David Icke…..Ufology’s Worst Ambassador

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posted on Nov, 8 2010 @ 07:36 PM
David in my opinion you are leaving a Foul residue of Disdain in the Bowels of Ufology. Its your god given right David to have your own opinion, But really Dave ( can i call you Dave ) Saying that Reptile / Aliens are strutting around our BuckingHam palace is not only insulting to her Majesty ( God only knows How she feels being called a Reptile ) But is actually Disparaging, to those of us that are Hoping for Disclosure and Contact quick before Humankind blows itself off the Map. And for that We need clear positive Thought, to prize the TRUTH from the Jaws of those that would Deny us ( To the powers that be. BE WARNED......THE TRUTH is THE TRUTH.....It Can Not be Stood down )

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 07:05 PM
I bet that nobody who is calling him crazy has ever read one of his books cover to cover or listened to his speeches.

He is totally lucid and has done the perception of reality "waking up" process before many of us and under serious duress and ridicule yet he keeps patient and coherant.

People are just slow to grasp concepts that when actually thought through make perfect sense.

People like Jones and Icke brought this stuff to our attention and have been PROVED correct time and time again.

First we are like "theres no NWO" then 911 happened and everyone believes it. Soon there will be events that prove Icke right and all the critical sheep will pretend they knew the state of play all along.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by Maybe...maybe not

Originally posted by Maybe...maybe not
reply to post by MarrsAttax


David Icke is not a Ufologist so it's wrong to paint him as an ambassador for Ufology. I really don't recall him ever discussing UFOs (I could be wrong).

Icke states the world is secretly being run by shape shifting reptilian ALIENS.

Therefore people associate Icke strongly with Ufology.

Kind regards
Maybe...maybe not

Yes, but YOU don't associate ALIENS with UFOs do you MMM?

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 09:46 AM
Whats your problem with Icke, that he's selling books?
Why, do you get yours free?
As far back as I can remember I have bought my books, fiction or non fiction.
Yes David Icke's theories are quite out there and I have to admit, I bought into it also a while back and now I dont buy into it, but my reasons are not because he is selling books.
These people have to live aswell, you forget.

If you were putting as much info up as Icke has done over the years, its nearly impossible to keep a job.
Or disinfo of cos.

Still, just because he is selling his work dont meen he is lying.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 10:26 AM
David Icke is probably the most entertaining of all the conspiracy theorists. He is for me anyway. I haven't heard any of his lectures for quite a while, nor read any of recent books, but I will say with certainty that everything the man has put forth has always been worth whatever he charges.

To me, it isn't always about the validity of the material. It is about the entertainment factor. Not one of these conspiracy theorists has all the right info that we know of. The public just doesn't know. That is why we have so many people printing so much material and holding so many lectures. It's entertainment for lots of people. I don't believe that Icke does anything to hurt the field of UFOlogy. I think what the man brings to the discussion is in fact so outlandish and different, that he can easily be put aside and left out of the discussion altogether.

I do not believe or subscribe to 99 percent of what he says, but I do enjoy listening to and reading his material because he makes me think, and more importantly he makes me laugh.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 08:32 PM
Isn't it obvious that all of the theories and yes, even facts about UFO's and alien races would not be utter BS? Why the stories now? Why is there a need to sell propaganda to a "manipulated" majority of Americans. And I mean uneducated. Anyone can tell a good story. Head to your local Borders (if it hasn't gone out-of-business) and behold the number fiction books.

Why didn't Icke release the contents of his book, over the internet, for free. You saying this a schizophrenic metaphor Icke? Is your left-side of the brain creating delusions and hallucinations? Or does he, being the elitist he is, prey on the innocent victims that are his webboard members?

That is truly reptilian. And why are you using reptilians means to dissmeninate your message Icke? This includes the computer? Do you accept credit cards as a method of payment for your book? Why are you appearing on television Icke? Have you seen the movie, They Live, Icke?

As for reptilians, what about the Lacerta story? Fact or fiction, anyone can write a story. The more educated or versed, the more intricate, right? According to Lacerta, reptilians have not interfered with humans in 5,000 years.

Newflash... the reptilians just communicated a message about Icke. They said he has a awesome mullet!
There are 14 other alien races.

Again, how do you contend that never happened, Icke? The bubble? Why do they call a water fountain a bubbler? Why

Aren't you a reptilian! And why do you care? Did you get exicted about your idea? You do realize that a reptilians wrote that book for you and did your research and made your career? The reptilian probably had your first kiss for you and your first sexual experience. You feelings and sentiments toward the reason you wrote the book and created the webbboard are likely fake, too.

What about you Icke, is real? The fact you said something? What did you say? What have you proved? That you are a captialist, elite, of the reptilian agenda.

It is almost a certainty, according to the magic 8 ball, that Icke will reveal he is a fake, eventually.

Does this Icke not realize that the reptilian would be the ploy of another race of aliens? They would do nothing but make-up storylines for Icke to prey upon the have-nots or those who have no social life or suffer from a mental disorder.

Are humans dead or enslaved? What motivated one's actions, at least as far as humans are concerned? According to American history, African-Americans were enslaved by whites who needed the African slave to make money.

How does an advanced civilization come to exist if it has a predator mentality? How does it sustain itself, if it is bent on irrational killing and hurting others? How did it come to originally evolve? Again, there is no god.

Who cares about the bible one way or the other Icke, Jonah was not swallowed by a whale, unless some fat man or woman sucked the guy's thing and didn't spit.

But, I digress.

Obviously, the reptilians have no vested interest in money or anything from humans, but dare I say ~ enterntainment?

Wouldn't Icke be a mind-controlled slave of the Reptilians, whose every word and forbid - his body and mind completely controlled? Honestly, how can you trust the guy? What if he too, is a shape-shifitng reptilian? How can you trust the horse's mouth?

And as for all of you, what if you are all Reptilians? I cannot tell, right? I know nothing.

How many board members does Icke have? How many books can he sell?

As for Satanism? Satan is a social construct. And African were the first human beings. Whites were orignially neandertals. You mean that Reptilians worship a socially constructed God? And engineered such a clever story while human society advances?

Who would want to be a politician? Wouldn't reptilians rather be Ron Jeremy or Tommy Lee or Sean Michael or Mandingo or Brock Lesnar or a Navy Seal?

That would mean more sex, more fear generated upon society, more fun for them, more women, and more violence. What man wouldn't cry when Mandingo, a large black man, took their white girl? And he was a blasted reptilian too!

As for this guy, Andrew Hennessy, have you people heard of the Articulan? Read about them. Wouldn't their ships have gotten shot down already?

Jawas? Yeah, and Tusken (Tuscany) Raiders exist too. And so does Bib Fortuna.

Supposely, Lucifer is a white guy god and he was once an angel like St. Michael. You know, there are some pretty cool interviews with St. Michael. And angels had wings because there's gravity in the heavens?

Icke reminds me of this guy who charges between $150 and $300 for spiritual help and clearance of entities. He uses this sales-pitch/sales approach for sure. But, he claims he clears people of the spirits attached to them. He even says that the spirits have names when he calls upon St. Michael to help these people, who are now without $300, like Robert or Richard, but it was hard for him to hear, of course, through his third eye.

There is no third eye. And this guy has written a few Ezines.

What do you people think humans should be doing? Would hyper-space travel make you feel better? Or fighting war?
There are really only know many things humans can do anyway (sex, television, the club, work).

No one knows a designer. However, the Reptilians would have figured out "awareness" and I don't mean "I think, therefore I am."

Unless, of course, everyone is a copper-top (like the lyrics of rapper Cam'ron, "battery on his head, coppertop him), including, the reptilians. Some aware, then came here to vacation, obviously.

They, like humans, would have fundamental consciousness. They would be playing the role of their said body. Their body does not define their existence. Their consciousness, like all the truly aware, is existence.

The bible never was and is not an important book. The story of Noah, for instance, is comparable to a "super storm". The reptilians or said race, would be using the guy to make him paranoid or a fool by lying to him and probably having a good time with him.

You mean many humans have sex and make money? Wow, the reptilians seem cruel. And they stopped what? They prevented people from knowing they too are fundamental consciousness. Funny, they didn't stop me from knowing that.

Believing and disbelieving in nothing, being all that is, being what is, and of course, knowing nothing. However, being aware of existence, which has no biological or spiritual aspect. That is all that is.

There is a designer neither god nor creator.

And whatever happens in life is because it had to be that way on this earth.

Once you reach that understanding, all this internet garbage and materialism means nothing.

Icke is a capitalist who can't probably cannot pass a lie-detector test. He would probably tell you that the lie detector results were an illusion.

That is how the human brain works, however.

As for the reptilians, what if another race, say the grays, lie and control and genetically alter animals to produce races that include, the reptilians (iguana, dinosaur), nordics (human clones), and so forth.

Even big foot can be classified a genetic mutation of an "alien race". As for the Jersey Devil? Another genetic mutation?

There is no fear of aliens. There is a designer that cares not about right and wrong (you can only be what your brain and body will allow). There is a source of existence, a designer, that needs not to be worshipped.

All one has to do is return to the very source of existence and that is not Absolute power.

As for history... History shows that up until about 500 years ago, Africans, Asians, and Indians lived better than the "elites" or the Europeans.

The "guns, germs, and steel" gave whites a few hundred year advantage that is dying with the depletion of the white race. In short, most of the world, until industrialization, has lived closer to pure and cleaner bodies, that the Europeans, whose introduction of many delicious foods has gotten the world fat.

In short, the simple life was better.

As for reptilians, the enlightenment of advance civilizations would surpass the need for primordial enslavement and deceit. If he hears any voices, he is hearing his "echo" interpret (schizophrenia) for him his own brain's messages. Icke probably thinks schizophrenia is a reptian talking to him.

Yah. And who wants to talk to a human being.

As for time travel. there is no god, so how does a dimension come to exist in a physical universe. For time travel to exist, the universe would have to be pre-recorded. That really would get the reptilians sick of a god who made a decision to make exist, as a lizard rather than give them or humans or any aware life a choice.

And reckon, no god can have that ability to decide the fundamental consciousness anything, as you would realize that even he would have merely a consciousness and would be playing the role of a god.

Fundemental consciousness is what all living things have in common.

And how was Icke able to tell his story? The reptilians allowed that? He would be under complete control or gasp! reptilian.

Icke might be a trap star. He lures you into believing his story so he makes money and you move further from the truth. If nature imitates art, as it would, well, than say the X-Men enslaved humanity or Magneto and his Acolytes. Earth is actually a virtual world designed on Avalon and Magneto leaked his story through the comics.

How about the advanced civilization of humans, like earthlings, enslaved some humans in a CGI world. There is a bumper sticker out there that once read, Kirk=Bush.

Yes, Captain Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise plays the role of Bush. Again, you create any story and use anything in society to prove it.

Would he have consciousness? If an alien contacts you (against your free will and thus, interfering with you free will and time and say Icke gets into a car accident moments later because of his "conversation".

And didn't Icke rip-off the movie, "Enemy Mine"?
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And Icke, PIITB.
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posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 11:14 PM
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posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 03:51 PM
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posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 04:06 PM
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posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 07:50 AM

Originally posted by Maybe...maybe not
Icke has extended his alien reptilian fantasies & undertaken a revolting & damaging campaign based on fantasies about paedophilia & satanism, in order to rip money off gullible people by developing & preying upon their paranoid concerns.

I don't think Maybe...Maybe Not is active on ATS anymore but I was just wondering if he or anyone else has had pause for thought this week about David Icke's claims of paedophilia within the establishment being 'fantasies'.

With the news this week that the police are poised to arrest household names (to quote the man running the investigation..

I have no doubt that we are in watershed moment for child abuse investigation and this will be a landmark investigation.


and with Tom Watson MP tellling parliament that evidence exists of a possible paedophile ring with links to No. 10 Downing Street it seems more and more likley that Icke's claims only seemed fantastic because people prefer to bury their heads in the sand rather than accept such a shocking reality.

I've been shocked this week. As someone who has read Icke's books I can say that I firstly viewed them as entertainment and food for thought but did not put too much stock in his wilder allegations. I believed (as I stated in an earlier post on this thread) that Icke tended to lazily accept any stories he was told as long as they fitted with his anti-mainstream views (confirmation bias).

However, I've now had to question that. The idea that paedophilia is rife in the entertainment industry (as some lone voices have been claiming for years) and possibly within other establishment circles as well, is now seeming to be an acccurate one. This has given my world view quite a serious knock.

I'm left thinking, if Icke was right about this, what else is he right about?

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 08:36 AM
reply to post by MarrsAttax

I have heard that argument before that Icke is making money from discussing paeodophilia in his books and how disgusting that is....... but as you say, he has been proven right about people such as Jimmy Savile. For those who may not know, Jimmy Savile was a visitor to Haute de la Garenne children's home in Jersey , where there was a big cover up on bones, teeth and the evidence of cadaver dogs that was found there a few years ago. Savile was good friends with PM Margaret Thatcher and Prince Charles.
Icke had the guts to call Savile a peaodophile when he died and when 100% of the media and establishment in Britain was heaping praise on him! People were referring to Icke as a 'nut' again for speaking out. Icke is sadly right about the large scale organised abuse of vulnerable children in the UK. Personally I believe Icke when he says that , as a parent himself, he feels the need to expose this abuse.

As for the Reptillians (regardless of if they exist or not), I'm pretty sure Icke has said they are interdimensional beings native to earth as we are, so not Aliens! Therefore he is not a UFO researcher!

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posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 02:35 AM
a reply to: DrHammondStoat

There is evidence at least 20 prominent figures - including former MPs and government ministers - abused children for "decades", a former child protection manager has claimed. Peter McKelvie, whose allegations led initially to a 2012 police inquiry, said a "powerful elite" of paedophiles carried out "the worst form" of abuse.


And each day that passes David Icke appears a little more sane (and the world a little more crazy).

posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 04:29 AM

originally posted by: MarrsAttax
a reply to: DrHammondStoat

There is evidence at least 20 prominent figures - including former MPs and government ministers - abused children for "decades", a former child protection manager has claimed. Peter McKelvie, whose allegations led initially to a 2012 police inquiry, said a "powerful elite" of paedophiles carried out "the worst form" of abuse.


And each day that passes David Icke appears a little more sane (and the world a little more crazy).

He sounds very sane here.

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