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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Oct, 19 2007 @ 06:16 AM
Hello Everybody !!!!!!!!!

Win52 - There's Gold in them there hills !!!!!!! Especially if you go over old inaccessible areas with a good modern metal

OTD has made my mouse finger bleed again with all the link
On the latest FAST video it is suggested that some of the helicopter passengers may not be human. Do you get these type of Helicopters near you OTD?
It is an interesting theory. There is no way to tell because I am sure that it could be a guy wearing some kind of helmet though.
Reading through the thread on which the FAST videos are talked about, they are still saying that they haven't even shown 10% of what they have. The other stuff is much better in detail. There is another person or two with similar footage as well. I wish they would just show what they have before something happens and it is 'lost'

Will there be a Friday Night Radio Show?

posted on Oct, 19 2007 @ 07:41 AM
Here is short video of 1.43m that demonstrates what I have been saying all along about seeing what the eyes can't.

posted on Oct, 19 2007 @ 10:20 AM
Just a quick note to let everyone know that TD/Renato and I are doing a show at tonight, Friday, October 19, at 9:45pm Eastern Standard Time. TD/Renato has another story/memory he wants to share, and we're going to bust on the blockers and catch up...

If TD/Renato can't get his show to start/run right, you can go to my page and we will transfer the show over there. Both TD/Renato and I have different show numbers if you want to call in, but to see the chat board just go through our separate pages when the show is on...

Will post more when I get a chance later...


posted on Oct, 19 2007 @ 03:07 PM

I just wanted to point this out.

near misses by objects links, in this ATS thread

I am sleepy these days.

posted on Oct, 19 2007 @ 04:59 PM
I am adding a short response to win 52's comet post. I had lunch today with my friend with the contact in the U.S. gov. agency.

My friend said that there are a lot of meteor showers that are occurring before they are scheduled to arrive, and noted that this was "bizarre" and "concerning"; that the folks keeping up with this stuff didn't predict these particular time frames...They can't determine what is causing this anomaly in the predicted meteor showers...It's a mystery...(love those...)

Another quick note, the anti-terror drills that were going to be held in Portland, OR, Arizona, as well as countries such as Guam and a couple of other countries are actually going to take place in many more U.S. states, and more countries around the world.

These drills were leaked with minimal locations named, and without accurate dates. In actuality, as I've been told, these drills/practices will take place next week, will take from a couple of days to a week, and will be occurring around the world. These will be large scale drills.

What I'm not sure of is whether or not we will be seeing good numbers of military personnel in civilian areas, or military craft in the skies over populated areas.

I have it from another source that in the Fairfax County, Virginia area that trains have been transporting massive amounts of military Humvees with desert camouflage toward Washington, DC. Don't know if this is related.

Will post again later. Just wanted to drop in my two cents...I'm not alarmed at anything occurring, because I know that the events unfolding are doing so in a larger "framework"; and I trust the process, despite how things may appear on the surface.

A little quote from our friend David Wilcock's "guide",

Choose to accept that there is a divine plan for what is going on. It has been prophesied for thousands of years, specifically so that you would not be infused with fear and worry.

This is not a time of Armageddon and planetary apocalypse. Prophecies have been misunderstood, but if you look at the greater totality of what is being shared from the past, the common theme that comes through is how these experiences pave the way to a so-called Golden Age.


One last thing to share what David's guide shares in the article above about time speeding up,

Take stock in the experiences each day, as time is speeding up. We don’t mean, of course, that it will seem as if the hands on the watch begin spinning faster. When we say that time is speeding up, we refer to the partitioning of emotionally strong events. You will see more and more of them happening in less and less time, and that is the nature of Time’s increase in speed, in the soul sense of the term that we are now speaking of it – though there are other senses that are not as directly related.

Relaxation and faith and trust are currencies in trade whose value is inestimable, for each person’s mind is a personalized version of the collective mind. That is the apparent prison that so many are locked within at this time. The voice of the human collective consciousness is by far the loudest of the influences that are composed by the personality self.

The ladder to the intelligent infinity is climbed by your choice. You are the one to take the next step. You can deny what’s happening in the world. You can ignore the changes, and continue to exist in fear. But when you do so, you are cutting off the influxes of new energy that would be creating inspiration, magic, wonderment and Ascension. When you consciously cut off this flow, it also has a radiant effect on the others around you. Fear breeds and multiplies in many cases.


Hi, win!! I knew you probably weren't sitting out in some rustic setting. You're probably at Martha's Vineyard, getting a pedicure while you wait for a third can of Beluga caviar and another bottle of champagne haha Kidding!!

Hope you are enjoying your journey...Thanks for popping in to say hi!!

I'll be back to post later. Want to talk about the helicopter thing...It's bothersome; and not just the ones flying over my house...

Blockers beware!! Your time is growing short...And judging by the show of force with the helicopters they can sense it...

I expect that if I get a good telescope and can add to the increasing evidence of near earth objects that my little pals on their flybys will increase. Just like the courageous fellows at F.A.S.T., and our friend theufokid (harassing craft Vid 1, Vid 2, Vid 3, Vid 4, and Vid 5)

The movement is gaining momentum, just with the contributions of individuals like those above. I hope to add to it...

Have a great weekend!!

Keep your eyes to the skies...

Ya heard!

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posted on Oct, 20 2007 @ 06:40 AM
Hey OTD, TD, ATSGUY, WIN52 & anyone else that wants an awareness opening experience !!!!!!!!!!!

This one is only up for a limited time so check it out. It was on DVD only but is on Google Video for a short time.
After a 30 year exile from the US after being kicked off secret projects, Stan Deyo returns with this stunning presentation about Anti-Gravity, Free Energy & the Technology of the New World Order.
You will learn how the man made made ET crafts work and how Free Energy devices work and exist. It is all presented in laymans terms for you to understand.
It is 1Hr 17m Long
Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Oct, 20 2007 @ 10:14 PM
Hey guys how you doing

i listened to the latest radio show, i gotta say it was some great stuff (like always) but hopefully we get some people to interview. i have tried contacting Sheldan Nidle's in hopes that he might check out this board and maybe we could talk about his experiences in combination with tds...i think it would be great.

also i didn't wanna bring this up but with regards to td's time line, when he was shown the one were we ended up on the nuclear holocausts path. I find it interesting that there is already talk about World War 3 and i think that this is exactly what led to what td saw in the one time line. But it is a good thing that this stuff is gonna change pretty soon and we will not be going down that path.

Also it struck me in the interview, that maybe i dunno, we are connected in a way. I mean i had to sit down and rethink some moments in my life, i was always interested in ufos and stuff ever since i was little ( i kept it hidden from other...) and i guess this thread actually kicked me back on the horse wagon and really opened my eyes even more so to the possibly and the truth than ever before. Its hard to imagine that the internet would be the place that i would find a " destiny" if you will but i guess this stuff does come in lesser known places. Also they do say that the internet is one phase of the collective conscousness so why not

anyway right now i am trying to contact

- Sheldan nidle
- James Gilliland
- Alex Collier
- Mazal (woman from Israel...said she had a vision of mass landing)
- guy from Vancouver on coasttocoast interview

----Also with my little mention of Israel, does anyone know why it is so important i mean its one of the reasons we are going to war with Iraq and now possibly Iran and as we know Israel has control over the us (and i am not joking about that)----

All of them seem to have corroborations with what td has been through so i only feel that i should at least try to get tds story to them...hopefully they can shed some light or information that would be really helpfully or mind blowing

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posted on Oct, 21 2007 @ 06:16 AM
Hey ATSGUY and all the other curious onlookers

I think we as a group from this thread are connected also. Just wait till the day we are all present in the same room together. I don't know who, what, why, where or how, but it will happen. What an awesome party that will be.

Also ATSGUY, have a crack of trying to contact theufokid. I would love to see what he has to say on the radio show. He might need a little prodding and encouragement to come out and speak as he seems to get a lot of flak.

Things are slowly falling into place in my understanding. The video I last linked to demonstrated that the man made UFO's would often form triangular formations, as this was a result of the propulsion and physics at use. It didn't take long for me to find an example of this. 3.29mins

Did you hear what Stan Deyo said about what happens to time when in one of the craft? When looking out of it, the world outside is in slow motion.
He reckons that they have time to stop the craft and shoot off in another direction. That way the people inside are unharmed with inertia. On the outside we see it zip and change direction instantly. What does everyone think of that theory?

posted on Oct, 21 2007 @ 11:29 AM
I was watching that stan deyo video, when he says they look out of the craft and it looks like everything is standing still, I think that is because it achieved hyper speed or hyperspace. that was a pretty cool video, havent watched all of it yet though.

posted on Oct, 21 2007 @ 07:36 PM
Recently i decided to watch some of the old interviews and stuff, i decided to start with the Alex Collier Interview, and i have to say after all that i have learned throughout these past months...WOW i cant believe how Alex was just right on the ball, and this was back in 1994 he was talking about

-how the federal reserve is private
- the NWO agenda
- Illuminati

And i know that this stuff has been around for a while but i have just recently gotten into it heavily this year and it just amazing me how much he knows and even back then in 1994, i think everyone should watch that interview a couple of times every few

It sucks he hasn't done a update since 2001, oh well maybe we will be the next ones to do one...hahah

Also i wanna lay down some information on a couple of books that i have heard about and read that are really fantastic and to my knowledge are very accurate on what is going on...its always good to read

Dark Mission
fire in the sky
The day after Roswell
The Gods of Eden by William Bramley
Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foes by George C. Andrews
Extra-Terrestrials Among Us by George C. Andrews

also any books by

Micheal Tsarion
Sheldan Nidle
James Gilliland
anything else i am missing

also everyone that is out there, send those people on the little contact list an email/message...just annoy the hell out of them until they come to their senses and talk to jp but at least try

And you know what Alex said that there has to be 10% of the population that rises up and realizes that this isn't life, that we have been controlled...and starts raising their conscousness than this will start happening to many all over the world...i think this is what leads us to the mass landing, and with the help of the internet, documentaries like zeitgeist and people that come out and speak, i can really see it happening. The Ron Paul movement really has shown to give most college students and people in general a push forward towards finding out the truth, and i think this is what really helps us move into the future.

"The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry"

Oh and i did find this out, but i dont no if it is a new interview video or if it is still the old one but check it out...

August 19, 2007 Alex Collier Volume 2 DVD
now available for free by request and
self-addressed stamped envelope
I have good news in that last night Alex gave me his personal endorsement to distribute TO INDIVIDUALS copies of the DVD Alex Collier Volume Two, which is a lecture that I organized and filmed in 1995 here in Tucson, Arizona. And while I do not need permission to distribute it or put it on YouTube, because of my personal friendship with Alex, I am respecting his wishes as to the dissemination of the DVD because it places Alex into the public spotlight at a time when he is already facing several personal challenges. Specifically, Alex told me last night that he sees no problem at this time with distributing copies of the DVD among individuals, but during his current personal challenges, he requested that I do not upload the DVD Alex Collier Volume Two to YouTube. Alex continues to want the information to be shared, but he does not want the additional publicity. In a nutshell, he wants people to focus on the message, and not the messenger.
Under-Appreciated Science Productions is encouraging free distribution of this DVD, except that no copies are to be uploaded to YouTube, Google video, or any such video-sharing site at this time, as per Alex's wishes. Free copies will be mailed via certified mail, as we have had problems with packages sent regular mail magically disappearing. If you'd like us to send you a free copy, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope. We are asking that you affix $5.00 postage to an envelope big enough to hold a DVD so that we can send it to you using certified mail to make sure your package can be well-tracked. Mail to:

Rick Keefe
c/o Under-Appreciated Science Productions
2420 N. Campbell Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719

Keep in mind that once you have a copy, you may duplicate it as much as you'd like and give it out to friends, but without any money exchanging hands, and with the provision that they not upload it to any video-sharing sites. Give them away to all your friends!

A Brief Description of
"UFO Hypotheses featuring Alex Collier, Volume Two"
(released July 22, 2007 at UFODaze)
In the fifth DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series, Collier, a UFO contactee since the age of eight years, speaks openly and candidly to a small crowd of about twenty people on Easter Day, 1995 regarding a great many things about the pyramid structure of regressive ETs that control the highest levels of the shadow government of the United States, and warns of an upcoming abuse of power by the NSA, now evidenced by Patriot Acts 1 and 2, aimed by Congress to upend our Constitution and constitutional government and in the end make Congress themselves irrelevant. Here is the perspective of one group of ETs regarding most of our U.S. leaders, and the very fragile state of our environment, our basic freedoms and our human rights. From a lecture held in Tucson, Arizona in 1995 concerning the collaboration between secret government agencies and leaders who are collaborating with a malevolent ET confederation.

its near the top

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posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 07:13 AM
Hey ATSGUY !!!!!!!

I checked out your link on another thread to the Dark Mission interview. That was an eye opener as well. Good Find.

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 09:04 AM
why do i die

how will i die

when will i die

where will i die

how can i prevent it.

(answer- you were getting in the way of the governement, shot to the temple, 2012, seven levels under area 51, don't sleep with the reptilian girl this time.)

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posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 09:29 AM
Question for OTD,
why did you start researching time travel to begin with?

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 05:45 AM
Hello Spaceranger, ATSGUY, OTD, TD, WIN52 & all cosmic friends !!!!!!!!!

I have finally found a video interview with Dolores Canon. Yay !!!!!
Like I have said before, this lady has to be one of the most credible sources of information as the same message comes through time and time again, no matter which country the person is from in who she is with.
She has refined her technique to the point of picking up messages with the same entities even if it is through a different person each time.
(Insert Twilight Zone Music Here)

Surely this proves that our conscious mind is acting much like a firewall does on a pc and is blocking all of the potential abilities coming through.
Just tell me how I can open up a few ports and let this stuff

Oh and as a bonus here is a collection of Chinese lanterns, headlights, street lamps, swamp gas, helicopters, blimps, and 1 UFO
Anyone notice the Human UFOS in the middle of the Video on Triangle Formation?????

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 06:43 AM
Hi, Cyber, win 52, ATSGUY, TD, andre18, and spaceranger!!

You all are "mad" posting, as they say!! haah I can't keep up. I wanted to say, Cyber, that I watched the Stan Deyo movie. If Stan is sincere, then I applaud him for coming forward. It seems like he is.

The problem is that Stan may be a little in the dark about what our capabilities are currently (in the private sector); and a little naive in hoping that he and his associates will bring this technology into the public sector as a means to challenge the current fuel and technology monopoly the powers that be currently have. The release of, and change over to this technology will not take place in our current social climate; i.e., with the folks in power who are now in power. Period.

I am still with TD on this, and that is that it is going to take more than some legislation, or some well-meaning folks to step out and say I can power your car or your home for free. To believe this could happen otherwise is absurd.

I told TD that I am through watching videos of folks who say they "have it". We've "had it" for decades. Until I'm driving something that doesn't guzzle $3 a gallon I'm not interested in these whistleblowers, or free energy organizations any more. They have a fight on their hands that I don't think they understand.

I got what I needed from the first round of whistleblowers and independent thinkers from these black projects, and that was confirmation that this stuff goes on, and that we have the technology - it's just being kept from the rest of us; using threats of violence, or violence if necessary. Not only that, but also by employing a top to bottom program of stonewalling and manipulation of the media.

Why struggle so hard to keep the rest of your race suffering, enslaved and in the dark? What's the problem there? The reality of this is cruel, infuriating, and unconscionable.

I'm waiting.

I appreciate that you are sharing your finds, however, as you really can't have enough people sharing what they know. When I see these though, and understand the length of time this stuff has been going on, I'm just hoping we'll get more than a lecture out of these folks...

Hi, ATSGUY!! I saw that you're trying to contact some of the paranormal/ufo folks. Between TD and I we've contacted a couple of people. I sent a message to theufokid with no response. Sent one to Sheldon Nidle with no response. TD sent one to Michael Tsarion, who actually agreed to an interview. TD also sent one via message board to David Wilcock, but the mods there didn't like that. They wanted TD to stay on topic ahah I think there was someone else I sent one to, but can't recall...

But good luck to you in getting a hold of someone!! You know TD will talk to them.

I saw the Alex Collier stuff you posted about. I have to check that out...I know his second interview (from 1995?) was just released. Would be curious to see it. Although, I would be more curious to SEE the Andromedans after all this time...Alex was interviewed ten years ago...

By the way, Cyber, I downloaded the Stan Deyo video. I also downloaded all of the F.A.S.T. videos from They just posted Episode 42 and said that they've only released "Level 3" videos. They said, and you've indicated this before, that their videos go all the way to "Level 12" or "Level 15" something like that (it's actually indicated in the Episode 42 video, I just can't remember). I say bring it on!! They've just released those Level 3 videos, but the harassment they seem to be receiving from what looks like the military is incredible.

By the way, my friend with the contact in the U.S. gov. acronym has shared that the green helicopters are regular cops(?), and the red ones are military. The green helicopters in the F.A.S.T. videos look like Air Force, or military of some sort. The F.A.S.T. guys are suggesting these may not be piloted by terrestrial beings. I wonder if they have the color coding off ahha My friend said that there were red ones, green ones, and two white helicopters flying over their house this past week/weekend.

Hi, andre18!! What are the odds that someone will die with all of the conspiracies tied together. It's a phenomenal death. You've tied gov. murder, 2012, Area 51, and the reptilians together!! ahaha If you wanted to go out with style that's one way to do it...

I'm actually somewhat convinced that could happen though ahah

Bienvenido, spaceranger!! You asked,

Originally posted by spaceranger
why did you start researching time travel to begin with?

Well, it all started tomorrow...No! hehe

I didn't even have time travel on my radar until I met TD. Apart from Back to the Future, the notion was too far out; and the only thing I'd heard about it was from scientists speculating about the possibilities...And positing the paradoxes...

Since I met TD I've become more convinced of it as a reality; although the whole notion of that and other advanced technology (i.e., the ability to manipulate our physical universe in such a manner) is beyond my comprehension.

The subject is fascinating, and I believe TD is sincere and credible in what he's shared about his time traveling experiences. I hadn't put time travel together with ufos before I spoke with TD; except to say that I was sure these beings were capable to time travel...I think that our limited view and understanding of our universe is undergoing an upgrade.

We are still trying to parse apart the matter around us in a limited way; and what is being introduced to us is that things may not be as they seem. It seems that the notions of faster than light travel, time travel, and the sense of a solid, strictly physical universe must be reevaluated - whether we like it or not.

I believe TD time traveled in some form, as well as had some other physics-challenging experiences. And I believe he will do it again. All of us will be experiencing these things to one degree or another. Even on our slow evolutionary path, without outside assistance, we're quickly getting there...We are getting help though...

Thanks for the question. I'm not sure I answered it...

Hi, again, Cyber (cosmic friend - good term)!! Re: your last post about Dolores - I will watch. I was looking over the video section recently, so it's funny you post that...haha You kind of beat me to it...

OK, I didn't just come on here to chit chat. I actually stepped outside yesterday afternoon, Monday, October 22, 2007, and snapped about fifty pics or so of the sky/clouds, etc. I was home early from work and decided to sit out and ask for a sighting/communication. To my astonishment, I captured a whole lot more than I bargained for...

I will include the highlights in my next post...

Thank you all for your thoughts and insights!! I hope the pics I got will offer further inspiration and encouragement!!


posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 07:15 AM

I got home early yesterday afternoon, Monday, Oct. 22, and stepped outside hoping to capture something above my house. I've gone out and taken fifty or so pics before, and had something show up in a couple of them. Those pics are posted at TD's website in the "Photo Gallery" (which is where these will go too).

Because I'm short on time, I can't offer much of a description except to say that what I captured (and what I'm posting in order) is as follows: Dark anomalies, light sphere phenomena, saucer-shaped anomalies, and flyovers by (presumably haha) terrestrial pests, whom I affectionately call, "Sky Buddies". Oh, and there's a pretty rainbow...

Dark Anomaly Pics:

DA9 - with small jet
DA10 with strange ring

Saucer Shaped Anomaly Pics:

Saucer Pic 1
Saucer Pic 2
Saucer Pic 3 - near strange rainbow cloud

Light Sphere Pics:

These light sphere pics are, I believe, of the same sphere; it just moved pretty quickly (about 2 - 3 seconds) to a different location between shots.

Light Sphere Pic 1
Light Sphere Pic 2 - diff. location


At one point it occurred to me that sometimes when an individual is in the picture, certain phenomena will have a tendency to appear. I've done this before with orb photos. I have snapped photos of a room and not see anything, but every time I have someone take a photo of me these orbs are flying around...

I decided to do this yesterday and just shot myself with the sky behind me. This first photo shows two dark, anomalous craft to the right of my head:

Self-Pic with Dark Anomalies

I didn't look at the camera, but snapped a second pic about five seconds later. What appeared behind me made my jaw drop (as did all of the strange things I captured yesterday).

It's clearer on the high-res pic, but if you look closely, it appears that there were several, possibly a dozen, light spheres in the same spot as the dark objects. It's almost as if these dark objects were meant to draw my attention there...

Self-Pic with light speheres

I included a close-up of the area where these objects here below:

Close-Up of Light Spheres Pic

Almost as if to say, "Hi, stop photographing a-hole" a helicopter flew right over my head, and over my house haha

Heli Pic over roof

I snapped a pic of this same heli when it was right over me (before I snapped it flying over my roof). I captured something that could be a bug along with it, but wanted to share because of how strange it looks.

Heli with strange bug

Sky Buddy Pics:

In addition to the party going on over my house, I also captured some jets and jet streams.

This first pic includes a jet I didn't even see when taking it:

Sky Buddy 1

This next pic is of one of the infamous "chemtrail" jets (call it what you will), who STARTED his stream directly over my house:

Sky Buddy 2

Here is another pic of his jet stream about three to four minutes after he'd passed:

Sky Buddy 2's Jet Stream Pic

Here is a pic of this same jet, passing the rainbow anomaly I showed with a saucer craft (above). The jet stream disappears behind the rainbow(?):

Sky Buddy 2 and Rainbow Pic

Red Sky Buddy Pic:

Finally, this strange red-bellied plane flew over my house, following a lingering jet stream left by another plane. Strange. And this red jet seems to have some fat equipment in the mid-section of its underbelly...I have high-red pics for these that look better...

Red Sky Buddy Pic

All in all, yesterday was a weird and cool day!! I must have said "OMG" about ten times, looking these photos over.

I hosted them temporarily at ImageShack, but will be posting them at TD's Photo Gallery soon. Just in case there are linkage problems...

The pictures don't lie...This is weird...

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 12:22 PM
I wanted to point our readers to a thread that mengaurd just opened called, "We are Gathering".

menguard is the tenacious author of the thread entitled, "Higher light answers for questions", which I have been reading (and sometimes cited) with great interest for some time.

menguard's first question in the thread is,

I would like to know how many have recieved this message?

In a post about two-thirds down the first page he asks,

Quick ananlysation on all parties in considered of?

How old are you?

what race/creed are you?

Where in parts do you live, not specific but a generalization.

Are you open minded?

Have you experienced outside interference as far as spirit guidance goes?

Do you like (feeling things) out first before you act?

(I am gathering as much information as possible.)

Do you have (E)xtra (S)ensory (P)erception?

Have you experienced life or death changes?


Seeing as how I've been experiencing such an increase in my personal observations, I wondered if menguard's thread strikes a chord with anyone else...

I really have a sense that it IS happening, but time will tell...

P.S. I took this photo this past Saturday, Oct. 20:

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posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 08:40 PM
dont know if this is a repost but interesting stuff here, I may have overlooked this but I think it is very interesting and thought it may tie into this story here and the posters may enjoy.

Google Video Link

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 09:04 PM
reply to post by OnTheDeck

That brought up a wild idea. I wonder if when you would go back in time and not necessarily kill you but may be, interrupt your conception (however painful it may be to see it, if it happens....), if you would cease to exist in your own "real time." When you whacko's get this thing up and rolling, U2U me!

Trial by fire.

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 09:32 PM
If he was from the future, I'd ask him, "what are the winning lotto numbers?"

If he was from the past, I'd ask him, "when you return, can you relay today's winning lotto numbers to myself?"

Seriously, I might ask him, "so what parts of the U.S. are most devistated by the nuclear war/winter?"

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