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The Curious Case of Felix Sater

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posted on Aug, 7 2019 @ 05:35 PM
True, the GUT. But honestly, I could argue using one of the ATS threads and what I’ve read on cult of Mithras religion and Rome, and it seeming to be the first hints of this myth called Illuminati one could make the argument that this literal underground worshipping cult became the future Octopus of control which cost Danny his life (allegedly) for looking too deep into it.

I’ll try to dig up that old ATS thread but there’s something about that old secretive religion and “secret schools” which tells me it’s migrated into this Hollywood elite 1% control cult among governments intelligence agencies public and private, cartels and organized crime heads and networks working with companies who profit off war drugs crime human and sexual trafficking, big business who are all about the NWO because their sales are global, baby.

All while the highest level of this world control network seems to practice some dark magick pagan religion reminiscent of Mithras.

I’ll go on this tangent for a minute of speculation with weak sauce

It was in the dissemination of the original Mysteries of Mithras, that we find the first coalescence of those families which would ultimately produce the leading Illuminati bloodlines. This network was centered around the House of Herod, and included an important Armenian bloodline from Cappadocia, of mixed Alandrian and Persian heritage, a hereditary Syrian priesthood of Baal, and the family of Julius Ceasar. It was these families that were involved first in the formation and spread of the Mithraic cult, and ultimately, in a conspiracy to supplant the Christian Church, which succeded when one of their descendants, Constantine the Great, implemented Catholicism, which was but an assimilation of Mithraism, by associating Jesus with the cult of the dying-god.

As Franz Cumont indicated, in Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism:

These two authors agree then in fixing in Asia Minor the origin of this Persian religion that later spread over the Occident, and in fact various indications direct us to that country. The frequency of the name Mithradates, for instance, in the dynasties of Pontus, Cappadocia, Armenia and Commagene, connected with the Achemenides by fictitious genealogies, shows the devotion of those kings to Mithra.[1]

Scholars have refused to accept that Mithraism could have been a formulation from earlier than the first century AD. However, as we have seen, the Mysteries of Dionysus, which influenced Orphism, were in imitation of those practiced by the Magi. Therefore, some primitive form of occult rite must have existed among them. More recently, though, Roger Beck has provided an intermediary theory, in which he proposes that the cult of Mithraism was created in Commagene.

Commagene was a small kingdom, located in modern south-central Turkey, in what had once been part of greater Cappadocia. Its capital city was Samosata, or modern Samsat, near the Euphrates. Commagene was ruled by a dynasty known as the Orontids. The dynasty was founded by Orontes, who had been appointed by the Persians as “satrap”, or governor of Armenia. In 401 BC, Artaxerxes II, then reigning Emperor of Persia, gave him his daughter Rhodogoune in marriage. Artaxerxes II would have been the grandson of Xerxes, who according to Jewish tradition, married Esther, of the Book of Esther.

The Armenian kingdom of Commagene arose in 162 BC, when its governor Ptolemy broke free from the disintegrating Seleucid Empire. Ptolemy’s mother was a descendant of Alexander and Roxanna, Aesopia the Perdiccid. Aesopia herself was the great-grandmother of Laodice III of Syria, who married Mithradates III of Pontus, who ruled Pontus between 220 and 183 BC. Their daughter, Laodice III of Pontus, married Seleucid Emperor Antiochus III of Syria. In turn, their daughter Antiochis married Xerxes I King of Armenia, a descendant of Artaxerxes II. Their son was Ptolemy.[3]

Ptolemy’s son Mithradates I Callinicus of Commagene embraced the Hellenistic culture and married Laodice, a Seleucid princess. Thus, their son, Antiochus I of Commagene, who lived from 69 BC to 40 BC, could claim dynastical ties with both Alexander the Great and the Persian kings. The combined heritage found in Antiochus led to the assimilation of Mithras with the Greek Hercules, which marked the first early form of the Mithraic cult. As Franz Cumont explained:

This reverence for Persian customs, inherited from legendary ancestors, this idea that piety is the bulwark of the throne and the sole condition of success, is explicitly affirmed in the pompous inscription engraved on the colossal tomb that Antiochus I., Epiphanes, of Commagene (69-34 B.C.), erected on a spur of the mountain-range Taurus, commanding a distant view of the valley of the Euphrates (Figure I). But, being a descendant by his mother of the Seleucidæ of Syria, and supposedly by his father of Darius, son of Hystaspes, the king of Commagene merged the memories of his double origin, and blended together the gods and the rites of the Persians and the Greeks, just as in his own dynasty the name of Antiochus alternated with that of Mithridates.[4]

Antiochus I is said to have practiced astrology of a very esoteric kind, and laid the basis for a calendrical reform, by linking the Commagene year, which till then had been based on the movements of the Moon, to the cycle of the Star of Sirius used by the Egyptians as the basis of their calendar. This would suggest that Antiochus was knowledgeable about an Egyptian manifestation of Magian influence, known as Hermeticism.[5] Antiochus is most famous for founding the sanctuary of Nemrud Dagi, an enormous complex on a mountain-top, featuring giant statues of the king surrounded by gods, each god being a synthesis of Greek and Persian gods, where Apollo is equated with, Mithras, Helios and Hermes. The gods are flanked a lion and an eagle. The lion may be the lion of Judah, representing Jewish heritage, while the eagle is the heraldic symbol of the Tribe of Dan, representing another line of Jewish heritage from the Greeks, the descendants of Danaus, by way through Alexander the Great.

Scholars dismiss the fact that this cult could represent an early form of Mithraism. However, Mithridates VI of Pontus, the grandson of Mithridates III, who ruled between 120 and 63 BC, was allied to the pirates of Cilicia, a province bordering Commagene. According to Plutarch, who lived in the first century AD, these pirates were responsible for transmitting the mysteries of Mithras to the Romans. According to Plutarch, these were the pirates who constituted such a threat to Rome until Pompey drove them from the seas. In his biography of this general, Plutarch writes of the pirates: “They brought to Olympus in Lycia strange offerings and performed some secret mysteries, which still in the cult of Mithras, first made known by them [the pirates]”.

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posted on Aug, 7 2019 @ 05:53 PM

Mithradates, meaning “gift of Mithras”, was one of Rome’s most formidable and successful enemies. His demise is detailed in the play Mithridates of 1673 by Jean Racine, which formed the basis for many eighteenth century operas, including one of Freemason Mozart’s earliest, known most commonly by its Italian name, Mitridate, re di Ponto, written in 1770. When Mithradates VI was defeated by the Roman general Pompey the Great in 65 BC, in the last of a series of three Mithridatic Wars, remnants of his army took refuge among the Cilician pirates. In the middle of the second century A.D. the historian Appian adds that the pirates came to know of the mysteries from the troops who were left behind by the defeated army of Mithridates VI.[6]


The House of Commagene combined with the family of Herod the Great, the Syrian priest-kings of Baal, and the family of Julius Caesar, who took the early symbolism of the Mithra worship of the heretical Magi, and combined it with the emerging Kabbalistic mysticism, to form the Mysteries of Mithras. Essentially, the Mithraic mysteries adapted the ancient king-worship of the Babylonians, to the worship of the emperor, as a personification of their god the Sun. Through the influence of the Commagenian dynasty, this cult retained its Persian themes, but represented its god Mithras with the physical form of Alexander the Great, their progenitor.

Anyways, there’s more I could add but I find it interesting throughout history Mithras temples are discovered underground. We know they did sacrifice. The solar system was a large part of it including the sun.

Ahval News, May 2019

A 1,800-year-old Roman-era temple to the god Mithras, accidentally discovered in southeast Turkey in 2017, has become a centre of attraction for both archaeologists and tourists. The ancient mystery religion of Mithraism has long been a starting point that conspiracy theorists link to the Illuminati, a secret society that some believe to run the world, the Knights Templar, a large organisation of devout Christians during the medieval era, and Masonic societies. The ancient religion is thought to have been inspired by the Persian god of the sun, Mithra, whose worship is said to have been spread to the Roman Empire by soldiers who took part in military campaigns against Persians.

The temple discovered under Zerzevan castle in Turkey’s southeastern province of Diyarbakır is well preserved compared to others previously discovered across the former Roman Empire. It is believed to have been designed according to the movements of the solar system. Some say the temple has its own magnetic field ..

All the mystery around the temple has brought some 352,000 visitors to the site last year, with one million expected in 2019. Hotels are fully booked months in advance, and demand is so high that tour companies have asked for a helicopter landing field to be built near Zerzevan castle.

posted on Aug, 7 2019 @ 06:19 PM
Nice Historical Timeline to Scroll Through

A few things stand out there in more recent century like

1920 NAZI Party/Muslim Brotherhood formed
1927 Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) formed in America
1931 Edgar Cayce/the Sleeping Prophet founded Association for Research &
Enlightenment (A.R.E.)
1932 Turkey becomes a republic, Saudi Arabia a nation
1936 “Seven Sisters” oil cartel formed with Saudis/Illuminati
1939-45 WWII
1950s OSS/CIA formed by Allen Dulles
1954 L. Ron Hubbard forms Church of Scientology
1966 Anton LaVey establishes Church of Satan
1973 Trilateral Commission formed
1975 George Bush becomes head of the CIA
1998 “blood diamonds” reportedly being used to fund Islamic terrorism
1999 French Parliament issues report tying BCCI, Saudis, CIA, and Bush family to
money-laundering for Islamic Terrorism

2000 PNAC plan for U.S. global domination to fight Islamic Terrorism exposed
2001 Islamic Terrorist attack on WTC Twin Towers/the Pentagon/Washington D.C.
-- Beginning of “Total War” of Islamic Terrorism

posted on Aug, 7 2019 @ 07:20 PM
Mithraism Wiki

Worshippers of Mithras had a complex system of seven grades of initiation and communal ritual meals. Initiates called themselves syndexioi, those "united by the handshake".[3] They met in underground temples, now called mithraea (singular mithraeum), which survive in large numbers. The cult appears to have had its centre in Rome,[4] and was popular throughout the western half of the empire, as far south as Roman Africa and Numidia, as far north as Roman Britain,[5] and to a lesser extent in Roman Syria in the east.[4] Mithraism is viewed as a rival of early Christianity.[6] In the 4th century, Mithraists faced persecution from Roman Christians and the religion was subsequently suppressed and eliminated in the empire by the end of the century.[7]

What is it with these people and underground worship and sacrifice if they are supposed to worship the sun? Notice that other referenced article stated they had an underground city.

The Guardian

The virile young god from the east was beloved of soldiers who worshipped him by the light of flaring torches in underground temples, where the blood of sacrificial animals soaked into the mud floor. The reconstruction of his rites includes the soundtrack of shuffling sandalled feet and voices chanting in Latin the names of the levels of initiates taken from graffiti on a temple in Rome: the god still guards many of his secrets.

“It was a mystery cult and its rites remain very well guarded mysteries. There is nothing written about what went on in the temples, no book of Mithras,” said Sophie Jackson, the lead archaeologist from the Museum of London Archaeology who has spent years working on the excavation and reconstruction.

Michael Bloomberg got the one in London.

Bloomberg’s European headquarters, designed by Lord Norman Foster, stands on one of the richest archaeological sites in London – by one estimate a 10th of the Roman objects on display in the Museum of London come from a century of excavations on various patches of the land. Much was destroyed by the excavations of deep basements of later buildings, but where the archaeological layer survived, the soggy ground led to startling preservation, including hundreds of wooden tablets faintly preserving the oldest handwritten documents ever found in Britain, from the first years after the Roman invasion, including the first recorded use of the word Londinium.

Atlas Obscura
Temple of Mithras - London, England

What we do know is that Mithras was a hero figure in a battle between good and evil, and that he is often depicted in a cave slaying a bull. He was popular with the military and political elite, so garrisons all over the Roman world were known to have temples dedicated to Mithras, called Mithraeum.

Mithraism was originally understood as a “star cult” with strong ties to astrology and astrotheology. The zodiac symbols hint heavily at the cult’s connections with the celestial world, though what exactly those connections entailed is still a conundrum. As scholars seem to agree, cracking the code of the iconic tauroctony would likely reveal the core of the cult’s theology. But as of yet, it’s all still an educated guess.

What is known for certain is that Mithraism arose sometime during the first century, and continued spreading throughout the Empire until it eventually disbanded toward the end of the fourth century. Though archaeologists believe its epicenter was in Rome, the cult’s followers were scattered across the continent. Remains of Mithraea have been unearthed in what would have then been far-flung places including Turkey and England.

In the central tauroctony, found in a Mithraeum, Mithras pins the beast to the ground, one hand firmly clutching its nostrils, the other plunging a blade into its flesh. The man and slaughtered bovine are usually accompanied by an assortment of other creatures, typically a dog, scorpion, snake, and raven, as well stars and other figures from the zodiac. Sol (god of the Sun) and Luna (goddess of the Moon) are frequently present as well.

The dark caverns usually contained additional scenes from Mithras’s story, such as the god feasting upon the dead bull or a youthful Mithras being born from a rock. Celestial images are abundant: they line the god’s cape on the tauroctony, surround him as he slays the bull, and may have even adorned the ceilings.

But what, exactly, does all this star-studded decor actually mean? That is, perhaps, the biggest mystery the Mysteries left behind.

Anyway, enough of that. But let’s just say I would not be surprised to find out this network has evolved and grown from wayyy before around WWII

posted on Aug, 8 2019 @ 12:59 AM
a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth

Especially where that court case is mentioned and he underlined wow and info like he needed to get that info.

I don't think he wrote, "wow," I think it says, "W & W."

E.B. you mentioned in the prior post could be Earl Brian as mentioned on page 18 in relation to Lindsey Deveraux.

From elsewhere:

Ross Perot made many of his millions by selling computer services to the government. In 1969 his company EDS contracted with the California State Physicians Service, the state medicaid processing agent, to take over some of their computer processing responsibilities.

The contract needed the approval of Earl Brian, a combat physician who served in a unit providing air support for Operation Phoenix and who then became health and welfare secretary in the cabinet of California Governor Ronald Reagan, in which capacity Brian later authored a couple of papers (Position paper on Department of Health reorganization and related health boards and commissions, Sacramento, 1973; California's Med-Cal copayment experiment, with Stephen F. Gibbons, Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1974).

Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying, Part XXVII

Back to Casolaro's notes. One of the most interesting things I've found is on page 22 where it says:

Michael is one of the most
*frustrating individuals

He had a particle beam alternatively laser beam-

I saw him take a wand - little pile of sand - and move it
75 yards - I happened to have
went to Texas Tech
Norman Schwartzkopf
Basic Infantry - I went to flight school - preferred class a top
of the graduating class = one of my friends
"Michael showed me the wand and just negated


Still looking through the notes to see if anything else really jumps out at me, but I wanted to post that bit about the "wand" as it just seemed really out there.

posted on Aug, 8 2019 @ 08:14 AM
Yeah, I noticed that part and was pretty confused, too, JAC. I didn’t understand what it could do with his research, though, but since lately I seem to be a procurer of odd facts, there’s also this I should mention, I guess. Who else had a particle beam laser? Before he died that is, and his nephew then fixated/worried about another weapon, nuclear tech?

Dr John G. Trump Original source

The National Academy of Engineering described Trump as "a pioneer in the scientific, engineering and medical applications of high voltage machinery".[4] James Melcher, Trump's lab director, is quoted as saying: "John, over a period of three decades, would be approached by people of all sorts because he could make megavolt beams of ions and electrons – death rays. ... What did he do with it? Cancer research, sterilizing sludge out in Deer Island [a waste disposal facility], all sorts of wondrous things. He didn't touch the weapons stuff."[14]

posted on Aug, 8 2019 @ 11:01 AM
I feel like we should dissect Danny’s files a bit more before I move on to the last of book 1 notes.

Here’s court case I think linked to his notes but it’s going to be easier if I move off mobile to my notebook.

Gimme a few.

posted on Aug, 8 2019 @ 04:52 PM
Sorry my few min turned into hours and now I have to deal with my kids school open house. Tonight or tomorrow. I’ll highlight the case I found.

posted on Aug, 10 2019 @ 02:19 PM
UCHTT, this thread is absolutely STAGGERING!! The amount of research you have done (and seemingly remained sane) is unbelievable! I just about lost my mind trying to absorb page 11 alone! **wanted to scream and jump out the frigging window!!!**

If I could give you 100 flags I most assuredly would!

One of the most infuriating things about all this's all there in black and white, but it's so mind boggling-ly complicated that no one would ever glue the pieces together as you have so painstakingly done! The people who are hiding behind this web of obfuscation know exactly this...that no one will ever be able to figure it out, hence they know this is a safe place to hide. It also explains something else (interestingly); it explains why the Jeffery Epstein's of the world are needed, and this is even more infuriating still. It is their level of filth which allows this deadly and deceitful charade to continue en perpetuity.

Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Know I will surely be reading with great interest!

posted on Aug, 10 2019 @ 04:00 PM
If it is a court case, I can't find it and it's not online. According to Pacer, prior to 1999 cases are paper record only and not online. The only reference I've been able to find which seems pertinent is this Washington Post article/word salad.

1989 Washington Post

Avacus Partners said yesterday that it had raised its stake in Infotechnology Inc. and was considering a challenge to Infotechnology's merger agreement with WNW Group, a related company that has operating control of United Press International. Avacus, a partnership led by Washington businessman Johannes M.K. Nyks and a Dutch investment company called Reiss & Co., said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it had increased its holding in Infotech to 9.3 percent of the company's outstanding common shares from 8 percent over the past week. The partnership announced last week that it was considering making an offer to take over Infotechnology. Avacus also said in the SEC filing that it might sell some or all of Infotech's assets to finance a takeover of the company. In the filing, Avacus said it is "considering what actions, if any, it may take to negate" the merger agreement between WNW and Infotech. It said the proposed merger is "unfair" to Infotech shareholders and "may involve violations of state corporate laws and federal securities laws." It did not elaborate. Infotech announced recently that it has agreed to acquire the remaining shares of WNW Group that it does not already own in exchange for 1,965,000 shares of Infotech stock. WNW was formed a year ago by Earl Brian, the chairman of Infotech, to run UPI after owner Mario Vazquez Rana relinquished control of the financially troubled wire service. Brian and Merrill Lynch & Co. are major shareholders in Infotech, a publicly traded investment firm with direct or indirect control of numerous technology and communications companies.

What I wrongly assumed read WoW in Danny's notes, JAC realized was W+W, which was actually Danny's shorthand notes for WNW, or he was told the name verbally and didn't realize yet it was WNW, not W+W.

To try and make sense of this a little more, we can glean from the article:
- Infotech Chairman was Earl Brian
- WNW was formed in 1988 by Earl Brian
- Avacus partnership was between Washington businessman Johannes M.K. Nyks and a Dutch investment company called Reiss & Co
- Avacus who already owned 8% stake in common stock of Infotech had raised that stake to 9.3% and announced in their SEC filing they were going to attempt to take over Infotech, disagreeing with the proposed merger between WNW and Infotech
- Infotech had recently announced agreement to acquire remaining shares of WNW stock it didn't own in exchange for 1,965,000 Infotech stock shares.
- Infotech had control of United Press Institute and direct and indirect control of numerous tech and communications companies

1989 LA Times

Infotechnology Inc. said Monday that it is considering several proposals that would boost the business information and technology company’s interest in Financial News Network beyond its current 45% stake.

Last week Turner Broadcasting System Inc. rejected a proposal to buy a controlling interest in FNN, a cable financial news service, effectively ending any move to merge the two cable concerns.

Infotechnology also controls United Press International, which was not a part of the $100-million deal that was under consideration by Atlanta-based Turner.

“Consistent with recent public statements by Financial News Network, Infotech has been considering, and is continuing to consider, several preliminary proposals regarding joint ventures and/or business combinations with FNN,” Infotech said in a statement.

“Contrary to various unattributed press accounts, all preliminary proposals considered or currently under consideration provide for an increase in Infotech’s ownership of FNN.”

The 55% of FNN stock not owned by Infotech is in the form of outstanding public shares. Infotech sources said last week the company also was negotiating possible deals involving FNN with ABC-Capital Cities Inc., the National Broadcasting Co. and Dow Jones & Co., owner of the Wall Street Journal.

Separately, FNN announced Monday that it had recently renewed or reached new agreements with more than 40 multiple system cable operators to carry FNN.

I still haven't found anything that helps understand what Danny was following up on in regards to Ontex, Avacus, etc. More digging is needed.

posted on Aug, 10 2019 @ 04:30 PM
There is this which appears to have been uploaded in 2014 about unreported cases, and is involving Avacus Partners vs. Brian, not Ontex. Source


Defendants have moved to disqualify plaintiffs counsel charging that that firm's past and current representation of Prudential-Bache Securities, Inc. disqualifies it from representing plaintiff in this lawsuit. This suit, in part, challenges the validity of a merger in which WNW, Inc., a company in which the defendant directors had a personal interest, was merged into Infotechnology, Inc. ("Infotech") on terms allegedly unfair to Infotech. In connection with that merger, Prudential-Bache rendered a fairness opinion that the transaction was fair to Infotech from a financial point of view. The individual defendants (members of Infotech's board of directors) allegedly relied upon that opinion in approving the merger. The complaint charges
that the transaction was on terms unfair to Infotech and its public shareholders. It is claimed on this motion that discovery will be sought from Prudential-Bache and that Prudential-Bache is very likely to be a witness relied upon by defendants.

The law firm involved (the "Firm") has not, of course, represented Prudential-Bache in connection with the rendering of a
fairness opinion on the merger involved in this case. It is conceded, however, that the Firm has represented Prudential-Bache in connection with the rendering of fairness opinions in other transactions, and has represented it generally with respect to the form of its opinions. The Firm does represent Prudential-Bache currently and indeed following the commencement of this action, the individual attorney who signed the complaint in this action represented Prudential-Bache at the deposition of one of its senior officers in an action in this court involving a fairness opinion it gave in connection with an unrelated merger.

The principal defense is that there is no conflict in representing plaintiff in this action and representing Prudential-Bache in other mergers and acquisitions work. The complaint, which does challenge the fairness of a merger, does not allege that Prudential-Bache conspired with or aided the board in the claimed breach of duty. The complaint sought to and did, the Firm asserts, allege a claim that does not include any wrongdoing on the part of Prudential-Bache. As to discovery, it is said that it is too early to know what, if any, discovery will be sought of Prudential-Bache and, if it becomes necessary for plaintiff to depose Prudential-Bache, some step less radical than disqualification can be taken at that time (such as appointing special counsel for plaintiff to take the deposition) to deal with any perceived problem.

The fallback defense to the motion is the substantial one that a litigation adversary ought not to be accorded standing to challenge the propriety of its opponent's counsel. To permit that, it is suggested, is to encourage tactical use of ethical considerations. In this case, for example, the defendants, it is suggested, are certainly not motivated to assure that plaintiff receives the most effective assistance of counsel. Moreover, insofar as rights of Prudential-Bache may be involved, it is for them, not defendants, to decide if any such rights should be asserted. Plaintiff points to the language of Rule 8.3(a)
of the Rules of Professional Conduct and explains how, in its view, that language changed the analogous language of DR 1-103(A) under 1991]
DELAWARE JOURNAL OF CORPORATE LAW the prior Code of Professional Responsibility in a way intended to
make clear that, under the Rules, a non-client lacks standing to advance a disqualification motion.
I. While the pending motion is being litigated by the parties to this lawsuit, it is Prudential-Bache which is in a no-win position. It, however, has not sought to intervene in this action to make this motion, nor has it filed an affidavit or other paper reflecting its support of the motion. But the deposition of one of its senior officers shows that it has expressed displeasure to the Firm and, in effect, asked the Firm to step aside. It expressed understandable concern
that its opinion will be called into question by a firm from which it has a right to expect loyalty. The Firm declined to withdraw explaining that it was unable to perceive any disabling conflict of interest in its representation of plaintiff and Prudential-Bache simultaneously.'

John E. Welsh, a managing director of PrudentialBache, when questioned about telephone conversations between himself and a partner at the Firm, testified as follows:
Q: Did you telephone him?
A: Yes, I did.
Q: Would you please tell us to the best of your recollection, what you said and what he said during that conversation?
A: The discussion centered around the representation of Avacus . . . and our involvement with Infotechnology. I discussed with Peter the fact that we had represented Infotech, and that I did not know whether he was aware of that or not. That his-two of his partners, Morris Kramer and Rod Ward, had been involved in an action which wasfiled against Infotechnology in Delaware and could bring our'fairness opinion in that transaction into the proceedings, although we were not a named party.
I also believe I told Peter that both we and our client were uncomfortable with this, given the fact that Rod Ward, his partner, had represented me in a similar proceeding, but defending our position, within the past six to eight months.
Peter basically said that he was not really familiar with the situation, that he would review it internally with his partners, and call me back. The second conversation, I believe I was in my office again, and I believe it was a day or two after that.
Q: Did you call [the attorney]?
A: No, [the attorney] called me, as he had said he would, and basically, responded that he had reviewed the situation
with his partners, that they had considered when they took on the assignment the potential conflict, and had made a
determination that they did not feel there was one, and continued to hold that view, basically. I told Peter that one of my concerns was that-I said that when he said that they did not see a conflict, I told him that one of my concerns was that one logical path that might be taken in this action would be to challenge our fairness opinion, and I was concerned that that might cause them a problem, and cause us a problem, given their familiarity with our firm and our activities in such matters.
Q: Did Mr. Atkins say anything in reply to that, during the second conversation?
A: I believe his response was that they did not-that the action as they had filed it, did not challenge our work, but
only the information that had been given us to rely upon in coming to our conclusions, and that his partners did not
foresee a problem in that area.
Q: Was it your understanding at the end of the first conversation, that if Mr. Atkins concluded that there was a
conflict, that [the Firm] would withdraw from the representation?
A: That would have been my expectation, although I didn't insist upon it.

posted on Aug, 11 2019 @ 10:31 PM
I’m sorry. I should be adding on to that above and will. Im just very distracted by the Epstein “suicide” news, and confused by recent developments. I swear we are all in some ridiculous psy-op. I must whisper WTF to myself at least a hundred times a day. Life and reality are confusing right now for those of us who truly like to live in just facts, and will completely call out when speculating or opinion.

I’m pretty pissed off, actually. So I watched this video by Amazing Polly. I hadn’t given much thought to Vicky Ward’s story of true journalistic integrity in staying on top of this Epstein story. But she’s been heralded as some kind of hero and switched jobs recently to CNN. Lord help us all.

Amazing Polly dug into her story. You’ve got to watch this. It’s around 19 min but you’ll be left going what narrative did this Vicky lady spin that’s now being applauded? FFS.

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posted on Aug, 11 2019 @ 11:06 PM
So this property Link which may or may not be tied to Vicky’s parents or at least people with her last name from England who happened to use the same lawyer as Epstein, Vicky in pictures with Ghislaine, Vicky controlling the narrative through her “journalistic integrity” barrage of Epstein stories through the years, while married to people who are friends within this club none of us are invited to. Go figure. Guess we common folk frown upon pimping out little girls to the elite and then having one of their own put out stories as this began to happen. Now I feel the need to dissect every story she put out to understand where she deflected, spun, inserted fake news, and took all this glory.

What a mess.

But her Epstein eugenics video is the real oddball. The mainstream media now seems to enjoy portraying Epstein as some nutjob pedophile who was actually an idiot, or at least not as smart as he tried to make himself seem within his circles. Trying to make his seeding of DNA and Zorro Ranch strangeness seem like it’s not actual science being now funded by billions. Like the elite aren’t practically obsessed with life extension and transhumanism

There is much digging to be done, me thinks. Epstein and Sater connect through the Milken network of organized crime and Wall St and the Octopus so if Epstein was doing this crazy stuff, was it for someone else? Or all on his own?

For example, we know he donated to Harvard. Was it for specific research? Any other schools? What else did he dump money into? Did he start this type of funding/research work for Les Wexner who may have been trying to prolong his own life through life extension science? That’s just pure conjecture - Wexner seemed to have given him the most assets/money.

posted on Aug, 11 2019 @ 11:27 PM
Consider this.

She, as a journalist, was able to talk and interview victims willing to speak to her, and therefore, one could surmise, then feed this information on to Ghislaine or her lawyers to know what the victim’s stories were to the authorities. She had sources and could speak to law enforcement on and off the record of details in the case.

It’s interesting to consider the possible ramifications from this new knowledge of Vicky, in pictures with Ghislaine in 2009, when her first Epstein article was 2003, I believe. You would be able to realistically assume if myself as a citizen was interested enough to skim some of the Epstein court depositions specifically naming Ghislaine as Epstein’s original and primary recruiter of masseuses erm victims, that as an actual journalist looking into him would have done the same. But in a 2009 picture they are seen smiling buddy/buddy with some other lady.

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posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 12:11 AM
Oh, and because it is more clear in my head then in this thread, I’ll make it known here another reason Epstein and Sater seem directly and indirectly linked is references to child prostitution and trafficking in the Sater court documents earlier in the thread, allegations made by Jody Kriss.

As well as Tevfik Arif being arrested on a yacht (later acquitted) which may or may not have been some kind of sex trafficking. Either expensive lawyers get you off, or there wasn’t enough but circumstantial evidence, or he was truly innocent.

Recall Tevfik Arif is the supposed founder of Bayrock with Sater, but Sater seems to think he did most of the day to day management, and the court documents alleged Tevfik Arif was actually only 18% owner.

N Y Daily News 2010

Turkish prosecutors hit Tevfik Arif, 57, and five others with charges related to organizing a criminal gang, prostitution and human trafficking, according to media reports. Details of the charges were not revealed because prosecutors had not drawn up an indictment. The six suspects remained in custody pending a trial, according to the reports.

What I found fascinating regarding this story is all of the girls ended up being at least 18. After a seven month investigation into an international prostitution ring, when they finally raided, all of the women ended up being just legal. Imagine that. It’s almost like they knew when the raid might be coming.

It’s hard not to feel distressed seeing what Danny called The Octopus with its hooks seemingly in virtually everything.

posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 09:31 PM
And just trying to keep recent news updated in the thread, here’s Patrick Byrne making another statement of interest.


Sara Carter has published two articles relating the following claims of mine:

1. Starting in 2015 I (operating under the belief that I was helping legitimate law enforcement efforts) assisted in what are now known as the ‘Clinton Investigation’ and the ‘Russian Investigation’ (in fact, I am the notorious ‘missing Chapter 1’ of the Russian investigation). It was the third time in my life I helped the Men in Black: the first was when my friend Brian Williams was murdered, and the second was when I helped the M.I.B. shake up Wall Street a decade ago. Unfortunately, this third time turned out to be less about law enforcement and more about political espionage conducted against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (and to a lesser degree, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz).

2. In July 2018 I put the pieces together. I immediately (last July) came forward to a Congressman and a senior military officer, to the Department of Justice this April, and (upon my Omaha Rabbi reminding me of my duty as a citizen late this June) to a small set of journalists this summer. Ms. Carter was among them.

Her two stories are accurate. Having confirmed Ms. Carter’s two articles, I have fulfilled those citizenship obligations of which my Rabbi reminded me. I will speak no more on the subject. Instead, having lived in places lacking Rule of Law and having witnessed the consequences of its absence, I plan on sitting back and watching the United States Department of Justice re-establish Rule of Law in our country.”

Recall Byrne bankrolled the Deep Capture website a lawyer used as a source in a court document stating Sater had ties to Mogilevich, which Sater recently called out as perjury by Simpson who testified that Sater’s known ties to Mogilevich caused himself and Fusion GPS to look closer at Trump.

As if the Secret Service doesn’t vet presidential candidates for ties to foreign governments or mafia organized crime syndicates?

posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 09:34 PM

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk
UCHTT, this thread is absolutely STAGGERING!! The amount of research you have done (and seemingly remained sane) is unbelievable! I just about lost my mind trying to absorb page 11 alone! **wanted to scream and jump out the frigging window!!!**

If I could give you 100 flags I most assuredly would!

One of the most infuriating things about all this's all there in black and white, but it's so mind boggling-ly complicated that no one would ever glue the pieces together as you have so painstakingly done! The people who are hiding behind this web of obfuscation know exactly this...that no one will ever be able to figure it out, hence they know this is a safe place to hide. It also explains something else (interestingly); it explains why the Jeffery Epstein's of the world are needed, and this is even more infuriating still. It is their level of filth which allows this deadly and deceitful charade to continue en perpetuity.

Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Know I will surely be reading with great interest!

Thank you very much! A ton of work and I’m still not super clear on who’s good or bad, and if Trump administration is Octopus or white knights to save the Republic, but the thread continues... welcome! lol

posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 09:39 PM
a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth

ATS member loam has a thread about this titled, "Russia Probe Twist: A Billion Dollar CEO, A Convicted Russian Agent And The FBI."

I recalled your having mentioned Byrne and dropped a couple of links to the relevant posts in this thread. And, actually, I've been dropping links to this thread in several others whenever I see an opening that allows for such in the hopes that we might have some more of the sharp intellects that frequent the site look over the research you've presented and add to the enormous amount of evidence you've posted.

Keep up the great work here and maybe we can open a few more eyes.

I need to get back to Casolaro's notes and see if I can shake anything else out that might be pertinent.
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posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 10:44 PM
Sounds good, JAC! I was just getting back to the case stuff from Danny's notes and that's only a fraction of all the scribbles he noted down.

Avacus Partners vs. Brian
I'll summarize some and quote other parts.

- Avacus brought this action against Infotech and derivatively on behalf of Infotech accusing the Infotech's Directors of wasting corporate assets, participating in the misappropriation of a corporate opportunity, and engaging in transactions designed for the purpose of "entrenching themselves in office"
- Defendants have moved to dismiss all claims arguing Avacus has no standing to challenge because the disputed events occurred before Avacus became a shareholder of Infotech

...In 1985, Infotech and a group of investors (the "1985 Investors Group") attempted to gain control of United Press International, Inc. ("UPI"), which at that time was emerging from bankruptcy. This attempt failed, and UPI was purchased by a Mexican investor and newspaper publisher named Mario Vazquez-Rana.

Some members of the 1985 Investors Group initiated litigation against Mr. Vazquez-Rana over the bidding for UPI. As part of a settlement agreement in that litigation, Mr. Vazquez-Rana transferred 40% of the common stock of Comtex Scientific Corporation to FNN Group, Inc. a corporation all of whose shareholders were members of the 1985 Investors Group. FNN Group then transferred a block of Comtex shares amounting to 8% of Comtex's stock to a wholly owned subsidiary of Infotech, leaving FNN Group with a 32% share of Comtex's stock. Also as part of the 1986 settlement agreement with Vazquez-Rana, approximately twenty-seven members of the 1985 Investors Group purchased Comtex notes that were convertible into Comtex stock. At that time Infotech entered into put/call agreements with these noteholders permitting them to put the notes to Infotech in exchange for Infotech stock. Infotech entered into a similar agreement with FNN Group and its shareholders.

Other statements made in smaller footnotes:
- Comtex is UPI's principal distributor of newswires to electronic data base vendors and publishers.
- The 40% block of Comtex stock transferred to FNN were shares owned by UPI, and apparently constituted all such shares held by UPI
- FNN is the acronym used to refer to the company that is Infotech's primary asset, Financial News Network, Inc.
- FNN Group also has the same address as Infotech, but no direct corporate connection is alleged between Infotech and FNN Group

According to an affidavit submitted by defendants, in early 1989 the WNW Group shareholders numbered nineteen, FNN Group shareholders numbered seven, and the Comtex shareholders numbered twenty-three, but some individuals or entities were members of two or all three of the groups. The record contains no evidence of the number of Comtex noteholders, FNN Group shareholders, and WNW Parent shareholders at that time.

After Vazquez-Rana's acquisition of UPI in 1985, that company continued to incur substantial losses. By late 1987, Infotech learned that Vazquez-Rana was willing to sell his interest in UPI allegedly "for a negligible amount" (Am. Cmpl. ¶ 37). In January 1988, Dr. Earl Brian, Infotech's CEO, formed WNW Group, Inc. ("WNW Sub") to acquire control of UPI. WNW Sub is a Delaware corporation and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Turks and Caicos corporation, also called WNW Group, Inc. ("WNW Parent"). WNW Parent was owned by approximately nineteen individuals and entities, three of whom were also shareholders of FNN Group, and all of whom were members of the 1985 Investors Group. Infotech became a stockholder of WNW Parent at some point, but it is unclear whether Infotech was a WNW Parent stockholder in January 1988.

- 2/19/88 Vazquez-Rana sold a ten-year irrevocable proxy to vote the shares of New UPI, Inc. ("NewUPI") to WNW Sub for $110,000, which is the allegation in the complaint
- NewUPI owns a controlling interest in UPI, and evidently has no other significant assets
- Dr. Brian, apparently acting for WNW Sub, then replaced the officers and directors of UPI with himself and other persons affiliated with him
- Infotech immediately began to make direct and indirect loans (via WNW Sub) to UPI, allegedly to fund UPI's working capital needs
- Infotech also participated in a $15 million private placement of UPI convertible preferred stock, purchasing at least $2 million of such stock and purchasing an option for an additional $2 million of such stock. The remaining shares were acquired by persons and entities who were shareholders of WNW Parent and FNN Group
- In Sept '88, NewUPI increased its authorized capital and granted an option to WNW Sub to acquire 100,000 shares of common stock allegedly for no consideration; This option provided WNW Sub with the opportunity to own 99% of NewUPI's equity and to reduce Mr. Vazquez-Rana's interest in NewUPI's equity from 95% to less than 1%

To review this chain of ownership as of the end of 1988, NewUPI owned a controlling interest in UPI, WNW Sub owned a proxy to vote NewUPI's shares and an option to acquire 99% of NewUPI's equity, and WNW Parent owned WNW Sub. Infotech owned a 20% interest in WNW Parent, and many of the officers and directors of WNW Sub, NewUPI, and UPI were also officers or directors of Infotech.

Infotech is a publicly traded company that holds, as its primary asset, a 45% interest in Financial News Network, Inc. ("FNN"). In late 1988, reports in the financial press indicated that there was lively interest in acquiring FNN. One route to that objective could have entailed a hostile takeover of Infotech. Avacus maintains that the Infotech board responded to these rumors by amending Infotech's corporate by-laws and issuing stock into "friendly" hands to consolidate the board's control over the corporation.

posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 11:45 PM
In The Last Circle book, recall this is what we learned about Earl Brian

...What brought Casolaro to RIconosciuto was an affadavit signed by Riconosciuto claiming that when he worked on the Wackenhut-Cabazon project, he was given a copy of the Inslaw software by Earl Brian for modification. Riconosciuto also swore that Peter Videnieks, a Justice Department official associated with the Inslaw contract, had visited the Wackenhut-Cabazon project with Earl Brian.

Earl Brian was a businessman and Edwin Meese crony who served in Governor Ronald Reagan's cabinet in California. The $6 million in software stolen from William and Nancy Hamilton, co-owners of Inslaw Company, was allegedly sold by the Justice Department through Earl Brian to raise off-the-books money for covert government operations.

On May 18, 1990, Riconosciuto had called the Hamiltons and informed them that the Inslaw case was connected to the October Surprise affair. Riconosciuto claimed that he and Earl Brian had traveled to Iran in 1980 and paid $40 million to Iranian officials to persuade them not to release the hostages before the presidential election in which Reagan became president of the United States.

Here's where Infotech is mentioned

I felt that time was of the essence in uncovering the nature of this technology, so I pushed Riconosciuto to talk about it. "It looks like Earl Brian, Sir Denis Kendall, Hercules Research, Wackenhut, Zokosky and Bob Nichols were all involved in the same bio-technological agenda..."
Michael answered, "You got it."
I asked, "Are they connected, or are they all individually working on their own projects?"
Michael: "Yes."
Michael: "Check out Bio-Rad Laboratories. Their international headquarters are on half of the property that used to be the Hercules plant, in Hercules, California. Do you understand what I'm saying? Bio-Rad makes the most toxic biological and radioactive compounds known to man. And they're now located in the town of Hercules. Bio-Rad Industrial Park. See, Bio-Rad was the flagship company, and then they [Earl Brian] started Info-Tech, and then they got mired in lawsuits and then Hadron was formed to be a cut-out parent corporation, you know, just to be a firewall from lawsuits...
I asked, "What do they do at Bio-Rad?"
"Well, they make the most hazardous biological and nuclear chemicals in the world, for medical research."
"Who do they sell it to?"
"Well, front line researchers all over the world. Bio-Rad is the single source for this stuff... actually Aldrich Chemical sells it, there's about 100 companies, but Bio-Rad is head and shoulder above all of them by a factor of ten on many things like Cyto-toxins."
I remembered reading about Cyto-toxins in the Wackenhut-Cabazon biological warfare letters to Dr. Harry Fair.
Michael continued .... "You look at Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes. You go ask any medical professional what they're doing on leading edge of research there? What the full implications to humanity are, OK?"
I wanted clarification from Michael, so I answered, "It looks to me like research on a cure for cancer."
Michael took the bait. "Go ask a professional. I'd rather have you hear it from a collateral source other than from me."
"Well, give me some indication..."
Michael responded hesitantly, "It would have been Hitler's wet dream. It's selective to such a degree that it's awesome. With the appropriate genetic material, you can wipe out whole segments of humanity. There's no stopping it."
I asked, "You mean you could selectively wipe out certain races of people?"
Mike continued ... "And, also, from the beneficial side, you can very specifically wipe out disease cells, cancer cells. Look at the patents. Look at Immunix (phonetic sp.) Corporation, look at the patent portfolios on Bio-Rad."
"Who's Bio-Rad's main buyer?"
"Well, the National Institute of Health, you know, every hospital in the world buys Bio-Rad products."

So, while one in 2019 might assume a company with the name of Infotech would be in infotechnology, it would seem this is not the case. This company was into media companies, having directors like Earl Brian pushing PROMIS software around the world, and into biotechnology engineering which can either possibly wipe out cancer cells, or entire races of people. Take your pick. Charming company. I'm sure Danny thought so, also.

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