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How to control People

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posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 04:52 PM
Totally agree with you on Hollywood. These people do not in anyway represent me or my thought patterns.

I am constantly insulted when going through the checkout stands at the local Wally World or Drug Store..when constantly bombarded with how this or that crisis is occuring in the lives of your stars or famous people. What a insult to be bombarded with this drivel. As if I dont have enough problems in my daily life that I need to live second hand through someone elses!!!! What a insult. One has to be educated and conditioned into this kind of programmable cannot possibly get this stupid on your own without!!!

To show you how dumb some people are ..years ago...on television there was a very popular weekly show..titled " The Fugitive" and it stared a actor by the name of David deceased. The basics of the plot are that a man escapes after being judged guilty of his wifes murder and travels the country to seek the true murderer. During a interview the host asked him how involved people got in the program and the characters. David Jansen stated that when he sometimes shopped at the grocery store...these mostly women ..would come up to him and gently put thier hand on his arm and declare that they knew he didnt do it...they were with him.!!! I busted out laughing when he made this statement.

Anyway you get my point.
Another insult is to see hollywood stars coming out and taking front seat in the media as experts on this or that political problem. Some how ..Crusader ..I have little faith in a actor or actress in such a cloistered enviornment ...taking care of me politically and economically ..outside of taking my ticket moneys.
I am not saying that they dont have opinions..I just dont have much confidence in most of them...especially the more vocal of them.

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 10:28 AM
They ain't real my bro, sometimes I feel they were put by the establishment to control, and let people be obsessed by them, thus people will less be of concern of the major problems of the world and how to tackle them... Anyway Entertainment is a global billion dollar business, and these so called stars are way out of some people leagues they seem untouchable at times... Look at the glorification of hiphop in the world right now, guns, crack, whores, etc.. man it's disgusting sometimes and the young people in the ghetto think that the only way to be and get out of poverty is to be a rapper, an actor, or a superathlete.... Although there are some role models like kanye west who speak on issues they are few and far between.

Be Bless

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 10:47 AM
I agree.
I am constantly disgusted with how hollywood and the music industry use the lowest common denominator to sell thier stuff. Its awful. However that hollywood and the music industry have joined forces in politics ..they have once again brought the lowest common denominator to work with them. It becomes obvious to some of us.


posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 05:05 PM
Right on schedule, orangetom, but to think of it , do you believe in the power of subliminal messages? I do and I think that might have a direct effect in Today's world and how the establishement, whoever benefits from this on How to control people, what do you think?

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 01:10 AM
yes..I believe in the power of subliminal messages. When I spot them especially on the radio I turn the radio off or switch channels.

Here locally there is a irritating commercial for Toyota cars and trucks with the chant in the background while the speaker is talking. The chant says "gotta have it now...gotta get it now..." whenever I hear this commerical played I cut it off or turn the channel. The chant is irritating and designed to be subliminal on unthinking people.

Years ago...the gum manufacturers used to have these jingles in thier commericals. Doublemint gum and Juicy Fruit were the two products ...all day long they used to play these jingles on the radio.
On the way to work one night ...I went into the resteraunt in front of where I work and asked for some gum. I asked for Juicy Fruit......dummy..I dont even like Juicy Fruit...I like Doublemint. Talk about a dummy. They got to me. Im walking out of the resteraunt with a pack of gum I dont even like.
Talk about a dumb puppet on a string.
So this begs the question ..could they put you on a string to gaurantee what lever you would pull in a voting booth???? How about what clothes and music you would buy.??? See what I happens more than people are aware.
By the way ..the number one market for this kind of subliminals are women and children. Not men..
Women and children respond to subliminal stimulus easier than most men. The subliminal stimulus arena for men is very narrow...and confined....sports and sex.
Notice that in the womens and childrens find in the grocery store for example in the detergent aisles...a multitude of colours bombarding and exploiting your visual senses and sensabilities. Psychologists know this.
Notice the same assault of colours when you walk down the toy aisle in the department or toy is the same subliminal..response to bright colours. Psychologists know this too.
By the way this same fun ..intresting colour scheme is used ..just differently in Las Vegas and Atlantic City on get them to play. Got the point???? You can see this in any Casino..its just presented differently ..its the same subliminal.
I went to Las Vegas...a couple of years ago.....I didnt gamble at all. I wasnt intrested. They put on some swell buffets. All you can eat..and a huge ..huge variety...great prices too. That is the only thing other than a room and rental car I spent money on. Just not intrested in the gambling or bright lights.
I taught myself this warning flag years ago...and try to keep it in mind when I am traveling outside the home among the wildlife in its natural habitat.
I try to be aware of the kind of sales approach someone trys to seduce me into getting on the bandwagon...for this or that product. Especially a politician.

Great Question on subliminals Crusader.

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 01:20 AM
About subliminals....

I like conservative talk radio...
The liberal stations dont get my intrest at all. They also dont get the top advertisers.

However make the point about subliminals...the conservative talk radio must pay its advertising.
The very irritating thing to me about conservative talk the constant bombardment by ads. I am losing intrest in talk radio ..not because of the programming content but the constant bombardment and assault by commercials. Some of them with subliminals. It is getting to where it is driving me away.
I find myself listening to a classical listener supported radio station simply because of the very lack of advertising assault compared to the popular conservative talk show format.
I dont want to waste my time with five minutes of program followed by four minutes of commerical followed by five minutes of program and another four minutes of commercials.
Same thing with much of is quite irritating.
Notice this some time on the boob tube or radio...think about this and subliminals.
My time is valuable..dont assault me with this advertising drivel!!!! 24/7!!!
This is the same to me as going through a check out stand and being bombarded by junk on both sides of the aisle to get your last dollar or get your kids to get your last dollar. See what I mean..??
When are we going to get a break????


posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 02:05 AM
Hi guys,

Great discussion going on here guys.

I totally agree that the educational system makes us think in certain ways. When I was young, I used to follow everything the teachers said - word to word. I never gave a second thought. A certain physics formula worked because the teacher said so. I knew a couple of people who found this hard to understand. They always had more questions, to my annoyance. I used to think they were stupid for questioning the teacher, but over years I realized what was wrong with my thinking. I started questiong too and guess what, I went from the 'nerd' status to the 'dumbass who is too stupid to understand concepts' status. But am I glad that I changed my thinking.

I find myself shopping and buying stuff because they looked good on tv, although I know that buying a certain shampoo is not going to make my hair look smooth and shiny - although the girl in the ad had such lovely hair.
The impulse is just too hard to overcome, as one of you mentioned women are really influenced by the commercials

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 10:35 AM
Yes guys subliminal messages are evrywhere, covertly that is and people are molded a certain way, it goes real deep, u think they don't use it in religion too? You bet! hmm... It goes the way how certain ppl should act, they are control by what they see on Tv, that's y there are so many sterotypes, alot of ppl, of a certain ethnic background suppose to act that way, or else they are not cool, or something to that effect.

Do u think the club scene in my peer group, ala is a form of people control?

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 11:01 AM
Great question Crusader:

You posted:
"Do u think the club scene in my peer group, ala is a form of people control?"

Absolutely correct Crusader. Young people are especially vulnurable to subliminals..simply because they are easily controlled by thier emotions. Today this especially includes women...though the men are closing the gap quickly. The men are in fact being subliminaled to be more emotional.
This subliminal grooming is a gauranteed way to get one to seperate themselves from their moneys ..or conversely...seperate their parents from thier moneys for the children.
Young people are constantly bombarded by artifical stimulus on the radios..on television and from peer groups all under this artificial view of how this world actually is. MTV/VH1 gods and al. Sports gods...television gods...all heros and gods ..further reinforced by video games...rpgs etc...all artificial.
They so often know how to play ..and have sex ..but they dont know how to make a living for themselves and thier children. This cannot be must be deliberate to have values which are so artificial.
Notice how many young people ..some grown ups ...too...who define themselves and their greatness..or whom they are by the products they consume..not what they know or are capable of accomplishing.
Watch the number of people now days who define some aspect of their thinking or morality by some movie they have seen...they are good consumers..not good people. The worst thing is that they dont seem to know the difference...they think this is entirely normal.

My point that someone has put them on a drug...and it is inside them..and they dont know it. Understand????? It controls them ..24/7. They breed children who are also on this same drug and they dont know the difference either.
The club scene is a artifical enviornment to get young people to relax ..let down their guard and think they are more adult than they are while seperating them from their moneys. It is artificial...not real.

I never was a clubber..per se...I went sometimes with people I knew but didnt stay long. Being a bar fly hanging around the bar never appealed to me. I liked to do my drinking at home...and bring the women home...not to that kind of artifical enviornment.
Also I knew to many people who got caught drinking and driving ...the cops and the lawyers..liked to ride this one into the ground too..for profit. This was the main reason I did my drinking at home...what little drinking I did do.

As to peer group...most of the men in my peer group..are sports nuts..I have little use for sports. The sports page of the paper is the first section I get rid of. No use for it.
I occasionally hear them saying something of use to me..but not most of them. Those who are computer savy ..I will occasionally ask questions.
What you need to learn about peer group is the ability to identify those who have something of value to teach you and those who are merely styling and profiling. The stylers and profilers are no different than a politician.
Learn to be selective about whom you listen to or learn from in your peer group...seperate from yourself the stylers and profilers...they are no different than a high maintnence woman...about useless. High maintnence stylers and profilers may be able to function in a job enviornment ..but so can you.


posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 11:26 AM
Yes I agree with you about education.
To me education is not just about teaching you things ..or raw information ..but also diciplining your thinking apparatus so as to learn the method of putting the data together in a manner to let you use it for your benifit...for your reasons.
Mostly education leaves this out ..and leaves one with only one way of putting the data together.

Yes shopping appeals to women like little else..I have only met a handful of women for whom shopping is not ...the call of the wild to speak. Shopping is like a drug to many women. The advent of the Shopping Mall..enviornment really took shopping to a new height of control mechanism to seperate women and children from their moneys. Psychologists and social thinkers here in America know that most women actually have two incomes from which to choose to spend...their income and thier mans if they work and theirs and theirs if they dont have a man.
This knowlege makes the key promoter and decider in a affluent economy ..the woman not the man. This also means that politically/economically the female is the key ingredient in politics ..not the man. It is the woman who must be sold on the package. It is also therefore the woman who must be subliminally controlled to vote and vote in a predictable and controlable manner. Among women this means mostly one issue..reproductive control...abortion. This is how you gaurantee the womens votes..begining with economic control...and ultimately to the voting booth. It is a very subliminal process from the time a female reachs puberty..she is bombarded with sex..sexuality in everything...and constantly ..24/7...far more and more subtily than men can even concieve.
It is all over magazines..books...television and radio programming..
When I complain about being bombarded by products trying to get my last dollar at the check out stands at the grocery store or drug store..or department store...look at the products and see how many of them are womens products ..magazines/books..and look at the sexual appeal. It is blatent open and not even hidden from our children. Our children are being whored out before they even learn how to make a living ...why....??? Because our women are being whored out to buy more products.
I occasionally buy Cosmopolitan, Elle , Redbook and others see what kind of drivel they are marketing today..and even sometimes take the quizzes. It is a course in subliminal ..self justification.
Try to imagine a mans Workbench..with a title on the cover

"How to trim pounds of that walnut cabinet two days..without even trying!!!"

Dont worry ..some of the mens magazines are just as dumb...the Hot Rod and motorcycles magazines are to me dumb....they always show some scantly clad female next to the motorcycle or car. The message is if you buy the products and subliminals in this lifestyle of this magazine will get access to this kind of female attention. Talk about stupid.

By the way..the woman I am seeing..I go shopping and get what I want and go home...I dont shop for the experience. This is irritating to her as she is on the shopping drug. She will seldome go shopping with me. It is alright if I go with her and follow her around like a puppy dog on a leash but not the other way are supposed to follow and pick up on a womans clues and cues and perform according to expectations. I notice this kind of thing in the stores..the men picking up on clues and cues from thier women and writing out the check when needed. I call this phenomonon..male disposability and expendability. Occasionally I will get her things for her and the children but I let her know this is not a career as she is working too..responsibility not options. I have no intrest in being on the shopping drug on her terms. She does not have any intrest in solving problems for me around my home and life ..with her career earnings..this is outside the commitment levels for her. I am not intrested in this kind of programming and control. you can see ..this type of programming ..subliminals and control mechanisms even goes into the social roles between males and females. Its just a matter of being aware of how far to allow it to go.
Good post you have made here ..


posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 12:14 PM
I agree with the shopping thing. I have friends who go shopping for fun! I mean spending money on stuff they dont really need. Shoes are beautifull, but how many more do you need?

I remember once I needed to go shoping because I needed a new pair of pants and my roommate accompanied me for company. I got my pants and she ended up buyng 2 pants and a sweater, although she didnt need them. Her logic was that they looked really great and the price was cheap.

And the bad thing is mostly EVERYONE around you seem to think the same way. It feels like I may be doing something wrong, and I try my best to not do things on an impulse. The peer pressure is sometimes overwhelming.

Also its true that women are more emotional but we cant help it. Thats just the way we were born. We just need to think for a few seconds before making decisions. Men are naturally more practical, but recently there are more people talking about how men should be more sensitive and emotional. That would be very nice, but then we wont have anymore practical thinkers.

In university right now, everyone talks about getting high paid jobs in big organizations. I hardly come across anyone who thinks about starting a business or being self employed. Yes this is partly due to the economy, more potential for jobs than for businesses.

My greatgrandmother lived till she was 92 and she used to say how people nowadays study to get jobs and money, not because they are interested in the subject. We are sucessfully buying education! Just like we are buying water, soil and soo many other products that if our ancestors saw this they would die laughing

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 12:28 PM
Well said...well spoke well as to what you see around you.
Yes ...definitely the peer pressure is great. Also agree with you about starting your own buisness and that few think about what to do in getting one started. It takes a huge amount of work and dedication. Very long hours in runnning your own buisness.
Yes...I too have noticed that most people around us seem to think pretty much the same way. Its like everyone just got off a xerox machine..when you put in 50 you get 50 copies of the same one thinking differently or for themselves.
As to sensitive men....I dont necessarily go along with that concept. Women dont necessarily want a sensitive man....they want a man who is sensitive to them. A all round sensitive man would be comeptition for emotions from them..they dont want that much sensitivity as to be comeptition. And women understand competition much more in a certain way than most men will ever understand it.
Also I will remind you that men are not really that practical..they are practical in a different way than women. Women are very practical in ways that men cannot be. While men can do things which some women find foreign ..they too can be spending money also. The more sensitive a man is the more unpractical a person he becomes in the manner of women. He becomes femminized. Most women dont come to a man for his femminization.

Great made
Thank you ,

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 01:06 PM
What you said about women wanting men to be sensitive to them and not sensitive in general was an excellent comment

But in general since men are the breadmakers of the house, they tend to carry more responsibilities and are less influenced to buy stuff that is not needed.
I remember when my brother was young he kept on wanting new toys. So my father started paying him money for household chores and told him to buy whatever he wants with that money. Now that my brother worked soo hard to earn the money, he did not want to spend it on every silly toy he saw. He was only 8, but he understood the concept.

Women are more independent and individual now. However the stereotypes in society stay. Although we are on equal footing with men when it comes to money matters, the man still pays on dates!

My main concern is we are told how to behave on every level since the time we were born. We tend to follow everything our parents, teachers and bosses say. We do not question "why". Since we dont really understand why we are doing something, we dont think about how we can improve doing something.
When my grandmother told me somethig and I asked her 'why?" she was amazed. She said that her parents never told her because she never asked.
We seem to loose ourselved in this break of communications. I trust my grandmother and I know she is right, but I dont know WHY she is right.

When something different happens or people try to live in different ways, everyone else critisizes them. If someone got divorced or if someone is gay, everyone points that it is wrong. (Other than the reason of religion)
The funny thing is prople say it is wrong because the society does not accept it. But are WE ourselves not the society?
There seems to be an invisible society that is made up, not of ourselves, but of stereotypes.

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 03:30 PM
Very intresting, it shows the deep root of control the miseducation of humanity, particular in the west, we think we are free on this side of the world, but it's exactly the opposite, lol I think the clubscene is boring, i don't find myself attracted to it, i found myself, once or twice, and i was completely at lost at what was taking place in the club, first of all, I didn't even know how to dance to the music, lol, and comon, i am black, and i don't even know to dance, lol... anyway, i know that's not a point... But you feel me right? the peer pressure is another form of control, the group you belong to , pressures in some way or the other to conform and become one with the crowd. i think Hitler had the ideal method in how to control ppl, which is true, it's easy to control a person by controlling the masses, people tend to move in groups, a large crowd, will follow a madman, than a single person, just look at the cults, like heaven's gate, the Branch davidians... you get what i ma saying?

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 04:14 PM
It is amazing when these things start coming to your senses. I am currently in college. I do not talk to many, if any, people in my classes. I listen to them, and I listen very attentively. It seems that all of the mindless, unthoughtful conversations they have are all directly intertwined with these mind control theories. I have been a dominantly introverted person all of my life and I have never been able to watch sports. I can not for the life of me understand the reason for watching such things. The only way I could possibly watch it is if a friend or family member was playing. I believe (as I think someone stated earlier in this thread) that it is the desire to belong and these people are horrified of being alone.

In a psychology class the other day, the professor began professing about personality types and some how got on the topic of why we came to college. Various things such as formulating opinions, and broadening perspective came in in their discussion. Then success came up. What is success? We are told from the day we are born that we need to grow up and succeed in society. Why would anyone want to succeed in this society? Now, this is a music college. Although most students in the class shared similar personalities since we are all musicians; there were some extrovert types who are most likely in the music business major. The professor then began telling us about how our school used to be "cool" and how the new president of the college has hired a large amount of vice presidents of this and that and that the college has become extremely corporate. This class period alone had my mind spinning. I wanted out of college. I have no idea why I am here. It is ridiculous.

This is my first post on ATS. However, I have been reading from this site for aboutone year and a half. I have been following this topic since it began and it finally sparked enough interest to get me to register. Orangetom and crusader, you both seem to be very intelligent and informed individuals who have an abundance of original thought. The disscussion about the bible and religion is very interesting to me. I attended a catholic school when I was young and it just about drove me insane. A bunch of rich kids with all their stuff and all their mindless chatter about nothing of any importance. I have been in and out of churches all my life, since my father is a church organist. Churches are very strange institutions. I love churches for the architecture and for the musical acoustics. Otherwise, I believe they are used to create fear in the congregation. I believe that, if there is a god, there is no way he/she/it would want us humans to spend the short lives we have cooped up in a church. Also, all these people believeing everything they are told is incomprehensible.

I have a question, which I am unsure can be answered. I have been reading many things on this site and from other sources about government, Federal Reserve system and the like. I am unsure if all of the things that I have read are true. But regardless, I am sick of feeling trapped in this place. I do not think that this is how humans are meant to live. I feel like a prisoner in this place: to time, money, government. I have been seriously considering just taking to the woods. It is like I feel as though I should be able to do what ever I want, but instead I am trapped to this schedule. I want to be surrounded by aesthetics at all time, no more of this dross. The thing is with all this stuff, no one knows if it is actually true, but no one knows if it is actually untrue. I guess my question is- What can we/I do to make this life better for all of us; how do you people manage in this mess of a place?

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posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 05:57 PM
Hi Bach,

You pointed out exactly how I feel. We are prisoners to everything around us. We are a free country - yet not soo free.

I am studying Bioinformatics in university. I was soo happy that I got in and I was directing my career towards research. I have realised how much everything runs on money. I accompanied one of my profs to the funding commitees.

When people put forward their ideas and said "look this procedure will save people's lives" - no one was intrested. But the moment someone said "this will save lots of money" everyone sits up. It was funny when I looked at these highly educated people with soo much knowledge running around money. At the same time it is really sad.

Like I said in my previous post, we are buyig Education! A concept which seems really wrong to me.

After more of these incidents, I feel vexed and angry. There is nothing I can do. People need money to make them happy. Everything is materialistic.

I wish I could just build a time machine and go back 6000 years.

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 06:56 PM
It is very nice to speak to people who have the same feelings and viewpoint. I absolutely hate money. It drives me nuts, especially being in college. It is amazing the way people ogle money. It is a piece of paper that in all actuality means absolutely nothing. Success nowadays is measured in money not in what you know or do.

And on the topic of clubs and such. Mind blowing. These kids go to these places, I mean they are having fun or whatever they wanna call it, but what is with all that stuff, it is not even done in good taste like it once was. All that rap, all it is is drugs and violence. If this government cared for anyone it would not allow these dirt bags to portray this hideous demeanor and these intimidation techniques these "gangstas" use. It is like they say you want free speech you can have it, and they allow all of this to happen, because they know it will keep this society at it's incredibly ignorant state. And they know if we start saying stop this stuff, they will stop it and they will have even more control over freedom of speech. It is a double edged sword.

Something interesting that happened to me a couple weeks ago. I went to a party at a college, where all the "normal" or what ever you want to call the kids with all the clothes and video games and television stuff, which is a rather drastic change from my music college. I don't usually subject myself to those type environments except when my friends (who most of which are the "normal" type and who think I am a nut case) want me to go. I watched and didn't say much and drank. It is amazing they dance on tables and all that stuff, which is all in their fun, but it is exactly how they would see it on t.v. They replicate it. They want desperately to be the ones on the t.v. It is scary. As the night wore we ended up in some frat type place. I was finally starting to talk a bit to these kids and I started asking them questions. Such as- Why are you in this frat thing you have? they said brotherhood. I said what do you do? they said nothing. I said then what is the point of all this? they had no other answer except brotherhood. We then got into a discussion about some political things which of course i started just to hear what they had to contribute. Some said nothing, one reciprocated some decent thoughts and one kept criticizing and saying where is you tin foil hat. I just shows the stupidity these people would not even listen to anything I had to say. It just shows utter stupidity- not even open to somebody else's view.

The things a thinker has to go through.

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 08:53 PM
very intresting, a lot of people just say what other people have told them are the "answers to the questions" and they just take it as their own. go naive

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 02:33 AM
This is great...I had no idea so many were reading this line of thought or just on the side so to speak.

Ok..Im going to throw some stuff out here and see what happens with some of you ...or others just observing on the side.

Begining with those of you in college. Dont worry about whether or not you know what you are doing there..Just get the education ..preferably in some arena where you can make a living by utilizing your education. is where you find yourself on the treadmill..which is what some of you are concerned about. It is a valid concern. Not unreasonable.
Remember this about this world and the nature of this world..first one cares that you went to college..they just care that you have that sheepskin and can function in the arena for which they hired you. They dont care what problems you had to overcome or such ..or how many partys you attended or any such drivel. dont learn everything that will benifit you in college or high school. The very facts of life are and will be that you will be continuing your education for the rest of your life. Education never quits. Never!!!! Get used to it. It is simply a matter of are you williing to educate yourself in something you are intrested in or will benifit you or will you settle for a standard education ...shoveled out by someone else who will if given a chance ...control the way you think..expect or behave.
Education is not just teaching you things but also how to put and organize the things in to a usable coherent pattern or order for "your " benifit. Much of education leaves out the " For your benifit" and often just replaces this with making money. Making money is not necessarily the formula for happyness or contentment. It often gets people more options but this is not the same thing as contentment or personal satisfaction with life. Todays eductation does not necessarily teach you this line of thought.
I believe this is the line of thought that Kshatreya-putrudu was trying to get at about many of the people they knew or observed. Money was everything to them...more or less.

One thing I noticed about those here who seem to be somewhat anti social. I dont mean this in a bad are just not real social people think more about what you see and try to catalogue it rather than run out helter skelter to "experience " this or that ...unguardedly. This is good. It means that some of you are dont just jump in because everyone else is doing it. This is great..dont ever lose means you are not that easily put on the string. When you learn to keep this thinking close to the vest so to means you wont be changing direction with the latest fads or trends...while seperating you from your moneys. In otherwords you wont be that easily put on the string. Got the point. Dont ever let people get you down about this type of behavior on your part. Its a good thing. Its not a bad thing. Be selective and very particular about what and whom you are willing to spend your moneys and time on ..dont be wide open in this area.

Alright ..Im going to tell some of you a bit about myself..and how I think or behave...mind you this does not make me better than anyone way. It does make me different than others. I dont really care if it does or not ...I dont try out for approval ... I dont worry about what others think in this arena.
I am in my mid fortys. I am a shipbuilder...a machinist in a local shipyard where we build submarines and aircraft carriers. We also build commercial ships but mostly subs and carriers.
I am not that social a person. I work back shift...second or third shifts. I prefer the third shift or what is called Graveyard 11pm to 7am in the morning. Personally for me the less people around the more I like it. I am obviously a night creature. I love the nights. Fewer people around and less traffic. No parking problems at work for which the daytime people contend. I like being at work when people are mostly home and at home when most people are working. I like going to the stores when I must go and when most are at work. If I am off the weekends ..I like to go to the stores in the middle of the night.
I am not a bar fly..I dont buzz around bars and night clubs ...I dont really enjoy that kind of enviornment. I will occasionally take a lady I am seeing but mostly to some private corner of these places when I go. Its just that I perfer to do my drinking at home and stay there rather than drink and run the roads. I never cared for that kind of thing.
I own two cars and a truck. Yet you usually find me riding my moped to work. I have learned from others hop them up with special parts moped will do 47 miles per hour ..enough to get me around town without getting run over by the faster cars. I have learned to do most of the work myself. I have worn out four of them over the years.
People used to laugh at me...but when the gasoline went up twords $3.00....they werent laughing anymore..they were asking me questions about my moped.
Now a moped is not for everyone mind you...I only live about 8 miles from work. I can get to and from work in about 20 minutes each way. No parking problems. I save my gas for my cars and trucks on the weekends.

In my back pocket is a set of lockpicks. I taught myself to pick locks at work..when watching a older guy. I asked him to let me look at his tools. Soon I made my own set. Later a second set ..and finally a store bought set. I can open the door on my truck when I am dumb enough to lock my keys inside. Some of you probably have experience with calling a locksmith. Same with locking my keys in my house or problem to get in. I can open my cars with a slim jim or lock picks.

I dont buy new cars..I have always bought used vehicles. I taught myself to overhaul the engines and keep them running a long time. I hate the thought of a car payment. I will run them into the ground. Mind you this is not for everyone. It is just something I taught myself. Obviously I dont worry about keeping up with the Joneses here in the fashionable automobile arena. Automobiles are planned obsolescence...making you think your olde one is fashionably obselete and you need to get on the treadmill every so many years to keep up. Not me ..sorry ..I stepped off this treadmill long ago. Its a control method.

I have taught myself of all things ..morse is a dying art so to speak but I got curious about it. Obviously I am a radio operator..not confined to the web for information.

I have also taught myself to shoot ...and reload my own ammunition. Going to the shooting range ..rifle and pistol is something I enjoy doing but dont always have the time to dedicate to it that the dicipline requires.

Reading is something that never goes out of fashion to me...I will be doing this for the rest of my time on this earth. Problem is that I dont always have the time to really enjoy it as I would like.
One who learns dicipline in ones life will soon read material which will mold ones a direction benificial to them..not swamp one with the constantly changing drivel for which this world trys to bombard and seduce us.
It is amazing what you can learn from books if you are curious or have the tools and dedication to solve a task from what you learn reading books combined with hands on experience of what others have taught you.
I hated reading when I was in school. I finally learned to like reading from my mother. It is from her that the seed of what reading can do for you germinated and brought forth some fruit. The reading combined with what my father taught me about books/manuals and tools ..lead to a much bigger world out here. I was quite astonished to find that there are people who have great difficulty reading a book and solving a problem using the material from a book..I thought everyone did this.?? Obviously some people are watchers not do'ers.
My point is dont be a watcher your whole life...learn to educate yourself to be a do'er..where it counts to you. Eduaction is no doubt important in life...but use education/dicipline to solve problems and get or acquire the thinking ..needed to make your life satisfying to you order your life for you ..not someone else who controls you. An educated person is a diciplined person ..not wildlife..dont be wildlife.
History is one of the areas where I really like reading. History like much of education ..never quits. It is a lifetimes work.

Bach, your point about church is well founded. I dont have much use for what most people call church. To most people the church is the building. This is a thinking pattern cultivated by many religions to also keep people in control. The Church in Christianity is the people..the congregation ..not the building...the church meets and the church goes home. Church can be as little as two people. This is not what you get from most preachers or priests. Beware of this carefully cultivated ignorance. I stated earlier in this post that I liked history ..the Bible is history. This is born out by many archeological discoverys giving validity to the Bible. What you learn if you come under good tutorage that whenever two or more are gathered in His name ...there He is in the midst of matter where it takes place. This means that two or more in His name are having church. Understand???? I remind people of this often in Chat rooms. I myself go into Christian Chat rooms. I tell them ..we are having church right here ..right now!!! Amazing to me how little actual thinking is going on among some Christians. Not all of them mind you ...but a noticable number.
One more thing..check up on what your priest or preacher tells you ..personally or in thier sermons. Often they are teaching or preaching what they learned in seminary or Bible college..not actually what the Bible teachs. BE very careful here..dont take thier word for it ..check up on them. Like us ..priests or preachers are in the flesh..they too can make mistakes. The question for you is was the mistake in ignorance or deliberate. You must be knowlegable and perceptive here.

Hope this explains some of what how and why I think the way I do.


posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 05:40 PM
Most young people are occupied wit three things: Sex . booze, and drugs, basically it's a mind control fallacy we are currently in, what you think?

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