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Spontaneous Past-life Memory.

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posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 11:41 AM
I don't think I'm leaning towards one side or another. I'm kind of walking that fine line in between, if you know what I mean.

If you don't, then I will try to explain myself. I am, generally, a very logical person, but I'm also very intuitive as to what others are feeling, even if they're hiding their feelings very well. Also, I don't dismiss auras and past-lives, but, instead, accept them as a part of us, just like our heart and brain...they are there to help you, and you can't get rid of them (because you'd be getting rid of a part of yourself)

Yes, it would be very amusing. They'd probably create their own little colony, build a giant wall around themselves, and prevent those who do accept the idea from seeing them.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by kagutuchi

I'm sure they'd love to build a big wall around themselves ... personally I don't think they'll have that option. Because 'times they are a changing'.
Like it or not me thinks !!!


posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 05:11 PM
ok listen to this, I remembered a dream i had yesterday. It looked like i was in the audience of Oprah, which is weird because i have only seen like 2 shows on t.v. of her. She was sitting there, with 2 other people, the one on the left guy/girl i don't remembered what it looked like, all i remember was there was a body there. My attention was focused on the right side guy, he had a heavy build and was wearing glasses and had a beard. They were talking about ascension process. They were explaining Meditation and Frequency levels. Oprah was in the middle. The guy was showing her how to meditate and then he started to vibrate, His whole body was shaking and then he want limp, 2 seconds after he went limp this golden white Mist came out of his face, and the mist turned into a figure. Golden figure floating above the ground in front of the guy. The last thing i remember was the Shrieking sounds of the audience. i Also had a dream two days ago, i will put it on the next post.

posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 05:25 PM
So i had this dream two days ago. You are going to get freaked out. I have this friend named Dan. He lived at my house for over a year, because he was dating my cousin who was also living with us at that time. Anyways they broke up and Dan moved back to kitchener. Were still friends but i haven't seen him in a while, last time i had spoken to him he got back with his metal band that was like 3 weeks ago, i spoke to him today. So the dream started off in this scuzzy Concert. The crowd was screaming and hollering. I was standing in the middle of the crowd. On the stage Dan was Screaming(i wouldn't say singing, cause like i said he is in a metal band) in the front and there was two Guitarists and a drummer. The metal song went on for about 10 minutes then it ended and he went off stage. I don't really remember the song, but i remember watching Dan's ever move. So i went off to the left and Sneaked backstage, funny i didn't even get stopped by security. I didn't even see security. Anyways once i went through the door backstage on the far left it brought me to a hallway. I went down the hall, which brought me too a Stair case, i went up the stair case up two flights of stairs. I came too a door and i didn't even knock i just walked in. So i walk into what looks like a hotel room. There is Dan on the floor crying. I went over and held his head and started to cry with him. that is all i remember. Now yesterday i get a call from my cousin saying Dan called her up and said that his mother tried to kill herself. Now when i heard that, the hairs int he back of my head stood up. Today i get another call from my cousin again, His mother tried to kill herself again in th e hospital. So i spoke to Dan he sounded pretty shook up today but still couldn't get that dream out of my head. She was also Diagnosed with By Polar Disease. Anyways that is what happened. I couldn't believe i had that dream a day before his mother Tried to kill herself.

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posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 05:59 AM
Somewhere during my twenties, I started having 2 memories. One is during what I think is the 50-ies. I am in southern France (or something similar) on a mountain road. The sea is on my right and it it is a bay; I can also see lights in the distance. I am a young woman wearing something fluffy and pinkish, with golden high heeled shoes (that look very 70-ies) and I am approaching a pink large convertible. Something has happened, the air is electric, I thing maybe an accident. It is summer.

Then there is still still that looks 30-ies, with me being on the ground and probably very young, looking up to this woman. She is wearing a long knitted skirt plus a knitted sweater with short sleeves. The color of both is mustard. Her hair is in page boy style, dark and greasy. She is sort of bending towards me, as if I have been naughty. Behind her there is a source of day light, but I can not really see it.

I was born in 1972. I do not know why I suddenly had these memories. I am ok with it though.

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 06:54 AM
reply to post by darcon

Hi darcon,
I've only just logged onto ATS and seen your last post. I've already responded to it on my website if you want to take a look. Also responded to your othe questions there. Hope it helps.


posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 07:08 AM
reply to post by QueenofWeird

Hi QueenofWeird, I hope you're enjoying ATS.

Interestng snapshots you have there. I don't know if you've read the whole thread or not ... if you haven't it may be worth your time. There are several earlier posts about brief past-life memories (I call them snapshots), these can be short clips of situations or even single images.

As I have said many times it is always worth writing down the details of the memories (for future reference). Past-life memory always bears some relevence on what's happening in your present life at that particular time and helps you to understand the reasoning behind it or provides clues on how to deal with it etc.

If you click onto my website link in my signature below, you'll find a couple of case-histories from clients and some more details about my own memories. You might find them interesting too. If you have any questions about your own memories just ask ... either on this thread or my website (forum page). I'm happy to help.


posted on Feb, 18 2008 @ 12:05 PM
It seems like two pictures are coming to my mind at very random times

The first is of a 20 to 25 year old woman with black hair that goes to about the middle of her back. She's always at a casino, gambling.

The second is a lot clearer. It's of a guy with reddish brown hair that is slightly curly, and is long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail, but a short one. He looks to be about 18 or 19. His eye color is hard to describe. it's like a swampy color, of green mixed with dark grey, but, in the right light, they can also look like a light grey and blue.

posted on Feb, 18 2008 @ 01:17 PM
o.k. so i remember part of my dream last night, i will put it on your website. I was a women. I was walking in a forest, when i came to, what looked like a small farm. There was a couple of barns, one on my right, one straight parallel to that one. A house to my left. So i keep walking, a guy comes out of the barn on my left, he is walking to the one in front of him. For some reason i was trying not to be seen. I started walking behind him, but he turned around and saw me. He started to run at me, i booked it past the house stopped for a second, looked towards the house, the house door opened and there weer like 12 men, they started to chase me. I started to run, i saw this door in the middle of nowhere, it looked like a portal. I ran in it, it brought mt to a stair case. The portal did not close, so they were still chasing me. i started to run up the stairs, with them running after me, i saw another door on one of the levels, i ran through it. it brought me to another staircase but it instead of going up, i went down. I kept going til i saw another door, i went through it only to see 3 guys running up stairs, probably the one i was on in the start, they spotted me, i ran back up and there was the guy i saw at the beginning of the dream. They caught me. That part ended. Dream starts ALL over again, like having lives in a video game. So instead of sneaking behind the guy who came out of the barn, i picked up a stick and chucked it at him. It hit him in the back of the head. It started all over again, same thing happened. I got caught the same way, in the stair case. This dream happened a few times in the past, i remember now. The dream i think continued while i was a sleep at least 3 or 4 times. All times i got caught, and then it ends.

posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 11:04 AM
So i had another seer event. I had ordered A couple of crystal sets, and a couple of pendents a while back online. Last night i had a dream about a women standing in front of me. She had the crystals in her hand and the pendents on her neck. The pendent i ordered, was Green Quartz, in the shape of a clover. When i woke up my parents were gone. When they got home they put a couple of packages on the table. I opened the packages, and it twas stuff i ordered. I also ordered Path of the Soul Destiny Cards, very Cool.

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 07:42 PM
Very interesting topic, came across this linked when casually browsing the forum, for some reason had an urge to read ATS today.

I cant say I have much memory of a past life as such. My earliest dream memory is one of clocks spinning backwards. I dont know if this is just a random dream or has any significance but for some reason its stuck with me all my life.

A scary recurring dream I have is about dogs, and they almost always attack me. I've never been attacked by a dog (had a couple of close calls). Maybe theres something in this? I also dream about cats a lot too, and they are mostly (but not always) friendly. Often when they are not friendly its because I have done something to them and it makes me sad.

I've always had an interest in Egypt, and to a lesser extent Atlantis. I've always believed there is more going on than we are aware. But not really interested in Scotland. I know it played a major role in previous civilisations, but never felt any connection there. Ireland on the other hand I am interested in. But it is just an interest to me, not a connection. To be totally honest, i've never felt any real connection at all with this planet. Maybe this is my first time, or maybe we are reincarnated on and from different planets, not just Earth.

Your views on 2012 are interesting. I believe science DOES know about shadow DNA, and what it does, but are purposely suppressing it, and also actively seeking ways to counter it. They are probably succeeding too. We live in a very twisted world, where ultimate power and control is the ultimate aim of the elite.

Time is most definitely speeding up. Not only speeding up, but skipping fast, like when you skip through a track on a CD - it doesnt play it fast, it misses bits out. (or maybe its just bad memory in my old age - im 30 next year
) It only seems like last week it was christmas. Its April. It also seems that the weather is still stuck on christmas mode, time is going so fast the weather is lagging behind. I dont know whether the time increase is because I'm getting older, or if its natural, or a side effect of all the craziness thats going on in the world. But its definitely real.

Theres things about me though that make me wonder. Stuff I dont want to go into on a public forum, things about me, things im into, things I hate which are contrary to my upbringing. Where do I get these fears, feelings and passions from? They are just there. I have theories about some of them, it could just be random but there might be reasons rooted in the past. Maybe I'll never know.

Im actually really quite worried about whats coming. I've not really taken any notice of predictions of the future although its somethign im interested in, but theres definitely a storm brewing. There might be something in this 2012 stuff after all.

It was interesting what you said about 2007 being a testing year for people - for me it was a good year (relatively). I'd achieved some personal goals that id set out to do a few years ago. However 2008 has been bad, ive relapsed with a physical illness, and things generally are getting worse and a lot more testing than last year.

What with devloping a hatred for "god" or whatever humans have portrayed, not just by "his" total disregard for all life forms, but how twisted his creation is, and things I discovered about myself, im not in the best place right now, and am looking for some reassurance. Discovering a past life would help especially if I led a good life. But I believe I must have lived a bad one to be in this one now.

Or maybe i'm in a coma and this is all one big nightmare. When you dream, seconds seem like minutes/hours. Could explain all the gaps in time, and the speeding up.

Cant you tell my head's a mess?

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by darcon

Honestly, what do you think these dreams are?

...a past life, a look into parallel dimensions?

I'm just curious tbh.

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 01:39 PM
Hi woody and co..been a while

I have had a few interesting months with this past life stuff.

I met a friend online who seemed familiar and who had said that I too seemed familiar. We did actually meet recently and both felt that it was like meeting an old friend.

Now a Clairvoyant that I am in contact with, who does not have anything to do with past lives said that her spirit guides were telling her that this friend and I had met in a previous life !!

We have both been interested for some time in researching this past life.
However further surfing in another forum I met up with someone whom has two past life men in her life. One she is married to and the other she met in a forum. They were all very friendly and getting on well.

This online lady, with two past life men, is kind of psychic and with some research found out something about her online friends past. She wouldn't tell him what she had found out..she thought it traumatic and that he should find out about it himself. This started to cause friction obviously.

On top of that SHE could remember her past and that she and he were lovers...but HE was having problems with the fact that he had deep feelings for her but didn't know why. This had caused some real problems and now her online friend and her do not communicate anymore...

After hearing of her experiences I am now not so keen to know the shared past of me and my online friend. In fact I am actually at the stage where I do not feel it is right to continue with our online "relationship"...let alone find out about the past.

I have always had a doubt whether or not what we were feeling, were feelings from the past or the present...and I am becoming even more convinced that what is in the past is in the past

But this has got me thinking. Are such things as encountering a past love just a coincidence or destiny??

My exposure and experience to past lives is very limited but I have noticed that quite a few of the encounters, where someone meets someone from their past tend to be where they were once lovers etc. I don't hear too much of people coming back and meeting their murderer say for example!!

Is this a true representation of the facts or just my subjective observations? If this is "fact", then is it because the bond of love is very strong? I believe that love, in it's many forms a truly powerful force

Just a few thoughts...God willing I will find more time to be here now

Over to the board LOL

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by Il Papa

Hi there my friend,

I've not been on the ATS boards for a few days (been busy adding stuff to my own website). BTW I left a message for you there too on the forum page in response to your predicament .


Er hum!
If you skip back a few pages you will find one of my posts that tell's you I not only 'met' my pastlife murderer ... I damn well married him.

I believe this is why I had this 'spontaneous' PLM episode ... to make me aware and allow me to alter history repeating itself. Without my pastlife recall ... I am 80% certain I would probably be in spirit now ... flicking through the 'lifetime portfolio' trying to decide who I was going to be in my next lifetime.


posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hi Woody,

It has been a busy time for me in many ways to..for months

Oh yeah the PL murderers.. "A Cornish Burning!" (copyright he he!!)

I have already read the forum response friend.

It has been a trying time for me and making the break for me has been hard. But essentially I am sure that I am right to end my friendship or whatever it is/was. I could not handle the confusion any more to be honest and her feedback is just so varied and erratic.

Not sure where the thing was going but it is all past now..unless fate kicks in yet again
and she chases me here

I do feel so mushed up inside, heart, body and soul.

You know for all my years on this planet I have never really felt that I belonged here, it was like I am waiting for something to enter my life?? I thought that she was it..because of the familiarity...but no I am not sure now.

So yet again, the games afoot LOL


posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by Firefly_

Hi Firefly,
Good post. I'd like to hear more about the 'clock dream' ... do you remember how old you were or any other details ?

(Interest in Egypt/Atlantis) ... I have a pet theory that all 'old' souls have had experience at least once of either one or all Atlantean / Ancient Egyptian or Mayan / North American Indian lifetimes (kind of 'spiritual training grounds). That would explain why so many people recall having pastlives in these areas & times.

You mention having no interest in Scotland ... I feel the same way about China (almost like a magnetic repulsion, if that makes sense)!

'Off world lifetimes' ... I always feel like I started on Sirius ... always get that homesick feeling when I look up into the sky and watch her twinkling away.
I have some 'fleeting, flash memories', that definately tie-in with a later experience I had with Khya' and the 'Viewing-screen';

(link to my threads about that if you haven't already seen them) ...

I agree with you that time is speeding-up and skipping ... I think this is the biggest indicator that the 'shadow DNA' is becoming active (again this ties-in with the other experience).

If you want to contact me privately about 'the things that make you wonder' you can email me;

... who's head isn't in a mess ? ... it's why we continue to seek answers.

Bright Blessings. Woody

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 05:27 PM
Hi Woodwytch, thanks for replying.

I'm not repulsed by Scotland, just no interest. However I am repulsed by America but that has more to do with Bush than the natives I think. I actually am very interested in the natives. Its a shame many of them have become corrupted by western society (not that the west is bad - I disagree when people associate the west with evil, because its not. Obviously parts of it are, but the same can be said of all cultures and thats another topic). But I think you know what I mean. One particular era I AM drawn to is Medieval and Elizabethan eras. I am fascinated by Queen Elizabeth I but I dont know why. Maybe a past life was related to her, maybe I was her.

I was about 3-4 when I had the clock dream. Its the earliest dream memory I have, but not the earliest memory. I actually have a memory of me when I was no older than 2, when I fell off a swing and hurt my knee when my mum was talking to her friend. Is this unusual to have memories from so young? I dont know why the dream has stuck with me throughout my life, ive forgotten most other dreams i've had, except one where I was on an island, exploring a jungle/forest. I've often longed to have that particular dream again. It seemed like a holiday/paradise of some sort, I had this when I was about 6-9 cant remember exactly when but I know I was very young when I had it.

I read through your abduction topics and I found them interesting. (Un)fortunately nothing like this has happened to me. I wish something would, but knowing my luck id have a bad experience. The closest to paranormal i've got is sleep paralysis, and thats not paranormal at all.

Thinking about it, i've had one real strong dream where someone in it (Jesus I think, or someone like him) told me something that I cant remember the exact details, but it had something to do with me not being ready, I wish I could remember it but at the time it did freak me out. However at the time I was struggling with christianity, not long before had an experience with a sect/cult and left myself wide open for people to prey on me.

I have a gut feeling something more is going on than we are told, yet its all being kept hidden. I feel like im being purposely kept out of the loop. Today on a bus I saw a woman who seemed to signal something to me, dunno what that was all about, maybe I just imagined it. Maybe im just paranoid. Maybe there is something going on. I know god hates me though.

Im no longer affiliated with any religion. However i've always been drawn to paganism, always thought they had a bad rap, that they were doing no harm to anyone so why all the condemnation. Im fascinated by Stonehenge (which I believe was an ancient magic circle). I loved (still do!) all those old fairy stories with good witches and stuff, magic and all that. They seemed to ring true with me in some way.

I feel totally useless. I'm supposed to have a purpose but feel like i've missed it, and its gone. Could just be an effect of depression, I hope so. I often get the feeling maybe theres a reason my life is so negative, maybe in a past life I was a bad person and that people who seemingly have a problem with me for no reason now, I had wronged in a previous life? Maybe i'm being punished for it. Or maybe im in "purgatory" right now, and being punished, which is why I feel so far away from anything spiritual.

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posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by Firefly_

Hi Firefly,
You bring up some very interesting points in your last post ... thing is I don't think you realize exactly how interesting !

One of your comments that particularly stood-out to me - 'I know God hates me' !!!

Well my friend (I have added you to my friends list BTW), I think you are mistaking the 'God-Source' for the 'Vengeful-God' that those God-fearing Christians quake in the shadow of.
Now there's nothing wrong with that ... if that's what floats your boat.

But I don't believe that we should 'FEAR' the God-source ... respect YES! ... feared NO! There's a big difference.
Of course this may be a residual effect of your 'cult/sect' experience. However, maybe now is as good a time as any to let that go and see what it's really about. (maybe your 'jungle' dream was prompting you to be adventurous and explore all the possibilities) ?

Think of religion / faith /spirituality /belief (call it what you will), as a pair of shoes. What suits one person may not suit the next ... doesn't mean one pairs good or the others bad ... just different, for example;

If you go into a shop and grab the first pair you see off the shelf without trying them on ... you'll more than likely end up with blisters and sore feet.

But if you take the time to try on several pairs you'll find the ones that fit you best and you'll feel like you're walking on air everytime you wear them.

Of course after trying on numerous pairs and finding none fit well enough ... you may even decide to go barefoot ... and that's fine too if it makes you feel comfortable.

And that my friend is the key ... you have to feel comfortable and natural in the things you choose to wear (including your spirituality) ... it should feel like a second skin.

You express an interest in Paganism ... have you checked-out my website ?
There's lot's of info on there about Paganism (and pastlives/paranormal). If you'd like to take a look at it just click the link in my signature below this post.

It might also help you to understand your dreams/memories and put them to good use. You'd be suprised how quickly things can turn around (in a positive way), just by getting rid of a few items of mental baggage that no longer serve a useful purpose in your life. Take a look and let me know what you think (good / bad / or indifferent).


posted on May, 10 2008 @ 01:05 PM
Just a question... when homosexuals say, "I was born this way..." could that be true due to possibly being a woman/man in another life?
Sounds silly probably, but why should anything sound silly when all things are up for question, right?

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by EagleTalonZ

Hey there,
That is certainly one possibility, another explanation could be a simple mix-up in the genetics during foetal development.
Either way I do believe that people can genuinly feel they are born into the wrong body.

From a pastlife perspective if someone was a woman in the lifetime before the present one died abruptly ... then for whatever reason was reincarnated very quickly, I think this could certainly make it a viable possiblity. Because the soul/spirit is very likely to still be carrying characteristics from the previous incarnation.

And actually that was far from being a silly question ... it was very intelligent.


ps; I love our signature

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