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CARET/Drones Debunked? – A “viral” fantasy

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posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 05:41 PM

Originally posted by schuyler
In any case, if there is NO viral marketing discovered by a certain date, no one HERE has to apologize for anything.

Really? why is this true? It appears that this is a discussion forum about non-mainstream topics so why do people that post here have to constantly defend their assertions even when presented with evidence? Seems a double standard to me. The case has been made countless times that evidence for various reasons will never satisfy the hardcore critic and furthermore, it has been acknowledged that 'human science' does not know it all nor can it continue to keep pretending that it does.

Frankly, there will be no viral marketing found because there is none. This was just one of the myriad tactics used by debunkers eg. 'system-players' to diffuse, confuse and sow dissent on a topic they want covered up.

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 05:49 PM

Originally posted by denythestatusquo

Originally posted by schuyler
In any case, if there is NO viral marketing discovered by a certain date, no one HERE has to apologize for anything.

Really? why is this true?

It's simple. THIS thread is not about viral marketing! We are not discussing whether or not the drones ARE viral marketing! We are making a big assumption here, and that is that the drones are a hoax. We want to know by whom, how, and why. That's all. If you want to discuss viral marketing, there is a huge thread here that discusses it all the time.

Here's what you originally said:

Originally posted by denythestatusquo
Why don't we make a deal: if this is viral marketing, let's decide on a date in future and if no reconizable marketing campaign can be associated with these images... then will the debunkers appologize? I will watch this story develop or NOT develop as it may.

Do you understand now? You are asking those who are calling the drones 'viral marketing' to apologize. As I said earlier, we are NOT calling the drones viral marketing. In fact, several times it is mentioned that NO viral marketing theme thus far mentioned has proved viable. We are NOT IN the viral marketing camp.

Your entire argument, start to finish, is based on a false premise. NO ONE here has to apologize if this is NOT viral marketing. In fact, we shall likely applaud.

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posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 07:35 PM
I sure as heck am not apologizing for reflecting as we have to this point. I hope newcomers take the time to read all the posts and save themselves ten thousand keystrokes re introducing something already discussed. If art bell show and LMH helped spread the meme which acts like a virus , and all the players that dumped the thing on all major forums, then disappear and suddenly lawyers appear with business interests, what would any reasonable person think. the gossip,the meme,the virus, has still done its essentially stops when all the people are more or less convinced that its a hoax, that does not have to be 100 % convinced, just reasonably convinced. Most people may not learn till later, so the damn thing keeps looping. I don't think its unreasonable to say if you have not read the posts, to go do the homework and go on to more fertile ground.

Case in point is the Titor thing which somebody posted a day or so ago, despite umpteen gazillion answers covering the topic on ATS alone That is classic viral, and its marketing,with lawyers who is head of a television studio, the titor foundation, in fact here..i ll post it here because it was so sickening
I wanna be a star
Larry Haber one of founding fathers of of the Digital Media Association, you know that protects copyrights on all media
and is planning a theme park to attract people to Celebration Fl..Lets Celebrate
By the way he runs 85 theaters and just expanded contracts with screenimage on the west coast, which will triple his exposure for his warez.Go West young Man Go West!

I love time travel, but im not going in a 50s buick, and not really meet my real grandaughter, just somebody 98%. That might be enuff for her not to know me. So Titor and Caret Head are both gone. Maybe the Timelords got him, and Langley got Isaac..why add to the fiction.we were already doing these things in our head before they came on with their tent and one trick ponies.

Razimus on Spacetimenews put up the best comparison over a month agoRazimus
ayback..this time its for real

some think we have the burden, ok Isaac please.. hang around and answer some questions..none answered,,vanished,, experts no show vanished,,witnesses show vanished.and I think we met that burden a thousandfold. Is that so unreasonable?

Anyone ignoring all this, thinking no money or at the least ego, a virus doesnt need much, just like a lie, Seriously needs to consider unplugging his/her PC pack it up and return it to the store, because they have no business behind a computer !....Thats my unvarnished opinion., and don't come to a forum just for mental ping pong or semantic debates.

I''m not apologizing for the the truth! stands by itself, we stand with it, and I don't see anything else except a house of cards that has collapsed on the floor after we gave it careful and objective consideration..

Tell them to take the Flea Circus elsewhere!!


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posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 08:34 PM

by Deny…
Why don't we make a deal: if this is viral marketing, let's decide on a date in future and if no reconizable marketing campaign can be associated with these images... then will the debunkers appologize?

There are plenty of threads tossing movies, e.g. Transformers (a bust, imo), video games, e.g. Halo3, et al (dead ends, all), and various other sundry preconceived viral marketing angles, NONE OF WHICH WE BELIEVE TO BE TRUE. If you’re looking for a an apology from the “viral camp”, I suggest you try there. From what I see, there’s a few folks out there seemingly jumping from one movie or video game to the next, proclaiming with certainty that “THIS IS IT”! Baloney. We don’t think any of these has anything to do with this probable hoax, though, unlike you, I think we will be satisfied with knowing they were wrong and won’t wish to extract any further humiliation from them by demanding some sort of apology.

by Schuyler
Despite the title, this isn't really a thread about viral marketing. We're making a large and acknowledged assumption here and saying the drones are a hoax. IF they are a hoax, then what? We want to know why, how, and who.

Precisely – we are merely exercising our inquisitive minds to try and understand the modus operandi of the hoax perpetrators, if such can be discerned. One potential we’ve examined is the possibility that the hoaxer is simply conducting some inexpensive but rich content socio-psycho research, perhaps as a prelude to a written work or other published treatise, i.e., viral initiatives in reverse. This is much, much different than a viral marketing campaign for a movie or video game.

by mrmanuva
The article posted was certainly useful for debunking, but im not sure its conclusive enough to decided for sure either way.

And thus, my friend, you have hit on the heart of the dilemma we are all grappling with. The debunking aspect of the meme article in the op (deny: please read the Webster definition for “meme” in the initial posting), is nothing more than another “tool” in our arsenal of instruments we may apply in our approach to an understanding. As you correctly point out, the article is “useful” for debunking purposes, but one can not conclude anything as a result by just seeking some correlation to the potential MO of our hoaxer(s). BTW, my good fellow – welcome to ATS, and thanks for actually taking the time to read the article and offering your comments. You should do well, and learn much, here among friends…

by Sys
Hoax Museum

Man, that was a cool site – thanks Sys! Lots of these I’ve known about, but a couple were new and fascinating as well. Curious how a whole bunch of these proven hoaxes show up on ATS now and then as the “real thing”, eh?

by newkid
Yes I am 99% that this is a Viral Campaign.
I believe that is tie to The Matrix 4, I have too many evidence that spotlight the Matrix Movies. …Independence Day 2 […yadda yadda]

Oooooh... Careful, buddy. The viral marketing thing hasn’t gone too well for others. Gee, I would love to see some of this evidence you have. 99%, huh? Can you share, say just 5% or 10% of that evidence with us. We’ll make it worth your while. Oh, and watch out for Deny: he smell blood…

by Deny…
Frankly, there will be no viral marketing found because there is none.

That may well be true – in fact we AGREE WITH YOU that this is likely the case. We are debunking not only the viral MARKETING angle, but also the idea that the drones are real or even resemble anything real. We’re WAY PAST the CGI argument and we could care less how perfectly or imperfectly the drones were borne of, manipulated by, or are a hybrid form of CGI – especially as it does or does NOT relate to any marketing campaigns.
What we ARE trying to understand is the mindset, the thinking process, the raison d’etre of the hoax perpetrator[s] so that we may get closer to the potential unmasking, flushing, or exposing of same. That is all.

by Sys
Anyone ignoring all this, thinking no money or at the least ego, a virus doesnt need much, just like a lie…
…I''m not apologizing for the the truth!

Yeah – THAT’s what I’M talking about! A meme in this case is merely a self-replicating lie, it is viral only in the narrowest sense and may have nothing to do with marketing anything and almost certainly has nothing to do with any movies, books, video games, or other public consumerist media and subsequent ‘merchandising’.

And, like Sys (and other thoughtful contributors here), we are apologizing for NOTHING – certainly not for seeking the truth (aka denying ignorance).

1 more: Schuyler, fellas, what happened to Isaac? The weekly update - gone. No new drones, no new docs, even the CGI guys are running out of stuff to sling mud at each other about.

Maybe our meme-ster(s) have decided they have enough material and are regrouping. Or - the tiny green alien pilots realized we're on to them and have flown off for even greener pastures (er, planets).

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posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 10:06 PM
If an "Issac-mobile" doesn't show soon they will have lost the interest-populi, LM-H explanation or not. Who knows they may pull the trigger at any moment. Interest has fallen more quickly than it was gained. I must say that a great many folks have put, and are putting, some attentions if not out-right efforts into this... I like that. Should anything of note come up it will be on ATS pretty shortly after. A great many eyes has this community. As time passes sometimes dots appear and can be connected, sometimes not. The awareness remains at some level.



BTW: I found some disease spread modeling software while foolin' around on IBM's site... can track multiple diseases and "weights" data graphically using data generated at the local node level, predictive too. Patents aplenty. Government funded public health stuff ostensibly. They would seem to have a product that could potentially be adapted to net-centric "diseases" and perhaps cyber-warfare or other data research. How valuable might a public "fear" estimate/predictive-spread be?

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 12:04 PM
I have to admit I was expecting this weekend to show something. Goodness, these guys are patient.They're obviously not going for a slam, bam, thank you, ma'am Ghost Raven peak and fall. It's kinda like Mothra, whom I missed terribly. Finally Torsion got me a copy. I'm ready for my Droino fix. Vic, it would be neat to do a map of the Google droino hits to see the propagation that way. Sys may be on to something. Go, Sys! With Sys_Config with us I keep expecting autoexec.bat to show up.

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 12:48 PM
I'm half-way rooting for a Montreal Drone root-kit injection, schu'. I just pulled the CBC weather forecast... not lookin' all good.

I have done a "points on the map" thing from the claimed sightings... and the other points related to "related-media". St. Louis is closest to center... in a variety of contexts which may or may not mean a darn thing. Oh well. No problem, waiting without expectation is free of charge too. Hmmm, a Roswell Drone sighting might be fun!



posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 09:46 PM
all we have seen are the shadows on the wall that Cicero spoke of in days of old. We fought the Good fight..This beast is done and if it returns it will not as do Ides of March come with a roar, but with a whimper. I promise you that...
Now I will return to Earth for a nice shot of scotch the pretty girls..reminisce..and think of you all and say ..The world is going to be


posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 10:09 AM
Meme Wars: **Update**
Part 2 of Colin Bennett's "Meme Wars" essay has been released and is available to read here…

Here’s a short excerpt to give you an idea of where he’s coming from…

Ufology is in desperate need of updated reconstruction. One thing is certain. The CHAD phenomenon cannot be dealt with by the boiler-house science of the Victorian Station Masters who dominate Old Ufology. CHAD, being a UFO, represents the debut of a New Model Ufology. Yes, CHAD is a synthetic UFO, but "real" UFOs might be equally synthetic from quite a different point of view. If we are ever to begin to understand both artificial intelligence and possible alien psychology we had better start thinking right of that very box and not keep on piling up case-histories like some gone-mad grocer out of a Norman Rockwell painting of Old American grocery store.

The matrix has you.


posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 11:50 AM
I put a .pdf of Bennett’s Part 2 here, if anyone wants to download the article… Download CARET Programme2_Bennett.pdf.

Interesting stuff – Some key components of this essay that I find particularly relevant to our discussion:

Like a newspaper under heavy rain, all UFO forms are shot through with the amnesia of decay; some stories remain almost complete; others suffer different rates of deterioration, remaining as half-recalled hallucinations.

Uh, yah… Anyone watching and reading the frustration in the posts (thousands of them) regarding the Drone story decay will appreciate this analogy.

The originators of both SERPO and CHAD want an audience to imagine. They want us to process these stories using an array of story-images as designer-consumables. … Depending on the array and patterning of archetypes and the strength of the conditioning. it is possible to make someone fall in love with Hitler, kill their own mother, or even possibly write the plays of Shakespeare, though not necessarily in that order. In this case however there is no physical product; the product is a state of mind.

No kidding. “Falling in love with the Drones” is not too far off the mark for some people I’ve noticed…

If this is truly an alien object then it is part of a deception within a deception, and we must not discount the crazy possibility that it may even be an alien joke. … we have our own trash culture, and the possibility that we may meet the alien equivalent is not an idea MUFON would relish.

Although Bennett makes a good case for why the CARET artifacts almost certainly are not of alien origin, his comment above really threw a curve ball at me: It never occurred to me that the alien’s themselves may be the meme-sters! Nah…

Therefore when we say CHAD (which is as yet a mere image) is an imposture, that may be true, but deny it as we may, we cannot help our imagination being wonderfully stimulated by such a complex multi-media operation. The creators know exactly what they are doing.

And thus we reach the crux of the problem here at ATS. UFO/Alien Infatuation and imagery stimulation of our brains acts as a sort of alien-dopamine. We crave more CARET/Drone tidbits/imagery/speculation, merely to feed our insatiable appetites of UFO/Alien curiosity – of which we have plenty…

Thus the proper answer to Fermi’s question “where are they?” is that "they" are in the wings. This is the final stage of a program before the “system” is forced to change its paradigm… to the “arrival” of the alien form itself…

Hmmm… The CARET meme as a way to prepare the masses for the inevitable (or extant) alien disclosure. Yes, this has been postulated before – but Colin Bennett argues, at least in my interpretation, that disclosure will happen not through Greer-types flagging Mothra in the tulips and by parading expert witnesses on YouTube, but rather through the telling of a simple but elegant piece of fiction: “Chad Isaac and the CARET Drones”.


posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 12:14 PM
I am finally leaning towards the fiction side of the fence.

I think that the characterization of the CHAD drone phenomena as a hoax, per se, is near-sighted, and that this whole thing is a fiction, or else disinfo/deflection from some other truth. (What that may be I don't know!)

Throughout this thread, I have been wanting to make comparisons between the Chad/Caret stuff and the old Ong's Hat legend (story? phenomenon?). Both put out incredible, yet essentially unproveable complex stories told in such a way that the reader must seek out and discover more of the story as it goes on.

For some reason, though, I am reminded of Tolkien, and the world he created. While he spent a lifetime to create a history, mythology, geography, languages, and scripts, a project on the scale of the Caret docs could surely be carried out by one person, or a small group of people over a reasonable period of time.

As much as I would like this to be the disclosure we've all been waiting for, I'm afraid it just isn't so.

posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 01:07 PM
I have to say that I’m having a hard time with Bennett. I don’t like his style, of which he is clearly enamored. I don’t like his attitude, which I think is superior and anti-human—only he understands. I don’t like his obscurity; he goes out of his way to disguise his points in literary imprecision. And even though his words are multi-syllabic and melodious, I think his conclusions are simplistic, reflecting a very narrow view of modern ufology. His overall conclusion: Disclosure is near, is something we all may have heard before.

Having said that I still have to agree with much of what he has to say. His comments on the Victorian nature of the artifacts especially strikes a cord with me. Surely our Space Brother friends have moved beyond oil, grease, and mechanistic moving parts. William Gibson, made famous with Neuromancer, said in response to criticism that he did not put a disk drive in the book because he didn’t know what one was. When he saw one for the first time, he was enamored with ‘how Victorian’ those beasts were, with moving platters and clacking parts. As it happens, this “criticism” of his novel was quite unfounded. Disk drives are fast disappearing in favor of solid state devices. The point holds. Isaac is showing us a Victorian Drone. It makes no sense. Bennett is right.

It is the obsession with Victorian parts that betrays Bennett’s simplistic edge, for he continues to describe the sorry state of modern ufology in the same Victorian terms. It’s as if he’s stuck in the fifties with Friedman and Hynek, not realizing the field has moved beyond Adamski’s Orthon and Bethurum’s Aura Rhanes, hot though she was. I mean “is.” Modern ufology is full of contactees, abductees, inter-dimensional constructs, wormholes, implants, cell phone tower controls, telepathy, and the transmigration of souls. It’s not as if these ideas have been suppressed. In fact, it’s difficult to get to a nuts & bolts conclusion any more, unless you park on and stay exclusively there. As we’ve learned more about our Universe and now know for certain Clarion could not possibly be on the opposite side of the Sun in our orbit, our Space Brothers use telepathy and kidnapping instead of show up in flying saucer scows to converse with us. As normal became increasingly uncomfortable we have retreated to the paranormal where all scientists fear to tread. We're safe there. In this sense I think Bennett has given modern ufology short shrift. We’re not stuck in the fifties; we are very much crazier than that.

Bennett appears to believe there is a group that is watching us and comparing notes as they observe our reaction to the drones. It’s a mysterious group using psychological methods to transform the culture, to shape it for what is next. But he is strangely silent on specifics. Looking at his web site I get the impression that the group in question is the New World Order Masonic Illuminati Men in Black Control Freaks. But this begs the question of why?

UFOs may be popular. The majority of people may ‘believe’ in UFOs, but only a small number of people even know about the drones. I would venture to suggest the number is in the very low thousands. Those who are truly interested number in the hundreds at best. Most of ufology has dismissed the droinos out of hand. They are no longer interested. The populace on the whole does not know, nor care. I think that those who inhabit places like this tend to think their world is reflected elsewhere, but look at the statistics. There are 115,000 members of ATS. Half have never posted. Another nearly half have hardly posted at all. A couple of thousand people are responsible for the vast majority of activity here, much of which is concentrated in areas other than UFOs. The point is that it is a small party. That there is something earth-shakingly important about the drones, then, which are being marketed to this small party, seems unreasonable to me. IF the droinos surface into the larger popular culture later on, then maybe we are a test sample, however skewed, but that remains to be seen. I’ll read Bennett again, but I’m thinking I will gain no further insights. And unless C2C can hype this up, I think the drones are going the way of the cattle mutilations, compellingly interesting to a few, but largely past history, just like the Victorian Age.

posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 01:13 PM
Like I said earlier in my rather crude hypothesis. The Drones are a hoax, created by a person who escapes to a fantasy world, creates this impressive story and haox, so that he/she can feed thier insecurities and deep seated lonelyness with all the attention this hoax gets, which is proxy attention for individuel.

A hurrah, 15 seconds of dweebdom fame that got shot down in flames before the final act could manifest which is when the person responsible, gets discovered and the name released to the public to be remembered forever (which in this community could be about 2 months). I personally couldn't remember one name of any of the Derpo hoaxers. What a waste of this nerds time to seek attention in such an inefficeint and unsatisfying manner.

I said it in many different ways in many threads, directly and other times in funny stories poking fun at the hoaxers pathology.

How far off was I when I said that it's some dude who gets in trouble with his mom (whome he still lives with, although he's 34) for licking the screen when it's paused on frames of star trek with jerry ryan in it, and isn't allowed to type on the keyboard with one hand anymore. And his bedroom door (the basement) isn't allowed to be closed anymore. Not for another two weeks which is how long he's going to be grounded when his mom finds out about this whole Drone thing.

I wish, really do that these drones were real. Cause I really thought my idea of a new sport drone-nata (similar to pinata) would have really taken off as a game to be played internationally. A way to bolster the resistance to the invasion. A tool to train the kids at a young age to beat the evil alien drones out of the sky. A game to be played on national holidays around the world to remind and focus mankind on our one true enemy. the evil drone people!

but allas there were too many problems with the physical concept of the drone from how it gets mysteriously de-cloaked, to the cleaver but poorly though out idea of the "language," to the in my impression poorly writen out CARET documents. I just couldn't buy into it -sorry.

Donenata-Imagine the fun it would have been, truely sorry that idea will never get to take flight. Unless I throw a ATS party and make a drone pinata for everyone to beat the crap out of. could be fun after a few beers.

posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 02:09 PM
In just about all if not most Of Shakespeares plays there is something you can expect in the end..Justice..All evildoers eventually get done in. In Santa clause , after the big disappointment, of seeing Mommy kiss Santa ,eventually you get the spirit of Giving, which even when you get to be an Adult, you understand, and understandibly keep the Myth going for kids. With the Drones..we get..we get...we get..Nada.
It misses something all the others had. A beginning a middle and an end.
The Nazis used ther storymaking propaganda in movies showing mean Polish villagers attacking an old kind and gentle woman ,and upon tearing her blouse the actions stops..and focuses on bright chain with the Nazi Swtaztika..the message being an attack on the Nazi state is an attack on mom God and Apple pie, That God is the State. The same was done to prep people for the extermination of mentally retarded.

Unfortunately with many of the memes they miss not the point that not that the internet is a fabulous place to publish and try out new things, but that our attention span has gotten even shorter and soap opera type operations with leaks every few months is not going to work.

.in fact this will result in driving the audience and market away for good. I say good as dead because once tagged as a liar or fraud..the company is done for ..why this is a lesson we all learn in" Peter and the Wolf."because simply there is so much out here that we have little time literally for that kind of nonsense. So we get two things here from Caret..a lack of planning, and a lack of ethics.
With a viral marketing we at least get clues, games,puzzles, during the waiting period and we know its a game. This is like going to Ryans and getting Peanut Butter Sandwhiches.I am trying to be nice here..

But it has raised the bar, and we can see for ourselves now what to look for, as we have access to many of the tools they have to create, we have them to deconstruct. so take comfort in that. we will need these critical thinking skills . There is something else looming on the Horizon . AS an example DARPA rescently awarded a nice size grant for the development of self aware computer system that will lear from the great mommy we know as the internet. I am certain it will get a lot of info, its what kind it will put out that disturbs me, we have in essence a new and exciting writer on the block, no doubt it will succeed where Caret failed. So again, Hone those skill as Sci Fi has merged with Reality, and the distinction between them ndistinguishable.

As as as I get back home as I am at work, I will post it. This reminds me so much of Skynet iin the terminator series.

Only this is not a story but a fact.An extra dose of Skepticism from here on may sound like anathema or bad medicine,,but its usually the medicine that taste nasty that always worked.


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posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 08:46 PM
This is the link i promised above A computer that will say I think Therefore I am

If you are interested in time travel..forget Titor and his 2 black holes in a duffle bag .

The following From a Real live Theoretical Physicist with a real Job! He grew up in the projects, mom only had a HSD, dad a TV repairman. He wanted to go back to save his Dad who died when he was young. Read HG Wells, and that was his influence ever after that .gee wiz I almost (I said almost now)cried when I heard his story. Asked about the Titor machine he said Show me..

Look Ma..No Holes!

Enjoy..Theres hope in real science! and thank you HG WELLS we owe you a debt of grattitude.

I have eliminated the word ^ from my the way, to make room for something better. My IQ jumped 20 points when I did.


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posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 09:08 PM
I've now read both parts of Colin Bennett's "positon paper", twice. I'm of the opinion he's reading a bunch into the mix that is really, really interpretive. Sure, much of what is said is based on truth, but his "take" really fits well with his particular worldview. Reaches beyond the data-set, large. I smell a book or a "joint" with LM-H. When folks are looking for an answer "sell-a-theory" seems to kick in to gear.

I saw no data beyond conceptual, that fits anything other than his view which he is entirely entitled to. Ever seen an old man surf? Ride that wave... like that. Let's just say he published his paper two or three years ago... I might've "bought in", but then again two or three years ago I thought Greer might've been part of an answer. Times change, I learn.

I don't think Drones are entirely "gone" or much closer to resolution as a complicating issue in the "bigger" picture. "Repo-man got all night." Seen any Chevelles that glow? I haven't.



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posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 09:33 PM

Originally posted by V Kaminski
I've now read both parts of Colin Bennett's "positon paper", twice. I'm of the opinion he's reading a bunch into the mix that is really, really interpretive. Sure, much of what is said is based on truth, but his "take" really fits well with his particular worldview. Reaches beyond the data-set, large.

That kinda reminds me of something back on page 2 of this thread.

Originally posted by yuefo

Originally posted by Esoterica
This sounds like just another attempt to make this event more than it is.

Amen to that.

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 08:04 AM

Originally posted by Outrageo
I put a .pdf of Bennett’s Part 2 here, if anyone wants to download the article… Download CARET Programme2_Bennett.pdf.

Interesting stuff – Some key components of this essay that I find particularly relevant to our discussion:

Outrageo - I wrote directly to Colin Bennet to obtain his permission to publish parts I and II of his article, which he originally wrote for UFO Magazine, and also gave us express permission to publish on our website. You've extracted our published version from our website (including exact formatting that Steve put into it) - without (1) permission, and (2) without mention of the source. I'm fairly certain you didn't obtain the article directly from Colin Bennet himself, with his written permission to publish as a downloadable pdf, which coincidentally is formatted exactly like our published version with Steve's formatting.

Next time you obtain a reference to any article or source of information - at least be decent enough to cite the source where you, yourself, obtained it from.

Anyway - in reference to his articles - we're planning a substantial full-length article to outline more accurately the people behind such viral-meme warfare and the motivations involved. It's up to over 25 pages and in all honesty - I'm not sure where the end will be or when it will be finished, but I hope soon. Steve and I have been spending over 3 years on this research, conducting interviews and putting together an investigative hopefully the results will show. Or not.

One thing I can say for certain - ATS has always been an unbelievable research tool...from the very start. And the owners here have assisted us in our research more times and in more ways than I can count. Special thanks to Springer for all of his assistance through these past years.

Enjoy Colin's article for it's artistic value, and for his ability to dig into abstract, but very real, concepts in ways that few people can. And stay tuned.


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posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 10:06 AM
Sorry, wrong thread.


[edit on 10-8-2007 by V Kaminski]

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 11:30 AM
Thank you, rdube, apologies are in order...

The truth is, I thought I was doing the right thing by properly citing what I acknowledged as the source of the article, the author, Colin Bennett in as many places and ways as possible - in the article both at the beginning and at the end, in the file name, in the thread, and in each reference made to Mr. Bennett's work.

You're right though, I did neglect to mention that the Bennett's verbatim article was found on your UFO web site, and for that I take responsibility, and offer my apologies. I take exception with your characterization of this oversight as being somehow "indecent", however. An innocent and honest mistake, perhaps, and one which I hope to amend at this time:

Gentle readers at ATS: The article under discussion, authored and cited as authored by Colin Bennett, are from the Reality Uncovered website, and can be viewed here: Colin Bennett's Meme Wars article, Part 1, and here: Colin Bennett's Meme Wars article, Part 2.

by rdube02
...we're planning a substantial full-length article to outline more accurately the people behind such viral-meme warfare and the motivations involved.

We look forward to reading (and giving all due credit) to this article when it is finished, rdube - please let us know when it is complete...

Warm regards,

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