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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 10:57 AM
Hi, Cyber, ATSGUY, the banned timedrifter, win 52, et alia!!

I wanted to jump on to pass along a prediction made by Sam Lennov, time traveler, that has apparently come to pass. TD emailed me this when he found it, so propers to go him.

Reuters reports, according to a Yahoo! article, the following,

BERLIN (Reuters) - Bavaria's most glamorous politician -- a flame-haired motorcyclist who helped bring down state premier Edmund Stoiber -- has shocked the Catholic state in Germany by suggesting marriage should last just 7 years...

...She told reporters at the launch of her campaign manifesto on Wednesday she wanted marriage to expire after seven years and accused the CSU, which promotes traditional family values, of nurturing ideals of marriage which are wide of the mark.


In an article TD placed on his website in November of last year (2006), TD cites an article/blog made by Sam Lennov, wherein he states that marriage will eventually become a short term contract and will move away from the romanticized lifetime agreement it had been up until that point.

In the article, Sam Lennov states,

...Relationships will become more intensive and contractual relationships will become more prevalent: sign up for x-year with optional renewals, “Enjoy it while it last, but do not preserve at all costs”.


This article is under the "Predictions" section at Sam Lennov's website.

I thought that was pretty cool. What a bold prediction to make, and then to have come true. This seems like such an unexpected and unorthodox move to make for such a strictly orthodox institution; and this makes the prediction even more outrageous...Was he just taking wild stabs, or is there some truth in Sam's story...?

I also wanted to post a link to a still photo from theufokid's back door "reflection" video that Cyber_Wasp linked to. The photo shows the being/ET that theufokid wants the viewer to see.

After reading your recent post, Cyber, I can understand how these beings are showing themselves slowly, and initially for those "with eyes to see and ears to hear". The notion conjures up the idea of these beings not invading our free will, but allowing us to see them at our own pace/level.

I can see the being now that it's been circled. It's fascinating! But I can see how the door would still be open, in a manner of speaking, for those who aren't ready yet.

Just like you said,

Originally posted by Cyber_Wasp
"You will most likely pass the test if you can see through the clouds,
before the clouds have been removed."

I am listening to these people, and I'm practicing awareness. I'm definitely open-minded...Thanks for your assist there, Cyber!!

I also wanted to add, for Cyber, a link on a Michael St. Clair article/blog on Cold Fusion.

Michael actually has a blog entry where he talks about a dream he had of earth as being a prison planet. The idea echoes what sleeper has been maintaining about earth being an inescapable prison planet, but Michael adds that the changes that are occurring, and will occur, are offering many a chance to advance and move up,

I had a very strange Remote Viewing dream. The dream showed me the Earth as a 'prison planet' and the children being born as ET's. When I say ET's, what I mean is that they come from all over to learn. I was given the impression that disturbed spirits are being sent here and that all this is happening for a reason...

There are 'watchers' who make sure the prison stays the way it is. Although rogue elements are trying to break man free. The problem with breaking free is that as disturbed as the spirits are it is not such a good idea to go wandering around right now, and part of the reason is for the spirit's own protection. The universe can be a dangerous place, and disturbed spirits are an easy defenseless target. [this is something sleeper has indicated]

Michael goes on to talk about the changes occurring,

Anyway, the prison planet has its own reason. Part of that reason is what is coming. There is a big energy wave about to hit the planet and this is a learning experience for all these spirits. Some of them may even waken up on account of being in that energy wave. A few ET civilisations, and other dimensions, have sent their sick spirit people down to earth to go through the great dying experience and the energy transformation of the earth's polar field. Due to the nature of the experiment the wise ones are not guiding the planet, the sick ones are in control.

There always comes a point where the young crows in the nest have to learn to fly. The wise ones cannot fly for them. Although there are a few disguised wise ones on earth to herald this energy transformation, they are also a bit mad (in disguise); because the whole point is that the sick ones learn to govern themselves.

As well as the opportunities being presented,

As a result of the teachers being away and the classroom is free, the crazy spirits are throwing stuff at each other and are living in general chaos waiting for the teacher to come back into the room. If you are wise you can step out of that mindframe and figure out who you are.

It is not really so much that the children being born are wise Indigo children. They are spirit beings with the potential to work with the transforming energies or mess up again. It is not the spirit children who are different, it is the energy that is different. The beings incarnate on planet earth can either keep messing up and being sick or they can change how they behave.


The theory Michael has with regard to why the crazies are in control could make sense in the scheme of things. It's just clear that we don't want them there, and we can recognize that.

When I have dreams of earth, it's typically with saucer craft swooping around...In any event, I think the planet often feels like Clutch sings about it, and how sleeper and Michael describe it, like a Prison Planet...But we're on the verge of escaping...

Also, a link to another Michael St. Clair article for ATSGUY and win 52 on sound and bacteria/illnesses called, "Altered Resonance of Viruses & Bacteria".

Cyber, your first to last post above (posted on 21-9-2007 @ 09:18 PM) where you state in part,

Originally posted by Cyber_Wasp
To make contact (this has been said elsewhere) we have to raise to their level. We have to make an effort...

At 1st glance I thought he had a crappy camera. The Video's contain static and freeze & jitter a lot. Do you think that the entities themselves are responsible for this? Do you think that they are in control of how much is revealed of them at this stage? theufokid has commented that if he gets too close or zooms in too far they just disappear.

Good stuff!! Great post!! I feel as you do that this stuff is going to increase. It's a slow process of awakening and introduction, and being able to observe these first few steps is amazing!!

Thank you for your insights!

And timedrifter, thank you for pointing out the article on marriage!! You're rocking ("peacefully" haahh ATSGUY)...

I'm seeing Genesis tomorrow night (Sunday)...Will report any anomalous activity/phenomena...

Keep on keepin' on!!

end of transmission...

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 07:28 AM
Hey ATSGUY & OnTheDeck !!!!!!!!

OTD your post is posted but I could only read it from your profile. Spooky.

(Edit) It is here now when I posted this))

In your post you posted about ColdFusion - Foams at the Mouth
I should study this area further as well and table some findings here, but it really pi@@e@ me off when ever I think of It hits a nerve.
Still it is an interesting read from the link.....Wipes off Foam.

Also OTD, I had a look at the new Camelot video as posted on TD's site. Marcia Schafer talks about how disclosure is likely to happen and her theory on 2012 with a possibility of alternative realities for different groups of people here.
I was amazed as it is very along the lines of my messages I posted. How do you think her version compares with the messages I posted about the higher and lower vibration paths that people will take?
I did not like the way she couldn't discuss things further because of her contract ect.....grrrrrrr She seems to have a lot of insight.

I am listening to the links from ATSGUY for the interview as I type. It is awesome stuff. Stargates are fascinating. What is your opinion on them?

Oh yes, I will post the link to the video I spoke of in the next post or so.

[edit on 23-9-2007 by Cyber_Wasp]

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 11:57 AM
Hi, Cyber!!

I'm actually just posting briefly to respond to your questions. You said,

OTD your post is posted but I could only read it from your profile. Spooky.

This has happened with your posts as well - NO ONE ELSE'S that I can tell. I will see that you've posted, but it won't be posted to the thread for a while. Sometimes quite a while.

As for my posts, I will see some strangeness when I go to post; and like you said, ATS will show that I made a post at such and such a date/time, but it won't appear in the thread immediately...It's almost as if someone were toying...I'm not being paranoid, jumping to conclusions, or seeing a conspiracy where there is none, because sometimes "seemingly" very mundane events will occur that on their face appear innocuous, but in reality were perpetrated by an agent other than chance...David Wilcock can attest to this...

I have been saving my posts "as I write them" out of concern one of these little "accidents" will cause me to lose material. I wonder if you and I are the only ones experiencing a "delay"...

I want to tell you that this past week, and especially the last two days I have been seeing "11:11" and "5:55" a LOT!! I have a clock on my computer screen, as well as a desk clock right next to it. They aren't close enough that I can see them both at once. At least two separate days, within the last few days, I have glanced at my computer screen and seen "11:11" or "5:55", and then idly glanced at my clock to see the exact same times (My computer clock and my digital clock are five minutes apart; a difference I hadn't noted until just now).

I'm not saying that means anything. But I am saying it's weird.

You also said,

I had a look at the new Camelot video as posted on TD's site. Marcia Schafer talks about how disclosure is likely to happen and her theory on 2012 with a possibility of alternative realities for different groups of people here.

How do you think her version compares with the messages I posted about the higher and lower vibration paths that people will take?

I watched the video. What Marcia suggested, about some people taking one path/course, and others taking another was something I'd actually read/heard about before your posts about higher/lower vibrational paths. Your description, however, of those two paths is right in line with what I've read/heard about, and what Marcia describes in the interview.

I've heard quite a few statements about everyone "choosing" a path (whether consciously at a cross roads, before they were born, or through the choices they make, etc.). The several accounts I've come across about these different paths, including yours, all basically say the same thing just with different wording; or they say the same thing, just focus on different aspects of it.

For example, some talk about human beings going underground; some about human beings being taken up into light ships; some about human beings moving to an earth that is at a higher vibration; some about human beings remaining on a lower vibrational earth to continue a physical timeline; some about human beings stepping into portals that will open around the planet; some about human beings moving into highly advanced protective shelters on the surface of the planet to weather extreme geophysical events; some about human beings being transported to a better, future earth (on our timeline); some about incarnating physically on another planet; and some about human beings incarnating at a higher vibration on another planet. There are so many potential paths that it really does seem as though that, just as there are about 6 1/2 billion people on this planet, that there could be just as many paths after these changes.

Your posts about higher and lower vibrational "paths" are not at odds with any of these descriptions/events. In fact, all of them can coexist as equally valid realities without contradicting each other. All of them are possibilities, and your posts may accurately describe a certain aspect of these paths/directions.
I have also read about different people losing their memory of our current time, including the people they knew, when transitioning into the next world/dimension; but that there would be folks who would be able to remember our three-dimensional lives/experiences, and would communicate that to those that forgot...There's a lot to learn...

You asked,

Stargates are fascinating. What is your opinion on them?

I've heard about physical (technological), as well as not so physical (paranormal) Stargates, or portals. I think they're all fascinating. I can't say I know much about them though. Dan Burisch talks about them...David Wilcock describes the Bermuda Triangle as a sort of natural portal (or Stargate), and that around 2012 great amounts of energy are going to buffet the planet, essentially turning the energy grid around the planet into a sort of portal/vortex that could send our race/the planet into a sort of portal/Stargate...

It's all very interesting...I'm not sure what I think about the Iraq Stargate stuff...Whether it's true or not that part of the reason the U.S. went into Iraq was for some of this technology is irrelevant to me. At least it's not as important as what's happening in my own backyard...Speaking of which, I got an extremely nerve-wracking, loud flyby last night around 6pm, when two U.S. fighter jets roared directly over the house I was in. I was in the underground basement when I heard the roar building up. I ran upstairs and the whole house was rattling (I presume the neighborhood was as well). These two jets flew right over the house I was in and off into the distance. Pretty freaking cool!!

Back to the reflection thing though. Your statements about that do seem to have foreseen the reflection evidence we spoke about recently (i.e., President Bush video, theufokid back porch video, etc.).

If anyone is curious what "path" or "direction" their reality will take - providing there is a separation of our race as indicated in the Marcia Schafer video, and by many others, then I would say you can use your interest in these things as a gauge of where you are headed. How open-minded are you? Do you foresee yourself intent on remaining on an unchanged, strictly physical, three-dimensional earth to continue a slow technological progression; where contact with extraterrestrials is too frightening, or too impossible to accept? Depending on where you are mentally, emotionally, and psychologically, you may have an idea where your path lies - to some extent.

I say, "to some extent", because for many, many people, whether you like it or not, your destiny lies in the stars - and you're going to get there soon; just like the rest of us following along...Some will have a rude awakening...That is, unless you can start to appreciate what is really happening now...

OK, I have to go...Will be back soon...

Peace, all!! Hey win 52...and timedrifter...and everyone else...tick tock...

posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 06:36 AM
Hello OTD, TD, ATSGUY, WIN52 & any other mysterious visitors !!!!!!

Time for a big kick of realization.

Crop for the, don't

Before I post I want to say that I still stand by my comments on symbols being the tool of communication with the psychic mind. The crop circles are still part of this process...........but........

You guys know there is a message in them.......
But what is it?
What are they telling us?
Is it doom and gloom?
Is it something sinister or something that might be of benefit to us all?

Wouldn't it be good to be able to look at a formation and be able to pick out what it is referring to and what some of the symbols mean?

The following two 20min videos will answer all of the above and more.

In the first minute of viewing you will be thinking,
"This is a bunch of Bull@#$%, I will never look at one of Cyber's Videos again."
For the next few minutes you will be thinking,
"Yeah Whatever"
By the 10th minute your jaw will be on your lap and you will understand what they are about as it is all explained. There is no middle ground on this video. It is either B/S or amazing.

I don't what to spoil it so I will wait till you watch it to discuss it further. Please tell me what you guys think.

One thing I also want to point out is that even though the circles have been around for years now, is it a co-incidence that the more important ones that this video talks of started to appear in 1999? This is the start of the Ethics cycle on the Mayan Calender as I have previously stated. There are also more parts of the puzzle to come over the next few years.

Hey OTD !!! I am still getting more and more through. I can't keep up. I have been given more on the split reality / timeline thing also.
I am getting led around through the forums and info is flying around everywhere. I will post next about some more of it. It is hard to post about the feelings I am given at times. How do I describe a shade of grey to everyone? That is how it feels like.
You would know the feeling now. You can pretty much pick disinfo on a page in a couple of sentences now and you move on.

It is funny. The Crop Circle videos from above come from an ATS thread that had very few responses. The other threads around it were probably threads of people complaining that there is no proof of aliens, show me the evidence

and just in from my messenger. I have an interplanetary connection to highlight to you OTD & TD that you have made and don't realize yet. I am getting dragged off to find a link to prove it. I will post about it when I find out what the hell I am being shown. Help !!!!!!!!! Abduction by the HigherSelf…

posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 11:01 PM
hey sry i always come up with these vids, hahah next time i will do a warning so you can have some free time to finish up...haha jp

Anyway i just wanna say that i looked over the crop circle vids, i think i was one of the lucky few that watched it on that other thread. It is very mind opening, and speaking of mind opening i have started meditating and stuff, i dunno i feel its a great way to try and get answers, and just a whole bunch of spiritual stuff.

Other than that there is nothing else to its this waiting i cant stand and i am sure everyone else is with me, i cant even imagine how td must


posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 07:02 PM
Hi all........

Posting an update........... nothing to report, other than seeing a group of saucer shaped ships, sitting stationary while the bulk of the clouds raced by.

It was like seeing them in the clouds.... wierd how that works.....

Things are quiet, but I am clearing out lots of un-resolved issues. I am being led to do this spiritual healing for myself. That part is becoming a thing of the past.

I am no longer hanging on to those issues.

I feel that within a few days or a week, things will be picking up for me. It is my walk.

We need to stop dwelling on past issues and focus on future.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 06:10 AM
Ello Ello to OTD, TD, ATSGUY, WIN52 & and our friends on Mars !!!!!!

Hey ATSGUY it is good to see you doing some meditation. I look forward to you posting some messages when they come through. I find that 1st thing in the morning is the best time for me. If you go to sleep asking the question you might get hit with an answer 1st thing in the morning before your mind becomes active and blocks it.
Try to meditate to that post I did a few weeks ago to the sound of the solar wind recorded out at one of the planets. I always feel immense power from that sound. Let me know if it has any effect on you.

Mr Win52 is still on target so that is good to hear from you. It is appreciated that you find a way to a PC to let us know how you are going.

As for TD and OTD. They have been hiding something from us.
They haven't been up front about their Martian connection
Do you want to explain how you have captured almost identical craft to that on Mars?
Have you guys made contact with them and aren't
I will be most disappointed if you do not make your way over here to show me your new ride.

It seems quiet out in the world at the moment. Is it just me? I guess not watching the news gives you that feeling.
Something feels like it has changed. I dunno what.
I hope it is not a quiet before the storm type feeling. We will see.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 06:58 AM
Hi, everyone!!

I've been reading, but not posting. I haven't had anything to add. It's pretty funny, but I've been stressed and busy with work. I'm getting up early and going down early...Very mundane stuff haaha

I haven't been sleeping well either. I attribute this to stress...I've been having "relationship" dreams, but the women in the dreams are unfamiliar to me. I don't mean physical dreams necessarily, but some sort of close relationship. Of course when you wake up, your connection to that world fades...But the effects stay with you...

I've actually been in a weird mental/psychological space the last week or so. Not sleeping well, strange but unexceptional dreams...All in all though, nothing to report.

This morning I woke up thinking everyone in the world was gone. It's very strange. I awoke with this sense that everyone had vanished and I was (and had been) completely alone...This feeling was so strong that it stayed with me after I was up and walking around...I had to see people before I could confirm it wasn't reality...Strange...

Cyber said it though, it's been really quiet - in my neck of the woods - eastern U.S.. Looks like it has in Cyber's neck too...There are sightings occurring daily around the planet, but it appears to be the same steady, scattered pattern (at least what I've come across). ufocasebook is still going strong...

I also saw that some guy in Kentucky was filming a recent eclipse and captured something moving between him and the moon. There is a ufocasebook page on this report. There is also a thread at Open Mind Forums entitled, "what do you make of this?" where the videographer in question is talking about his video.

Hi, win 52!! I thought it was funny how you check in to say, "Nothing to report", except the ufos hovering near the clouds...Oh, THAT'S all...haha Hope your week is going well...

It has been so quiet lately that I feel like a huge, empty space has sort of opened up. I read somewhere that there is this feeling of openness when we move into a new energy level (or something to that effect), and that it is just calm and open for a bit, and then the negative energies ("lower vibrational" for Cyber haha) move in and resume their tactics...This is all metaphysical sort of speculation...Maybe it describes what's happening now, maybe it doesn't...

I am just experiencing the space created (in all of its weirdness). These times throw you back on yourself. I like being active and feeling like progress is being made. In a way, I'm trusting that even though it doesn't look like it on the surface, that there is an undercurrent that is waiting to push events to the forefront again...It's important that there is a time of rest; time to digest and assimilate...

In any event, I do feel like things are going on behind the scenes. In my case, I feel involved in something I'm not allowing myself (or someone isn't allowing myself) to be privy to...Usually there is a quiet before the storm; and these are the times when events are undergoing preparation from behind the scenes. It's usually when things manifest that they are at their final stage(s). All preparations, events, and physicality, originate in the void, the unmanifest, the subconscious, or the subtler realms if you will. This is the source; and it includes dreams, our reality, other realities, and is from whence everything springs. So a little quiet is fine...

ATSGUY, what's up? I just wanted to say good luck with your meditations. The effect this has on people varies. Some people find it opens up a whole world of stuff; or gives them access to a world of stuff...It's a very passive practice of awareness...This is where you are most prone to receive information. This is how James Gilliland speaks with his contacts, and I'm sure how David Wilcock does as well. To receive you have to be in a quiet, passive, observant state...Maybe my years of meditation were spent on too much forcing a visualization and not being quiet...I had an objective haah Good luck!

Hey, Cyber!! First, I saw the crop circle ship video you spoke about. I saw that video a while ago. To me, unless we can use these diagrams to construct something - which I can't do - then they are fascinating patterns at best. It's interesting how these complex patterns are put into matter (wheat/grass) that is susceptible to quickly being trampled, but also left on its own will have a short shelf life.

It's clear that the architect of these patterns knows we will take them seriously and document them (i.e., no risk of tossing pearls before much as that seems to be the case at the moment...). We will find out what they're for soon enough. I'm waiting to see crop circles in other types of material/landscapes...

I found a website for the Crop Circle Ship. It's fascinating...We're getting there...

I looked at the photo comparison between the ones me and TD took, and the Mars object photos you had...They're similar haha What they appear to share most is their distance from the camera (i.e., too damn far). ahaha

I have not been contacted (that I know of). I had a great time at the Genesis concert (although it was delayed an hour), bt nothing paranormal to speak of...Although they sang Home by the Sea, which was about a haunted house...Just nothing else out of the ordinary...

TD and I have been corresponding, and he hasn't either (that he's told me). It may be like win 52 sees, and that is that October is an active month...

This is my favorite time of year. October is my favorite month; and Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's perfectly OK to me if advertisers want to cram the holiday down my throat (as opposed to xmas), because I like Halloween. haha

TD did say that he sent an email to Michael Tsarion, who agreed to do a show next month, or in November. Michael said he was finishing up work related to a recent novel, and that he would be open to an interview/show in a few weeks or so. That was pretty interesting...What has he got himself into? ahaha KIDDING!!

OK, will update as things unfold...

Take this time to be aware of your dreams, and of your day to day activities. Be aware of your thoughts, emotions, and mental state. For a day or so this week I actually felt like my head was undergoing some sort of expansion, or...Some sort of activity...I can't explain it, but it was a weird mental space...This is why I'm sort of wondering what's happening behind the scenes...

Last week, and early this week I was seeing 11:11, 5:55, and a 1:11...Just being aware...Don't want to write too much into stuff, but the signs can be there, albeit subtle, if you look for them. If you're a psychologist, you'll be thinking that we manufacture the signs by looking for them...You say tomato, I say tomah-to haha

I want to offer a note of encouragement to everyone, especially those who are drudging through a reality they have long tired of, and which they ache to see change for the better. Keep on keeping on!!

Patience is hard to come by, but it will get you through...

May the force be with you!

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 07:09 AM
Apologies in advance if this has already been asked:

Assuming a displacement in time is achieved, how does one guarantee that they will materialise at the destination in a safe environment?
IE not within a solid object (tree or building), in the path of a another large object in motion, an unsafe distance above ground level, underwater (if sea levels have in fact risen significantly), underground (result of earthquake/tectonic shifts) etc etc

I'd hate to to arrive in the future to find myself in the middle of a busy expressway at peak hour for example

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 04:10 PM
Howdy, Pilgrum!!

No apologies necessary. No one else does...ahaha Kidding! Always nice to see a new face...

You asked a question, and TD has an answer! You said,

Originally posted by Pilgrum
Assuming a displacement in time is achieved, how does one guarantee that they will materialise at the destination in a safe environment?

IE not within a solid object (tree or building), in the path of a another large object in motion, an unsafe distance above ground level, underwater (if sea levels have in fact risen significantly), underground (result of earthquake/tectonic shifts) etc etc

The question's absurd. Sorry, I'm in a facetious mood today ahah This is something that TD has spoken about, and someone may have asked about before...Not sure...But no worries - I don't remember seeing it asked, and it's a good one! It reminds me of what happened (ostensibly) with the USS Eldridge in the Philadelphia Experiment.

In any event, here is the answer I received,


That indeed is a good consideration/point, I do remember being swept by water from opening the portal in water as well as seeing the inside of rock/dirt from mountains and things like this. if your research is not up to par these things can/have happened.

I think it got to a point where we would just open the portal elevated (in the air) and then take it from there, I remember this mostly from the days of egypt or atlantis, maybe india, just plain going back far in time, but that is a valid question as well as point.

Awesome question which thus far was unique!!

Volunteer to find out for yourself possibly

I remember that TD said the folks (ETs) who deal with this technology are advanced enough that this is not an issue. TD did say that there were "time masters" (my stab at the term TD used) who have the calculations down to a science. This means, according to TD, primarily, that they are able to use this technology with as small an upset as possible to the times/places they are visiting. I've also heard that coordinates (what TD calls "coords", or "chords") are calculated, taking every element, including changes/locations of physical matter, etc., into consideration. I imagine it's all pretty advanced...

TD has also talked about highly advanced beings basically policing (although neither of us like that word) this technology, so that individuals using it for negative purposes only have very limited access to it; or a limited range of use...There is a lot to be learned with regard to this technology.

From the time that I've been talking with TD, I've learned that our view of this technology, as well as our view of ETs/off-worlders/what have you, and everything associated with these subjects, has been, for the most part, informed by the entertainment industry; and that the reality and profundity of what we are uncovering is going to make everything we "think" we've learned up to this point pale in comparison.

ETs are treated like cartoon characters, or movie puppets; and time travel technology like some sort of sport; like a fun mode of transportation to be abused like we would drive a Ford Mustang into the ground...Human beings have had experiences with time travel, but understanding and appreciating this technology, and the ramifications of its use is a process we are light years behind on. It is something, however, that I believe we will have access to as we advance as a race, as well as a wealth of other technologies and wonders we can hardly imagine.

It starts with responsibility; for ourselves, and for our actions (I can see win 52 and TD nodding now ahaha).

Thanks a lot for the question, Pilgrum!!

I wanted to share that I received a brief email from my friend with the contact in the U.S. government of the acronyms...This friend said the government agency is seeing continued activity, and that they are scrutinizing their evidence (video, etc.). There is a lot of "chatter" within this and other organizations about this activity.

I shared this with TD, and he made a comment to the effect that these folks should have a good idea of what is going on...I say, yes and no. I can't say for sure if my friend's contact is holding back info, but I definitely don't believe this contact is involved in black projects per se.

I watched a video lecture recently in which Steven Greer is talking about his friends/contacts within the U.S. government (see Pentagon), etc. He says that there are a number of folks who want this information to come out (ETs, free energy, etc.), and they would like to investigate and share what they find. But, he says, none of them want to end up like JFK. Greer said everyone wants to be first to be second; meaning, no one wants to speak up first, but probably once someone does they'll all be all over it...There is this element of fear associated with coming forward. I would ask, however, where the Disclosure Project has gotten us...Not far...

The video above is one of many found at They have a recent interview page, as well as an outside video page, both of which are a great source for current info.

One of the videos from the outside links page is a trailer for a movie called The Shift. The movie looks to be a sort of documentary on a worldwide positive social movement. What I got from the movie that made sense was a comment about people not having to be a Pulitzer Prize winner, or some notable person to be a leader.

When I saw that segment, it reminded me of something I had been thinking about for the last year or two. Something that had me somewhat discouraged was the fact that there were no "leaders" (I know, funny...). There weren't any heroic or courageous individuals who sort of set the tone. I mean in music, politics, social institutions, science, religion, anywhere.

Over the last year or so, this philosophy, or mindset, has been replaced by one that sees an equal merit, value, and struggle in every human being. All of the religious teachers worth their salt were always pointing back to the student. Well, watching the trailer for that movie and seeing that line struck a chord with me. It's true. This is the future. No more leaders. If you want to look up to someone, look up to yourself.

Each of us are personally taking responsibility - and we're going to be given more of it; and more freedom. We are seeing everyone we once idolized as they truly are - just like us. The hardest lesson in us losing Jesus, Buddha, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Kurt Cobain, Krishnamurti, and everyone else we may have looked to, or looked up to is to learn what they've been trying to tell us all along.

This lesson continues as we see our current leaders for what they are; as we see our celebrities for what they are - no different from us. The horrible lesson in being lead by by these failed social organizations called governments, headed by individuals who have no business with that sort of power, is a hard lesson in itself. We are seeing our subservience to a leader, or leadership role literally lead us down a path to self destruction.

If you want to find a hero and an inspiration, look no further than at the person now sitting at the keyboard. The ocean of people looking around for a leader are being forced to realize there is none; there is no need for one, and there never was. We invented it. And now we have to leave that behind, and walk along this path under our own power.

We are growing up. It's nice to hear through my contact about folks in the government scratching their head as well...We're all "shifting" together...Well, some of us. Some are getting a spanking...

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 04:36 PM
I wanted to share another finding related to the technique the amateur astronomer used for the images and video seen in Interstellar the Movie. Here are another couple of links to video from Interstellar: Link 1, and Link 2.

I just ran across a new series of videos that have been released in a documentary called F.A.S.T., or Far Above Space and Time. I don't know yet if these are part of the same library of evidence used in Interstellar, but they appear to have used the same, or a similar technique. The documentary seems to be in fourteen parts, and looks absolutely amazing...It's possible we're being duped, but I'd like to wait and see...

Take a look. These are the strangest damn times...

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 07:56 AM
Ello Ello to OTD, TD, ATSGUY, WIN52 & and our friends in the Star Ships above !!!!!!

I came here to post an update on here about F.A.S.T. and OTD had beaten me to it..............sits here and pouts.

The latest one has pictures of the towers on the moon. Surely this can be cross referenced with NASA photos to see if there has been airbrushing.
I was going to say that at a guess I thought that maybe the way that these images are recorded is by using a zoom of a Video Camera through a telescope. I have done a similar thing once when I went to watch the V8 Car Racing with an photo camera and binoculars. It does work if you can get it steady enough.
I am such a nut as I have a telescope here but I haven’t been able to focus the damm thing on the full moon yet so you will not be seeing any pics from me any time I can never line the thing up.

Hey OTD have you had a Higher Self connection to write of yet? I can see it there in your writing. What you said a page or so ago about the entertainers visiting the other planets was surely a higher self message. It really rang through me, and still He keeps bringing it there I said it. I don't get any peace until I post it sometimes.

I was made aware of some other instances in the past when it stepped in.
How often are you at the front row of a red traffic light and when it goes green you start off. I was reminded about one night many years ago in the same situation where the light went green and I didn't go. It told me to wait. Sure enough an old lady came charging through the intersection oblivious that she had ran a red. I would have been collected big time.
There have been other instances when driving where the thought of Police would pop into my head and I would check my speed. Sure enough many a time just a mile or two down the road the Police are doing speed / radar checks.

Look for subtle things like this from your past. They are there. The connection has always been there. We just have to find some instances and the connection will grow once they are acknowledged.

All the stuff I get is religious / spiritual mainly. A recent message I got is about the Anti-Christ.
You know how you are always seeing is so & so the Anti-Christ? Will he destroy the world ? ect ect
My opinion at the moment would be that the US black ops people could be called this. You know with 9/11 and how they attacked their own nation. How they keep all the information hidden ect.
But I am given a firm no.

We are all in part the Anti-Christ,
as we do not allow the full potential of the Christ conscience to come through.
(I do not like the term Christ as it can be divisive to some. I would say Higher Self)
This can only be done with awareness, knowingness and inner reflection.
We look out for an answer, or to others, instead of looking in.
There is more but I don't know what words to use for the feelings.

Hey when is the radio show going to a specific time each week?

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 06:45 AM
Goooooood morning!!

I felt compelled to share what I consider the little signs I've been seeing lately, and equally reluctant to share them, because they could mean nothing.

For the last day or so I've been weighing whether or not I should just post these little things; and for the most part, I have already mentioned them. I think I will, just in case anyone else is experiencing similar events.

First and foremost, the whole clock thing has gotten out of control. I am now glancing at clocks inadvertently, at home, on the road, at work, at other locations - and I've been seeing 1:11, 2:22, 5:55, 11:11, 3:33, etc., three or four times a day for the last few days. Now, I am level-headed enough, and familiar with fundamental psychology (as we all are) to recognize that I could be making connections where there are none. I'm just sharing this.

Also, I mentioned this before, but I've had some strange sensations in my head the last week. I've felt lightheaded, expansive, and a couple of times really turned upside down. I have had some stress at work, and I'm not ruling that out, but I've had stress before. The sensations are different.

Cyber_Wasp, you mentioned in your last post about the comments I made with regard to our entertainers traveling "elsewhere" to perform. I had this realization at a concert a couple of weekends ago, and I am definitely compelled to share with you that when I had those thoughts that it was "more" than just thoughts. When you said "higher self" message, it definitely was of a different order. It was almost as sense of experiencing the sensation of this being a reality...This experience (I'll go ahead and call it that) was more than just a thought popping into my head, because I experienced some sort of mild sensations/emotions connected with these thoughts. I was excited about it too...

So the past week or so I have been in a very strange place. It has been less about dreams, and more about how I've felt...Part of the reason I felt compelled to share these things is that my girlfriend is experiencing similar thoughts/feelings. She said she has been feeling "strange" lately - just as I have. She said she's been feeling "weird", "different", "out of sorts", "lightheaded", and has been drinking a lot of water. It's pretty funny, but she does not drink water. But lately she's drinking up.

Just making note of all of this. I haven't been remembering my dreams as much this last week, and that's odd. Usually I'm remembering just about every detail of my full technicolor dreams. Not lately.

I'm bringing my girlfriend into this because it was at her place that the two fighter jets roared overhead. They were low, and I know every house in that neighborhood had their windows rattling. What the hell was that about? This is also the house where we experienced the two loud thumps.

About two days ago, my girlfriend lost power at her house. I didn't think much of it, except that the weather was sunny and clear, and there was no work going on around her place. I thought it was unusual. Then I learn that my brother, who lives an hour away from me (and her) also lost power on the same day. Strange.

There's more. There are two restaurants that my girlfriend and I frequent. There are actually only a couple that we frequent. Both restaurants, which are miles apart, closed; one due to damage it sustained somehow to the kitchen, and the other just threw up a "closed" sign without warning, and have been closed for the past three days. These incidents are very strange, in that they occurred at the same time, and the locations are unrelated. The restaurant that threw up the closed sign has been, to my memory, open six days a week for the past almost twenty years.

Again, I don't want to make connections that aren't there, but if you were me walking around, you'd think something was amiss - and it is!! ahaha

Add to this that I was driving with my girlfriend through Arlington, VA at around 7:30pm or so (it was dark) a couple of days ago and I see this large, slow-moving craft, flying right over the populated area we were driving through. The craft appeared to be about as large as a 747, or 757, and similarly shaped, but it was closer to the buildings, so it couldn't be a commercial airliner. And it was moving way too slow.

The craft had bright white lights that looked like the lights on the wing of commercial airliners, but they were steady. This craft moved slowly over the city, then made a slow, short turn, so it looked like it was facing me, and then it just sat there. I commented on this to my girlfriend and she made a joke about the absurdity of this possibly being an ET craft. I let it go.

I bring this up, because I've seen video of Europe and other places where street cameras, or other similar city cameras have captured craft flying over a city, or right next to a busy highway and no one reports it, or says anything - but these craft are clearly not terrestrial.

I am watching the skies, and I'm not so narrow-minded to think that these craft could be overhead, in plain view, and still escape notice. After watching theufokid's videos of seemingly terrestrial craft, my eyes and mind have been opened a little bit more, and I am actively watching what is going on in our skies, close to earth. And I would suggest you do as well.

The same night with this craft sighting, which I am happy to admit was probably terrestrial, I heard one or two helicopters outside of my girlfriend's house that actually had a "thrum thrum thrum" sort of sound, and not a typical "swoop swoop swoop" sound that helicopters have. I heard the sound, stopped to listen, and immediately remembered theufokid's helicopter video.

OK, so far that's about it. All of these things separately wouldn't draw my attention, but taken together - having them all happen at the same time, is just outright strange.

In a sense it has been quiet, but in another sense, there's a lot going on. I wanted to share these experiences, in part, because I thought someone else may be experiencing some similar strangeness and they're writing it off as inconsequential...It might not be...

Also, with regard to the "higher self" message Cyber says I may have received. I definitely felt something different about those thoughts. Maybe it was...Maybe I'm crazy as an outhouse rat...

I am still being very aware of what's going on in and around me. I think everyone should. Regarding the above "coincidences" if anyone else has been experiencing these over the last week or two please feel free to share.

I was communicating with ATSGUY, who is taking some time to meditate (I said I would like to soon also). What meditation has done for me is not created experiences, but has created a space that would allow messages/experiences a way to reach me. It's a matter of being receptive and aware. You can't force things, you can only be open and aware...

Everyone have an excellent (and strange) weekend!!


posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 07:47 AM
Now that I've gotten that stuff off my chest ahhaa I wanted to respond to Cyber's post.

Hey, Cyber, re: the F.A.S.T. videos...What can I say...I just ran across them. ahah It looks like we WILL be seeing more and more of these things...

It's no longer a matter of "Will these things hit the mainstream media?" because the Internet has BECOME mainstream media.

I would like to see stats on how many people get their news/information from the Internet. Especially when we are on the Internet during the day more than we're on the television. The Internet offers so much more than the "programming"...Let me say that again - "PROGRAMMING" on television. Not only that, the news keeps repeating and repeating and repeating the same segments...BO-RING!! (a la Homer Simpson) ahah

I can already see television news - at least the current model (see propaganda) becoming a thing of the past (fingers crossed)...It's already in the "Jump the Shark" phase where they hire nothing but made-up, bombshell female anchors (i.e., dropping the pretense and steering ostensibly credible news agencies in the direction advertising has taken; see porn). I would like to see the claws of the powers that be lose the tight and exclusive grip they've had on the American public and elsewhere, and to see the citizens of this country wake up and find the truth. The Internet is telling it like it is, and part of that truth is about what we have been fed through television and media for so long.

There was a thread on another paranormal/conspiracy message board forum within the last month or two that was created by a person who had been researching statistics of missing children. The individual posting said they learned that there was something along the lines of 500,000 children missing a year (I'm not sure on the total, but it was a lot). This person said they started making phone calls to find out if the statistics were correct. This person then said they were warned away from digging any further, and that they themselves, or their family was threatened. It seemed a credible post.

The reason I say this is that the national "news", Quote, End Quote, reports on one story and sensationalizes it. The recent child abduction scenario where a videotape surfaced of abuses of this child hit several major media stations - they pounced on this for all they were worth. This is the state of our current media.

So I would ask, what about the statistics of the other 499,000 children that go missing every year? Is this not news worthy? I have a grocery list of issues with our national media. Moving on...

Part of this movement toward contact, I believe, is theufokid. He, like many others like him trying to get this information out, are at the forefront of the movement. The people who are exerting so much effort in debunking theufokid's videos can take credit for my continued posts on theufokid. Thank you. There are individuals who are uploading videos to Youtube in an effort to debunk theufokid's videos, one at a time.

Why so much effort against someone who is being treated as a nut case? To anyone who watches his videos there is nothing seemingly otherworldly, or of a sensitive nature popping out at you...It would be easy to write this person off as a nut case. But they're not - they're pursuing him...

Just had to send a shout out to theufokid. Keep it up. And everyone else who is seeing/taping/snapping these same anomalies - bring it on!! I'm one of them, and I will continue to post my findings.

Cyber, in response to your question about TD's radio show. I have to apologize in part. TD's schedule has changed so that he is only available weeknights. This isn't an ideal time for me, because I'm up early (no comments please ahha). Also, I think from time to time he isn't able to do it either. In short, both he and I wouldn't be able to do a set schedule between us.

Here's the thing though too, I'm not crazy about the idea of just "filling time". TD and I sometimes exhaust our subject matter, and it's at that time that we usually say goodnight. George Noory, or whomever, has a radio show. They take callers, have interviews/guests, etc. - it's a legit radio show. I can't speak for TD, but as far as I know, his intention early on was to have interviews/Q&A sessions; and we did, starting in Nov. or Dec. of last year (2006).

It wasn't until recently that TD got interested in the idea of doing a radio show, primarily (as I understand it) so he could take calls. He wants to get others involved in this conversation...

He and I may differ on this point, but I would rather use the radio show as a way to share updates/experiences; strictly as a way to share that information. I'm not hot on the idea of getting on the air just to be on the air. I won't mention names, but there are folks who just want to make noise and draw attention to themselves...

I would rather TD and I get on the air when there is something we need to share, and not to simply cover material we've already covered, or to idly speculate further on what is going on. Both he and I want things to start. And I'd rather not merely offer a distraction to people by stating the obvious - nothing has happened yet, but it will...I hope I didn't come off irritated there...Just read what I wrote.

In any event, I hope to be able to say that if there is a new radio show - which could very well be frequent some times and not others - that you can count on TD and I having something to say.

I wanted to respond to your other stuff too, Cyber, before I'm out of room. The higher self stuff is great. Everyone has a different name for the source of these things...They're all valid.

Also, I think it was win 52 or you who said that I would start having access to these things as time went on. I wonder if this is the beginning...TD said that his head has been tingling for a while, and he's had that weird ear thing...tick tock...

I liked what you said about the Anti-Christ. So many people have personified this...Whatever it is. Many have decided for themselves what they've been told; i.e., that it is a guy who will reign terror over the earth.

I was thinking yesterday that Jesus' last name wasn't Christ haah As in, "Good evening, Mr. Christ. Your table is ready..." Was he referred to as "Jesus the Christ"? I'm not that up on my bible. And what did the "H" stand for? ahaha Kidding! OK, no offense to Christians. Actually, if the "Christ" spoken of is as it has been described (i.e., a form of connected, cosmic consciousness), then we're all Christians. OK, I'll back off (no offense to Islamd, Buddhism, or any other religion). I'm not a Christian. I am a conscious entity with no particular affiliation.

If, as your higher self/guide suggests, the Anti-Christ is actually our hindrance of the higher aspects of ourselves to come through, then I'll have to say that explanation is good enough for me. Any energy or being that blocks the higher energies has to be considered along these lines (a "blocker"? ahah).

Cyber, I have to say that your messages carry the light of truth. How else can I say it? Saying "lower vibrational" energy instead of "negative energy" is in itself a compassionate and understanding view of what is simply an obstruction of the greater good; but in that description, it's clear this lower energy is recognized as a simply misguided part of the greater universe that will eventually find its way back. As we all will...

And your description of the terror known as the Anti-Christ offers a less terrifying, and more common sense explanation for something that has terrified people for too long. No more terror.

Your own messages carry the light with them. Not to sound to metaphysical, but if you read messages such as these - ones that don't smack of fear-mongering, then you're on the right track...

Testify brotha!! ahah

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 07:53 AM
Hey OTD !!!!!!!!

I told you so. You nailed it on the head with what you posted about the feelings you experienced at the concert.
Now you know the difficulty I have been having in expressing what comes through to me. Like you said, you experience some sort of emotion that comes through with the thoughts. Or as I would say an understanding or an insight.

I hope in pointing this out, the experiences will now grow as you will make more and more connections from now on. How do you think I feel when reading your post and the understanding comes through that it is a higherself connection he has written about. I ignored it, and tried to move on, but as you will find out you can't as the thought will not leave you until you get it out. I think a lot of your writings contain the same connection but for some reason this was the thing that was singled out to me that you would make the connection with in the easiest way.

The process is amazing as at first you can't really distinguish your thoughts from the thoughts coming through. You do feel crazy and doubt does set in, but just keep going with it. The thoughts prove themselves to you over and over. I seem to have the thoughts about 1-2 days before they are confirmed in some way by something you learn of elsewhere.
When you think of it, you are aware of what you are aware of.
It sounds silly but if you focus your awareness on your awareness then something has to happen.

I am given the impression that this will be happening to a lot of people over the next few years. With everyone it will be different. You will become aware of things in different ways and in a different order. At 'the end' of the process we will however, all be aware of the same things. I hope that makes sense.

I can't say that the clock times work for me as I don't look at I sort of have this thing about clocks and not worrying about the time...(unless it is knock off time at work) The same with the weather. I never look at bulletins about what tomorrow’s weather will be.

With looking at the sky I have over an hours drive to and from work and I spend most of that looking at the sky. (Sounds dangerous I know) To date I still have not seen any objects in the sky, but I will keep looking. Australia is not really a hotspot for UFO activity but who knows.

Lastly OTD is also an evil evil man. He posted that link to the conscious network and I hate you for it. I watched 3 today. You people like to see me in trouble for not getting stuff done around the house don't you?

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 07:53 PM
Hey CyberWasp !!!!!! Oh thats me......sorry

I just wanted to log an unusal dream and some non related realizations.

First of all I thought the dream was of the future, but after reflection I feel that this is not the case.
You could say I visited a futuristic dentist in the
I was given a demonstration of how the technology worked and was under the thought that he was showing me this on my sons teeth. (In the dream I accepted this as my son had recently had dental work even though I did not see him there) In reality (on reflection) the teeth were not human teeth as the front ones were different shapes to ours. They had an elongated diamond shape to them. I do not recall actually seeing the subject he was showing me, nor come to think of it the dentists face was 'blurred' and I did not notice it either the whole time I was with him.
He stuck a thing in the mouth of the patient about half the size of the mirror a dentist uses and he scanned the teeth by moving it through the mouth. An image appeared as on what would be best called an invisible screen a few feet infront of the dentist/patient. The image was just floating there of the teeth as scanned. They were in much better detail than that of our xrays that we get. I remember that after he had finished he could select a tooth on the screen and see it in better detail ect. Thus things that were wrong could be looked at, and problems could be highlighted. The dentist when looking at the teeth on the floating display noticed that one had not been scanned 100% and quickly stuck the tool back behind a tooth, and said 'there' as the screen confirmed 100% detail.
Next thing I remember was my teeth starting to be scanned as I watched them appear infront of me on the floating display. The dream then faded.

I caught the news on the radio last night whilst in the car.
The controllers are still up to their usual tricks. Be on the look out for this one in your country.
Beacuse of too many armed robberies. (In the news report they said like every day when I had never heard of this before) a selection of family type clubs were going to go cashless. They would no longer accept cash, and only debit / credit cards so that they would no longer be targeted by robbers.
We are fast approaching the day were we can no longer 'afford' to have money.
As you know there are fees attached with debit cards and fees / interest with credit cards. Once we are cashless we are at their mercy. Fees and charges rise at will and everything you buy and the places you visit are on record.
Just be on the look out for this, as this is the precursor for more control. I know what your thoughts are OTD on the cash system, but this is taking it to the next level.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by Cyber_Wasp

Hey cyber and everyone

I just wanna say with relation to cyber that lately i have been trying to remember my dreams, and that has led me to write them down. A very significant one was me and a couple of friends were playing soccer on this feild that was a couple of miles long, i think it was a 2 mile football

and anyway i looked up and i saw these things that looked like giant star ships, it had the whitish color of the moon when it is day light, but they were ships and i could only guess that they were almost as big as the moon. i saw tiny ships just standing still in the sky, and one very metallic basic ufo ship near a that point after seeing all of the other stuff i yelled out "look a ufo", that was all that

I have a question for td, well it is more like a general question or something if anyone would like to get a stab at it. I remember watching the interview of Jim Sparks on project Camelot, and he said at one point he asked the grays if he could come with them to their home. The grays said yes, but that he could not come back, i find this interesting because it is a very thought provoking choice. I wonder if people throughout our time have chosen to go if they were abducted ? I know with the case of td's story the girl in the begging of his journey chose to stay on the planet with the 2 suns. It must be hard i mean knowing that you might be able to live in a "almost fantasy land" were there is light speed technology, but you could not come back. It makes me think that we are in zoo, but we also have a choice to a degree. What do you guys think of this?

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 02:12 PM
Hey people...

OTD - During the recovery from my stroke... I figured it would only be a few days and I would be up and about again. Well, sadly to report, I am just getting going better now, two years later. I am not back to full steam yet.

Some things just take time, especially if you don't want to make the same mistakes over and over.

As wasp says, you are more in tune than you understand.

Wasp - I was getting that awareness about cash about the time you were posting that message. This is the first chance to post that information.

With the counterfit bills and all of the forgery, cash will soon be not acceptable for purchases. The big problem they need to overcome is, how can they hide their corruption and drug dealing profits. Cash will still be around for a while. It will just not be used for most purchases, much like we have now.

It is a catch 22 position for all of the illegal and corrupt activities.

Weed itself, is not a bad thing. It is what this herb is connected to that is the bad thing. By buying it, you give power to that negative energy.

I don't have a quote, but these things have been on my plate, which has given me more time to work with this and understand what it is I have to learn.

[colour=green]"This is a big problem for the baddies. They have created the monster that will devour them."[/colour]

Spoke to soon.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 05:53 PM
Do not reflect on the past
Do not worry about the future
For if you make the moment now, perfect
Then nothing else will ever matter

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 06:05 PM
Tupac & Biggie return

I have been a big fan, those 2 guys have created music that just i dunno resonates with the soul in a way. They were before their time, and i dunno i know biggie is dead, tupac i just gotta a feeling he is dead to. When td's said that biggie was gonna be at the concert and i think he said pac too i kinda figured it. I have been listening to their lyrics allot lately and well its kind of surprising, with tupac he says in one of his songs " Expect me n**** like you expect jesus to come back i'm coming x2", and these guys even predicted their own death...yes even biggie did in his songs. I dunno maybe a time traveler went back and told them what was gonna happen, then took them when they died. Its a good theory

Also in a lot of pictures tupac is seen looking up, and pointing up with his fingers in a praying motion type of thing...

listen to some of their albums and lyrics...i think you might see it

Those kind of people that leave a message, and create meaning in life...doesn't it always seem that they go away at the wrong time, Bob Marley for example, i don't think it was his time...its kind of sad if you think about all these great people and many more, they die before their real time is done.

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