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How to control People

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posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 09:37 PM
It's interesting that over 30 years ago I had a teacher that taught us about how we are manipulated into buying things by tactics like product placement, lighting etc. and encouraged us to question the original source of the information we're fed as facts through popular news and media yet among my contemporaries discussing these issues is seen as being paranoid about the 'current' NWO histeria.

The monster that is the advertizing industry would not exist if the majority were incapable of having products, desires and ideas sold to them yet it seems to be personal pride that stops people from admitting this fact and so they keep feeding the beast.

I am a woman and though I love people am not very social as my inability to love shopping, fashion and celebrity gossip etc. actually offends other
women as they seem to take it as a judgement against them so I'm left the choise of presenting as someone I'm not or withdrawing.

It also isn't a matter of finding women that aren't into that stuff as those who weren't offended by my ability to work on cars or break in horses etc. would then distrust me when I would dress and present as a lady my husband would be proud to be out with on formal occassions.

Having raised 3 out of 3 polite, gental, wellmannered children who as young adults work hard and honestly and still enjoy eachothers company and that of other honest gentalfolk also tends to make other parents with "problem" children uncomfortable around us.

Then there is the faith issue. I believe in The One Creator God who sent us His Son as our Saviour who will return and establish His Kingdom on earth, which doesn't only upset the science minded folk I otherwise have alot in common with but the Catholics I was raised amoung as well as many other nominal 'christians' who are caught up in 'prosperity now' and other current revisionist fads.

I used to breed dogs that still hold records around the world and had no end of doggy "friends" picking my brains for how I did it. I would tell them the truth, that it was a gift from God for always doing the right things for the right reasons. No amount of science and genetic study and even mating the the same pairs of dogs I did, produced the same results for others as us yet my giving credit to God as the Creator who blessed with good fruit would only anger these people who believed I had some secret I wasn't sharing.

The point I'm getting at with these brief examples is that mankind has also been "sold" the belief that those who don't fit neatly within the the bounds of their group or clique can't really be trusted so their warnings about how the beast is being fed by otherwise good and well intentioned people aren't heeded. The beast gets bigger and good hearts get hardend in an effort to not offend the neighbours we're told to love.

It is hard to "be in the world but not of the world" but take heart there will be those you can share your faith and love with.

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 12:44 AM
Nothing to add right now...

Just wanted to say this has turned out to be one of the best threads on ATS in a LONG TIME!

For starting it....

You have voted crusader for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month.

For making it...

You have voted orangetom1999 for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have one more vote left for this month.

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 01:45 AM
Arent you sort of a square peg in a round hole. Nothing wrong with that however. I am too in a way. Do you have any sisters like you????

Seriously did you escape the shopping drug?? That is a rare one to behold. Thanks for the insight. I can see where it would cause you problems among the other women who Idolize this
Also great that you know how to do other things like cars and horses.
This many sound a bit strange and harsh ..about people but contrasting this ..animals and pets are more honest in their behaviors than are many people. At least I find it to be so and often.
On this same vein..of thought control..I want to ask you a question in view of the entirety of what you posted. If my question is to personal and or indiscrete please let me know..and it is dropped. It is not intended to be so.
My question is view of what and how you you ever find that other women are somehow threatened or view you as a type of competiton even though you dont intend it that way. I may not even be phrasing the question correctly. By threatened ...I mean in view of the skills of which you are capable...the whole package so to speak....did that come out alright ? I hope you get my meaning.?? I am curious about this! It is just something that I detect .. or sense.
I ask this because women ..unbeknownst to alot of men have sort of a control to speak..of approval or disapproval.. a control mechanism. The motivations of this are not always apparent to most men...especially men. Once again..this is not intended to offend.

And ANOK..thanks for the vote of confidence on the thread here for Crusader and myself.

Also I salute others in this thread who have posted well.


posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 02:00 AM
you posted:

"Most young people are occupied wit three things: Sex . booze, and drugs, basically it's a mind control fallacy we are currently in, what you think?"

As a general rule..I will agree...however ..I have actually come across some who dont fit this profile. And it is with great relief that I have run across them. They dont fit into the boxes you describe.

So there is hope for some of them yet....Grasshopper!!! Great Hope..Praise God!!


posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 02:20 AM
Hi guys,

I wish I had a moped, but I live in Canada and Its ccccold. I had to walk back from classes today with a 50 km/hr wind blowing right in my face...its a really windy winter this one.

Party, Booze, Media, Sex - where do I even start with them?

Partying and drinking: I live close to my university and mostly everyone on my street are students. Every week on thursday, friday, saturday...there are atleast 5 parties going on. Students feel that partying and drinking are the only way to relax. They would literally run to the bars right after their midterm. The bad thing is I know a couple of people that dont like to drink, and some who cant handle it. But they would not admit that. They dont refuse drinks for fear of being outcast. They are forcing themselves to drink so they can look cool.

The same goes with sex. I know people in high school who wanted to lose their virginity before graduating and I know people in University who do the same. Being a virgin is not a good thing anymore apparently. Everyone wants to be a player. What happened to Love? Which btw is corrupted by Hollywood. I am only 19 and I dont think I know what love is really, but I do know what love isnt.

The same applies to Pron. Everyone thinks "All boys wach Porn!" And I know boys who dont, but tell everyone that they do - once again to fit in.

With everyone changing their beliefs and likes in the cause of 'Fitting In" we are turning out to be a monotone society. No variety!

Media: Hollywood and TV add more pain to the wound. Except for a few movies with exceptional acting and really good stories, most of them are ...the same!
They all contain the pretty dame and the hunky man with guns and violence...and once again the list goes on.

There are very few movies where the actors are actually required to act.
I have seen actors who can make you cry from their excellent acting and the actors who make u cry from their complete absence of acting.

Then there are the books near the grocery counters, with the beautifull women - or are they beautifull?

They portray that women are beautifull with smooth skin, thin structure, with big breasts and a firm butt and shiny hair and straight teeth....and I could go on and on. I know girls who go through long diet regimes to look like them. Once again everyone wants to look the same...

Arent we after all a society like the one in Orwells 1984? We are bound not by Big Brother himself but by our own fears and need to be accepted by the 'society'

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 02:41 AM
There used to be a time, and there still is in a few places, where everyone had their uniquiness and this was accepted as normal.
But now (at least in Cali) everybody copies everybody else from fear of not "fitting in".

It's a snowball efect, we are basicaly seeing conformity becoming normality, self expression becoming taboo, thinking for thyself a social crime.

Why do you think the arts are not really taught in school anymore?

"It's been a long process, but less bloody than other methods, to bring the population under complete control. But now we have them, and the best part is they don't know it. Stupid idiots still think they're free. Poor sods."
From the ficticious mind of a ficticious member of the elite

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 10:31 AM
Kshatreya_putrudu..good post on your part...yes I your age it is difficult to know what love is. Not for everyone but at the same time people at your age are so heavily merchandized by media influences , education , and then finally peer group pressure. Real love can get lost in translation so to speak..substituted by slick merchandizing. In otherwords Life itself can get lost in rabid rampant consumption rates.
It is however ..great that you know something is wrong..that the numbers dont quite add up correctly. That you know many things you see or are exposed to ..dont make good nonsense.!! Build on this in your later adult will serve you well.
One more thing...about sex and too is a slick control method used on us to sell merchandize..from cars/homes to clothes and cosmetics. Sex and sexuality covers the whole of the "merchandizing religion". And it is a religion...a lifestyle..a dogma. Obviously there are very zealous adherants to this "Merchandizing religion." This is not how most people think of it but when you step out of the box of propaganda control it becomes quite obvious. By the way ..this includes sexual merchandizing in the political arena too.
Now I am going to tell you something about sex and sexuality..which experts never tell least as far as I have ever been able to see.
And that is the concept that properly matured people do not define themselves or who they are by sex or sexuality. It just isnt done. To do so is is beyond stupid. People are so much more than mere sex or sexuality.
As a matter of historical record ..properly adjusted people define themselves by thier Lineage, their occupations..or some great work they have done and left to posterity. Never by thier sexuailty. Do you understand this concept.??
It is understood by thinking people ..that people have sexuality..and sex..the subject does not need to be dwelled upon. Furthermore one does not glorify ones self in this manner unless one is in fact ..Pagan. Do you understand this too!!???? To define ones self by your sexuality is to declare to thinking people that you are a Pagan. Open sex and sexuality historically has always been a mark of Pagan societys and social structures. Same thing with open drugs ..including alcohol. Try to find a expert or a college professor who will tell you this fact of history.
What I am saying is that someone high up in the control mechanism is deliberately brainwashing people through the medium of advertising and public education to behave like you describe. Their obvious aim is to return this nation socially to Paganism. Paganism will sell more merchandize and keep certain people in control.
Kshatreya_putrudu..this is why it is a good thing that you know or sense what you do ..that the numbers dont add up correctly ..that they dont make good nonsense. Contratulations on your thinking process.

Oh to my moped of the other reasons I like my mopeds is that here In Virginia..there is no insurance on them..also no inspection ..two huge benifits for them. As I said ..not for everyone.
And yes...understand about the weather up there in can be quite rough for much of the year. It was so in the state of Maine where I lived for a year.

ANOK concerning your post...yes I agree also..its like everyone is trying to fit in. They think the treadmill is normal. As I have stated.. its like a xerox machine ..the people are like 50 punch in 50 and get 50 copies of the same thing. They are like stamped out.
By the way..its worse than that ...go around this country .from town to town..its the same shopping center or mall...the same Mc Donalds...etc etc.. the same Wal Mart. The very cities and towns are mostly stamped out. Only some bushes and trees make the towns different.
You know ANOK..odd as this may sound..when I am traveling and not pressed for time I get off the main highways and go to small towns with a Main Street on them and look for small places where the stores are privately owned .or a nice family owned restaurant ..just to get away from the xerox machine phenomonon. You know ..small towns which still have individual American flavor to them..not stamped out..not the same McDonalds or shopping malls. It is quite refreshing to enjoy this for a change. Even the homes still have individual flavor to them. Not quite stamped out as are the suburbs today. These places are still to be just have to get off the beaten path.

Thanks to both of you for your posts,

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 12:20 PM
Orangetom, growing up in a male free household, I found great relief in the company of male cousins. The boys did stuff while the women shopped, snipped, primpted and preened as well as suffering great physical pains and discomfort in the name of fashion. I suppose you could say that an early childhood massive expossure to the worst of womanly ways immunized me against catching the disease.

It is true that women shop and dress for other women as it is very easy to find yourself cut off socially if you stand out in a way they perceive may attract 'their' men by a hint of uniqueness, eg. it's fine to dress like a tramp so long as you look like the rest of the tramps in your group.

Also things like staying home to raise the kids rather than hire a stranger to do it, threatens their right to "work to shop". They don't want that 'backward', pre-womens lib. stuff to catch on. Gee, they now have the right to go on Dr. Phil or Supernanny for their 15 mins. of fame complaining about how hard it is to be a super mum when infact they aren't super or a mum.

I find women seen to to be threatened by women regardless of what they have to offer as there seems to be some sort of instinct that no man is safe from any woman so they control and "spy" on each other through the whole girlie bonding thing and the sly meanness of the system just never sat well with me. Women don't use muscles and direct confrontation to sort out problems, like men, they use the much more leathal force of the mind and emotions.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a woman hating woman. I'm saddened by how hard it is for women to stand up for the right to try to be the "Rare as Rubies", good woman The Bible describes. Refusing to buy the womens lib. lie in this age is guarenteed to offend as part of buying it is also commiting to selling it to prove you're with the program because you believe they're right. Surely you have some understanding of the dangers of telling a woman she's wrong, Hee Hee.....

O.K. I suppose I should balance this little opinion piece with an obsevation of men. Before I was separated I found I could do things like work, travel and stay with our male friends without fear an took this to be a sign that they knew and respected that I wasn't,"that sort of girl" but I soon found this respect was for my husbands "possession". When I became "available" I was instantly expected to make my self available and not putting out hurt or angered men that I had thought were good friends, even some who weren't single themselves.

It was, quite curtly, explained to me that as a single woman, being 'just friends' with men was an insult to their manhood unless you were ugly and not desired by others. It seems this "Sex in the City" age has successfully sold the lie that choosing not to 'go at it' just because you can rather than to express a loving, trusting bond, means there is something 'wrong' with you.

Thankfully God knows the huge educational, social and media pressure to believe that whats good for the economy is is good for people and will hold to a greater account those doing the selling than the buying. The world can tell me all it likes that it's socially immoral to not covet and so not feed the economy but I just don't see the sence in trading my families future for fads and fashions. Sure it costs you social standing when you don't buy the buying game but it pays back the peace of a clear conscience. What greater home is there than one where you care and cook for, share good books, good humour and Gods Word with those you love?

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 12:21 PM
A quick post covering a area you posted in in your previous post.

About porn...I have posted on this topic in the room Below Top Secret the section on Relationships where some woman asked about men and porn.

I will repeat some of what I posted in that room.

I dont approve of men and porn..nor women and porn.

Unbeknownst to most people with standard stamped out thinking...the Xerox phenomonon..women are bombarded with sex ,porn and, sexuality far more than are men. It is just presented in such a nicely displayed ..carefully thought out form that most dont think of it as porn.
I occasionally buy Cosmopolitan, Redbook , Elle..and such magazines and read the articles ..take the quizzes. It is very seldome that they do not post some article or picture with some woman about to have her breasts fall out of her clothing. Also try to find one of these magazines without a topic line blaring out of the front cover about some kind of sex tips to enhance your power and control over men. To raise your value in the marketplace. This makes a joke out of the days when the womens movement ..wanted to not have women be catalogued as sex objects. A 180 degree turn about. These magazines are highly sexist and pornographic..right down to the quizzes.
I have also read a number of Romance Novels..once again ..they are quite pornographic. It is just presented in such a nice delicate way that they dont on the surface appear to be so. They are quite steamy and hot. Dont worry ..this is to deep for most men to fathom.
My point is that women in this country ..and especially those countrys bombarded by western influences are highly merchandized by pornography..they just call this soft porn...but porn is exactly what it is. I can assure you that most women understand this far more intimately than do most men.
As I have stated before ..women look at this as power and control over men...a rise in status and it naturally peaks their intrest and their wallets.
Men on the other hand ...when confronted with this ..or even the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition ..their brain wave activity in other areas ...flatlines...or stops.
Either way it is a control mechanism in the manner in which it is used...or misused ..
Hope this makes sense to you.


posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 12:26 PM
I salute you for your clarity.
I must make haste to work as I am the boss man to day I must go in early to get turnovers satisfactorily done.

I enjoyed your post and will reply more in detail when I get off.


posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 03:11 PM
The connections that are made here with daily sights and occurrences are amazing. It is like I have always been trying to figure these things out and pondered and pondered and pondered. All of this mind control really brings it all together and makes you realize how steer like the average person is. The idea of absence of original thought has always been one of the ways I have tried to understand the behavior of others. I tend to put myself in other peoples shoes often and it often makes me glad that I am not the average. Although, sometimes all these people with 300 friends get me down sometimes, but a quick reminder of how much I love my thoughts snaps me outta that.

I wouldn't consider myself antisocial. I may sound it though. I love to talk if it is an intelligent conversation where new ideas are presented or new viewpoints. However, I can not stand small talk and/or chatter. I have never been able to get into any of the things people talk about. I have not watched television in over two years so I rarely if ever talk about any of those "shows". I gave up t.v. on a kick I went on of trying to gain knowledge on many different things and after a while of that I realized that I would rather entertain myself learning new things. When people talk about these things i.e. T.v., Fashion, sports, partying, computer games, and video games, I tend to withdraw into my thoughts.

I am currently studying Music Education. Over the past year I have learned alot about the government and about public education. I am wondering where public education is heading. I do know however, that Music education may very well be completely a thing of the past soon, as well as all arts education. It seems as though artsy type people tend to be critical thinkers and tend to question things more. Could this possibly be a reason for this. I am beginning to have second thoughts about becoming a teacher. I am a 5th semester student so if I change majors it would set me back a bit. If I did I would change to music therapy, which I believe could be a better way to make a living for myself.

I have not attended any type of church ceremony in quite a while. I go on holidays to play music, but other than that I do not go. I think having your own spirituality is a great way to live. Lately, I have been thinking a bit about native american spirituality. The idea that everything here is owned by mother earth and that when we die we go back into the soil. And also the idea that nature plays an important role in the spirituality. I find it very easy to identify with nature. These ideas also got me thinking about how nobody actually owns anything in this world. It is only land, it is the earth. It is not owned. It irks me to see all the possessiveness in this world. We own ourselves that is it, that is what should be worried about. Non of these cars and clothes.

Orangetom. Ship building,eh. I love boats. Have you built many smaller craft? I have been contemplating building a small boat for myself and have been meaning to get some books on the subject.

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 07:10 PM

Originally posted by orangetom1999
Ive often thought of this situation but from a different angle.
My first clue was years ago when they did a made for television movie about nuclear war. I do not recall the title..perhapsed someone else remembers ..but when the movie was over they had a panel of "experts" to brainwash us on how to think in analyzing the movie. One of the "experts" was Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was my first clue that this was a propaganda movie to control the pattern of our thinking. By the advise of "experts" we are supposed to emotionally jump on the bandwagon and get with the program.
Since that movie I have seen this scenerio repeated over many times. I know by this pattern I am supposed to jump on the bandwagon and run the program like a good puppet on a string.
The other tell tale sign of certain programming is that so many people today describe some facet of thier lives or their morality by some movie scene they have watched ...not by real actual experience. Their experiences are second or third hand. Very strange. A sort of vicarious morality and easy to see that their morality may be someone elses morality transplanted to them by emotional control. Grab these people emotionallly by some second hand visual stimulus you have imbedded in thier consciounce and you can control them ...especially emotionally. Phil Donahue and the talk show format was clear evidence of this trend. Eventually this format tended twords its eventual perversion by the likes of Jerry Springer and Rikki Lake. All emotional jerk off programming. Thank God much of it has tapered was going quickly into the gutters for ratings.
I do not believe this lesson has been lost on the body politic. They have revised and made it more sophisticated in its application but it is still the same thing. Twenty years of this type of public and television/movie education and you have a very malleable adjustable public. Especially the younger emotional generations coming up in this system.


I agree, here are some good books about it:
"The Analects of Confusious"-Aurther Wiley
"The Art of War"-Sun Tzu
"The Tao of War"-Tao Te Chang
"Symbol and Theory"-Johh Skurpuski(copyrighted 1976)
"What is History?"-Edward Hallet Carr
"The Prinipal of Population"-T.L.Malthus
Any history book, especially ones about the world b4 WW1! They'd had it down to a science then!

It's wrong, like most ppl, heck I don't think BSB can barely deal with 'hey, we have a "CT" for a fan for 8 years, who's been a fan of AJ(rehab bsb) since she was like 4 and 3/4 years old!'. I know some of their fans on other boards can't.

So they create false stereotypes of ppl and boom, everyone thinks b/c BSB is my all-time fave group, I'm dumb, or if someone is asian, they know Ti Chi and all this other BS. So we're always fighting to the point Nick Carter has to write a song their record company won't even release in the US. My point is, it's messed up, BIG TIME!

[edit on 11/17/05 by bsbfan1]

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 07:35 PM

Originally posted by orangetom1999
You know ANOK..odd as this may sound..when I am traveling and not pressed for time I get off the main highways and go to small towns with a Main Street on them and look for small places where the stores are privately owned .or a nice family owned restaurant ..just to get away from the xerox machine phenomonon. You know ..small towns which still have individual American flavor to them..not stamped out..not the same McDonalds or shopping malls. It is quite refreshing to enjoy this for a change. Even the homes still have individual flavor to them. Not quite stamped out as are the suburbs today. These places are still to be just have to get off the beaten path.

You know what's funny, a lot of those places that do still have their originalty often become tourist spots, and then they become paradies of themselves and become as fake as the suburbs.
I live in San Francisco and many neighbourhoods here fight hard to not allow chain fast food joints and stuff from coming in. They're like a nasty rash when they get a foothold. There must be a starbucks on every other corner downtown.
Capitilism is a cancer, it consumes, it's uncaring, it destroys, it holds us back.
It puts mcdonalds on every corner. It takes away our individuality and molds us into easy to control groups that are easy to market products to.
That's all we've become, with all our technology and wisdom, we have become nothing but blind stupid consumers.

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 08:25 PM
Control is control, and if you can brain wash or whatever wash, by using:

  1. Associative Conditioning- By associating a picture, etc. with something for controling purposes.
  2. Disassociative conditioning- By having ppl "escaping" themsleves the way, usually with some 'ritual' like drug usage, etc. also by using associative conditioning.
  3. Operate conditioning- Basicly you do something wrong, Duce Hat. Do something good, Reward and/or a BSB concert.
    -Whatever you prefer.

  4. Co-operate conditoning- By using Operate conditioning and associative or Disassociative conditoning at the same time. Makes ppl more afraid, think of A police man making you late for work and getting a ticket for a ridiculous sum over a crappy speed zone sign.Then you don't drive that part of the city for weeks or months, maybe years because of the cop.

Smart ppl and ppl with power know how to use all of this for money making purposes and also know how to control a populace of anywhere.

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posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 11:04 PM

Originally posted by bsbfan1
Smart ppl and ppl with power know how to use all of this for money making purposes and also know how to control a populace of anywhere.
[edit on 11/17/05 by bsbfan1]

Smart people? More like unscrupulous people....

They don't have to be smart, just lucky enough to have been born in the right family.

[edit on 17/11/2005 by ANOK]

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 08:07 AM
WOW! I just reread this thread and have to say it is one of, if not the best I've come across. It's so chock full of gental wisdom that I found myself wanting to post a supportive reply to nearly every post but it would mostly be redundant as the posts stand on there own truth and sence and need no support.

Highly recomended reading!

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 04:03 PM
Man , i can't believe at the elements of how a society is shaped and moulded to suit the establishment, it's heartening to know that alot of people do not buy into the everybody is doing it syndrome, and are actually speaking for themselves, lol Most of them are ATS members I must say. Sorry I haven't been posting too regularly, but currently I have all types of things running through my veins lol... Anyway, How to control people is the ultimate conspiracy of all time, it's done very covertly and in so many ways. u see, humanity is a mass of people, and it so easy to control a mass of people than to control a small group of people I guess that's why the NWO waited so long to implement their plan.... The population explosion was the answer to their prayers

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 05:11 PM
Ah yes, the death of the small town and the unique perspectives that could be gained from them.

It's no accident that skyrocketing fuel prices have joined by-passess and toll ways in making it harder for those of us in "free" countries to freely move about.

The thing I used to love about dog showing was the excuse to pack up the kids and critters for the weekend and travel to out of the way towns you would otherwise have no reason to go to, where you could discover the news that never made the the mainstream media.

Conversations around petrol bowsers, at local stores and in the local pubs dinning rooms and around their pool tables would flow free and openly from simple, "How's things?" as those excluded from the big news of the big cities relished the chance to let you know what you weren't being told about their corner of the world.

Accessing these differing, real and human perspectives has a way of jarring you out of the 'group think' that makes it easier to "buy" injustices and insanity as normal, acceptable and even "desireable" so these accesses for the 'average joe' are restricted in a vast number of little ways that on their own all seem justfiable.

In Australia there''s a huge growth in privatly owned tollways despite them being financial white elephants. They do however have a great effect on directing the rich and poor away from crossing paths too often and keeping the 'common working man' in his place and tracking when and where he doesn't.

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 05:34 PM
There are lots of systems in life and there is the hidden code for success.

If you understand the big pictue, the system, the pyramid.
How things are work from the top down, you can get along way if you want to.
Life is not about education it is about people. If you understand people, how they think, how they work, you can get into their groups.

Even if you work on reception and you are talking to the chairman. The point is He is only human like you, the power, the structure, the system is man(women too) made and it is as flexible as people are.
Make the right signals and coments, play the game the right way. Education and intelligence go out the window.
You can get a long way by sucking up in the right way, if you desire to.
Once you get some power peoples attitudes to you might change.

Its amazing (to me anyway) how weak some people are when they come across as so confident, their power and self confidence actualy comes from their position and security in the system and not from themselves.
Once you are above them, their attitude to you can change dramatically, even if you dont have any direct control over them.
Thats my observation so far, people like that are slaves to those above them and as long as they are kept safe, they'll defend the system.

This sort of old boys club, wink wink, attitude is what i see at the top of political power.
It is not necessaraly about education or IQ, it is about pulling the right strings and knowing how the system works. Which now im thinking about it is what i was meaning to talk about but went off track a bit.

Money is the system, if you understand economics,and i mean real economics not the carp they teach in educational institutions, micro economics bull.
Real economics is about the system of money, what money actualy is what it represents and how to get hold of it.
If you understand that system i think thats the ultimate power source in the world, everything else is knowledge used ultimately to aquire that money.

Now once you understan that, there is another path which some take. You work to do good and help people. The money is not important to you, whats important is that you are doing something that is truly worth getting up in the morning for, and has real meaning in real life. Nothing will ever replace that feeling.
Making a living which isnt just shuffeling paper, handing out pointless licences, chasing numbers on the screen, or selling medical insurance over the phone.
But actualy a real job which produces real benefits.

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 05:52 PM
The way to control someone is through emotion. If you can control someone's emotions then you're home free.

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