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A strange feeling in the air?

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posted on Feb, 9 2013 @ 03:56 AM
I have been very nervous to post a reply to this thread because I thought that I might be seen as crazy. It is refreshing to see I am not alone.

I have felt that there is a heaviness in the air and an overwhelming feeling of dread. I just can not shake this feeling.
Also my dreams have been very vivid as of late. everything from dreams of the next world war to simple thing that could take place on any given normal day in my daily routine. But the thing is that I do not normally remember every detail of my dreams. and the past few weeks I have.

Not sure what is going on but there is defiantly something in the air. Wrabbit thank you for taking the time to ask the big question. Keep up the great exchange of ideas.

posted on Feb, 9 2013 @ 09:17 AM

Originally posted by RustyNailer
Darkness is coming, that is what you feel. I have had this same feeling since about 07 and had just noted to a co-worker that I felt it intensifying, along with my 11:11 experiences. But have no doubt the light is coming too, he's on his way, very soon....I can feel it and I don't care how crazy that makes me sound.

Nope, ya ain't crazy. It's always darkest before the dawn, can ya dig it?

People can hate in this thread all they want, ain't no thing but a chicken wing as far as I'm concerned. I have no illusions of grandeur, I am a nobody and I certainly make no claims to some sort of spectacular esoteric understanding about the future of all creation & its accoutrements. Or whatever.

Personally, I have no idea exactly how all this is gonna play itself out and any specific details on the matter would be pure speculation on my part. I'm not clairvoyant, nor am I a prophet. I'm not a particularly "religious" person, insomuch as I do not believe that going to church and going through the motions gets you any closer to God.
I believe that a true relationship with Him is an intimately personal thing, in which we are each individually accountable for pursuing of our own volition.

Although I am not privy to exact details of the profound machinations about to play out among us all, I can say what will not happen, and a global nuclear apocalypse is one of them.
The short simple answer to what the people in this thread are sensing, is simply the perturbation of their spirit as we encroach upon the crescendo of these machinations manifesting themselves in all their, ehrm, "glory", or rather, "gory", I suppose may be more appropriate in this regard.

Despite the ruin we have thus inflicted on our little blue dot in the universe, I can say that it is an 'absolute' Truth-- as Ms. Caitlinfae so eloquently termed in one of her previous replies in this thread-- that our end will not be at the hands of mankind. I know this to be Truth for many reasons, one of which being the fact that mankind didn't create itself nor this planet in the first place, and the Created cannot un-create itself.
And one of the many beauties about Infinite Truths, is that no amount of ridicule or debate can affect the integrity of their certainty.

Yes, Wrabbit, although we approach events that have always been, this time is set apart from all others because it is the culmination of all before it. There is nothing we can do about this except help each other, hold fast to the goodness within us and choose death over compromising it for any reason whatsoever. No matter how ugly it gets, do not let mob mentality blur the demarcation between right and wrong. We have since entered the time in which good is called bad and bad is called good, therefore although no one can know the day or the hour, those who can see can know the season.

It is the season.

Vaya Con Dios

posted on Feb, 9 2013 @ 06:37 PM
These feelings hit like a ton of bricks last night. That, and powerful sensations of raw bliss.

Something's a changin'.

You guys ever read ?

I read this after I noted these feelings in myself, as if it was confirmation of some sort. Quite interesting!

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 04:28 AM
Well, I wish I could say that feeling is fading but it's not. I've been taking a bit of a break from topics here to insure it's not a matter of perspective and that hasn't been it. in fact, the last two nights have both come with headaches I rarely ever get. Sudden to come and very sharp. Undefined is still the only word I can use. That's frustrating in itself.

I will share something and this relates to a topic I've talked about on here a couple times before on Ouija related threads. Some friends and I set out to prove black magic didn't exist as teens. What we accomplished was proving entirely the opposite and attracted a very evil entity. Some might call him a demon. The experience is what brought me to Wicca as a faith after some obligations related to ending that whole experience were properly fulfilled.

The thing is... That little bastard (pardon my french and I'll not use his name) could be felt but never actually seen. It wasn't that kind of experience for what we all got ourselves into way back then. There was no question about feeling the presence though. As impossible as it should be for a number of reasons, there have been times in the past couple days where I swear I'm going to look around or turn a corner to see it. It's just not possible.

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 08:49 AM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

The kind that just sits on your back and takes great joy in the havoc it causes. You must be receptive to those things, some people just have their "antenna" up, the brighter your light shines, the more you attract, both the good and the bad. I have had my share of the bad ones, the experience itself has both physical and mental ramifications. Rapid heartbeat, high anxiety, nervousness, paranoia, strange body twitches, the feeling of wanting to flee, seeing "things" that others do not. When the physical stuff starts to happen, the mental effects start. To sum it up you think your going crazy!!! But alas, your not, this stuff is very real. I am curious, have you always been able to sense this, or is it something new??


posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 09:49 AM
This started in the fall for me, the overwhelming feeling something was ''up''. We prepared for Sandy, but it was more than that. I kept getting the nebulous feeling something was going to happen between Mid-Feb and Mid-March. All I could suss out was it would be inconvenient,for maybe 3-6 weeks.

By inconvenient I mean maybe no electric, maybe no water, maybe no heat, maybe no internet. It over-rode all the drama of Dec 21st. The gut feeling to do a few simple things to be prepared, just in case. I don't think it's tied to next weeks asteroid, or the latest earthquakes. Of course I could be totally wrong as well.

Not trying to whip up fear, just reporting what I'm getting. The uneasy feeling has lessened since I did a few common sense things around the house. It's still coming, whatever it is, but I've done all I can do.

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

Hoo Boouy.....'dats a whole 'nother thread, Sugar.
And I know you are very well aware that you will get as many different perspectives on that there little beauty of a predicament you seem to have gotten yourself into as there are people who will choose to share theirs.
I can tell you this, take it for what you will, and I say this only because you brought the topic to the thread so my intent is truly not to sling around unsolicited advice, but whatever attachment you granted access at that time of your childhood dabblings, never left.

Sometimes people go their whole lives and are completely oblivious to their presence. Sadly and tragically, some are born with a sort of, uh, pre-disposition to their attachment. I won't go into that, as the topic is in that gray area I'm not wont to participate on ATS as I seek no quarrel with anyone about their beliefs in that regard.

Anyway, depending on the circumstances and what exactly is hitching a ride, so to speak, some are more noticeable than others. Their, uh, degree of influence, if you will, is not indicative of their presence. Meaning, some that have very little influential ability can be much more obvious and, ehrm, "noisy", in someone's life than those possessing great influential ability. They are not ignorant, but they are deceptive and like we say around here, it's usually the emptiest barrels that make the loudest noise, ya dig? Hopefully you get what I'm trying to say here in the most general terms I can muster.

Another fit colloquialism in this regard would be that 'still waters run deep'. Yes, I am a total hillbilly & was raised by my grandparents, so I'm full of little life lessons or simple observations that can be summed up in idioms and adages. Anyhoo, what I'm saying is that in many instances it's the quiet ones that you need to worry about. And when those start rattling the barrel, it usually means something is agitating them. Since those are usually content to keep their presence on the down-low, I would speculate that you have changed something in your life that is affecting their, um, task, or whatever you want to call it.

These are rhetorical questions, as I do not expect, nor ask you to publicly answer them,
Have you met anyone new lately? Not just "Hey, I'm Wrabbit, how ya' doin" sort of meet, but someone that you have given considerable thought towards?
Have you had serious contemplations about your beliefs or faith? Has anyone close to you presented any of their personal esoteric contemplations? I'm just strongly wondering if you or someone close to you have been doing some serious soul-searching or, uh, self- examination of sorts. Also strongly wondering if there is someone close to you or someone new that is somehow agitating your once-content 'peripherals'. It would be something or someone or even some new place that is influencing your thoughts and attention in a new and different way, and it would be recent, like the last few months or weeks, something progressive.

IMO, it seems as if something has changed in your life and you may not even be consciously aware of it. Having said that, whatever it is should come to mind without much contemplation, it should be like a total light bulb moment. If you have to think about it for any real length of time, then you've wandered into trying to make something fit and that's no good. I'd rather be totally wrong and have mud in my face. That's just my 2-cents to take or leave.

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by stupid girl

Girl, your post as usual is full of the right advice. I'm not going to share my experiences here, as that's not what the thread is about specifically, but there are a few synchronicities in story Wrabbit told today. Perhaps...*perhaps*...our collective sensitivity is a result of some kind of global shift in energy that is allowing us to sense more, even if we don't yet know what to do with it. I'm talking out loud here, so please don't flame me.

Wrabbit, I'll keep it short for now, but we could talk about it much more at your invitation. These little darlings can be hellishly difficult to shift, even after we become aware of them. There are two very successful methods that I know of and have used personally and have spoken to others who have used them to even greater effect, although they are not the only methods by far. They are very simple however, but don't let their simplicity dissuade you from trying them. How well they work depends on how much conviction you can put into the task and how evolved your little darling is.

Like a lot of dark energy, they feed off fear, sadness, misery, confusion, so if you want to deplete them, give them nothing but love. Absolutely drown them in it, fire it at them constantly. Do anything that raises your energy and puts you in a really happy strong place. It also helps just to laugh at them....just don't take them seriously...and they will soon get tired of having nothing to sustain them. Both approaches has to be consistent tough!

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 01:48 PM
I don't know if any of you listen or watch the stuff Cameron Day talks about, but it may be pertinent here. He runs the Ascension Help youtube videos and has a website. Anyway, he was discussing on a blog radio show an idea I've heard before. That there is much light entering the planet now, and that the remaining dark forces and dark grid are diminishing and retreating, and indeed compressing into a small pocket of space on Earth. Just a small layer of highly compressed, highly agitated darkness remains at ground level, essentially...

Now of course this is an esoteric conversation, so that concept may not gel with all here. But I feel that. I feel a pressure of light and dark, a stronger contrast available now. Energetically, it is intense. Emotionally too. But I feel that this will all pass soon. I feel that the pressure the light is placing on the dark is compressing and destroying the dark grid energy and the entities that have chosen this low frequency are starving and desperate.

I get the image of a wounded animal in a corner, now at its most vicious. Yet if we just let it die and remain clear of it, we will get past this point.

Thoughts on this, folks?

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by fourthmeal

Very curious and this kinda makes sense to me....I will definitely investigate the names you mentioned, and if you have any links, I would love to see them. It all does feel incredibly intense just now, and things around us are leaving and shifting at an unbelievable rate. You've caught my interest....will be reading up and reporting back if anyone is interested. Thank you.

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 02:27 PM

Originally posted by caitlinfae
reply to post by fourthmeal

Very curious and this kinda makes sense to me....I will definitely investigate the names you mentioned, and if you have any links, I would love to see them. It all does feel incredibly intense just now, and things around us are leaving and shifting at an unbelievable rate. You've caught my interest....will be reading up and reporting back if anyone is interested. Thank you.

Sure, here's Cameron's website and where I learned about him and his work was here on Youtube

It was this video (which is just an audio recording of the radio show) that he talked about this.

And I heard it before both by listening to Cobra on a radio show, and I've seen posts about it too from Cobra. Admittedly Cobra and the whole concept of what that guy is about can be "woo-woo" for some, but for me I just remove the packaging or wrapper and listen or read to the content, and go from there. Cobra's website is and for instance, he talks about this grid thing here (almost unlistenable because they masked his voice for whatever reason was considered is a grating flanging effect done by someone who doesn't understand how to properly do audio work but I digress), and you'll find that there is a correlation between Cobra's website and Ascension Help's website on each one. I definitely don't think they are the same person but they may be thinking and "seeing" the same things.

*I use the term "woo-woo" with love and acceptance of all points of view, I am just chuckling a bit to myself because I do definitely jump into these topics with both feet (or sometimes head-first) and its funny when people say it to me.*

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by fourthmeal

Excellent stuff...thank you. I love investigating this kind of thing. I'm wiped out tonight, still have a migraine, since Wednesday...haha! ...but I will get into this tomorrow. Like you say, it might be total woo, but there might be some useful stuff too.

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 03:39 PM
reply to post by stupid girl

IMO, it seems as if something has changed in your life and you may not even be consciously aware of it. Having said that, whatever it is should come to mind without much contemplation, it should be like a total light bulb moment. If you have to think about it for any real length of time, then you've wandered into trying to make something fit and that's no good. I'd rather be totally wrong and have mud in my face. That's just my 2-cents to take or leave.

I wanted to address this right away to quell any concerns which are appreciated in their sincerity but misplaced in this case. My change in activity and posting isn't about the off feeling. I really am finding 2nd year course work in straight academic classes to be time consuming and challenging in ways it hasn't been before now. It's occurred to me that given my usual high activity level and timing, one could be taken as relating to the other and that's not the case on this. Some class work is an easy thing to watch sites and blog on one monitor while working on another. Not so much on geography research or English literature.

Although there is a pet theory I'm working on in that thing called "free time" and it's a doozy. The work now is in working it backward to disprove what I believe I stumbled into almost by accident in very disparate factors just crossing paths in such a way as to form a picture. It should be a thread worth reading if I can get it to that point for solid supporting data / facts.

All that is secondary to the general off feeling though. This is a tangible thing and it really did become intense enough to be impossible to ignore around the time of the 8.0 Quake in the Santa Cruz Islands set the whole planet to ringing like the Gong show.

M 8.0, Santa Cruz Islands
February 06, 2013 01:12:27 GMT
(Source is USGS general info)

It hasn't stopped either. I don't believe that is the cause of this feeling so many of us are sensing? .... but I think it may be a final factor to have brought it to the conscious level and really noticeable.

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by Minori

I hadn't meant to change the focus in this particular direction beyond mention for how intense the feeling has been over the past several days and there being some sense of change in that area as well.

In terms of sensitivity to other aspects of the world around us (as a general way to put that) and the energy other people project, it's been something I've been sensitive to since those experiences I mentioned in my teens.

I think it's an ability about 75% of people are born capable of .... about 15% of those people naturally develop as a pure gift for ease and skill and the rest are various levels of training it or suppressing it. I'm one of those in the middle who had to largely learn that sensitivity (or relearn it, if we wanted to get spiritual on it).

I can't help but think by response to the thread and particularly the headaches, nausea and other out of the ordinary but tangible things people have felt, it goes beyond sensitivity on a "psychic" (I really hate that level?

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 05:15 PM

Originally posted by caitlinfae
Perhaps...*perhaps*...our collective sensitivity is a result of some kind of global shift in energy that is allowing us to sense more,

Well, although a ''shift in energy" could be used to describe a myriad of phenomenon, I suppose sometimes there's just no better way to describe it...LOL

even if we don't yet know what to do with it.

Yes. From what very little I understand thus far, we have to first learn what not to do with it. Which leaves the remainder of the path truly narrow, and even then it can only be walked in humility.

I'm talking out loud here, so please don't flame me.

Rest assured, I am not one you ever need to worry about in that regard.

posted on Feb, 11 2013 @ 02:34 PM
Ive been watching this thread. Not sure I felt anything at the distinct moment you have wrabbit, because Im simply not attuned to energy like some people. It is a short coming of mine that seems set in stone.

What I have noticed though is a dearth of interesting topics on ATS and other forums lately. It seems for a month or more now, we are in some kind of big lull IMO. Topics have seemed very... old, and worn out.

[Insert cliche "calm before the storm" variant here]

The pope did resign today, effective in 17 days, though. That certainly breaks the lull.

I think that significant event is going to precede very tumultuous other events.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 02:39 AM
So ....we might have been right, no?
There was someting in the air after all.
And there still is.
Luckily this part of Russia is not so populated...but if that had happened out here on the old continent..

See some report from the NASA about tonight's visitor :

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by Tianmat's still there...this feeling of whatever-it-is. It's been a weird week anyway, but I still can't shake this anxious feeling. I wouldn't be surprised if we have more meteor bursts even although the main one doesn't come close. And that part of Russia is awfully close to Europe. It could very easily have been us.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:42 PM
I haven't had a chance to read any other recent post to this thread but, I was wondering to myself if this Meteor over Russia was what I was feeling. The difficulty for me Is that I can usually tell whether or not I am on the upswing or the downswing of an event.

This time I feel like there is a little relief but, the condition of feeling like something is going to happen has not subsided in the way I am used to. So I now believe that maybe this is the event but, it is just not quite finished yet. Like maybe there might be a couple more space related incidents to go along with today’s Russia meteor.

I haven't had this feeling linger like this so I am definitely in new territory but, in a learning phase, that’s for sure.

It's all I have for now but, thanks for hearing it out.

Love this post and site.

Have had a very busy week so I will be back at this week on all my sites startng towmorrrow provided things don't go too fast for me.

Blessings to all

Thanks again.

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:52 PM
reply to post by BewilderedandAmused

Hmmm, this meteor event was only a relatively novel event of little if any significant consequence. Do you usually get feelings of apprehension over such things? I ask because you say you are feeling some relief... but if the event was never dangerous in the first place, why would it be perceived as such prior to?

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