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You are ABSURD!

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posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 06:42 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by 74Templar

Mere word games alone aren't going to be sufficient to move the human being into the domain of eternal freedom imo. (that's no slight at all on you IAMIAM who I know contributes to the lives of others around you).

Which is why I look forward to introducing the 5c's of Life Transformation into this thread (time permitting this evening), because it's something we can actually DO to perform miracles of the human heart, turning the most mundane of human interactions into "water-into-wine" experiences. This process will also put our own committment to being authentic to the test, and hone our skills in this area. Lastly, as an added bonus, we will get to have the experience of being world changers, starting with ourselves and our own lives and then moving out from there into the lives of those we touch, starting with our own families and circles of friends, coworkers and aquaintances. So this thread is meant to move from text on a screen to the rubber that meets the road and goes somewhere fast and far, with maximal TORQUE!

Please stay tuned, and prepare to omtimize yourself and the world around you in ways that you cannot now even begin to fathom or imagine. We will be doing miracles of a sort before this thread has outlived its usefulness, you'll see.

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Quite correct, saying it is so doesn't make it so, I understand that notion based on logic.

"Watch your thoughts they become words.

Watch your your words they become actions.

Watch your actions they become habits.

Watch your habits, they become your destiny."

Every action, everything we ultimately do, begins with a thought. My personal favourite;

"I am here, I do not like here. It is cold, boring, and not a good place to raise my children."

"I want to be there for I believe it is a better place."

"I will now believe I can make that change in my life."

"I will now make that change in my life."

I did, and that was 2 years ago, and I never looked back. Now I know your very next thought is "You did that by positive action", yes I did, but it all began with a thought. A thought of change, a thought I wanted something to change. It took 3 years to finally put that change into action, and now I am where I need to be.

That is the power of thought. Do all the great men of the world (need I name them?) change the world and the way we think with their words? Yes of course they did, by having a thought, and then putting that thought into action, which then became a habit. Not just for them but us too.
It is through this but in a negative way those in control have brainwashed us for so many years. They tell us to be happy we need house, car, giant plasma tv, etc, you get the idea. Say it aint so Rob! I am happy because I made a change for the better in my life. Granted I have less than when I was in the boring/cold place, but you know what, I wake up and see the sunlight every day and be happy I made a choice for the better. I would be just as happy if I didn't have those things, because right now in this life I am where I need to be.
Feel free to absurd this notion if you wish

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posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 06:43 PM
P.S. If you ever see Jesus in a mental ward, (again), for God's sake TALK TO HIM. He might have something very valuable to offer, to contribute, to you, and to your life, something of value, to share.

posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 07:23 PM
reply to post by 74Templar

I used "the secret" to get to where I am here in Vancouver, playing hockey, doing reasonably well in my career of choice, I've gone from having to not having, to having again, and it REALLY SUCKED where I ended up, but I had my trusty little vision board, with photos of the Vancouver skyline, hockey, skiing (this year I will at Whistler). One day, I was walking downtown where I lived in Ontario, Barrie to be precise (why hide), in the snow, didn't have enough enough money for the bus, and was heading to the Sally Ann for lunch before embarking on my absurd telemarketing job to make ends meet, and I stopped, looked around and said, emphatically, as if putting my foot down "NO, this is absurd, this is not the life I ought to be living or deserve, I refuse to accept it any more - by this next next year, no matter what, I will be there, and my vision will have become reality, I don't know how, only that it WILL happen". Not three days later, I get a call from a friend of mine, who had a friend in BC who's husband I had once helped with job search advice on how to get to Vancouver from Ontario, years before, who wanted to start up a company, but required the experience that I had (I'm a "Headhunter"), and she'd been mentioning this when her and her husband had recently visited my friend in Ontario, so, to make a long story short, he put me in touch with her, and within TWO WEEKS I had money in my pocket, a plane ticket, my ID, and a rented appartment awaiting me where I now reside, the mountains and ocean in the distance.

There's no doubt we get precisely what we need and deserve, if even only according to our faith, and most assuredly, what we think we become, and what we become we have and we do.
But yeah, since that's a given, that we are what we think, and who we are choosing to be, and that the circumstances of our lives manifest outwardly from that state of mind, and way of being and thinking (in my case the "doing" seemed to just take care of itself, strangely, and acausally) - that too is an absurdity once recognized, that we chose our life, and in our willingness to stand up and take responsibility for it, discover that we were really at cause all along, but it isn't the one I was thinking of, in this talk of life transformation as a movement through the framework of the emerging brotherhood of man and the relativity of human being, although both deal with the issue of love, in your case and in mine, the love of self, to create a better space within which and out of which to enjoy our life more fully.

It's absurd in the sense that it represents little more than a geographic cure for ourselves, unless we can also gather and unleash our newfound potential within the context of community, at all levels and with everyone we meet and with whom we interact, for good or for ill. That is the greater responsibility that I'm thinking about here, and the one to be honest which I am struggling with. While I'm coming across or projecting as if I already have it all figured out and wish to lecture others about something that I myself haven't even realized yet, which is both absurd and hypocrtical, and yes it is, this thread is me speaking to me, as much to anyone, with the faith and expectation that as my fingers type, the spirit of infinite intelligence and wisdom will make it known to me and to you, what it is that we must do, to realize ever more substance and essence (evanescence?) so that our very presence and existence in the world is formative, creative, expressive, and generative of something of immense value, both for ourselves and those who our lives touch, and intersect.

If we are still fundmanetally alone, and are not expressing the fullness of our truest and most authentic self, with OTHERS, then while our life might be infinitely more enjoyable than it was, we are still not being the "yeast in the dough", because whatever we do only for ourselves dies with us, but what we do for another lives on in eternity, even now.

It must begin with self transformation and recovery, but that's just the beginning, although it means everything to be restored and recovered, because that is the very foundation upon which we can move forward with great courage and power into a world gone stark raving mad on a crazy train.

If you see Jesus in the mental ward, talk to him while you can, because he's not going to be staying for very long, and when this work of this thread is done, that is precisely what I intend to do, head out, and practice what I've preached or what has been preach through me, and to me, absurdlly, by me!

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posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 07:51 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Actually I've never read the secret, but there ya go...

That was more just an example of where thoughts lead than an actual point, and yes you are right, there are things I don't like about my new geographic location, but in the same sense I see it as an accomplishment of my life that when I needed change the most my mind provided the idea to get the ball rolling, and the rest followed.
I have long been aware the process of bringing your thoughts into reality, but over the years have changed that from, as you previously posted, "I will be happy when..." to "I am happy because..." and that itself has had a profound difference in my life and those around me. In reality I think that that is what is most important, is the change in yourself having a flow-on effect to others. Granted, I will never be Martin Luther King, or even another fabled wise man from another era (you can guess), but each of us have a message to impart to others. I've always believed every person we meet in this life, no matter the time we know them or the intimacy we get to know, or even their age/experience in relation to theirs, that they have something to teach us. We just have to learn to listen to that message, which in reality is a close neighbour to what this thread is really about, the fact that we have it all already, we just have to see it for what it is to wake up and move forth.

posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 07:55 PM

Originally posted by a1red3
That's why it's absurd!

Actual song "Dreamer" by Ozzy:

Absurd indeed.

I prefer to think of myself, although most certainly a dreamer (my mom always used to say that I needed to keep my feet on the ground, to my vehement disagreement), a believer in possibility, an eternal optimist, because, having gone to the wall (driven up it), I've evaluated, correctly I believe, that there is no other reasonable or rational response to the absurdities of the world, beginning with my own. It's the only thing that makes any sense, to me, faith in the unseen and in as yet unrealized possibility, and the will to do SOMETHING, no matter how big or small, to help bring it about, however fast or slowly. ("I am the alpha and the omega, the first and the last".)

So, while the your sentiment was certainly complimentary (and don't take this the wrong way, as anything personal in relation to you or your gift), I take it as an insult to be called nothing but a "dreamer", as if the best of the best to which we all strive as an idea of perfection is just a "castle in the sky" without any subsstance, value, or applicability in the "real world", and that any such notion of a method of "optimisation", being founded in idealism, is sure to fail where the rubber meets the real road of this life, and must be considered "insane" to begin with, being "unreasonable" in the face of the magnitude of the larger absurdity or in other words, that we are impotent to do or to realize anything of value in the grand scheme of things, there's just no use even trying, because if you are to try, how can you not begin with the end in mind, and begin by shooting for an ideal?

As far as I can tell, anything less than what I'm proposing, since it produces not empowerment, but apathy, is nihilistic, and therefore utterly absurd, nonsense, and something that cannot be taken seriously. The ideal cannot be opposed, that too is absurd. And when formed and framed in love, it's active, creative, formative, fruitful, lasting, and inconquorable. So I guess when we slice away everything that is absurd, all we are left with is faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.

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posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 08:31 PM
reply to post by 74Templar

Yes, I agree, people are amazing. We don't have to try to be anyone else of course either, than the mystery of who and what we are, to ourselves. The other guy is also in the same predicament however, and can only really know himself through the eyes of another. We are each other's salvation, and we are not alone. There is a great marvel here, yet another victory, once "grokked", and once the tool of creation and re-creation is appropriated by the average man, like some sort of boon from heaven, snatched from the Gods (plural) and placed at last in service to man's quest to harness for God the energies of love. There is something waiting in the wings here for rediscovery and deployment, but first we must unearth the greater treasure we needed to first rediscover, within ourselves as authentic human beings simply choosing to have an authentic human experience. Authenticity is the key, and by that I mean, since we cannot know or fathom the depths of ourselves, or another, the willingness to be authentically inauthentic, or to risk being a fool for the sake of love as a process of mutual rediscovery and enjoyment.

In short, once realized, once grokked by us and through the sharing of our authentic selves with others, we both take the plank from our own eye and the splinter from our brother's eye, so that he too can rediscover the unfathomable mystery of his true self, reflected in our own ability to be fully present to him, in both self remembrance and self forgetting. We then become the clearing for another, the very pearl in the gateway of the kingdom of heaven, but we do it, without pointing to ourselves, to each other, or in any one particular direction, because the realization is simultaneously both nowhere in particular and everywhere at once, and what we do for ourselves in service to being helpful to others, we do it for everyone, right across the entire spectrum and what we do for love of God, self and other as self, lives in eternity even now.

But I'm not talking about running away here either, or seeking to escape the mental ward, no, insteead what I'm proposing is that we form the very arrow of progress, by appropriating the tool and employing it in the smallest of gestures, and the most apparently mundane of human interactions and life experiences.

To come out into the light, and place our lamp upon the lampstand for all in the house, without at the same time needing to attract attention to it and in the process losing our reward.

It's beautiful, magnificent, perhaps even absurd, in it's utter simplicity.

The 5th C of the 5 C's of Life Transformation is the most difficult and challenging, because it requires that we stick around long enough for the seed of the word to take hold, and take root in the world of people where the rubber hits the road and really goes somewhere far and wide.

5th C) Continuance.

We need to go that extra mile, and extend our love unrelentingly, and without any compromise or loss of integrity. When we can do that, then whole mountains move, because when the hearts of men change, kingdoms change, and can't not.

Who would like to play a new game, the game of life transformation, beginning with ourselves to ultimately include everyone we know and then by extension, the whole mass of humanity?

Looking back, what would you like your eulogy to be?

Best Regards,


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posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 09:03 PM
For some reason I feel like Moses shouting to the Pharaoh, as the personification of egotism and of self-will run riot - LET MY PEOPLE GO!

I must be crazy!

posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 09:05 PM
I loved it! Execellent!

posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 09:16 PM
reply to post by blazenresearcher

If so, I invite you to read through this thead at your liesure (if you like) and contribute to the discussion for the sake of what I'm calling the 5th C of Life Transformation.

I can't do this as a lecture, it comes across as being too self absorbed and narcissistic, obviously.

We need each other's authenticity to discover this hidden treasure serendipitously.

I do hope you'll come back and say something, ask something, anything!

posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 10:51 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
Jesus in a Mental Ward

Jesus in a mental ward is of little use to the mass of society and by extension, Civilization as a whole (unless they have unlimited internet access) until he explodes as an omegapoint detonation of the cosmogenesis of the noosphere. Bottled up and girded all 'round by an utterly absurd, even insane, Civilization - he is sure to "pop" at some point.

As the unrelenting pressure of all ignorance and absurdity of the larger world without, eliciting for him the grins and giggles of a madman, as the recognition dawns in his mind and heart that the truth is indominable, and the love, HIS love, inconquerable, he lines up in the cue for his meds. The very best of the best of the human being is always present, and the regenerative principal, always latent, the eternal wellspring of new life meeting life and love meeting love the first principal, no matter what anyone else thinks about it, he muses, beaming at the nurse as she gives him a tiny cup of pills and an equally tiny cup of water with which to swallow them. It is his sacrament, of an absurd world gone mad, but he knows this, and throwing them back with a splash in his mouth, he offers the nurse a look of pity and deep love before turning to join his newfound friends in the dining lounge.

Then suddenly, like clouds parting the very sky to let a new light shine into the ward, everyone smiles, both patients and nurses and doctors alike (even the sports announcer on the TV set above the nurses station, normally a vain and morose individual, in spite of his outward mask of perfection), as if it's not a local phenomenon, but an "event" who's effect just rippled out across the entire breadth of all being and becoming, like a whole new world reborn, fresh and new.

Entering the dining lounge, and taking his seat (they've prepared for him the head of the table, how ironic he muses), he announces to the group in a loud resonant manner which cannot hide his mirth and humor "What's to worry about?!" to amuzed giggles and laiughter. Everyone knows, especially these people, when the time has come for the world to rejoice.

After greeting, each one of them in succession, their servers who are operating behind the counter of the food line, everyone, both patients an servers alike, are equally moved by the whole affair. Taking their places, they are seated, someone having paid him, their latest and most extraordinary addition, the courtesy of filling him a tray of food, they glance at him, as if awaiting a grace or a benediction of some kind, to which he laughs aloud, uproariously, and simply nods. They all dig in, as if eating and enjoying their food like a bunch of teenagers. "The FIRST supper" one of them exclaims to laughter and mouthfuls of agreement and mirth all around.

Outside the room, a somewhat panic striken orderly asks the doctor briskly walking down the hall, himself in a panic also, and perhaps not just for those he was charged with the task of "treating" - "How many MORE doctor?" The doctor, a look of childlike terror in his eyes, stops, turns and faces the orderly, and, spreading his arms wide not unlike Jesus Christ himself, replies "I don't know. It appears to be widespread and total. In fact, I think it's starting to effect us all!"

"I think it was the last Jesus we just admitted last night" Billyy the orderly replied, as then as if in epiphany he says, as much to himself as to the doctor "as if once they reached a certain "criitical mass" they would generate what HE called (checking his clipboard) "the omegapoint of the cosmogensis of the noosphere".Looks like they did it Doc. It's all over the TV now, soon to be in the papers, and it's in the way people al over the place are being with one another, even to the way that you are looking at me right now doctor, with that glow of love in your face and eyes."

"I know Billy, I see it in you too."

"Had to happen at some point, somewhere, Doctor" Billy replied, as if he was speaking while standing upon sacred ground.


The preceeding was a fictional story only, and is in no way intended to resemble actual events or people, seriously!

And who can tell me, that this absurd world we are living in is not a "mental ward"..

It's ok to "pop" provided we do it in the right framework and context, of a mutually supportive and loving compassion, with acceptance. It may even be essential.

Sounds 60's Hippyish, but it's totally true. Human potential can only be unleashed from within a loving and supportive framework of mutuality, of the brotherhood and sisterhood of man.

Hope you liked the story! I thought it was pretty creative and somewhat amuzing, but maybe that's just me I don't know.



We Were Absurd

Jesus in a Mental Ward Cont'd..

..back at the ward...

After the meal was cleared away, Billy the orderly among the most enthusiastic of helpers, the jovial discussions, light-hearted banter and the laughter of newfound cameraderie, gradually diminished to silence, as they all sat looking at one another and then to him, knowing that he could speak for them all on their behalf. The orderly staff, although engaged in cleanup activity, were of course, all ears as well.

Clearing his throat and stifling a burp as a result of the hearty meal, he put down his napkin, and began to speak.

"We were absurd" he uttered, pausing to allow the full gravity and implication of this bold statement, to take effect. He giggled, they laughed out loud, he laughed with them. They all understood.

"Here we sit, in a mental ward, diagnosed with just about every mental illness under the sun", to more laughter and giggles. "Of course you guys in the kitchen are all perfectly sane and normal" he called out, laughing with the eavesdropping orderlies.

"The truth of the matter is that we, all of us, both sane and insane, were absurd, utterly absurd, let me explain" he said, raising his right hand and index finger to point, leisurely, heavenward. "It has been said that we are all of us, you and i in particular, mentally ill to a greater or lessor degree, and some of us moreso than others" (more giggles) although he caught the eye of a nervous orderly, Steve when he said it, knowing the heart of a man with a glance.

"All this means is that we were not real, we were not ourselves as we really are, and neither were we based in the real world as it is."

"Let us look to the sky (no Bob, I don't mean literally) which remains the same sky whether it is a cloudy day or not. It (reality) is what it really is, no matter how we percieve it or what we may think about it. It's seemingly unmoved by our plight, but it is not indifferent. Bear with me here before you protest!" he exclaimed, looking at the orderly again. "Please give me the benefit is the doubt as they say. There are two ways of being and showing up in the world, both to ourselves, others, and in the end relative to the world as it is. One is absurd, and the other is not; one is founded in illusory ignorance, and the other, is not.

It is the very same thing with the world without, one is absurd, and the other is not. One is percieved in illusory ignorance, and the other, as it really is.

Listen carefully to what I am about to tell you.

The world as it is, to be what it is, in reality, to be true to itself, needs us to see and experience it as it is in order for it as a whole to be real as IT is, since we are already included within it, and are made, in truth, to see as we are seen, and to know as we are known.

Steve the orderly, having forgotten his kitchen duties, now raised his hand, a noted crease in his brow.

"But Mr. ah "Jesus", or whoever you are, we are imprisoned as subjective observers only and cannot possibly know the objective truth and reality, since by it's very nature it remains outside of our capacity as thinking beings to know it as it really is. In fact, it can never be known as it really is, and therefore, our own point of view is all we have, and we are each of us entitled to our own point of view, aren't we?" he stated and asked, as if posing a challenge to this so-called master of philosophy.

continuing after a smoke break..

"Who is it in particular with this point of view that reality as it is, cannot be experienced directly?" he asked Steve

"It's mine.." Steve replied, no longer entirely sure of himself..

"But if your point of view is such that you, in terms of who you percieve yourself to be, as a limited, finite self bound only by your five senses, can only hold a point of view, that is not the real thing, whether the real you or the real world as it is, then why hold to such a point of view in the first place?"

"What other point of view is possible then?" Steve asked, now becoming curious in spite of himself.

"An authentic point of view", Jesus persona non grata, replied.

"What you've failed to consider Steve, is that your single-pointed, particularized, subjective point of view, being the only one, in your view, that is possible, has remained the only possible one that you've ever known, and therefore, may have, and most likely has, operated and continued to function as a fundamental blind-spot, prohibiting you from recognizing your own true nature, and therefore, that of reality itself. What you may have failed to consider, Steve, and please don't take this as an insult, because I certainly don't mean it that way, is that you too, were absurd.."

Steve is about to protest, waits, all listen, fully present, there is silence, and then poor Steve in spite of himself giggles, and then breaks down into a heap of laughter, giggles, tears, and more laughter, upon the floor, as the whole room almost expodes in an uproar of utter hilarity!

Sitting back, he says to the real Steve, "you see Steve, where your heart is, there will your treasure be also" as Steve, a heap of tears and laughter, starts weeping for real, but, quickly comforted by a whole roomful of so-called Jesuses, all the tears are wiped away from his eyes, his beaming smile that of the Steve he once was, and now is again as if for the first time.

Outside the room, in the larger madhouse, people everywhere start giggling as if for no reason, and a new conversation begins.

Gergorian Earthdate, October 20th, 2011.

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posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 01:57 AM
I found this to be especially interesting and applicable to this thread, and it's driving predicament and dillema or apparent paradox.

Originally posted by Unity_99

Peter Brown - Satsang - Spiritual Investigation

Very deep thinker. And really wonderful to experience his way of expressing his insights and investigations into spirit. Enjoying this very much.

posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 02:17 AM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

HAHAHA thanks a lot for this post

Strangely, except for the part about partying in Highschool (since I wasn't one of the popular kids), your write-up was spot on for me as well. Right down to the "Don't do today what you can put off till tomorrow".

Absurd. Absolutely.

Prophesise on brother

posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 02:41 AM
reply to post by Cecilofs

All the prophesies I'm afraid have all come to an end, and the only thing left is love, here at the end of time as we know it.

So if you'll all please turn then to the very last page of revelations, and consider me the bride, then what we have is a free flow of living water freely available to all who thirst, with two trees of life on either side of a flowing river of eternal life, the tree of the duality of the knowledge of good and evil, conspicuously absent.

Love, and do as you will,

The end.

posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 03:22 AM
I'll meet you there - rowing my boat merrily down the stream

posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 07:37 PM
Just so that there's no gap in the communication, as there's no need to withhold anything..

I might hear someone asking

"What then Mr./Mrs. Spirit Bride, is the living water of the flow of life, that you say is freely available to all who thirst?"

It is the eternal and unending creative evolutionary process of life meeting new life, through a continual process of differentiation and reintegration and growth, within the realm or domain of unconditional love and freedom.

It is the evolution, involution, and continued psychological and spiritual growth of the unique person as a cosmic, evolutionary expression of the Absolute or the eternal Godhead, who is and will forever remain the ground of all being and becoming, who's only frame of reference, is freedom as the freedom to be fully self realized and self expressed, to live and love as intended from beginning to end. "I am the alpha and omega, the first and the last."

It is the revelation of the sons and daughters of God that all of creation has been groaning in travail, to realize, to see and experience, as the creation redeemed.

It is a new creation, a recreation (fun and enjoyment) of a new heaven, and a new earth, one person at a time.

It is the love that remains, when all the prophecy has ceased, and all needless expectations, ended. It is life as it is and as it ought to be.

It's you and me, authentically as we really are, and it is our love as the love of God expressed through us, to one another.

It is God making his home with us, as us, and as a spiritual reality, among his people at the end of history (as we've known it).

It's the continual remembrance of self and other (as we really are), without forgetting ever again.

"We won't get fooled again."
~ The Who

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posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 09:20 PM
post by NewAgeMan

The 4th C

We've already mentioned the 5th C of Life Transformation - Continuance.

Continuance, is the neccessary nurturing process required for the generation of new life and new possibility, both for our own sake (for our self remembrance), and for the sake of the other, for their own growth and wellbeing, and thus it is for the sake of love, where love is the will to give of one's self, for the sake of another's spiritual (and psychological) growth and well being.

The 4th C is - Conversion.

Conversion means here nothing forced or coerced, but simply a fundamental shift in perspective, as a result of the other person's witness to our own transformation from inauthentic and absurd or ridiculous, to fully self expressed and authentic. It is a conversion as a result of their recognition of this transformation in US, as it is expressed by us, to them, as an open invitation, but without any judgement or requirements (unconditional) of them, but simply as our own effort, to move, in our relationship with them, from inauthentic, to authentic, and from unreal, and an abject failure in love, to real love, as our true expression of who we are, and have become, having come to know ourselves as we are.

Conversion comes about, as a result of our own effort, to make amends for the degree of our own inauthenticity and our failure in love, relative to them. It is not required and does not always take place, but more often than not a new seed of love has been planted in the rich dark soul of the pain and sorrow of the failure and breakdown in love, not only on our part, but also on theirs. Thus, in the space of absolute, unconditional love, as nothing but a loving invitation, the other person, when we make our approach to them, on the new basis of who we are and are becoming, may, if they wish, but only as they may wish to freely express it, come across the divide, now that our side of the line of inauthenticity has been erased in relation to them. It comes as a result of a radical, transformative forgiveness, of ourselves and the other, and then in our request to be forgiven in turn, by them, for our own failure in love, and for the degree of our inauthentic self expression in relation to them, for our withholding of our true self, believing perhaps falsely, that the other person might have been to blame in some way. It is a full taking of responsibility for who we are in relation to another.

Conversion is produced as a result of the 3rd C - Conviction.

Conviction is their sudden awareness of their OWN absurdity, inauthenticity and failure in love, resulting in a newfound appreciation and understanding of their own true nature, via their recognition of it in you, relative to them, moved by your coming to them to let them know that you are not longer prepared to be absurd and inauthentic with them any longer, and that you are taking full responsibility for yourself and your love both for you and for them. You then, within this framework and context, as the space of unconditional love and acceptance, embody an invitation extended freely and noncoersively to them, to join you in this new basis and foundation of life as it is expressed in this relationship and this new bond of love, a love which they most likely very deeply share, for YOU, to a degree and a magnitude which will perhaps take your breath away, when it comes back to you, as a result of taking this kind of courageous action.

It is an invitation, which, when presented properly, and with the right understanding and in the right spirit, is all but certain to be accepted wholeheartedly, and the wounds of a lifetime, even generations, healed in an instant and in the twinkling of an eye and in a loving embrace where before there was only enmity, anxiety, and all manner of control issues, victimization or avoidance of victimization, etc etc (absurdities).

In seeing you, doing what you are doing, they too will want to do the same thing, provided you are not approaching them to exact an apology from them, in judgement, but are truly coming from the space of unconditional love and acceptance. The light of awareness will also dawn in them, and they might have a breakthrough as a result, for themselves, and end up having a conversion experience, brought on by their conviction and certain realization, that they too have been absurd, and highly unauthentic over a failure in love, themselves. Your love however is sufficient for both of you, even if they are unable to cross the barrier, and confess in turn with you, in response to your confession to them of something costly which has been a hindrance or a contraint in your relationship to them. It is not required, and would not be love, if it was forced out them, and how that you are whole and complete as you are, you don't require it any more for you, only as a hope, for them. Just be prepared to be blown away and suprised, even astonished, when you start working the 5C's with other people in your life, both friends and foes alike. They too after all are extraordinary people, as we all are.

2nd C - Confession - Your own, to them. Best to tell them in what ways you've been inauthentic in relation to them - that will usually get their attention in a hurry, to see you coming clean about your own inauthenticity and absurdity. No confession on their part is required here in any way, shape or form, unless the fish takes the bait and runs with it..!

1st C - Confidence - You winning theirs, but first sharing about things of mutual interest, and then by coming clean about inauthenticities and absurdities.

The 5 C's of Life Transformation


Instructions for Use

Make a long list of family members, friends, people you dislike (who you relate to in some way or another), people you "hate" (ditto) and lastely, people you've wronged or hurt in some way or another via your own inauthenticities and absurdities. The longer the list the better, you don't have to do the whole thing immediately, and in fact have the rest of your life to work the list and complete it.

Trial run - try it out on a ffriend first, someone you know who knows you, but who's "safe", and get some pratice.

Then, take it to the family, and work it for a while there, and then take it to your enemies and to those you've hurt in any way, shape or form, and remember always that this is as much for you, as for them, and to generate a new domain of possibility for you both in terms of the continued evolution of your relationship and/or your present and future relationships with everyone your/their life touches.

Abracadabra - Hebrew, for "I create that which I speak".

In the newly generated space of mutual acceptance and unconditional love, proclaim to them, after telling them who we were as an absurd inauthenticity, who it is you wish to become, for for yourself, and in relation to them, and then BE that relative to them, in whatever way however big or small, just make sure that some evidence shows up, and stop anticipating their way of being in relation to you, and instead, begin to have more positive expectations as to who they are being in relation to who it is you have proclaimed you are becoming, in relation to them. In other words, stop projecting on others your own reactions and negative expectations, and just accept them as they are, which is the highest form of love.

You will then be creating a framework for yourself within the "relativity of human being", to be and to become most fully and authentically self expressed as yourself the way you really are, while putting the world around you on notice that this is what you are creating and choosing to freely create or who you are being and becoming as a free choice.

At first, your use of the 5 C's will be consciously incompetent, but later on, it will become automatic and unconsciously competent, and by then you will have become very adept at creating new life where there was no possibility, and new love where there was hatred, and this very process, being engaged with love, will continually bring you back to self remembrance while also involving you in the river of life process, and in your own growth as a maturing human being in the very stature of Christ, and that's a real marvel, that you can be anything you want, and anyone you want, while functioning as a transformative love in the world - now that's power, "Big Time" as AA sponsor fisherman Don would say, eh?

Real power, the power to wipe tears from eye with a loving smile.

Give it a try, and if anyone has any questions about this, fire away.

It was the method employed in the OP, and throughout this thread with a type of rhetoric used by the ancient sophists before Socrates drank the poison and Aristotle catagorized and named everything for the institutions of academia. It is a process of human optimization, based on an ideal of perfection, wholeness and integrity. It is the best of the best as we were mean to be, and as life was meant to be lived.

Indeed I am a voice crying out in the wilderness here, and no one is even reading this thread anymore I don't think, let alone appropriating the simple and secret wisdom I've just imparted, or God forbid, using it for themselves and for the sake of those they love.

So now I'm afraid dear reader, that the absurdity, is on YOU!

My prayers are that someone will find this thread, comb it, grok it, and then apply it, starting I guess, with me!

It's a movement. I hope you'll help move it out and get it moving. I cannot do this alone.

Best Regards,

Rob (Bob)
aka NewAgeMan (wanna be)

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posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 10:26 PM
So for those who take the time to fully "grok" what's been presented in this thread, there is a great victory here, not only for me and you, but for our fellow man and woman, for our brother, sister, father, mother, child, grandparent, friend, and foe, and an opportunity to set to work building a better world, for ourselves and others, in whatever way however big or small, however fast or slowly, and from our own sphere of influence by the power of love, which is vast.

And you thought this was all about me just wanting to make a fool of myself for purposes of narcissistic naval gazing?


If I seek only my own glory, then that, is no glory at all.



posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 12:42 AM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

Human Absurdities

(and sentiments) (partial list only)

Assuming everything based solely on prior "knowledge" as accumulated information
Not listening with an open mind free from a priori or even a contemptuous bias
Seeking first to be understood and only then, to understand
The need to know and be right at all cost, even at the cost of truth and reality itself
Unworthiness, as in "I'm not worthy".
Insecure sense of self identity as in "I'm not ok"
Fear of judgement of others
The need to look good, at all cost, even to the point of looking bad
Unending repetition of personal drama
Playing victim or victimizing (in whatever way however great or small)
Farting in an elevator and then pretending it must have been someone else
Hating self and others
Judging - comparing
Defending beliefs
Intollerance of the "beliefs" of others, not matter how superficial they may be
Love of money for what it is
Desire for fame
Lust for "power" and "presitige"
I'm smarter than you
You're smarter than me
I'm better than you
You're better than me
I'm stupid
I'm unlovable
I'm worthless
I'm absurd
I am God
I am not God
I am you
You are me
I am this or that "thing" or "adjective"
I'm a thing
I'm an animal
I'm nobody
I'm somebody extra special
I'm not spiritual
I'm spiritual
I'm not spiritual enough
I'm TOO spiritual
I'm afraid of you
I'm afraid of me
Life sucks
There's never enough
I have it all
I failed
I won
The past determines the future
I'm alone
No one loves me
It's my parents fault
It's the aliens fault
It's the NWO's fault (had to throw those in being we're here at ATS)
I'm powerless
I don't care
I care
He doesn't love me
She doesn't love me
Why don't they love me?
Money can buy me happiness
Money can't buy me happiness
I'm bad
I'm good
I'm crazy
I'm sane
I'm a fool
I'm not a fool
I can't dance
YOU can't dance
I can't laugh
YOU can't laugh
"They" are to blame
"I" am to blame
"YOU" are to blame
This sucks
It should not be what it is
It cannot be changed
There is no hope
Love is just a feeling
Time is of the essence
This life is hell
I hate people
I hate animals
I hate God
I know what's really happening
I know who and what I really am
You don't know what's really happening
You don't know who and what you really are
I can fix you
You can fix me
I'll fix them
When will it all end?
When will it all begin?
If I do so and so, then I will get to have such and such, and then I will at last get to be happy, maybe
It's never enough
It's too much
I want more
When will it happen?
What time is it now?

Bump post.

What's absurd is how quickly and easily I was able to generate that list. I must be really absurd to know just how absurd I and everyone else is, eh?

Can anyone add to it, or is there really any need?

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posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 07:26 PM

Is there still hope for a better world?

NAM and the Whale

I'm not sure about you, and I can't speak for others, but to me it seems like I now inhabit two worlds, one) a predominantly maintream media generated social-matrix of the likes of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, NFL Football, CNN, Fox News, with complimentary death, destruction, mayham and murder, and two) the real world and life itself as it is.

Tragically, and for reasons that I cannot adequately explain, I seem to keep on getting sucked back into the former, as if swallowed up in the belly of a beast. I can imagine how Jonah must have felt (allegorically speaking) inside the belly of the whale (the poor dear).

It's very constraining, let me tell you, but you would know, having yourself been swallowed by the very same whale, like we're mere crill to its insatiable appetite.

Malnourished and languishing in the darkness, I will pray for deliverance, and then, from time to time I WILL find myself, to my utter atonishment, suddenly puked up onto a new beachhead of bright new possibility, only to be summarily caught, sucked in, and dragged out to sea before I am even able to reach the blessed shores of reality, a free man at last.

But lately, I've begun to sense the possibility, or the hint, of a possible shift, as people everywhere are being puked up near beaches of new possibility all over the place, and then quickly running, as fast as is humanly possible for the shores of truth and reality, most of course immediately caught before reaching their new destination, and swallowed again whole, dragged back into the abyss, just like me.

"Pics or it didn't happen" I can hear some saying, and hey, we could offer you pics here of a world gone wrong, and of stacked bodies and severed limbs enough to fill 10 superdome stadiums (and that's just the Cheney/Bush chapter of recent history), but why bother? The data, is in, and it certainly does not paint a very pretty picture, we all know that. Heck all we get is bad news anyway. In the belly of the beast, the only thing you swallow, as "food for the mind", is bile. It's very gross, as you may well know having already tasted it yourself.

It wasn't always this way. In the old days, we were initiated through a process of life transformation witin the loving and mutually supportive framework of our community, the vast wisdom and understanding, and the love of our elders and ancestors informing us throughout the journey of our lives. Not any more. Now, they throw us to the dogs, as a dog, while assuring us, in no uncertain terms, that it's a "dog eat dog world", and that's not helpful. At primary or "elementary" school, they pack us into boxes of 30 and feed us a carriculum developed in the 1960s, while at the same time terrorizing us with the "facts of life", not the least of which is the idea that unless we are and remain top of our class and go on to obtain the education of a doctor or a rocket scientist, that we won't be very useful in the "emerging global economy", and that's not very helpful either.

What's a person to think? What are we to do?

By the time we get our proverbial # together, there's just another damn treadmill to run, another hampster wheel beconing, because that's the way the system has been designed, to trap us, and make of us "good consumers", madly doing our best, not just to survice, but if at all possible, to surpass the "Jones's" next door, the bastards, who just parked a new car in their lot, with the smile of Cheshire cat.

It's a real predicament - the worst part perhaps being the eventual prospect of a surrender and submission, an aquiescence, under the unbearable pressure of it all; a cracking and a breaking of our human will and spirit, such that we ourselves, just like Winston Smith in George Orwell's 1984, one day find ourselves babbling, in near catatonia, as we stare utterly transfixed at "the tube", the words "I love Big Brother".

Where is the Love?

People are, I've noticed, snubbing other people everywhere, and the great pastime now, aside from maintaining a certain "image" in the eyes of others, involves ranting, endlessly, and raving, loudly, about the absolute and utter stupidity, and inauthenticity, and the incivility, of our fellow man. "They" are to blame for absolutely everything that is wrong with us and our lives. We have the proof, just look at us!

And of course for money, yes money, not just as a means to the enjoyments and realities of life, but as a thing unto itself, as a status symbol (what do YOU do for a living...hmph?), for money, adn status, most of us, no matter how much we may protest that this is just not so, will sell out our best friend, and for the sake of our image, our own true self! After all, it's a "dog eat dog world". We know. "Kill or be killed, eat, or be eaten." We know. They taught us well.

Thereafter further asserting our will, whether a have, or a have not, in part to protect our own inner child, we eat it alive. We hear it's cries, we know it's voice, but would prefer, lest we should be ourselves as we are, and face, head on the full magnitude of our own ignorance, to keep is safely locked away in a closet where hungry monsters lurk.

Some among us, of the more sensitive and tender loving variety, unwilling to go to such lengths in order to find our "place" in the matrix of the beastly domain - they just completely break down in the face of it all, to enact mythic journeys of the hero from the apparent safety and security of mental institutions only to discover, too late, that there they are forced to take seratonin uptake inhibitors capable of turning them into the very devils they were prepared to heroically wrestle to the ground on hehalf of us all.

It's absurd. Utterly absurd!

To add further insult to injury, if all that weren't sufficient to knock the wind out of our sails, the failure in love, is total. It's both a "top down" and a "bottom up" phenomenon, like a socio-political grass roots movement which, although supposedly founded upon "Hope" and "Change", fails to deliver the goods.

Even those closest to us, from our own parents, our siblings, our spouses and even, God forbid, our own children, fail us in this vital area of simple human need - to love and be loved as we are unconditionally.

Then at last swallowed by the beast, for the umpteenth time, our most fundamental hopes and dreams dashed all to pieces, our very destiny, thwarted, we stand tall and look bravely ahead, only to suddenly behold our very life in a rearview mirror (where objects appear larger or smaller than they actually are) having all but passed us by, the prospect of old age coming at us at full speed like a Mac Truck, who's inevitability resides in the twinkling eye or an ornamental bulldog, and we shout MY GOD IT'S TOO LATE!

Or is it...?
after all,

"For man all happiness must arise exclusively in relation to all unhappiness, already experienced." (Gurdjieff ) and

"The more that suffering has carved into our being, the more joy we can contain." (Gibran)

There IS another world. I've seen it. But by God, is there any way out of THIS one, and a way out upon which we can all absolutely agree?!


Help! (NAM running) I can see the SHORE!

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posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 07:53 PM
"no comment" (from the gallery)


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