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CARET/Drones Debunked? – A “viral” fantasy

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posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 09:17 PM
I have been gone on a trip for a few days and I'm catching up.

I've been searching using the word "meme" all day and I'm nearly blind. The only connection I've found of any type really is this quote below from the OP document and its use of the words Matrix and Meme together and a site called "The Matrix: MEME.

From the original OP document -
"The designers are interested in launching a Matrix-style information meme
in order to form new patterns and programmes of belief-manipulation gaming."

After all the searching I concluded this was a waste of time but persisted and read this page and one of the paragraphs caught my eye.

As this century ends, we can say this was period where technology enabled the greatest of horrors and a return to unprecedented barbarity on a scale never before seen, along with dramatic improvements in living standards for the majority of people alive today. Technology is neither good or bad; it is value neutral. What does matter are the choices we make in deciding what end technology should serve. The same hammer that builds a house can bash a skull. We have the choice in how that hammer is used. If that's the case, then the continuing dramatic rate of technological innovation needs to be understood, and placed within a human context. All too often technology is presented as mysterious or monstrous. This just serves to disempower us from experiencing a state of certainty and control over our tools and the environment we create with them. The Into the Matrix web site ( and the Meme newsletter you're now reading are dedicated to cutting though the jargon, the anthropomorphic metaphors and evasive hype slung at us from all sides. By placing technology in the human context where it belongs, I hope to reaffirm the idea that the future can exist as an improvement on the past.

The author appears to be "David S. Bennahum". Is it just me or is the writing style quite similar? In particular the last sentence.

If someone else has pointed this out previously please forgive. I'm at work from 9 to 9 on Mondays and I often miss bits and pieces of things I'm following.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 09:25 PM
Sure BO' no big deal. I looked at the sked thoughtfully provided by schu' and you seem to have conviction in the validity of the witness' statements given so I was thinking what could produce that experience for the witness and have it be "real" but misunderstood; human generated.

Then I thought about schu's comments about the now "missing" witnesses... and the statements regarding their personal trauma and I thought, "Would humans do that to other humans?"

I then thought about what tech could do that? Holography of a type? Hmmm. Then I thought of the VR Labs and some of the stuff that CSA has cooking for DEXTRE and I "drank the Kool-Aid" of assumption... maybe "is" an interesting state of mind. Remember Drive-In movies? Perhaps some focus of technology would allow such a "real" and impactful experience. If they are not liars I do feel sorry for them. It sucks to have to live with "baggage" of that magnitude.

I have no doubt about the other aspects of scoops and tagging programs by the "local" game wardens. About the spiritual overlay and contextual matching to the infrastructure... might that not be "a" goal?

About the range to target from the witnesses... to me it would seem that there are different "scales" of magnitude to the drones sizes. OK. If I saw something like this it would freak me out more than the "Orange Sphere" phenomenon... and "that" experience ruined at least one family. I'd quite likely have enough of a time deciding what to shoot with first...

Why these atypical UFO shapes? Because they are that "level" of different "weight" that may be dicernable from the background "cultural noise" in an experimental format? They control the timing and apparatus? At times these things look non-threatening like bubble-blowers crossed with some elements of Romper Room's "Magic Mirror". I wish to offend the makers - Your drones look "STUPID" and suited to video games of entertainment-violence. LOL. But as BO' suggests, the overlay story... nice fabric.

Originally posted by BO XIAN
1. Is there any merit in using it with such a phenomenon vs the 'normal' UFO scenarios?
2. What would be different from the perpetrators' standpoints about using this version vs the 'traditional' versions?
3. What goals would be different?
Maybe that's a good question to expand a bit on . . .
What 'merit' from the perpetrators' standpoints is there in this sort of phenomenon vs the standard sorts of UFO scenarios REGARDLESS of how it was effected, managed, propagated?

1) Yes, because it is different it may be measured above the usual noise level? Maybe.
2) They would be unique and generating unique data in a "known" time-space construct? They would wield more specific variable controls that may allow causality from effect reasoning... they would stand apart as a data set which may be easier to refine and analyze?
3) Hmmm. What goals would be different? If "they" were studying "real" UFO stuff "in the wild" too, then this exercise may be a way to gauge public response should a "real" but smallish event happening. Maybe.

Yeah, what "merit". Or better "what merit"? The merit that may be connoted by the perps may be something like having the "sharpest 21C knives in the drawer" as a matter of "National Security" and all that might or might not mean. The "real" merit is likely something far more base - people do mean things to people - control. Better "toys" better control.

The "size matters" argument is valid in my mind... particularly in perception could that difference be parsed in an advanced data-set? Would "National Security" reasons warrant such a research project? Once something is declared "National Security" would that not allow a more free hand and budget luxury?

Remember the old Civil Defense Tests? Remember the stopwatches? And evaluation visits? Like that but with "ideas" that can be measured certainly emipirically if not qualitatively. I wish I'd sat closer to the front of the class during Mad-Scientist 101. LOL.

And from "(F)" the Missus' wants one too!



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posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 09:36 PM
Then I find this -
Site Link

Look under June 15th. David Bennahum has sold a script to "EXTRA LIFE: COMING OF AGE IN CYBERSPACE" on the topic of "Set in 1980, centers on the pioneering of the digital culture."


Sorry for the slow posting of this after the last post. The phone keeps ringing.

Edited to add link -
Buffalo Nickel Films

[edit on 7/30/2007 by Blaine91555]

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 09:45 PM
I took a look through the "Buffalo Nickel Films website and I see their focus is in the right direction.

I noticed in an earlier page Springer was leaning toward Viral Marketing and since a meme is THE integral part of Viral Marketing I keep heading down these paths.

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 08:05 AM

Originally posted by Blaine91555
Then I find this -
Site Link
Look under June 15th. David Bennahum has sold a script to "EXTRA LIFE: COMING OF AGE IN CYBERSPACE" on the topic of "Set in 1980, centers on the pioneering of the digital culture."

"Extra Life" - Blaine, I think you've added another cool view on this meme idea. Most of us remember playing video games, arcade games, even pinball machines with an almost feverish intensity as we try to "win" by multiplying the value of our quarter through an "extra life".

It isn't much of a stretch to imagine the drone saga designed with similar elements. To wit:Prey on our Psyche, our curious human idiosyncrasy to expend enormous amounts of time and energy to "win" just a few extra points, or minutes, or pennies.

I have no doubts the same inanity is being taken advantage of here. Just look at all the thousands of posts in dozens of threads as we all, without guilt, and with seemingly no payoff, continue to feed quarters into the "Drone-Meme Machine".

I'll be right back - gotta get some more quarters...

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 02:21 PM
I suppose in the end it will end up being something a lot less interesting. A group of Ivy Leaguers who attended Graduate School together engaging in a mutually entertaining prank. Perhaps old roommates who have spread across the country. I have this feeling Chad, Raj, Isaac and Stephan (if they are actual people) are all part of the same pod of individuals who have kept in touch.

Nothing about this looks all that hard to pull off. I think often in searching we all tend to over-complicate things. A friend with an Engineering background, a friend with Graphic Arts experience and some Digital Cameras? Other than some free time and the desire, what else is needed? The UFO Pro's like LMHand the folks at C2C are willing participants as long as the counter keeps going up and they would not reveal the email addresses or identities. They would have no real way to connect a group of individuals all using false identities.

The solution will probably come one day in a boolean search when stumbled over on page 35 unless the hoaxer(s) get antsy for notoriety. In the end the desire for attention may cause an error in judgment that spills the proverbial "beans".

As much as I hate it, I have to actually get some work done this week. Not much time to devote to anything else I'm afraid as there are a group of 12 hour work days in my future. This seems to be in most capable hands and I'm sure the solution is close at hand.

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 02:27 PM
Totally agreed. When you really think about it, and you imagine there being at least 2-3 guys, each with their own skill, and of course copious amounts of free time, what else is there to explain? It seems pretty straightforward to me. This probably accounts for the people who called in as well. Hell, beyond the "developers" on the project, there could be any of number of "actors" who have done nothing more than place a phone call or two, or write an email. So when people ask "who would waste so much time doing this?", one solution might simply be that no one person in this hoax is really spending THAT much of their time in the first place. If the division of labor is right, this could easily be a part-time/hobby kind of pursuit that doesn't require more than a couple hours a day or whatever.

The only question now is, will one of the people with less commitment to the project eventually turn into a leak? If, for instance, someone's only involvement was making a phone call to LMH, is that person really going to be as loyal to the secret as say, the guys who came up with the whole idea in the first place? Maybe some of the "actors" will eventaully come forward.

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 05:12 PM
I think the t-shirts popping up with Isaacs graphics on them might either be a participants work or may cause someone to come out of the shadows if just to say; why are you profiting off my hoax???

I should be using this break to do more searches but I think I'll take a day off from that because; My Brain is Full ( a favorite quote from a Larson cartoon where a boy in a school desk, has his hand up and he says "May I be excused, my brain is full".
Besides, if I go away, someone will solve this immediately. It is a special talent I have

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 12:55 PM
Hey Torsion – some clever, ‘alBEit’ slightly twisted logic here…

by torsion;
The elation they achieve derives from the prolonged and diverse public reaction to their ‘installation’. This thrill is far greater than any applause or other temporary public approval the creator/s would achieve if they owned up to the work and offered provenance.

And thus we have what may be the only, and completely sufficient, “payoff”. No t-shirts, no lawsuits for copyright infringement on others selling t-shirts, no public accolades, no little green men need ever appear. Just drive the inquiring minds crazy and watch them spin their wheels into dust. Is it enough?

“…but there is an element of unkindness in the creator’s personality. …he shows us this wonderful thing then makes us fear it.”

Yeah, buddy! Not sure if I really bought into the “horror” angle much yet – I mean I don’t feel threatened in the slightest. But then you and me and others here are used to this stuff (i.e., familiarity breeds contempt, eh?). On the other hand, I can see how many first-observers and non-ATS types may gasp and scratch their heads and may even hide under their beds if and when it may show up on the evening news. Maybe that was the intent: get enough traction from the conspiracists to make it onto mainstream media outlets – and then chuckle your way to infamy (or self-immolated obscurity).

“If it is organised I feel it may be nothing more than viral performance art where the observers are the performers, or a psychosomatic University experiment where the spectator is the cavea porcellus. (A similarly themed experiment took place in Australia recently).”

Wow – I like your chain of thought here (though I think you mean cavia porcellus, hmmm?). BTW – I would love to see a reference on the Australian experiment you hinted at. Got a link or something?

By SV;
“…of a small artifact bearing the mysterious glyphs. It is on a laboratory table and supposedly being studied. The thing itself was mailed anonymously to a lab, which at this time is also anonymous, protecting itself from military government intervention. The parts themselves are surprisingly light. Preliminary "studies" indicate that it is unlikely that such a part could have been manufactured on Earth. Further studies will be done, and the results readied for a press conference in the near future. Much debate and excitement.”

A la Roswell? Surely you jest. Nevertheless, this is an intriguing potential ‘catalyst’. I hope the perpetrators are paying attention - maybe they can cough up a model to kick this into high gear. Although, I suspect that their time, talent, and resources, are limited to CGI/IT and ‘Net Viral propogation. An actual physical model would be way out of their league… too hard to hoax. Not even Hollywood uses real models anymore…

by Vic:
Few individuals truly realize the power of the Net augmenting the usual communication mediums and the analog of brain/nervous system mapping would be a predictive asset. I would wager that those who "keep score" on internet are finding new ways to measure "need" and insert "just what you want to see" when "they" would like us to have that awareness.

Victor, you’re a victor! IMO you’ve encapsulated the mindset of our elusive ravin, e.g.:
1. Launch Viral Drone Program.
2. Keep ‘Net Score.
3. Measure Need.
4. Insert Need.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 Until Sufficient Data is Obtained.
6. Publish or Perish.

p.s. Thanks for the Scribd link, Schuyler. I posted the CARET/Bennett .pdf over there as well for those that are reluctant to download and may want to read it right off the screen…

[edit on 8/1/2007 by Outrageo]

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 01:17 PM
Gee thanx Outrageo'... the story doesn't "seem" over yet, still collating and waiting here.

It's like poker and the other guy still has some "coin" left and "the jones"... or chess "where the 14 year old girl" kicks my butt every match and can I convince her to compete at the provincial level? Times change.

What could happen? Want a horror story? How about DocET's little shindig up Montreal-way "sees" a drone? The door is open and the void-need trigger can be pulled at any moment that suits... by anybody! LOL. Atlas shrugged... Ayn Ran'd away.

I suspect that the "all-in" hand won't be dealt by whatever "house" is responsible until "they" are ready to deal.



[edit on 1-8-2007 by V Kaminski]

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 01:33 PM

Originally posted by V Kaminski
What could happen? Want a horror story? How about DocET's little shindig up Montreal-way "sees" a drone? The door is open and the void-need trigger can be pulled at any moment that suits... by anybody! LOL. Atlas shrugged... Ayn Ran'd away.

Now if that happened I think everyone would stand up to see the home run ball clear the fences. Two minus hoaxes multiplied together would give positive spin that would make the GhostRaven feeding frenzy look like a couple of geriatric piranhas fighting over a fossil donkey bone. Dr. G would be reflected in the limelight off the drone anti-wings and project himself with ion-drive precision back into the middle of the eggbeater, thus creating more spin for french toast Disclosure.

Just call it the August Surprise, named after the same-named humble emperor who lived simply in the House of Livia while creating an Empire to surround himself. Could there be another press conference in the making?

[edit on 8/1/2007 by schuyler]

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 04:02 PM

by Bo X
Sometimes I wonder if Stanton, Linda, Bob, the whole lot of better known researchers are in cahoots with the shadow folks. But mostly, I trust at least Stanton and Linda well above average.

Same here. I don’t think Friedman has anything to do with it, though I’m unsure of LMH’s motives and seemingly zealous “journalism” regarding Isaac and the drones. As for Stan – here’s a new curiosity that might interest you guys:

I just finished reading Stanton Friedman’s new book, “Captured!”, about the Betty and Barney Hill story. The book was co-written with Kathleen Marden, Betty Hill’s niece, and contains some startling new information.

One illustration in particular caught my eye. It apparently is a sketch made by Betty Hill depicting the characters she remembered seeing in a book that was aboard the alien craft. These characters look much different than those on the infamous “I-beam” fragments as portrayed by Jesse Marcel Jr. from the Roswell crash that some are trying to correlate with the CARET font. In fact, to me, some of these new Betty Hill characters are remarkable similar to the CARET glyphs.

Anyway take a look below. The text boxes I’ve added in to make Betty Hill’s original notations easier to read, along with a clip from one of the CARET figures and a few character comparison arrows...

Of course, the Hills were traumatized and % memory-swiped so their recollection may be adversely affected (though Betty's star map wasn't too bad!), but still - there is enough resemblance to cause one to wonder...

Question: Where has Kathleen Marden been all these years? Especially if her aunt, Betty Hill, confided in her from the outset? Why haven't these "Alien Writings" surfaced before? Anyone recall seeing them elsewhere?


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posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 06:57 PM
This is by far the best thread on on Isaac, I love outrageo schuyler and many others here that bring down to earth the real ufos in this story. I ran across a you tube how to fake ufo about 3 and half minutes long. This from just an amateur and one can imagine a pro as in the folowing.

a real quickie worth watching

I like the human angle motives, viral,meme, and of course who would not possibly enjoy a lone gunman theory? I thought Ty B who I think is really Ty B. Heston. and a quick search only yields the front page of his photo business..but ...

one might miss his bio at the bottom and click that will yield more.

TY B Hestons Bio

these lines say it best

"The Digital Imaging side has been an increasingly exciting arena and a logical progressive step for us, especially staging images that - (should in a perfect world) but simply do not exist in this one.

The butterfly on the dog's nose, the dolphin jumping in unison and/or lightning in just the right place, people in a large room, etc. It has been a challenge for many years now, to get not good, but great believable results with imaging, both compositionally and technically. Quality is very important."

I would say isaac photos have certainly done that. I am heartbroken that Ty B Heston seems to have dropped off the face of the net and his business is up for sale. Call me strange but I like him for some reason..Trying to save a struggling business is so us..
If i were to really find that he is the person i would probably do what the French policeman Captain Renault did in that greatest of great movies Casablanca

when Capt.Renault had Humphrey Bogart cornered. he let him go
and the turns to his fellow officers to say..Round up the usual suspects..

ut he is in florida you might say..not california..but i say all you need is a photo from california to bring it all home and keep distance or attention from oneself. if you have a pic from puertorico does not mean you were even there and can alter it anyway. And a professional photographer career makes traveling a must and one link mentioned a bicycling group.

If I can say anything is that this journey has led me to meet all of you..and in my searches grow more informed. Much like Peewee Herman did when his bike was stolen, and when crisscross the country and amazingly against all odds recovered it.

Hey Sys youre stupid !
Well if im stupid what are you? Pee Wee Herman


posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 12:01 AM
Don't know if this has been posted, yet . . .

is a link to possibly the latest drone pic. Photographer was taking a tourist type pic outside of a military jet display. Then on reviewing the pics, noticed the above in a corner of the shot.

Not sure what this means to the mem issue . . . Does appear to be a different sort of craft.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 12:07 AM
Excellent sleuthing from Stanton's new book and the drone characters.

And thank for the confirmation on my read of his personality.

Should be interesting to night with him head to head with the debunker. Stan should easily shred him.

Very cleaver of you to match up the characters from the HIll book with the drone. Very good work. Thx.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 12:21 AM
Cool BX. Yup, different.

Looks more dragonfly-recon "human" stuff?

There is a dude who does some stuff like that (not saying it is) a "Kakkattukuzhy Isaac"... into bots and dragonflys and such, PhD I think, Mid-West rings a bell (I'd have to look him up again, 'spelling is close)... actually uses MEM technolgy... I'm not kidding - but it isn't what you'd think... doin' work for/with NASA on a Mars "flyer" or somesuch... 'nuther lead... not a likely CHAD/ISAAC/RAJ/DRONE/MEME guy but who knows?

Good find! I hope someomne can take it apart graphically... It would seem to have more detail than my eyes can tell.

And oh my, there is another website apparently "cashng-in" with paraphernalia sales. If the "larger Drone-thing" is real then they are perhaps profiting from the traumas of the witness/victims? If it's a hoax are they not promoting a hoax or merely promoting awareness of a hoax - that's a fine line? $$$ Oh well bandwagon effect, had to happen. No matter... I don't go there, I like here. Album art next?

I really thing this "drone" is cool! I want some!



EDIT: To add Kathleen Marden will be in Denver in August according to this UfoUpdates bit... with Stanton F.... Timothy Good will be there too! Here.

[edit on 2-8-2007 by V Kaminski]

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 01:54 AM

by Schuyler
Dr. G would be reflected in the limelight off the drone anti-wings and project himself with ion-drive precision back into the middle of the eggbeater, thus creating more spin for french toast Disclosure.

That was hilarious…Man, we could do a whole night at the Improv using nothing but greer-cheese.

by Sys_C
This is by far the best thread on Isaac…If I can say anything is that this journey has led me to meet all of you..and in my searches grow more informed.

Thanks, Sys – we enjoy your insightful posts and thoughtful content as well… Keep it coming!

by Sys
…and the turns to his fellow officers to say..Round up the usual suspects… …but i say all you need is a photo from california to bring it all home and keep distance or attention from oneself.

Exactly. Nothing like setting the scene of the crime several thousand miles away to divert everyone’s attention out of your backyard. A lot of banter and focus on a mysterious CARET project in the bowels of a nondescript office building in Palo Alto had the same effect. I can’t help but think, however, that one day our slick perpetrator(s) will sally forth and claim their Grand Poohbah hats for duping the likes of us for months…

Thanks for the quickie “How To Fake a UFO” clip as well – that ought put some ostrich-types on notice, eh?

by Bo Xian…

Don't know if this has been posted, yet . . .

Surveillance Dragonfly?

That thing sure looks mechanical and is a radical design change from any of the previous drones – but: isn’t it kind of too conveniently coincidental to ‘capture’ this shot on the friendly confines of the National Naval Aviation Museum, complete with props and signage? Cool looking though. Maybe we’ll be able to buy one through Sharper Image by Christmas.

Which reminds me: Are Vic and others opening an eBay store in time for Christmas to sell Drone stuff? You know, like in the Spaceballs movie: Merchandising, Merchandising! CARET the t-shirt, CARET the breakfast cereal, CARET action figures, CARET pajamas, CARET carrot cake… Maybe the loss of royalties WILL draw our man out of the woodwork after all…

BTW: I’m going to San Jose later this month for the Bay Area UFO Conference, so I won’t make the Denver event with Stan and Timothy Goode, etc. – are any of you going? If so, please let us know what you may discover there – esp. w/respect to this whole CARET/drone issue…

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 02:08 AM
The pix looks like a reg helicopter which fly all over the place . I live by mbafb/mbIa I get to see them all the time, close and from afar. whirring of blades can be seen and I don't think our drone flaps its blades or would need to if operating on anti grav. The military dos have miniture insect craft, actuall the israelis as they were into making rockets or bullets that would target the victim, and I saw a post on ATS

after blowing it up 3 and 6x i noted in paintbruch a sizeable chunk of those cute pixel boxes missing around the rear left quadrant of the thing. that ususally happens when you touch up a photo. I think most of us know that effect.

I am listening to stan frieman and so far nothing noteworthy other than the ususal skeptic believer diatribe. I think the debunker, Michael Sherman, may have slammed Stan, who i like, by bringing up a book debunking Stans position, Roswell. Its 306am so I will post an entry if anything new pops up.


[edit on 2-8-2007 by Sys_Config]

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 02:43 AM
Its 342am and no knockdown on c2c. Unless I missed it while I went to the little boyz room no caret either. Hey I think Stan has to push his warz too on kathleen Barden there is a podcast here .
on the vault
Kathleen shares her secrets..I have a book all the other postings were pr releases to tie in with an august ufo conference. I was hoping for an article going back a ways to get a fix on on what to expect. The Betty and Barney hill story is very interesting, and about 50 years old. so any data like the fascinating star map would be welcome.
I am going out for a cigarette, I hope when I look up I am not hit by a falling book. I'm really on the edge here.
its 415 .questions from audience...somebody called michael a plant! (Ididnt know humans were capable of photosynthesis) Caret
its 445 Stan responding much better especially on Ohare incident..but no caret, the clearest pic in ufo history since the Santilli debacle, equal in importance perhaps to the parting of the Red Sea

its 450 I ran out of cigarettes..

454 Stan wins the fast blast, 80 20 one of the most accurate polling measures since the invention of the paper ballot. Not one caller on Caret

500 I'm going out for cigarettes

I looked up dr isaac K..insectdesign for mars..fascinating one can't use a regular air craft nature has provided a way.Isn't that wonderful.

There's a lot more to be said about the birds and the bees
I believe in the end nature will teach us a lot more than than the ET's ever will. If we don't kill each other first or destroy our environment, we may yet get to their world first.

Good Night and Good Luck


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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 11:46 AM
Schulyer no wonder you are in my friends list.

This particular sample of your eloquence wraps up most half decent hoaxes so well it's going into my Signature:
"Utterly meaningless crapola woven into grammatically correct syntax so that the wise nod ‘yes, of course’ without understanding a single phrase. "


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