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You are ABSURD!

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posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 01:52 AM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

I believe that's called a mirror self. The outside looking in view.

That's a GREAT tool for finding oneself; but, normally one would do that on paper and keep it to themselves.

Why did you feel compelled to bare all in public?

Thank you!

Oh, and did it work? Did you find yourself?

posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 01:57 AM
reply to post by Trexter Ziam

I'm just trying to be helpful, and I didn't bare any dirty laundry, I didn't "five the group" as they might say in AA, which means laying dirty laundry on everyone.

Mutuality, mutual growth and well being as an expression of my love for self AND others, that's what it's been all about.

It's (the thread) a type of rhetoric (Socratic) capable of teaching something of real value, and of course this is directed as much at me as anyone.

Myself - I'm a mystery, as we all are, but we are a mystery that warrents mutual exploration, because of love.

If someone doesn't "go first" then where are we?

Plus, if I know something and something of great value which can be shared, then I have to share it right? Plato would agree with that.

This is "Philosophy, Psychology and Metaphysics", so I'm on topic.

I hope someone takes me up on the experiment I suggested bottom of the last page however, then someone will report back on what happened through the exchange, and that would make the effort here totally worthwhile, to heal a wound.

My wounds are largely healed, and I've recovered myself to a large degree and already things are changing and transforming in my life, both within and without, it's really quite extraordinary, so thank you to for the opportunity to share, it's been very helpful, big time! Brought a lot of stuff back to remembrance for me.

I just hope someone else got something out of it, maybe even a change of heart, or a rediscovery of their great love and passion, both for themselves and others.

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posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 02:08 AM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Right, no dirty laundry I agree. It's still hard for most people to look at themselves honestly. It's still a great tool to identify that false face so you can accept or destroy it and become part of your natural self.

We garner a false face from very early on. When we accept another's appraisal of ourselves without consideration, the false face begins to form. If Mother says, "Good boy/girl" when you put your toys away; you start to develope the "I am a neat and tidy person" face. Sometimes, it's not the natural innate character though and that's how we get a false face. It's only later we learn how to identify it and accept or destroy it. Many people never do learn how to "find themselves".

I haven't read the rest of your "book" here. Heck, page 1 was unique by itself. Anyway, give me a month and I might be able to finish the rest of your book and comment more.

posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 10:18 AM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
I hope someone takes me up on the experiment I suggested bottom of the last page however, then someone will report back on what happened through the exchange, and that would make the effort here totally worthwhile, to heal a wound.

Okay, I made it through page two for today, and the topic remains congruent with my understanding of the opening post. As my first reply above, it's a mirroring, good way to find oneself.

I skipped down to the post on last page as you requested and the shoe doesn't fit. In fact, I used to (still do) protect the underdogs, the mentally challenged, the handicapped and others.

The opposite seems to be my case. I was horrendously wronged though, by one person and so were others. Details omitted. I was advised to go to this offender and seek reconciliation. At separate times, others were advised to try a reconciliation with this person. This person's reply in each and every case was, "I don't want to talk about it. We won't be talking about it now or ever in the future. What's past is past and don't you EVER bring up the subject again."

I got the same hostile reaction from the second abuser.

My spouse, in a similiar yet different situation had the same negative reaction when trying to reconcile with one of his past abusers.

So, reconciliation only works if it is initiated by the abuser/offender, like when you apologized to the mentally challenged boy you had teased as a child.

It does sound like you are on the right track with your life. Getting your house in order so to speak. Trying to identify yourself, change what you found about yourself that you don't like, and accepting or embracing ("loving yourself") the parts you agree with.

While I (like others at ATS) saw parts of ourselves in your opening post; the situational ethics of our lives are substantially different. We are all beings composed of the same ingredients. Some people got more salt, others got more vinegar, and others got more sugar. We all turned out a different dish, not only because of the varying amounts of ingredients, but also because of the varying chefs that dabbled in our recipe.

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posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by Trexter Ziam

You're very insightful, and I appreciate your contribution.

Re: reconciling with a past abuser, for the record, that's not entirely what I was thinking with the experiment, but instead, working to be more authentic in all our close relationships, with a focus on repairing any damage we've done ourselves. Also, the AA step accompanying this process states - "made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injur them or others" could also include ourselves. For some people all we CAN do is pray for them, but the effort (to make amends) never goes without accomplishing something, even if only to have made the gesture, in the process of cleaning up one's OWN side of the street. So I'd reverse the arrow a bit, and focus instead on ourselves and where we were wrong, and put the type of individual you described at the end of the list, and by the time you get there, your proficiency in these methods, and your capacity to forgive unconditionally regardless of the response you get, will have been already honed to the nth degree, by which time it won't matter how they react or what they do or say in resopnse, and it's about reclaiming one's own power. Some fall victim to the absurdity of - I'll show you, I'll hurt ME! I know I'm guilty of doing that, and of playing the victim to be self righteous, been there done that got the t-shirt.

This thread wasn't intended either to be all about me, but about WE, about US, and how to be real in an absurd world.

posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 12:30 PM
I subscribe by email to something called "insight of the day" where each day I get a quote by some famous person, to help keep me on track. Each Friday, they send me "The Friday Story" which is a little longer, and that shares a story of some kind with an inspiring message.

This is today's. Seemed relevant so I'm posting it here.

Dear Robert,

Here is your Friday story,

Remember the Love

These last few days have been for me, a dark night of the soul. Every belief I held, every truth I thought I knew and every answer I had, have all been shattered.
And even though I was surrounded by people, I felt alone, abandoned and afraid.
And yet, through all of it, I also felt higher, as though someone or something were carrying me, lifting me, loving me.
And so this time instead of running from the pain, despair and confusion, I embraced it and what happened surprised me. The pain, despair and confusion became my doorway to freedom. All sorts of insights and inspirations flooded into my consciousness. It was as though I had access to a different time and place and was able to see with new eyes.
I have been searching for the truth all of my life in so many places. I thought there was only one truth and that I came here to find that truth and that if I went to enough seminars and took enough courses and read enough books and did enough affirmations that somehow I would find it.
Enough, enough, enough already! It was never enough. I was never enough. And now I have found myself in this place and I realized that...
No one can tell you what your truth is or how to get there. They can only soften the path a little. But if you are awake and alive, there will come a time when you will have to examine your own heart.
During this time, I thought often of Mother Teresa and what a powerful woman she was, yet without the arrogance that one often finds in powerful people. She was able to command large amounts of money from everywhere and yet she was so humble. She didn't need to be the best at anything, she just needed to BE. Simple and profound. She touched countless lives and changed the world one person at a time.
I have an act of kindness section on one of my websites and for the last 7 years have been putting acts of kindness suggestions on one of my daily pages. This morning as I was thinking of Mother Teresa again, I sat down to my computer and these words flowed from my fingertips and onto the screen.
Whatever you do today, remember ONE thing.
That in the end, all that really matters is the Love!
Did you seek it?
Did you find it?
But most importantly - DID YOU GIVE IT?
Remember the LOVE!
And then I knew that was the truth I was looking for. Remember the LOVE. Often in our quest for bigger and better things, we forget why we came here in the first place. When my father died and I was sitting on his doorstep outside waiting for the limo to arrive to take me to his funeral, this was never more apparent. There stood his beautiful house and car in silence. He would never walk up those stairs and open that door again or sit behind that wheel. But I could feel his presence. He was much bigger than all of those things. His love was there forever. It didn't die with him. The only thing we take with us when we leave this place is the love and it doesn't matter if we die with a slim body and a fat bank account. All that matters is the love.
In remembering this, I came to know my truth. Perhaps we don't come here to learn, perhaps we come here to teach. And the secret to success is in the love. Then I recalled a story I heard about a woman who hated her job and was living a joyless life of struggle. Her heart was closed in pain, anger and resentment. She was working as a cleaning lady. One day the old woman she worked for put on some music on the stereo. It was music that she and her late husband used to dance to. She was missing her mate terribly and longing for the gentle touch of another soul. The old woman asked the cleaning lady if she would dance with her. The cleaning lady was a bit taken aback at first but agreed to do so. And then something miraculous happened.
In opening her arms to the old woman, she also opened her heart and the tears and the love began to flow. She let the love in and in that precious moment that love lifted her spirit and transformed her life. Right after this incident the cleaning lady's business started to take off, she got so many calls she had to hire a huge staff to accommodate everyone and her company grew by leaps and bounds.The struggle disappeared and everything that she had been trying to make happen came to her effortlessly, once her heart had been opened.
In remembering this story, I knew that I had found my truth. The secret to success and the secret to life is in the love. Once I knew that, I knew everything.

Veronica Hay

posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 12:44 PM
WOW ..

I thought this an excellent piece ... probably because the arrow hit just off the bullseye for me ...close enough for a hand grenade for sure....

and makes me wonder ..if "social engineering" .. had this particular effect.... intended for the masses ..or if this is just a phenomenon that is shared by every generation ...

as Ive aged ..the hope that was once in sight has faded to simply a question of whether "to be or not to be" ...

well written ..although the word Absurd could perhaps be re -thought ... how about ...(if we have to stay with ONE simple word) .. Concaved? ... or ... Paralyzed? ... or ... Stunted ... anyone else have another word?

posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by sayiamu

Stagnant would be a good word, whereas my hope is to be, revitalized, and it's possible, because it's happened for me before and it's happening again now.

Re: abuse.

I've suffered from what some call "survivors guilt" (dont' need to go into the details) the result of which I've engaged in self-abuse, but that's still abuse of someone, even someone very close to me!

No one comes through this life unscathed, and we all have a cross to bear (something we're working out).

All we really need then is COURAGE, and with every step taken our courage grows until you reach a point, like I'm at, where you begin to think you can change the world, even if only one person at a time, starting with me!

posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 01:12 PM
I like the OPs post.

I am absurd too.

But I just don't care enough anymore. I get mad, of course. But the battle is almost over.

Why is it almost over?

Because the world will end tomorrow. I read it on ATS.

If it doesn't happen tomorrow, it will happen soon after. A month or year or several years.

Why is it going to end?

Because the end of the world is being secretly covered up by our government.

Does part of you want the world to end?

I need the end of the world to happen so that my failed life is justified.

Someway, somehow, this world will end and my indifference will end along with it.

So you're looking for a reason to explain your lack of willpower and determination?

Right. End of the world scenarios would make me that way. It makes sense.

You can't think of any other explanations?


I've never trusted anybody much. Maybe that's why.

Why don't you trust people?

Not sure. I'm also too sensitive, I think. I let small things get to me.

What is on your mind right now, at this moment?

I wish I cared or felt like this life was worth my time. I just feel so ghost-like and absent.

Have you tried to make life feel like it's worth your time?

Maybe these end of the world conspiracies help me to feel like it's worth my time.

Oh, we've talked about that a bit already. What do you think makes life worth living?

To feel a part of things. To be able to do something. To feel like there's control.

Do you think that not trusting others might cause you to feel like life is too hard?

Possibly. I am very particular about things. And I think most things we do are stupid.

Can you give me an example of how not trusting someone might make life harder?

I don't go to the doctor to fix a problem because I think he's ignorant. Then it kills me.

Good one! Can you think of any others?


(just having some fun at the expense of every absurd person out there, inc me)
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posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 01:48 PM

Originally posted by jonnywhite
I need the end of the world to happen so that my failed life is justified.

Very good, that definitely qualifies, but why not let your failed life both die and inform a new life, instead of waiting and hoping for the world to end ie: do what you can to make the world a better place, starting with yourself and then extending outwardly from there? There's much to be learned from a failed life, and the more screwed up, the greater the opportunity to make it better by comparison.

"All happiness for man must arise exclusively only in relation to some unhappiness, already experienced."
~ Gurdjieff

"The more that suffering has carved into our being, the more joy we can contain."
~ Gibran

Can you find the humor here...?

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 07:54 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by ironbutterflyrusted

Do you have the energy and the courage and the love to get authentic about your own inauthenticities in relation to your family, friends and loved ones, (the things that are a hindrance to your own self-expression, and love) or if you need more of those relationships, to go out and get them somehow?

It's the same energy, the same passion, which is simply willing to go to great lengths to recover lost love, both within ourselves and in relation to others, whether friend or foe, loved one or someone we might have wronged in some way or another. I mean like hey, we've all failed in this vital area, and yet the means and the opportunity is still open to us, and we are ALL of us extraordinary in our own right, right?

This thread is not about my absurdity, but the real me, and the real you, re-discovering that, which almost died in some of us who are not as young any more, and others due to shyness, insecurity, etc etc, which is all just absurd nonsense, there is no reason to withold ourselves from others, or our love for them, and for ourselves, that's just "crazy making" as my mother Kay would say!

You see, when we "get" our absurdity, fully and completely, and in the process recognize our true self, then we're no longer absurd, even though we may have left a mess all over the place and in particular a mess of our human relationships where we failed in love, but are now prepared to take responsibility for being "at cause"...

Go to a family member and tell them about how you might have messed up, by making false assumptions and projections, about them and about you (don't use words like "authenticity" or "absurdity" because they won't have a clue what you're talking about, and will just think you're crazy), and make sure that they really GET you, and who you are pledging to be and to become, and then share with them, not only something costly, to win their confidence, but also who you want to be, and how you would rather be in relation to them in such a way that it touches, moves and inspires them - do this, and the new life, and the energy you seek will be yours. Just try it - someone, as an experiment, but get authentic about where you were inauthentic and absurd, and then get clear about just how much this has been a contraint on all your human relationships including your own with yourself, and then summon the courage and go to them to make amends, in the space of absolute unconditional love (no judging or taking THEIR inventory), and you will be ASTONISHED, not just you ironbutterflyrusted (although you might become a real butterly and velvetty wings), but anyone. Give it a go, you might be astounded at what will happen, and no matter how they react or respond, I tell you, the clearing you will generate for yourself alone will be quite extraordinary, guaranteed 100% (said like Don).

There is a type of "technology" to this that we haven't even really explored yet, but someone has to try it out, just once, if only simply to see what happens. Anyone? I can't do this alone!

Let me just say this - if you liked and grokked this thread, the work has only just begun and you aint seen nuthin yet, only because you haven't done nuthin yet. Try something new, anything. Shake things up, and try on a new you, a you of your own choosing that is more authentic, perhaps infinitely moreso, with just who you really are!



I wish someone, after getting clear within as to their true self on the other side of their absurdity or whaleshiit as Don called it, would do this, would head out and work the 5Cs' with others, just to see what happens if nothing else, and how it makes us and others feel, about who and what we really are.

Be a clearing, be a channel of God's grace. We can do this, and it does make a difference, "big time, eh".

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 11:01 PM
Then we get "the big paycheck" as Don liked to call it, after getting "whacked" by the spirit of truth and life as it is (he had a funny way with words).

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.
~ Dalai Lama

Read more:

To be and become love personified, as an ongoing process on the path of progress towards perfection, although our goal and something we feel we must do, to be true to our most authentic self, is something we can only be, have (enjoy) and do (express, make known) within the framework of our relationships with our fellow man.

Then (now), having already come to better see ourselves as we are, we can see and be present to him/her all the more. In this mirror, he also sees his true self reflected, and although each is unique to himself, having his/her own unique personal spiritual experience, there is a common bond in this love, not unlike a common source or a common mother, as well as a shared first/last cause (first father) in the creation of a much more enjoyable world, wherein love and compassion are food for the soul which we cannot live without, and slowly die in starvation, if deprived of it day after day (give us this day our daily bread? please?).

It is more blessed to give than to recieve certainty, but it is also vital that we recieve this love as well. Paradoxically however, it is in our giving, and in making the effort out of God's love for us and we for ourselves, that we already recieve out of what we are attempting to share of ourselves, as a first/last cause already brought to fruition born of our own intentionality in relation to our fellow man as an expression of our truest and most authentic self, so it's still more blessed to give, even if we are selfishly concerned with getting enough love just to survive, and for this, there is already a bountiful supply, both for planting and for harvest! How funny is that, that this is what we already are, if only we were willing to try to share it with others, as an authentic expression of our love. What were we hiding from in the first place?

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (who coined the term "omegapoint")

Read more:

That day is fast approaching, indeed it is already here, now (said like Jesus).

Best Regards,


posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 08:59 PM

Originally posted by Suffi
There is a journey beyond any physical boundary.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

“You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?”

Quoted from a unprisoned mind Rumi 1207-1273

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

thinking you can change the world by joining in?


everything you said is disturbing from a spiritual point of view!

nothing is everything!
so to do nothing is to do everything!

to procrastinate in this society is to protest its unjust laws!

to live your life how you want!


(sorry to the wankers i mean bankers for stealing the visa catch phrase )

you must be absurd to think you can tell other new ager's and the likes that they are absurd for not walking your path but choose their own!
as we all must do!

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 12:13 AM
Is there still hope for a better world?

Overcoming the Absurdity of an Absurd, Inauthentic, Human Social Matrix - You are the Light of the World

[The Great Work]

A Rude Awakening

Of course by now it's become increasingly apparent, that at some deep, fundamental, rudimentary level, we are all responsible, but that nobody in particular is to blame. We could try to chase the absurdity from generation to generation down into the mysts and fog of ancient history, only to discover say, that the root and source of the problem was a "family faud" among rival warring barbarians or perhaps among ape-like beings resulting from an expertly thrown stone by your ancient ancestor at another one's head on the other side of the river, or, it could simply have arisen as a result of not getting what you asked Santa for Christmas and then to add insult to injury finding out that the whole Santa thing was a ruse perpetrated against small children just to freak them out; who knows when the lights first went on, and we realized that this world was not a safe place to be and that we had to protect ourselves from then on in.

We may do a life examination ("an unexamined life is not worth living" Plato), and trace our earliest memory, only to discover, perhaps to childlike giggles of glee, (and a healthy dose of adult horror), that our whole life is a thematic recurrence of that singular event, when we first looked up and said to ourself, oh SHIIT, this isn't SAFE! I cannot allow this to happen again, I must create a "shield"! and so was born our first absurdity, when we created the barrier, between ourselves and our own authentic self-expression and honest, and awe-filled appreciation of life (like when we were a kid). We formed a hard interpretation about something that "happened", and lo and behold our whole life in the rearview mirror, seems to have involved a ridiculous and absurd type of reenactment of this one, central theme, a theme generating, moment to moment, day after day, day in and day out (seemingly without end) the personality of who we THINK we are (or were), and who we are NOT, and our "First Care" or principal, motivating concern, it seems to have involved (past tense in re-cognition) strategies around how to protect ourselves from the hurts of the world or from our fellow man/woman, and in particular in relation to those closest to us.

So I again, I repeat, we are all responsible, but no one in particular, is to blame...

just sit with that for a while...

Once we get past what I call the indignity of the injustices of life, and face our fear, head on, then isn't there some humor there, lurking somewhere under what Don called "the Whaleshiit" or the absurdity and the ridiculousness of our folly and our failure in love, what my mother Kay (God love her) called "crazy making"!? : )

For some of us, there's still a fear lurking, but what's there on the other side of it? I mean like how bad can the insult really BE?

Perhaps we've been taking certain things much too seriously and are our own worst enemy, for no reason whatsoever. What is this if it isn't absurd?

So while we're all responsible, yet never to blame, and can wipe the tears away from our absurd eyes, the plank at last removed, we look again at the world with eyes of recognition and new understanding, awareness and compassion, seeing ever more clearly the distinction and the differentiation between what is foolhardy, and what is wise, and then humorously, and sadly or sorrowfully, there (here?) we discover that we are like a tiny boat adrift on an ocean of absurdity, and yet with wind-filled sails, the ocean spray in our face, the sun shining from a new horizon, we tac and chart a new course for the future, on behalf of both ourselves and our fellow man!
That's not narcissistic, it's heroic!

That's a whole new order, a new frame of reference capable of restoring humor to life, and therefore, JOY. The only difference, from before, being that now, we can make the neverending journey, without ever once losing the mirthful smile from our sun-shiney face, or the laughter, and the thus sanity, of true understanding. This is what it means to come to our senses, and move in a new direction towards home, bent only on the opportunity to be of service, only to discover ourselves whisked straight into a warm and welcoming celebration, once lost, now found, once dead, alive again!

We've all blundered and made mistakes, but how many of us actually learn from them everything that is to be learned, and then re-create the rest of our lives based on nothing more than that which is true to ourselves and our love both for ourselves and by extention everyone, everywhere.

Best Regards,


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posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by jayo121
reply to post by NewAgeMan

thinking you can change the world by joining in?


everything you said is disturbing from a spiritual point of view!

nothing is everything!
so to do nothing is to do everything!

to procrastinate in this society is to protest its unjust laws!

to live your life how you want!


(sorry to the wankers i mean bankers for stealing the visa catch phrase )

you must be absurd to think you can tell other new ager's and the likes that they are absurd for not walking your path but choose their own!
as we all must do!

My path? New agers? Why the insult, when I shared something you thought to be of value. Each person has their own personal and unique spiritual experience, but people ought to be free to be themselves as they are, as they really are, honestly.

There's no need to come down on me here, none at all. My path, don't be ridiculous/absurd. The path of truth and freedom is every person's path.

People deserve to be free and to be liberated from all manner of absurdity, ignorance and injustice, set free for freedom's sake, to freely love.

It takes courage to get honest ourselves, while trying to be helpful to others.

But you don't have to like me, or even believe me, just put what I've written to the test. Is is sane? If so, then there's something here worthy of consideration, nothing more. It's not a "path", except insofar as it's a path out of darkness and into the light.

"New Age Man" is just a hope, and it's not a me thing either, but a we thing. I'm a nobody, and although I don't care, I do.

"Spiritually disturbing" you said? Good. "The whaleshiit is very heavy, and it aint easy to turn over" as Don might've said with a smile and a chuckle.

Jesus said, "Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All."
~ Gospel of Thomas, Nag Hammadi Library

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posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 02:52 AM

Originally posted by ImmortalThought
You use the hash name of NewAge Man as if the "new age" movement is really anything new. Absurd

You went to HS, but forgot how to properly form a paragraph or use periods. Absurd.

Me wasting time on this thread. Absurd...

One mans trash is anothers treasure. I read this sometime ago and it almost had me in tears. It really explains my whole life. At the point I read this I was going through a time where I wasnt sure what to believe. This really helped me see somethings in my life that needed changing.

Criticizing anothers thoughts when its your choice to read and post. Absurd...

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 10:44 AM
NewAgeMan~ Have you been reading my journal?

Great post. I enjoyed it even if your confession could also be mine, or anyone else here for that matter....

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by Blarneystoner

Thanks, glad you liked it, hope it helped and if it did, the honor is mine to be of service.

Of course we'll all dealing with the same damn shiit (different day), and everyone's story, although well worth hearing, if only to help them get a load off their chest and shoulders, is basically a variation on the same theme. Something happened, we made it mean more than it did, formed a compensatory shield by which to protect ourselves from hurt, and thus ended up in a circular pattern of utter nonsense and ridiculousness, and with a maddening and in the end rather painful relentlessness, until it is (was?) at last perceived, and recognized in the light of truth and self knowledge/awareness, then at that point, after the tears are shed, there is an emergent giggle here.. if you can find it.

This thread is only disturbing if you've (not you Blarney, but the reader in general) made a bunch of assumptions, the first being that this is about me or the brief outline of my prior absurdities in the OP, and when I say prior, that doesn't mean that I don't still engage in those patterns to whatever degree, but prior, because now I am only amuzed by what I'm witnessing, and the more amuzed I am by it, the more a new possibility is presenting itself to my mind's eye, heart, and eventual and emerging action (will provide an update on my progress soon) - the possibility of restoring myself, to my prior creativity and genius as well as my childlike wonderment and awe (enchantment), the one I stuffed in high school, after my mom and dad separated and my mom moved to Toronto, with me deciding to stay and seek love among my little gang of rebel buddies, skipping school and getting high and drunk, you know "partying" where to "party" was to stand drunk around a fire and shout as loudly as possible, the word "PARTYYYYYYY!!!!". It's F'ING absurd, is what it is ie: FUNNY!

If you've understood it, after the tears, you've just GOT to be killing yourself rolling over in laughter and unending hilarity, at your own absurdity.

And If your insulted or disturbed, and uncomprehending, even scornful, then bud (not the poster I've replied to but anyone), you've got some work to do!

As to the "world" of absurdity that surrounds us, including the herd of angry men trampling the prescious pearls I've laid out here at their feeet, I'm getting the impression that eventually it too will collapse in a heap of tears and laughter, and can't not, once we have the courage to come out into the light and be true to ourselves, and to life as a creative process.

The love is there, it's all there is. In truth, there is nothing else even going on that is of any real consequence, whatsoever.

It was ALL absurd, the whole thing, our entire field of awareness and lack of vision with blinders on. Ridiculous!

If this makes you angry, whoever you may be, then I've got some bad news for you - the joke's on you. I'm clear. I got clear, got my humor back, and while I don't care, yet I do, and can't help myself, because I realize that there's no life for me within the framework of the brotherhood of man unless I can play a part, however big or small it matters not, in generating that new world and way of life that I'm gathering up the courage, to live into.

So yeah, the world does change when we "join in"!

That's the good news! That's the fruit to which anyone who throws themselves into this work realizes the very moment that they are willing to get totally honest and take a good hard look at themselves, and come to realize as I did and do, just how utterly absurd they've been, based on their assumptions and self perpetuating life drama arising from their first oh shiit moment and then perpetuating itself in the action of their "First Care/Concern" and building their wall and prison cell (isolation chamber) from the world, others, themselves, even life and God as life and truth and the light of awareness.

Once we realize what we've been missing out on, by God then there's a reason to not only join in, and "get real" (even if authentically inauthentic) but to generate a life that is worthy of who and what we REALLY are, and be damned with the detractors and the wimps, and those constrained within their hardened shells like hermit crabs. At the end of the day, we need to move on and leave the dead to bury their dead. So I guess I am pointing a way when I say, with humor, pick up your absurdity, and follow me, as I follow the one who was never absurd, but very happy and humorous for all the right reasons. I can only point to him and to the ideal of perfect spiritual and mental health and well being no matter how difficult, challenging or disturbing it might appear to be or to have been at first glance, to take the damn LOG out of our own eye!

May you have a great day!

Best Regards,

Rob, or I should say - Bob (that's who I really was, before it all went to shiit).

And yes I still cry and I miss my mother very much.

"The more that sorrow has carved into our being, the more joy we can contain."
~ Gibran

But it's not a crying shame any more (my life), once recognized for what it is, then there is the love and laughter of the Lord that wipes away the tears from my eyes, and the loving hand which reaches down to me while I was mired in the very pit of ignorance, to lift me out, and set me back on the ground of truth and reason (however crippled by this point I may be!).

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posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 12:09 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

This is the type of inquiry I had in mind for this thread, both for myself and others who may be self examining to rediscover, for themselves (and in sharing, with others) something ever more true, authentic and thus, enjoyable.

An inquiry that is penetrating, immediate, that gets it over-with-all-at-once, while restoring to us, our own good-natured, good-willed humor (not taking our "selves" too seriously, having recognized the great unfathomable mystery that is our true condition in reality as it is).

And when we get on the phone, and make a connection, while one guy may drop into the subterranean realm of "Intelligence", another is reborn into the light of experience and real knowledge (gnosis).

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