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Has anyone experienced a medical procedure while abducted?

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posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 10:01 AM
a reply to: 0rbital


LOL. "abductee club". I'm going to abduct that phrase.

You asked "Why do people believe dreams are real? That's a genuine, non-malicious question." That's cute, especially after you basically call me a liar.

I don't OWE you an explanation.

I'm an adult and I know what a dream is. I had one last night. Let me give you the breakdown of my "dream".

I was at a political rally, one guy got upset, and they kicked the guy out. He was a "hippy" type with dreadlocks. After they kicked him out, a group of us went back to have dinner at a house. Nice kitchen, lots of people, with a long hall way that went out to the back deck. Very nice home. When we all finished up, I walked over to put my trash in the garbage can, and there was an all Black Mountain Lion, head in the garbage can, eating out of it. I didn't see it until the last second. It backed up and showed its teeth at me, I jerked and twisted and woke up....... dream over.

When I got out of the bed this morning, I didn't have any scratches, or bruises. No weird marks on my body anywhere. I didn't have any pine cones, or pine needles, or oak leaves, in my bed. I didn't wake up scared out of my mind. I wasn't up side down in the bed after the dream. I woke up, like I do 95% of the time when I wake up, and I was like "WOW" that was a crazy "dream".

And I actually can kind of understand why I dreamed some of the stuff last night.

So. To answer your question, about "dreams" and why people believe them, hmmmm, well, I guess because everyone I know has or has had a dream. They believe they have dreams, and I believe I have dreams. So, I guess that's why dreams are real...

But, this thread is not about "dreams".... Although people might use the word "dream" while trying to describe their abduction experience in this thread, I don't think it's wrong for them to use that word.

And honestly, I don't like your post... Please don't come on here and start bashing me, or anyone else, calling me a liar. That is not what this is about. So please, I'm asking you nicely

posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 10:15 AM
a reply to: sled735

Thank you sled735. I've been reading through your thread, and the stories are amazing.

I'm glad I found your thread here on ATS. It felt safe on your thread, to start to open up about some of the things I have experienced.

And I don't know what a "vapor" cig is, but I'll look into it. Thanks!

posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 10:29 AM
a reply to: Jelonek

Thank you for posting Jelonek!

What you posted makes total sense. Why else would they abduct humans.

I was watching a National Geograhic special about scientist studying animals in Virunga National Park, in the middle of Africa. They are trying to repopulate the park with "original" species.
Then I watched another program where scientist would fly over herds of animals in helicopters and shoot tranquilizer darts at them and land. Then, they would weigh them, take blood, check their overall health, and "tag" their ears, and release them.

I think that is whats going on here with humans. I think its random, and opportunistic as to which humans are "abducted".

From your studies of this "phenomena", does this sound like a logical explanation?

posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 11:30 AM
I've had good and bad abductions,
I might write abductions but I don't really define all my experiences as abductions.

I've had very nice scenarios where they teach me things.
I remember sitting in a very white light room with a oval shaped table in the middle of the room, I was there with another person and we were taught the planets history. Sorry to say I don't remember everything.

Another time was in a big hanger with scout ships behind us and a small et in front of us, each of us, we were a couple of humans there and it felt like a learning experience.

I've had "meetings" with different species regarding different things.
And most of the et's I have had encounters with are not any species known in the world wide web or movies.

The scary ones are when the military/humans are involved and the greys (smaller ones), I have an intense fear of certain et races, why idk, but one time I had a memory which made me understand why I might have that fear towards them.

Another time I was taken in an obee experience, held hostage in a similar to interrigation room with 3 other humans, we were all tied up and had blindfold. Somehow I regained "conciousness" and broke free and when I got to my apartment I saw my physical body sleeping in my bed.
All that went through my mind was, I need to wake up before they come and take me again.

I am sure I have had medical exams becuase I have woken up with needle puncture marks, scoops, bruises etc.
One week I felt in my gut I was being taken almost every night and one morning I woke up with two puncture marks on my hand, I became so frightened, I cried.
That night an et came in the middle of the night and tried to calm me in an altered state, but I was so angry that I didn't listen to him, and this et was standing by the foot of my bed, telepathicly communicating to me.
When I began to get to upset and refused listen to him he told me to close my eyes, I fought it but he somehow made me close them, when I opened them again he was gone.

I was very upset that night.
Weird part is, I felt as if I knew him.

This is the same et my sister saw a few months later in a so called dream.
I hadn't talked to her about it, I just asked her how this et looked like and what he wore, so I was very surprised when she told me. She freaked out when I told her.

I guess that there are different reasons for different species why they take humans.

posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 11:55 AM
a reply to: spazze

thanks for sharing spazze.

Could you elaborate more about experiences you've had when you had, puncture marks, or scoop marks. I personally have never seen an et in my room. I've been jolted awake, at 3am, scared outta my mind, and I had the feeling something was leaving. But never have I seen a being in my room. I have flashes of things that have happened where I remember an et, but that was years ago, when I was younger.

I've only seen "faces" of ets a handful of times. One time woke up on a table in an all white room. I was screaming, like I woke up in the middle of a procedure. And I remember being pushed down, by something large, it put its hand on the middle of my chest and shoved me back on the table. I had some kind of tube in my nose, and I was scared, and I was trying to sit up, and it pushed me down. Then I was knocked out. the next morning I woke up with 3 small blisters, about the sized of a pen head, in a triangle formation on my left forearm. I was around 15 yrs old then.

I would like to hear about any procedures you can remember. Bruises, cuts, burns, and anything that might have accompanied that memory. Many time I've woken up with stuff from outside in the yard, like leaves, pine needles, grass. I had a pine cone in my bed one morning. The baby green pine cone. And the house I was living in at the time had giant old pine trees all around it.

posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 12:15 PM
a reply to: mackey88

When I have woken up with scoop marks, bruises, needle marks I most often don't remember much or anything.
But the feeling I have before going to sleep is that "they are coming" and it is an intense fearful feeling.
During those nights I most often have NO dreams, just a total blank.
When I wake up I feel like I didn't get any sleep and feel dissoriantated.

From my understandning is that they don't let me remember if it is too traumatic for me.
I get traumatized easy and go into fear very easy.

But, a few weeks ago I dreamt of a being, I didn't see it's face, but it was a grey being, with very big and slender hand, long fingers, 4 fingers. All I remember is this being taking a firm grip of my left arm, and it did hurt.
I just remember looking, I felt dazed, drugged in a way (is very common.) and all I saw was it's arm and hand, grabbing my arm, it hurt, I blacked out.
(that's the entire "dream" of the whole night.

When I woke up I went with my day until I was itching my arm and it hurt, I looked and I had three finger bruises on my left arm, exactly where the being had grabbed me.
Yes 3, like the finger tips. But I am sure he had 4 fingers but he probably grabbed me harder with the three middle ones.

Freaked me out a little.

I dont have so many scoop marks lately, needle marks yes.
They seem to take from the same places, before it was my hand and now it is my left leg.
I have scares from them.

Another time I was running from something and I broke my big toe nail (left) it hurt like crazy, when I woke up in the morning it still hurt and the same toe had a broken nail, exactly how it looked in the "dream", don't remember what I was running from but the running part (in a bright hallway) and hurting my toe was the "whole" dream during that night.

It is VERY scary to see an et in full physicality in your room, very much when it is night time and you are in bed.
I don't like it, I've told them, but I understand why they do it, so I just have to accept it.

They have given my trials where they show up, but I always go into extreme fear, it feels like I will have a heart attack and I hyper ventilate in fear (when there are the et's that don't look like humans), they have let me remember this because I have asked them, so I know why they don't let me remember everything.
(but these are the good guys, the bad ones don't care.)

The ones who look like humans, I have only seen once in physicality, and it wasn't that scary, but they don't let me be concious for very long, maybe 1 minute at max.

I am grateful that I don't remember any medical procedures, I am very sure I am in total panic when they do them.

I have woken up with my feet on the wrong side of the bed, in cold sweat, woken up crying and screaming due to some memories or abductions.

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut when you feel something is going to happen, because we do know before it happens that something is going to happen. Most often it does.

posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 12:19 PM
a reply to: mackey88

Oh, thought I'd say,
one night, I had no dream, but I came to in the middle of the night of an intense burning sensation on my lower arm. but fell back to sleep.
In the morning it still hurt and when I looked it was all red and I had blisters.
Don't recall anything or if it even was et related.
But... it was weird.

I know things happen to me when I have no dreams.
Bacically I go to bed, fall a sleep, wake up in the morning. A total blank.
I normally dream every night and remember all my dreams.

Because everytime I have had no dreams, something strange has always happened.
Et visitations in the middle of the night in awakend states, scares on my body.

posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 04:05 PM
Hi mackey88 i made a thread quite a while ago,pertaining to abductions and the injuries that correspond:

To this day,i sometimes get that heavy and painful feeling in the arm i where i received the injection i mention in my thread.And i still remember the face of the doctor-a human face.Thought you may be interested to have a look.a reply to: mackey88

posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 05:21 PM
a reply to: mackey88

The approaches towards aliens' motives are numerous.

Generally speaking, in 40s up until somewhere around 70s-80s official ufology considered the aliens to be performing scientific research. Theyw ere seen apparently gathering plants, soil, animals, water. The subject of abductions wasn't researched at all, it was that "fringe" part of ufology.
Then the 80s and 90s came and all of a sudden the portrayal of aliens as benevolent space brothers and researchers began to crumble. More and more people began to recollect abductions (some researchers think it's an orchestrated move as abductees appear to be controlled) and researchers finally recognized abduction phenomenon. Since then, several notions were prevalent among ufologists:

-aliens need us for breeding
-aliens need us to sustain themselves in other way
-aliens feed on our emotions, feelings
-a combination of the above.

Truth is, they have entire "industry" set up for abductions. The numbers of abductees go into millions, or more. Abductions usually are prevalend along several generations of certain family what adds to the numbers. Nobody does such an enormous logistical effort for "fun". And in this Universe nothing is free. So I agree with likes of professor Jacobs or late dr. Karla Turner or dr. Budd Hopkins that the aliens have a stake in this, a quite big stake. They don't do this for research per se. They probably want us for some reason. They also are very adept at concealing themselves from us. Their technology is far beyond ours yet extremely simple (if you read abduction reports there's one thing that prevails - complete and utter simplicity of tools and craft and craft interiors). Their capabilities such as mind control, craft propulsion, ability to go thru solid objects etc clearly show a civilization that is far beyond our reach for now. So they have means to carry on their duties in secrecy. The cultivated and well-groomed ridicule of UFO themes in general public helps them greatly. They don't care. You don't have to believe in them, they still are tehre and will do what they want to do. You can live with thinking about thema s nonexistent imagined things. It only supports their cause.

As to their benevolence...whats good for you is not necessarily good for me. And vice versa. The same applies here. Maybe they think theyre doing us a favor or helping us (much like you think when you pet your hamster), or maybe they don't care about us more than we care for cattle. That is, I and many researchers don't think that all aliens are "evil" - some certainly instill fear and cause harm (so-called reptilians and their variations) in a very direct, hard to omit way. The others behave or appear to be more human-conscious and caring. But we are talking about beings that abduct people at night and invade their lives and privacy on regular basis without their consent. So I think that "Caring" and "benevolent" might not mean here the same as in inter-human relations.

I personally think they use us as resource and no matter how sweetened the pill is, we are used and abused to an extent.

Another note: The aliens apaprently are divided into several groups. All of them carry on the same agenda but differ slightly in their appearance and behavior. Whether that's the good cop-bad cop routine or we are really interacted with by several groups of different aliens, I don't know. Maybe they are different "clans" "states" or whatever. Some are certainly verya ggressive and possibly mutialte and even kill humans whereas some try to pass as angelic beings with benevolent purpose.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 02:01 PM
a reply to: Jelonek

Thanks Jelonek.

These "abductions" I've experienced from the time I was alittle kid, they happen over a week or two period.

When I was younger, they were more sexual in nature.

One week in high school, when I had my very first girlfriend, I had a very vivid experience, which started one night after having sex with my girlfriend. We were young, like 16yrs old at the time. We "laid down" with each other, did our thing, and fell asleep.

I woke up in a white room, with grey seating. There were others in the room, and everyone was clothed in white robe like clothing. Everyone was covered in this white clothing from the neck down. The room was circular, white walls, shinny slick floors, and very bright lighting. In the middle of the room, there was big column in the middle, so you couldn't see "across the room"... I looked to my right and you could see younger people, siting male, female, male, female, etc.... It seemed like everyone was dazed out, or they had their head hanging forward asleep. The room was round and to my right the walls curved around in front of me, and I could see about 10-15 people in my point of view.

I looking to my right, and there was a younger lady sitting next to me. She was already awake and looking at me smiling at me when I looked over at her. Her head was bobbing, and it looked like she was having a hard time focusing her vision. I think I must have smiled at her. But we were totally out of it. But the room was really brilliantly bright.

Then, some tall, almost robotic, I felt like it was a "male" being, was instantly in front of us, at we were both like, lifted up out of our seats. I didn't really look at its face, because the overhead lighting was so brilliant, it made me squint my eyes, like walking out in the sun from a dark room in the noon day sun.

Then, me and the young lady, we were lying on our backs, hands to the side, on a table, very close to each other. I'm not really sure if we were on the same table, or on separate tables. We had like shinny translucent covering over us. I could see her body, and there were some cable like things along the table. The room was darker, and the lighting was lower.

Then, I had visions of having sex, and it wasn't the girl lying next to me. It felt real, and was visual, and I was heavily aroused, and then it became orgasmic. I remember being confused because it wasn't the girl next to me. So, I remember thinking and feeling confusion, but aroused at the same time. Then there was a female looking being. She was "soothing" me, telepathically, because my confusion was quickly turning to terrifying fear. It was almost like I was coming out, or waking up from whatever I was given as a sedative. It was wearing off, and was starting to want to sit up off the table.

Then I woke up next to my girlfriend, fully aroused sexually, but I was scared out of my mind. We had both been laying on the floor, on a comforter, naked. But I jumped up and turned the light on. I tried waking her up, I was shaking her shoulder, with the overhead light on, naked, and she was completely zonked out, and would not wake up. She wouldn't move. I panicked and yelled at her, and she pushed my arm away, still on her side, and she said "leave me alone, i'm sleeping"... She was heavily asleep, and would not wake up. So I just sat there, pretty scared, feeling like I had cheated on her, but confused because we were still in the room. I sat there a few minutes, shaken, and then crawled up next to her and got under the covers with her and went back to sleep. I left the overhead light on in the room, because I was scared witless and could not figure out why I was so scared.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 05:20 PM
I get put out for that, but the start has been with communication and things clipped on my fingers. Several times was awake not strapped down, but able to move until I touched the blood matting my hair, then everything was cleaned up and I had a very heavy arm. It was as if, my mind was put in an altered state so that you didn't really interfere, but still able to communicate a bit with them as if that was allowed or desired by them. I saw my son in a kind of dentists chair, and he had something hardwired into his head, during a family abduction.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 05:25 PM
Let's consider, for the sake of this discussion, that your recollection is genuine and the memory is more or less of the real event. I add this not because I dont believe you, just to help in analysis.

First of all, meeting other people onboard a craft is not unusual. Many abductees recall seeing other people, including people they know, aboard the craft. Such people are usually in daze or completely turned off and just wait, either laying on some flat surface or sitting/standing motionlessly. Some ufologists speculate that it adds to the reality of abduction phenomenon - even the aliens must find the entire process time-consuming and they probably gather all of the people from the area they work on at that moment. It's like a sweep during harvest - you take all the ripe fruit at once to save on time and have all of it in one place.

The description of the room also matches the descriptions of other abductees - shiny interiors with simple furniture and light that leaves no part of the room in shadows.

Now both of you - you and the female - are taken to another room, probably examination room, for medical purpose with sexual overtones. Your description makes it appear to be sperm gathering or other sex-related operation, but what it was it's hard to tell or guess. You were made to feel physiologically aroused (even though you were dazed out and was not thinking about sex per se) and used for some purpose.

The end of procedure was marked by you "coming around" - the procedure whatever it was was done and it was time for you to be returned. That soothing by male alien might be something different, it might have been that very female alien that you had sex with (such combinations are sometimes reported - aliens arouse abductee and then a female alien enters with purpose of sexual intercourse) or it was there to facilitate your "recovery".

The last part again fits into typical abduction scenario: You wake up in bed, having a feeling of being returned from something, from doing something (hence your feeling of sexual arousal without conscious knowledge of you arousing yourself or seeing/feeling arousing input). Your significant one is in deep sleep, almost sedated. Well duh, how else would they take you. The abductees taken from their beds often if not always report that when they see aliens entering the room they sometimes try to wake up the sleeping spouse/fiancee/significant other only to find them being completely turned off. Dogs or cats sleeping near bed are totally zonked out as well, it's like everyone in the vicinity is neutralized temporarily. Obviously when the subject is returned to the environment he /she was taken from, the sedation effect continues for some time so the aliens go unnoticed and entire operation "fades out" into silence. If you woke up your GF that very moment you were returned, you could compromise the operation - she would see your fear, your arousal, your intense stress and she might suspect something or even believe your story if you told her. Instead she's totally asleep and can't be woken up, so you perform another vitally important step, following your instinct. You too go to sleep and when you wake up you think it might've been a nightmare.

Aliens are adept at using our psychological and psychiological reactions to support their work. Even hours of abductions (from around midnight to 3-4 am usually) are corresponding to deepest moments of human sleep, fewest people possibly awake, fewest people on streets/roads.
The fun aprt about abductions is that if you look at them without any restraints, "as is", you uncover fantastic wealth of information. You also see that the entire operation is done flawlessly and is a work of somebody who's very intelligent and has all parts of it thought out. Even though mistakes are made and the aliens are obviously not all-knowing deities, they do have tools and intelligence to turn us whichever way they choose.

And the aprt about you remembering and telling things - tell me how many people believe you. No one from media or politics will support you. You're alone, ripe for the picking. As contradictorya s it sounds, you remembering and telling about abduction does not hurt the aliens. They KNOW nobody will believe you. The best way to hide the truth is in plain sight.
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posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 05:53 PM
I have been an "experiencer" since childhood and have never had a bad experience while with "aliens". The only possible abduction experiences that were negative were when I was with what I thought were aliens that were with people dressed in Military uniforms or with doctors in military uniforms with white coats on. In those scenarios, there was always a device of some kind placed on my head that would cause intense vibration and then pain that would cause unconsciousness.

Have you ever heard of Milabs? There is some info around that suggests that negative experiences have something to do with experiments...possibly with aliens and military working together for whatever reason.

I have had experiences with the neonates, Nordics and tan/beige entities and they were not unpleasant or painful. Some will say perhaps that part was blanked out somehow but I don't feel like that is the case. There are different kinds of abductions for different reasons/agendas.

I've had the waking up at the opposite side of the bed scenario, waking up outside at night and having hubby needing to unlock a door to let me in and so forth...even missing time and my car and myself ending up elsewhere down a road and at a later time. It's all a mystery. I don't feel like I'm the worse for wear inspite of it all. The military/alien ones were the only ones that gave me nightmares for a while. Who knows.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 07:15 PM
a reply to: mackey88
I don't know if I've been operated on however,
the parts of your story where you talk about waking
up with all the lights on in a sitting position gave me
goose bumps because I've experienced this!
And more than once!

Rebel 5

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 09:09 PM
a reply to: Jelonek

Good insight Jelonek. The end part about me remembering and being able to talk about it, its funny, because no has ever believed me.

The idea that et's sweep the area, really makes sense. They only have a few hours, because of the natural clock of humans. And striking in the early hours of the morning, between 4-5am makes sense, because soliders and SWAT team members know this is the time of day they will encounter the least amount of resistance because most people are asleep naturally.

Ive had these abductions, happen over and over through the years. It is not like its every night, or every month or every 6 months..

Say I wake up after one of these abductions, and I vividly remember the experience. Well, its almost like they knew I remembered it. Because it would scare me for months later, its almost like, the next abduction experience would not happen until I had forgotten the last one. Sometimes 5 years later. Most of the time I had moved to a different house in the town, or even moved to a different city altogether.
Then out of the blue, bam, it would happen again.

That leads me to believe there is a way to track an individual. Or maybe I moved into a different "sector"?

Do you think they want me to remember parts of the experience?

From what you know, should I expect this to continue into the future?

Many times, I don't remember others in the room. Which I don't understand.

If I'm lying next to a female, but I don't actually have intercourse with her, I wonder if they are combining human to human, sperm and egg, to use the embryo somewhere else? That's so disturbing its hard to think about without getting emotional.

It would be easier to handle, that they are taking the eggs and sperm, to genetically modify humans to live on another planet.

Do you know if they take "race specific" during the sweeps. AA's on one ship. Caucasians on another ship, Asian on another. Everytime other people have been in the room, they were Caucasian. Only once did I see people of different "races"... And that particular time, all races were present.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 11:11 PM
a reply to: rebelv

Hey rebelv.

Did anything other things "happen" when you woke up, sitting up? The term "medical" is big list of things, it doesn't have to be "an alien sticking a needle in my eye" kind of thing. Things as benign as, a bruise on a body part that wasn't there before.

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posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 11:17 PM
a reply to: shrevegal

Hey shrevegal. thanks for posting!

The experiences you've had, did any of them have some kind of medical procedure that you can remember?

If you had a procedure, do you remember what is was, and, what about the experience made you feel "not scared"?

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 11:42 PM
I remember a couple of procedures. Two of my children and I remember seeing each other during one that involved being placed in a container of clear jelly like substance for 3 days. I remember panicking and asking them to knock me out.

Another involved awaking while they were operating on the base of my skull. My sister was there (I think just an interface avatar) and told me they had tried this procedure earlier but I got loose and bleed all over the place. This time I sat there because you could feel them deep inside your body and did not want any unnecessary damage.

There have been numerous experiences, but that's the only medical experiences that I remember. I do remember seeing a man being worked on, having his skeletal system regrown.
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posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 11:44 PM

originally posted by: constant_thought
a reply to: constant_thought

Also, the whole 'set up a motion sensor webcam and record yourself non-stop' approach is a little bit ridiculous. Assuming we're dealing with entities capable of materialising in thin air, flying in anti-gravitation ships, crossing dimensions, abducting people and generally making us seem way under powered technologically makes me think that they can probably avoid a webcam haha

I'm not going to give any opinions on what I personally think, but I will say that they can't be that intelligent considering the crude medical procedures they are apparently using.

Also, there's an App you can get on your Iphone (ipod) called 'Sleep Talk', you set it up and leave it close (under the blanket might trick these greys) and it activates if there's any kind of sound.

I sure as hell would be doing at least that 'every' night, if I thought there was any chance entities could coming into my house at night.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 11:50 PM
a reply to: Subaeruginosa

You're assuming that most of what abductees go through is physical, it isn't. The vast majority seems to be consciousness based experiences only, irregardless of how lucid the experiences are. I had one experience in which the dew was wetting my arms while I practiced levitating an object just outside the house. Everything seemed real, but back then we raced motocross and had a 37' toy hauler parked wear I was practicing. Everything was as it should be the next morning and during the experience the toy hauler was not there. Anyway...

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