Originally posted by LooseLipsSinkShips
this is intersting because if you belive in coming back into life time again to progress the soul, perhaps one of the reasons I am so compassionate for all living beings (from a lady bug to my best bud my dog) is because i used to be a killer in a past life.

It is strange but I posted earlier of a "memory bubble" I had. I can remember at some stage earlier in my life going round with an inconsolable belief that I was responsible for someones death. I have no other recollection at this time....I seem to have blocked a lot of my past out. I often hear people talking of their youth..but to me I have only 2 or 3 memories from my teens I believe. This is in part why PLRT interests me!!

But the thing is I too have this strange compassion thing...I would say more so now. I have never been a violent lad..I have grown up almost hating my sex even my species and it's antics. I don't mean I never behaved as a boy in other ways..but I was always gentler and none-confrontational. I was a good runner at school but was never competitive...I done just enough to be second or third...I never ever wanted to be number one!!

But I digress, basically, I cannot harm a fly as they say. I actually shepard wasps out the house. My ex hated the fact that I would always throw spiders outside "So they can come back in again" rather than kill them. I now live alone, happy in my solitude (although I miss our cats) without the negativity of my ex..and now, mostly, I let the spiders stay

posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by eyewitness86

Hey there.

Thanks so much for the email I just wanted to let you know I read it all and have sent you a reply. Amazing. Woody

posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by Il Papa

haha me too man. Don't work, its ok. I feel bad putting a live worm on a hook. I wash windows, spiders live on the windows and I wait for them to move or I squeegee around them, its my new thing I do. Damn lady bugs need to get out of the way.

Theres nothing wrong with it man, the fact that you are like that says a lot about you and I think it shows you are generally all around a good person. What this is showing is maturity, experience that other's haven't obtained yet.

I also thought that the fact I hate violence and conflict could have been because I've seen a sickening amount of battle too, and it would make sense because I have an inner warrior/protector call that makes me want to the ultimate fighter, but never to use it on anyone.

Its like me and my freind were talking about, what are the limits in fights, you don't want to kill the guy.. I dont understand when 2 guys scrap, i would be too busy analysing the situation... I think if there was a legitamate reason to fight you would use any means necessary to put your opponent down, and make him stay down long enough so you can get away and know you'll be safe.

posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 07:45 PM
woodwytch i posted a comment in your profile.

ah damn, one liner rule.

Well its relavant to the past life thing. Its only fair if I do this, she's not recieving the u2u's!

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posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 09:19 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hi there, I got your comment and posted a reply comment on your profile

Had a few things to do tonight so not spent much time checking on the thread.

I love you guys.

We got CavemanDD sqeejying (or however the hell it's spelt)
around spiders on the window
love it.

And Il Papa
what an image my mind cunjured-up at your post commenting on swimming/skating abilities ... and I quote

'spent so much time on my ass I might as well have put a ski or skate on each cheek ... and taught my butt how to walk'
I'm still laughing as I type this ... fantastic !

er hum (clears throat and wipes tears of laughter from eyes). Ok back to topic ... any thoughts / comments about the content of my follow-up posts on my Cornish lifetime or anything else to do with PLR ... anybody ?

posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

ok I sent you an email, thanks for that by the way. Yeah I haven't had the time to be on this thread today either, or read much of it, like your account you wrote yesterday for us.

Yeah you like that about the spiders eh? My family have this cat they despise and I like it and they seem to think I love it and want to take it off their hands but they don't understand, I just respect all life equally now. That's actually my least favourite cat!

It's interesting actually, that cat used to hate me, but when night after I had a crazy 3-4 hour long meditation experience I walked up to that cat, and stared into its eyes and tried to send it a message with my brain saying " I like you, cat." and I think it understood or something because it looked startled or something and then it hasn't left me alone since.

Those spiders really get on my nerves... in my mind I tell them, its my job, I have to wash where their sitting, i know its their home, but the contract for the building was here before their home, they have to just sit tight and hold on and rebuild after I leave. Am I nuts? quite possibly, but my job will do that to you,

posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 03:45 PM
Hi woodwytch,

Over what period of time did these revelations take place and were they all "real" sensations or the result of a dream like state?

I can remember the domestic chore meditation thing. Was this information just a sudden realisation of a that knid of state where, for example, you suddenly remember supergluing your boss to the desk at the office party..or was it a kind of real time enactment?

Taken at face value it is intriguing. It is kind of like waking up thinking you are or were someone else and set the task to find out. I think I remember somewhere that you picked up a map and intuitively pointed to where Hilley lived? Weird!!

Did you recall accents? When I used to deeply meditate, I did get voices that I would talk to. But I can never remember an accent with them. They were kind of "thought" voices occuring as in headphones or just behind the ears. I have noted that in dreams, characters in them seem to have accents..but the meditation ones didn't...well none that I remember....I can remember on one occassion sitting in the room meditating and asking someone soft then loud "Beerglas, bearglas what do you mean???" because the word was said to me and I had no idea what it was about. But I retain the word in case it turns up in life sometime!!

These days we are all, mostly, aware of the shape of Britain and where we are in relation to it. We can also, mostly, tell a persons origin by their accent. Is this kind of information relayed? This is something that I find very intriguing about PLE. If someone passed away, say as an Egyptian, then why do they mostly seem to communicate in English in this life, under regression. Partly, I think an answer would be that it is the soul that is traveling about and the body is the vehicle in this life. So the soul is using the limbs, body, brain etc of the host. So it's memories are relayed in the language of the host...which would make abstract concepts of the soul difficult to communicate through the new host. Here I am thinking of for example the Welsh word "Hiraeth". It is a concept of upbringing and environment...the nearest word in English is homesick I am told...but I am imformed that homesick isn't really that close to it.

You say that you that Peter came back into your life as Callum? This raises the possibility that we could encounter "known souls" more than once in a lifetime? This then leads to the question long can a soul / spirit be waiting for another host and what is it doing in between times? I know that there is the possibility that it is only our human existence that is constricted by the dimension of if soul / spirit exists outside of this, then the "waiting time" is non-existant.

What is the method of selecting a host and does the spirit being have a choice of bodies? Is a particular combination of XX and XY always going to be a particular being, with a particualr soul alocated to it? I find it difficult to accept that my soul existed in a body in a previous life, that looked just like me...god forbid..LOL..

Back to The Cornish Burning. Of course the sceptic bit of my brain is saying that it is possible that you researched the background then wrote a story!!! But that's what all sceptics would say isn't it?

But with an open mind, I am wondering about what it must have felt like. Firstly, to get the other lifetime appear in your head and secondly to go out and find varification...amazing!! I know you have other varification evidence but the examples you give are intriguing. But right now I feel like digging up the Bod location...and see what comes up

Well my mind is always buzzing with this stuff...but there has been enough information here to make me think more of a PLR.. Somewhere on this PC there is a document titled "Mysteries About Me" where I have listed personal stuff that puzzles me and perhaps PLRT will get it solved.

I keep re-reading this thread!!


posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 05:43 AM
reply to post by Il Papa

My memories began in 1992, and it took about 6-7mths for all the memories to filter through (rarely in sequence). Once I felt I had a full account of that lifetime, I tipped all my notes from the box I kept them in and sat on the floor trying to sort them out into a recognizable 'time-line' of events (birth-death).

This is also when I started to do the research. It probably took me about 9mths to write my account (in book-form), so start to finish approx 2yrs (1992-1994).

The memories of Hilley's lifetime were/are as real as any I have of this lifetime. And all of Hilley's memories came complete with not just a rural Cornish accent ... but Cornish words and old English terminology. When I was recalling specific snippets of conversation between Hilley and other people I automatically understood what words like 'lowarth' and 'bod' meant. During those two years I actually felt like two people ...this is why my initial thoughts on the situation were that I had some kind of mental illness or that I'd had a breakdown ... but was still able to function normally on a day to day basis. Although on a deeper level I always 'knew' this wasn't the case. My subsequent research proved (to me), that Hilley's memories were as real to me as my own from this lifetime.

(before my research trips ... I'd never been to Cornwall in this lifetime) ... but on the first of the two trips, it was so familiar, that I recognized which buildings had been there during Hilley's life and which had been build later, as we drove through Tintagel.

There is no concept of time (as we understand it), in spirit. And between a lifetime as Peter and the brief appearence as Callum ... that spirit may have had one or more lifetimes that my soul did not play a part in ... likewise, so might mine.

I do believe (personally), that our souls view a sort of blueprint of a lifetime ... before they choose to come into it, to experience the life-lessons involved in a specific lifetimes (so that it can grow in knowledge and wisdom). Maybe the harder the 'life-lessons' during an incarnation ... the more the soul grows ?

I don't think we necessarily resemble the people we have been in past-lives ... but I do believe the recognision is accessible from the eyes (windows of the soul kind of thing).

Finding verification of my memories produced mixed feelings. On one hand it was a real buzz, to find confirmation that my memories were true-memories (and I wasn't crazy). On the other hand, it was mind-boggling and very freaky ... scary even (as far as the disturbing bits were concerned).

; 'Right now I feel like digging-up the 'Bod' location ... to see what comes up'. [end quote].


(Interesting synchronicity); Hilley was 18yrs old when she was killed by 'Duvall' ... I was 18yrs old, when I married my 'ex' (who I blieve was 'Duvall' in Hilley's lifetime) !!!


Note to all; I'm going to be out for the rest of the day but feel free to continue posting and I'll reply to all this evening

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posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 10:40 AM
Don't know how others regard them, but the past-life (if that's what they are) snippits I've experienced have a heart-breaking poignancy. They make me feel homesick, filled with a sense of longing. But they never last long and occur only randomly so that I'm never able to do more than enjoy them for more than a second or two ... then they're gone. They're spontaneous and occur while I'm awake.

One of the most dramatic and prolonged occurred while I was at a restaurant several years ago. Suddenly, I wasn't seeing what was actually there before me in reality, but instead was re-living a far-distant time and place, which was somehow superimposed upon the busy restaurant. It was an exquisite experience, for I could not only 'see' this place, but could also 'hear' and 'smell' it ! People were there, talking, laughing, shouting, trading, etc. Wherever this place was, it was far from glamorous (I could smell the mould in the walls and stairs) but I loved it as much as any place I've known in this my current life. I longed to be 'there' so much, it was almost a physical pain. This other-life memory continued for approximately an hour, off and on. It seemed so real I could hardly believe others couldn't see it too. I hated rising from the table and departing the restaurant, because it meant a shattering of the superimposed 'other place'. The other-place was located somewhere along the Mediterranean coast, as was obvious from the language I 'heard' and the fishing-village beyond the 'other place' doorway. I've never been to the Mediterranean in this life and am not of Mediterranean origin.

Another vaguely Mediterranean 'memory' I used to have quite often as a child was very brief but always touched me deeply and caused the 'other life' homesick feeling. It involved a short section of walled alley-way. The alley was narrow and the walls were of hewn-stone in a lovely sandy colour. Doors of unseen houses opened directly onto the alley. There was a wooden gate, quite tall and worn looking, made of planks of wood and it had an arched top. And an old man, wearing layered robes rather than Western shirt and trousers, walked for a split second along the alley. All was sunshine and very quiet and calm. That's it. But this brief snippit always filled me with intense happiness. The old man was special to me in some way. Years later, as an adult, I glimpsed a scene similar to my 'memory' in a book about the Bible lands (to which I've never been in 'this' life ). I've occasionally experienced the 'memory' as an adult, but less frequently as time goes by.

posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 11:10 AM
One of the stranger experiences I've had involved what I suspect may have been a haunting ...... with myself as the ghost. As usual, very brief. It involved a small section of the interior of a house ... in fact, it directly involved a dresser or cabinet above which hung a mirror. Everything was very dim and for reasons that I 'feel' but cannot in any way prove, I suspect the setting to have been of the Victorian era. 'I' was in the air. I know this because of where 'I' was located in relation to the cabinet and mirror. I didn't do much .... just floated towards the cabinet and mirror and hung there for a second or two. While this was occuring, 'I' didn't have any sense of being my current-self. Nor did I have any thought processes. So all I'm left with is the memory of floating towards and then hovering near, a piece of dark wood furniture and mirror in the semi-darkness. But it felt nice. And 'I' had definitely chosen to seek out, to find, this little bit of a house -- because the memory involved 'me' emerging from gloom and moving (through the air) towards the cabinet and mirror. So whoever or whatever I was at that moment ... I wanted to visit this small section of a house. In my current life, I have no idea where the cabinet is located or even if it exists. But it mattered a lot to me at the time, whoever I was. I suspect it was ghostly activity, but on the part of whom and when, I'm unable to say .. other than that I (this me) was somehow there. Surprisingly, it doesn't feel 'creepy' to remember it.

Several other-life memories involve what I suspect to be the Victorian era. In one, I'm in a lovely room with green walls and tall plants in copper or brass containers. The room has a lot of windows and a nice light -- dim but somehow sunny. Feels nice. A man is sitting in a chair reading a newspaper. He's very relaxed and at home. This tableau has a sense of all-is-well. There's no anxiety in the scene. There are other people in the background, but they remain indistinct. Every now and then, out of the blue, I'll suddenly 'see' this scene again for a brief moment. It never changes. And another involves a claustrophobic room jammed with dark furniture and darkly-rich fabrics. A woman in her 50's by the look of her is seated off to the side. It's night-time. The light is unusual, very dim (I suspect not electric lighting). I'm one of those in the room, by the feel of it -- I belong there. They're talking. I'm a child .. or at least that's how it feels. I have to be quiet. Again, a sense of financial security ... no sense of anxiety. There's so much stuff in the room, it seems cramped compared to my current life, but at the same time, it feels nice, cosy.

Actually, there are lots of similar memories which occasionally fill my mind for a second or two. A favourite is of what seems to be a railway platform. The clothes I realise now are old-fashioned compared to reality. Again, I'm a child. I'm with a woman .. maybe my 'mother' ? She's speaking to someone and they direct her to a carriage door. Lots of polished wood. But as usual, it's the atmosphere which makes the strongest impact. I 'know it' ... yet at the same time it's completely alien to my real-life experience. Strange feeling.

posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 03:47 PM
reply to post by Dock6

Hey there Dock6, thanks for the posts.

When I was recalling my Cornish memories, it was so intense that I used to feel very homesick (in spite of the tragic end). When I went on my research trips, it really did feel like I was going home. So much so, that I even considered moving to Cornwall (the connection was s strong), I had to remind myself that I could never recapture the good parts of that lifetime in the present ... it was very hard to detatch. That's probably because the person I am in this lifetime still has many of Hilley's characteristics and personality traits. I think that's probably what drove me to do all the research after I'd recalled such detailed memories. Maybe it's because part of me feels there was unfinished business there.

Your second post sounds like a very strange expereience. Also (in my Cornish memories), I remembered a floating sensation when I was being burnt ... no pain ... just floating above the intense heat and smell of burning flesh. I remember looking down on the people who had gathered to watch the burning for a few seconds before floating up higher still ... then nothing.

It's difficult to explain to people who haven't had similar experiences isn't it ? As you said 'you just know' ... past-life memories (whether brief snippets or extended episodes they are very different to fantasy's and daydreams ... they are eactly the same as memories from your current life).

Hope you're enjoying the thread so far ... feel free to contribute more or ask questions. Woody.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 09:19 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

Thanks for the welcome, Woodwytch. I'm not sure how I'd feel in your position .. not sure I could cope with such detailed information re: previous physical existence. Not sure I'd want it. Suspect I have a pretty effective blocking mechanism in place, so that only dribbles leak through. Don't know why I keep my guard up. Getting more relaxed about it as the years pass, though. Initially, I was extremely opposed to any suggestion of past lives. It was an automatic, illogical response, because I've experienced a variety of paranormal phenomena since childhood, which in turn led to interest in such matters ... so it's not as if I have ever had the luxury of a closed-mind, lol. But when I was in my early 20's, I flew off the handle when someone raised the issue of reincarnation. The suggestion outraged me ... made me distraught to the point I argued fiercely in opposition -- all the while hearing myself and wondering what the hell was wrong with me, because I was almost in tears of agitation and something else. Never worked out what the something-else emotion was. Desperation, fear, terror that walls would begin to crumble, perhaps. Don't know. But for years, I almost spat in derision when I passed books about reincarnation. Pretty extreme, for someone who'd seen ghosts and various non-physical creatures and had dreamt and had visions (accurate) of future events, etc. etc. -- taking it all basically in my stride. But with regard to reincarnation, I certainly had some issues. This, despite the fact the no-nonsense old north of England doctor who delivered me apparently informed my mother ' This one's been here before ' as I entered the world and looked at him. Then again, maybe he said that about all babies.

The first odd memory I can recall occurred while we still lived in England. I would have been about four or so. Staring into the fire one evening, I must have become entranced to a degree, because I 'saw' a sailing ship .. a galley (I realised later in life) drawing into a harbour. It was night. There was shouting amongst the men aboard. They were bare to the waist, a lot of them. Lots of shadows and movement. Then I 'became' one of them, I guess, because 'I' looked up to the dwellings on the steep hills above the harbour. The dwellings rose up quite high, row upon row, in a series of 'steps'. The effect this sight had upon 'me' caused me deep emotion and I searched for 'my' parents' house and found it. It had arches all across the front, illuminated by lights behind (within the dwelling). 'I' knew my parents had prepared for my return and were celebrating. ' I ' was very happy to be home at last and was quite overwhelmed with emotion and eagerness to see 'my' family and friends.

It's an extremely vivid memory, even after all these years. There's no possible explanation for it .. little kid staring into the fireplace in a tiny village in England, waiting to be called to dinner. I knew nothing about galleys or even about men stripped to the waist (doubt I'd ever seen one or had even seen the sea at that age). The most exotic things in my life then were Andy Pandy and Rupert and Father Christmas. So wherever the vision of the men in the galley and the arched dwellings on the hillside came from, it certainly wasn't from my real-life environment. And it wasn't as if the vision was 'assembled'. No, it arrived complete .. and complete in intricate detail and overlaid with quite strong emotion concerning events that were completely alien to a four year old. After all, how could a four year old create and experience the emotions of a young male sailor during his homecoming in what (as is obvious now) was a foreign land and long-gone age ? So it's mysterious. But I accepted it at the time the way children do. Every day contains new and mysterious experiences at that age. So I didn't question it or even mention it to anyone. Just experienced it and most probably rose from the armchair and went to eat my dinner.

Off and on, I've remembered the experience as the years have passed. It's never changed. So it's lodged in my memory in a chunk, quite brief and seemingly indelible. Just like a 'real' memory in fact. Except it can't possibly be a memory from this lifetime.

A few years ago, I was browsing casually through a book when I suddenly felt a bit strange. On the page before me was a photo which immediately resurrected the strange 'memory' I'd had as a child. I could hardly believe it. There were the houses rising in rows behind each other on the hillside with the water below. Many of them even had arches across their front facades. When I read the caption, I discovered it was a photo of Naples harbour. I've never been to Naples, know hardly anything about it other than it's reputation for being a tough place .. and had no idea it had houses rising up a hillside like that. I'm not claiming Naples is definitely the place I saw as a child, but the photo in the book is very much like what I saw and certainly elicited a emotional response when I saw it, even though the photo was taken in daytime. So I bought the book. It's somewhere around. I don't obsess about my childhood experience, but seeing the photo in the book made me feel better, in a strange way. At least now I have a form of 'proof', if only for my own sake, that the place I 'saw' as a child may actually have existed and may still exist, which in turn (to me) validates and honours the young sailor's existence and emotional response upon seeing his home ... as well as 'sort of' validating my childhood experience of same. These inexplicable experiences cause us to seek the truth and make connections, don't they, even though it's a completely isolated and very personal journey.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by Dock6

Hi Dock6,

Another great contibution to the thread. It is a very strange feeling isn't it ... when you see a picture of a place that has appeared in a 'past-life snapshot' ? It certainly evokes an emotional response.

You seem to have had a really strong aversion to all things 'reincarnation' (in the past), I wonder if that was just your conscious mind doing a damn good job on 'guard-duty' ... or if there was some deeper reason (at that time in your life) !!! Intriguing.

I'm so impressed with all the posts that have been added to this thread ... I think they have not only helped the contributers to possibly understand what until now, have just been dismissed as weird experiences ... but also helped to answer quite a few questions that anyone else might have had on the subject.

Things seem to be slowing-up on the thread a little now, but if anyone still has any questions or queries ... or just wants to contribute their own past-life memories I will continue to respond to all posts for as long as they keep coming. Woody

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posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 08:04 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

It's a dream we chase is it not. What happened in the past happened in the past... I think we are free to explore this when we've reached the state where the flow of time is at our fingertips. I'm sure we'll have enough time to reflect on this after we leave our bodies.

The people we were add to the combined ego of who we are.. that part of us will always be with us, I believe this is WHY we remember these past lives. But we shouldn't dwell on what was, I find we can get caught up in the beauty of the thing. As long as we remind ourselves of who were are now.. and how it is greater then we ever were. Look at the past, see how different we were, see our flaws, understand them, and realise the truth of our being, that we never stopped being that person, we just learned more.

After-all this is what this game is all about, is it not? At least that's what people keep telling me.

We are the voice, the boundless, formless conciousness, its vibrations are the architecture of being. Each of a part of the conciousness, personified and isolated to realise our potential, and bring our experience back with us. For even though we are isolated, we never left, our existance is one of repair and modification.

ALL, our lives are beautiful and unique. ALL are memorable, and ALL are important.

I think I'm done droning on.

Woodwytch... I've remebered more details.

All I thought was true, and I got some details from a freind that seemed eerily familiar which just makes me believe it even more.. And finaly I remember another dream..

I was once wise and powerful, I STILL am.. as are all of you... but I need to realise my potential and become what I once was and more. For you see there was a good reason for sacrificing my knowledge.

I went into a chamber, it was bright with yellow light, there were 3 beings, dressed in white I believe, I spoke and looked only at the leader really. We greeted each other and I got the feeling we knew each other well, but hadn't seen each other for a LONG time... But we knew each other, whatever that means, because I know we ALL know each other.

They asked my reason for comming. I didn't waste time with small talk, I basically told them I wanted to restart, I wanted to be purged, I wanted to live as a human and experience the freedom of ultimate choice, that which is unique to human life. What a perfect learning experience. I was wise and powerful, I experienced an existance of wisdom and love, and now I wanted to see what it was like to be thrown into a world of hate, and free will of all sorts.. wiping myself was the only way this would be possible, it wouldn't effect me otherwise.

At this point they looked a little shocked, almost upset, but I knew they understood. Beyond there it was pretty much silent, it was a done deal...they might have asked me "are you sure?"... I was pretty damn sure I knew what I was doing.. And then they did something to me... I was formless, I became energy, I no longer had a body...and after a few seconds it felt like... I become...confused, like an animal, almost like a drewling idiot, I remember the feeling, I...was..RETARDED...and I remember I felt a familiarity with the people there and I wanted to stay, i moved around for a few seconds irratically and I know they were thinking about me, then that was it, they sent me away... to earth I can only assume, and thats where I woke up.

I remember this dream because 1. I was excited i was the powerful guy again (from a spectators view, I always have a partial spectator view during recalls even though i'm in the body). 2. I didn't understand why I gave up my power, and I thought it sucked.

After the first dream, an amount of years was in my head and the word atlantis when I woke up, I thought THAT was strange...

THIS dream, I swear... I had some thought in my head that something was supposed to happen 2012, and I remember thinking hmm thats like 10 years away..or whatever it was, I wonder whats gunna happen then... And then I was fully awake and thought nothing of it.

But I honestly feel this is why I'm recalling this stuff now... I made the decision to throw away my knowledge..well not fully, we ALWAYS have our knowledge.... so I could experience 10 000 years or so of human life and be with them during the transition..

FURTHERMORE for you numerology enthusiasts... I find it interesting that this life's path number for me is 11. Basically, this life is going to revolve around developing myself spiritually and becomming more aware of my place in the universe.


posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 08:07 PM
By the way, I appologize, I'm a big poster.

But there's no short posts in this thread. As you all fully know... there's no short way to describe the immense emotional and physical feeling of a past life recall.

I love this thread. And I'm enjoying all you're stories.

Woodwytch, you're so lucky you knew the name of the town and were able to visit. I admit I think I might feel like I wanted to live their too, homesick thing..

Hey.. must be why I dream of living in advanced technological alien cities.. its on my mind all day, how I feel I don't fit in on earth and how much I wanna leave.
. But somethings holding me back, I need to live as a human a bit longer i think.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

reply to post by woodwytch

This next is a little bit disconcerting.

Several years ago now, I embarked on some experimental 'self improvement' stuff, based on instruction in a book I'd bought. It involved learning basic use of a pendulum in order to communicate with one's subconscious mind, for the purpose of removing negative suggestions picked up through life. It all seemed quite logical and as is sometimes the case, I didn't bother reading through to the end. Instead, carried away by enthusiasm, constructed a pendulum and got stuck into it. Didn't even realise there may be need for caution.

I was scrupulous in my use of the pendulum, I should add. Wasn't interested in hearing what I wanted to hear, or in fooling myself. The truth or nothing at all was my approach. So be assured, I was damn honest in my use of that pendulum, possibly excessively so.

Shortly prior, I'd been reading about Huna philosphies, so embarking on communication with my subconscious didn't seem such a way-out thing to be doing, although a year or so earlier I may have dismissed the concept.

I took to pendulum useage like a duck to water -- felt an immediate affinity with pendulum work .. it felt and came naturally.

I stuck to the instructions by the letter and I was painstakingly courteous towards my subconscious (personified in this instance by the pendulum) .. always prefaced questions with: ' Do you wish to respond to this question at this time?', etc. Of course, the pendulum is simply a weight on a length of thread or string -- it's just a tool, a means of communication, like a telephone. I add this for the sake of those who may read this and who may have gained the impression elsewhere that the pendulum is a 'mystical' object which 'transmits information' or 'has the power to contact spirits' etc. No, it's just a weight on a bit of thread, nothing more. A blob of old chewing-gum on a bit of cotton thread is a pendulum .. in fact, a length of mucus dribbling from someone's nose is a pendulum.

For a while, I pursued my objective quite clinically. I had my questions prepared and written down in front of me and noted the responses meticulously. As in general conversation however, one question leads to another, and a response can provoke a complete change of tack. And this is what happened ... I verged off on a tangent with my questions in response to one of the answers. That's when it got strange.

I'd asked the significance of an unwelcome but obsessive attachment I had for a person .. an obsession which at that time had already continued through many years. I didn't particularly like the person, but was unable to break the hold they had over me. I wanted to know why.

Before me on the table lay a hand-drawn circle I'd created for use with the pendulum. It was divided pizza-style into many segments. In each segment was written a letter of the alphabet. Holding the unmoving pendulum over the centre of this circle, I asked the questions. In response, the pendulum swung to various letters, which in turn I wrote down. In this way, words were formed. Remembering of course that the words emerged from my sub(super) consciousness ... not the pendulum itself, which was only a tool, a conduit. When the pendulum completed a word, it hung motionless, often taking me by surprise, because I was fully consumed with writing down the letters without trying to 'make sense of them' at the time.

I received a message, one letter at a time, advising me that 'In the life before, you were wed.' There were further details of this alleged previous life .. a drab and hard life. Our occupations were menial and difficult. Further details emerged, requiring the use of various swiftly drawn circles, divided pizza-style and with each segment containing the name of a country. Other diagrams contained the names of cities within what emerged as the nominated country. Others contained dates, months, years. Etc. Hours disappeared in what felt like minutes. I had pages of scribbled notes in piles. Kept them in a folder. Returned to pendulum work any opportunity I had when alone.

Sometimes, via the pendulum, my sub(super)consciousness revealed an unexpected sense of humour. ' Are you making a joke? ' I would ask. In response, the pendulum would swing to 'Yes'. It was a really strange experience and felt very much as if I were in communication with a separate and invisible entity with whom I shared a closeness. It was addictive. I suspect I burned up enormous amounts of energy. I wanted more and more information. I jotted it all down. Told myself that gaining it while I could was imperative and later, I would analyse it. I trusted the source. After all, as far as I was concerned, that source was myself .. my sub(super)conscious mind. Could there be 'anyone' more trustworthy? Basically, I fell a little bit in love with 'myself' for a while.

In this way, via the pendulum and with painstaking exactitude, I was 'informed' that I had lived in a specific location, several centuries earlier. Was told the manner of my then-spouse's death and of my own. My then-name and that of my spouse were provided. The information was extremely precise, even the precise cause of my death and the number of years my spouse survived me. It had been a drab and very ordinary existence. I had died alone. My spouse discovered me several hours later. There was a suggestion that one or both of us had made a 'vow' ... that the relationship was being continued (now, many centuries later) as a result of this.

Naturally, with a conscious and sub(super)consciousness existing together within the same mind, there can be no secrets. This posed a problem. If I consciously believed the information I was receiving was false or even doubtful, then my sub(super)consciousness would immediately know and would be offended. So I strove to silence doubt and take what was offered at face value, at least for the time being. Remembering of course that at the time, I was consciously highly-sceptical (to say the least) about reincarnation. Finally, aware that the subterfuge was futile, I admitted to my new friend, SuperConsciousness, that I obviously had my doubts, despite trusting its intentions. Crazy situation, although it made sense at the time.

My SuperConsciousness had a problem with spelling every now and then and it was a bit hesitant regarding precise dates. It tried hard, often offering alternative spelling for a location. But it refused to be pushed. On one occasion when I well-meaningly attempted to second-guess it, it dug in its heels and made sure I understood that 'this' and not 'that' was the correct information. My SuperConscious Mind had a mind of its own, I discovered. No -- it's true. We had a disagreement .. a situation where I wrote 'tomaytoe' (sort of thing) and it corrected me and let me know it was 'tomaRto' ! That was a sobering moment, I can tell you. Our SuperConscious Minds DO have minds of their own.

They also have their own personality, even though they're invisible. I learned this several days into the exercise when the atmosphere suddenly changed and I sensed immediately that someone else was there.

(continued next post)

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 11:43 AM
(continued from previous post)

For several days to that point, I'd thrown myself into communication with what I believed to be my sub(super)conscious mind. It had been all-absorbing. I'd deliberately attempted to withhold judgement during the process, my intention being to gain as much information as possible. It was all new to me. I knew it was a strange thing to be doing, but as with any new and intense relationship, it was exhilarating. It had reached the point where (now don't laugh) I had become very much attuned with my sub(super)conscious mind. For example, I could sense almost immediately when it was hesitant regarding a question. I'd ask: ' Would you prefer not to answer at this time?' and invariably, the swing would affirm my suspicions. Or, I'd ask: ' Don't you know/aren't you sure how to spell it?' and again, the pendulum's swing would confirm this to be the case. I mention this to illustrate that we'd grown to know each other quite well .. were sympatico.

Obviously, I could not physically 'hear' my subconscious mind, nor see it. To outward appearances, its only means of communicating was via the pendulum. I'd gained a good 'sense' my subconscious-mind's personality, however.

So ... when the atmosphere changed suddenly one day, I sensed it. The 'feeling' altered, mid-stream, felt different, 'gloomy', depressing. I brushed this aside for a while though .. didn't devote much attention to it because I wanted to continue this fascinating exercise .. wanted to continue gaining information. So curiosity kept me asking questions for a while longer. But the answers by now had become more and more like rubbish. More importantly, they didn't 'sound' like the 'subconscious mind' with which I'd grown so familiar.

Finally, I sensed the presence of a new and sly personality. It put a chill down my spine.

As for what I regarded as my sub(super)conscious mind ... well, it was gone. I could feel that it was gone -- no longer present -- in the same way as I (or you) would 'feel' or 'sense' it, if a real-life person was no longer in the room.

I had no contingency plan. I hadn't considered that any of this could occur, let alone would.

Obviously, the invasive entity was prepared to communicate with me, as evidenced by the fact it had done so during the period the responses had become more and more nonsensical. So I was confronted with a choice. I could, if I wished, continue communicating with the unpleasant entity. Or I could terminate. I immediately chose the latter. It had never been my intention to communicate with spirits -- only with my 'subconscious mind'.

Several years after the fact, I'm able to write calmly about it, although at the time I was frightened (though attempting to conceal that fact). After delivering a lecture about not wanting any contact 'with anything that does not come from God' ... I instructed the entity to leave. Then, having tossed the pendulum, notes, graphs, etc. in a bag and tying it tightly closed, I opened all the doors and windows and bid the sunshine and breeze to cleanse the house of all 'presences'. During the process of realising an entity (and not my subconscious-mind) was present, I'd sensed a sly, s'n-word'ing & unpleasant presence all around me.

We fast-forward several weeks at this point. During this period, I wrote (snail-mail) to a number of genealogical and historical organisations in the UK, seeking confirmation of the information I'd received via the pendulum. The responses advised that the organisation in question didn't cover the specified geographic region or time period, etc., and advised I contact this or that society, which in time I did. Naturally, in no instance did I reveal the source of the information I sought.

Fast-forward again several months, during which time, real-life had delivered a number of challenges. By this stage, I'd almost forgotten my dalliance with the pendulum. Then, one day, I received in the mail a package. It was from the northern UK and contained a number of photocopies provided by an organisation I could barely remember contacting, all those months ago. To my surprise (and I'm still amazed) the enclosed documents confirmed the existence several hundred years ago of the individuals claimed by my subconscious as being my past-life self and spouse, as shown and named in Poll Tax records for the area in which (according to my 'subconscious' via the pendulum) my past life self and spouse had lived.

The locality said by my subconscious to be my past-life home is a very remote, rural area, north of the English/Scottish border. It was (and still is, I believe) so remote and insignificant that it has apparently never qualified for the description of 'town', or even of 'village'. Instead, it was described as a 'hamlet'. And when I investigated further (more snail-mail) I discovered that all it's ever been is a handful of widely scattered small farms. Included within this region is a rubbly mound said to be the ancient ruins of a small, primitive 'castle' and some standing-stones. A small, old Church of Scotland and attendent graveyard serve the wider area.

It took my sub(super)consciousness three attempts to spell the name of the hamlet. First it provided what I suspect was the original, ancient spelling, then a later version and then what emerged as the modern version. It had been the various versions provided in succession which had led me to believe (incorrectly) that my subconscious 'wasn't very good at spelling'. I had asked: ' What *is the name of the town you claim I lived in during my previous life? ' (I perhaps should have asked, 'What *was the name ... '). Maybe my subconscious attempted to provide the current name (as requested) despite that during my alleged previous-life, it had been spelled somewhat differently. The first two spellings sounded Welsh to me, or perhaps Gaellic (although I know nothing about either) with the modern version dropping some of the 'e's and 'o's.

After I'd dispensed with the invasive entity which had ousted my subconscious, and after I'd recovered from my aversion to the whole affair, I'd searched a UK road-map for the name of the town, but was unable to find it. I tossed the book aside many times, telling myself that my failure to find the town was proof positive that nothing gained via the pendulum had any basis in fact and was proof of my gullibility. I was through with the entire thing, I said repeatedly. Yet time and again, I was driven against my will to look again, which I did with very bad grace. Finally, after the umpteenth attempt and subsequent childish tantrum, I saw it ... on a page I'd looked at several times. It had been there all along, but for some reason, my eyes hadn't seen it.

(concluded next post)

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 01:11 PM
(continued from previous post)

When I began my experiments with a pendulum, it was not for the purpose of uncovering previous-lives .. into which I strayed inadvertently (as far as I'm aware) after diverging on a tangent during my 'legitimate' questioning.

I certainly pursued the matter of previous-lives however when provided the opportunity, despite my aversion to the subject.

Prior to straying into previous-lives, I had received, via a pendulum, what I consider to be accurate information concerning my real-life.

During the pendulum sessions, I was scrupulously careful in my handling of the pendulum .. far more than would be considered necessary most probably and didn't allow the slightest breeze to influence it's movements. Took breaks frequently. Held the pendulum and studied it to ensure muscle fatique or arm/hand position weren't responsible for its movements. Held it at rest regularly to ensure it 'wasn't swinging on its own'. I took every possible precaution against conscious or external influencing of its movement. The fact that my subconscious mind (via the pendulum) contradicted me on occasion, seems evidence of its independence.

Via a pendulum, my subconscious provided information which later proved to be quite accurate if difficult to obtain. Prior to this, I had no knowledge of that region of the world or of the hamlet named as my previous abode. The hamlet barely exists and has no claim to fame, is not on any tourist routes, not famous for anything. From what I can gather, it's a nondescript corner of nowhere .. not even a ghost town, because it's never been a town, just a couple of old farms that produce nothing in an inhospitable region which itself is not noted for anything. As far as I'm honestly aware, I haven't encountered it in anything I've read, seen on tv, or heard about.

I have no memories at all of the alleged previous-life. When I was jotting down information derived via pendulum, I had no emotional responses, no feelings of recognition, not even vague ones. And when I received notification that the alleged past-life individuals and their hamlet had existed in reality, my only response was amazement that something supplied via a blob on the end of a string could prove to be 'real'. How could this be so, I wondered? Where had the information come from? How did it get into my head? Would it have remained there, unrevealed, if I hadn't on the spur of the moment decided to see if I could use a pendulum?

Which in turn of course led to me to wonder if the information was the product of my 'sub(super)conscious mind after all ... or had I inadvertently opened myself to communication with a spirit?

Yet, it remains that the real-life person with whom I was for some reason unhappily obsessed ... bears in this life, the surname of my alleged past-life spouse. Also, in time I wrote to this person to tell them about the information I'd received via the pendulum. In return, they sent to me copies of a family-history chart which had been compiled by an older family-member. It showed that the family in fact originated in the same country in which they and I had allegedly lived in our past lives. Coincidence? You be the judge. For my part, I find it interesting, possibly a little disturbing, but have no sense of connection with my alleged past-life.

As an aside, shortly after the pendulum sessions, I was freed (after many years) from the unwanted obsession I'd had for my alleged past-life spouse, I'm happy to report.

All this happened slightly over a decade ago. It wasn't until last year that I read somewhere that using a pendulum in conjunction with letters and numbers (as I had with the pizza-slice charts) is virtually identical to communicating with spirits via ouija boards. Had I known this, I would not have done so .. not from any moral stance, but because (based on various paranormal experiences I've had) I'd be silly not to suspect I have mediumistic tendencies which in turn have in the past led to some quite scary experiences which I try always to avoid a repeat of.

The book which launched me into communicating with my subconscious via a pendulum for the purpose of self-improvement, contained various breathing exercises. As stated earlier, instead of reading the book thoroughly, I jumped from section to section. I remember practising the breathing exercises for several days prior to commencing use of the pendulum. In fact, prior to experimenting with the pendulm, those breathing exercises prompted me to have a series of precognitive flashes which in fact were extremely unusual but highly accurate. At the time, I took the precaution of reporting the precognitive visions to others as they occurred, so I have witnesses to the fact they later proved to be accurate. I suspect now that the breathing exercises were a form of meditation, which I've tended to avoid for the most part, because it leads me to have paranormal experiences. So, the breathing exercises combined with use of a pendulum may have connected me not with my subconscious mind as I believed, but with a spirit entity. When I commenced with the pendulum, I didn't even take the breathing exercises into account .. due to my not bothering to read and absorb the book and its instructions properly. A cautionary tale to 'read the instructions'.

At the same time, I have great respect for pendulums and believe they are very useful in the right hands and if used with sound intention. I messed up, basically, with interesting results. Were I to attempt to contact my subconscious again using a pendulum (or anything else, for that matter) I'd commence by seeking protection and putting into effect other shielding mechanisms. It was all going quite well though, until the invasive, sly entity made its appearance. I suspect I had left myself vulnerable to invasion, so my fault. One of the biggest mysteries, to my mind, is why and how the entity I regarded as my subconscious (which it may have been) suddenly departed or became pushed aside by the unpleasant one ?

I am more accepting of the possibility of past-lives, but in honesty must admit this is based far more on spontaneous 'memories' of things which bear no relation to my current life (as detailed in earlier posts) than on the information (despite its apparent verification) provided via the pendulum. Maybe I just hated the alleged past-life which was revealed via the pendulum?

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