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Possible UFO crash off NJ coast

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posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 08:08 AM
Ive included a piece from a witness. I found this on aol's coverage of the story at this link, on the discussion boards...

"We saw these lights from Ocean City NJ this weekend. it looked like some sort of UFO battle, or jets shooting at UFOs."

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 08:11 AM
Also another good point was raised about the explanation of the meteor shower theory... It was only supposed to be visible from the west coast, so how could NASA and other astronomical agencies have got it sooo wrong for example by thousands of miles...

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by observe50

I completely agree with you. If anything would keep people away from the beach medical or sewage waste would be it - the germ and disease factor. Anything else might bring gawkers or treasure hunters with their metal detectors.

I think your point about the holiday weekend is excellent. Its hard to believe a tourism board or chamber of commerce in the area wouldn't be squawking about the economic effects of this.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 08:34 AM
Let's not be like the people when Roswell happened and fall for this stupid crap they are giving us.

They know darn well it wasn't that meteor shower and they weren't off by over 3,000 miles.

People have to stand together and not let this go.

We have a member here from Toms River and I read an article where the Deputy Chief of the Fire Department Tim Cook of Toms River said a call was dispatched to them as a fireball going into the Ocean. Maybe our member could go to the Fire Department and FISH around for information.

Now if this went into the Ocean at a speed of a falling object from space and landed in the Ocean wouldn't you think it would have created one hugh wave. So this tells (at least) me whatever it was had some type of control to slow down.

There should be thousands of people at the shore being the last big weekend and knowing how people are they will just walk away when told there are tampons and needles. We need brave people to act uninterested and spy for us. Binoculars and camera handy..

I am still shocked I have not seen one thing on the news about this and I am going to start e-mailing Fox News, CNN and my local channels about this. I would suggest everyone to write Fox news and ask them why they aren't on this.

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posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 08:48 AM
Speaking of fire departments. What about calls to 911 and police dispatch recordings? ? At least they would be descriptive and would possibly characterize the event in further detail. Are they public record?

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:01 AM

Originally posted by 1nL1ghtened

There was something there no doubt.....this is how they all begin.

Im callin this one right now......something went in the water, people saw it,
beach closed due to some BS and noone can get near the scene now....sound familar to anyone? Its a nice little cover-up in the making, and you were all here to witness it....FLAGGED to watch for beaking details, keep up the good work people....

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:07 AM
Here is why the beach is closed....I was just watching channel 4 the today show, and they did a segment on the fact that a beach was closed in New Jersey due to "debris" washing up on shore. We haven't had this happen in YEARS in Jersey. So I was curious as to where this was, and at the end of the segment the reported said that she was reporting from "Normandy Beach" in New Jersey. I find it a little coincidental that this crash, meteorite, space junk, happens the other night, and now they have the beach closed and are using heavy equipment to filter the sand and get up the supposed needles, and garbage that washed up on shore. I think later on I just might take a ride down there since I'm less than a half an hour away.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:07 AM
Double post sorry

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posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:13 AM
i am not big into the waste disposal thingy
and dont really want to be either

but why is someone
sorry i will restart that
who would even dump that much WASTE into the ocean
surely needles and medical stuff like that are incinerated at point of useage
tampons and needles dont usually go together, do they

tampons and needles is not even a good believable lie

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:15 AM
yea, yea, yea.
were all saying we shouldn't let this be another Roswell, and we shouldn't be silenced or left in the dark;
but who , who here really is going to go all out and find out what really happened?
who live near the beach is really going to demand answers or take serious actions? none.

because we have been conditioned and brainwashed to react certain way to events like this.
all we can do is stir up controversy that brings up questions we cant answer and the government reaches out to its news outlet domestic minions and have them say its debris from out of nowhere washing up-shore...
then the few long years of controversy that follow are all moot arguments and pointless.
its case closed for those who really know whats went on that night, and those who have the power to shut off 2 entire popular beach shores

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:19 AM
Medical waste years ago in the 80's was washing up constantly. From my understanding they aren't allowed to dump in anymore off shore. An article in the paper says all kinds of stuff is washing up. But my question is, could something have hit in that area with such force that it forced all the garbage that is at the bottom of the ocean to the surface causing it to wash ashore. I just find the entire incident to be suspicious considering it is the same beach that the apparent UFO was spotted at

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by omi_kron_gravitron

Sad to say that is very like the scenario that will be played out. But that is also why we are trying to round up lots of different verifiable info. I have to hope other skeptics like myself are paying attention to this one - so it will go a lot further toward disclosure than other similar events.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:24 AM
CW don't forget if you decide to go there take some binoculars and a camera.

Act innocent/stupid if you have to and see what you can get for us.

Can't you smell the coverup with the news stations.

I just e-mailed Fox and will work on the other stations both local and cable.

Doesn't New Jersey have Ufologist, I will look into that and make a call to them if they do.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:29 AM
No worries, I have binaculars that take pictures, so they will never see a camera. I had nose bleed seats at Giants Stadium for a Springsteen concert and took pictures that were so clear I could see the wedding ring on his hand. I've lived here my entire life, I know how to get close without it looking like I'm looking for something

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:30 AM
So does this mean the aliens are junkies? Must have met up with Major Tom and now strung out on heavens high (LOL). They were probably on their way to Afghanistan to get them some of that bumper poppy crop.
Just kidding, I don't believe in coincidences. Poppycock. Something mighty interesting went down.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:31 AM
Thanks for your eforts and hope you manage to get some decent info for this thread.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by cw034

i also thought, dumping in the sea was banned
i am glad i dont live near or go into the sea

but i still dont believe the story

i wonder how close anybody can get to the beachs
we need a few telescopic lens

good luck cw034
be good but be even more careful
and dont get pricked

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posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:38 AM
im from jersey,
ive lived there all my life before moving to MA 2 years ago.
if i were still there , since i know these "back woods" shores like the back of my hand, i would probably cause a lot of trouble, or get killed misteriously and never resurface...
i know i would do what it takes to get people informed and mysdelf informed of what these motherfalkers are up to.
i feel sickening right now. and please, dont talk about "emailing" fox" or nbc about squat...

no one who live in the immediate surrounding area have cameras, camcorders, binoculars, or freaking boats ffs or other gadgets they can use to get outhere and get some answers?

[edit on 3-9-2007 by omi_kron_gravitron]

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:39 AM
I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who is in the Air Force and stationed at McGuire. I asked him if he knew anything about the Saturday night Meteroite Shower. He said "No what are you talking about". So I explained to him about the Asbury Park Press saying that Air Traffic Control was concerned about planes flying because there was a meteor showing and they were concerned that the debris would hit the planes. He said he had heard nothing about it and that the flight line wasn't notified of any meteor shower in the area at all. I asked him if they would have been notified and he said ABSOLUTELY they would have been. He works Search Fire and Rescue and said he would have been on alert if that was the case, and he was actually in his room doing nothing but watching tv.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by omi_kron_gravitron

I'm going later on, growing up 20 miles from the shore I'm quite familiar with the area and know which streets to go down and which shore houses to squeeze inbetween. I'll see what I can come up with.

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