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The Curious Case of Felix Sater

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posted on Jul, 12 2019 @ 12:18 AM
The reporter calls the Abyazov case a "mirror" of the "tournament of shadows" fought in the 19th century of spies, soldiers and fortune-seekers across Russia and Britain in a quest to control Central Asia. The political battles of today of the former Soviet Union are not fought there, but in western courts, parliaments, and the media.

What is very interesting in this article is Ablyazov states he grew concerned during the meeting with Wahid that he may already be employed/working for Nazarbayev, and didn't want to get caught in a double game. So he didn't hire him.

Where this gets murky is BTA Bank hired Arcanum, who then brought in Litco to track down some of the missing money allegedly stolen from Ablyazov from BTA Bank. And who owns Litco? Felix Sater.
So why did Wahid engage this unknown asset recovery company owned by Felix? How do Wahid and Sater know each other?

Recall BTA Bank is now in a bind because the company Litco they were paying is owned by Sater, and Sater is also a key witness to the case on the missing monies because he knows Ablyazov, and is now being accused in the lawsuit by BTA Bank of laundering these monies of Ablyazov and the Khrapunovs through Trump-branded real estate.

I'm not sure it can get more twisted than that.

Another piece of context to all of this is this source who did some great research work on this mess of a criminal network. Focusing on Mr. Adnan Khashoggi and much more. FYI: This is Part 8 of a series

Side note: BCCI is referenced throughout the entire The Last Circle book.
*I"m only capturing from this what I know to be accurate/factual - all of the stuff re: Muslim Brotherhood I don't know about/my research isn't on it to understand if it ties in or why their research led there

BCCI was involved with a global network of brokerages, most of them operated by people with ties to organized crime, and most of them specializing in the bust-outs of small to medium-sized publicly listed companies. As a judge remarked after BCCI shut its doors in 1991, the BCCI enterprise singlehandedly “shattered the integrity of the global financial system.”

Moving forward, I will sometimes refer not only to the “BCCI network” that operated in the 1980s, but also to the “ongoing BCCI enterprise” that continued to operate in later years. This terminology is, in fact, not quite correct because even prior to 1991, BCCI was just one of many similar outfits in a global market manipulation and money laundering network. In addition, BCCI was not necessarily the most important outfit in the network. But most of the outfits in the network did business with BCCI, and BCCI was a common denominator linking most of the financial operators and criminals in the network.

Similarly, in 1996, earnest FBI agents discovered (or, rather, rediscovered) what they described at the time as a “global market manipulation and money laundering network” and most of the people involved with the network had formerly been involved with the BCCI enterprise. In other words, there existed as of 1996 a global market manipulation and money laundering network that was operated not only by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood (most of them, including Osama bin Laden, formerly involved with the BCCI enterprise), but also numerous others formerly involved with the BCCI enterprise, among them the leaders of multiple terrorist organizations (spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood), most of the world’s leading transnational organized crime syndicates, numerous rogue intelligence operatives, multiple royal families, some of the most powerful people on Wall Street, and other elements of the global criminal oligarchy. All that had changed since BCCI days was that the network had come to include some new players, notable among them a select number of Russian oligarchs, elements of the Russian intelligence services, and some newer organized crime syndicates (in Russia, the Balkans, and other former east-bloc nations) that had emerged upon the global scene after the fall of the Soviet Union.

In subsequent years, this network remained in business, the only difference being that it came to include still more new and younger players, meanwhile innovating new and eminently more destructive financial weapons (e.g. self-destruct CDOs, an innovation of Michael Milken and associates) that were used to bust out major financial institutions and national economies. Indeed, we will see that this same network contributed mightily to the great meltdown of 2008, and we will see that this same network is presently threatening to deliver a repeat performance. This might be why the president of the United States was, in 2011, moved to take the unprecedented step of formally declaring a state of “National Emergency” in response to certain conditions that currently prevail in the American financial markets.

Again, for the record, no idea on the MB references.

What's interesting about this research, also, is references to Boris Berezovksy. The same guy mentioned along with Adnan Khashoggi in the 9/11 Commission Report v2008.

While anyone reading this thread should take the time to read ALL of this research in full, I wish I could just copy/paste it all.
I'm not sure just excerpts will make complete sense, but let's try it.

The aluminum industry was so infested with organized criminals that there were pitched gun battles and dozens of murders as competing syndicates fought for control. This was known in Russia as the “aluminum wars” and the winners were organized criminals who handed control to Berezovsky and Abramovich. One of those organized crime figures was named Michael Chernoy, who remained a partner of Berezovsky and Abramovich. It was widely reported that Chernoy (like Berezovksy)had business ties to not only Russian and Chechen organized crime syndicates, but also elements of the Russian intelligence services.

(And who do we know as one of the "aluminum wars" winners from Russia? Oleg Deripaska, but I won't digress further.)

posted on Jul, 12 2019 @ 01:13 AM
(cont from Deep Capture site)

All of these people—Schlaff, Berezovsky, and Chernoy—have, in addition, had dealings with Semion Mogilevich, the Russian organized crime boss who is often referred to as “the most dangerous mobster in the world.” A 1996 classified FBI report (since made public) implicated Mogilevich in everything from market manipulation, narcotics trafficking, and prostitution to the proliferation of radioactive materials. European governments and numerous overseas media reports have stated that the Mogilevich organization has extensive ties to Al Qaeda, and the Mogilevich organization, on at least one occasion, at offered to procure for Al Qaeda highly enriched (bomb grade uranium.

The White House national security staff has identified the Mogilevich organization as one mafia outfit that not only has ties to the Russian intelligence services, but has also “penetrated” the “legitimate” financial sector (i.e. Wall Street), hence our “National Emergency.” The FBI now lists Mogilevich as one of its ten “Most Wanted” criminals. But while the White House has described the Mogilevich organization as contributing to the present “National Emergency,” the FBI has failed to arrest even one member of the Mogilevich organized crime syndicate, though many members of that crime syndicate reside in the United States, and all members of that crime syndicate are, of course, criminals. Meanwhile, Mogilevich has hired a lobbyist in Washington, and if you think the republic is in great shape, consider that the lobbyist for the world’s most dangerous mobster is William Sessions, formerly head of the FBI (the outfit that publishes those “Most Wanted” lists).

In 2008, Moscow police arrested Mogilevich. There was a brief story in The New York Times, and that was the last time the name “Mogilevich” was mentioned in that newspaper or by any other major American media organization . The American media did not report that the FBI made no effort to extradite its “Most Wanted” criminal. Nor did the U.S. media report that the arrest in Moscow was a farce—that Mogilevich was quickly released, with the Russian Interior Minister announcing that the charges against the world’s most notorious mafia boss were “not of a particularly grave nature.” Indeed, that was true. The only law enforcement agency that has charged Mogilevich with any crime is the U.S. Department of Justice, and the DOJ indicted Mogilevich for nothing more than perpetrating a relatively routine fraud at company called YBM Magnex.

While the media loves to play up Sater's ties to Mogilevich, the weird thing is where he now ranks on the FBI Most Wanted List. #494. Yeah, you read that right. FBI Most Wanted 494.

As of 2013, reports from Moscow suggest that Mogilevich may face no charges whatsoever. This is not a surprise, given Mogilevich’s importance to at least some elements of both the Russian government and the regime in Washington. In 1999, Mogilevich was the central figure in a massive scandal that saw Russian organized crime working with not only elements of the Russian intelligence services and Russian oligarchs, including Berezovksy, but also elements of the regime in Washington, to launder upwards of $10 billion through the Bank of New York. Also linked to the Bank of New York scandal, of course, was Berezovksy, and we will see that the money laundering through the Bank of New York was indeed not only condoned, but also facilitated by a faction of the regime in Washington.

UK Independent, 1999

Billions of dollars have passed through the bank in the past year in what could be the biggest money-laundering operation detected in the United States. The bank, one of the oldest in America, acknowledged that the funds originated in Russia, where organised crime is rife in banking circles. According to The New York Times, quoting unidentified investigators, the accounts have been linked to Semen Mogilevich, regarded by the US and European authorities as a big player in Russian organised crime. The paper reported yesterday that some $4.2bn (pounds 2.7bn) passed through one account in the period from October 1998 to March 1999 in more than 10,000 separate transactions. Because the account has remained open throughout the current financial year, it is believed the total amount could exceed $10bn.

What's strange is the article makes this reference

Mr Mogilevich, who is believed to be living in Budapest, was named in a 1996 Senate hearing as the leader of an organised-crime group in the United States. A year earlier the National Criminal Intelligence Service in Britain said he was "one of the world's top criminals" with a "personal wealth of $100m".

So, he's being accused of facilitating the laundering of over ten billion dollars possibly, but only has a personal wealth they seem to be guessing at, I don't know, of $100m!?!? Um. Okay.

And these Russian oligarchs even in 1999 are making billions off the privatization of Russia, but he's allegedly this super mafia boss and maybe worth $100 million. Weird.


So we can date this network to TODAY and we can date this network back DECADES. While some of it I can't directly tie to Sater, he's in the murkiness of this so-called Swamp. Good guy, bad guy, who knows. How can anyone make sense of all this? Really?

BCCI references in The Last Circle book

Danny had appeared exuberant to most of his friends before his death, noting that he was about to wrap up his investigation of The Octopus. He had originally been trying to prove that the alleged theft of the Inslaw computer program, PROMIS, was related to the October Surprise scandal, the Iran Contra affair and the collapse of BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International).


In addition to violations of lending laws, BCCI was also accused of opening accounts or laundering money for figures such as Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega, Hussain Muhammad Ershad, and Samuel Doe,[13] and for criminal organizations such as the Medellin Cartel and Abu Nidal.[15] Police and intelligence experts nicknamed BCCI the "Bank of Crooks and Criminals International" for its penchant for catering to customers who dealt in arms, drugs, and hot money.[16] William von Raab, a former U.S. Commissioner of Customs, also told the Kerry Committee that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency held "several" accounts at BCCI. According to a 1991 article in TIME magazine, the National Security Council also had accounts at BCCI, which were used for a variety of covert operations, including transfers of money and weapons for Iran-Contra.

Further down

On 5 July 1991, regulators persuaded a court in Luxembourg to order BCCI liquidated on the grounds that it was hopelessly insolvent. According to the court order, BCCI had lost more than its entire capital and reserves the year before.

posted on Jul, 12 2019 @ 01:58 AM
Side note: Mueller was part of that BCCI case in 1991. He went on media appearances stating BCCI had been under investigation since 1986. Which would have been when the first book came out with the first reference of The Octopus.

Do you see The Octopus yet?

This mess is complicated.
If you see the mentions on the right of Abramovich, Deripaska, Berezovsky, those are the ones I've touched on so far

Found this graphic on Twitter which the accuracy of is questionable. Whoever created it believes Bayrock Group/Sater and Trump are all part of it. If they are, Mueller already blew his chance to implicate Trump on colluding with anyone from Russian government. In fact, a Judge just recently ruled they can no longer say (with enough evidence to support the statement) they have the evidence to prove any Russians were the trolls involved in the 2016 election "hack"

Many countries were sold the PROMIS software more than likely used to launder and hide money. Maybe even today.
Two of those people are also referenced in the 9/11 Commission Report v2008 regarding ties to Russian Israeli mafia and gold/money laundering. Adnan Khashoggi and Richard Armitage. Another is Robert Maxwell

Canada Free Press

The history of this world-famous computer software goes back a quarter of a century, and its applications by intelligence, organized crime and terrorist organizations began almost from the start. The software helped the United States win the Cold War against the Soviet Union, but it also served the Russian mafia, Saddam Hussein's regime, Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda, and an unspecified number of foreign spies and criminals. as far back as 1985, when the late British media tycoon and top [Israeli] Mossad spy, Robert Maxwell, revealed the software's "trap door" secret to Chinese Military Intelligence (PLa-2), while selling them a copy of PROMIS for $ 9 million, the powerful software was turned against the United States. The Soviet KGB purchased PROMIS from Robert Maxwell, but they also [later] received a copy (together with the Trojan Horse secret) from Robert Hanssen, a spy planted in a most sensitive office of the FBI. The Soviets and their East European allies, including Poland, used PROMIS to spy on the U.S. State Department and 170 american Embassies and Consulates all over the world. This practice may have continued as late as 1997, and the post-communist intelligence agencies of Russia and other countries, including Polish Military Intelligence (WSI), may have been able to retrieve information from U.S. Government agencies, because as many as 64 of them [are believed to have] used modified versions of PROMIS. Using the same PROMIS software, purchased from Russia, Saddam Hussein and members of his regime could shift huge sums of money undetected through the banking system. Some of these funds are still supporting the anti-Coalition insurrection in Iraq and terrorists. In the mid-1990s, Chinese Military Intelligence (PLa-2) organized their own hackers department, which [exploited] PROMIS [database systems] [in the] Los alamos and Sandia national laboratories to steal U.S. nuclear secrets. No over-all damage assessment has been prepared yet. But the losses to the U.S. economy may be in billions of dollars, and damage to the national security of the United States and its allies may be incalculable.

An american intelligence officer, whose name cannot be disclosed, made the following comment on the consequences of the illegal operations performed with the use of PROMIS:

(…) "Yes, we gave PROMIS to the Russians and Chinese to back door their intel. Worked like a charm. The only problem was ‘blowback'. as we gave it to our enemies in order to back door them through the trap door Trojan horse asset in PROMIS, we left sixty-four federal agencies wide open in the U.S. Government who also used PROMIS. The powers-that-be felt that the information obtained far outweighed the damage done to the security of the 64 federal agencies. Just think, federal agents exposed, witness relocation programs compromised, etc. Just a matter of time."

This is interesting because when Robert Maxwell died mysteriously on his yacht in 1991, his daughter Ghislaine was already 30. And by 1992, who do we know Ghislaine is linked up to? Jeffrey Epstein.

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posted on Jul, 12 2019 @ 02:26 AM
Let's cover some of Jeffrey's odd background.

1. Epstein grew up in the same Coney Island neighborhood Sater grew up in, though their ages are over a decade apart.
2. Oddly, it was William Barr's father, Donald Barr, who gave Jeffrey a job as a math teacher at a prestigious private school without a college degree. Epstein was 20. Teaching calculus and physics. Reportedly a math whiz.
He stayed there for 2 years until 1975. ABC News
3. He leaves and goes to Bear Stearns from the mid-70s, leaving abruptly in 1981. He was then between the ages of 22-28. In 1981, Bear Stearns was being investigated by the SEC on insider trading in an acquisition deal involving the Bronfman family's Seagram Company. Vanity Fair

What tangled webs we weave...

4. In the 1980s Epstein starts J Epstein & Co. but saying he will only manage portfolios worth $1 billion or more; at some point in the 90s through early 2000s, he is linked to both Les Wexner, their relationship not souring until Epstein's first arrest and prosecution for soliciting minor women for sex at his home, through the help of Ghislaine Maxwell; and also Steven Hoffenberg. Vox One of Les's executives is quoted anonymously as saying regarding Epstein: "He literally came out of nowhere."
5. Epstein links to Ghislaine Maxwell by 1992, around the same time he's coming out of nowhere into being part of money management for Leslie Wexner and a year after her father's death
6. Fast forward a decade and he's quoted in a 2002 article as stating he invests in people and ideas, not just money. One of those people he wanted to invest in was Bill Clinton. In fact, Epstein was part of the original founding of the Clinton Foundation.

NY, 2002

But beautiful women are only a part of it. Because here’s the thing about Epstein: As some collect butterflies, he collects beautiful minds. “I invest in people – be it politics or science. It’s what I do,” he has said to friends. And his latest prize addition is the former president. In his eyes, Clinton as a species represents the highest evolutionary form of the political animal. To be up close to him, as he was during the African journey, is akin to seeing the rarest of beasts on a safari. As he put it to a friend upon his return from Africa, “If you were a boxer at the downtown gymnasium at 14th Street and Mike Tyson walked in, your face would have the same look as these foreign leaders had when Clinton entered the room. He is the world’s greatest politician.”

Fox News

"Mr. Epstein was part of the original group that conceived the Clinton Global Initiative, which is described as a project 'bringing together a community of global leaders to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges,” read the July 2007 letter to the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of Florida. “Focuses of this initiative include poverty, climate change, global health, and religious and ethnic conflicts.”

I'll add more tomorrow.
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posted on Jul, 14 2019 @ 10:15 PM
I jumped into Epstein too soon. Let's back up. Sorry ---

I need to cover the National Archives record Inslaw Affair document which appears to be a document release by Judge Kavanaugh last year?

National Archives - Inslaw Affair
Letter from 1995 written to Judge Ken Starr: [p. 2]

Yes, this old PROMIS software case connects the Clinton family to the Jacoby family and to later, Fusion GPS, all through this laundering of money in this "network" and this was over 24 years ago.

Recall The Last Circle book delving into Danny Casolaro's death talks about a company called 'The Company' based in Mena, Arkansas.

Well, as we know from a couple other linked ATS threads, Jon Jacoby, Mary Jacoby's father (wife of Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS) invested quite a bit into Systematics.

Perusing the Systematics Wiki page link

Systematics was founded in 1968 by University of Arkansas graduate Walter Smiley, who learned of the high software costs and other difficulties faced by small banks in trying to use data processing software from his experiences working with IBM and in the banking industry. Smiley recognized a niche that could be filled for medium-sized banks in this space, and sought funding to start his own company. Through Jon Jacoby, Smiley was introduced to the Stephens family, who agreed to invest $400,000 in Walter and Systematics in return for 80% equity stake.

The Stephens family remained an investor, acquiring Alltel stock in the transaction. In 2003, Alltel sold the Information Services subsidiary to Fidelity National Financial. This business is known today as Fidelity National Information Services (FIS).

One of the lawyers Stephens hired to represent the company was Hillary Rodham. After she joined the Rose Law Firm, Stephens employed the firm and engaged its partners — including the now-married Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vince Foster and Webster Hubbell — in several of his ventures.

Perusing Vince Foster's Wiki link we learn Brett Kavanaugh was involved in one of the five investigations into Foster's death, suicide, or whatever which spawned more than one conspiracy theory on its own. While the official story is suicide, even WikiLeaks has an email from Stratfor where those in the chain believed Clintons had Foster killed


(back to the archives)
[p. 7-8]

further down

Let's make this very clear.
Jon Jacoby has been highly invested in Systematics and tied to this PROMIS software international banking money laundering aspect of it, and his daughter is named Mary Jacoby. She is married to Glenn Simpson, who founded Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele, an ex-MI6 officer, to solicit info on Trump in the form of an intelligence dossier that not only in part prompted the FISA warrant executed on Carter Page naming him as "an agent of foreign power" for Russia (even though Mueller had no info in his report to suggest this was accurate and no charges pending against Page). The intelligence dossier Fusion GPS purchased through Steele, who was also being paid by a Russian/Belarusian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who was being worked as a potential asset by both Bruce Ohr and Steele between 2014-16.

I find it incredible this length of time gap. And "coincidences."

[p. 10]

[p. 11]

posted on Jul, 14 2019 @ 10:30 PM
(cont. from p. 11-12]

Footnote p. 12

[p. 13]

I could sit here and paste most of this entire document in the archives which appears to have been uploaded by Judge Kavanaugh? but I don't want to waste all of the space. Even quoting only pertinent info would be a lot of screen clipping and uploading to ATS, so I just recommend reading it and I'm going to move on.

posted on Jul, 14 2019 @ 10:59 PM
This money laundering/drug cartels/organized crime/human and sex trafficking/intel agencies network seems to have been in place and only grown since Clinton-Bush Jr-Obama presidencies, as far as I can tell.

Isn't like drugs have gotten better. Trafficking has gotten better. Anyone at a high-level has done anything about this, so it begs the question do most economies NEED this sh#t to stand themselves up? What sense does that make? Wouldn't trafficked people otherwise have normal employment and being paying into economies, as well as purchasing things like everyone else vs. being slaves?

If drugs hadn't been permitted to reach every small city, nook and cranny, and grown like a behemoth enveloping every family since the 80s, what else could that money being spent on street corners or in back alleys to low-level dealers also purchased to go into the economy? Maybe they tell themselves this money is needed by the banks to be laundered so economies don't fall, but I'm not sure I buy into this logic. Perhaps it makes them explain it all away to themselves to try to justify it.


Anyway, I need to update the thread with Sater info that's more recent. It kinda ties in with where I'd left off on Epstein in a quirky way. Basically, one of Sater's "victims" from the $40 million stock pump-and-dump scheme wayyy long ago who recently complained in a letter comparing Epstein's plea deal from a few years ago to what Sater received way back then.
Recall even though Sater's role in the stock scam isn't clear and he seems, per records, to have been in jail half the time during the actual stated scam, which took place per indictments and records from 1994-96, Sater didn't actually have to answer for this crime until years later, in 2009. Yes, oddly enough, Sater and Epstein's interesting plea deals both took place during an Obama Administration and DOJ during the years 2008-09.

Washington Press

Last year, a federal judge unsealed some of the records related to Sater’s case, which showed that the government knew of his crimes and that he got to keep all of the money. (Sater’s lawyer personally wrote a threat letter to this author which confirmed everything discovered from the unsealed records, and then refused to comment.)

Then, Felix Sater went on a publicity blitz, lying about his past as a violent felon on MSNBC and working hard to whitewash his image with a beat sweetener story in Buzzfeed News.

This new letter from one of Sater’s victims demonstrates the carnage left behind when federal prosecutors in New York’s Eastern District used court secrecy along with a judge who helped them break the law, to empower one of the world’s most sophisticated con-men with ties to multiple transnational crime organizations, keeping his crimes a secret from the public.

Sater's lawyer, if you recall from that "sweetener story" in Buzzfeed" is Robert Wolf, but what's so interesting from that article is how long he's been Sater's lawyer when it comes to certain matters. Sater has had various counsel through different lawsuits but what is interesting is when he does choose to use Wolf. Let's put in the source/reminder:

Buzzfeed The Asset

And let's not forget what I said regarding Sater's Twitter feed. Yes, he knew Clinton well enough to have a picture together.
So yes, the fact he tweeted this out in 2018 is interesting

posted on Jul, 14 2019 @ 11:05 PM
Sorry I forgot to include this pertinent part of that Washington Press article to make it more clear why the victim was comparing Epstein's case to his victimization from Sater's stock scam.

President Trump’s longtime business associate who tried to set up a Moscow Tower deal during the 2016 election was just revealed to have gotten a sweetheart felony plea deal in a mafia penny stock scam from which he profited mightily while his victims have got the shaft. One of his victims just compared Sater’s deal to accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s deal, because they both violated the same federal victim’s rights law.

posted on Jul, 14 2019 @ 11:13 PM
Taking some time to study Sater's Twitter feed, one sees not a tie to Israel, necessarily, but his putting it out there is curious. I mean, he spent a year in Israel with his family at a very young age coming from Russia before coming to the States.

When I called this "The Curious Case of Felix Sater," I really meant it. I can't figure this guy out at all...

So in 2018 he tweeted out an image of a family in a cave with the child asking why they live there. The answer is "Well, once we started boycotting Israeli products, one thing led to another..." Tweet

There are other interesting things, but I do find it noteworthy, and I wasn't very clear --- his relationship using Wolf as his attorney on certain matters dates back to when he was negotiating between the CIA and Sater as the middle man back during the years of 1998, as long as he's been working with Andrew Weismann and signed the cooperation agreement.

posted on Jul, 14 2019 @ 11:49 PM
One can find him stating "Height of Hypocrisy" regarding an article on Palestine recently. His Twitter feed is also worth perusing for some of you.

So Epstein connects to Clinton's who connect to both Weinstein and Frank Guistra/Lionsgate Films in the movie industry i.e. Hollywood, and Clinton's were receiving donations through NXIVM members, including the Bronfman sisters, who Epstein connects to during the 90s. Yet NONE of these NXIVM arrests, Epstein arrests, and perhaps Clinton investigations were ever really going true to the law it would seem until the Trump administration. And his Executive Order was on Human Trafficking using the invoked powers mentioned above, including the Magnitsky Act.

Do you see the mirroring of this same network being 'film/music industry/drug trafficking/money laundering/intel agencies/etc' Danny Casolaro called "The Octopus" way back then being depicted right here in this thread in 2019? Yet larger in size, more global and connected?

Now wouldn't it logically make sense if Trump and his earlier modeling agency, and his business were in any way shape or form tied to or potentially implicated in trafficking or any of this, they wouldn't invoke a National Emergency on it, right?

But if we look at this graphic made by someone who obviously ties this into Trump/Sater/Bayrock and Mogilevich into this organized crime mafia, let's take a look at some other facts, too. Odd random ones. (repeat of earlier graphic for double reference)

We know in 1981 Trump wants to build a casino in Atlantic City and seeks out the FBI and all we know is he told them he knew org. crime was a problem there and told the FBI he would fully cooperate with them during the construction phase to opening and they could have undercovers in the casino. The FBI worked on an undercover scheme around this information. We know nothing further, if it was implemented.
However, we know during the mid-80s prosecutor Guiliani had high-profile organized crime Mafia cases; the Pizza Connection Trial and the Five Families convictions

What has also been underreported is how earnest and concerned Trump seemed to be in 1987 regarding the US-Russia nuclear dilemma. Slate

But it has largely been forgotten that Trump is not new to nuclear matters. He has been thinking about how he’d handle nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation for more than a quarter-century, at least since 1987, when he claimed to me that he was “dealing at a very high level” with people in the White House (that would have been the Reagan White House) on doomsday questions.

The reporter is recalling his old interview with Trump in '87 in 2016 and this is prior to the election.

Rereading the Trump piece I recall now how surreal it was. I met Trump in his office in Trump Tower, an office that featured a golden mirrored ceiling. He was already an iconic New York character, but he had grander ambitions. Perhaps the grandest: saving the world. Before our lunch he confided to me that he was talking to “people in Washington,” even “the White House.” He was on the verge of breaking through. Even then he wanted to be viewed as something more than a glam real estate speculator, someone of substance politically. (When I arrived in his office, he told me he was taking a call from Sen. Bob Dole, then the Senate minority leader, the timing of which was probably prearranged.)

further down

What you do find is a prescient Trumpian impatience with “defense intellectuals,” exemplified in his contempt for then-fashionable nuclear-deterrence theories like “dense pack,” a plan to group our nuclear silos so close together that attacking missiles would destroy each other by means of “fratricide”—crashing into each other over the desolate Great Plains. He saw how dense it was! He knew about the dangerous reality of a “hair trigger” nuclear “posture.” He said he had an uncle who was a nuclear scientist who made him aware of the all-too-easy proliferation of nuclear weapons. He had read Strobe Talbott’s sagacious history of the START talks, Deadly Gambits.

Trump almost called off the meeting. They ended up compromising on only talking about talking about "The Subject" which was nukes and this so-called deal he was working on behind the scenes.

Forty-eight hours before our scheduled lunch, Donald Trump called to cancel it. He’d had severe second thoughts, he said, about the advisability of revealing the extent of his involvement in the delicate—and explosive—subject I’d wanted to discuss with him.

“I’m dealing at a very high level on this,” he said. With people in Washington. In the White House. There was too much at stake for him to risk the wrong kind of exposure on The Subject. The Subject has itself been the subject of considerable delicate pre-lunch negotiations between Trump and the magazine.

Trump was enthusiastic when he first heard I wanted to focus on The Subject. That’s great, he said: The Subject is far more important than any development deal he’s ever done, than any deal of that sort he’ll ever do. The life-or-death nature of The Subject transcends mere real estate. He’s pursuing it as if it were the biggest deal of his life. The Ultimate Deal.

further down, the journalist was cynical at first and then grew to realize Trump was deadly serious.

This is a painful conclusion for me to come to in certain respects. Because The Subject is nuclear weapons proliferation and Trump’s crusade to find a way to halt it before a wild-card nuke deals death to millions. And because I’ve become convinced that Trump’s involvement is, well, serious, I have to abandon all the easy jokes and wisecracks I could have made if I thought it was some weird ego trip by an overambitious real estate promoter eager to thrust himself into the national arena.

further down

“My uncle who just passed away was a great scientist,” Trump is telling me as we make our way out of his office to the elevator. “He was a professor at MIT. Dr. John Trump. In fact, together with Dr. Van de Graaff they did the Van de Graaff generator. He was the earliest pioneer in radiation therapy for cancer. He spent his whole life fighting cancer and he ended up dying of it.” It was his uncle, Trump tells me, who got him started thinking about The Subject. “He told me something a few years ago,” Trump recalls. “He told me, ‘You don’t realize how simple nuclear technology is becoming.’ That’s scary. He said it used to be that only a few brains in the world understood it and now you have a situation where thousands and thousands of brains can easily understand it, and it’s becoming easier, and someday it’ll be like making a bomb in the basement of your house. And that’s a very frightening statement coming from a man who’s totally versed in it.”

posted on Jul, 15 2019 @ 12:16 AM

“I believe they’re sort of fools,” Trump says. “They only think about Russia. Russian and U.S. weapons. But the summit is a joke. It’s not about the real nuclear problem. You have countries like France that are openly and blatantly selling nuclear technology.”

Trump is very down on the French.

“They’ve got an arrogant head of the country, who I think is a total fool, and he’s trying to make up for his losses by selling this technology to anyone, and it’s a disgrace. It’s a disgrace.”

So what’s the solution? I ask him. How do you get the French to stop, how do you get French technology out of the hands of the Pakistanis at this point?

“I think you have to come down on them very hard economically or whatever way,” Trump says. “I think the solution is largely economic. Because there are so many of these countries that are so fragile and we have a vast power that’s never been used. They depend on us for food, for medical supplies. And I would never even suggest using it except on this issue. But this issue supersedes all other things.”

much further down

“Those people think that because we have it and the Russians have it, nobody will ever use it because they’re assuming everybody’s not necessarily mad. They don’t see Qaddafi walking into an airplane and slapping his subordinates and screaming like a madman on the airplane to the pilots. The man is a psycho. “I mean, what if he’s got the bomb and something happens like the time we shot down two of his planes. And he’s enraged and he can’t see straight and he’s got twenty missiles pointed right at the United States. Washington. I mean, do you think there’s a chance he won’t press the button?”

That’s why I feel protective about Trump. It’s not that think he’s got the solution, but I like the visionary urgency he brings to the problem. I like the fact that he’s using his Washington contacts, the access his money buys him, to bug the torpid Reaganauts to do something rational in the nuclear realm. Trump drops enough names, off the record, to convince me he does have high-level contacts, that he may indeed be “dealing at a very high level on this.”

But then he goes on to say Trump's comments on this could be only about as much as his power/access grants him that perhaps they are only listening to Trump on this issue to be polite.

What stood out to me in this regard is Trump is known to have gotten money from Deutsche Bank which has been accused of money laundering and charged fines for money laundering, and they point to Trump's Russia ties and Sater's alleged ties to Mogilevich as noteworthy somehow.

BUT IF... IF Trump had Russian organized crime ties and/or through Sater, resulting in what we know of many FBI wiretaps and arrests/convictions of Russians, Ukrainians, etc. from Trump Tower over the years, gambling rings, etc. that is a sharp contrast from the Trump only years prior deadly seriously concerned about geopolitical affairs especially around nuclear proliferation and working on the "Ultimate Deal." Stating he was coordinating back then in 1987 with "high-level officials."

Doesn't make a ton of sense.

NYMag The Intelligencer put out an article in 2018 What If Trump Has Been a Russian Asset Since 1987?
Source NY Mag

It is often said that Donald Trump has had the same nationalistic, zero-sum worldview forever. But that isn’t exactly true. Yes, his racism and mendacity have been evident since his youth, but those who have traced the evolution of his hypernationalism all settle on one year in particular: 1987. Trump “came onto the political stage in 1987 with a full-page ad in the New York Times attacking the Japanese for relying on the United States to defend it militarily,” reported Edward Alden, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. “The president has believed for 30 years that these alliance commitments are a drain on our finite national treasure,” a White House official told the Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin. Tom Wright, another scholar who has delved into Trump’s history, reached the same conclusion. “1987 is Trump’s breakout year. There are only a couple of examples of him commenting on world politics before then.”

Yet if you look at his career as a whole, sure he continued to comment here and there on politics, and ran for President briefly in 1999, and the did on-again off-again licensing real estate deals with Sater from Bayrock beginning 2000ish. You can throw in Trump University, Steak and a couple other things in there, but it makes one wonder if he ever got involved in doing any other work for the FBI or government after 1987.

I'll add more this week.

posted on Jul, 15 2019 @ 12:10 PM
Craig Unger, author of House of Trump, House of Putin

Look, I can’t prove what was in Trump’s head, or what he knew or when he knew it. But I document something like 1,300 transactions of this kind with Russian mobsters. By that, I mean real estate transactions that were all cash purchases made by anonymous shell companies that were quite obviously fronts for criminal money-laundering operations. And this represents a huge chunk of Trump’s real estate activity in the United States, so it’s quite hard to argue that he had no idea what was going on.

Further down

And so I went to Trump properties, and every time I found a Russian name, I would research it, and it was stunning. I’d often take their name, put in Mogilevich in Google, and it was like hitting the jackpot on a slot machine, time after time after time.

So what does all of this mean? I’m not sure I know.

Sater, we are told by numerous media articles, links to Mogilevich. We have authors who write Trump-Putin books before Mueller report came out (2018) stating many Trump properties had ties to Mogilevich. We have an article accusing Trump of being a possible Russian asset since 1987, the year he was interviewed being much more concerned over nuclear proliferation than his real estate projects. Talking to the reporter about working on an ultimate deal with high-level officials. Reporters have been quick to note in articles that Trump’s 1987 trip to Moscow, but they don’t add in the additional fact he was interviewed the same year on the nuclear problem of the time. Yet we are to believe around 1986 and onwards all of the ties to Russia through his properties indicate he became their asset? When only six years prior we know in 1981 he was approaching the FBI to help them with organized crime and undercover operations in his Atlantic City casino, which opened 1984.

Doesn’t add up.

Mueller didn’t think so either, I guess. In 2009, he was giving this Iron Triangle speech about transnational organized crime with one of the task forces to work on the Mogilevich organization. Yet now a decade later, we have graphics being circulated on Twitter about Sater/Trump/Bayrock being tied to Mogilevich, yet Sater is walking free and some of Congress in 2017 traveled to NY to interview him instead of him coming to DC, oversleeping another Congressional heading in 2019, his lawyer stating he’s been fully cooperative and the mostly corrupt House stating he hasn’t turned over all requested documents. Mueller/Rosenstein/Barr says Trump is no Russian asset.

So was he some kind of double agent? US/Russia using the Trump Org to launder dirty money as has been reported by the media, or is it all just coincidences? Lots of coincidences? That doesn’t seem possible.

Especially when you consider how odd it is Epstein tied to Clinton’s and tied to Maxwell could have been using PROMIS, and Epstein ties to the Bronfman family, now caught up in the NXIVM scandal, all after Trump’s Human Trafficking Executive Order? Hmmm?

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posted on Jul, 16 2019 @ 03:09 PM
I’m so done with the media! We have to become the media.
Felix Sater spoke to reporters in the middle of his testimony last week.
Specifically calls out Glenn Simpson/Fusion GPS for perjuring himself. Recall how Glenn testified Sater had ties to Mogilevich which had prompted in part Simpson’s investigation of Trump and engaging Christopher Steele? Yeah, Sater calls it perjury. The media ignore it.

Watch: Twitter/The Hill

posted on Jul, 24 2019 @ 11:42 PM
Excellent & dang impressive investigative work here on a very complex subject. I gave it s & f when it was first posted but didn't stick around. Just saw J&C mention it and was reminded. I'm about halfway through.

OP, thank you.

posted on Jul, 25 2019 @ 10:51 AM

originally posted by: ucanthandlethetruth
I’m so done with the media! We have to become the media.

Still working through this but that's exactly what you've become---a bonafide "journalist" in a world that has literally wiped them from the MSM.

I must say again, this is amazing work, ucanthandlethetruth. It deserves much more kudos than it will ever get here. This has the makings of an important book--an ebook would work--but barring that maybe a blog that continues to accumulate as you increasingly dig deeper. Maybe others would pick up on it and help expand on your work.

Of course you truly are getting into potentially dangerous territory and nobody is gonna care too much that you are doing so here, but it's a shame that it is sitting here. Pearls before swine comes to mind.

This deep-dive is some of the very best work ever done here and better than 99.9% of the propaganda we're fed through traditional channels. Very sharp intellect.

posted on Jul, 25 2019 @ 03:18 PM
Thank you, THE GUT. It hasn't been an easy undertaking, all of this research, and I get frustrated at times because there's so many pieces and trying to fit them together without losing brain matter along the way. I do think there are many related subjects here worth pursuing, though, so I keep hoping for more ATS interest. LOL

I have started a book, though I'm not far along at all. I don't have high hopes of finishing it and it being an easy-flowing comprehensive read when you have this many "characters", companies, places, dates. Then there's the issue of finding a publisher or going through (ugh) Amazon, so perhaps I should just consider a blog versus a book. I've just never blogged so there would be a learning curve for me. I need to think on it more but am totally open to suggestions on how to get this info out to the masses.

I hope to get back to this thread very soon, like this coming week. There's just been a lot of happenings going on in the world in the last few days that took away my focus on this.

posted on Jul, 25 2019 @ 03:22 PM
I did send an email last week to Robert Wolf, Sater's attorney, explaining I was writing a book on Sater and would like an opportunity for a phone interview. No reply. Don't expect one, though I may follow up at some point just in case there's that one in a million chance. Ha

posted on Jul, 27 2019 @ 02:30 AM
The Associated Press has put out an article in the last 48 hours with a portion that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. This is about the recent unsealing of more Sater documents. Source

Sater wore a wire for so long during a decade of “constant undercover work” that it “got to a point where it became too dangerous to allow a confirmation of his cooperation to be known,” Kaminsky said.

A decade of “constant undercover work” wearing a wire?

There is also this within the article for more context.

Before Sater turned state’s evidence, said Todd Kaminsky, then assistant U.S. attorney, “criminal financial wizards were one step ahead of law enforcement.” The FBI, Kaminsky said, “would take any given investigation they were looking into at the time, bring it in front of Felix Sater, and he would explain to them what was going on.” “There was nothing he wouldn’t do,” he said. “No task was too big.” Kaminsky credited Sater with implicating several high-ranking members in La Cosa Nostra, telling a federal appeals court in a later hearing that his cooperation “runs a gamut that is seldom seen.” “It involves violent organizations such as Al Qaida,” he said, according to another newly unsealed transcript. “It involves foreign governments. It involves Russian organized crime.” Sater’s attorneys wrote in another court filing that he had given the government specific information about key leaders in Al Qaida and even traveled to the Middle East at the FBI’s direction following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Here’s what would make sense to me. Is if this decade was the 90s. If he knowingly and wittingly set up the mafia families for those stock takedowns and only got the minimum sentence for the assault because he was already cooperating with the stock scam and continued his work to Russia until they needed him back in the States to turn states evidence against those families. It doesn’t make sense this constant decade of wearing a wire was the 2000s if the judge has officially stated nothing ever had to do with Trump or his organization, and Sater has officially stated the FBI never asked him to look into or inform on Trump ever. And he was doing Bayrock deals in the 2000s so it doesn’t fit. 90s does. Which means he may have started cooperating or informing as early as before or after the bar fight in 1991, the so-called only jail time he ever had, with an arrest photo they won’t release (when someone else online formally requested).

posted on Jul, 27 2019 @ 09:52 AM
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posted on Jul, 27 2019 @ 10:08 AM
Daily News interviewed Sater recently at his Manhattan apartment.


Asked why he thinks the government considers him an exemplary intel source, Sater said, “I understand criminals and how to talk to them. They didn’t have many people like that.” The one name that won’t pop up in Sater’s court file, according Judge Glasser, is Trump. “There is not a jot or tittle that mentions the president in relation to Sater,” Glassner wrote in his order.

Among the mobsters Sater was “instrumental” in bringing down, according to the records, was Frank Coppa, the notorious Bonanno crime family captain.

According to Glasser’s order, Sater’s so-called 5K letter, a document outlining the extent of his cooperation, will be released next month, barring any appeal from the government. Sater said those records will provide more explosive details about his intelligence work.

Hoping we get to see that 5K letter next month...

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