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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 06:07 PM

Originally posted by Cyber_Wasp
Do not reflect on the past
Do not worry about the future
For if you make the moment now, perfect
Then nothing else will ever matter

I gotta step up cyber, i have been thinking about my past to much..hahah

posted on Oct, 3 2007 @ 07:13 AM
Hey OTD, TD, WIN52, ATSGUY & anyone else on a journey !!!!!!

Sorry about my short post where I ignored everyone. How rude !!!!
I had an express message surge through at work and I had to fire it in quickly and get out again.

You are doing well in recording your dreams ATSGUY. As you are finding, the more you do it the more you remember. All these UFO dreams make you wonder how much of them are dreams and how much of them are us being made to think they are a dream. Ponders.

Like you also ATSGUY in what you said about the music, there are definitely messages there. I think you can find a connection in any style of music if you look. I have been finding messages lately in death metal of all places.....(evil laugh)
We have sort of been conditioned to push our awareness to the back of our mind and to look for god on the outside. So in some ways I see the evil sounding vocals as the higher self coming forward from the recesses of the mind as a way to mock they way in which it has been portrayed. I can be a bit warped sometimes but this is only if the vocals carry a supporting message of course.
What you say about people moving on before their time is sad. Maybe their message has more impact after they have gone, than if they were still around.

Hey what’s with some of the female singers at the moment. Their voices sing to my soul. I can think of three but I don't know their names. I will tell you that we are due for another big star. The time is right for someone with the right sound to connect with people if they do it the right way. They need to tune in to the awareness and help people to grow. Be on the look out.

It was good to see your post Win52. Money........blahhhh
With our journey over the coming years are we even going to need it? I didn't get to finish the last post on it properly as I hit the send button by I like what you said about the monster devouring them. We won't be able to afford money soon. It is their fault as they are greedy fat pigs.
Have you checked out the FAST site WIN52? They are up to Ep28 now.

I hope that you get a chance to do a few Radio Shows soon TD & OTD. The time zone thing doesn't help in me calling in to support you guys when on air.

Hey I wanted to thank all you guys on helping me in starting the journey and helping me along the way. Every day is truly amazing. By taking a step back and checking out what is really going on the world whilst tuning into both my thoughts and your thoughts it has really opened things up.
Shifts in awareness, insights, emotions, messages & realizations come through all the time. I can't possibly post all of them.
I keep asking what am I supposed to be doing. What am I supposed to be doing? The answer is still the same. Observe. Just observe. Don't get worked up. ( I am also referred to my earliest messages about seeking to talk with contenders and not with the controlled ect ect)

I have had some experiences in the last week that are very subtle, but I want to wait a few days before I post further about them. I might have a part 2 to the 'dream' I posted about.
I have been working on a theory that ET's are not in the main, able to interfere with the proceedings too much down here on Earth. The big but is, can they, if you contact them through awareness? I am under the belief that you can contact them through remote viewing or the awareness push I talk about that you can do from behind your closed eyes. I still have this irrational fear thing about being visited at night that might be creating a few barriers but I will work through it.
Something to ponder.

posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 05:40 AM
Hi There !!!!!!

I just have a puzzling one to ask. I never know who the message is for.
Does anyone here have a guy from their extended family circle that went missing 35-36 years ago and has not been seen since? Like they just disappeared. Nothing suspicious they just went. I had a message come through but I do not know who it is for. I thought it was for someone at work but as it turns out it wasn't. (How awkward is that to ask)

Hey OTD and Win52 !!!!
Another mystery solved. Episode29 of the FAST Series. It tells what he uses to film with. It is a web cam that is attached to the telescope.
I would guess something like the Philips ToUcam Pro II (I dunno if u can link to a retail It can do low light 60fps and can attach to a telescope. $145AUD So there you go.

posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 06:14 AM
Hi, space people!!

I don't know about TD (although I sort of assume it...), but I have been running around so much the last week I haven't had time to sit at the computer.

Very mundane activities (i.e., work and social/familial stuff) have had me preoccupied the last two weeks. I hope to have time to respond more soon.

I'm reading every post that goes up - thank you all for sharing your experiences and insights!!!

Cyber, win 52, and ATSGUY, I'm reading - and I know TD is too. I would like to comment on it when I get time.

I wanted to post a small find I made in the "I AM A EXTRATERRESTRIAL ASK ME A QUESTION" thread at the other paranormal/conspiracy/ufo message board site, which shall go nameless.

The poster in that thread calling himself ST in BG has been going nonstop for now almost 350 pages (I think it's at 341). This individual has been answering just about anything anyone can throw his way (except for mine...see previous post...), and is covering a wealth of topics from Annunaki(sp?) to dinosaurs, to the "shift", Nibiru and beyond. The responses have a progressive feel to them as far as current paranormal/ufo/earth history ideologies

(Note: I would actually find it kind of humorous if it was Nancy Lieder posting, because she claims to be in contact with Zetas. The entity being channeled says he/she/it is a Zeta...I say it would be humorous, because Nancy has clearly ticked off a lot of skeptics on that board. If they found out it was her the thread could close ahaha...).

In any event, I found a post on page 340 about the grays' eyes,

User ID: 303386
10/1/2007 4:52 PM

Greetings: Capsitan: User ID: 276811

Why are some 'grey' species eyes black?

**Those Referenced/Nicknamed "Grey(s)" ... Their Eyes Are Not Black !! ... What You Are Seeing ... Is The Protective Lens ... The Surgically Installed ... Lenticular Implants !! ... Built In Sunglasses ... You Might Say !!

Don't they have a very think black 'lens' or 'covering' on the eye?

**For "Away Missions" ... Lenticular Implants Are Installed !!

What is it for?

**To Protect Against ... Dust/Dirt ... Certain Light/Radiations, Ect. ... Very Similar To Terrestrial "Sun Glasses" !!


You Are Most Welcome !!

Farewell For Now !!


This is something TD said from the start he believed, which was that these weren't their real eyes, but were protective lenses. I seem to be reading posts here and there that seem in line with TD's own revelations in that thread.

Another interesting post by ST in BG talks about Dan Burisch. The idea was that Dan has been allowed to continue talking about his experiences, because to some degree his memory/mind has been tampered with to prevent a total disclosure; i.e., according to ST in BG, Dan received a nice brain massage to stop whatever it was that these folks didn't want out from getting out...I wonder how accurate a statement that is, and if so, how much Dan may realize this...It seems plausible at least...

Anyway, I haven't had anything occur that I haven't posted, save for a mysterious pseudo-sickness/fatigue/dehydration that I can't trace (my g'friend is suffering from this same strange illness), and I haven't slept well at all the last week or so. Not sleeping and feeling sick has made work difficult...

I also wanted to post that TD and I are recording a radio show tomorrow night, Friday, October 5, starting at 10:00 or 10:30pm.

We'll see what he's been up to in the meantime ahha

I have to run...Thank you all for posting and keeping up!! I will post soon when I get time to respond.

Here's a short, recent video from Jaime Maussan from the 2007 X-Conference.

I'm thinking about getting a telescope and good digital video camera...Maybe submit my own F.A.S.T. videos, or Interstellar the Movie videos...

Keep it real!! ahah

posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 08:17 AM
hey guys i just wanted to say that i found a video that is honestly i think one of the most important vids you will ever see...(sry but the guy that gives the speech goes into more detail about what is happening and what is going to happen than zeitgeist!

i hope everyone is having a good, or atleast decent week/day, i just cant believe how fast our perception of time is getting. Its all ready midterms here in school...crazy, even when i look back at my highschool days i remember it like it was yesterday...literally i had a memory of being in chem lab just last night and it felt so recent but it was 2 years ago, it felt like it was only the other day.

Lindsey Williams - The Energy Non-Crisis
part 1

part 1-8

here is the original thread on the video'

posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 03:13 PM
also another question to td, d owe reach full brain capacity or anything like that?

I remember speaking to td and he said that once the shift comes and stuff it will be like your senses get heightened 10fold and stuff. This got me thinking about the human brain, i did some research on finding its potential and i came up with 2 people, they are both savants.

Kim peek and Daniel Tammet, both of them have a incredible brain but have autism. It is a shame to see that but the knowledge that they have and the info that they can share to the world really makes you think about the human potential. Kim Peek remembers every single book he ever read and it seems that his memory is infinite, over 45 years have passed and he is still filling his mind with knowledge. He memorized his first book at 16 months, could we one day when the shift comes reach our full potential, that not only would we get access to our natural paranormal ( normal) abilities, but have super memory, heightened senses..all in all superhuman just like David WILCOCK says.

Is this the genetic experiment that has been happening, to create the perfect human species?

posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 05:15 AM
Hey ATSGUY & OTD !!!!!!!!!

Wait till I get my hands on you ATSGUY!!!!!
You had to time it for the weekend didn't you?

I can comment on your last post too. Remember I posted a few weeks ago about my awareness taking me backwards into my mind and showing me how much of it was not being used sort of thing?
It was scary as to how much there is. A huge cavern doing nothing.
Lately it has been showing me examples of how technology such as hearing and sight can be partially restored when they are attached to the respective parts of the brain. This technology is still in the very early stages. The point it was trying to make is that the brain adapts to these implants and after a while they get results. The brain is very versatile. More so than we even know.
Yes things are going to heightened immensely after the shift. The thing is we can activate some of these things now if we become aware of the potential and practice with it and use it. It does seem daunting but if you persist you will get results.
If the brain can adapt to an electronic ear that is alien to it in a way, then what can it do if you try to activate something that is naturally there but dormant?

posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 04:53 PM
wow, once again im back..
um what is it were talking about?
still the main time travel? about td and otd etc..?
meh, id love a reply=]


posted on Oct, 6 2007 @ 06:24 PM
Hello !!!!!!!!!

I liked the format of the radio show using NowLive, TimeDrifter.
It is easy to participate either with text or by calling in. I hope that in the future you stick to that day and time slot for your show as it works out great for me
The other days of the week I am at work at that time of the day.
I am sure that if you did the audience will grow and grow each Friday. Your show certainly stands out on the list of shows that were listed at the same time. As the show grows you will be an active participant in what I said about the media being the 1st power to fall.

Do you have the links ATSGUY for the coast to coast interview that you highlighted during the show? I forgot to record

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 02:36 AM
reply to post by Cyber_Wasp

Sry I didn’t get this in sooner…but here we go

James Gilliland was a person that was being interviewed by I think it was Art bell, anyway the guy has had contact for a number of years possibly half his life…

Contactee James Gilliland discussed recent UFO activity around the world and at his Gilliland Ranch, where numerous eyewitnesses have documented ongoing contact with a variety of alien races (see images).

Gilliland, who claims to have been in direct communication with extraterrestrials for the last 15 years, said global UFO activity will continue to increase until their existence is undeniable. According to Gilliland, the spiritually- and technologically-advanced benevolent aliens that are visiting us have overcome disease and warfare, are capable of instantaneous travel to anywhere in the universe, and are here to help us in our 'awakening.'

Gilliland noted that many extraterrestrial races have broken off contact with governments (who tend to shoot at them), and are instead appearing to 'common people.' He also shared some ways that observers could initiate personal contact with UFOs. Near the start of the 4th hour, Art asked listeners to assist him with an 'intent' experiment designed to produce mass UFO sightings across the planet.

It is a really good interview

Part 1 of 12

They also did an update to that interview

“James Gilliland gave an update on his UFO/ET communications. ETs, such as the "Pleiadians," generally avoid governments and prefer to make contacts with regular folk, working on the level of consciousness, he said. Their technology taps into the "Zero Point Field" and they have motherships "miles wide" that could intervene in the event of an Earth catastrophe, he noted.

James Gilliland is an author, minister, transpersonal intuitive counselor, visionary, and founder of Sattva Sanctuary (the Self Mastery Earth Institute), and ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence). His books include: "A Reunion with Source", "Becoming Gods 2", and the soon to be released "Ultimate Soul Journey". He is also featured in two videos, "Project Contact", and "The Keys to Utopia". After a Near Death experience, James was expanded into what he calls interdimensional mind. This greater awareness brought him into a greater understanding of the vast interdimensional multiverses in which we live.”

Part 1 of 4

James lays down some pretty big facts that really…REALY corroborate to tds story

- that there will be being coming from inner earth to the outside
- the beings that are just observing will start to do something
- between November/December they will start to be seen everywhere
- also he said that in the coming years and even now there is allot of stress to get us through the coming times and change our ways, he says that entire races and even creation itself in with the getting earth past 2012

On the radio show at one point they take in calls and one guy from Vancouver, BC calls in, and I believe his name was Soleman.

Anyway he says that he has been receiving contact since he was 3 years old, he had contact with about 2 dozen different types of species, and about 3 weeks before the interview he had a vision and that… well let me put it in his words, also the interview was only a couple of months ago on Saturday February 17th, 2007.

“3 weeks ago I had a major vision that people all over the world were looking skywards and there was all type of apparitions and ufo phenomenon taking place, but it had to do with the second coming of sacred heart of Jesus Christ”

This was in part 9 at 4:55min in

Now does that not sound like what td has been saying or it very well could be project blue beam…lol

And he also goes on to speak an alien language; James says it does seem to be familure to him…

- This guy also made the prediction that Art Bells child will be baby girl, and sure enough a couple of weeks after he made the prediction they found out with ultra sound it was a baby girl…and she was born.

I am going to try and see if I can find and contact this guy, maybe get some more info out of him…

Also in the interview at part 10 there are these people that talk about this bluish color plasma ball going over the sky…that was the same thing I saw back in April hovering and then shooting over my friends front porch

The stuff in which they talk about on how to contact the ufos is really sweat I must try it one day


- relax, meditate/calm your mind
- think of a loving thought and try to raise your vibration
- put out and intent to make them appear or come to you/ put that intent with your loving memory
- ask for help/ or to see them and let it go
- no skepticism

hope everyone is having a great weekend, rock on...and that radio show is great cyber, i think td should keep it and make it the main one to be used, 10 people on there man that was a new

[edit on 7-10-2007 by ATSGUY]

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 10:52 AM
Good morning, glorious souls (or for those uncomfortable with such metaphysical designations, glorious people!! haah)

I often consider what I'm going to post before I post it (naturally). But even beyond that, part of what I quietly consider is the "theme", or "idea" that I want to communicate at that time. It is here that I hope I am receiving some guidance; and as others have stated, sometimes I intend to write one thing when I sit down, and end up being inspired to write something totally different.

I had some things I wanted to share, which I will in a subsequent post, but wanted to just post thoughts I had this morning on messengers. This is not in response to TD at all, but was in response to people being lead astray, or mislead by folks who take advantage of souls seeking answers.

If you want to weigh messages being shared with you, you only need to ask yourself a couple of questions, "Are the ideas being expressed freeing, or limiting?", or "Does the message being delivered invoke fear, dread, or a sense of helplessness - or does it inspire, create a sense of wonder, and generate positive feelings?" These are simple guides to finding material that will encourage you and keep you on the right track.

No one, at this point, can say that there is only one person on this planet experiencing a form of contact with an advanced being(s), or race, to one degree or another; although there are actually contactees/experiencers who consider themselves the only person in contact with a higher intelligence(s).

To me, this is self-delusion ne plus ultra. How can one look around and believe that they are the chosen one? I have learned that this is absolutely not the case, and consideration of such is grounds for serious self-evaluation. I actually consider myself as having communication in one form or another where previously in my life there was none that I could ascertain.

Is one to believe that this universe houses only one race of beings more advanced than our own? Hardly. Is one also to believe that every advanced race in our galaxy and universe, who are light years beyond the human race in every way – both physical and non-physical – that every being and race capable of contact would only contact one human being on this planet out of six and a half billion, and would share with this one human the secrets of our race and the universe? Inconceivable (Thank you Wallace Shawn haah).

There is no one authority on the planet. No one has been given full Grand Counsel, so to speak, on the condition and future of the human race. Many are given a partial picture of what is happening, often receive “altered” information, or they themselves have been tampered with. There may also be a deliberate or indeliberate tainting the information they are sharing. Much of these credible individuals' information contradicts with other equally credible sources' information, but what is not contradictory about these individuals' situations is that each of them is truly involved in something very real, profound, paranormal, and not seen on this scale on our planet in recorded history.

The existence of multiple credible contactees, experiencers, and others with congruent and newly expanded views on our condition, including the direction we are headed paints a picture that, truly, there is not only a spiritual awakening, but a process of cosmic unfoldment that is ushering our race into a time (or time of a “no-time”) and space the likes of which is profoundly consciousness altering, and also unprecedented in the history of the modern human race.

Despite conflicting viewpoints and visions of our future, what is inescapable is the absolute fact that we are now being contacted en masse, and this contact is leading inevitably toward greater and greater revelations, experiences, and large-scale open contact on a planetary scale. The next inevitable step in attaining a greater awareness as a race is the realization that we are not alone.

You can't have a planetary awareness and have this one paramount item excluded. Coming into personal and cosmic awareness, without the accompanying realization of the existence of, and contact with, life beyond our planet is a contradiction in terms. Greater awareness and exclusion of other intelligent life forms are mutually exclusive concepts. We are being introduced to our neighbors, and ourselves. We have lived without this realization, and now we are – as a race – undergoing a revelation.

Many of the folks who are guiding us to this revelation are themselves the beings with whom we are going to come into contact. They are waiting for us on the other side.

Part of the play of this process of growth and understanding – more than just play, but the underlying movement, is intended to pull us away from the concrete physical world that we have allowed to take center stage in our reality. We are being forced to be intuitive.

There are countless examples of this, not the least of which are the crop circles. Too many, from eons of a misguided and narrow view of the universe and existence are focused on the physical aspects of this phenomena. They look at how the stalks of wheat are bent; are there traces of radioactivity? Is there electromagnetism? How were they constructed? Instead of weighing the implications and meaning of the circles themselves. The implications are that we are being contacted by intelligences beyond our comprehension.

Other examples are the personal contacts that leave no evidence, but which have profound, life-changing effects on the contactee. One can also look at the lack of substantial physical evidence of visitations or contact. Why? Because it's not about that. We are being pulled away from the physical, and into the spiritual, or finer aspects of our existence.

The physical has reigned too long, and it has reached a point where we are, as a race, capable of erasing our “physical” existence for good. That is the end of the road for this “physical” path; and focusing too greatly on the physical, for so long has rendered us an invaluable lesson in being out of balance.

Focusing on the physical also means focusing on the differences; on separation; and this breeds prejudice, fear, a feeling of being disconnected; and creates atrophy. Measures are being taken to keep us focused on the physical, but these old mindsets are being cleansed from the planet. No longer are the days of the “theater” of war. This is what is being taught to us; this is the lesson we have learned over thousands of years.

These are my own viewpoints on what is happening now. What I can state with confidence, beyond my own perspectives and speculation on what is happening and where we are headed is that, taken independent of my accounting of them, something is happening around this planet that hasn't happened, from what I can tell, in the recorded history of our race. Don't focus too much on the specifics.

Be able to step back and see the bigger picture. See that despite the conflicts, turmoil, and the seemingly negatively oriented messages that there is a greater, positive movement that is eliminating fear and darkness, and ushering us into a future of greater awareness, connection, and "responsibility" to each other and to the planet/universe. Strict physicality breeds separation, fear, and self-interest. Spirituality and universality generate connection, a sense of responsibility, freedom, self-worth, and everything else this planet has been lacking.

This alone makes this time a very special time. When you step outside and feel your feet on the ground, and the sun (or rain) on your face, look up to the skies and know that in your lifetime, especially over the next sixty months, this mundane experience of being alive and being outside will never be the same again. I just looked at my clock as i finished typing this and it read “11:11”. I'm not kidding. Hi, how are you? hahaha

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 10:57 AM
"What didn't we learn?"

That would about wrap it up for me...

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 12:08 PM
First, I wanted to say to ATSGUY, I read your post, you magnificent sonofabitch!! haah Great stuff!! James Gilliland is a great example of someone who is on track. The messages he is sharing are of a higher order; and his vision of our future is accurate as far as I've been able to ascertain.

Hi, loam!! I emailed your question to TD. It seems his travels/experiences have taught him one primary lesson, but I'll let him share that himself...

Speaking of TD, we did do a radio show Friday night, Oct. 5, and he joked again that we've covered everything. He feels like, now that he's gotten everything out, and he (and I) feels like he's been exposed to the most current findings with regard to the changes we're undergoing, that it's a "hurry up and wait" scenario. He said he feels "idle", and I have to agree...There's nothing wrong with that. I can hear someone playfully chiding me, "Be patient...". OK

I also wanted to say that TD shared another experience with me, and it involves a future version of himself. He asked me not to go into detail about this encounter, because it was a private matter, but I wanted to say that another contact experience (from 1997) can be added to his list of contacts. The fact that he asked me not to share it, and that he is looking further into it in itself lent credibility to this experience for me...

Adding to the long post I made above, I wanted to share some videos of individuals I consider as pioneers of human thought. They are truly awake individuals, and the revelations they are making about consciousness, beliefs, and the personality are often controversial, but are always on point.

The first video is a terrific response from J. Krishnamurti to those who go to others seeking answers. This one is specifically related to my post above, and it is a lucid observation of our search as individual, free beings in this universe. The answers are within. He was truly an enlightened individual. From this great teacher, it is all about knowing yourself. It is about being a light unto yourself.

Here is another short J.K. video on world suffering, and the connection it creates between us. Another individual I believe has the right message is Osho. Here is an Osho video entitled, "Anybody who gives you a belief system is your enemy." And another Osho video entitled, "God is not a Solution - but a Problem." All of these things are intertwined. This is a personal journey as much as it is a social/group journey. Without each of us walking on our own path, and learning our own lessons we cannot contribute to and create a healthy society.

TD says he's felt idle. I feel like I've been in a stasis...It's all good though. If James Gilliand's statements about November/December of this year are true (and win 52's statements about October), then we should be seeing more activity soon.

Isn't it funny how 2007 came bursting out of the starting gate with unprecedented activity, events, contacts, videos, revelations about our galaxy, including newly discovered earth-like planets, the hexagon on Saturn, the ship(s) in Saturn's rings, Interstellar the Movie, F.A.S.T., theufokid, wireless energy, salt water as a fuel source, the governor of Arizona coming out about the Phoenix Lights, the chad drone sightings (which an individual with a dubious story has come out and claimed knowledge of), James Gilliland's and others' comments about 2007 possibly being 2012, my contact in the government's revelations about increasing activity, the UK and New Jersey fleet videos, and everything else and then... ... ... Silence...Now, there are sightings still occurring around the planet, including the excellent Jose Escamilla fleet video at the 2007 X Conference, but with this profound lull in activity, one just can't help but feel it's the quiet before the storm...

I wanted to share another recent find (today, Sun., Oct. 7), and that is that theufokid, from Youtube, has just moved himself up to a completely different level with the six new videos he just posted. These latest videos, the oldest of which was posted five days ago, and confirmed what I suspected about his experiences, and that is that they are real. All of his videos should be evaluated and studied, because he may have some of the best footage of physical contact.

Take a look and see what you think...

During the radio show this past Friday, TD speculated, or wondered, if music had been censored or blocked in the past. I say it was, and it continues to be.

There is a great article at David Wilcock's site from April of this year (2007) wherein David talks about certain artists not being invited into the "system", whose message is too accurate a portrayal of what is going on. These artists are prevented, as much as is possible, from advancing in that system. This is the same philosophy in our scientific, military, and government institutions.

I thought about ATSGUY (I think it was you) and your comments on Tupac and Biggie Smalls when in this same article, David talks about the messages in rap music that he was missing before. As an example, David cites a rap song called, "Who Protects Us from You?" which confronts the issue of police brutality, and oversight with regard to law enforcement, etc.

The above article is essentially about how the media and entertainment industry perpetuate something the German's call "Schadenfreude" (I think it's pron. Shouden-Froy-dah). Schadenfreude essentially means experiencing a malicious joy at the misfortune of others. David says the word, literally translated, is "Damage-Joy".

The article talks about the public being programmed to think in these terms. David then goes on to say that there is a karmic payback for this behavior, and propagating this behavior, and he cites examples of this. We are leaving these damaging viewpoints behind.

Lastly, ATSGUY was talking about meditation (and TD tried it, but hasn't pursued it too much since then as far as I know). I wanted to post a link to some meditation music that I found a sample of at You can probably loop this music and let it play quietly in the background.

That's all for the moment. Will share more when I can, and when the spirit moves me.

Life calls...

Hang in there!! You were brought to this forum for a reason. Heed the messages - especially about seeking your answers at home. And please feel free to share your thoughts. Hi, schmidty_beleives!! Hi, win 52!! And hi, TD - you have permission to land!! ahah

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 12:32 PM

That's what I get for posting in a thread where I only just read the title question...and answered it.

Is this another Titor type thread?

*clicks on page one*


Ok...I'll play...

It will be interesting to see the response.

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posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 06:47 PM
would I be correct to assume the concert dates haven't been released yet ?

how about the line-up ?

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by syrinx high priest

lol hey syrinx, why don't you Shut the %#@&&

ahah i am just playing around, but how are you doing? I hope you have been keeping up to date with this thread because there is a wealth of information that shows this stuff is going to be seen and happen, right now no info on the concert, but i am anxious to now when it will be too...i am guessing you know why, and also for other reasons...peace bro

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by OnTheDeck

just one? or can I ask more then one, because I will always think of a better one later.

What is going to be the most popular alternative fuel source to our oil crisis?

What diseases are going to be cured?

What is going to be our mode of transportation 50 years from now?

posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 05:02 AM
Big Hello to OTD, ATSGUY, loam, syrinx high priest, & nixie_nox !!!!!!

I am sure your answer will be through shortly loam. Just hang in there.

Hey syrinx !!!! what have you to report about your travels? Please enlighten us with your wisdom.
We had the concert but couldn't find you to get your tickets to you, but I got you a wiggles tshirt
.......sorry bad joke i know.

A warning to nixie_nox. I stopped in and asked a few questions about 40 pages or so ago and ended up going on a journey that I could never imagine so just be warned. You may end up with an awareness awakening.
OTD will answer your questions shortly I am sure.
Your 1st question always makes my blood boil when ever I think about it. The answer from me would be water. But you don't want me to start up on it.

Thanks for the links ATSGUY. The interview with James was awesome. We will have to be on the look out for updates. I hope November is when it all starts.

I was logging in to respond to OTD posts. I wanted to know.............that..........stuff it.....I say what you How do you add to that.
I did want to complain that clicking on all those links wore the skin off my finger and I now need match sticks to hold my eyes open when watching them all.

As the human consciousness expands and grows, we as humans feel the need to build things that we see. So when a group of people decided to build a life sized X-Wing fighter complete with a moving R2D2 and launch it with 4 rockets, you might be able to guess the out come.
I do not think we are quiet ready yet for taking on the Star Ships as shown in the F.A.S.T. Videos or the Imperial Forces, but we have made our 1st step.
Look out ET's we are coming to get you......soon......well maybe in a while.
There is a IE7 link on the page if that link don't work.
I like how it was built for the 'kids'.

While I am in a Star Wars mood, you just have to see this. Some guy has done a re edit on a scene with Darth Vader. Darth Vader being a smart ass. 0.46s
(Sorry that this has little to do with the thread but if you are a fan you will think it is funny)

I promise to have some serious news next time ok.

posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 09:03 PM
Hi, loam, syrinx, ATSGUY, win 52, TD, nixie_nox, Cyber, and everyone else!!

I'm here primarily to pass on the responses from TD to those that have asked questions.

First, loam, you asked,

Originally posted by loam
"What didn't we learn?"


my answer to that would be:
ourselves, peace (know thyself)

I know TD also said that he learned a simple lesson himself that he is remiss for not including in his answer. He's said on a number of occasions that after traveling for what he said could be thirty plus years into our past and future, that in the end nothing mattered but love; as I understood it, as compassion, caring, responsibility, etc.

Loam, you also asked,

Is this another Titor type thread?

Yes and no. TD didn't travel from any other time. He was born in NY in 1973 (think I have that right), and his time travel experiences stem from a six day abduction experience he had in 1992 when he was eighteen years old. His story, however, goes back to, possibly, before he was born in 1973; and his experiences extend from early childhood, long before his abduction, and right on up to the very recent past (within the last two years).

If you click on the word "thread" below my post you'll see only my posts. Start at the beginning and you'll get a clearer picture of what has happened to TD...

Hi, nixie_nox!! Welcome aboard!! You can ask as many as you want. TD may get tired, but he has to answer questions or he'll look like a jerk. This is what I was hoping for when I started this thread ahah kidding...hehe

You asked,

just one? or can I ask more then one, because I will always think of a better one later.

What is going to be the most popular alternative fuel source to our oil crisis?

What diseases are going to be cured?

What is going to be our mode of transportation 50 years from now?


ask as much as you like

concerning the fuel crisis, in my opinion there is no crisis when it comes to fuel going away, free energy is all around us, the controllers and blockers have a crisis though, they are about to lose everything, mostly money and power, that is the real crisis.

with that said, the most popular energy source will be human energy. think of the crank up radio except on a larger scale where the new capacitor is very important

all diseases will be cured or curable to a few rare exceptions, there will be a universal medication or treatment for this that is taken orally and looks like sperm (nanotechnology)

50 years from now, there will be high speed trains, cars running on free energy but not as many cars as today and air travel will be domesticated by a range of anti gravity vehicles but in fifty years production may just start catching up to demand

I personally think that along with the events that are going to come to pass (i.e., contact) that technology will take a mind-boggling leap.

The fuel crises doesn't really exist, even with regard to fossil fuels. I believe part of the truth we are going to discover is that energy, in many forms, is plentiful beyond imagining on this planet. We have been mislead to believe otherwise, and this ignorance and dependence on these minority groups is in the process of being washed away. When the blinders are completely off, the stuff is going to hit the fan.

Cyber, I watched those vids. The Darth Vader one was laugh out loud hilarious...

Hi, syrinx!! You asked,

would I be correct to assume the concert dates haven't been released yet ?

how about the line-up ?

The concert date hasn't been confirmed, but the line up (which I had promised to you earlier) is still forthcoming. I've been on the hamster wheel the last week or two...And it hasn't let up much...

I hear ya, ATSGUY!! I am anxious to know when this concert will come to pass too...To the best of TD's knowledge, the concert will pass before the mass landing, or any major shift occurs. He has, however, said on a couple of occasions that he recalls being "off" by a year or so one something he foretells...We're following right along with TD as he struggles to remember this stuff...

The concert (followed shortly thereafter by the mass landing) can be any time between now and 2012/2013; but no specific date has been given. TD mentioned this when he and I spoke last, but this concert (and this still amazes me) has been confirmed/corroborated by at least four other individuals, all of whom I consider very credible.

The "arrival", "mass landing", "contact", "visitation", or whatever you want to call it has been predicted by, shown to, or experienced by at least an equal number of credible abductees/contactees as occurring within our lifetime; most of these individuals believe within the next sixty months.

Anyone keeping a close eye on what has been unfolding around the planet (including the folks passing on info to me from the fed. gov.) has come to the same conclusion. This is interesting to me, since those of us who have not had profound experiences, contacts, "messages", or abduction experiences are able to put two and two together to come up with the same conclusion...

I wanted to mention that TD had emailed Benjamin Fulford a while back and just recently got a response. In short, TD told Benjamin that much of what Benjamin has been sharing corroborated with TD's own experiences (i.e., powerful groups are running things behind the scenes, etc.). Benjamin responded that he hoped TD was right, and that events were unfolding "at a very fast pace".

I wasn't sure from the email if Benjamin meant with regard to these groups in control, or the paranormal stuff (I suspect the former).

I know from what I am seeing online, and from what I'm learning from within the U.S. gov., that with regard to the ufo activity - it is increasing. They are collecting evidence (i.e., video, photographic, etc.) from around the world. I hope to learn more soon...

The occasional disc sightings have been quickly replaced by an increase in ufo fleet sightings. This is a new phenomena. These fleets of "unknown craft" have been sighted by hundreds and thousands of people in broad daylight (and at night) over major cities around the world. If this isn't the next stage in worldwide contact, then what is? And can you imagine what comes after a fleet sighting of several hundred craft?

I'm stealing from another forum, but I read in a message board thread entitled, ""Gateways are opening" -- Whitley Strieber" that a listener of Coast to Coast AM shared that Whitley Strieber was on and talking about the mountains of correspondences he receives from the public. During the interview in question (from Jan. 2007), the poster says that Whitley talks about people reporting "...many people are reporting seeing 'gateways' opening in the sky where they see UFOs."

It occurred to me that many of these craft simply appear and disappear. If there were to be a mass landing, these particular craft could simply decloak at the same time and just appear in our skies...It's an interesting thought; and one that is, to me, very plausible given the behavior of these craft. Not that physical craft wouldn't journey here, but from what I can tell, many of the craft in our skies have abilities that absolutely defy physics in our dimension...I said "our" dimension ahah

Could these craft be appearing from a dimension higher than ours; and one in which they can easily observe our activities on a scale we can't comprehend? I say, absolutely!

I'll also toss out there that November is supposed to be the beginning of the Serpent Time - a positive time...

Anytime is good for me...

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posted on Oct, 9 2007 @ 07:39 AM
Hey Everyone !!!!!!!!!

I am glad you liked the Darth Vader video OTD. Occasionally we have to have a look at the lighter side of things.

Were you able to make out the Alien in theufokids recent video in his garage? I could not see Can you point out where to look?

Hey I posted a little while ago about not to reflect on the past and I am here breaking that rule
Seriously it is not good for us but I want one last crack, because I saw a post in here that is good for opening awareness. It is about the topic of forbidden archaeology. Things that are found that are so out of place with how the main stream present things that they are discredited and kicked under the carpet.
(That pile of carpet has one huge mount of stuff under it. How much longer until the carpet breaks?)
There is pages of stuff. Just click on the next link at the bottom of the page to go on.
This stuff all but proves that man has existed for a much longer period than is being told or that man has been doing a lot of time travel and leaving things around. Either way this is another area where the clouds will be removed and more will be made known soon.
This is a 6 part video on the same subject. It is a bit cheesy but still worth a look if you are interested.
Human and Dinosaur footprints found together. Crust shifts & info on Ancient Civilizations amongst other stuff.

Ok no more looking back to the past now, OK !!!!!!!!!!

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