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Last night I was lurking on 4chan and a thread popped up with a twitter user claiming to have infiltrated refusefacism.Org a site run by Al Sharpton. The user started posting screens of all sorts of stuff,talking points on Sharptons irs dealings, bus schedules, payments from Bill Ayers(weather underground...
Political Mud-Pit Jan 17 412 58 rss
From: If you’ve ever sat through a rightwing YouTube rant or spent five minutes on Twitter, you’ve likely heard the word “snowflake”. The term has supplanted the old standby of “social justice warrior” to describe a certain kind of liberal. This is thanks in large part to the far-right blog Breitbart, which lobbed it at anyone who...
Political Mud-Pit Jan 17 155 57 rss
Looks like only certain black people are worthy of any respect - those that support the liberal ideology. At least that is what CNN's Marc Lamont Hill thinks. Apparently, he thinks those African Americans who have met with Trump to help move...
2016 US Elections Jan 18 23 51 rss
A group of intelligence, military, and diplomatic veterans known as Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, or VIPS, have signed a letter calling on President Barack Obama to release evidence regarding alleged Russian interference in the election. Otherwise,...
President Barack Obama has shortened the prison sentence of former Army private and whistleblower Chelsea Manning, She will be released on May 17, instead of remaining in military custody until 2045 as originally sentenced. Sentenced under US Army Court Martial to 35 years' imprisonment in August 2013, Manning had leaked to WikiLeaks...
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Political Mud-Pit Jan 17 358 16 rss
Just trying to help theses un-affordable colleges have plenty of great ideas on how to make a certain segment of young men even more useless. And make young women even more confused of what men "should" be. Toxic masculinity. ...
ATS Skunk Works Jan 18 195 19 rss
Next to military regimes and educational institutions, the mental health system is one of the most fascist, coercive rackets to ever exist. The mental health system gives mental illness diagnosis codes when people exhibit a certain range of behavior and emotions. The thing is that just about any behavior, pathology, and emotion can give you a mental illness diagnosis. ...
Political Mud-Pit Jan 16 193 58 rss
Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) was ONE of six leaders who organized the 1963 march on Washington and got his ass beat.... just like many others oh.... also white people got their ass beat in that march as well but back to the story. I give Rep LEWIS credit and thanks for his bravery and for...
Political Mud-Pit Jan 18 185 15 rss
President-elect Donald Trump said the first order he’ll sign as president will be to create “strong borders.” It’s something he’s said before, but the promise gained attention Monday evening, after that portion of his Times of London interview was highlighted on social media because it included his definition of “day one.”...
Iranian Army's naval patrol boat is doing a routine patrol in narrow waters of Persian Gulf and its monitoring US strike group and AC when this conversation takes place. please watch the video till the end. 1- US doesn't own Persian Gulf. No one does. it's considered International territory and if anyone...
Political Mud-Pit Jan 18 168 33 rss
The yet to be identified man set himself on fire to protest against Trump because Trump was incapable of respecting to constitution. The man set himself on fire outside Trump International Hotel on Tuesday night Staff inside the hotel called police and the fire...
The above links to a video and transcript of today's speech. Notable points are a confirmation that the UK will leave the single market, customs union and European Court of justice. The final package will be voted on in both Houses. One thing that struck me was her statement about repealing the European Communities act. ...
ATS Skunk Works Jan 16 156 17 rss
This video has some strong proof that the apollo missions were faked. Not only do they admit they can't fly past low earth orbit, but there is a clip of space station footage showing a green screen, like they use to make movies.
Project Veritas gets inside of a group or two that plan to F-UP Trumps inauguration. I think its about time that some of these folk get dragged to jail. What in the hell is their actual problem? Are they insane?
Well this should provide for hours of entertainment. Apparently the CIA has made available to everyone an archive that hither to could only be access by four specific computers. I haven't had enough time to search for really interesting files, but what I did find leads me to believe it's legit. Of course EVERYTHING hasn't been released,...
Political Mud-Pit Jan 14 357 99 rss
Please, please, let's pray the lefties get something to hang onto! They're in full meltdown mode! OMG...I've never seen anything like it before in my 54 years!! They're lashing out like infantile children at every single thing...
Now that the credibility of the Ex Mi-6 agent has been vouched for by various intelligence communities from NATO, let's take a closer look at one of the explosive...
2016 US Elections Jan 15 189 55 rss
Massive Group of Bikers Headed to Trump's Inauguration in DC I am guessing this is to help shield Trump from any harm. However;
According to Bloomberg, the Trump administration is “seriously considering” expanding the number of journalists who are allowed in on White...
Some of you may be familiar with this story. I always found it amazingly gutsy and nervy that Andrew Breitbart would agree to go to a dinner at the home of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. The short story is that...
Member Art Jan 17 29 47 rss
I used Prismacolor colored pencils. Also, on the Cardinal one, I used black, blue, and red gel pen along with the Prismas. The last time that I posted art, over a year ago, some...
New World Order Jan 14 73 43 rss
Looks like the NWO is re-grouping. The Clinton Foundation has announced they are shutting down the Clinton Global Initiative !! Splash one. I...
Education and Media Jan 15 109 41 rss
Donald Trump may take his feud with the press to a whole new level and kick them out of the White House Trump created an anti-press agenda around...
Political Mud-Pit Jan 15 122 39 rss
Trumps constant use of Twitter will make him the most honest President America has ever had. As long as he continues to use Twitter while he is President and by...
CNN is circling the drain! This is Eric Dyson. If you do a minimal amount of searching you'll find he is a well documented anti-white racist. He's a typical extreme left...
Political Mud-Pit Jan 14 91 37 rss
A hot Tweet from Trump in response to U.S. Congressman John Lewis. Lewis went on a rant saying Trump is not legitimate and he will not be attending...
[HOAX!] Jan 14 420 36 rss
My mind was blown when I stumbled upon these videos today! Peter is an incredibly brave individual (Seriously...
2016 US Elections Jan 14 190 34 rss
Well this should be interesting should the protestors decide to crash the inauguration. I'm sure D.C. police aren't looking forward...
New World Order Jan 15 28 34 rss
Billionaire hedge-fund manager George Soros lost nearly $1 billion as a result of the stock-market rally spurred by Donald Trump’s surprise presidential...
Steven Seagal is just an actor but... he is also one who knows Putin and has spent much time in Russia. He has made friends due to his movie career and martial arts activities throughout...
Space Exploration Jan 18 46 32 rss
A huge wave has been spotted in the upper atmosphere of Venus, baffling scientists because it's staying so still above the planet's surface. Usually clouds in that region move at about 100 meters...
Evidently Zuckerberg and Merkel were discussing "anti immigrant facebook posts" durning a United Nations summit in September 2015. From the quotes I've seen it looks as if...
Political Mud-Pit Jan 14 56 30 rss
I'm going to give y'all the greatest gift I can....a true definition of racism.. Ok, here's our exercise: Look at the picture below... Did u see it? Ok, good.. It's adorable,...
Regional Politics Jan 15 66 30 rss
Sorry. I don't know of any other way to put this, but please; The US is just one country. ATS members come from around the globe. Our own individual countries have their own problems. Could some of the American members please voice...
[HOAX!] Jan 17 46 30 rss
This is interesting. And props up the whole paid protester angle. If true of course. That's a lot of money to...

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