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How to control People

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posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 05:42 PM
Control, it gives you so much Power it's so appealing..... Also, once you monopilize certain access to information you are guarenteed control. That's to sum it all up. This war on terror, is not really a battle for freedoms... Because, they have already taken your freedoms to a certain extent...

This war is for your mind as Alex jones say. The media immages, the images of bloated body parts strewn about the place, the images of a radical leader or leaders, streaming media ipropganda, and all that makes you wonder what is it all about?

Peace my brethren till next time

posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 01:33 PM
Listening to the news last night about the new pick for the Supreme Court of the United States. I dont even recall the persons name but the wagons are already circling.

Pay particular attention to this event because the real motive behind Supreme Court nominations and the nature of the struggle is not being told to the public.
Remember my post about "Occult Hidden Esoteric " and the true nature of politics. This one has been going on for some time but in my time it is only recently becoming obvious as to the true nature of the machine.

Notice that every time a nominee is picked for the office of Justice on the Supreme Court the issue always in the news media over and over again circles around Roe vs Wade and abortion. This issue is the public face that politics wants you to see. It is not the true face of what is actually happening.
What politicians and merchandizers know ..and politics is merchandizing that the dedicing factor in the American Economy is the female..not the male. In states with high electorial vote counts the women decide the bulk of the issues. In stores can see that there are about seven times more products directed twords women than men..meaning that the woman decides much of what is purchased in our economy...not the male. Women often have two incomes from which to decide what is purchased...thiers if they work and their mans if they have a man..not usually the other way around. . This means that economically and hence politicially the woman is the key vote to get at election time not the male. Males have become second class citizens in the political arena by virtue of what I am about to describe.
This means womens issues ..period. The female vote must be programmed around a totally womans issue not a mans issue. Hence the importance of Roe vs Wade..and who does or does not get on the Supreme Court of the United States. The Supreme Court Bench is the sacred/holy icon of political power because it means access to womens votes. Roe vs Wade is the mechanism by which the democrat party gains access to the votes it needs. Notice they do not make this line of thought public. They avoid this. Notice also that the Republicans do not make this line of thought public either. Silence on this view. This is the occult hidden concealed esoteric nature of the body politic preying on public ignorance. This is the control agent ..used by both sides not just one.
The Repubicans would like to use Roe vs Wade or a issue with the same results and mechanism but thier voting base just does not lend itself to this kind of emotionalism. Dont ever think that the Republicans are that conservative..this too is control.
Roe vs Wade has become the very litmus test for whether a person is qualified for a position on the judicial bench or any other public office. The issues are never are you qualified for the office by experience or such but what is your stance on Roe vs Wade or abortion. Talk about phoneys about default settings. This is the "contol mechanism" to allow others to play through unhindered. You people should know better. It is used to eliminate or neuter the competition without the public even being aware of it. Talk about a stupid bunch of people.
The positions on the Supreme Court of the United States and the appellate courts or any court appointment are about votes and the control mechanism for these and any public office is Roe vs Wade/abortion. Its about control. Votes means control. Control means votes. Watch these events unfold before your very eyes and listen carefully to what is "not said" about control.
If it has not already happened, watch closely the postings on this board and the PTS portions of this blog. Watch the two sides go for each others throats and use the herd mentality. Watch the emotional Jerk off techniques the "victimization" the use of the "Poor victims " to play through while others stand pat. Then contrast all of that with the view presented in this post. Above all ...look for what is missing...the whole card...which makes all the other cards plain. You are going to see quite a wildlife in its natural habitat...all responding to a program which isnt thiers.
The conservative christians are just as dumb as the liberals. They fail to realize that the body politic does not care about the unborn ..which is the main focus of thier conservative agenda. The body politic republican and democrat care about votes not any kind of conservative morality. The Republicans will burn the backsides off the coservative voting base if it becomes necessary down the road. The democrats dont have to worry about it as much ..their voting base is much more malleable.

Buckle up and enjoy the show..its going to get hot this time around but remember about control...and how it is done. The true nature of politics is "Occult" and about control.


posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 02:04 PM

Originally posted by orangetom1999

"Order from Chaos"

A very intresting statement. Order from Chaos Odo ob Chao...

does this imply that the order is arranged as is the chaos???? To achieve a predetermined result.???

I dont remember what the summits were ..some kind of economic summit in some western state...but it became obvious to me that both events were planned..the summit obviously and the anarchists who violently protested the economic summit about a year or so back.
I recall seeing the exact senerio you posted many times. After numerous exposures to this stereotype..I am forced to do exactly what you describe..ask myself if both sides are a type of Hegelian dialectic. Designed to reach a compromise of sorts..antethisis.

By the way..AdamJ..I have that very statement on a book in my private library. Ordo ob Chao.. Order from Chaos. It is titled Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike. In places a very intresting book if one understands some of what one is reading.


I dont know anything about the phrase/saying or where it came from.
I only heard it used on the net and it makes sense in my mind, though i cant begin to explain why.

Interesting also what you mention about womens votes. I live in the uk.
why is it that they use female issue like abortion, what does the female opinion/vote have to do with this, im not sure i understand?

posted on Nov, 1 2005 @ 04:05 AM
The implication is that the chaos is caused and controlled to achieve the order that someone wants. "Order from Chaos" Ordo Ob Chao.

As to what the female vote has to do with anything . Here in the United States each state is apportioned electors in national elections by population count. The states with the largest populations have the most electorial votes. States like New York, Pennsylvania, California where they have more large cities and a larger overall population. These are the desirable states for candidates to win over verses say...states with lower population counts like Wyoming and Alaska or say ..Hawaii. These desirable states also have more developed economies servicing the large female populations within them. Politicians and manufacturers...economists know that females are more easily swayed on emotional issues and appeal..or consumer issues than are males. Reproducation issues are the common denominator with women...almost all of cannot remove it from women ..they hold it dear more than men can even imagine. It is a great tool for votes...the ideal tool to gaurantee votes in the high electorial vote states.
You do not see women by and large flocking to Wyoming or Alaska to move permanently..not enough already done pre developement for them like in New York or California. Also the weather is not that accomodating in these places. Hence the low electorial votes.
Nevertheless the womens vote is the one politicians want to get ...the one they will fight tooth and nail to keep. Abortion is the issue to keep the womens vote...they are telling you this every time a issue or candidate comes up..especially for the supreme and appellate courts. It always boils down to what is their stance on abortion ..not are they qualified for the office.


posted on Nov, 1 2005 @ 08:45 AM
What is the end of it all? Controll for whom? Who are the powers that be? is it one person who rules with an iron fist, or is it for a group of elite people, who serve special intrests?

We have degenrated into a society, that no longer are in control, democracy was a sham indeed, the mantra they repeated to the masses ; Power for the people by the people, or something like that.. people forgot the true essence of it, what it really means , a long time ago... Remember when they wanted to seize the wealth of the rich and powerful through something we called T-A-X-E-S? Yes they preached this term will take power from the rich and give it to the poor. but it succeeded at first, but then the rich got the better of the system, and they pay less tax, than the average poor and middle class guy, sometimes paying no tax at all. so what happened they the masses end up losing a whole lot.... which last up to the year 2005.

posted on Nov, 1 2005 @ 11:37 AM
I dont believe in that take from the rich and give to the poor is a control mechanism also. The Robin Hood syndrome is a phoney too to put people on the control mechanism against what they think is "victimization". I know people who others would consider rich. ... even a couple of millionaires. I have no quarrel with them and never think they owe me anything or that I am a "victim" to justify a wish to fleece them for nothing. This kind of thinking too is a control mechanism. It gets politicians votes. I greatly disapprove of any candidate who uses such a shallow control mechanism to get votes for this or that party.
People who have money have the same problems we over their heads loans to be paid a nagging wife and kids etc etc etc. The fact that they make more money than us does not justify our dislike or disapproval or ....entitlement mentality on our part. This is a political placebo to get us on the string and hide the phoneyness of a political platform. It is putting us on the political control string for votes.

People who have money usually work for their money..they dont steal out of the economy by creating deficits on the backs of the public and use them to get more political power and control.
Every time the Government creates more money by deficit they steal out of the economy with this deficit moneys created out of nothing. Government does not produce any product useful to people ..Republican or Democrat. The do use this money to support more of this stealing. People in private buisness who have earned money or salarys invest it in some fashion and create jobs and products useful in our economy. Not so with government unless you consider creating more government economically benificial. My point is that they keep you on this rich/poor struggle and hide or conceal how much the government is stealing out of the economy by deficit spending. Got the point.????? This too is control. This type of control is one the pulbic hardly sees ....ever...much less figure it out. Do you think this is something a financal expert on CNN or FNN will tell you ...they are in on it too.!!!!! Ive n ever heard this told on Fox news either.!!!!
Anyway ..I hope you get the point ...this rich poor victim dichomoty is used as a control agent or mechanism by politics....both partys. Remember something about politics and the way it whores peoples opinions out for political expedience...someone who is poor today ...can be made rich by a stroke of the pen tomorrow as they move the what constitutes the poor wage bracket for political expedience.
In this world will always have poor will always have rich people..this is not a new thing. What is somewhat new is the concept of using the dichomoty for political whoredom....meaning to get votes. Putting people on a control string to get votes.
Remember this ..true equality ..economically can only happen when everyone is a the poverty level. It is impossible for government to raise everyones standard of living to "Rich". Not going to happen. Everyone at the poverty level is what happens under Communism. There only certain politicians get perks ..everyone else has to make do with poverty.
Dont ever let anyone sell you on the "Victim" Robin Hood syndrome taking from what you consider rich to give to the poor. Look around you their is something else happening that no one wants you to see.


posted on Nov, 1 2005 @ 03:37 PM
Ever been to "Food Lion " Grocery stores. They have this MVP card...I think it is called Most valuable person or some such drivel. Ever thought what the real purpose of this card is..????
How about the card at Farm Fresh...Sam's Club or Costco's or BJ's.??

What these cards do is to tie in your identity with your purchase whether you pay in cash or not. In cash the trail used to stop with you and your purchase. Now the purchase can be tied to you personally..whether you pay in cash or not.
Someone is looking at this information and using it to extract many trends in the economy and this is not strictly the store chain itself. Someone else outside the store chain itself has access to this information right down to your name if they want it. They can know what section of the country is spending the most or least ...and what they spend it on. This is a control mechanism..not used only by the merchandizers themselves. This card breaks the bonds of independence in the marketplace of the individual themselves.


posted on Nov, 1 2005 @ 04:53 PM
I have to agree.

If i can just use anti-terror laws as an example. They are sneaking them through in Australia, listen to mulberyblueshimmers podcasts on them.
10 minutes for debate on them or something like that.

That is hardly the behaviour of a healthy democracy realy is it, something is very wrong with that picture.
Are their orders coming from above?
Considering the fact that there is a shoot to kill policy just like in the UK, well what a co-incidence! And both UK and AUS seem to be taking their orders from the US.
I think as the visable government is being stretched, i am beginning to see other players hands at work.

Those cards are a perfect example, an excellent one. i think orgnaizations like the NSA/CIA etc. through there front corporations which can travel borders, and on american tax money are busy working to control the world. Or at least monitor it.
Maybe there is alot more, i think there is but im not sure how its all working properly.

But be warned though, i am just a wacko! I dont even have a MVP card!

Sounds Orwellian doesnt it. You are only a valuable person if you spend your money with us.

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posted on Nov, 1 2005 @ 06:26 PM
Hitler had famous Quotes, which help define the whole thing, on how to control people, which to sum it all up have a look at it here:

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 07:35 AM
Watch this if you have the time.
Its very interesting in relation to 'Order out of Chaos' and what strategies might be involved.

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 09:57 AM
It is like with this bird flu pandemic. It hasn't even reached epidemic proportions and now they are talking of a pandemic that could wipe out the populations.

Before you can have a pandemic, you must first have an epidemic. To my knowledge the avarian flu hasn't reached that stage and the deaths have been few and isolated cases.

So why the scare?

Now if loads of people were reported to be dying and the disease had a prion that meant it transferred from animal to people then I would be concerned.

So far it hasn't crossed over and the cases of death have been isolated.

I don't eat pork. I rarely eat beef and mostly eat chicken and fish and sometimes lamb. I eat meat about twice a week if that. I limit my meat intake.

I watched CNN and it is being made a big deal in America. One bird died here in the UK under quarentine. Now if it were people dying I would be more concerned, but it seems to be limited to the bird population much like foot and mouth disease.

When it comes to things like this-I just watch and see. I don't become overtly concerned, as I will deal with it as it happens.

I still eat chicken and will not change my diet until I know what is what.

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 11:10 AM
I suppose it is just another coincidence that the one parrot infected was located right next door to where the BSE outbreak occured. Not only the same little village but right next door. I am suspitious.

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 11:42 AM
Talk about extreme! they want to control, and restrict your travel. you see where we are heading, if someone don't put a stop to this?

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 02:53 PM
Yes....I too have thought of this bird flu warning as a control mechanism. Just like AIDS years ago had so many people on the treadmill ..politically and in the voting booth.
Is this the next control technique. Keep watching !!


posted on Nov, 3 2005 @ 04:00 PM
but you know what, who do we want to be in control? Them, or US? sometimes control, is good, keeps order, or so the theory is taught.. But I garee. that control, should have it's control mechanisims, because too much of anything is not good... but you know what, let's look at how religion has played a part of how we lost control of our freedom:

posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 04:57 PM
THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND, by Dick Sutphen -- 22.2 KB
Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today

Language, and how the changing of a word's meaning can change people's minds forever.../9wbnm

Mindfully,org /82ggv

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars /777nt

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 01:34 PM
uite intresting Magickman, and timely, for it remind me of a sermon i listened to just last week, and the pastor emphasis on the endtimes, and what is taking place in the world today. He really played into our fears, well i thought he was really sincere in what he believe and preach, for that is all he know. So he said for he grew up in the Church. I am not going to say what denomination it is. Anyway, has religion really pointed us in the right direction?

posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 01:37 PM
I am going to tell you something about religion that is not known by the bulk of peoples out here.

There are two basic kinds of religions out here. Religions which make things clear and plain..and those religions which conceal or hide what is really happening.

Which religion do you think politics is practicing???
Which religion do you think the media is practicing??
Which religion do you think public education is practicing
remember public education is financed by politics

Which religion do you think most churchs are practicing??

Of the religions most churchs are practicing must be very careful and discerning in this arena because many of them are in fact concealing what they are really teaching to their sheep. They are in fact practicing what I am questioning in the above three questions and it takes a very discerning person to see it.
Are all churchs doing this ..not all..but you must be very discerning to know the difference. Very few are the preachers who will teach you this discernment. They would loose too much moneys if they did.
THe right church teaching the right religion can teach their sheep many things which the partys in the above three questions dont want you to know or think about.

This is also why so many churchs operate under the terms of a 501c tax exempt corporation. They can be 'controlled " There is that word again. Control. If the church ever starts teaching in the wrong arenas about how to apply unauthorized thinking or information to their sheep....they can be audited by the IRS as violating the terms of thier tax exempt status. Pat Robertson and James Dobson have learned this the hard way.

Churchs should be tax immune....not tax exempt. A huge difference. Tax exemption is a privelege granted by the state. Many churchs have fallen into this in ignorance. This is not seperation of church and state. It is a tax support or subsidy from government to the churchs. Talk about a stupid bunch of people..both the sheep and the preachers. This means your preacher does not have liberty to preach the Whole council of God. He must worry also about what the government thinks and wants.
I know of several churchs who have given up thier tax exempt 501c status..and two who never took it up.
Most of the sheep are so dumb they just think that this is the way things are ..never checking it out. Talk about control...!!!

Just some food for your thinking apparatus..

posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 02:31 PM
Right orangetom. what is the purpose of a religion hiding certain things? Remember, the controversy over the release of the dead sea scrolls? What did they contain that the Church didn't want you to know that when it was discovered it had to be hidden in the Vatican for almost 50 years after it was discovered in 1947? How unique that it was discovered in 1947? Why did they brushed away the release of these scrolls under the carpet? Why? There are certain things they do not want you to know for example, the Origins of the Bible? When you question it, they tell you some foolishness how the Illumnati, or Satan had this counterfeit going around. They then tell you KJV Bible is the best suited for your salvation! Why tell you such ridiculous lies?

posted on Nov, 7 2005 @ 12:11 AM
First off Crusader..the history of the Vatican and the RCC church is such that for centurys they did not encourage anyone to read the bible. The mass was said in latin ..which most people did not understand. Most people could not read or write anyway and counted on the Priest to tell them anything about religion without being able to check it out for themselves. Most people ,not having access to books or knowlege of history, could never check out anything period. Quite a opportunity for control wouldn't you say.?? This gave tremendous power and control to the priests of the RCC even unto today.
I can also tell you that the Vatican would publish any bible but the King James..and they did. Numberous bibles were already in hand copys and later in print and in many languages but all RCC versions. This is not new and unknown history. It is just that many people dont ever have access to this line of thinking even today....they are "controlled"...even by their preachers/priests.
What I am telling you about the history of the RCC is that it is very close to the ancient mystery religions where the power of the religion was in the hands of the priesthood alone. This is how the Royalty kept its power in feudal societys ..including ancient times ...before the year 1 AD.
This scam continued on in so called Christian times with the religion changing form to look christian under the guise of the RCC but still in fact keeping in " Control " the olde feudal priest/kings system. The real religion they practiced was hidden from the public so as to never have them catch on and therefore remain in control.
It is up to us to learn, think , and understand what is true and not.
I will remind you Crusader...that politics is in fact a religion ..obviously with devout and zealous adherants. The main thing to understand about politics is that many of the rules are non rules...hidden...concealed...occult. and Occult is a basis for many of the religions in this world. They obviously for public face must appear nominally to be Christians or churchs goers but in secret they obviously practice something else. Its up to you or us to determine what that is. By this I mean no matter what party is in office..!!
If you are looking for public education to teach you this line of thinking..forget it...remember politics pays for public education. You can be assured that they left this out of the courses.
Once you understand this about the body politic will see and recognize it more. Like a follows politics everywhere. I know this is true because I have had converstions with people who claim to be in politics and when I broach certain topics the conversation breaks right down..or they avoid what you are speaking about and dont reply. The other technique is to label you crazy...but they never answer or reply to what you are posting. They will avoid it.
I could tell you more but this will suffice for now...


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