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Explain to me how Homosexuals are "born that way".

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posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 09:35 AM
lol amount of Stars OP has = the amount of religious/illiterates on this site.

I just shocked by how many still think Homosexuality is a choice.

"Hey i think ill decide to be a homosexual today"

I remember talking to a classmate who was assigned to work with me in a project, even though i felt awkward, i went ahead and asked him, "hey how did you figure out you were attracted to guys?"(jokingly, i talked to him alot in class before we were partners). He asked me "How did you figure out you were attracted to girls?" im like "I don't know i just did" and he was like "yup"... He later on to told me that he started to notice guys when he was around 13-14yrs old, the same time i was noticing girls in a sexual way as well, .. puberty.. coincidence?.

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 09:44 AM
I read an interesting study in a Carl Sagan book years ago about a study done on rat population. They gave a bunch of rats a tank, gave them enough food to support a large breeding population but no more space, like a bigger tank. These rats bred and bred, until one day the tank was so crowded that the researchers began to notice a strange phenomenon...some of the rats began to display Homosexual behaviors! It seems that the smaller rats (or the Beta rats) would show a display similar to the girl rats that "offered" their self to the Alpha rats. The Alpha rats would either accept the offering or attack the Beta rat. This resulted in a drastic population reduction in the Rat tank, and it was theorized that Homosexuality is a natural occurrence when the "unatural" circumstances of overpopulation occurs and is a way for the biology to weed out the weaklings so that only the Alphas pass their genes to the next generation. Though I don't believe that homosexuals are born that way, rather they become that way after realizing that they are inequipt in one way or another to please or impress a straight woman, same with gay chicks, especially the bull lesbian types, what would a straight guy find attractive about that? In my experience straight woman find strength, confidence, and leadership skills attractive above all. Most of the Gay dudes I have met, lack this air of confidence. Pheromones might have something to do with it as well. I also think that events in a persons life can make them gay, biology is a tricky thing to pin down as I believe metamorphosis can be triggered in the human genome from a multitude of subtle psychological events. But it all boils down to lack of confidence with women, I saw allot of guys "become" gay in highschool, before they became gay they would try to get laid by a girl, they just weren't good at getting the girls and were the guys that were awkward around the ladies. This anxiety they experienced around the ladies made them resorted to sexual acts with other weirdos...yuck!

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 09:45 AM
One thing I am thankful for is threads like these.
It reminds me just how much ignorance is still thriving in the world and here on ATS.

I used to HATE gay people.
I would NEVER admit that I hated them either. The Bible and fellow "Christians" always justified my deep seated hatred and anger. I honestly thought that they should be rounded up and killed. I would NEVER admit that unless I was with like minded people of course.

This was almost twenty years ago.
I have since grown up and made a decision of my own.
The decision to remove harmful influences in my life. The first thing that had to go was my own mother.
The second was "Christianity". I began to think for myself for the first time ever and it was pretty scary at first.
Knowing that if I was making the wrong choice I would burn in hell for eternity.

That was all good but the hatred in my heart was still there.
Christianity just justified it and gave me an outlet.
The hatred wasn't for gays or non Christians or people who got abortions.
The hatred that I harbored wasn't for any of those things at all.
What I hated more than anything when I stopped and looked deep down inside was......


I hated myself.
I was unhappy with myself.
I was insecure.
I was fearful.
I was unsure.

I made a decision to love myself, it is still a struggle but I work on it everyday.
I always THOUGHT I loved myself. I never really thought that I hated myself.
If anyone would have said "Hey Chris, why do you hate yourself so much" I would have told them to piss off.
"I don't hate myself" I would have said.

I made a decision to stop living in fear too.
I became comfortable with not knowing certain things.
I let go of control of things I never had control of in the first place.

It really is quite shocking to see people with the mentality that I used to have.
It shows me what a lonely scared hateful person I used to be.
I really is quite convicting and humbling.

I really feel sorry for all of the people who live their lives in such a blind,hatefilled,ignorant rage day in and day out, all the while seeing everyone else as "The Problem".
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posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 09:45 AM
seven hundred posts on a subject that has no real answer. We are who we are and we are who we want to be. If a person wants to be gay then they can. If they don't want to be gay than they shouldn't be. We may be born different but it doesn't mean we have to be different, this is all a choice in life and nothing more. A guy who has more feminine aspects can also marry a woman with more male aspects because opposites attract no matter which way it goes. We are all the same but we are all alike. I can't judge others but I can advise others that there are many ways to skin a cat. The cat usually dies no matter how it is skinned and we all die eventually too. Enjoy the life we have been given and do not waste it all on debating things there is no answer to. We are what we believe, we are what we know. If we know things that aren't real than we do not see the truth. We can try to push our reality on others but it seldom works. Deep down inside we are what we are. I believe there is peacefulness and awareness in all of us buried somewhere amongst our conditioning. Too bad that people can't find it

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 09:47 AM

Originally posted by Bugman82
reply to post by BiggerPicture

i don't understand how sexual abuse can be blamed for causing homosexuality, as the person traumatized by the same-sex molestation would develop an aversion, not attraction to the same sex.

At the time the event is occurring the child is led to believe it is normal, acceptable, and right sexual behavior. Also, it is during the stage where the most important formations are occurring in who the person will become. It may relate to the fact that those are sexually molested as a child have are much more likely to be molester later in their own lives.

yes, there are also studies that show witnessing parents' adultery and or divorce are more likely themselves to commit adultery or go thru divorces. there's definitely a desensitizing element with abuse, adultery, and divorce.

however same-sex sexual abuse actually causing a fixed homosexual orientation? wouldn't that mean opposite-sex sexual abuse would ensure a fixed heterosexual orientation? i'm not aware of any tribes or cultures picking up on that.

the only tribal sex abuse i can think of is some african tribe which requires virgin adolescent males to perform fellatio and ingestion of older mens' fluid for fertility and rite of passage onto manhood before they wed and procreate. there was no indication of homo or pansexuality in such tribe other than that ritual which in america would constitute same sex abuse. iunno, it just seems that sexual orientation is wired in the brains of most homosexuals and the ones who blame sex abuse tend to have some layers of confusion, not a genuine homosexual identity - unless they were 'born that way' and just happened to be targeted for abuse by the same sex for perceived effeminate displays during childhood, or just because.

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 09:56 AM

Originally posted by Lionhearte
if they got them from HETEROSEXUAL parents?

It is a proven fact, undeniably so, that there has never, EVER been a case of a homosexual couple having a biologic child - they can adopt, sure. But that child got his genetics from his BIOLOGICAL parents.

So, LGBTs and LGBT defenders, please answer this for me - where does the gene come from that makes a homosexual "born that way"?

Well if you really want to know, first you will have to except that you don't know now. This will require
you to stop expecting one neat explanation that covers all the bases.

The first sentence above; you are assuming that both parents do have secret sexual lives and
desires... There was a study done about 40 years ago about gay men and sex in public bathrooms.
The experimenter ended up tracking these men and found that many of them were married with
children. This point is to simply point out that being married sometimes has little to do with sexual
behavior or desire unfortunately. It is a very interesting read -

Second, genetics are not just handed down in the manner you seem to suppose.
Genes express in many different ways and often times the are activated by the environment
or through behavior. To explain this... a person with the high likelihood of heart disease will
not automatically die of heart disease, but their behavior will greatly impact the outcome
in regards to their health. Genes also hide and genes also mutate...

And finally, you are looking at being gay as a one dimensional thing - that one gene would
constitue and explain a person fully is an extremely unreasonable approach to understanding
behavior. For example - imagine all the foods you love and dislike - do you think all of those
combinations and reasons of preference can be boiled down to one cause?

Like just because you don't like milk - won't mean that you don't like pizza, or cheeseburgers.

But if you apply a narrow lens to the idea, you could equate that someone who hates milk also
hates pizza and cheeseburgers...
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posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 09:58 AM
The gay gene is recessive... and also who cares if there born that way. If it is a sin why would your god make people gay? this is not a new thing homosexuality goes as far back as people it in nature with wild animals? there is more evidence for the gay gene then there is your god so please stop being ignorant

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 10:08 AM

Originally posted by Screwed
I honestly thought that they should be rounded up and killed.

My dad thought that way. He also would not hug me. He was worried about me turning out gay. At no point in my life did I like sports. He insisted I play sports and box. I was a late bloomer and artistic. I therefore had a lod of friends that were girls. We did normal kid stuff (although I hoped for the day I would be kissed LOL). He encouraged me, at a young age, to invite young girls to spend the night (however, I think he may have had a thing for young girls).

He was always embarrassed that I wanted to make the world a better place. He was actually a conspiracy theorist, but out of curiosity. He thought the real life was the next one LOL. He ate horrible boxed food with negative nutritional value, smoked at least a pack generic menthol lights a day, and constantly labored. He said he was in a hurry to leave this planet and see Jesus. He got his wish.
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posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by Lionhearte


When questioning things from a biblical point of view we must always go back to the text to understand the answers to the mysteries of life. I registered only to comment on your post and try to point you in a new direction to find the answer to this question. If you will indulge me I will do my best to explain. The bible tells us that God specifically created man and woman...The serpent came along and tempted them and when this all happened they sinned. Now they became infected so to speak. It's simple the fall of man occurred in the garden and that sin has been passed through the womb from that time forward. Of course folks are born homosexual because we are all born sinful. It's in our blood we cannot escape it. We all struggle against it everyday. The bible says the sins of the father will be passed to the 3rd and 4th generation. It also tells us directly "My people will be destroyed for lack of knowledge" Study the text and pray for your eyes to be opened fully to what you are trying to understand. Science will not answer what only God can tell you. Everyone struggles with their own vices. Read the commandments and try to understand we break these laws daily in thought word and deed. All the while satan is helping us by covering up and lying to the world. The text tells us everything we need to know to understand what is happening in this world. For example we are told to eat only meat of animals that have a split hoof and chew the cud. That instruction is simple and would exclude pork for instance. Now is when science comes in to help us understand why. The body is affected by what we put in it. After consuming pork science tells us the blood is in a acidic state that is comparable to that of a cancer patient for an extended period of time. The text also tells us the people were to bury there body waste outside the city walls. I think most folks know some history and can discern that the plague killed many but waste was handled very poorly during that time....Don't take my word for it do some research. This may seem to be very simplified but, I'm trying to get you to take a different road, as a Christian to discovering the truth. Hope this helps in your search.

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 10:14 AM
Homosexuals aren't Born a certain way, that is their excuse. God Did not create Homosexuals, Homosexuality is a sin and only a sin. The "homosexuals" are blinded,.and cannot see the truth. But there is hope, Jesus still heals.

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 10:18 AM
reply to post by halfoldman

A person may well be born with a predisposition to be sexual aroused by their own sex, but its not 'genetic'. The same way as a straight man is not making a conscious 'choice' to prefer Swedish blondes rather than Italian brunettes, but is also not genetically driven in his preferences either. It is not his 'genes' telling him to have children with Swedish blondes. It is simply an individual anomoly in his personality or his brain. But the human being is genetically programmed for survival and to recreate itself and homosexuality is in contradiction to that survival instinct

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 10:20 AM

Originally posted by DominusIlluminatioMea
Homosexuals aren't Born a certain way, that is their excuse. God Did not create Homosexuals, Homosexuality is a sin and only a sin. The "homosexuals" are blinded,.and cannot see the truth. But there is hope, Jesus still heals.

What about the people who have no problem with gay people??
Are we sinning too?
Will God forgive me if I promise to begin hating gays?
What about if I don't "hate" them but just condemn them?
Is there salvation for those of us who love gay people for who they are.
Is there salvation for those of us who love gay people BECAUSE of who they are?

Answer please.

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by MaryStillToe

So did you miss the class concerning the mind/body connection? Our psychology is directly an affect of the functioning of our brains. If our brains function in a particular way at a very early age it is probably due to genetics OR the results of certain conditions in utero.

BTW darlin' unless you are yourself a geneticist how in the world would you presume to "correct" your friend regarding peer reviewed genetic research? That seems rather arrogant. Are your parents arrogant too? Do you have any arrogant siblings?

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 11:18 AM
For those unaware of the original biblical transcripts, what they contain,
and where they are would be wise and beneficial to do one's
research. And though the bible available and used has lots of truth and
accuracy within it, it was deliberately changed to serve the dark cabal
and the mind control program. Giving one's power away is exactly how
they control this whole system, and it is really amazing that so many people
give themselves away and rely on an external book, rather than following
their own heart of true existence.
Source is within, and not apart from anything, and the Word is written
within the Heart. This accuracy still exists even in the bible that was
manipulated by the dark cabal.
When one is aware of who they truly are, along with where they are from,
why they are here, and where they are going......they have stepped out
of the box and broken free from the controlling mind matrix.
It is time to Wake up from all the deception, and exposure is Now.

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 11:18 AM
This thread is not dead yet??? Talk about beating a dead horse. Geez!

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 11:30 AM

Originally posted by Siberbat
This thread is not dead yet??? Talk about beating a dead horse. Geez!

just wait...thousands of more dead horses will be beaten as you accumulate "butt in the chair time" simply have to decide what topics you want to read or participate.

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 11:30 AM

Originally posted by DominusIlluminatioMea
Homosexuality is a sin and only a sin.

hmm which is the sin and which is the orientation:


see, i noticed this trend in heterocentrics, to push the anti-homosexual agenda of the bible, apparently to downplay the severity of fornication and adulterly which seem to be wayyy more rampant in society than... homosexuality.

if you look at ATS and this thread, you see that. its all about threads/arguments suggesting man shall not lie with man, and they conveniently leave out the rest. i see more threads about homosexuality than about fornication and adultery, when its obvious which one of these wayyy more egos i mean people in society are indulging in.

why is that? tsk tsk..

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 12:15 PM
I've taken quick look at the posts in this thread and I haven't seen, because maybe I missed it somewhere, any discussion of the non-genetic evidence that gay people are born that way.

First of all, there is no evidence that I can see for a "gay gene," which by its nature would tend to be bred out of any population one would think. However, just because someone is born a particular way does not mean that we are seeing the result of some genetic expression. For example, FAS or fetal alcohol syndrome is a well know effect of a mother drinking during pregnancy. As the fetus is developing and expressing its genetics, the effects of the alcohol interfere with that expression producing development and health defects as well as a characteristic FAS facial "look." So do we assume that there is a FAS gene that is the cause of this? No, we can see that how a child is born is the result of both its genetics AND the effects of various agents during fetal development.

We know that men and women function differently in at least two different ways. Neurologically and endocrinologically. The neurological differences between the brains of men and women are both structural and functional (where function is measured by observing what parts of the brain are activated during different kinds of tasks). Now here is the interesting part. Homosexual men and straight women have been found to have the same brain structure, both different from heterosexual men. And conversely, gay women were found to be more like straight men in brain structure than they were to straight women. Here is a quick reference I found Gay men and heterosexual women have similarly shaped brains, research shows

In terms of brain function and endocrine responses, this article is representative of the fact that gay men and women both respond with arousal (as shown by PET brain scans) to male pheromones while straight men do not. For Gay Men, an Attraction to a Different Kind of Scent

It seems that as the fetus is developing, no matter what the genetic component is, the presence or absence of sexual hormones in the prenatal environment (testosterone in particular) seems to trigger the development of gender specific characteristics in the fetus. Too much testosterone at a critical time and the XX female fetus develops a male brain structure for example. Of course we know that the expression of gender is not as clear cut as male-female (if it was there would be no hermaphrodites) and conditions during fetal development may produce a complex of both male and female characteristics, some of which will lead someone to be sexually attracted to members of their own gender.

So can you be born gay? The evidence seems to suggest that is exactly what happens, it's hardwired into you. Is it genetic? Apparently not, it has to do more with how the fetus develops in the womb.

Just keep in mind these arguments are not a matter of right side and wrong side, but are often subtle, complex and defy our attempts to pigeon hole them into nice convenient boxes.

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posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 12:31 PM

Originally posted by muzzleflash

Originally posted by AllIsOne

So you made a conscious decision to be straight or homo? Tell me in detail how that process worked? Also, if it's a conscious decision you must have tried both in order to make an educated choice?

What are you trying to say/ask?

Are you insinuating that people do not choose who they kiss?

How would this same exact ideology go over after you get cheated on by your mate?
"OH I am just genetically disposed to have sex with them, so that's why I cheated."

Your avoiding the simple question is very telling. Just sayin' ...

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 12:59 PM
I think some people are gay because of the life they live the way they live.Like maybe they had problems with their parents growing up so they go against their wishes and keep doing it until one day they just live it. I don't believe anyone is born gay either nor is anyone born violent it's how your raised and who your around and your environment. But also you could be gay for good reasons like maybe a feeling or friends you look up to I can't really say but. This is what should be said I am straight because of the way my life unfolds. As for a gay person I would say they are gay because that is the way their life has unfolded. live love laugh

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