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Baddogma's Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 03:55 PM

originally posted by: KellyPrettyBear
a reply to: beansidhe

Or maybe on some level "we" are "in on" the deception of our more "mundane selves".


I think that is probably spot on. I think we quite enjoy it...

Faeries and humans are fragile.. both are easily re-programmed, with the injection of hostile stories.

This follows on from your other Vallee thread too, but it mirrors what he says beautifully. The 'otherworld' manipulates us by way of myths; we are a species of storytellers from the Paleolithic cave painters to modern day journalists. It's what we relate to and how we learn (and teach). Imagine what happens when we can no longer believe the stories we've been told? We desperately search for another one, to help fill the gap.
You've got to watch out for the gap-fillers.

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 04:01 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

i feel i should say this also...i think it is very important point and it always cheers me up!

think about the best joy you have had an experience in your life.
and than imagine that joy but only ever lasting.

moments of orgasems or other such wonderfull experiances are only the prelude of what is our natural state in my opinion. But well...when you reach that, sense of self is a lot different than you experience now, but in my the height of bliss there is no sense of self for that short moment (which we are all addicted too in my opinion one way or another. ) and is in a way very good insight about our real natural state.

but that bliss is still only of the body!
only the tip of the iceberg really.

Think of it this way.
it begins with your ass!

the flow goes up when naturally relaxed and absorbed and other central points are other levels. But then what I am talking about is prana and chakras and what you experience may be also on some level that...

well don't cling and learn to observe everything flows...

this is from tibetan buddhist perspective in a nutshell.

I don't know how deeply you feel and experience subtle body or how deep are your meditation experiences.

Because once you realize what is full potential in us...there are many reactions and thoughts.

it is normal.

But you can be in control of your thoughts and you can think whatever you like... you must realize that. And don't let mind stand in your way of the heart.

and heart may even not lead you in more meditation, i was not implying just that in my post...

i was implying....

find yourself.


think of yourself as work in progress ... but you can stand aside...
and start from the ass to where your heart leads you...
a wonderful journey in my opinion.

every day is a new day and a beautiful day to die,
That is my mantra.
and I try to relax and enjoy the ride!

btw...remember what happens at bliss??

well also some more buddhist wisdom...for the end...but that is a bit of my personal view.

my dharma and should probably not even talked about it so publicly..but since you brought it out of me I guess I will start "feeling" even more and you have caused me also to grow a see I am still fresh at this also. baby steps.

yeah..i sure like to think positive...when I am thinking...hope you do the same!

: )
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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 04:03 PM
a reply to: beansidhe

If it werent for bad spelling or time being very precious, then there wouldnt be any editor jobs
Wont you please take a moment to think about the economy... with a child like me?

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 04:10 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

There's plenty room for editors.

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 04:20 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

Pure bliss was when I got my horse to do spanish steps, but I sold him. Still makes me cry.

I should go and find me a horse, but damned I first need to make money again.
I hate money. From the bottom of my heart. If I have it or not doesn't matter, it is always a matter of shame and guilt. It is always the same and I can't find a middle ground, I always have either too much or not enough.

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 04:23 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

I think youre a bit fixated on the yab yum or male and female energies in unison within oneself, and not out of balance with extremes, as that energy comes into balance is it any wonder people get called bi polar? Or are you left brained or right brained? Stop asking such silly questions of extreme polarities... when both logic side and rational side become one and work together then whoop there it is with entire brain function and peace of mind. It is a beautiful thing having logic of one side of the brain and ration of the other side balance in harmony out of the repression society has been doing from the matriarch a long time ago, into the patricarh a long time ago...

From one of nuture and at one with nature, to one of dominace and controlling nature... well the obvious evolution is well obvious time to get it together and no one will have any missing pieces seeking that big o and have a choice with free will and self determination and encouragement of others in their pursuits and peace can actually happen.

Kali yuga ending and ushering in the next. Weve been in this age of darkness so long, people wholly want to just destroy it all through belief in a self fullfilling prophesy enmass, but since it is belief that can be anything... and the world becomes free to remake it better for everyone not any specific group yet all groups benefit.

Thats what I work towards. Its not about a spark jumping the gap its about closing that gap in unity.

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 04:26 PM
a reply to: beansidhe

ha indeed there is so, why do people complain about it... scratches monkey chin.

oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla bing bang

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 04:31 PM
a reply to: Peeple

ah such a long time ago to be a medicant monk again... wandering around walking the entire world without anyone saying, see that line in the dirt? What line... im just walking here. wheres your papers? What?

Its madness most foul.

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 05:27 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

hm...very nice insight bbd...
I am only lately learning about the polarities and how do they affect my being...moon and son. And as you say there is polarity in me and is quite something to deal has appeared in my awareness clear as day.

and clinging to experience is still something I still need to deal with ... clearly...or else I would not be on ats. hah.

but otherwise I think a bit differently...
in my mind all of samsara is equal and I can do a lot more with full realization of trikaya, for all beings on all planes, but to get there there is a lot of practice and I don't mind...I really don't.

Milarepa is my ideal yogi but there are many others in all religions very similar in my research and I have studied their practices very intensely for years now.

I know it is possible and I will do my best to get as close to this as possible with realizations.
because...for me that is uniFinity, my friend.

my nickname is a symbol of that and that is why I am on ats...mainly, to find other spiritual seekers to get insights and you are one of them, and also kev or acienttunder (he writes poems and publishes them here) and all other wonderful spiritual posters.

Well that is my motivation the purest of dharma and joy and Annuttara-yoga tantra is my goal, and saying that brings certain amount of weight, as I don't like to lie even on internet...

well I will try to do my best...I know there are still many many lessons for me to learn and I don't mind, for some reason I like to be alone and just contemplate and meditate with purest intent for the benefit of all beings.

well if this will sometimes lead me to other be it.

I don't plan, I am not a planer.

I am observer and try to learn to get out of falseness which is within me....and when I will have that realization in this or next life or others, then the only thing left is to share...that is also what they all teach.

there is no need to look at this post as something can just read it as a writing of a random guy with grand delusions, but what I write is truly my desire and I am happy because I have found it...the state of no states.

life and death.

a dream.

And i am just beginning to perceive through and grow...

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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 05:40 PM
a reply to: beansidhe


posted on May, 18 2016 @ 06:14 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

always happy to lend a hand to wholeness and understanding as it comes together. Roads of all types, trippy ones, smooth ones, bumpy ones etc.

If you like Milaprea the youd likely really enjoy Nagarjuna he was a boddhisattva during the buddhas time and gave clarification to that balance when he returned as an Arhat or became an awakened being or buddha himself.

One practice you can cetinaly do to help your balance and integration of them, as its natural to be both logical and rational to achieve pure reason without any repression from whats taught when we arive here to just logic as a male or to just ration as a female, when we have the capaicity naturally for both as a balance. So seeing how we repress emotions as a male or female, or how we repress logic as a male or female in expression of that natural self puts the lower self of extremes of either or squarely beneath us or buried in the past where it belongs.

There are many labels and expectations of course to such expressions and what to do about them, but thats just people desiring control over another when its rare they can even control their own basic impulses or desires. Sadly that is a learned and taught behavoir and in turn we become our very own worst enemies as humanity that can threaten all life including our own.

Simply put a programmed madness of extremes... all based simply on belief.

Beyond that just unconditional love, understanding and empathy for those so ensnared.

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 06:27 PM
a reply to: beansidhe

Ohhh ... some nice posts these last couple pages, from all!

And I attached to you, 'cause I just wanted to reassure that any fluctuation in reality is (usually) fine with me... in fact, I've been known to seek out and pay severely inflated prices for some decent flux! Live/dead actors and spelling variances ain't nuthin.

Frankly, if I woke as a scullery maid in 1880's London and gravity didn't exist, I'd likely take a deep breath and go with it (and Trickster, that IS hyperbole ... please don't!).

And I'm with ya' on mine and other 'Merican's spelling skills... atroshyous! But dilemna is a different animal... I've checked with my smarter friends, one with a true eidetic memory and one English Prof (retired) and the poor dears were spun out when they checked their hardcover Oxford tomes of our uncommon English and couldn't even find dilemna as an alternative or even as a common mistake... they were equally as sure as I was of that odd N, but by the end of our discourse, both were second guessing their initial impulse... showing just how malleable "we" are!

So, whether a group/individual delusion, quantum flux or something else... it's pretty weird!

Actually, A big reality change would be pretty nifty due to the anti-human machine we've created with Western Civ... with our luck, though, we'll all drown in the age of Aquarius!

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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 09:07 PM
a reply to: Baddogma

sinking as a stone and causing no more ripples, or floating along with the currents is a choice ive been wrestling with for some time... should I stay or should I drift along, remain as one in the murky depths until that stone cracks as a dragons egg only to climb through the filth and hope to blossom and fly away once again into freedom, or remain free to float along as whatever aware but unattached. Very difficult as Ive a great fondness for my two teachers where one says hold off to benefit others life after life to aid others birth after birth by choice or one that says once one lets go all are essentially free and their karma is their responsibility by their own choice.

Likely the most important decision one could ever make in my opinion... if there even is one for that matter

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 11:09 PM
Got a random question.. anyone have any book recommendations?

May seem off topic, but I'm hoping to get some that were recommended earlier in thread (like The Fall, author?), as well as any others.

Looking for fantasy, science fiction, and.. weird! Just finished American Gods by Gaiman and Mistborn by Sanderson.

I was also thinking about ye olde Mandela effect, the Berenstein Bears specifically. What I find odd, and subtle, isn't so much the spelling I remember as correct, but how violently wrong the "new, improved" spelling appears.

Its not so much that it simply looks incorrect, it looks uncomfortably, inexorably wrong. Like seeing your name spelled in some mangled form.

Yet, I can't imagine why there would be that high level of consistent familiarity to induce the experience in the first place. Turning the question into "why does it look so wrong?" rather than "which spelling is correct?"
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posted on May, 19 2016 @ 03:55 AM
a reply to: Serdgiam

You can just not worry much about spelling like I do, people sort of know the word anyway so I dont even bother.. of course those translating are probably flipping desks unless tey dont care what Im saying which is likely and a smart ting any way... conceptual load after conceptual load what a laundry list.

Books, whew Ive read so many they sort of jumble these days, basically my whole world of escape as soon as I could read til 26ish even got an award in the 3rd grade for reading 500 books that year we had to summarize tem as a check that we did to be honest I made some of the summaries up off the fly because I couldnt recall the book I was reading so much... I was being groomed for being a writer in school leaving me very math deficent like forever, heres a math class for the first time in 6th grade middle of year and its fractions... um what is even addition? lol lame but Im beyond caught up these days.

Steinbeck is one of my favorite writers, however the stuff chosen to read of his in school text books is te absolute worst he has to offer. Cannary Row is great.

Poe was my first favorite, I remember sitting in a fourth grade class and trying to visualize the masque of the red death and all those rooms.

These days its technical manuals, random web stuff, scientific journals that sort of thing wikipedia like a raving madman sometimes link after link.

But heres some books like youve asked... grabbed them at a thrift store cause they looked interesting not yet read but have been staring at them from time to time hoping the desire reignites

Days of Blood and Fire By Katherine Kerr Dragons and fantasy sort of thing

The Mystery Of The Singing Serpent its a Hitchcock sponsored one this ones been pulling at me a lot actually.

These a few I have read years ago that should fit the bill for some

Werewolves by Nancy Garden, this one is well researched even has rituals to become one... yeah wooo right?

Holes By Louis Sachar um reading the book and seeing the movie is one of those um what? As the storys vibe gets really lost in adaptation.

Tibet by Gil Ziff this one is a biographical but since they didnt go all fact checky and it was based on conversations its labeled fiction but a very interesting tale of a monk called small ears.

The Naked Lunch by William B. That one is out there a bit in surrealist land

Well those are a few... looking forward to see what others suggest if I acquire the habit for fiction again.

posted on May, 19 2016 @ 11:27 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

thank you for writing that,
your posts are very insightful.

this practice you mentioned seems great indeed and it is like a pith instructions.
I will try to practice mindfulness harder...or softer...hah.
because the past seems to catch up with me still.

I will read Nagarjuna teachings, it was what i planned to do anyway, but have postponed it a bit...but since you mentioned him now and remember me again about it, it seems it is time to do that.

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posted on May, 19 2016 @ 12:25 PM
a reply to: Baddogma

(Here is some general weirdness! I was typing this up while computer finished booting while listening to my ipod)

Hail Satin!

(Btw, beansidhe, the idea of Scotsmen stripping off their clothes is oddly compelling!
We got a cool down and some rain but we are back to warmth and sunshine. The lilacs are blooming and it smells wonderful when you step out the door in the morning!)


So part of the problem is what I posted in another thread: how can somebody’s experiences be shared with somebody else (especially when they already believe that what you’ve experienced cannot happen in the really real world). The truth is it can’t. And then the argument is “the really real world is this way” but what the “E” to “A” change in the bear family name is exactly the super position of quantum states but at the macro level! Both are right because I can go to Amazon and see that indeed it is “stain” but my memories (plural), including asking how to pronounce that weird name and having a sit down talking to about race and stereotypes (which has nothing to do with spelling! And provided a frame work that has carried over to my adult life on how I deal with race—i.e., there is nothing to deal with and it is an individual, case by case, basis—are you a decent person or an a-hole, basically) are still there. But it takes words to not only “frame” the experience for the experiencer but to also explain that experience. And when words are the heart of the argument… well, there is no way in hell to relate anything between parties.

Try explaining a T&C-25 trip to somebody who has never experienced one. That is the limit of human knowledge. Explain anything, in a meaningful manner, to somebody else about something neither of you can even comprehend (I forget exactly what RAW called it) and you to hit the same wall. That is why we have similes and metaphors (hehe, original mistype was “methaphor” LOL! Take that reverbs!) to relate one concept with another. “Love” is one thing that nobody understands (it is more than just a flood of chemicals in the brain) and “rose” by any other name… well, both are pretty and thorny. So we have “love is like a rose” which is a simile which is the direct comparison between two items and the more complex “love is a rose” which is a methaphor! Some can glide through the quantum world of super position with ease while others live in the deterministic Newtonian world. Maybe we are falling back down from our “E”cstatic to the lower “A”static state (?? IDK, just vamping on a theme—hehe, “them” and “me” makes “theme”). That would make our lives the light spectrum line as we fall out from our heightened state!

Using one word to filter an experience has its limits. That is why we have neologisms and use scientific terms to help convey large concepts to others. “Quantum leap” is a perfect e(x-s)ample (hehe, “excess”). The quantum defines the small and the limits that an electron can have before it “jumps” (the book I am reading quotes literature of the day which used “jerks” which in some ways is even more drastic commentary on our language: quantum jerk!) to another. There is not continuity it is a jerk to a new state. I am a jerk to a new state! Now the term is used to explain macro events as in “dramatic change” or “ground breaking” etc. I think from now on, like I consciously use the term, “universe” instead of “the universe” because we have no idea if this is the one and only, I will use “quantum jerk”!

I forgot where I was going with this but the fractal look at words, words, words, was fun! I think it may have been something to do with synchronicity but I trolled my own thoughts! All’s well that ends well!

And every single meeting with his so called superiors is a humiliating kick in the crotch – The Police, Synchronicity II

(hehe, the bbcodes: “II[/i” – Me, Me, me. Words, words, words! Synchronicity indeed! Many miles away, something crawls to the surface, of a dark, Scottish loch Hahaha…)


It has been one hundred years since the publication of Einstein's general theory of relativity in May 1916.

Link to article: You were right: Rotational motion is relative, too, Mr. Einstein!

Many miles away, many miles away, many miles away…

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posted on May, 19 2016 @ 01:04 PM

You have one smart left side brain and a few twists in the right but nicely layed out!
Well written!

posted on May, 19 2016 @ 05:02 PM
a reply to: Quantum12

Thanks Q12! I've been off reading some physic news and those synchronicities keep piling on! What a strange, twisted, day it has been!

The link posted above was what I was reviewing when my word vomit happened. Now check this out!

[The team] have demonstrated a new form of light where the angular momentum of each photon (a particle of visible light) takes only half of this value. This difference, though small, is profound.

Source: Trinity College Dublin, Trinity news and events - Physicists Discover a New Form of Light

So they have taken chiral light (twisted), forced it to move in 2D through a crystal, and using quantum effect monitoring, shown that Plank's constant, h, can have a half value! And every single place this is reported (ScienceDaily,, heck, even the DailyMail) uses the exact same phrase! I know that they are reprinting/reposting the original but imagine seeing that phase several times at different sites. It is just eerie!

Twisted light (quantum mechanics), angular momentum (relativity), and TEOT's twisted post! See this is what I am putting up with!

Another one happened while reading about Bayer-Monsanto deal. They reported about the Dow Jones Industrial index and right when I read the word "industrial" this lyric was being sung: Another industrial ugly morning

I do have it on loopback (another twist!) but when it happens I just let it ride! Tao Jones indeed!

posted on May, 19 2016 @ 05:10 PM

Ok I thought my day was twisted but you win the big cake. LOL

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