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Baddogma's Other Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 04:38 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Neat of course the system thinking yourself crazy... you should be having those anyway right? lol when one doesnt fall in line with the programming in life in the West is what psychology calls crazy... or so it seems; then they want you to lay on a couch or sit in a chair and time travel back to stupidville to see what took you off of the programming track of being a good little consumer and worker as a part of the hive/herd mind.

Such a thing does not see adaptation to that adversity as an evolution... so they come up with awesome names or yet even more concepts to explain things in a denial of their own. So yeah it is a vicious cycle... breaking all cycles and then one ceases to go round and round in the torrent of those concepts... tossed into uncertainty not long after sitting in the eye of the storm thinking hey it is calm... dispelling the storm is the goal.

Nice inner world view it arose from focus or one pointed meditation on that point of light. You can do this often as you like and other things will arise... but no danger seeing how you are rooted to it is not real, some of them actually are but therein lay the danger or the line to not cross. Or else that groundedness in reality can be lost. I know a fellow that hears and loves listening too and interacting with the voices he hears in his head; he is labeled a schizophrenic.

He fails to see the ground of them not being real but manifestations of a self he has yet to stop and gather up and look at; so ghost after ghost of himself like creating an imaginary friend.

Normalcy says everyone has one of these; but they call it thought a conscience... but consciousness can exist without either and that is just simple awareness. Unattached to the eye in bias or judgement to anything arising or passing and hey what isnt a dream swirling around? It does not have to carry any label to do what it does but it has a label, carrying that is optional the same as all of them... but I dont... of course not but they arise to stimuli!!! lol if discriminated for or against then that stimuli goes to an extreme... there is no neutrality to it... except when stimuli is not around to trigger it... so theres a moment of peace.

lol doing this neutral thing to all well there is and there isnt as no bias nor trigger by things stimulated in the eye the ear the nose the tongue tactile sensation or bore in mind to discriminate them... making all arisings a new experience as thats all it is anyway without that weighty thing called self thrown all over it... but those concepts came from others embrace what didnt and they come from self... thats the difference between true self and not self.

Acceptance says hey we dont have to agree on a single thing at all because i am not going to argue your perception of reality... it is yours how you see it hear it smell it taste it and touch it and bear that in mind... if that becomes to weighty then I occupy myself with something else instead of cause you unrest and pain... so instead of unburdening a self all over someone then you embrace them by embracing another moment... this goes on all the time unconsciously called mind wandering to the fork to the glass about the room etc. if asked are you listening... it is a lie to say yes and it isnt the ears work so logic says yes... although in ration one knows they were not because of lack of engagement so it stands to reason one was wasting their breath and perhaps time.

But yes one pointed is the way to go in such dreaming beyond the typical veil they are reffered to as kasina objects if you want to study/research such things. The prescribed ones develop siddhas or so called super natural powers... but that is the eye sort, clairvoyance or clear seeing can arise, doing the same with a sound pick a bidja typically these are expressed as mantras but you can hear them naturally if focused enough... this leads to claraudience or clear hearing.

Nothing wrong with those; however abusing them for selfish reasons can lead to a bad destination; as they are thought of as god/goddess only powers. I dont use them myself with volition as directed by thought; they arise as they need too naturally as they are natural powers lost by our silly distractions over time. Like Odin losing his clear seeing by becoming to focused on business not his own... in the lost an eye metaphor. So once lost but position retained... he would have to have others become that eye that fall under his orders... and then it becomes one of decent into a worse destination than held previously... so ya dont abuse that business if they arise, and this knowledge should help you know what they are and the dangers when they do devolop if not already... I wouldnt want to make any assumptions to your reality and how you relate to the all of everything... as it is yours not mine.

Out of body experience holds a danger; the body can die while one is out of it and they can get stuck not being able to get back into it... bad thing best advice for such is to cut the cord if one cannot remain within their body and use samadhi or one pointed focus.

I had one about a year ago, fell right on through the floor and landed on my feet... standing in my RV and yet outside of it too like I had fallen through the floor... and I was naked with the dont pee yourself in your sleep erection thats typical... so I walk away from the real world that seemed like an apparition and everything turned into streets of gold and everyone was naked... someone I knew was there with a few of her friends almost like she was waiting for me, instead of taking my arm which was at my side she reached out and grabbed the member and led me down some pathway into darkness, that I dont know if that "self" has woken up from yet.

I was advised to stay within my body though... due to nirodhasammapatti attainment, so I wouldnt recieve the fate mentioned of getting trapped outside the body... so it is a dangerous practice and well caught in the subtle body is a bardo state and well cutting the cord means rebirth, which takes place in egg, moisture, womb, or spontaneous... but that is according to the effects one was putting out there as a cause... so if one was doing out of body to perv on others like the biblical god to Jesus mother is said to have done... bad destination. As said before one god? Japan alone has over eight million in their panthenon. It just means they didnt abuse those powers... titans do. The bibical god is a titan... a fallen one having abused powers for selfish purposes. Simple as that.

edit to add; oh btw how are the little ol rat ladies doing?

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posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 08:39 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

The devolution movement... where their band name came from. The dominance and submission thing is the course of animals such traits as a human seen in humans is never something I have had any interest in.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 08:47 PM
a reply to: BEBOG

you brought up seeing people as "sexy maid" only. when they are more
and whipping.. Easy reference, to video of man whipping dress off woman leaving "sex barbie."
you might wish to not define others though if you could see from the other side...

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posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 11:25 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

No woman has ever whipped a man... his desire and craving has by being attached to that desire and craving missing her entirely in the process. The mutual ones if strong enough do hold together... but those running around sowing oats play the game and leave their heart out of it.

Im not in the game and never was; been sucked into it because so many are doing that been labeled as that for the very same reasons. Been told to be in it because thats just the way it is meh no thanks. When its games its fake and when its real hard to tell because of all those faking it for however many months then weee heres the real me.

I am always me to everyone at all times. Their projections and expectations of assumption are typically dashed to bits... it's wow not who I thought you were if they didnt know me already. Knowing me already same then as now for however long that was... of course there has been growth. The best relationship thus far? The last one that was not even a relationship I took all she said, and looked at it not her... I saw so many things I was not over, so many things left undone, so much more to do, and so much that can be done and needs to be done or accomplished alone. Even the feeling of needing someone that used to arise like a desperate feeling took off left. Im just content... I was content then but all she saw was a good guy sitting there with baggage, and struck skillfully. Allowing that fatal blow needed. So hey great teacher... I was able to stop everything re-examine and let go of so much stuff that had yet too arise. Thats were I was tripping up... the baggage that self sabotaged that had not even arisen.

All gone now... just buried under tons of stuff I will eventually get around too. When it is fitting to do so; cold weather makes me hibernate where all I do is read, write, do art, sleep, cook, watch anime, play an occasional video game and pound coffee. Spring and summer... well thats out and about time, building and riding motorcycles, travel and sight seeing, checking out restaurants.

And always avoiding the "game". College city and a party one with so many bars per square mile in the downtown it's ridiculous... that it is a constant year round draw for those not or ever serious and constantly blow smoke up each others asses.

At 46 in such an environment there is little I have not seen, been through as experience goes... and by all types. I still get mistaken for mid twenties. So it's annoying; no I dont want to bro you, most of my tattoos are older than you... I dont want to talk # and I dont want to wing man with you. Thats all the sort of stuff I did wasting my life watching out for friends wasting theirs.

Any ways, Devolution... sucks dawg dang. That crap is thumb on the neck county by county. Intuitive states hey at least the people make those ordinances? Vote them in and out. The states not that... it is just money making machine federally illegal statute after statute. But federally legal in the sense they can make them. But it takes a federal lawsuit against the state to remove them... PITA.

So it is first a sue the county state says meh, then you sue state... so much to over turn nonsense no one in the state voted for... horrendous. Its why SC and NC have been deemed more corrupt than 3rd world countries. Anyway... thats what old farts get worried about while young farts are complaining about being whipped. You can control your body mind and speech as one person... cant control when an entire state is whipping people without help. Having to make a federal case out of everything to over turn them? Is what all of that amounts to.

All the states rights screaming was knowing what is coming... it means reform. Got to do that from the top down though. So impatience has never been a virtue... in other countries hey not so bad because they do not have counties or districts with that separate business like the US does... but then I dont know if those other countries carry a different constitution with each individual territory or state in its union, like the US does.

So what does this mean for Devo and whip it? Minority whip... not what one assumes it means. Just part of the programming and engineering of the masses.

So hey what this is a conspiracy site, and it is our job being members to look into this sort of thing and see it clearly the truth behind it no matter what "it" is. All intention has a purpose... no matter how benign it may appear.

posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 03:01 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

"No woman has ever whipped a man" ?? was that in jest or are you really speaking for 7 billion people is it 8 billion? ahh 7.6.

Im just over it man. Ive been into conspiracies for how long I cant recall, but online since late 90s.
You know what I discovered? First I discovered don't talk about 911 through physics equations.
2005 not long after i made like 2 posts on ATS about black triangles. unrelated but Ive been on ATS for almost 13 years.

I was perma banned ip and all from at least 5 sites I noticed 3 of which I was only a lurker no login.
Weirdness insued I ditched the internet.

over time I got my nerve back. What I saw/heard in the Army through a colonal and a general I happened to be "guarding" ironically it was so NCOs could keep close eye on me as I just found out I was separated from the Army. I was heartbroken, from what I heard. I already knew these wars stank, but hearing discussions like that, and flash to the last 6 years I watch it unfold?? Never mentioned why I joined the Army did I?

I studied again. I used to be a very prolific poster.
it was ok for awhile. I ran into trouble.... It was around the time I was talking about when my NDA's exspire and just people I trained around or rode airplanes with.. psych ops.. internet snooping.. honey pots.. sock puppets..

I have something like PTSD.
Somone elses turn.
I'm not about that trouble anymore.
She may or may not have been part of it. Her account was surely used to get me to kill or be killed.

Im not attached to others human suffering, cause nothing really matters if you dont care. JK.

as far as girls I have a secret. I havnt really been interested in sex since my early 20s, and Ive only been in serious relationships because I care about love, home, family. Ironically guys try too hard. Just sayin.

I find the imagery in popular culture boring. The illuminati Omagosh!

Maybe you misunderstood my intensions for the songs I post. Almost every one is a conspiracy idea that would go into my master thread if I ever made it.

my intension is everyone loves/cares about everyone else. Thats no small intention. The conspiracy of fear based mind control and pain avoidance keeps the majority stuck. Awakening to a dafker world is frightful. Ive seen minds damaged passed the point of return until they could regain ignorance for peace.

statutes though. Really not my area of interest.
North Carolina is corrupt like any other place, humans are highly adaptable and have been adapted into comodity trades, and missile targets.

heres something to think about. without continual population growth we turn into unstable societies cant keep the old alive, cant keep jobs filled. The economy crashes, at least half of everyone dies..

option two: we breed more and eventually cant sustain population (food energy water) and at least half of everyone dies.

not sure which one would take longer. probably option 2.

your move.

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posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 03:57 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

on a more mystic note Im getting ads for gay romance cartoons lol, jk well no really I am and dresses, rifles flashlights and muslim wives. Google so confused.. stop smoking ads.. They got one right. but no the mystic part

everything today just lined up so weird with commercials saying what Im reading about from TEOT no less.. but weirdly it came after a desire to get healthier.

This being super sick thing is blah. so that i randomly click on teots thread not even thinking about that prior thing.. and I go off to research hemp laws and cbd. as i get to the part about hemp oil having omega 3 and 6 in perfect ratio the tv is talking about omega 3 and medical trial results...

its naming the issues im having.
no brainer from there.. oh and that was just omega 3 which I didnt realize was in hemp oil. The hemp oil itself Ive looked at in the past with minor interest.
but now that my joints are acting up and other things and sitting here wanting to feel better of course TEOT posts about hemp law in Alaska, and I watch TV for the first time on purpose in years.. and its on omega 3 for joint pain snd other things..

Ive said it before TEOT is one of my synchro/woo pilot lights.

I get so humble when im sick.
taking health for granted...
Like so grateful to be alive.
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posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 12:50 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

Well, once free from that programming cycle... thats the issue those that are have those that aren't have and those that want to keep it in place have. But hey evolution is learning to tune all of that out as adaptation so it will be more free from the programming cycle... the kali yuga age business has less than 200 years left. So of course transitions etc are happening rapidly some already there in the satiyuga its the helping others across business... can be difficult and painful but the difficult and painful occur in the so called heaven realms groups like separate clouds in the sky, thinking they have perfection while in the opposite end is all of the ones they stuck or walked over getting there keeping it and trying to maintain it. Speaking of conservation... thats the bad side and a side oneself has been on a way that does not lend an equal hand no matter who or what.

So why is it painful... the vying for inclusiveness for gathering their armies to attack same as the old buddha business of armies lined up tempted with whatever most are tempted with, psychic assault after psychic assault looking for any and every attachment possible. To exploit or use... so sad and funny the saha world. Wearing masks not oneself just to make a living has left theatrics... where in that most are just acting.

So authenticity heritage that is not separatist in that divide and conquer the skills is what need to come forward as the art forms that they are... be seen with respect for the people not the propaganda of separation. Why is that difficult? Well plagiarism so many stories over time silk roaded and profited off of as ones own work just because language barrier...

Communication control it is the last vestige, so of course internet only red flags to those carrying greed hate etc in their mind, it isnt in their heart never was all that in mind goes in and out like the breath, so what self, what habits? The things you enjoy doing is that habitual no thats just you. The false self is that be someone you are not... the stand in line and deliver the image and person wanted not who you are... goes perfectly well with everyone putting on an act... because misery but need to earn a living wage.

The move of profiting off of human misery by creating more human misery is the dividing line for capitalist systems to enter the ground of failure.

Thats how far they go... when creation is used to injure and hurt well thats the hell the darkness where greed and hate has taken over, those sensitive to such stuff it can become too much, nothing wrong with shrugging that weight off when one needs too, theres enough to shoulder it without issue. Some make it their path in life... some on them and not even knowing thats what they are doing.

Support network for those that do the same supporting I think would help... hey maybe thats what ATS is. With places like here and the shed? lol it's like poke a stick and retreat isnt it for many old timers here ATS "family" lol I got banned from here a long time ago; a troll and a mod had gotten together... and were changing ATS tag teaming and banning mod got fired troll still trolls.

That was the outcome.

Chondroitin... it will work to repair the problem and slowly start easing the pain as the joints heal. Pomegranate strongest omga3 heres the issue... there isnt an issue attachment is. Concepts are illusion when they become things we tell ourselves delusions when we spread them? No truth has occurred.

posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 02:18 PM
a reply to: BEBOG

A support network. Check. And like the spider web post, an extension of the brain but this one is mechanical and has another "web" associated with it, the world wide web. That one gets my pet goat II. How, in a rather obscure part of the web, talking of general things, with people from various parts of the world, ideas and thoughts from others are what we are experiencing! How does that work? And can I goof around with the settings to adjust the contrast to my vision? Is it truly "meta" and above the rocks and pavement I step on? The air I breath? The keyboard at the end of my calloused fingers? For kicks and giggles, I have been playing, Do It Again, by Steely Dan for the past couple days. The notion of full circle, relapse, release, rinse and repeat. The man who stole my water is not what I am concerned about, it is about staying hydrated! Black cars hidden, the land of milk and honey, besides CBD, honey is really good for you BB! The rawer the better. A little hot water, some honey, maybe a squeeze of lemon... will drag you by your feet... put you on the street. Sesame open!

Happy Friday Y'all!

posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 04:33 PM

lol stop doing that!

I was at the grocery store when you posted.

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posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 05:01 PM

Creating yourself a groundhog day effect sounds like a neat experiment... be sure to share the details of the journey.

Clairvoyance a natural thing... clairaudience is too... inside the head not good outside the head? Where the real experience lays however fine line very very fine line; one use can cross into abuse as it is an addictive thing and well what happens in misuse leads one down the path of madness by turning or tuning that energy or wave to selfish ends... basically why dimensions seems to collide in the settling realities are naturally going to shift. So non abuse is best left to non use... then one can hear who actually is in danger or had an accident see something to prevent a future arising before it occurs as an aid or help not the cry wolf business of all of those just messing around.

So empty thats the desired container to keep the mental state in other names are calm abiding, just sitting, or simply being or all matter in a state of rest... as far as mind could be sitting empty to be filled and not with poison... practice is pushing that poison out. So the delusions fall run and get away knowing they are not you and shouldn't have taken up residence to begin with... deluded hey its a party as the container is just a mess with real self hiding in the closet... while the not self doppelganger plays the façade and charades.

Why this "self" defense goes on oh I dunno... but who wants to deal with imposters?

In Zen meditation it is look straight ahead as master creeps about where a mouse would be jealous if head tilts left and not right as there are two sitting next to you doing the exact same thing? Then the master knows you have a pull towards the left side and mind is blocked in some manner on the right because head is not sitting straight... can see this sort of thing in photos of people heads tilted towards or away etc. thats the magnetic pull business we have as the electromagnet... so what do you do? Tap the shoulder with stick so head moves back to center... as energy is supposed to flow straight up through the ass and straight down through the head... or else energy centers get out of balance.

So the gentle reminder... so what happens when that occurs? One is finally sitting up right aligning their energy properly... now if skilled enough of a master... they can pop the hell out of you right on top of the head, as soon as you enter satori. Theres other fun stuff like the hair of the hossu... will you raise the arm will you laugh? Whoo is buddha? As soon as the mind tries to grasp? whack! cant grasp buddha with mind.

But there is also another reason for the straight ahead... clairvoyance, it will arise and where? Out of the corners of the eyes... so where did the meditation hall go? is the eye being pulled to see these things arising and passing... do you prefer the meditation hall filled with oni and demons or as reality tells you despite the eyes... no no monks and meditation hall but what about that devilish stench the master has cracked that smells demonic to fit the visual? Which reality then? Sight confirmed smell confirmed... but from the who and what has entirely transformed.

Not empty

Is all that says.

posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 05:10 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

well not to be a sour note but you two are sweet on each other.. despite Teot calling me bb. Maybe the missing Reverbs part of his post is when he was putting it to you.. and coming across as sweet on me.

posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 05:13 PM
a reply to: BEBOG

I had some application testing to do for minor system changes... so have actually been working instead surfing the frequencies to see what knobs or buttons I can push.

She has a sense of humor!

I had to enter some text into field that labeled, "Back out plan". Not knowing what to put (nobody is ever going to see this stuff anyway), I typed, "Protocol 7" and went about my tests.

An Internet Protocol designed by Masami Eiri. It has been modified to allow people to use the Schumann resonances to connect to the Wired directly without a NAVI by using the Psyche chip. - Protocol Seven.

WTF?!! Connecting to the world wide web directly using our good friend the Schumann resonance some kind of bio chip?! Talk about the extended brain! I wish I could make this up because I would be writing better shows for TV than anybody else!

Good things come in threes! Honey, Protocol 7, and...

posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 05:25 PM

That one thread called seven dark or something or another? Lots of closet woo folks posting personal stuff in there. As the trope has been why you only post in political why you not sharing your woo more often?

posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 05:25 PM

That one thread called seven dark or something or another? Lots of closet woo folks posting personal stuff in there. As the trope has been why you only post in political why you not sharing your woo more often?

Edit: Tablet spazz moment... sorry for the double post. At least the record what the hell I am saying when not asking has stopped popping up... no voice out loud from me nor internally either. So lots of woo but oh hell thats just normalcy at this point in things coming and going rising and passing... it's funny and weird but ok.

like a hungry ghost just kissed me directly in the mouth and said; it's ok with a breath. That kind of business is why I say so much of what I do... if no voice can enter other than via the ear as none come out... not even when writing... the more desperate this sort of phenomena gets I guess it is better to say that than hungry ghost but craving is as craving does mmmk?
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posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 05:52 PM
a reply to: BEBOG

SevenBeyond. That is a neat thread. Crazy, wild, vortex things. And BEKs. The one Fortean event that sticks with me is the guy running an unheard of 12 miles, to the next bar (on a bar bet). He trips and falls forward but never hits the ground! That was 1800s or something and one of the first Fortean events I ever heard of.

Politics? I rarely dunk my toe in that neck of the woods! I stick to science and space exploration stuff. The woo, ah, the woo. I usually only talk about that in a couple threads, occasionally I will post more details here or there, but I have the feeling that this site, above others, is watched. Some things I do not mention at all. Some topics I keep away from. Even "safe" topics have had... interesting results.

The MetaCafé is
a strange and fun experiment! Things began to click (puzzle pieces fitting together) here (or on Café I). Then, like Reverbs said, you see something and it was something we talked about a week ago! Right here! I've posted a few examples, Peeple doesn't believe me that it just happens! The feeling I have about it comes from Robert Anton Wilson himself. Let's say, you wander around all day, doing your normal stuff, but say to yourself, "I am going to find a quarter on the ground". You do that for a month. The next month, you tell yourself, "I am going to manifest a quarter on the ground". Well, when I did that experiment, I got about equal amount of quarters! Which one is right, and am I wrong if I chose the wrong one? For example, I was talking about Schumann resonances and black holes, then, a story pops up that posits that black holes are organizers of galaxies. It is not as speculative as what I said but how did that idea of living in a black hole sphere of influence come about?

I feel it is OK to be contradictory, like be a science guy and believe in woo at the same time. It makes discoveries in both more of a wonderment of what we do not know. In a sense, the whole MetaCafé is itself an example of that woo manifesting itself in our daily lives. Sometimes we see it as finding a quarter then other times as manifesting one. The language we use to express those ideas also seem meaningful to pay attention to.

By participating, you should have some manifestations of woo in your life. At the very least, you might find a couple quarters!

PS - Protocol 7 is from a comic book! That means it is from another dimension! A lower dimension manifesting in our world! Hehehe...

posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 07:37 PM

originally posted by: BEBOG
a reply to: Reverbs

well not to be a sour note but you two are sweet on each other.. despite Teot calling me bb. Maybe the missing Reverbs part of his post is when he was putting it to you.. and coming across as sweet on me.

I was talking about reverbs not Reverbs. A la neural net effect. Its like some of you guys are more accessed nodes to the backbone from my "location."

I wonder can you "install" a vpn, when woo connecting?

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posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 07:59 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

So I was looking through my pictures and came across a few by accident.

This is in honor of baddogma.
The creator of our little universe here.

they're clickable.

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posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 09:10 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

and I am the sort that cleans the litter box a few times a day knowing it isn't the brand it's the cleanliness that prevents or causes them to die of kidney failure. But Tidy Cats as I have used it, seeing the commercial though I have heard them say Tidy Cat. So perhaps thats the issue... the mind creates all sorts of illusion so I go utilitarian like cleaning up milk not thinking about it just the action involved as it is occurring.

No cat now been a few years; and have been pet free, although I do take better care of myself having to take care of another and share space. Even if it is just gold fish... lol maybe thats weird I dunno but things get spotless and I dont slack anything.

I feed the birds though, and there is a cat that free roams but no collar I put stuff out for whatever as leftovers from time to time at night. I saw a opossum last week and it started making a hasty exit into the woods, attracted to the fruit mixed into the bird seed I think... I do hear a bird cooing at night its kinda like a deep contented purring from the trees.

Might be pet time again but likely gold fish... not ready for kitties again yet, heart still broken from the last two rescues that had health issues and never got out of the woods with them. Pet farms horrible maybe akc etc sort of registrations should require inspections for membership/papers as many just pass the same papers off and inbreed the hell out "pure breds" its why parvo etc exists.

Everything having to go with life seems to be some sort of politics as decisions are made... alone haha I am such a dictator inconsiderate even to myself. lol I dont even know if thats true it just seems funny, since most rationalize leaving a relationship as yay i can now do what i want... and yeah why couldn't you before lol?

But I see how dying of a broken heart can be possible... but I'm a quiet romantic sort, anyways.

Started another project... lol my life consists it seems of leaning tower of Pisa in projects so yeah with cat/goldfish some significant other then that doesn't happen. Since it's warmed some maybe time to start crawling out of the hibernation state. Ground hogging a bit of my own... cold riding last week back from billiards, but I let it go, couldn't feel my hands when I got back. Need to burp the coolant system on it as yet another to do list project thing... well as the meme goes?


lol maybe I should get goldfish first then it would be...


posted on Feb, 23 2018 @ 09:28 PM

Eh I see those things come up the synchro even not thinking... like just there's music and things synch up. I dont know if it has been discussed but precognition it seems to be the same thing that people called synchronization or at least the two phenomena are closely related.

You know those platforms in super mario brothers that spin on an axis? Stop then spin again? I've seen synch which is like sticking the landing, precog like being flung to stick a landing on the next and if they spun backwards that sort as well.

I dunno since I dont explore siddhas which precog is just note them when they show up... like watching time and space warp in perception but not reacting to it warping just seeing it occur. Some have to stare in samadhi for such stuff to occur after while thats just the state and neat how it is a teacher on its own for the non grasping, bias etc. any grasp means eye becomes inflamed as the mind wants to then throw a self all over it in held concept when thats the no no.

Concept feeds intellect and thats all it does... it know there is nothing and yet we as a whole created all of this out of nothing... that the things held as real but knowing they are not but forced to be by people, can really be an irritant but only if one has lost themselves in the dream so weird and yet its expression just the same in whatever forms it arises and passes in known or not so cool at the same time.

Oh edit to add for the psychonauts... put ones mind in a state that everything is occuring in real time... thats how to lose all sense of it. As it is YOUR time and always has been, so instead of grasping this movie music etc is however old think of it as created right then and there and not recorded... according to Buddhism thats exactly know it is occuring in fact everything occuring is like that.

anyways has fun

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posted on Feb, 24 2018 @ 05:59 PM
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Have you seen Bigbrotherdarkness’ threads/posts?? I’ve already contemplated these ideas. And you are saying basically the same things... including dharma, samsara, and Nirvana (come as you are! lol).

You are preaching to the choir!


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