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To All TPTB/Black Ops, Time To Wake Up To Equality and Love

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 05:30 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by polarwarrior

I see this completely differently. Due to the nature of Infinity itself, its impossible to have One, only Many in One,

Ahh I see the discrepancy now. Its about what we think we know about infinity, see I think due to the nature of infinity it is impossible to have many in one, only one.

Manyness is a finite concept.

Its very hard to give an example here but ill try the multiple paralell universe one, suppose there are infinity paralell universes. The universe next to this is completely the same exept the ant near my foot is standing 1cm to the left. But that is a huge jump and seeing that all exists in infinity the universe where the ant is 9mm to the left also exists and so on. What you realize is for there to be infinity paralell universes, the universe to either side of this one is exactly the same! and the one next to that one is exactly the same as the last! There cannot be finite discrete jumps or differences between them or else there would only be a finite amount of universes, all situations e.i. every nanometre and below that the ant is standing has to be covered in infinity. Now the universes next to each other are one and the same things, yet we do still get coverage of all possibilites.
This is where manyness comes in, if finity is introduced then it becomes possible to have a discrete difference between paralell universes that are next to each other and they cease to be exactly the same thing, when they cease to be one and the same they can be "counted" So with the concept of finity comes manyness.

So I believe infinity is unity, and finity is manyness.

The concept first came to me from learning calculus at university but its had an amazing carry on into seeing the universe as all one thing in my spiritual life, that is if I think its infinite which cannot be proven. But the experience of oneness leads me to believe it must be infinite. I dont like to go near zooms of planets and small things when talking about infinity because your using finite measurments to explain infinity, it can only ever stretch a persons spacial grasp and seeing as I think spacial size to be a rounded off 0% of the concept of infinity I dont bother. Its often easier to explain it in terms of nothing doesnt exist, so the bounds of the persons finite imagination will quickly build continuos stretch examples for them.

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 07:00 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Hi Polarwarrior,

Its about what we think we know about infinity, see I think due to the nature of infinity it is impossible to have many in one, only one.

Thanks for sharing!

At the end of the day where there's no such thing as end everyone from the finite level of understanding will have their socks knocked off. The important thing for me personally is how we continue to live our lives to the finish line where there's no such thing as finish or line.

Is there such thing as one all knowing being where there is no all?

Stop rhyming now and I mean it.
Anybody wanna peanut.

Best Wishes!

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 08:05 AM
Hey Unity_99,

Thank you for the wonderful post, this post is aligned with my post here:

Where I ask for someone to explain to me the truth regarding "why the powers that be don't realize that they are going to go through a 'LIFE REVIEW' just as explained by many NEAR DEATH Experiencers". And that they will be "Shamed" by the un-loving acts they have performed while living as a human.

Unity_99, would you not expect the POWERS THAT BE to be more informed of "what is going to happen in the after life". It is hard for me to understand that "THE CORRUPT POWERS THAT BE" are not concerned with the "DAY THEY WILL DIE", which makes me thinking every second of the day why they are not conscience of "What happens after they die".

What do the POWERS THAT BE think will happen to them when they die? Are they hypnotised by the power brokers and International Bankers that "you will not be judged" and you "WILL NOT FEEL SHAME" about what you do while on Earth?

Even little "parasite" ME who has no power on the this planet even is educated enough to know that "based on the near death experiences" studies, that "I will be given a life review" of what harm I have done others while on Earth, so you would think that the powers that climbed themselves to the top, would be smart enough to be aware of the NEAR DEATH Experience judgement stage?

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 08:32 AM
reply to post by theprofessionalnyc

They're being midsled. They also have access to their inner direction of their Higher Self with connections to the beyond, but to have access to home, ET phone home, the line home through your heart/understanding of this takes positivity, higher frequency. So they are being misled, connected to and channeling, something NOT from the beyond. Something that considers itself masters of the known universe. In comparison to our Higher Selves, the Creators/Designers/Programmers, the biggest fish in this Universe is not = to Higher Self. Therefore things are never what they seem, though somethings are allowed to happen and do happen for a reason, our ability to connect within allows us to be guided and to change our lives around, and do the right thing. The level to which this happens obviously can also change a great deal and bring in our miracles.

This is also a matrix and whats running things behind the matrix, the negatives here, are not human, everyone has strings attached to them, and in term even more strings, so they are subject to disinfo all the way up, in a pecking order of what could be called The Empire, or The Corporation/Incorporation.

Ultimately the duality the cosmic citizens are serving is just STS, lack of love and love of power, and a program in the sysetem. There are many planets like earth, and an equal number free, stars,and an equal number of dwarf/dark stars, this universe is structurally set up as a duality, but not soul.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

I've always known we don't become One in that way, but when I really got a glimpse for the feel infinity, the binary code for the Universe is 1010101010101..............and for the many in one, 1111111111111111...........I understand. I've had some memories triggered and returned, we're ourselves all right and very loved, with great love for all the others, and this never changes in the Beyond.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Hi Polarwarrior,

A few things more I decided to comment on because I did it my way!

Do you think 2011/12 will happen regardless of the efforts we make as a collective? or is it entirely under our controll, or a mixture?

From an Infinite/Eternal perspective there are no accidents or coincidences and everything is happening by design.

I've chosen to show where there is no tell only show because I did it my way.

I did it my way, they did it their way and hip hip hooray we all did it our way where there is infinite ways that exist and yes I did it my way!

I am what I am, they are what they are, we are what we are and it sounds like a star!

Cute little bear nudge wink don't ya think and can ya feel it where there is no it but you're it.

Stop rhyming now and I mean it, anybody wanna peanut!

Who is the little girl and who is the light being above her?

What is the roll of film and is that roll of film infinite or finite?

Who is the light being above the little girl?

Who is it that can already see the little girls life beforehand where there's no such thing as before?

Who are they?

Also when it comes to free will, what do you reckon the workings are in regards to collective free will vs. indinvidual free will.

The Beyond of duality existences such as this universe are something so wonderful that there is a type of shared/collective______ (call it what you will) but in so many ways more than anyone can possibly imagine where thoughts, feelings, bliss, joy, happiness can immediately be felt by all and shared through Eternal Soul heart transfer one to another all at the same time within such existences where there is no one, time or all.

Individual freewill is Eternal and Infinite and has always existed for all beings that are not just fractals of each other or a one being but other trees in likeness as one tree exists on earth so does another yet they have very similar qualities by design in trunk, roots, branches, leafs and last but not least where there is no last or least fruit.

Best Dreams!

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:45 AM
In Infinity, each of us exists Infinitely in both directions, with an infinite roll of film pertaining to ourselves, each of us, forever does. It can be no other way: Infinite, Infinite Progression. Along with this the potential and reality for all reaching Equal states already exists in Infinite Progression, hence the potentiality of profound equality between all the levels of self, is real and thus what can be derived as true and real, and pertains to how we are as a Family, is that we Love each other and are Equal.

While we are also all individual, and color the pictures in the coloring books individually, our own way, in a sense, we are preparing step by step for the our own creations, universes, homes, worlds, in What Dreams May Come.

We are connected in oneness/unity, but always The Many In One! For if one perceives oneself an individual and you are in this world as Soul/Consciousness/Light perceiving this, you as an individual thought/perception/personality infinitely stretch in both directions in an infinite roll of film. All of us, the Infinite Family of Light, incarnate into 3D realms, and must pass this test for growth of consciousness, we are in effect the clip that holds the film in, we make it all real.

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 03:56 PM
In addition, looking at it from an Infinite point of view, with the roll of fillm always "advancing", then one could ask, is this a perpetual loop? Are we always destined to redo this with ever more projections of self?

Another way of seeing this is that, that this has already been dealt with, and the DVD is stored. Really we only have to pass this test or level once, to make it real. However, there are many here who have not passed it yet, who need a boost up, a helping hand, and there are ones on the other side who choose to come back into this dvd, to assist and help, even though many have taken on the veil of forgetfulness in the process themselves.

When we shine light, words of awareness, truth, when we wake up, we turn to our inner self, our knowledge within and we find our path, to lend a helping hand.

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 08:13 AM

Can you post a link where you introduce yourself? If you have not told us what your background is in any link/post yet, can you givus us information regarding what your education is/or how you have such vast knowledge of the reality and truth? Do you have memories of being on the other side, are you a channeler?

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 08:46 AM
Unity_99 and ET_MAN do you guys already know each other? You seem like two peas in a pod on these forums....get a room already lol jstjks

I keep thinkin im readin one of et mans posts then I realize its from unity or something, trippy.

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

His thread Warning From The Benevolents, got into the spiritual and infinity, and it activated my memories. It was like the window was thrown wide open for me, and a huge infinite vista appeared, I just felt so happy, and wanted to leap out and go home, where thoughts move us faster than we can imagine. Its so slow here.

So we chat, and is like having the light within someone activate the light within. All by design, for we prearrange the stepping stones to awareness, and awakening before we come in, if we do pay attention, and if we're on this test.

In any case, its his code, 1111111...... that woke me up initially, and reaching into the infinity within the universe, I was watching that video I posted on the first page.

Yesterday, I saw how we were the clip holding the film of ourselves as indidviduals in worked, though we are one and united, in a way far more profound than can be understood on earth, connected to each other. That this very difficult test of duality and becoming self, awakening love and strong yearnings for equality and basically overcoming or yearning to overcome the world, must be passed at least once, and in this grass roots, foundation living library world, where we become ourselves, and when progressed in awareness, dream dreams, our way in the end.

Its a wonderful gift, and a great challenge for the free will zone also creates so much room for abuse and suffering, and also in "time", can seemingly take almost forever for some, lost in a kind of Ground hog day scenario,like the movie, making changes each time in their coloring in the lines.

Hard to explain, just reach within my heart to write.

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by theprofessionalnyc

I bypass the introducing self, as I'm shy and don't ever spotlight myself.
I am high school educated only, and self learning. Have been an experiencer all my life, but only began to meditate consistently last June. And have been pushed inside consistently for the last two years by strong nudges. And have been experiencing connections and memory, and recognize light in others, like family. Especially since August where it activated more.

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 06:13 PM
I want to share some messages, a friend and I were shining some light back and forth, and he spoke from the source (by the way you can tell when its streaming in, and your heart will recognize truth). So he gave me permission to add this:

There is no such pyramid structure when it comes to the true infinite Love & Light.

Only to those in darkness who seek power, greed, authority, worship etc. etc. etc.

There is no throne to the true Teachers/Creators that are 11111111111's and equals..There is no throne, worship, or force but One-1 in equal opportunity from the infinite/eternal perspective...One-1 perfect love.

For one to understand what they need to do one must first be up to par to a certain level/degree in understanding/awareness of what/who they truly are and how things work out there.

Once they come to the wake up realization of what is taking place on Earth and come to the realization of who they are and how they can make a difference then they can come to that higher level of awareness/understanding and easily accept the other part of them being infinite one-1 eternal souls existing on infinite one-1 eternal levels.

The first step is simply assisting people to become more aware of the material world they live in/occupy for the time being for now.

But again that is not your task or mine but that is what we choose to do as you did it your way, I did it my way and we all did it our way.

In the end where there is no end it works out for the better regardless as there is an infinite eternal coloring book plan with outlining and the program is followed down to the last piece of data.

Your light supports the other lights in the world and in this infinite existence that we all currently are part of.

Your light can bring light to others and awareness of that light that they have inside that they only have been hiding within themselves.
Your light that you shine can show them their candlestick and light that they have all on their own if they only would hold it up instead of hide in covers found deep within their souls.

The mask that some people wear is only that, a mask, and they have only lost their way not realizing who and what they really are. The mask they wear is like Darth Vader and has taken control over them. That ego controls them, but once that mask is taken off it shows their true loving soul nature of LIGHT that was truly there all along but only kept hidden, tucked away deep within; and it does hurt, but feels so great and wonderful at the same time to them when they find it again and really feel that love and light stored within their souls because light always was happiness and joy and so was Love,sharing, caring, giving, helping etc. etc. etc. The true infinite Love & Light nature of the Benevolents and all eternal light souls.

Very beautiful words. We're all love and light, under the masks we wear, and the only true happiness and joy is the caring, sharing and wonderful team work we have in equality on the light side force.

So stop delaying and work at looking within.

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 06:40 PM
Hello Unity_99,

I would like to ask just one-1 question and il just first say that a few others already know of my own skill/level of understanding and awareness of how I perceive and interpret life as it is in the now.

The past few weeks I have been feeling rather unusual and cannot seem in the figure of speech "to put my finger on it" as what is the cause. I've not long found out where there is no such thing as long that in the area I live in is a Hot-spot for sightings and encounters and everyday I wake up and live life differently everyday I always feel dazed out in the sense - spaced out?

I don't drink alcohol and haven't for over two weeks now as I'm detoxing and have stopped it as I'm exercising and keeping fit nowadays. I don't smoke. I eat healthy and drink fresh water and have my normal intake of nutrients and fruits.

Though I'm AWARE ever since I experienced "seeing" first-hand of the other side I can't seem to take this so-called reality seriously anymore and I hope that's not a bad thing, its just life is so much different and I think I can best explain this feeling like when your just waking up from a lucid dream though realise you have been dreaming since the day you were born and the lucid feeling doesn't go away ever until you leave this temporal body for good.

I used to drink at night sometimes just have the one or two beers here and there because I thought it was the alcohol but ever-since not having the odd drink here and their I still feel the same

I'm a lot healthy and can focus so much better and everywhere I look I can see energy flowing off everything. Its like yesterday I could see the Aurora coming off the broom stick and I just gently moved it side to side I can't even explain what I could see in detail as it was so cool, I can see it coming off my body, from doors, hallways, carpets, windows, puddles, the sky, anything thats materilistic/objects you name it and the weirdest thing I can do at the moment is actually look at the monitor and see through it like its not there, I see codes like some weird latin, old english language/symbols its strange but I only get a glimpse of it here and there.

The latest I can do is tune into sounds with my ears and pick up on extra high or low frequencies. I can hear radio waves coming from televsions that are not even switched on.

I'm being advised now not to say anymore as I must be careful here on ATS.

What do you make of this because I feel like I'm one-1 of few chanelling like this here and I can only hope you and ET_MAN are feeling or somewhere along the lines know something about this?

Thankyou, Take care,

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Hi there!
I've never been able to drink and it always made me feel yucky so I finally stopped accepting the occasional drink and have never missed it. My experiences are usually like that a bit more when my frequency is very high, when I'm meditating and listening to whales and dolphins. I saw rushes of codes flowing up or on the trees out the window doing the dishes. I see auras, but not colors, the energy emanations, field, and can feel it, I've always been able to feel energy and it forms a picture a clear image in my mind, ie. if its energy from a contact, a signature.

The computer was like a plane, almost a dimension, a kind of artificial dimension when I was in a very high frequency, I felt as if I could sense a huge amount of data, information and knew that if I was more psi, I could somehow reach into the field and tap into it. I also sensed ets, could leave their bodies and flow through this plane/field.
Corridors, portals, etc.

I have feelings of interaction contact, and a kind presence of becoming, with my Higher Self lately, very strongly, ever since I looked at that Infinity Zoom video, and really quickly looked within to the infintiy. My son and I shared a joint contactr with a guide, I believe that is an aspect of self maybe, my Higher Self. Because I had another experience in a guided meditation with him. So I've experienced my female self and also an older wise sage grandfather figure. My son and I were discussing infinity,and I was having some questions, my son said, "thats just the way it is" and I said, "stop doing that, thats just a cop out, there has to be a better answer than that!!!" At that moment both of us heard and felt both the amused laughter of this "guide" but experienced this entire sense of who he was and my son just shot upright. I said, "He laughed". My son said "yes!" Then we both described this shared moment.

I've been having a lot of connections. I was imagining flying though the universe, growing infinitely bigger, suddenly I was standing on the universe like a giant poster, and I couldnt get back in.

I reset it, and was flying again, and there was a supersized blond man who showed me this hatch. I opened the top and was BEYOND, and it was glowing incredibly light filled village/world, with wise masters. The same elderly man appraoched and asked me, "Did I accomplish what I had set out to do?" I thought saddly of a few family situations, and he put his arm around me and said, "Come, lets go inside to talk about your life or this" Cant remember the exact words. It ended then.

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posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 09:16 PM
First off, hi Unity and ET. Very nice to see you doing lightwork here. There is much said in this thread, much of it is true. There are some things that need clarification. I can't get to it all at this moment but I wil begin here, and I do so with no disrepect meant:

Originally posted by ET_MAN
Murdering, bloodshed, rituals, sacrifices and war is not a good thing and I will respectfully say this about your belief in Ra and the law of one. There are some truths to be found in the law of one where “Light” resides with “Dark” truths mixed in with lies and calling good evil and evil good is one of the biggest manipulative, deceptive lies there is.

Evil never was Good.
Good never was Evil..
Light never was Dark.
Dark never was Light.
Murder never was Good.
Doing good never was Evil.
Wickedness never was Happiness.
Happiness never was Wickedness.
[edit on 18-4-2010 by ET_MAN]

These are false statements. I really am surprised to hear this considering your knowledge of the Infinite. The Infinite is One. We all came from the Infinite. That includes evil, good, light, dark, wickedness, and happiness. We all derived from the same source so to say war and murder are not good things is to say that you are not good, that I am not good. Everything is One and it is crucial to one's advancing of their own consciousness to understand this.

Calling good evil and evil good is not manipulative or deceptive. It is the truth when one takes the perspective of the biggest picture....The Infinite Creation. Everything falls within.

FWIW, the Law of One is the most accurate source of information on the planet. Nothing in this matrix is 100% accurate as this matrix is full of distortions. However, TLOO is 82-85% accurate which far exceeds the accuracy of other texts. There are reasons for the distortions such as the narrow bandwidth from the sixth density they use for communication. But there are not deliberate lies in the text only distortions.

Originally posted by ET_MAN

Opposition truly does exist within all things and that includes emotions, feelings and intent of individuals who choose to commit such acts based on their true desires, feelings and intentions of the heart. If someone commits an evil act they have lost their path/way and have become dark/evil going against their “INFINITE” true selves and soul/nature of who they really are. Do not be fooled in believing that Evil is Good and Good is Evil, it never was and never will be being an opposite to the “LIGHT” and that which is “RIGHT.”

Brother please re-read what you wrote here. There is no imperfect. Only perfect for everything is a child of The One Creator. The dark rejoins us in the end. No one makes it home unless we all make it home.

It is vital to look at the darkness as our Brothers and Sisters for they are. They have taken a role that is crucial in learning: the role of the catalyst. What we are doing is a game, we are on the chess board, we are the white, they are the black. We are taking turns putting each other in check. The more we play, the more we advance.

Believe me brother without this catalyst, no one would learn anything. The initial state of this planet was that of utter utopia. It's inhabitants were so comfortable with their existence they had no need to ascend. The Creator god turned for help. It loves its inhabitants greatly but understood they must attempt to grow. Insert the catalyst of the darkness. Over time, this catalyst forced entities to polarize one way of the other. Some went negative some went positive.

There is a split in the Harvest in the fourth and fifth densities. It must be this way. Everyone rejoins in the sixth to finish their completion before everyone returns to the Creator.

Originally posted by ET_MAN
With respect to your personal beliefs I must point out a very well thought out manipulative, deceptive even twisted way of thinking, it's OK for one group to do evil and commit horrible crimes to humanity with bloodshed, murder, rituals, sacrifices, abuse, war etc while on the other hand it's not OK for the other group because one group does it out of love and the other group doesn't do it out of love?

How does that make a difference to the many who experience painful, miserable, horrendous, brutal, horrible experiences?

It makes a huge difference because of the Law of Karma. Those who have caused much pain here in the third density and graduate to the fourth density negative will suffer even worse than what they have done onto humanity. It is the only way. Everything balances out so by the time we are to reunite, everything has worked itself out.

Please brother, remember that this game of chess is only an illusion. This is not the reality you are Cosmically aware of. Pain and suffering are an illusion. Life is Eternal.

Originally posted by ET_MAN

So I have come to feel great love for TPTB.

Do you really know who TPTB are?
Have you ever considered that Channeling RA comes from some of the real PTB behind the scenes who would of course seek that everyone follow them, obey them and even “LOVE” them for their horrifying, sacrificial, murderous, painful and hideous acts?

Do you really know who TPTB are? Because the only real PTB is the Infinite Creator. And for TPTB in the above quote, that is those powers in the third density, one must love them. They need more love than you can ever imagine. For one because it is quite difficult doing the work that they are doing when they would much rather be back in their sixth density form going on their natural progression. And two because they are our Brothers and Sisters.

Your right, The Ra Material does come from the real PTB. The PTB you are in reference to has no control over a sixth density entity, in fact they are helpless to their abilities. To even mention The Ra Material to be associated with the negative PTB I find to be spiritually blasphemous. And you and I have a good relationship so please do not take any of this personally.

Originally posted by ET_MAN
Have you ever considered that the Channeling Law of One material doesn't actually come from pure “LIGHT” sources but very manipulative and well thought out places to setup a new belief system that sounds really good to people mixing it in with “LIGHT” and empowerment and some “TRUTH's” that many can recognize as “LIGHT” just enough to slip in the “LIES” ---“DECEPTIONS” & “DISTORTION.”

Brother, please tell me how you have obtained this knowledge or what it is that makes you feel this way. I hope you are aware that after TLOO, Ra merged with Latwii, a fifth density soul complex to continue the teachings of Oneness. And more recently, those two merged with fourth density sould complex Hatonn to ensure their teachings were even more pure. They still continue to offer there services to this day. Multiple soul complexes did not merge together to spread disinformation and spew ignorance.

I find it difficult to say that The Law of One could be filled with lies and deception. Isn't that implied in the Law? The Law is One......that is all there is.


posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 09:16 PM

Originally posted by ET_MAN

At a stretch, I am beginning to see love when I look at ground zero, love when I look at hirmoshima, love when I see the pain and suffering we are going through.

With respect for what you believe in, be wise is my best advice and it sounds like such a belief that it could be a very clever, manipulative setup to convince someone to believe that Evil is Good and Good is Evil with a master of deception end game plan. The next thing very well may be to harm others believing that one is only doing them a favor and doing good when committing horrendous, brutal, horrible, painful, miserable and hideous acts to others.

I really am shocked to read these words coming from you. The first distortion of Oneness is Love. The above poster is correct. Everything is love and everything needs it. I used to be like you, I despised TPTB. The first time I looked at them in meditation and sent them Infinite Love and Light, everything changed. It would for you too if you can shake that paradigm. One cannot be wise and choose when and when not to love. Love is to be unconditional. After all, how can one not love their Brothers and Sisters?


I really don't mean this offensively. I have always enjoyed communicating with you and will continue to. I say these things with the highest intentions of Love. In these times where it is very apparant that the cycle is closing and it most certainly is, making advanced spiritual preparations is a must. Finding Neutrality is key, this is where the Harvest energy and The Infinite Creator reside.

No matter what, everyone and everything are always in perfect and divine order. Oneness is abundant and as long as one is properly polarized, thought can be changed in the blink of an eye.

More coming on this thread later....

Blessings to all. You are loved.


posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by Universal Light

Much Love & Light to you. This is going to be in an area that will be a little harder to express, because those who are drawn to Ra, usually feel very challenged by those who are guided otherwise. Yet, from you two posts one thing I did notice is that both you and ET_MAN have a different understanding, yet both of you have unconditional love for everyone, and both of you understand that in the Beyond, in No Time, everyone makes it back, and progresses eventually.

The difference here to me is in the Law of One, and the message being given that is very similar to Hidden Hand's message. But there is error in both. I know it too. I am not allowed to read the law of one. I've tried it, but my Higher Self will not permit it. Though everyone I know who does, is Love & Light and I understand much of what they're saying, but there are a few differences that are fundamental. I know they're not seeing it that way, they see in the way Jessicamystic from the Project Camelot interview does instead, and I share that overview.

In other words despite some differences there is a lot of common ground, but I do want to explore the differences, and also touch base on a few Infinity and Beyond Issues, that I know, am guided strongly and experienced my Higher Self, but memories, awareness, and understanding, that just opened up one piece after the other after I looked within.

Jessica spoke of an experience of removing the mask from the dark one in her room and he was Light within. But now is the difference in understanding. From this experinece the Ra/Hidden hand idea of high level Light beings chosing the role of evil to make us learn faster, then having to suffer greatly to recover is not the only explanation.

Its a duality in form but not in spirit. This is the difference. In Spirit we are all Light. The many in one! The duality is in the universe, in our bodies, in our emotions, the biochemical coding, programs, programs running in the game and coding throughout all the digitial hollogram universe, but not in souls. In "matter" but not in souls.


Evil never was Good.
Good never was Evil..
Light never was Dark.
Dark never was Light.
Murder never was Good.
Doing good never was Evil.
Wickedness never was Happiness.
Happiness never was Wickedness.

This is absolutely true. We are Light & Love. Now understand what this means, it means we never rape, murder, kill, exploit, poision or dismember, and torture children and adults, who are our beloved brothers and sisters. To do this is not an assignment!

It is being lost. The whole purpose of this duality is to ground every soul in a permanent way, LOVE & EQUALITY. And it can take a long time. Its not an easy test, for we are hard wired to react, to covet, and some make an entire generational organized structure out of darkness.

There are negative entities/Ets that are very lost as well. They don't understand light at all, and that they are Light.

To accep that Light serves us by killing and torturing us, is to accept a Stern, Mean, Ruthless, Domineering Father Figure who hurts us for growth.

This is not Love & Light. The lesson is to love everyone equally, no pyramid, no Father figure, equally empowering all, tenderly caring for all, sharing everything with all with no expectations, no servitude requirements. Giving without needing recompense. And modeling this so nearly all or all give. Shining our lights.

Its a hard test. But Love & Light does not serve by murdering. Ever. It comes down over and over if necessary to reach and nudge and help everyone including tptb to recover.

This is my message to them:

Era After Time

So, this is a difference that concerns what Love is capable of doing.

I cant read the law of one like I said, I felt something in it, it was subtle energy.

I love everyone, they all need to know, that what is propelling the dark side is a program running in the system. That we all want them to start to recover.

Nonetheless, the differences may exist, but its not from a position of not having unconditional love, for we all do, its just from a position of my knowing that no such compromise with darkness was made by light. It cant happen, for we are not cappable of it.

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 12:06 AM
I forgot to bring in another difference to the Ra material. By the way, Ra is the Trinity of Egypt, and is venerated by the illuminati, if anything could really be venearted by those who are divided in their pyramid power struggle of survival of the fittest and most powerful, of every man for himself.

We are not going to join together as ONE. We are infinitely The Many In One, united, in a wonderful team that is undivided, the opposite of darkness, with the Universal Understanding, so that we are connected in thought and our innermost thoughts are understood. We have an infinite number of soulmates too

We love each other in complete equality, as soul mates, brothers and sister. There can be no Father, Mother, Son, Child, but only brothers and sisters for in "no time" all the infinite roll of our lives exists at once, so there is no predeccessor. Underneath the very Fabric that unites us, the Love that connects us, the Universal Laws that abound, the Universe/Duality school, the moment of matter expanding from compression of a pea, but not happening at any one moment, for Infinitely existsing, this is possibly what we call the Divine. The Force be with you.

But we are unique, we do it our way, each individual our own dreams and our progression, individual.

In fact, the lessons here are to ground us in equality and love, all the way up in various planes here in this University/School, but here in 3D, the grass roots where we are separate, and experience ourselves, it is made real forever, so this is the film clip that holds our infinite eternal individual unique expression of self into being forever.

Its a wonderful journey of endless progression.

Love & Light!

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 02:43 AM
You could leave the Ra material out of it and still end up finding the same message. Oneness is meditated on all throughout the entire world and history, apart from modern manipulated religions. Tribes wil say "all is one" having had no contact with Ra or even westurn culture. Many find the message in meditation then discover all their best thought forms or epiphanies were written in this book all along then they go borrow the words from it like I have.

Essentially I believe "everything is perfect" as the above poster has said. If I do not see something as perfect then it is my very limited perception and little understanding of the all which as lead to this bias. The creator is love, the creator is everything, that love is everywhere, but the perception of it being everywhere is not easy for a human especially during incarnation. The creator is perfect, and our earth is part of the creation, the scenario we find ourselves in is meant to be this way, so too is our struggle to change it. Becuase the creator is infinte everything is explored, so its impossible for our planet scenario not to exist, in the context of that infinite, all is perfect.

It is not essential, moreover not even expected, that we understand oneness in our density. Being a fith density wanderer I almost cant not, its the one thing im more sure of than the sky being blue.

Ive become perplexed at the sepratist notions of unity and et_man and have spent a great deal of time reading their posts in other threads to try to see where they're coming from. The best explanation I have is that they could be from the same "soul group". I first thought this becuase when I try to remote view their thought forms behind the posts I end up with what seems like the same energy signature. Perhaps they are from another planet which has not yet found oneness. The longer the duration of sepratist experience the more experience one has before realizing oneness which is a catalyst reducer, hence seeing oneness too early could be non-beneficial for the entity. In which case im envious to still not be experiencing oneness. Unity your higher self may have averted you from the end of harsh catalyst for this reason, you chose to be here didnt you?

The only problem Id have with not seeing all to be one, is the fear it creates. This is not good for the planets energies. May I ask if either of you are scared of the destruction of your soul, if this were possible? Im curious about this, I know your not afraid about your meatsuits destruction but what about that of your soul and higher self, or soul group whatever you want to call it. Im also curious about acceptance when one does not see all as perfect. Wouldnt you want to control? Like if you dont love the illuminati for their gift of enslavment you would practice fear and control (like by getting rid of them) rather than acceptance and love in which case have they not won? Im sorry for the gross over simplication in this post, I hope you can see the heart of my query.

Our pain is temoparary, death is only transition, but the learning stays with the entity forever. The PTB provide the chance to learn through hands on experience, at the end of the day it is them who hepls us which is the reason the almightly creator wanted them there in the first place. If they werent wanted I can assure you there are et's who can move plantes like you flick marbles whod fix em up quick smart, but the benevloent ones know not to take our beloved catalyst away for us, it is up to us to play our game.

This discrepency is not major to our cause. The imporatant thing is that we do something about the state of the world. Both ET_man and unity have alot of love to give in a world that needs it badly so for the meantime im willing to agree to disagree. Perhaps one day when we can share thoughforms directly rather than through the medium of these cumbersome words we could have this discussion in depth.

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