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Spontaneous Past-life Memory.

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by Badge01

Hey there Badge01,

Thank-you for posing these questions, I love it when someone does this because it makes me stop and consider possibilities that I might not otherwise have thought about.

You asked ...

>'Why am I spelling the name wrong'?

Well I could simply dismiss that by saying that it was a careless spelling error (I do make many), but that would be a lie !

But before I give you the real answer let me just ask you a question ...

>'Why do you think the spelling in the historical records is right' ?

Remember, Egyptian heiroglyphs and vowels are a rare combination (example; 'mwt' = mother ... 'hmt' = wife ... 'mry' beloved), you get the idea.
So basically when Egyptian heiroglyphs have been translated it's almost a case of 'guess where the vowel goes', and so we have to allow room for error in such translations.

Someone once asked me why I always write 'Gizeh' as opposed to 'Giza' ... because I just write it as I see it in my head ... no more, no less.
The same can be said of the name 'Themah' ... because I have not yet done the research on my Egyptian memories (as I have the Cornish), I don't even know if such a name has ever been recorded at any point in the historical records or anywhere else for that matter, let alone if it's spelt right (according to said records).


One thing I do know is that we can't always follow the well trod route, sometimes we have to look around a corner to see what might otherwise be overlooked.

More importantly we have to acknowledge the fact that the ancient Egyptians (or any other ancient race for that matter), did not have the same psychological outlook that modern man does and yet translations are generally made from a modern psychological mind-set or supposition.

For example, the idea that Victorian's covered chair/table/piano legs because it was considered vulgar to expose them, is beyond ridiculous to us in the 21st century ... but a piece of furniture exposing it's legs in the 19th century was a moral outrage.


So in conclusion to the first point you raised about the way I spelt the name Khentakawes (Khentkawes).
If we accept that pastlives are a reality (just for a moment), and I happened to have been that person in said previous life, then your statement is equal to you telling me that 'woodwytch' should be spelt 'wudwich' !!!

And this brings me neatly to the second point you raise;

>'What would I do if it was proven that there was no such thing as a pastlife' ?

If it was proven beyond any possible doubt then of course I would have to accept that my mind (and the minds of thousands more), had played an elaborate (and very convincing) trick on me.

However, that is never going to happen !

And I can say that with such total confidence because of the results of my 'Cornish' research ... far too much collaboration to be circumstancial or coincindence. But as I have previously mentioned many times ... unless you have had personal experience of such things there is no way you can possibly begin to understand how it works and you are right to be sceptical about it or anything else you have not experienced firsthand.


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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 01:05 PM
I u2u'd you about the birthmark on my arm that looks like a bite mark. If what you say about birthmarks and past lives is true then it's a very good example.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 02:11 PM

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

WW. Thanks for the detailed reply.

In a way having a unique spelling is supportive of your thesis, that this is a real event, involving movement of a soul or essence to another body. (edit: it shows you just didn't copy the name of an Egyptian royalty for example, maybe)

Is that the 'mechanism' that you sense or do you not bother to try and give a technical breakdown of reincarnation and past lives?

On the other question of 'what would you do if...proved impossible', I'd offer that maybe you haven't fully thought about that, b/c your reply seemed too pat - that you'd think you had lost your mind or were deluded.

I'd suggest that you'd probably still stick with this behavior/ideation and either rationalize it or say that for you it's functional.

And you know what, I'd agree. If a fantasy has a function for you, then keep to your dreams. It really doesn't matter if there's an objective nature to it. I would suggest that in the hypothetical case of it proven impossible that you'd want to tell your 'patients' that 'this is not real, you won't come back in another body' or 'you weren't a warrior-princess in a past life, but if that gives you energy and purpose then we'll go with it.'

IOW, you're not giving someone false hope, except for giving somene the (mistaken?) belief that there's an afterlife, maybe.

This is in contrast to organized religion for one thing and in contrast to the fakers like Van Praaugh and Edwards who knowingly fool people into believing what is patently false - they are doing cold readings and eavesdropping on their 'victims' and not doing real 'phone calls from the dead'

Organized religion says 'it's ok to suffer on Earth now, because your reward is in Heaven' It sickens me to hear this, b/c I suspect 90% of the 'ministers' that say this don't believe it and use it as a soporific.

Now I'm not especially in favor of promoting people who do regressions and past-life stuff who do it for money and aren't up front and maybe don't even believe it themselves.

You sound a little different in that you were prepared to think you'd made this fantasy to survive your bad marriage, but due to your experience you decided it was real enough to adopt as a lifestyle and credo.

I'm sure you've heard the criticisms of some regressionists, where skeptics say 'all these people find out they were warriors and royalty and famous people and we rarely see someone who finds out they used to be a crimnal or a low-life or something like that.'

Would you say you 'see' a typical distribution of past lives being ordinary folk and not a preponderance of the famous or courageous? In your practice? In the 'field' in general?

IOW do you see some evidence of fakery within this discipline and are there 'tells' such as money-driven operatives who have 'all famous people resultant regressings?'

Props to you for coming here and discussing this and for continuing to examine your beliefs and for your candid comments.

I'm sure it's very difficult to keep the 'fairwitness' aspect going, b/c it's clear you do obtain solace (nothing wrong with that) and, of course, make a (modest) living from doing this.

The other question I asked (I think) was how do you know that hypnosis works? IOW, you think you are accessing the subconscious, but how are you sure? If you're not sure then it's got to be non-specific and maybe even dangerous, no?

Have you ever regressed someone and discovered they were a serial killer or a very bad person? What do you do if this happens?

Thanks for your thoughtful analysis and commentary and I hope my comments also gave you food for thought. Sounds like you're doing good things here.

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 02:29 PM
reply to post by Aron1138

Hey there,

You asked if you could have acquired the energy from the room/people/self ... all are possibilities and it may have been the 'trigger-event'.

When it's happened on other occasions were you in the same kind of setting ... or somewhere totally unconected to religion ?

>Music effects us in many different ways because of the reverberations it exhudes.

As humans we are (for the biggest part) made-up of water. Just think what happens when loud music is played next to a glass of water ... it agitates the molecules and causes the water to judder.

We humans all have our own individual vibration ... but our personal vibration can be compatible with other humans.

The same applies to music - we like certain types of music because they are in the 'compatible range' to our own vibration level. Whereas, we dislike other types of music because they seem to 'jar our senses'.

It's all down to acoustics IMHO but that's a whole different thread entirely.

I got the u2u about birthmarks and you make a valid point. There are many documented cases (particularly in India) where people (often children) have excellent recall of their previous lives and have corresponding birthmarks that represent cause of death. The one I recall in particular was a boy (about 4-5 yrs old), who insisted that he'd previously lived in a nearby village where he'd been a shopkeeper (if I remember correctly), and he'd been shot in the head during an attempted robbery. In his present life the little boy had a mark on his forehead that corresponded and looked like a bullet wound.

What makes this even more believable is the fact that research turned-up police records (with photographs) of an old robbery case where all the details fit perfectly with the boys memories.


posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by Badge01

Hi again (round 2)

I'm really liking you and the way you make me think about ... and analyse things that have become as normal to me as popping to the local shop for a carton of milk.

> 'Thanks for the detailed reply'.

You are very kind, someone once referred to my 'detailed replies' as 'long-winded rants' (I like your terminology better)

> Yes, as far as my own experiences are concerned I do/did try to break it down in a technical way ... that'll be the scientist in me I suppose.

> As I said in earlier posts I looked for more down to earth explanations for my 'experience' ... in fact it wasn't really until I unearthed names and places that I allowed myself to fully accept it as a pastlife.

> The next part of your post I fin particularly interesting ... and I've given a great deal of thought to it over the years.

I am a rational (and believe it or not a logical), person. So if there was solid proof that my memories were actually not memories at all, I would feel bereft ... it would be like finding out a family member had died I suppose ... but I would eventually have to accept it had not been reality. Otherwise I would be guilty of deluding myself and that is not the kind of person I am.

>Interesting point you make about telling clients 'it's not real'
I have had numerous clients that have come for 'Reg Ther' and told me with some vigor that they DO NOT believe in pastlives ... and that is fine because they still get the same beneficial results either way.
And you are correct I would never purposely give someone false hope ... I despise the damage caused by fakers/charlatans.

> 'I seem a little different'
People tell me that all the time ... if I were a different person I might be getting a little paranoid by now.

The fact is, this is who I am ... both here and in the 'real world'. I suppose my 'detailed replies' and 'long-winded rants' are because I genuinely want people to be aware of all the possibilities ... and then make-up their own minds.

> I would say 90% of my clients recall ordinary lives. I think I may have mentioned somewhere on ATS that the closest I've ever come to having someone famous on my couch, was a woman who recalled being the manservant of Akenaten (did I spell it right)

I would actually be quite sceptical if someone started recounting the details of a famous lifetime.

>Where I live I don't really get to mingle with other PLRT's ... and I've already stated that I DO NOT think hypnosis should be used for recalling pastlife memories ... the risk of subliminal suggestion/false memoery is too high. I personally have never and would never use it for this purpose.

> I've never had a serial killer on my couch but I have had a few 'less than saintly' characters emerge. In fact my Egyptian memories came as quite a shock when I discovered that I'd been a totally ruthless bitch in that lifetime (shocking)


posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 08:27 PM
Sounds to me that you are one of those rare individuals who have the best of both worlds.

You're level headed and compassionate, but also intuitive and open to non-ordinary realities.

I try to be like that. I'm scientfic by nature, but I'm open to other ideas. I just don't jump on something new-agey because it's in vogue.

I might not believe in aliens in the conventional sense, but I try to find a more logical explanation for a high strangeness rather than completely blow it off.

In fact, though it's not easy, I try to be ready to do a complete 180 if the data points that way.

I did a re-analysis of the Barney and Betty Hill Incident and thought I might disprove the famous Star map. What I ended up finding was a completely different explanation for a map which seems to indicate there were two maps and one was of our own Solar system.

So I went in a skeptic and came out a provisional believer, much to my surprise.

You sound the same, not afraid to go where the truth leads and I think that's the key thing. Be honest above all to yourself and others and all the good will come to you.

Good luck in your quest and your avocation!

PS thanks for reading that long note and for your careful and kind answers to my questions.

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 08:37 PM

Originally posted by woodwytch

And I can say that with such total confidence because of the results of my 'Cornish' research ... far too much collaboration to be circumstancial or coincindence. But as I have previously mentioned many times ... unless you have had personal experience of such things there is no way you can possibly begin to understand how it works and you are right to be sceptical about it or anything else you have not experienced firsthand.

One other comment on this. That is one of the key methods I use for research. I try as much as possible to go back to the original source data.

You not only had a hunch, but you also went to the site and didn't play around with second-hand stuff.

When researching Bible quotes, for instance, which I do now and then, I try to find the original Hebrew and maybe even the Aramaic. You avoid mistakes of others and though it's a lot of work, you are going to the source.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the Coral Castle mystery and even tried to go and visit the site when I was there. (Unfortunately that didn't work out, because I had some lectures to attend for the conference I had in Miami).

One thing I always slap my forehead about is that I got invited to speak to a group in Dallas, Texas all expenses paid, and on the second day I was wrapping up and suddenly realized I was only about 14 miles from Dealey Plaza but it completely escaped me.

But I did manage to figure out the Coral Castle thing and I'm pretty close on certain aspects of the Kennedy thing.

Anyway, guess you get my drift. If you're methodical (the scientific method) and keep on something and keep looking eventually you find the truth. Along the way you become a minor expert in a lot of related fields, too, haha.

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posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by Badge01

At the risk of this turning into a mutual fan-club, I have to say that you appear to be one of the few people who actually seem to 'get me'. I always think of myself as a 'hybrid' (logical/intuitive ... scientific/esoteric).

I find it so damn frustrating that so many people believe you can only be one or the other ... they don't seem to see that by restricting yourself in such a way you only get half the story.

I have always been passionate about ancient history (modern history does nothing to float my boat in the slightest). I remember seeing some pictures of the pyramids in a book when I was about 3-4yrs old and I had the strangest feeling (even now I can't put it into words ... I suppose the closest would be deja vu, but it was so much more than that). Obviously I understand it now.

Also right from early childhood I have had what are undeniably 'paranormal' experiences that in hindsight, most people would have beenn totally feaked-out by, but I just took them in my stride.

And yet through all this I have never accepted anything blindly ... I always want to know why, what and how. This is how I developed my second passion (natural earth science). I get such a buzz out of doing the research and even if you hit a dead end on a dozen points ... the one that you get confirmation for makes up for it tenfold (or am I just a closet nerd) ?

The thing is, doing my studies in that field (as a mature student) where one of the most difficult things I've ever done. because I am 'number-blind' (you know how people say they look at a page of text and it looks like one big jumble ... well that's how I am with figures). I can sit down with a pen and paper and work my way through it eventually ... but if someone asked me to work-out something in my head it's like a lead gate closing in my mind ... just go completely blank !

And as you know, there is an awful lot of maths involved in science ... so it was a pretty hard time. But when I was in the labs doing the practical work I felt so at ease and natural (plus I loved my white lab coat ... whoa ... what a sense of power you get when you slip into one of those things).
Maybe I was a 'mad scientist' in a lifetime I've not yet remembered.

The point of me waffling on here is that when I look at or read about, some highly technical and scientific stuff ... 9 times out of 10 I just have a knowledge and understanding of it already in my head. However, it's not always as easy to explain that out loud.

This is the reason why I rarely post on the 'Ancient Civilization' forum because there are so many dogmatic 'experts' there who seem to have a cage around their minds. They will try to floor you for the merest suggestion of expanding on the recognized viewpoint ... and as placid as I am that just winds me up and makes me angry.

My only solace will come when they are provided with enough evidence (and I believe that will be sooner rather than later), to substantiate that some of the more weird suggestions put forward are actually true. It may be childish of me to say this but I just want to be there to say 'I told you so' and see their smug expressions change to a classic OMG look.

The bottom line in ALL of this is the fact that none of us can be 100% certain of anything and we should all remain flexible in our opinions.

Oops ! Another long-winded rant.

Before I finish this post I have to say that I would love to hear more about your Coral Castle research ... and the Kennedy stuff sounds intriguing.


posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 03:01 PM
I really like the idea of reincarnation, and wouldn't be surprised if there is an element of truth to it. I am a little miffed though how so many of people's past life stories look like they would be made into a Lifetime/fantasy movie... I suppose the more dramatic lives would be more memorable, but then again, I wonder if maybe people's imaginations are just running them silly sometimes. (Mine included. Haha.)

I have two "memories" that MIGHT be attributable to past lives. In the first one, the time seemed to be early colonial America, based on the clothing, speech, and housing type. I was a young girl, maybe six or seven. I just remember feeling small compared to the adult man that was there. He was a religious leader (I'd say priest or bishop or whatever, but I don't know those details). He had a very strong dislike of women in general, source of the original sin and so on. He would hold "sessions" with all the young girls in the small village and do horrible things to them, to "knock the evil out". I remember being afraid of him and that some other small girls I knew were scared of him too. And that was it for that one.

The second one was really short and had next to no clues for the time period or place. I "recall" laying in bed on my side, staring at the wall opposite me. That's all the memory was, staring at that wall. It was with the sense that I'd been in that bed for a long time, like I was really sick, and I was feeling... Sad, depressed, morose, I don't know. Just that I knew that I likely would never leave that room again, never see beyond that wall. The wall was a pale grayish pink color.

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 09:47 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Hey there Anon,

I can't remember whether I posted on this thread or as a reply on another one about PLR, but speaking from the accounts of people that I've regressed, a high percentage have very straightforward (even mundane) pastlife memories as opposed to dramatic exciting ones. Having said that there will always be something specifically important amongst the memories that the client needs to recall at that time in their current lives.

I'm particulary intrigued by your second memory. It obviously came to the surface for some reason. If you wanted to try and find out what is behind it I'd suggest you sit quietly for a few mintutes and allow the 'mind-chatter' to quieten a little. Then try to retrieve the image of you lying on the bed as clearly as you can.

Try to recall the image as clearly as you can ... then allow youself to extend the image by using your minds-eye to look at your hands(in the image), are they the hands of a man or a woman? (large/small ... soft/calloused ... skin colour etc)

Then in the same way use your mind-eye to see what (if any) clothes you're wearing ... what type of bed are you lying on ... what is the texture of the grey/pink wall that you find yourself looking at (is it stone /brick / fabic / or something else ?

Take your time and DO NOT force it ... just observe any details that filter through naturally and without effort (if nothing comes through then leave it and try another time).

The purpose behind this exercise is that quite often just looking at the scene a little closer will not only give you a better sense of gender and sometimes era ... it will often open the door to more memories (eg; where the room is ... why you're there etc).

Above all the thing to remember is make notes of any snippets you do recall in as much detail as possible (for your own personal record).

If you decide to try it I'd love to hear the results and if you wish I can maybe give you some tips on how to take it to the next level.

There is more info about pastlives on my website (click the link in my signature below).


posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 06:40 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hi, WW. I missed this reply. If you want to take the discussion to U2U for a bit, rather than bore the reader with mutual admiration
, that's fine with me.

I concur with your message in this post and have subscribed to your newsletter.

posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by Badge01

Hey there badge,

Sounds like a plan ... you can either u2u me or email me. Look forward to the details of said research.


posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 10:00 PM
Some questions i have on the subject im hoping you can answer woodwytch.

How can can i remember past lives?

When i was reading about the Buddha it said that when he reached enlightenment he remembered all his past lives from the beginning of time do you think this is possible?

Is it karma that decides your future lives?

What would be your reaction if you found out you where someone evil in a previous life?

Sorry about all the question im just interested in your opinion on the matter.

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 08:34 AM
reply to post by threelions

Hey there 'threelions',

I love it when this old thread gets fired-up again ... it's about a year old now !
Obviously I can only answer your questions from a personal perspective and I'm sure other people would have varying opinions.

#1 (How can 'you' remember pastlives) ?

>>> The obvious answer to this is for you to visit a PLRT. I don't know if you've manged to plough your way through all 15 pages of this thread, but if you have you will be well aware that I am against hypnosis being used to help people recall their PLM's (to easy to plant subliminal suggestions / false memories etc). So when selecting a therapist try to find one who uses a method similar to mine (non-hypnotic).

Alternatively, some people achieve some small successes by using specialized tapes designed to help the listener recall their PLM's. I don't think this is a particularly effective method as everyone is different and react differently so, many people may feel nicely relaxed using these tapes ... but not recall any significant PLM's. Every single one of my clients differ slightly so when I am regressing them I have to adapt my method slightly to compliment the client on my couch ... you can't do this with a pre-recorded tape !

Other people find that certain meditation techniques allow access to their PLM's (again with varying success rates). If you decide to go it alone rather than visiting a therapist, this would probably be the best method to choose.

#2 (Buddah ... reaching enlightenment allows you to access the memories of ALL your pastlives) ?

>>> The truth is ... I don't know ! And I'll explain why I say that.
So far, I have recalled extended pastlife memories from 4 seperate lifetimes. I also have several 'snapshot' memories of pastlives (without extended details). And I have some skeletal memories of my 'first time'. I don't feel I have any 'future life memories' to date.

But even with all this recalled information to consider, I do not consider myself 'enlightened' ... more like a sponge wanting to learn and experience as much as I can.

Having said that I have often wondered whether my present lifetime will be my last time here. (a) It would explain why I have been shown the re-runs of several lifetimes that I have experienced (b) It would explain why I have not had any glimpses of future lives.

As I said at the beginning I can only relate to my own personal experiences ... I have simply had more experience than some ... and less experience than others ... I don't think this makes me enlightened ! lol

#3 (Is it karma that decides future lives) ?

>>> Personally, I think the answer to this is NO !
I believe we choose the lives we come into when we are in the 'between times'. I believe our soul has to experience ALL concepts and emotions (good / bad / mundane), throughout numerous lifetimes so that it can grow and develop. Once a soul has experienced all the lessons, then it can ascend to a higher plain ... where it might choose to return as a 'spirit-guide' to help people learn their own soul-lessons ... or remain in spirit as an 'ascended master'. (this is just the way I perceive it and I could be totally wrong ... but it does seem like the most logical process ... to me at least).

#4 (How would I react if I found-out I was someone evil) ?

>>> I already have recalled such memories and my initial reaction was 'shock' ... then 'denial'... then 'acceptance'.

These memories came from my Egyptian incarnation (briefly mentioned in one of my reply posts above to 'Badge01'). I began to recall this lifetime shortly after my Cornish memories and the person I'd been in the Egyptian lifetime was such a sharp contrast to the person I recall having been in Cornwall (or indeed the person I am now).

There are some detailed articles about Pastlives on my website along with the acounts of my own PLM's ... just click the link in my signature below if you'd like to read them.


ps; Great questions.

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 02:54 PM
Excellent posts Woodwytch and responders.
my own experience centers around my grandfather who could read one's past lives quite accurately. Without ever telling him my own thoughts on my past lives he accurately described them and gave me some explanations to things he had no knowledge of.
I was a rather large (lol) irish woman in the late 1700's with ten children. He told me that I always kept track of them. In my own life today I have a rather strong maternal streak (i'm male) and have been called auntie by some friends. After going through my mental list of those I consider my "children" I came up with only ten that could fit into that category (i do have more than ten friends lol) They did fit easily and strongly, without trying to force them into the category. After discussing this possibility with many of them they agreed that they felt emotionally toward me alot like they did toward their birthmothers without anyone else producing the same feelings int heir lives.
He also told me I was his grandfather come back. With some exchange of character traits and thinking processes about this man it made much sense.
My current life I am sure I chose for the need of the experience.
My Grandfather is a native american holy man but well educated in other beliefs not just his tribal traditions . I am white by ancestry, adopted native american. Because of past life experiences I chose this one to understand both sides of the conflict between natives and whites.
In germany I knew my way around heidelberg castle and the town without ever having seen a map or more than a postcard. Everything seemed so familiar. Specific locations and the path to get to them seemed second nature. The same goes for the land around the blackhills in south dakota and west to yellowstone. Only having been there a few times in the past twelve years it all seemed like home. Grew up in the east. My native family and tribe are from that region.
I am a very spiritual person, but also grounded by logic and scepticism. I try to seek a balance of knowledge and be objective. These experiences can be very personal and sometimes proofless. however, they do provide knowledge and comfort. They are true and accurate to me no matter how I try to disprove them or come up with other explanations.
These experiences don't seem to give me any advantage or special power, just a personal wisdom to understand myself better. As I learn and grow I also seem to be able to see some things about others that are associated with a previous life. Nothing too concrete, but when I tell people about some of the things I see they tend to concur or in some cases I find they come back to me with info that seems to corroborate my visions.
I will continue to enjoy these posts. Everyone has such good experiences to relate and there is so much to learn and share. Hope I can add fruitfully to them, too.

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by deepvoid

Hey there deepvoid (or should I say 'aunty') and thank-you,

Your post is fascinating nd I seriously think you should take a look at the articles on my website (link in signature below), about case-histories and accounts ... but particularly the articles about present-life meetings with pastlife partners/friends etc. I think you might find them interesting from what you say in your post.

Your grandfather sounds like a rather amazing man.


posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Thanks for answering my questions very interesting topic i think i will try it in the future after i have sorted my present life out.

posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by threelions

lol ... you might find that recalling your pastlives actually helps you to sort your present life out (it did for me).

Sorry it took me a while to reply. Woody

posted on Dec, 24 2008 @ 11:40 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hey Woodwytch, how are you? Haven't visited your threads in a while so I thought I would drop by and say hi before the holidays.

I remember you saying something about doing a past life session with someone via a web cam/web conference. Just wondering how that went or if you did it at all. Don't need any of the finer details just curios about the end result of whether or not it worked out for you and the participant.

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