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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 05:32 PM
Hey Win52 & SkunkWorker !!!!

I like your visions, SkunkWorker. It makes sense what you say about the apartments in the mountains. It seems like a natural way to do things when you think about it.
I am still wondering how I will make it over there to see the concert. I guess things will work themselves out so I shouldn't worry about it.

Win52 your message stayed with me. There are 2 or more levels to what you said.

"Our society today is geared for tearing the family unit apart. We are going to become a big family. All of Earths humans."

I had the following message come through this morning as soon as I woke up.

The LightShips are representatives of the FatherHood.
We must first re-establish our connection with the BrotherHood.
The BrotherHood is a natural human emotion,
but was suppressed and has been dormant within us and must now return.
It is the connection or oneness between all humans.

I am given an exercise for you all to try to prove the connection.
I am told to try this on a complete stranger when you find yourself in conversation with one, as it is easier on a stranger than someone you are familiar with at first. ???

Let your awareness out when talking to them. Let it envelope them.
Seek the connection. Seek the BrotherHood.
Your emotions will let you know when you have made the connection.
You will be overwhelmed and choked up inside.
Let me know what you feel when it happens.

I am not seeing it as a feeling of love but a feeling of oneness. There is a difference. You will see.

It is best to now seek the BrotherHood and become familiar.
The BrotherHood you will find is a natural emotion.
Soon the FatherHood will seek you as they are gathering now.
The FatherHood is the connection or oneness with all of creation.
As you have not been exposed to the emotion of the FatherHood before,
you will find this totally overpowering and may not cope,
if you do not use the BrotherHood as a stepping stone.
The FatherHood will be on schedule, whether you are or not.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 10:48 PM
1) Which religion is closest to the truth?

2) Are psychics real? What are your views on them ?

3) Will Jesus ever return?

4) Is reincarnation real?

5) What is the universe? Is it one big organism and we are the cells?

posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 03:34 PM
Hi, win, Cyber, ATSGUY, skunkworker, arpgme, volunteers (you know who you are) and fellow countrymen!!

Actually a short post, because I'm at work on a fairly busy day. Couple of messages to pass on. First, skunkworker was banned (most likely by someone familiar with this thread...I think his avatar gave him away). For anyone wondering who skunkworker was, it was timedrifter/Renato, the fella this thread is about...

I think his input, although brief, was a much needed update to the thread. The man is still there, and he's still reading, following up, and waiting...and waiting..ahaha He said he won't be able to post again unless he can sneak on using some sort of proxy...

win 52, let the experiences begin!! You probably did have a sighting, and it is no doubt going to get better!! Hope your week is going well. Thank you for your insights and thoughts!!

You said,

The action is hot and heavy when I try to ask about the light ships. I get a lot of positive thoughts, and quite a lot of happyness.

It almost feels like we are seeing a huge city heading our way.

I remember another individual (possibly at another site) saying that when they asked about these changes, that their contact/guide was expressing an almost childhood glee...

Only somewhat related, I was at a concert this past Sunday. While I was listening, I started thinking about what TD had shared about his first experiences on the ETs planet. One of the first things TD said he experienced was a music concert. TD said that there were current performers, including Madonna, etc., who were performing there. This was after the shift/changes.

I was thinking that this would be an obvious exchange, so to speak, once we become openly engaged with other races/societies. I could easily imagine our entertainers traveling "abroad" to share our culture with another race, on another planet. It was a strange mental place, but it became clear to me that this would inevitably be a part of these exchanges...

You also said,

To this date, all of my information is for all the people living on Earth, not for an elite group.

If those are actual "true" pictures and not a joke, could this be what we are seeing?

That would fit with the huge things appearing. The big round things could be bubbles, or shelters for people to take refuge in.

The comm link went blank, so I hit a tender spot. When I am wrong, I get straightened out fairly quickly.... so far, nothing...

Please advise when the comm link is up and you get clear communications again haha I've heard about advanced protective shelters from TD and elsewhere as well...To be continued I guess...

Hi, Cyber!! You shared the following,

The LightShips are representatives of the FatherHood.
We must first re-establish our connection with the BrotherHood.
The BrotherHood is a natural human emotion,
but was suppressed and has been dormant within us and must now return.
It is the connection or oneness between all humans.

I've been in a number of situations where I've felt this deep connection with strangers. It happens almost daily. It's a reality. I don't know what brings this about, but if it's going to spread, then so be it. It's a powerful connection. It's not about liking someone, or wanting to be everyone's friend. It's a sense of connection that is more visceral than intellectual. Bring it on!!

I think part of it is a realization that the person you are looking at is you. They have the same struggles, hopes, fears, loves, faults, ambitions, etc., that you have. Everyone was dealt their own hand...And everyone's circumstances are unique...I think this is part of it, but there's more...Maybe it takes some understanding of yourself before you can see everyone else is just another "you" walking around - and to accept them, as you accept yourself with all of your faults...I don't know...

When you are easier and more forgiving on yourself, however, it tends to extend to everyone else...

I can also see how this sympathy, or compassion/connection for other human beings would extend to other beings, and the universe around you...If I can get deep for a moment, I wonder if this sense of connection to the world around us begins with other human beings, or if the sense of connection itself arises without an object, but is just a general sense of oneness...That looking upon another being with this sense/awareness, we then feel the emotion of connection...? OK, I'll put down the roach clip and get back on track.

This message is growing haha OK, I was writing to say TD (skunkworker) was banned again (big LOL from his side), and that he answered arpgme's questions.

Hi, arpgme!! You asked,

1) Which religion is closest to the truth?

all of them

2) Are psychics real? What are your views on them ?

some are, the shift is making more people psychic everyday, the awakening is happening

3) Will Jesus ever return?

yes jesus is coming, and whole bunch of other people will be ressurected

4) Is reincarnation real?

reincarnation is real and is very scientific/spiritual, not holy or religeous

5) What is the universe? Is it one big organism and we are the cells?

in my opinion, yes, something like that

Thank you for your questions, arpgme!! As I understand it, all of these questions and more will be answered to your - and all of our satisfaction very soon.

At this point, I've decided to reserve judgment on much of the above. I've decided to reserve judgment on just about everything, save for what I can experience, and have experienced. And even there I'm cautious...

win, I hope you're adjusting to your change in surroundings. You need an adventurous, courageous mindset, and a trust of the process. Keep on keepin' on!!

Cyber, your messages have definitely changed, and you now seem to be sharing guided messages...Keep 'em coming!!

Just want to say hi to ATSGUY, TD, and everyone else who is following along. I am experiencing somewhat of a stasis at the moment and I'm not sure why...I am also having a socially busy couple of weeks...

I think it's wholly possible that everyone is going through their own "stuff", and we're each experiencing our ups and downs...I'm trusting in the process...

In any event, I will update again as warranted.

I'm going to another concert this Sunday, Sept. 23. It's a band I've been listening to most of my life, and if there is a message to be given/contact to be made, for me, this would be the concert...If anything happens I'll definitely post about it. Each gets a message in his own way, however, and the concert things may be strictly TD material...We'll see...The band is Genesis, by the way...

Have an excellent week!! Have patience...


posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 06:54 PM
1) Will we ever have a REAL international auxiliary language?

If so...
1A) How will the writing system be? Characters, Alphabet?

2) What is your view on the Christian book, "The Book Of Revelations"?

2A) Is the Verichip or REALID the Mark of the Beast?
2B) What is the meaning of the Mark of the Beast and the number 666?
2C) Will The Book Of Revelations be fulfilled or have we taken it to the extremes?

3) How does one TRULY become a psychic so that we can be aware of our future as well as the present?

Thank you in advance

posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 10:53 PM
Well, I make a big jump NW tomorrow. All the loose ends are tied up.

I will post if I can, otherwise my hand held log will be current. That is the best I will be able to manage.

I am going to look at that other thread, to see if the next video is posted.

Wasp- I think that is to do with the infra red thing.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 06:55 AM
Hey OTD,Win52 & TD !!!!!

Good luck Win52. I will be waiting to hear what you discover.

Make sure you take a good camera with both picture and video recording capabilities.

I am glad that you have had the experiences with the BrotherHood OTD. It is comforting to read what you said. I am not the only one going
Imagine what the world will be like when the BrotherHood has fully returned.

The BrotherHodd came forth briefly for me yesterday. I could only look at their eyes for a second or so. For a moment I saw a divine being with immense power. Through lack of words, the person took on an 'alien' appearance around the face and eyes.
I felt all of humanity in that instant.
How could you harm another human?
How could you not want the best for them?
Look at the awareness waiting to awaken in there.
Was what I feeling as the person was asking me questions of a product that we sell.
I sort of teared up and had to look away from the eyes.
It was hard to regain focus and answer their
After they left, it took a while to recover and get back to routine.
I have looked into hundreds of eyes before. But I had never seen the BrotherHood until I consciously sought to see it.

I saw your new video TD that you posted on your site. I am getting that in the future, there will be an incident in reverse to this??? I don't understand at all, but I know you will be saying Bingo. There you go. Look how things have changed.
I am just the messenger. I hope I delivered it to the right person this time.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 06:56 AM
Excuse me sir, do you know the current time?

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 07:14 AM
I would ask him/her "

why have you came back knowing that what your saying is going to effect the future ?"

Take Care, Vix

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 05:07 PM
Which comes 1st? Violence? Or Injustice?

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 06:07 PM
Hey Redge777, Vixion & chickeneater !!!

I am sure OnTheDeck will pass your questions on to TimeDrifter and have an answer for you soon. Just keep checking back.
This thread has evolved since it was 1st started. In-between questions to TimeDrifter we have been sharing our experiences & observations. In a way these collaborate with what he has said about his experiences. In many ways he has helped me to wake up to what is going on and to what will happen in the near future. Read back as far as you can to find out more.

I was logging in to share another UFO Dream. To me it is a pre mass landing dream.
I was watching groups of 4 -5 craft chase each other around the sky. I had a Video Camera and was trying to film them.
It was frustrating trying to get them on the screen. It would be like trying to video and zoom up on a bunch of butterflies for example. If you were looking at them on the horizon, they would chase each other around and be in the opposite horizon within seconds at times. They were chasing each other like butterflies would in random circles.
I did look at the Video Camera I was using. It had a 48x Optical Zoom. It was almost a cube in shape and had a massive optical lens that was the size of the front of the camera. I found it hard to open it out and was unsure which way was it was meant to be It was impossible to zoom up on the craft as they wouldn't stay still.
Look out for videos of craft chasing each other in the near future. You will then know we are getting close.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 09:55 PM
Hi, TD, win 52, Cyber_Wasp, ATSGUY, GENERAL EYES, The Duckster, yahn goodey, tankthinker, manbearpig, syrinx high priest, razor1000, Karl7772000, Skyfloating, manzoor, Syntaxstealth, Sytima, DaleGribble, sputniksteve, Radekp, Crakeur, schmidty_beleives, Renshin, FreeThinkerIdealist, carnival_of_souls2047, arpgme, micphil, doctorK, Zhendi, all the volunteers, all of the readers, posters, and everyone following along!!

I wanted to recognize those who have posted recently, so I went back about ten pages and scooped up those who have made a post. Several of the folks above are volunteers!!

There are individuals' posts that have really had an effect on me. There are people who may play the message board game, engaging in the back and forth, but at one point they will make a post that cuts through all of that.

Believe it or not, it was probably close to a year ago that a poster had responded to one of these questions of time travel. This is a person whom I've had exchanges with in other threads; somewhat like a debate, but never arguments, and never personal.

When a question of time travel was asked, he responded in a brief post that he knows he will never have access to time travel, because he made a vow to himself in the early nineties that if he were ever to show up that, that particular time would have been it. He said he waited, but no one came. This was a very honest revelation.

His response affected me. I could feel his disappointment as if it were my own, because in fact I've shared in that experience time and again in some fashion. This person's posts seemed argumentative and quarrelsome on their face, but I could see they were driven by let downs similar to the one he described, and a desire not to allow others to be mislead. I want that person to know I appreciate his presence on this planet, and I hope he sees these things come to pass. That is from the heart. He knows who he is...

One of the folks who volunteered in this thread did so, and I believe wanted to include his wife, who was bound to a wheelchair. I don't know if I believe in a deity, or a single entity responsible for everything - this philosophy, if you can call it that, is under construction. But if I did, I would ask that deity to bless these two folks above, and everyone else who is sincerely searching. These things strike right to the heart, and I want everyone reading this to know that TD is real, I am real, and our purpose is sincere.

I wanted to first post TD's answer for arpgme. arpgme, you asked,

1) Will we ever have a REAL international auxiliary language?

Yes and no. it would be more like a "most common language" which is english, but the ability to speak all languages will be an option with rapid learning tools, like downloads

If so...
1A) How will the writing system be? Characters, Alphabet?


2) What is your view on the Christian book, "The Book Of Revelations"?

to be honest haven't read it all, it has been said to me I describe similar things to it, should be somewhere in this thread

2A) Is the Verichip or REALID the Mark of the Beast?

Yes and no, when the controllers want to implement it for the sake of controlling people and keeping them enslaved, it is the mark of the beast, when it comes to a family that wants to keep its significant people safe and secure it is not, but the beast would be the reason it exists either I suppose, so that is an opinion.

2B) What is the meaning of the Mark of the Beast and the number 666?

I am honestly not sure.

2C) Will The Book Of Revelations be fulfilled or have we taken it to the extremes?

I think both [haah safe answer - onthedeck]

3) How does one TRULY become a psychic so that we can be aware of our future as well as the present?

I am trying to learn the same thing, I think it starts with meditation and spiritual awareness and letting go of fear, like the jump program in the matrix movie!!

If I find anything I can add to those answers, arpgme, I'll post it. I say thank you for your questions because it allows for further insights from TD (and others when they hit you back on the questions...). Thanks!!

Hi, Redge777!! You asked,

Excuse me sir, do you know the current time?

Where? hehe

Hey, Vixion!! You asked,

why have you came back knowing that what your saying is going to effect the future ?

I emailed this to TD. My response would be that he's "insane". LOL I am KIDDING!! I'll let him answer. Thank you for asking!

Hey, chickeneater, you asked,

Which comes 1st? Violence? Or Injustice?

Ignorance allows violence a space to grow; injustice often follows...

I also wanted to share a couple of photos I took on September 2, 2007. I snapped a few sky pics that Sunday morning after some ufo/crop circle cloud dreams. They are dated on page four and five of TD's "Gallery" pages. Here is a link to Page 4.

I captured two more dark objects in the clouds, and a cloud or two that look like faces. I know it's been said that the mind has a tendency to create familiar images where none really exist, but I would like to ask how many times people see clear faces (or skulls, as is the case in an earlier photo I took, also on page 4) in inanimate objects? It seems it would be more common...TD and I are posting our photo anomalies there...

I also recently watched another video from theufokidat Youtube. He videotapes a helicopter that he claims is a non-terrestrial craft posing as a manmade craft. I have this sneaking suspicion that he's onto something, but I can't confirm that. Watch the video here.

There are people posing as theufokid, as well as, for some unknown reason, people deliberately creating confusion with regard to theufokid and his postings. He is catching some serious flack, but there is a sense that something else is driving some of these folks besides concern that theufokid, as they say, is hurting the field of ufo research. His videos deserve a closer look. All of the noise around him may mean he's onto something.

At this point, it would be near impossible to damage the field of ufo research. The worst thing being done at this point is disinformation, misdirection, obfuscation, and confusion, but researchers worth their salt can smell a rat.

Another Youtube member, FrozenHill, has captured some recent (Sept. 18) light craft on video, flying over Lake Erie. He has several videos of this phenomena over Lake Erie, and has even had one video reported on the local news. He talks about a glitch, however, that mysteriously interrupts the broadcast during his piece, which then immediately corrects itself. Here is a link to the broadcast video on Youtube.

Here is a link to the two Lake Erie videos:
Part 1 -- Part 2

Here are two links to these same objects in front of the moon:
Part 1 -- Part 2

Here is a website, called, that posts a sort of national (U.S.) pin map of current ufo sightings. Kind of a fun quick reference.

Just a quick adios to win 52 and Godspeed!! It's September 19, 2007. My how the time flies...

posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 05:41 PM
Hey OTD !!!!

I share the same opinion as you with theufokid.

This is a link to my favourite video of his.

You can definately see something looking out of the window at him.

I will add some more thoughts on this guy when I get a chance.

posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 06:35 PM
I just wanna say that OTD your post was really amazing, i have to say that i have to agree most profoundly with the first part. I am sure that there have been times when all of us, including td have wished for our older future selves to come back and help. Time will tell though, and i cant wait for it. I would like to point out that i do feel that people are waking up, today in my psych class we had a discussion on the Jena Six.

It led to the professor giving the class a basic rundown the reality of the situation, it was more than just about racism:

abuse of power
white privilege

Those are just some small examples, but then something happened. My professor started talking about how this needs to change, that people need to realize that this isn't life, we are in a box that is being controlled. Eventually it led to the teacher saying that as you learn more and "raise your consciousness", you will start seeing things for what they really are. That there a few people in control of this, and she used the example of Jena Six, in which the school supervisor and district oterny said to the 6 black kids that he could destroy their lives with a flick of his pen. She said that this is whats really going on, there are powerful people that want to be in control of everyone...and she emphasized the "raise your consciousness", i said to a friend near by..."wow she is really on a ball".

After class i went to go speak to her, i told her that she had some really great points in the discussion, and i said " have you seen Zeitgeist", she smiled back and said "yes", we had a little discussion on our views and she told me how she felt when she saw the truth and i said the same thing, it was a raise in consciousness...i have to say that even some of the class started realize this, and i think many of them may look into it more. All in all i think its great that people are starting to realize this stuff.

Oh and with the new video that came out about the guy that got tazed, i think you guys should look into this vid, it looks like our freedom of speech is gone: e%3D9%2F20%2F07%26forum%3D1

fficial&client=firefox-a&um=1&sa=N&tab=wv start at part 1

Stewart Swerdlow, talks about many things

- history of the planet and our race
- Illuminati blood line (reptilian)
- staged alien invasion after 2010
- We were not created to be destroyed, he says we are supposed to be used as slaves
- Ultimately, they seek to send millions of people out to colonize habitable moons of Jupiter and Saturn
- project blue beam

i cant take credit for finding it, it was this original poster:'

[edit on 20-9-2007 by ATSGUY]

[edit on 20-9-2007 by ATSGUY]

posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 06:50 AM
Hi, win 52, Vixion, ATSGUY, Cyber_Wasp, and the wild and crazy guys/gals keeping up!!

First, TD responded to your question, Vixion. You asked,

why have you came back knowing that what your saying is going to effect the future ?

I never claimed to be from the future, I was born in 1973, I may have visited the future, but the bottom line is I am not from there, and I dont think I am doing any harm anyway.

If you read back on the thread you'll learn more about TD's story. You can click on the word "thread" under my post and it will just show my posts. In them you can get more of a background on TD's (AKA timedrifter's) story.

Thank you for your question!! If you have more please feel free to post, and I'll send them to TD.

Hi, win 52!! TD wanted me to pass on to you a response to a post of yours a couple of posts back regarding the light ships.

TD said,

Original quote by TD
yes I think the light starships are involved not sure if they are ET or future earth people though, probably both.

Hope you have a great weekend (and then some haha)!!

Hi, Cyber!! You made an excellent point privately, and that is that TD should do a radio show with theufokid. I've sent a note to TD to see how he feels about this. I like the idea. Will keep you posted.

I watched the "reflection" video you mentioned. I couldn't see anything of note in the reflection. The one that caught my attention, aside from the interesting, recent helicopter footage, was the "Alien and Bigfoot walking down street" video.

I can't tell exactly who or what the two beings are, but it's clear to me that the larger being often disappears and reappears in the video, and I can't understand how. I said it when I first posted that video, but it looks like the being is either doing it deliberately, or the being is a hologram. I wonder if this was a message of sorts that theufokid received; that is, that either some bigfoot sightings are actually fully physical holograms, or that these ETs can create physical holograms.

Speculating. It could be just that theufokid caught a being between worlds...It could also just be some sort of optical illusion (I know I know, I get to the simplest explanation last...Just after the parallel dimension explanation ahaha) Honestly, I don't know, but this guy seems to be onto something.

I do want to say that I have no idea how a parallel dimension would work, suffice to say that it seems to be somewhat supported by what I consider a reality, and that is that when people pass on, they still exist in a world around us that we cannot see. I can't prove it, but this is something I have come to believe.

If we consider the nature of consciousness itself as an energy, much like sound or light waves, possibly finer, then why can't we consider a seemingly real world constructed of similar matter in which this consciousness could reside, and then go a step further and imagine many of these worlds...? Science seems to have theories positing much more radical theories about the universe, multiverses, parallel worlds, etc., so I don't think it's a stretch for me to suggest the idea of a parallel dimension. It's just a matter of semantics. Went off on a tangent there...

I said this to you earlier, Cyber, but I feel like the attention that theufokid is drawing to himself, both positive and negative, has only encouraged me to take a closer look at what he's doing. Any disinformation people, or debunkers are only drawing more attention the more noise they make. So I say, let's try to get him on the air. ahah He's a regular rock 'n' roll kind of guy. We can relate. AC/DC - love 'em!

Thanks a lot!!

Hi, ATSGUY!! That was a great story!! It's nice to see people being aware of what's going on around them, in a larger sense!! It's funny that your teacher also watched the Zeitgeist movie. It was well put together.

I'm tired of people getting tased. The cops love it, because it's a non-lethal way (well, non-lethal 50% of the time...ahem...) to subdue a subject. Unfortunately, good cops rarely need to use it, while sadistic cops shoot, then ask questions. And there are too many sadistic cops.

Truly, if you would like to take out any aggressions you have on your fellow human beings, there is no better way to get as nasty as you want, and to get off squeaky clean then to become an officer of the (government's) law. Our laws are violated. They are no longer public servants. They operate at the direction of those in power, and they have a completely different set of laws. See the gentleman TD pointed out in the video still of the recent tasing incident in Florida at TD's website. The guy in the suit said sick 'em, and the dogs went to work.

That student was arrested for "attempting to incite a riot". He asked a question. These cops were given this carte blanche as a reason to pull anyone asking unbecoming questions from the building. Don't open your mouth, and if you do, what comes out may get you arrested.

You can say "F" and "S" anywhere you want, but if you arrange a set of words in a way that upsets those in power, excluding terrorist or other threats - we're talking completely innocuous, then you run the risk of breaking a law and being arrested. This is no exaggeration. Am I saying we're in a police state? Not exactly. But you may get arrested. Is there a difference from what we're living in now, and a police state? Given that you truly CAN and WILL get arrested for using your right to free speech, then the differences escape me...

If we aren't clear in 2007 about what the First Amendment means, we never will be. This is a never-ending battle. Read it, then know that, as ATSGUY's video shows, never speak of it in public. I will say, however, that although I think it goes against the Constitution, that there are in fact "Free Speech Zones" arbitrarily set up around some political events, and these folks may have in fact entered the "No Free Speech Zones". Isn't that interesting, This is actually what should be advertised around political events - "NO FREE SPEECH ZONE". They give the appearance of giving us an area to speak our minds, when what they're doing is taking away other areas...Oh well...tick tock...

I wanted to say this about the Stewart Swerdlow stuff. The list of items you included from Stewart smacks of disinformation and fear mongering. We know we are headed to a brighter and better future. It is happening now. Just reading that list of items, I will say you can toss all of it (or in EU, the "lot of it" ahaha).

We're not interested in these things. Keep your eyes to the skies, and your mind on the future. The baddies don't have a prayer for what is around the corner. They will make a lot of trouble before they're out, but that's the game they're playing. And from what I've read, they'll play it until their dying breath.

Keep it coming!! I'll let you know if TD and I do a show with theufokid...

We're waiting...Have an excellent weekend!!

And win 52, namaste!!


posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 07:02 AM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
When a question of time travel was asked, he responded in a brief post that he knows he will never have access to time travel, because he made a vow to himself in the early nineties that if he were ever to show up that, that particular time would have been it. He said he waited, but no one came. This was a very honest revelation.

I can only call this brilliant, this something I would expect out of a great short story, Bradbury, Isamov, a Nova, or a Hugo winner.

Truely simple yet logically fool proof. With one exception, if he goes back into time to that day he actually slides into a parrallel dimension, a different time stream. Because in the original time stream that led him on the path to be able to time travel he never met himself.

His conclusion only works for the no changing of the past, single timeline model.

The multiverse parrallel time streams concept will still allow him to travel back, but he will also side slip into a different alternate past/future caused by his effect on meeting himself.

I feel sorry for the 'him' in the new time line, for he will never get to type the comment quoted above, and the me in the alternate time stream will never get to enjoy the thought it provoked.

hey hows this for a story.

Guy spends years working on time travel, janitor comes up while he is celibrating being sure he almost has it done, only 1 more year max( this has been said many years over and over) The janitor gets the proffessor to say the quote above.

The proffessor after facing years of total depression one day goes back to work on the machine, just to try and recapture meaning. He finds in sorrow he can find solice in the work even if he will never be able to travel himself.

He finishes it! goes back meets himself and the janitor, surprised the time traveler says how can this be, the janitor laughs and explains it. Shaking his head. he continues to sweep walking away. The two professors jump in the time machine and ask where should we go, too 5 minutes ago ofcoarse, we got to tell another one of us not to be so down and explain it to him.

roll credits and funky OuterLimits music.

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posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 07:05 AM
I would ask: "Why in hell did you come back here?"

posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 01:05 PM
Ok, took 1 hour to get to here. This pc is not up to speed.

Going golfing today.......R & R

Things are smooth. I went 12000 KM's and rested yesterday.

I am not going to look more today.

The Light Ships have to do with the higher power. They are in charge of the universe and all things in it."

posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 08:18 PM
Hey Everyone !!!!!

Hey OTD !!! How can you not see the 'Grey' looking out of the window in theufokid's
Go up to the line of the top of the 2nd plank of wood of the house and look at where this meets the glass. There is a face of a Grey there for the whole clip looking at him through the glass. I would say that it is inside looking out. I do not think it is a reflection.
Now this is the insight I have been given as to what is going on with this guy and the process in general.
We sometimes lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with vastly more intelligent beings that have power many times more than we can know at the moment. We are in the cycle now where they are gradually revealing themselves to us. This is a gradual process but it has definitely started.
Blurry Lightships circling the Earth. Multiple UFO's over Lake Eerie and other films clips such as the one I posted in Italy not long ago. It will progress from here.
(I am waiting so bad for the video clips to appear of the ones chasing each other. You wont stop me gloating when they still a while away yet)
Previously my message said
"You will most likely pass the test if you can see through the clouds,
before the clouds have been removed."
This applies to what theufokid is doing.
To make contact (this has been said elsewhere) we have to raise to their level. We have to make an effort. OTD has showed that this is possible with his photographs.
At this early stage you could say that they are playing. But are they?
At 1st glance I thought he had a crappy camera. The Video's contain static and freeze & jitter a lot. Do you think that the entities themselves are responsible for this? Do you think that they are in control of how much is revealed of them at this stage? theufokid has commented that if he gets too close or zooms in too far they just disappear. He also says that you have to spend a bit of time watching and pausing the videos and you will tune into them.
OTD if you talk to him please find out if the static / jitters appear on his view finder as he films. Why? Basically if it does you have yourself a Alien detector. Imagine yourself walking around with a video camera looking for the interference on the screen whilst trying to telepathically contact them.
Even better who has video footage that you took by yourself where this type of interference or jittering has appeared on the video? I think we had better do some looking. We might not have noticed it before but as you can see your awareness has just increased some more. Scary thoughts. Where were you and what were you doing when it appeared?
Science likes to prove things by being able to obtain the same results in other labs. I wonder how many more videos like theufokids will start to show up.

This is just the beginning. We know that the Mayan calendar says the finish line is October 28th 2011
We have been in 360 day conscious shift cycles since Jan 1999. This is the cycle where Power takes on Ethics. When the dust settles we know who will have one. This is how creation has planned it.
In 1999 we see the big Power Houses of Government, Energy, Big Business, Money, Media & others step up to the plate. Who is the 1st to topple?
I would say it is the Media. It was never more evident to me than with the event that TD and OTD have been talking about with the student. No more are people shown a 15 second grab of an incident by the TV News and have a slant put on it. People can now see the whole event for what it is and make their own conclusion. Did the student nearly incite a riot by asking a question or did the police nearly incite a riot for arresting someone for asking a question?
They can even comment and discuss it freely on Podcasts and Forums.
I can see that Ethics is well on the way to victory over the Power of Media already. Without the power of media who is the next Power Base to fall?

The next big shift happens on 10th Feb 2011. We will enter the final Conscious Co-Creation phase. Power will be all but dust and Ethics will reign. Consciousness shifts will occur ever 20 days up until 28th Oct 2011. The same change that happens every 360 days now will occur every 20 days. Can you imagine that?

We have all bought tickets to watch the greatest events come to pass in our history. It seems that many that have bought the tickets are still unaware as to what show they have come to see.

Be aware that you are aware. Let your HigherSelf through. It is time.

posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 11:06 PM
Hello everyone, i was listening to a video interview with Esoteric researcher & author Tom Horn who discussed such topics as alien-human hybrids, stargates & multi-dimensional portals and Biblical prophecy. This was a recording from coast to coast, and one part was really interesting.

Horn said he has come to four conclusions about the aliens:
They are super-intelligent beings of unknown origin, who have been visiting since the beginning of recorded history.
In their interactions they have taken human DNA for unknown purposes.
It has been prophesized that they will return "en masse" at the end of the age.

near the end , listen for when he mentions that "they will return in mases at the end of the age"

if you want to listen to the whole is part 1

Very interesting, lol another corroboration to add to tds story, i have read countless articles, watched many videos, listened to many interviews...and all of it is pointing to that certain event which td talks about.


posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 08:00 AM
Hey ATSGUY !!!!!!

You are an evil evil man. You have posted another fantastic link that looks like it contains about 90 mins of interesting interviews. You get me into soo much trouble cause you know I won't sleep until I listen to it all. I will spend another weekend with no chores being done.
Please do not post any more in

Just a note. I have another amazing revelation to post shortly with video. I am totaly blown away. Stay tuned.

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