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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by skunkworker

again great video, would you mind looking at the time you posted i dunno it just hit me when i looked...

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 01:07 PM

Originally posted by sputniksteve
Hi. Sorry im late getting in on this thread, but I would like to sign up for time traveling. You can contact me now or then, either way is fine. I'm really excited about it. Thanks!
welcome to the posse, now all you have to do is pass the brain scan and your good to go!!

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 04:50 PM
Hey Cyber Wasp and JSR,
I got your u2u's but I cannot respond till I have 20 posts, just want to say thanks and CW I would love to hear more and I agree and I been feeling all wierd lately.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 10:15 PM
Hi, Sytima, Cyber_Wasp, DaleGribble, skunkworker, ATSGUY, win 52, sputniksteve, and everyone else who stops at work between phone calls or business meetings to see what we're doing; who puts the kids to bed and hops on to see TD get banned again; who stayed up all night to study for an exam, but got distracted; who is on a government or military computer, trying to find out what your associate does that he can't talk about; who is in another, non-English speaking country having their friend translate, or (and I know TD will like this one) who just had some really good sex, your boyfriend/girlfriend left, and you're on the computer - greetings!!!

Was that a big enough hello?

I made a little piece of art for the folks sympathizing with our plight here in the Skunk Works section; and for the folks IN the Skunk Works section.

I wanted to thank everyone for posting and sharing their experiences and thoughts!! I've had a strange week...It's still strange. skunkworker says that he's been feeling weird - well I can relate. I had very strange ufo dreams earlier this week. I got into a brief exchange with an individual posting at another message board, who is presumably channeling a gray (or other) ET.

But all this week I've been foggy, unable to focus, and lacking motivation. I haven't felt lethargic, but just...strange...I feel somewhat disconnected...skunkworker says he's been feeling strange, and I wonder if we're not the only ones...

I've also had virtually no time to myself, had some computer troubles...

Hi, Sytima!! We've been told it'll pass. We're waiting...Thank you for posting. Hope you are having a strange week! Keep reading...

Bonjower, Cyber_Wasp!! I was wondering where you got your avatar, and what it meant...I wanted to say that what you and win 52 said about some large objects just appearing in the middle of populated areas out of nowhere is a fascinating possibility. That would be awesome!!

Wassup, DaleGribble? You asked a loaded question. TD will say that he has memories of being at Jesus' crucifixion (long story...It's covered somewhat in this thread), but also that some form of hologram, or technologically created effects surround this event.

I've been curious about this aspect of the end of Jesus' life, according to TD, because it makes you wonder if TD was present to see how events around Jesus were manipulated for effect. TD basically says that after Jesus was on the cross, that he was (if I remember correctly) stabbed, and then these "events" started occurring in the immediate vicinity, all of which TD believes may have been technologically created...Why?

There are a lot of questions about the origin of, not only Christianity, but also other religions. I watched the Zeitgeist movie, in which an attempt is made to explain the origins of Christianity. I don't know what the filmmakers' source material was, but I WAS aware that the deluge myth is something that dates back to the Babylonian flood myth in the Epic of Gilgamesh. I'm not a religious historian, but it was easy enough to skim the above material and see how Christianity could take from it.

We are going to learn the origins of this religion, and will understand how and why it was manipulated very soon. There is enough information already available to understand, to some degree, how and why it was manipulated, but a full, clear picture will be made available to all soon. Don't send any money in to any televangelists until the verdict is in. ahaha

Hi, skunkworker!! haha Keep on rockin', young man!! Your time and energy is appreciated!! I watched the video you posted. It's engrossing. I'd actually seen an older version of that exact same lecture from that same guy. Just waiting for these things to come to pass...

Hey der, ATSGUY!! I think it was TD that said the animals would evolve to a point where they could speak. He definitely said he's met dog people, I think cat people, and others. He's said it on several occasions, and when he does that I know to listen. ahha And you're right, skunkworker is definitely a blocker...haaha

Mr. win 52!! Tomorrow's your day!! I'm excited and somewhat somber about the occasion for you...Somber may not be the right word...I've left many a place in my time, so I imagine I know what you're feeling.

Glad to know you've done a lot of "clearing" as well. It's all important.

My thoughts are with you, and I know TD's and many others' are as well. I hope you get everything you can out of your journey!!

Look forward to hearing from you...Peace...

sputniksteve, welcome aboard (I mean the message board...)!! I see by your avatar you already have your mission suit. haha You're never too late!! TD and I agreed though, that we would not contact anyone volunteering yadda yadda yadda You've made your intentions known (which I'm learning are known before you even voice them), so just sit back and enjoy the unfolding. I hope you get a visit.

There are so many posts that when I can get around to it, I find that I'm just responding and saying hello haha

I wanted to share the brief exchange I had on another message board with a person claiming to be channeling an ET (a gray?).

Will post that next.

Thank you all for your excellent contributions!! Keep reading...Every day we're another step closer...

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 10:56 PM
I wanted to post about an exchange I've been having this week on another message board forum, who banned me for mentioning Above Top Secret (I'm hoping that banning isn't a two-way street haha). To be on the safe side, I'll just share some excerpts and offer a link to the pages in question.

There is another public conspiracy/paranormal/political/whatever message board where an individual in a thread entitled, "++I AM A EXTRA TERRESTRIAL++ ASK ME A QUESTION AND I WILL RESPOND++" says that they are channeling an ET (in this case friendly, and possibly a gray?).

I posed some questions to this poster, who calls himself "ST in BG", and who simply passes on messages from his ET contact/guide to the board in response to members' questions. I will include excerpts of this exchange below.

I asked some questions about TD, who had also posted there as "timedrifter" (and who was also banned ahha),

First, do you have any information on the individual posting here as "timedrifter"?

**Specifics Would Be Of ... "Confidential Matters" ... Which Are Not Accessible !!

(I linked to TD's thread on this website, and to his website)

**We May Have ... Though Of "Confidential Matters" !!

Also, do you have any information with regard to a
"concert/contact event", and the "mass landing" that timedrifter remembers experiencing, and says are going to occur in our near future?

**No ... No Information That We Can Share !!


You may be able to see a pattern developing here. I didn't get anywhere, so I tried to get something - anything, from this poster,

Your response held no information, save that to answer would mean disclosing information about "Confidential Matters". haha

**It Would Mean ... Infringing On "Private Matters" ... This Is Correct !!

That's OK, but can you say what would qualify information as being "Confidential"?

**No We Cannot !!

Does this mean it is improper, or disallowed to disclose
personal information about a specific person,

**It Is Not Allowed ... Without Sufficient Reason(s) !!

or is it with regard to the sensitivity in disclosing the information this person is sharing?

**It May Also Involve These Factors !!

I don't mean to try to get you to give something away, but
would like to have some information with regard to timedrifter's claims.

**We Understand !! ... Though You Would Desire ... To Have This Information From Us ... Of Which Regrettably ... We Cannot Provide !!


See what I mean? I decided that ST in BG might be sparing on information, because I was asking about TD. So I decided to just ask about myself,

I will not ask about another person then, and would like to know about myself. I give you permission to seek info about me, and to share your findings here.

**We Cannot Share Such Informations ... Over A Public Terrestrial Forum !! ... You May Ask Of This Directly ... In Private !!

Do you have information you can pass along to me about what I am involved in now with regard to timedrifter?

**We Do ... But It Cannot Be Shared Here !!

Is what timedrifter has shared with me about myself accurate, or based in reality?

**We Cannot Say !!

Have I spent time with timedrifter in the sense that he says we have shared time together (this has to do with his disclosures about our future)?

**We Cannot Say !!

Do you have any information about my role personally in what is happening on the planet now?

**We Cannot Say !!


Stonewalled. haaha I think there's a government job somewhere for ST. This was pretty frustrating. Here we have an alleged contact who is willing to answer questions, but the only answer I seemed to have gotten is "Private Matters", "Confidential Matters", or "We cannot say".

I then asked ST in BG to email me if this was considered not for public consumption (I can't say I wouldn't have posted the answers/information I would have been sent). ST in BG responded,

**We Cannot Share "Private Information" In This Way !! ... Such Information Needs To Be Asked Of Us Directly ... By Yourself !! ... We Suggest To Find A Setting/Place (Natural If Possible !!) ... Where You Will Not Be Disturbed/Bothered !! ... You May Ask Verbally Or Mentally ... Of Us ... What You Would Wish To Ask !! ... In Asking It Is Not Necessary For Elaborate Ritual, Settings, Clothing, Devices, Ect. ... Just Be Yourself ...
And Talk To Us ... As You Would Talk To ... A Close/Dear Friend !! ... The Main Points Are ... To Not Ask On A Whim ... To Be Honest In What You Are Requesting ... And To Show Proper Respect ... To Those Who Are Listening !!
... In This Way ... The Chances Are ... That The Petition Will Be Heard ... And Perhaps ?? ... Acted Upon !!


This last response sent me into a brief period of introspection. I was musing on finding a nice place outside, sitting down, and sort of following ST's instructions when it hit me that I've already done that; many times.

I posted a frustrated response that you are welcome to read on page 337 of that thread (also linked above).

ST responded with a brief addition as to why nothing could be shared about me specifically, or about TD,

**It Is ... As We Have Stated !! ... We Are Sorry You May Be Bitter ... For Our Responses ... That We Decline Or Refuse ... But This Is ... For Ones Own Privacy & Security ... And Of Respect To The Individuals So Involved !!

ST also described briefly how it is he/she was allowed to do,

**Well ... We Have Consulted The Computers Aboard Ship ... Of The Linear/Time Reference Points !! ... To Be Able To Discuss Certain Matters ... In The Limited Fashions ... Of Which We Are Allowed !!


If ST is really channeling an ET, then my pushing would be understandable from where they're sitting. If ST is not legit, then the pushing was deserved and necessary.

My overall impression, believe it or not, is to believe ST is real. I did have a sense that the messages were sincere. And if you read enough of them, they have this feel of being very progressive and enlightened posts; even as terse as they are...

I intend on reading more of ST's posts. As I understand it, the thread was originally opened by someone as a joke, and ST jumped in. Of particular interest to me was a post of ST's on page 205,

User ID: 18077
8/1/2006 10:52 AM

Perhaps you could offer a champagne reception, ha!

**Actually You Have Touched On Something We Already Have Planned !! ... We Have A "Welcome Aboard" Celebration All Planned & Ready !! ... A Giant Party !! ... With Foods, Drinks & Desserts Beyond The Imagination !! ... Everything Will Be Decorated In Great Colors & Streamers ... Everything "Decked Out" For The Occasion !! ... Even "Dancing Beneath The Stars" !! ... Hee Hee Hee !! ... We've Thought Of Everything !! ... And If There Is Something Missing ... Some Food, Drink, Dessert, Delicacy Or Environment That We Have Forgotten Or Left Out ... We Can Readily Have This Appear ... As If By Magick !!


I betcha ST likes him some Slayer...ahaha ST is really talking about the changes that are occurring, and in particular is enthusing on the changes that are just around the corner. Big changes that will affect the entire planet. This message seems to be the main throughline of ST's posts...

So here's to the changes and everything that comes with them!!


posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 12:08 AM
“who stayed up all night to study for an exam”

Ha-ha nice one, OTD I would just like to say that out of all my years on ats which ( I lost my ats virginity about 4 years ago when I first logged in…lol) You posts have become the highlights of my days lurking and posting on this thread, I don’t think I have seen anyone post as well even on other threads…and I am not saying that the other people posting don’t post good stuff, its just that OTD you make it almost as if it was a well documented scientific super post…honestly man you have some great work done and tons of information…rock on.

OTD I have read some of the posts that he has given to other members, I guess there is a good reason he didn’t answer yours…oh well that site has allot of people in a mess…it lift me scratching my head though

Win good luck tomorrow…peace be with you

I would also like to say something I found out, Ian Xel Lungold, the guy that made the video on The Mayan Calendar Comes North which is probably one of the best explanations of our evolution and future dealing with the Mayan calendar. I found him to be a bit fruity…lol but he is still a person that has much knowledge of a subject that has probably brought us all together into the coming world of the FUTURE. I find it sad that he passed away on November 16, 2005 at 2:35 am, he died from cancer. I think he would have really wanted to see what it would all look like in the end, oh well time will tell…and speaking of time travel…lol you get the idea

The guy gave the world a new understanding of the myan calendar and things to come, he was very accurate, but I guess he may have been off on some calculations but on almost all of the things he said in the video we have seen happen…in time we will see it all unfold.

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 07:09 AM
Hey OTD, SkunkWorker & ATSGUY !!!!!!

From what you said OTD is SkunkWorker still working here?

So why have you guys been feeling down lately? There is plenty of Energy out there, just tune in to it. Watching the late afternoon sky with a setting sun always helps me too. Love the colors.

I told you guys the other day that reflections have been catching my eye lately. This was posted in another thread. The Grey behind President Bush
It doesn't really matter if it is real or just a reflection. The issue is the thought of it being there. We are slowly peeling the banana strand by
strand and opening up the awareness. Look in the reflections, there will be more signs to come.

OTD, it was really suspicious about the responses you got in the other thread. If you want me to have a crack on a different angle let me know.
By the way, does any one have a question to test me out? My messages seem to be more of a spiritual nature rather than predictive for the most.
It may take a few days before I am hit with an answer. I will try one or two to see what happens if you want.

I tried one myself. I asked who was Jesus?
I got back, A person from a higher density that was sent to live in this density whilst still having the higher density attributes.

For TimeDrifter I got one for you if you are down and are having doubts.
Just remember that there are 100's of thousands of people that have time travelled and don't know or remember anything about it.
Do you really think the ET's can round up a craft full of people. Then process and return them within an hour or so?
People are gone for longer periods than you would ever imagine, but are returned not long after they are collected.
It is not an accident that you have remembered.
Answers remain out of reach,
but your arms are growing longer.
(This bit is for me, but can apply to others. I have doubt about myself at times.)
Doubt only serves to block the connection with your knowingness,
and can not exist with certainty.

Skunkworker I will check out your video over the weekend. I noticed it goes for an hour and a half

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 11:07 AM
I see things are moving along.

My car is loaded to the gunnels.

Strange things in the wind. I needed to get rid of my couch. While moving thursday, by chance my neighbour on the 3rd floor happened by as I was taking the last few things out to the truck. My couch, where I planned to sleep thursday evening was the only thing left. I had not planned how to get rid of it. Me carying it down was out of the question.

Out of the blue, I asked him if he needed a couch. He said he was just going to buy one soon. He came by, looked at it, and bought it on the spot. We carried it next door the next morning.

My dad, 78, was surprised at my fortune. It was almost like it was made easy for me. Some one hit the easy button.

I am gratefull for the way things went with my move. Most of my things are in storage for the moment.

The last week, my dear uncle passed away leaving me enough to not wory about funds for the next while. That was a sad day, he was a good, hard working, gentle giant of a man, 86 years old, killed by the medical system. They left a sponge in him, after a hip replacement, from which he never recovered. He was taken by infection, and possibly some other complication. Nu autopsy, as no foul play was suspected.

Thank you, Uncle!

Things seem to be working towards a bit longer of a delay, for me.

"The timing is important for your travels. You are on a type of leave at the moment, use this time to visit with family."

What can I say?

I always seem to shy away from being in the limelight. Using other peoples computers now, will limit my time. I am going to use the advice, and spend the weekend visiting family. In fact, the next 2 weeks will be spent clearing things.

I do not expect things to pick up till October. I do not have any information about my "orders".

OTD, what that guy's Greys were saying, fits here. We are waiting for a timeline. That timeline is changing a bit, but the most important thing we can remember is that we are being prepared for these things. When this does start up, we wont run and hide, we will be at the front.

I know ATS has had some positive changes in his life. I understand others have as well. I know things happening in my life are very positive.

SW, all I need is some of those liasons you like...He He He... We need to blow off stress once and a while.

If you are discouraged by things not moving along fast enough, keep up the remembering.

I hear people will not be aware of this, for the most part, till a large event takes place. They will be sleeping. Busy being mired in the system, trying to make ends meet, while paying the pipers.

Of course, as ever,
"The opposition is working harder to keep their controll. Their time is growing short."

Do you have any clearing issues to resolve? SW, I get a lot of static when I ask about whether or not you need to do some clearing. That static says to me that there is. I can't get a clear response.

"Telepathic communication is heard by both sides. In the new system, all will be working for the same outcome. There will not be two sides"

This is another key. I wonder how many keys there are?

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 05:40 PM
Hey Win52, glad to hear things are going well for you, I am glad, I havent been too down lately, just my wife makes me nuts sometimes.

anyway, forgive me, but I am unclear on the clearing thing, what do you mean by that, is there an exercise I need to perform or something?

if it was already posted in this thread I am gonna feel dumb, LOL

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 07:53 PM

Originally posted by skunkworker

anyway, forgive me, but I am unclear on the clearing thing, what do you mean by that, is there an exercise I need to perform or something?

It was a link to David Wilcock's site. I found it there, printed it off and just read it last week. He talked about going back to Colorado, I think, to where he went to High School.

He had to get rid of issues, or......

"You need to face things you wish you have done/or done differently in the past, that were un-resolved, in an effort to clear that issue."

...That was your message

If the third edit doesn't fix it, I will stop.
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[edit on 15-9-2007 by win 52]

Ok, I don't give up easily.

[edit on 15-9-2007 by win 52]

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 10:47 PM
Hey SkunkWorker OTD, ATSGUY & Win52 !!!!

As usual Win52 you are right on the money with what you say. I always find something to take on board with what you say. I understand your message with what you said to OTD and the Greys.

Mr SkunkWorker. Thank you very much for posting your video link the other day. I have gained much, from having watched it. More things are falling into perspective in my mind.
The funny thing is that the link is part 1 and when I went to watch part 2, it said it was unavailable. Sooo at that moment I did curse just a little bit. I then did a search and was able to obtain another lecture that was done in 2002. So I got to watch it that way.
As it turned out it was interesting to get the earlier copy as he was speculating about what would happen in years 2004,5,6,7 ect and at first you would say that he was wrong. But then it hit me.
The Internet is the consciousness that is being developed in this phase. It is the precursor to having a global consciousness of the mind.
All the stuff he was talking about is / has happened on the net. If you are aware and use the Internet in this way then you can see that we have had disclosure. We have met with aliens ect.
He was talking about the pace at which the consciousness was expanding. How it will be hard to keep up ect. ect....The Internet. Our thoughts are manifesting there. This is where our creations can be seen.
You know when you walk around the office, stop and have a look at what is happening. People are on the net every chance they get. All doing their thing between calls / work.
Now is the time to be aware of this and why it is happening. By the end of this phase in 2011 we will pretty much have an Internet where anything you can imagine will be manifested in front of your eyes and on demand.
Look at Google Earth. Where will that be at in 2011? I will say it now. Pretty much every structure in the world will be rendered on there. Probably the insides of buildings as well. You will be able to visually visit and walk down any street in the world. Where ever your mind wants to go, it will go.
Just as I am typing right now I am getting that Google Earth in the near future will have accurate recreations of major cities for past time periods. You will be able to explore them as well.
Do you see the connection? Our consciousness is being prepared.
The last phase he talks about will only be a year in length and will be rapid.
Now that you are aware that you can see and visit any place in the world or have anything you can think of appear in front of you on a screen the next part is for your awareness to create it in the physical world.
This is then were we are going with what David Wilcock is speaking of. This is the realm of the 4th Density. This is where we can make the Jump that I spoke of if we want to.

Ok. Now the spooky bit. My messages. In fact the last one I posted.

Doubt only serves to block the connection with your knowingness,
and can not exist with certainty.

At the end of the Ian Lungold video I was watching. I know I keep saying this, but I fell of my chair when the last thing he stated was about certainty. How it is needed with all these changes going around you. It is needed to keep you stable ect.
My exact words when he said this was "This is f*****g b*** s***"

I get something and write it down, then my 'knowingness' somehow confirms what I wrote a few days later when I find and view it on the net.

Hey OTD !!! Have you tried the visualization exercise yet that I outlined a little while ago? It is still important for us to know what you can see.
I had a go last night and let my awareness reach out from behind my closed eyes. It was funny as I was soon looking at the faces of many aliens, who had heads like I had never seen nor imagined before. I said "OK" and pulled my awareness back and then went to sleep.
Give it a try.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 04:01 AM
I just finished the Project Camelot interviews with Bob Dean, i have to say it blew me away. The guy really spoke to me and his insights...although detail wasn't given is still too good for me. TD and everyone else that watched this...there are many corroborations that Bob talks about in the second part. How as we near 2012 he said that one his speculation and on everything that we has experienced we will have mass contact ( just have to say filled me with joy when he said that) it will happen whether we like it or not.

his conclusion at part 2 28:10:
"I have concluded that it involves probably major contact. I mean MAJOR!! if you think the phoenix lights....i think these exposers, these fly overs are going to to probably gently increase, and in 2012 some how i i anticipate and i hope to hang around maybe that long...I think its major contact, i think were gonna have it whether we like it whether we like it or not...There going to step into the zoo...They are gonna say now look these are some facts guys...this is what Robert hind called graduation day!"

You now i am actually done with all the corroborations(lol i will still help ya find them hahah), this is real...i have never been more certain of something ever, i can feel it, its time others started feeling it too.

this is a must watch for everyone...
In the words of Bob Dean

"Were not a mistake, were not an accident, none of this is an accident. That the human species, the human race, in spite of orneriness is a beutiful race, and it has a future

and i have a deep deep belief in time, that we are going to go out there and take a rite full place were we began our home in the stars"

when that day comes...when the concert comes, it will be the 2nd #%^@&@ greatest day of my life. The 1st will be the day when i go outside, and see what look like swarms of bees in the sky...that will be the #%&^@!& greatest day of my life and every life on this planet!
peace/rock on

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 07:59 AM
Hey ATSGUY & Everyone !!!!!

You get me into more trouble. As soon as I saw your post I had to watch it.
There went another hour and a half.
I agree with your comments. It was an awesome video. He was very blunt and to the point with his message.
Is it just me or does anyone else like Kerry and her mannerisms?

I like how she waves her hands around and that side on pose she
Wait till you see her upcoming video with CyberWasp.
After she asks a question I will be asking her to repeat it again so I can see her wave her hands around and do that pose for
It will be an excellent 5 minute video.

Which ever way you look at it, 2012 is the year. It is going to be a crazy year. I am still trying to get a message on the Mass Landing side of things to post for you guys. I have had some thoughts but they are not strong enough to post as the other ones have been. My messages seem to come just before something I am about to find out, either through you guys, or by something I will see on the net. I get the feeling that there are a few other things to get out of the way first.
At this stage, if I had to place a bet I would bet on the middle to second half of that year for the Mass Landing to occur.

After I posted last, I was reflecting on the Mayan Calender Video and what Ian had said. He was saying that 2007/8 was the year that we would be meeting the neighbours. If everything I said in my last post is to be true, ie the Internet is the Consciousness in this period, then we will be actually meeting the Aliens in this time period. In our consciousness via the Internet.
What I mean is that we will get either photos, or more likely real videos of Aliens appearing say on You Tube in this period. This is my prediction.
Maybe this has already started when you look at the UFOKID's stuff or the Bush video I posted recently. I am feeling that something more concrete will either be leaked by someone in government or posted by a contactee for example.
This is going to happen very soon. When it does I invite you to fall off your chairs with me in unison. For this one I will be wearing my crash helmet.
Yes there will be people screaming fake & CGI but your knowingness will tell you otherwise. It will also NOT attract world wide media coverage. Just the same as any of the other 101 things that we have witnessed haven’t.

At least we don't have long to wait for this one. Good Night !!!!!!

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 09:46 AM
Aloha, ATSGUY, Cyber_Wasp, win 52, skunkworker, and the lot of you!

ATSGUY, thank you very much for your comments!! Aside from really wanting to spread as much as I can about TD's experiences and visions, I also want to place all of that in the context of my own experience and research with regard to everything going on right now. And I want to do that in a way that paints a clear, comprehensive picture, and in a way that communicates the humanity driving all of this.

Like David Wilcock says in one of his articles, it's almost like an offense against the soul, or the universe, to have this information and to keep it to oneself. Beyond that, I feel compelled to share what I feel everyone NEEDS to have; and that is the truth, as much as I am able to discern, about our reality, and where we are headed. It's a moral imperative. It's actually much more than that.

Regarding the ST in BG thread at that other website (haha) Yes, he was evasive. That's all right. If he's legit, then this may be a sensitive with regard to how events unfold on this planet. I think win 52 mentioned something about this,

Originally posed by win 52
OTD, what that guy's Greys were saying, fits here. We are waiting for a timeline. That timeline is changing a bit, but the most important thing we can remember is that we are being prepared for these things.

I'm fine with that. I am comfortable enough to know that things are progressing in the right direction, and that anyone having fun with things right now is going to see a steady progression. But also like TD, win 52, and others have said, the mass landing, for example, will be necessitated at some point and will occur. Whether this process of contact and indoctrination into the greater neighborhood is stalled by the controllers or not, it is occurring.

For the controllers ("faceless effers", "blockers", what have you ahah) to delay and block this process only means a much grander display of contact - it will be as if their struggles against our advancement will blow up in their face. Either way it's a win win situation.

win 52 also said,

If you are discouraged by things not moving along fast enough, keep up the remembering.

I feel this way, I know TD does, and I'm sure many others anxious to get the show going are feeling this way. For those of us who can see the signs and the clear direction things are headed, that early glimpse and its consequent "hurry up and wait" sort of status is frustrating.

I am remembering that it is a natural process; it's a process of unfolding. But at the same time, the thought of a mass landing/arrival, is very abrupt introduction. I am having some trouble reconciling the gradual pace of an organic consciousness process, and the appearance of something that will clearly traumatize a great number of people. But these, as I understand them, are the facts. Two things that seem to be at odds, but nevertheless, I'm seeing, are both inevitabilities...

But the saying, "For those with eyes to see, and ears to hear..." makes excellent sense here. Like Cyber said, he sees events starting to happen that we will need to look for, and which will take some receptivity in the eye of the beholder. Cyber says he sees more contacts occurring on the Internet, through sites like Youtube, etc. He also says he sees (and, strangely, win 52 corroborated this) large objects appearing from nowhere, in unusual places which will seem almost paranormal.

It's been suggested that there are already websites originating, more or less, from ET sources (see Wingmakers, Operation Terra, Allies of Humanity, etc.). I can easily see all of that, and threads like this, as part of the indoctrination process; a prelude to increasing revelations and disclosures, and more profound events.

For those of us who want it to happen now, I am right there. We're experiencing difficulties and struggles in our day to day lives that we know are going to seem so insignificant when these things come to pass, and we're (at least I am) eager to see these changes. I don't want to see these changes occur now simply for myself, because my troubles don't really amount to much when compared to those who are experiencing much terrible suffering and crises abroad (see South American, Africa, China, Iraq, etc.). Those suffering under the broken system of rule on this planet need salvation now.

Cyber, thank you for your thoughts here. Each of us has our own struggles. I know TD has his...Mine are fairly trivial. My greatest hang up is impatience. It's clear I need to step back and see this process in a greater context. This isn't like popping over to a friend's to surprise him (re: the mass landing and preceding events). The process is a delicate one; a profound one; and one that the current human race may not have seen on this planet before. There is an immense, galactic unfolding right now; and I can see that it needs to be observed as a flower blooming, rather than the shot of a Starter's gun.

I haven't written much of late, because the questions for TD have slowed to a stop. Also, I have sort of stopped seeking corroborative material for TD's experiences and thoughts about our future, because I've found enough to convince me we're on the right track; much of it from posters in this thread ahah

I somehow got in the mindset that I wasn't going to post unless it was material of this nature; but I'm writing now, because I want to contribute to the conversation. The greatest thing each of us has brought to this thread is a sense of connection and support, a sense of shared experiences, a shared optimism about our future, and a sort of guidance for those reading, brought in a way that each of us can separately contribute. If that makes sense...

Hi, win 52!!! I see you are spending time with family, and I think that's great!! Your relationships are the driving force in much of your experiences. They're the driving force in your life; whether it be with family, friends, lovers, pets/animals, your guides, or off-worlders. Relationships are interesting. This is something I'd like to learn more about in the future. In a sense, without another being, of any form, it's all just a void. It's meaningless. At least it is to me...As much as I've wanted to just be alone - and this IS important to do - but just as important are relationships.

And, skunkworker, you blocker (hahah) I think what win 52 meant by "clearing" was resolving issues. James Gilliland talks about this in his videos. It's clearing blockages, etc., on your energetic system (which is related to your physical system, etc.). It means spending time alone to learn what your issues are, being honest about them, and seeking a way to resolve/clear them.

win 52 is an excellent example of positively, and constructively growing and moving forward. Our issues need to be seen for what they are, accepted or resolved, and then let go. If you can accept it all - all of your missteps and issues - with an open heart, because it's all part of who you are, then you're in essence accepting yourself, as you are. This whole process is interrelated.

Cyber, you're right when you say "our consciousness is being prepared." I understand from certain material that we will have a choice (re: 4th density); but from others that we made the choice before we were born...David Wilcock, however, talks about an inevitable process, consisting of several stages, of movement into a higher energy body/reality. We will see...

I haven't tried the visualization yet, as I've been distracted, but would like to.

Maybe this will be the year...Tomorrow could be the day...

Thank you all for your time and effort!!

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 11:24 AM
Last night at 11 pm Central:

At 10:30 I had a strong message to go outside for a walk.

I did just that.

I was out in the country and the sky was clear.

I saw a ??? shooting star that lasted for 1 second.

Wasp- That was in the North East quadrant of the sky, in the Milky Way.

About 30 seconds later, a second one entered Earth's atmosphere.

I figured to be in for a show, but I saw nothing for 20 min. or so.

I was starting to wonder what was up.

The first light streaks were white.

I saw 2 redish streaks going in the other direction at about a 30 second interval, on the same path the incoming streaks were taking.

All I could think of was Galactic transport shuttles on a scheduled route.

The strange part is that this was in the same area of the sky I saw that UFO leaving Earth, with a similar looking streak, in the winter of 1968/9.

What a team we have here.

It is just like what I was shown about in 2005.

OTD- Our society today is geared for tearing the family unit apart. We are going to become a big family. All of Earths humans.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 02:59 PM
Hey Guys, I just wanted to say HELLO and I agree with the last 6 posts!! LOL, really! I am glad you enjoyed the video and I was pissed about not finding the second part myself, I considered it before I posted but I figure something is better than nothing, I am sure we will find it sooner or later.

that was some awesome stuff there ATSguy! I am blown away when I read stuff like that!

I also wanted to share that I conscioussly tried to sort of meditate last night and tried the staring into my eye lids excercise and I saw a gray's face for a split second, but very clear and I did the same as cyber, I kind of just decided it was sleep time at that point, its pretty wild that cyber said that.
also, I am starting to remember my dreams in the morning but I am side tracked from writing them down, I am sure it will hit me one day with a good one.

I must admit I share what OTD feels, I have had enough proof for myself (not that I would not welcome more), I feel like I am anxiously waiting for something big, my stomach gives me hints, my tingling skull, my ringing ears, just seems like something is brewing or bubbling or something.

win52, after much thought, I think North West is the direction they will tell you to go, please let me know if this is correct.

oh it is funny win52, you say that about resolving issues, I started that in late 2005, I called a bunch of people from my past and apologized for any hurt I may have caused them in the past and tried to set things right in a lot of ways, but I am not in the clear yet but I will be more consciouss to persue the unfinished, thanks for clearing that up!

I realized then that karma is quite powerful, I recognize that indeed.

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 05:16 PM
Hey OTD, Win52 & SkunkWorker !!!

I loved your last comment Win52.
It was good that you acted on your impulse to go for a walk and getting a result.
I am just thinking back at the impulses I have had in the past to do such things and what I can't remember happening when I did it.
I still have a door to open from my past but I am still too scared to open it.

I am glad that you also saw some faces SkunkWorker. I tried again last night and saw a different face. Now I know that I am not going crazy. It is very unsettleing when you do it. I still don't know what this process is or what it is about. I am guessing you just have to get to a point where you can stare at these guys and not be afraid.
The funny thing is that they are not faces that I have seen on the Net or elsewhere. They are unique. Thats why I don't know where I am getting them from.
If anyone else is wanting to try it is easy. Just close your eyes and push your awareness out from behind closed eyes. It will only take a few minutes. It is as easy as that. Soon you will see images.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 05:47 PM
Woohoo a double post !!!!

You know how in my second last post I said that going by the Mayan Calander we are in the 'meet the neighbours' phase.
I am so stupid not to have thought of this.
This is from a new ATS thread I just saw. It is along the lines of Interstellar but is much better done. It shows how the footage is done and hints that it is only at 20% quality. There is a part 2 there as well.

Watch and ask your knowingness. Are these really the 1st Videos of our neighbours?

We are so on schedule.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 09:52 PM
reply to post by Cyber_Wasp
those video's look like statues of people when they close up on it, its pretty wild! looks like the ET or what ever it was up there was trying to make a statement! LOL

also, I wanted to share a vision, or memory, at the concert many things will be demonstrated such as holographics (the towering hologram over the concert) and the thing I am thinking most about is the crop circles machines, I know I covered this with OTD, but I call them the "carvers", I think they will demonstrate at the concert what they do at the tattoo booth! I see this quite clearly, the memory is me getting a big tattoo on my back and arms in a matter of seconds rather than hours, and the other thing it brings to mind is carving mountains into apartment complexes, and of course the crop circles have been demonstrated over and over, LOL

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 12:05 PM
That is funny, I will be heading North West next.

I was thinking of the light ships, in the video wasp put up.

I believe there are going to be lightr ships involved. I don't know much about them. It seems that the Mormons have been contacted by these light ship people.

"The message is for the world, not one group. We found they were receptive to our messages."

From what I have just gathered, those light ships are one group of the many.

There is an orchistrated movement involving several groups, sent to Earth on a mission to assist with changes to Earth's present condition."

I don't know, I just put what comes in.

SW- Do you have any thing on Light Ships? I think there are several groups of ET involved, one of which uses these light ships.

Wasp- The action is hot and heavy when I try to ask about the light ships. I get a lot of positive thoughts, and quite a lot of happyness.

It almost feels like we are seeing a huge city heading our way.

The Bible talks about a huge city, complete with all the trimmings, arriving and setteling on Earth. There could be more than one City, as the Jews thought they had the corner on God.

To this date, all of my information is for all the people living on Earth, not for an elite group.

If those are actual "true" pictures and not a joke, could this be what we are seeing?

That would fit with the huge things appearing. The big round things could be bubbles, or shelters for people to take refuge in.

The comm link went blank, so I hit a tender spot. When I am wrong, I get straightened out fairly quickly.... so far, nothing...

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