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How do people with IQs of 140 - 200 think?

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posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 01:03 AM
This is the very very short version to the answer of that question but...

I developed a way of thinking that i hope will get me closer to the truth.

Firstly keep an open mind. Even if something isn't entirely new to me, even if i have reached previous conclusions about it, and even if i don't sound like it my ears are always open.

Secondly When considering a source, look at tone and consider the reasons behind what was said.

" It is a sign of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea with out accepting it" Aristotle.

I think as a scientist would, that science (granted no in it's currnet state) Can explain everything in this universe (however not outside the universe). You see science isn't there to explain away everything and it's a solid rigid thing, it's actually a mobile thing that's always changing, and it changes with the new observations we make around us. So if you observe something paranormal, you can't just say it isn't true because the "science" that we have right now says it can't be true, you have to develop the science, into something that CAN explain it.

You can hold an idea in your mind, without beliving it, you just wait untill it proves true or otherwise.

I think and i think about things so much it keeps me up at night, and i obssess and i turn things over and think about them a different way, and i ask my self is this the truth or am i wrong, and even when i reach a conclusion again, i consider it all over again.

I like logic, ALOT, but i don't think emotion is un important.

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posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 01:04 AM
I like people who remain humble with their gifts. I didn't create this so other people could boost about how smart they are, but instead I created this thread in hopes of learning more about other people; and how they think.

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 11:40 PM
More to a great post

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posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 02:50 PM
You know i have never taken an IQ test in my entire life and i will turn 24 in 7 days. I guess at this point it doesn't really matter huh?
I was an average student in high school sometimes only doing what i needed to in order to pass, and other times get motivated and making all A's for a semester or 2. I see alot of people talking about emotions. You know what floor me sometimes is the kid that lives below me with an IQ of probably no more than 70 can look me and my husbands faces as we are going to our apartment and tell we have had a bad day. We are an emotional species (unless you are one of those few breeds labled as a socio-path). Some of us are more intuned to those emotions whether our IQ is 90 or 160. I think there is alot more that determines how someone "thinks" than just a number calculated from one test.

posted on Aug, 12 2005 @ 06:22 AM
How do I Think?

First of All I would like to say I am very Emotional and altho I rarely show that on the Outside, my Actions and Reactions are sometimes guided by Emotions. For Example I just LOVE Animals, and when I see a Man that does not treat his Dog with Care and Respect, such as this Dog would deserve, I don't Think for a minute what to do, but Attack this Guy - I don't mean hit him or anything, just point him out so everybody in the street can see what kind of JERK he really is. Animals are like Children to me - they are Innocent and Helpless, and if Somebody is Beating and Kicking them, that means he is Dangerous and Gutless. I myself have a Dog and a Cat at home, and I must say I maybe like Cats a little more. Why? Because they are Independant and Very Smart - altho Very Revengeful: if you forgot to feed her once, She will remember that and piss on your towel.
Yep, that's how the Cats are sometimes. So you can say I am like a Cat, and I Remeber EVERYTHING, but I have a "weak" spot and I usually also Forgive Everything too.

I Loved my Coutry too - the Former Yugoslavija. As a little Man I thought that was the Best Country in the World, and the Russians and the Americans can simply just Hide, because we have this Great President - Marshal Tito! But as he was gone, so was his Dream of United Yugoslavija, and quickly it fell aparat like a Tower of Cards. I was very Sad watching how everyhing fell aparat - it was Summer and we were preparing to go to the Seaside to Croatia like every year for Past 15 Years. I just could not wait any more Longer - and then it came like a Lightning from Above: WAR. Watching how Endless Armored Columns rolled from Belgrade towards Croatia and watching how things got out of hand and people started dying. We were EXTREMLY Lucky, because here in Slovenia there was no real War, just a 10 Day Guerrilla Conflict, that ended without any real Consequences. The Yugoslav Army then showed their true power in Croatia and Bosnia - without any Mercy.

Ideology - since I was brought up in Brotherhood and Comradship of United Yugoslavia I Belive that ALL Men and Women on this Planet can live togather in Perfect Harmony. No matter the Religion, Color, Tribe, Ideology - nothing here matters. If our former president Tito could make Muslims, Christians and Orthodox Christians live togather in Bosnia - then BELIVE ME, anything can happen! If there is a WILL there is a WAY! That's my Motto for a Long time. I belive that Peace and Love can WIN over War and Hatred. If we Stand United we can Beat any Bastards that want to spread Hatred and War. If we want to ofcourse. I don't belive that Wars solve ANYTHING - Wars just create more Conflict and more Revenge, and in the end you end up with More Borderlines then Before. I belive that the Power of Argument MUST REPLACE the Argument of Power! Can't you all see that? Wars just create more Fragmented Countries, it's the oldest trick in the Book and "Somebody" is doing that to all of Us for Hundreds of Years - Divide and Connquer. Fragmented we can not Fight Back - only UNITED we can do that. I remember that our leader Tito had around 60 Assassination Attempts executed on Him - from CIA, KGB, Mossad and just about every Intelligence Agency in the World wanted this Man DEAD! Why? To Tear the Country Apart and keep it in Pieces - like it is Today. Does this Ring a Bell? Soviet Union fell apart. All of the Countries of the Easter Block Fell apart. Why is that? I will leave that Question for you to Think about.

I am not a member of any Religious Groups - my Parents were Atheists, and so am I. But my Grandmother was a Christian and she tought me alot of stuff about Christianity and she also told me alot of Stories from the Bible. She was a Great Woman that Lived through TWO World Wars and Passed away when she was well over 90 years old. I think that All Religions are Good and Bad in a Certain Way. How can you say, this one is Good but the Other one is Bad - when the are Fundamentally basicly the Same? Yes I know it's hard to Undertand for Some People - ask a Serb what he thinks about Albanians, and you will see and hear pure rage and hatred, based upon Historical Religious Conflicts. But we must Fight Hate with Love and Fight Revenge with Forgiveness! That's what Kung Fu Meditations say - I must admit that I find closer to my Belifs and Views the Eastern Philosophy of Ancient China and India. I don't belive in Western Healing with Drugs and Butchery - I think that's just a big part of Corporatization of our World and of our Health Also. In China the Doctor is also your Cook and alot of the Medicine is basicly Foods and Drinks that are prepared in a Special Way. I know a little about Acupressure, which is basicly close to Acupuncture - but without any Needles. And when I'm sick or when I have a Headache, pressing certain "Pressure Points" on my Body help to ease the Pain and to eliminate the Disease.

I am also a Fighter - a Freedom Fighter. I belive that EVERY Man and Woman and Child in this World DESERVES Freedom, Justice and Equality. They Deserve Food and Water and they deserve to be treated like everybody else! But sometimes Freedom can not be Given, it must be TAKEN and we must FIGHT FOR IT! That's why you have to be a Freedom Fighter, in order to Show everybody what Ideals you will fight for - not Money, Greed or a Piece of Land, but for your Freedom. Because if you don't have that, you are just the same as a Prisoner behind Bards, even if you do live in a Big House with alot of Windows.

Well, that's a little Short Something about "How I think..." - Maybe Later I come back and write more, but now my Dog needs to go out and he is getting pretty Restless....


posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 06:09 PM
But we must Fight Hate with Love and Fight Revenge with Forgiveness!

One Love, one heart, one race. Only love can stop hate, this is a truth in my view. To combat hate with more hate makes the hate grow. Forgiveness is sweet while revenge is an example of fighting hate with hate.
Self defence is one thing, protection of your family is not always without violence, as Malcolm X said, 'by whatever means necessary.' This is not hate, but vengeance is. Forgive your enemies, and most importantly, forgive yourself.

posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 05:37 AM
Well I do fit within the boundaries of the original question, and thanks again LOD for asking me to comment here.

It has always seemed a simple fact to me that humans, even the very best of us, only use a fraction of their true potential, mental, physical, spiritual, everything. Key to what we can do is the belief that we can indeed accomplish something.

The most significant affect of having someone in Authority tell us that we are a high IQ is a boost of confidence. We believe that we have more than the average so we generally attempt to make use of more than the average person of our true potential. Genetics plays a part, how we are raised plays an even bigger part, and when we mature enough to do so, our own choices and efforts define us.

I had the advantage of parents who knew that belief in self was vital so I had that additional advantage. Since I was not forced into a active religious life I was able to make my own choices in this most fundamental of areas. Oh I got all the moral codes, a fair amount of wisdom, and loving guidance from my parents. But it was just the core ideas of Christanity without all the dogma and structure. That along with a bit of the 'Son, there is a right way, a wrong way, and the Army way' from my Father and his fellow warriors, formed the core of my original Belief Structure.

When I say Belief Structure what I mean is the set of concepts that when taken together give me my picture of Reality, How Things Work, or my favorite version of all time, from fiction even, 'My Visualization of the Cosmic All'. For many a Belief Structure is a specific Religion, but it can take many forms.

What I eventually discovered was that the ancient mystics actually knew things we did not. Some people knew the World was round long before the whole of Society, before Science really even existed. Unlike many people who placed a fair amount of belief in the idea that Science is indeed the only key to the understanding of the mysteries that is infinite Realty, I always remembered that what we know is almost nothing compared to what we do not.

So began my study of what is called the Intuition. It does not 'think' in words, but rather in feelings and pictures. It is the source, the foundation if you will of all the 'psi' abilites, Empathy, Telepathy, Hunches, Inspiration and the like.

It is all about potential, many things can help to move you along towards more and more of what you have, like being told by Authority that you are indeed, in one signficiant way, brighter than most.


posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 05:47 AM

Originally posted by flyingbuttflygrl
We are an emotional species

One of the most intelligent statements on this thread.....

flyingbuttflygrl....though I cannot see quite how a rearend may lend itself to flight, despite gender....

I vote thee for a Way Above Top Secret.......

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posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 09:35 AM
I was tested with a 144 IQ so I would be happy to help out this thread.

I personally am mathematically, logically, and visually able to think about things.

Numbers are my number 1 passion (no pun intended). I love them. They can be added, subtracted, multiplied, divided, rooted, squared, found, lost, inverted, reverted, etc. I like them because I can do them all in my head. I do percents in my head, division, multiplication, etc. I can just sorta *think* the equation into being solved. I can even devise a formula better than the one they taught me in school, but no one else can get my methods. For example I streamlined the way you do "x is moving this way at 55 km/h, while y is moving the other way at 40 km/h. WHen will they meet?". No one else can understand what I do though.

logic-This is mostly integrated into my system. I can take the options and figure out which one would be the best. This also helps me IMMENSELY with debating. One more thing here: You know those puzzles that you have to figure out who went where and had what drink there? Perhaps others cannot see this, but certain things "stick out" which help me solve them faster.

Visual thinking is one of the more recent things I have learned. For example I can imagine the sillouette (I spelled it wrong for sure) of a person doing a cartwheel with no hands. The cool thing is that I can do it from the side, from front, and above at the same time. I can also sorta "feel" the actions it does with my own nerves. Shortly after visuallising it a few times, I replicated my "feel"s from that visual with motion, and beilieve it or not I went flying through the cartwheel.... And hit a wall. Nonetheless its a really great thing to be able to do.

In conclusion I think that the MAIN thing separating the 140+ from the 120's and 130's is the use of their brain. Anyone can do something on a sheet of paper. I can't say if its a lot harder to do it in your mind because I honestly don't know. I imagine it would be, but that's a biased thing to say. So-last thing. "smart" people can use their brains to figure out complex things, while the "not-so-smart" people cannot do that as easily.

posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 10:09 AM
When I was 15, I tested at 147 and 158.

When I was 17, I tested at 137 and 149.

(Apparently ra-ra skirts, pixie boots and blue eyeliner do indeed eat away at your brain cells. Who knew?)

Anyway. IQ testing isn't an accurate gauge of intelligence, in my very humble little opinion.

To me, intelligence comes from experience too - something we will never find in our DNA. Having said that, it's not really something we can readily quantify, because a man with four master's degrees might not be as "smart" (or intelligent, in a more broad sense of the word) as the girl with no formal education who learned from the streets, and backpacking around the world. Perhaps I'm using "intelligence" where "wisdom" might serve better, I don't know.

As for how I think...hah. Despite it being a somewhat unpopular trait, I tend to find myself seeking fairly hard evidence for things before I can accept those ideas as being "factual" (my criteria for theories is much less strict. Thankfully). This has obviously caused me one or two problems in terms of faith and spirituality, but that's something I still ponder on a daily basis. I'm not sure I'll ever find "the answer" - and to be honest, I'm not sure that I'd ever really want to, as that would imply there'd be nothing else to learn in that area.

And to think there'd be nothing more to learn - in any area, really - would be unbearable to me.

I'm pretty hopeless with math problems, though I can scan a page of words or numbers and "pick out" the anomaly virtually instantly; I might not understand why it's the anomaly, but I can apparently select it without any trouble. And as is usually apparent, I have a tendency to (putting it very politely) see the underdog's point of view....which doesn't always win me any friends...

Maybe I'm just weird. I'm ok with my weirdness.

Though I'm glad I ditched the ra-ra skirts...

posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 11:00 AM
I tested recently above 160.

I have a natural Music gift and able to pick up any instrument and learn it well.
This goes for pretty much anything I feel I would like to do.
Computers to Plumbing and Languages. But my spelling is AWFUL lol. I always felt I could do a heart transplant if someone showed me once.

I am a very logically thinker, and can come up with solutions to problems in a nano second and 90% of the time be right on point no matter the subject as long as I have some background on it. Which is why this site is so frustrating, with the logic used in some of the theories on here.

I am a very emotional person, not in the way over reacting but, I genuinely get great pleasure in helping others and not hurting living things. Example, I feel awful if I step on an ant or something.

I am extremely social, and I am usually very well liked, as someone stated above I value my true friends and only have a few I would call that, one being my brother.

I also agree with people above, that in NO WAY would I consider myself genius; I have far to many self destructive behaviors for that. I do believe I could do great things, but I think the real genius who have the ability an take it to the next level, like half the people @ MIT =)

On the religious side, I guess I am Catholic, but I do not believe that GOD or What ever higher power. Does not interact with humans, we are far too small in the scope of the universe to think that. But I do believe in Ghosts and such and believe in an after life of some kind. I also think there is proof of GOD in science. The 11 Dimensions, the LAWS of Physics the fat that everything works out mathematically. I see this as proof in a higher level of thinking behind the design of the universe and our world.


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posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 06:05 PM
This is very interesting, please continue with your amazing inputs.

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posted on Aug, 21 2005 @ 12:25 AM
I've always found the topic of savants to be interesting (and also funny that autistics used to be called "idiot-savants")

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 03:23 AM
For all of you think that you are special or smart because your iq is over say 140... get ready for a wake up call. There are many more "smart" people out there then indicated by the bell cure.

Deviations from a Bell-Curve
IQs near the center of the range, between about 75 and 125 are well-represented by a bell curve like the one shown below. However, IQs below about 75 don't fit a bell curve well at all. The reason is that there are some individuals who suffer brain damage and who increase the pool of the seriously retarded. Similarly, it was discovered in 1921, when 250,000 California schoolchildren were screened with IQ tests to determine whether they should be included in the Terman Study of gifted children, that there are a lot more very high IQ score than would be predicted by the bell-curve. For example, the Terman Study found 77 children with IQs of 170 or above, where they would only have expected to find 1 or 2. They found 26 children with IQs of 180, where theory would have predicted only one child with an IQ above 180 in 3,000,000 children. They found one child with an IQ of 201, where the bell-curve predicts only one such child out of every 5,000,000,000 children. Part of this is thought to be a result of uneven rates of mental growth. Some children experience temporary spurts of mental growth that are later offset by temporary slackening of mental development--like children that physically-mature relatively early. Part of it is also a function of the fact that, if there are 4 or 5 children with IQs in the mid-190's (because of "growth spurts"), one of them may have an especially good day and score 5 or 6 points higher than he would normally score, while another of them on that same day might score 5 or 6 points lower than she would usually score. The one that scores higher is the one that catches our attention.

Deviation IQs
Because of these effects, beginning around 1960, psychometrists defined adult scores in terms of percentiles, and then translated those percentiles into the IQ scores that the bell-curve predicts. These percentile-derived scores are called "deviation IQs", and the older (mental age)/(chronological age) IQs are called "ratio IQs". (For a more-complete description of deviation IQs versus ratio IQs, click here.This had the effect of reducing IQ scores, since ratio IQs tend to run quite a bit higher at the higher levels than do deviation IQs. (The highest probably deviation IQ is about 200, since a deviation IQ of 200 would be expected, as mentioned above, to occur only once in every 5,000,000,000 people--the approximate current population of the earth.) The scale shown below the plot presents one approach--(a log-normal conversion)--to estimating the ratio IQs that correspond to given deviation IQs.

The figure below shows the upper half of the "bell-curve" distribution (Gaussian normal distribution) of human intelligence. As the plot shows, 50% of the population has below-average intelligence. As the bell-curve below indicates, 1 person in 10 has an IQ of 120 or above, 1 in 20 boasts an IQ of 126 or above, 1 in 50 is Mensa level, with an IQ of 132 or above, 1 in 100 possesses an IQ of 137 or above, 1 in 1,100 is characterized by an IQ of 150 or above, 1 in 11,000 sports an IQ of 160 or above, 1 in 1,000,000 owns an IQ of 176 or above, and so forth.

click for image

Link to website:

IT SHOULD ALSO BE NOTED THAT 100 IS NOT THE WORLD AVERAGE IQ. IT all depends on which country you live in. Hong Kong has the highest nation IQ of 107, closely followed by South Korea at 106 and Japan at 105. While in the USA it only averages an IQ of 98.

Link to website for more info:

The current global IQ as of 2005 is 88.88. Which has slowly been declining due to large population increases. Although it should once again be noted that IQs in highly developed countries (first world) has steadily been rising.

For more info visit website:

All I'm saying IMHO is that who gives a crap what your IQ is as long as your happy? Both my parents are very smart people scoring in the 155-170 range, but now they are divorced and pissed off because their lives didn't work out as they thought. IQ may be a partial indicator of success but in not way is the determining factor. IF your determined, work hard and with a little luck, you'll get far in life. A good mind will only improve your chances of being successful, so its good to study. Don't but too much basis on IQ, because after all, does your whole life amount to single number?

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posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 12:21 PM
It's quite funny that almost everyone on the ATS seem to have IQs over 140. The ATS seems to be full of geniuses.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 03:23 PM

For all of you think that you are special or smart because your iq is over say 140... get ready for a wake up call. There are many more "smart" people out there then indicated by the bell cure.

Why exactly did you feel the need to say this?

The information you provided was interesting, a little backgound on what IQ scores really mean is certainly nice but the rest of your post is troubling. In my experience anything that makes someone feel 'special' or 'exceptional' is a good thing. Far too many people feel that they are neither of these two things and that never leads anywhere good.

It kind sounds to me that you are angry about what happened to your parents and are lashing out at others who happen to share something in common with them. I understand how you feel but intelligence is one thing and relationships are quite another. If your parents focused too much on the intellectual and not enough on the relationship that is tragic but not exactly a unique story. There are all sorts of things that people do rather than pay attention to their relationship, but that does not make those things bad because of it.

For most people who are told that they have an exceptional IQ it brings not only a sense of confidence but also some responsibility. What I have found common among these types of people is the need to contribute, to do something that will improve the human condition.

The only bad thing involved with high IQs is arrogance, but again there are many things that make people feel superior but that is the fault of the person not the talent.


posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 03:54 PM

Originally posted by Alexander Tau

For all of you think that you are special or smart because your iq is over say 140... get ready for a wake up call. There are many more "smart" people out there then indicated by the bell cure.

Why exactly did you feel the need to say this?

I said that because an IQ of 140 is not really high at all. I mean even an IQ of 160 isn't really impressive (for me). A person with an IQ of 160 is about 1 in 1,000 which means there are over 6 million people in the world with that IQ or higher, that's a whole lot of people... If IQ was the only indicator of overall intelligence then I would only consider people the 190+ range as truly gifted or geniuses. Then again this is only my opinion because of the way I was raised, surrounded by people in the 140-170 range a few in the 180s. But since this is just my view on this topic, I don't expect people to see it as I do.

posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 06:29 AM
I have some ideas, I'll post later on this subject. For I have no time now.
So kudos this this thread.

posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 06:59 AM

Originally posted by beyondSciFi
. If IQ was the only indicator of overall intelligence then I would only consider people the 190+ range as truly gifted or geniuses.

That's the point though - I don't think anyone is claiming that IQ is the only indicator of intelligence, nor is anyone claiming that a higher IQ will lead to a happier life.

posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 07:23 AM

Originally posted by siddharthsma

It's quite funny that almost everyone on the ATS seem to have IQs over 140. The ATS seems to be full of geniuses.

my thoughts exactly

i just like to hang out around smart people

ehhh kids

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