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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 06:16 PM
Hi, Cyber_Wasp, ATSGUY, win 52, yahn goodey, tankthinker, and all other folks keeping up with this thread!!

You've made so many posts since my last post that it's difficult to keep up. It's amazing how little time we really have in a day to ourselves...

Cyber, I first wanted to respond to your post on this page (page 67 - posted on 9-9-2007 @ 12:39 AM). You mentioned part of one of the videos that ATSGUY linked to that mentioned Jesus' return,

...there is a reference for what I believe is the concert and the return of Jesus. Go to Video #2 at time 13.10 - 14.00 and tell me he is not talking about a Rock Concert being the place he returns to.

I watched that. The gentleman speaking said that Jesus would return amid much "noise". Pretty funny. I quoted a part of the bible in a post a few pages back where two men in white outfits appeared to Jesus' disciples, who were watching Jesus ascend into the clouds. The two men said (paraphrasing the bible - risky haaha), "Why are you concerned, watching Jesus leave. As he rises into the clouds to leave, so will he return in such a manner..." Something to that effect.

It was an interesting passage. Matthew 24 talks about Jesus' return. Also, Revelation 19:11-16. Here is an excerpt from Rev. 19,

...this is the culmination of God's plan that His people have been waiting for throughout all of redemptive history. This is that which has been anticipated since the very beginning. This is the time when fully the serpent's head is bruised. And that takes us back to Genesis chapter 3 and verse 15. This is the time when the scepter is given to the true King and that takes us back to Genesis chapter 49.

This is the time, also, for example, that was anticipated in the great prophecy given in 2 Samuel chapter 7, in that great chapter in which David is told that there is going to come a King, there is going to come a King greater than any other King, and that King who will be a son of David will establish a kingdom that will last forever. It will be a kingdom that will never end. Second Samuel 7 then is anticipating the very event described for us here in Revelation chapter 19.

There would come One from heaven, the Anointed, the Son of David, the promised King who would dethrone the kings of the world and establish a kingdom of righteousness in which the people of God would be lifted up and exalted. Peace and justice would prevail in the world.


Also, from Matthew 24,

His return will also be accompanied by awesome cosmic events (Matthew 24:29-30). These events will herald the end of this age and the beginning of a new age in which both the heavens and the earth are cleansed and transformed by God.


I found a page with a bunch of passages listed that talk about Jesus' return. I don't want to make this about the bible - as win says (and plenty others have warned), trust your gut. The bible can act as an accompaniment to other works, but it can't be solely relied upon.

But I can see rock concert as being "much noise" that accompanies his return. ahah

And ATSGUY pointed out the following,

...oh and i looked some stuff up but i lost it, i will post it again, it wasn't really just one passage but many that describe trumpets playing and jesus coming in this noise and being seen in a powerful event.

It could easily mean a concert. There is a lot in the bible about cosmic events, geophysical events, and a great tumult on earth upon Jesus' return as written in the bible...

My hats off to you, ATSGUY and Cyber. You both have been knee deep in this stuff. ahaha I can't keep up with your posts...But I'm getting there.

And, Cyber, your messages do carry something within them. They're somewhat poetic...There is a message beyond the message so to speak. Thank you.

And, ATSGUY, you mentioned a dubious source for the Atlantis videos. It goes without saying that it's a good idea to keep a healthy skepticism with everything you're reading/watching.

Hi, yahn goodey!! Is it crazy? Sure. ahah Cyber said it though, it's about to get crazy in a good way. You're getting a ticket soon, whether a time traveler is directly involved or not.

If you can detach from the spectacle on the news, and try to make your own little place on this planet more manageable, things will hopefully fall into place a little easier.

But it's just a matter of time before the "show" changes, and in a good way.

Hi, win!!!

I knew your departure date had changed. So Friday. It's very exciting (and I'm not even going hahah)!!!

You said,

TD - Where I am going, there will be a forest with huge trees, right next to my residence.

TD - You are the one who will start to see more clearly, in wasp's message. I was given that.

TD, you have to work with this, in fact it is a recepie we all can use for our selves.

I know he's reading this, but I'm emailing this to him now anyway.

You're keeping a log. That's excellent!! You want to definitely keep a record.

You said,

Expect a fairly large amount of things to come out in October. Some from me, and some from others.

"Trust your heart (Gut). If you seek understanding with pure intentions, you will find the true answers." A message for all who read.

I put those two statements together, because there may be others who are reading, but haven't posted before, who may be contributing.

Your message, win, is a great one!! Lots of anticipation in the following days, weeks, and months!!

Aloha, tankthinker!!

You asked why a time traveler would waste his/her time answering questions, and couldn't he/she change things so the world was better somehow?

win 52 pointed this out, but if you hit the "thread" button underneath one of our posts, it will only list that person's posts. This way you don't have to read all 60 pages.

The short answer, however, for the first one is that timedrifter/Renato, the individual for whom I started this Q&A thread was born in 1973 in New York, but was abducted and given access to time travel technology. He traveled to our recent and distant past and future, which is why he can answer on those things, but he will not have access again until, he says, a future version of himself returns to contact him sometime in the next 36 months.

His becoming involved in a public discussion is a way to share his experiences with people, and a way to bring more of his memories to the surface. Since he's been banned from this website, I am passing his answers along in posts.

Thank you for your questions though!! They are right on! Click on "thread" at the bottom of my post to just read my posts and you'll learn more.

win 52 and Cyber, the stuff about the crop circles may be right on. Those symbols DO have a power you can almost feel when looking at them. Definitely! And Cyber, your comment about crop circles being called something else was interesting.

Here are two videos (one and two) of some Buddhist monks walking around a crop circle formation. The feeling here is where, I believe, we may be headed. It's surreal, and somewhat sacred...

Here is an interesting site on crop circles and time travel.

I will post more later, as I have some stuff I wanted to share. TD and I are doing a show on Talkshoe tonight at 10pm. No sched. yet, but will be on either Mon., Tues., or Fri. nights.

Thank you, everyone for your energy!!

More soon...

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 06:28 PM
I made a post just now that hasn't shown up in the thread. For some reason this happened with Cyber_Wasp recently as well. I could see that Cyber made a post from the "recent posts" board, and from the Skunk Works main board, but his post didn't actually hit the thread for some time after that(?).

I don't know if others are experiencing this, but I don't want to double post without giving what I wrote a chance to hit this thread.

I will check back in a couple of hours, and if it hasn't hit, then I'll post it again.

By the way, I mention this in my post, but TD and I will be doing a show tonight at 10pm at Talkshoe (if it lets us). If it doesn't work out there, then we'll probably do the BlogTalk broadcast in lieu of Talkshoe.

TD said that shows will be any of the following nights - Mon., Tues., or Fri. They will be as our schedules allow.

So please listen tonight if you like. I think people may be able to call in too. Phone Number: (724) 444-7444, Talkcast ID: 49587. This info is also available at the Talkshoe site page for TD.


P.S. Just saw the post appear (above). I'll be posting again soon...

[edit on 10-9-2007 by OnTheDeck]

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 06:35 AM
A Big Hello to Win52, OTD and any other Contenders that are lurking away in the background !!!!!!!!!!!

Win52 said it all

"Trust your heart (Gut). If you seek understanding with pure intentions, you will find the true answers." A message for all who read.

I just wanted to add from my 1st messages I posted

A Contender will ask the most questions,
and evaluate the answers with knowingness.
The collective consciousness is seeking you now,
it is playing with your fingertips.

Look where your fingertips are at this second and apply Win52's Message.

What Win52 is saying about eating raw or unprocessed foods is the message I have been getting here as well. I am bad as I am having trouble in following this. It is something my messenger is most displeased in me with.........I will try harder

Have you got any more to add to your predictions in October Win52?
I would like a little warning if possible. I don't want to fall off my chair any more. It is getting dangerous

With the crop circles I have been told to add, that to start off, just visualize any geometric patterns. The important part is no mind word association. Complex patterns mean you can't associate mind words with them. That is clearly spoken to me.
I was trying last night as I went to bed to visualize the patterns.
(This is another bit where I can not put words to the feeling but I will give it a go)
After a few minutes I had a massive shift inside my awareness. My awareness expanded backwards??? To the rear of my mind??? I have never been aware in this area before. It is the awareness part behind the vision part you are now looking at the screen with. It was like the inside of your skull was a cavern and you were aware of all the volume of it.
I didn't understand but I was told that at the moment this awareness part of me is not being used. Wait until this area of you becomes aware. This is the psychic part of your mind that is not being used.
It was sort of like hey bud, your only using 10% of your brain. Here is what the whole 100% feels like, but without activating it.
I did my best to explain it. Words really can't describe it though.

With my prediction on the Crop Circles appearing in other places I will expand. Once again it has only been thoughts and I am puzzled.
I have seen them appearing on like a sports ground before a major sporting event. I don't understand as they are done in a way that does not damage the field. So it is weird. Maybe it is more paint like. I dunno.
There will be people frantically trying to remove them before the event....I see that too. A sponsor may even take the credit for them.
I also get thoughts of places like parks, or horse racing tracks. Places with grassy areas in general.

Then there are the thoughts that just before the Mass Landing, strange large objects are going to appear in places they shouldn't be. People will be saying "WTF!!! how did that get there".
I don't know what exactly. It could be like a large asteroid that is gently placed on the ground in the centre of a popular city for example. Or just big ass stuff moved to places they don't belong. All I know is they will be large objects and will not be easily explained away by the

Oh dear I am really right on the end of this branch now. (Looks nervously at the branch....)

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 03:34 PM

Originally posted by Cyber_Wasp
What Win52 is saying about eating raw or unprocessed foods is the message I have been getting here as well. I am bad as I am having trouble in following this. It is something my messenger is most displeased in me with.........I will try harder

This will speed up your ability to more effectively use that back part of your brain.

As my OBE experiences went, that shift in the brain was the start. It seemed like everything got far away, I mean the physical 3D things.

The shift in my conciousness started after being on a strict vegetarian diet for a couple of years.(no meat whatsoever). That is when I started getting the communications which have led me to this point in time.

Have you got any more to add to your predictions in October Win52?

No, but I need the solitude I will be getting. There are too many destractions here for me to realy have the experiences that I am about to undertake. Those are my marching orders.....that sounds strange.....

"There will always be someone in charge of keeping things in order.
The problem you are having, is that there is a corrupted system.
The things we have sent to ease your plight, have been turned against you instead of being used to help you.
There is a higher power all answer to. You call that power God."

Then there are the thoughts that just before the Mass Landing, strange large objects are going to appear in places they shouldn't be. People will be saying "WTF!!! how did that get there".

I had it as large boulders and or large objects as well. There was a lot of static (interferance) with the message to make it sound like a tragic event. I now understand that static as being from the controllers. I understood that "big thing placement" was to be this year. Now I have no timeline for this event.

They want the world to stay under their controll. They bring confusing information into what we get, so we can't understand what comes to us. The part about there not being any negative things is what we need to focus on.

We will be kept safe, as long as we make the choice for these new changes coming. Should we chose status quoe, I am not sure what the end will be. I am not focused on that, and neither should you be.

I think we are building the branch stronger, as we walk.

The edit - "Focus on the positive. Do not give credibility to the negative thoughts. Know they are from the controllers."

[edit on 11-9-2007 by win 52]

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 04:32 PM
Cyber_Wasp - Your missing animal report is discussed in this thread.

Bee Pandemic?

As I was reading this, I got this to be the start of the missing animal parade.

Something about genetics and preserving a species that won't survive the changes coming to a planet near and dear to you.

I still have a mass rescue mission taken on by the Universe. The purpose is to preserve and restore Earth to what it was meant to be.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 05:27 PM
Hey Win52 !!!!

I liked what you wrote about. It must be awesome to be on the eve of your new adventure. Interesting times ahead.

It is weird that you also see something with large objects. Like you say it is heavily distorted. I can not see it clearly but the thoughts of it happening are distorted like an out of tune tv station
I just don't know what the objects will be. Another thought is like a large ship being placed well inland.
We will have to wait and see.

Hey with the animals disappearing I have always been under the impression that it is a sign that they are ascending. As they work in communities and are not controlled as such, they will be able to ascend earlier than us humans can.
Maybe they leave their bodies behind when this happens. I don't know. It is still a grey area to me. Do animals ascend into the 4th density or do they have to reincarnate into higher life forms 1st?

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 06:32 PM
Breaking News

An American discovers how to burn Salt Water........OMG Free Energy !!!!

Here is another invention that will be discredited, bought up and burried.

Move along.....nothing to see here!!!!!!! It never happened.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 06:39 PM
The people on these forums are so interesting! It's only an enigma what goes on in their minds...

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:29 PM
Hey Sytima !!!!!

Welcome to the thread
You have busted
My picture on the left is Jeff Hardy off the Enigma DVD cover slightly modified.
But you could say I have had an Enigma on my mind as I have been searching around for a new picture to use.
So you see you may indeed already be a Contender with a growing insight.
Please step up and post some of your insights to the thread.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by Cyber_Wasp

Well, maybe. New around these parts. Not too familiar with what goes on around here yet.

I'd have no problem with making acquaintances.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:36 PM
wow, one question would be just enough to make you mad...
i would have to know the truth behind christianity

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 01:57 AM
Hey Sytima & DaleGribble !!!!

If you are able, please read back as far as you can to get a feel for where we are at with this thread.

I will look forward reading your future posts Sytima.

With your question DaleGribble I would be interested in your view on the truth behind christianity. The reason you ask means your awareness is growing and asking. It is good to see another Contender here.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 12:16 PM
Hey Guys, just wanted to say that I think Win52, Cyber wasp, ATSGUY and OTD are doing an awesome job here and they are the future. so you all you lurkers listen very closely to what they say, the future will verify it.

there is way to much for me to reply to, so I will start from here!

keep on rockin my friends!!

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 12:48 PM
Hey Cyber, i just wanna say that i saw that video, and personally i think it is great (i think i have seen it before) but we both now that that will be the last we will ever hear about it. The thing that pisses me off so much is that when something great comes along like this the people in charge end up taking it away.

One day man one day...

As for animals i think that they are evolving too, i remember i don't no if it was td or David Wilcocks (lool) that said that animals will evolve to and may learn to speak. Eventually everything has a human form in the end.

Win, your time is getting really close, i hope your prepared for your trip, i think you and td should do a radio show just before you go so you can get stuff off of your mind or whatever. Also its strange that you are also going on the 14th when the air force will have a stand down for all planes.

DaleGribble, i think you can answer that question about Christianity on your own, just do a little research and you will find the truth. It all deals with aliens, astrology, probably some divine interference, and a little bit of human interpretation sprinkled on top.

Sytima, nice to have you aboard...its good not to have new people coming in a bashing this

skunkworker, i have no idea who you are but you gotta stop begin a blocker, i find your post to be offensive, LOOOL jp nice to see ya back.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 12:51 PM

Originally posted by Cyber_Wasp
Breaking News

An American discovers how to burn Salt Water........OMG Free Energy !!!!

Wow, the lights went on for me as well, when I watched that clip.

I got a wave of communication pointing towards that line of research to be the cure for cancer and other diseases. It has to do with frequency waves.

Parasites do not react well to certain frequencies that have no effect on humans and animals carying those pests.


Oh ya, glad to see you back SW.

ATS - I would have to do the interview from a phone booth. I think the information in October will be better. Up to now, it is all speculation at best (no proof).

As far as going on the 14th, it just worked out that way.


That is what I have been doing since 2005. I have gone back to where I grew up and resolved all of the issues I have been holding since childhood. Now, I am going west, retracing my treck as a youth. I have to do this to clear out any unresolved issues I have been draging with me.

So far it seems to be working out that way. I just figured that out recentlty.
[edit on 12-9-2007 by win 52]

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by win 52

yea that is what royal rifle was working at, he developed a system or a machine that can pulse different frequencies at a disease and destroy it. Sort of like if i was to find your frequency (resonating frequency) and play it you would or be destroyed into a million bits. But to find the frequency he developed a microscope that could look at viruses and bacteria while they were still alive, so you would just play certain frequency's till you got the right one.

Just like i used to say...we could have conquered disease a long time ago.

DR. Royal Raymond Rifle

here is another good site with more info on blood electrification and royal rifle for you is the cleansing and stuff going?

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 05:11 PM
any thoughts on the following video, I havent seen this for a while, tell me what you think.

Google Video Link

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 05:35 PM
Hey SkunkWorker, Win52 & ATSGUY !!!!!!!

It is most excellent to see you here SkunkWorker.

I would also like to hear TD and Win52 have a chat on the radio show.
Maybe something could be organized to suit Win52 at a time he can do it. The show could be for just 15 minutes or so. It would be cool.

Sound frequencies may also responsible for the levitation of certain large blocks of stone that were used in ancient buildings I hear. It is definitely another area that has been kept hush hush.

Over the last two days I have been having strange feelings about a beach I was on back in 92. I was on a 4x4 camping trip with a friend and went for a walk on this beach that was miles and miles away from civilization. I was alone while I went for a walk there. I remember admiring the peace of it all as there was no one around. It was awesome to have a whole beach to yourself.
The thing is I remember nothing suspicious at the time nor any missing time ect. I can't put my finger on it. Very strange.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 05:43 PM
Hey cyber wasp,
I spoke to timedrifter and he is willing to speak to win52 or anyone else any night after 10PM on his radio show, just send him an email and confirm a time!
perhaps tonight!! he will book the show just in case!

as far as your beach thing, in my opinion, either you were being watched by invisably cloaked figures or the feeling you had left an impression on your soul.

either way, 1992 is a magic year for me!!

and thanks win52, glad to be here!

[edit on 12-9-2007 by skunkworker]

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 05:49 PM
Hi. Sorry im late getting in on this thread, but I would like to sign up for time traveling. You can contact me now or then, either way is fine. I'm really excited about it. Thanks!

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