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To All TPTB/Black Ops, Time To Wake Up To Equality and Love

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posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 08:57 PM
Part 1

The Scarcity Theory, is a kind of belief in everything existing from a lack, and a push from Behind, basically. Large numbers of life is produced to create more need for energy consumption and goods, more diversity and creations, always occuring from the need for, or the lack there of. Also life as food, came into concept and for some reason I think this negative belief thinks higher beings farm lower beings allowing them to multiply then consuming them. This is the kind of idea that would also fit into to a negative viewpoint.

But the theory itself is not one that can be seen in just negative terms, it depends also on the eye that sees, and there are many methods and potentials involved.

The goal would be that society when in large numbers would reach the levels needed, and the excess of energy produced needed, by conserving and solving some of the problems, to propel to the next stage of evolution of level 1, and then proceed through the stages of mastery energy to the universal level and beyond reaching omnipotence by level 4, at which point this theory would say, once knowing all, with no more need to learn, then either a complete reset of everything would need to take place (I believe this is on a Universal Level), or, seeds sent to form another Universe and begin again.

Matter and antimatter within our universe, or the infinity within, being somehow dependent on the opposite charges, or polarities.

Cataclysm or Extinction level events would be seen as moments in the records of earth where the greatest propulsion to advance to the higher levels occurred would be viewed as opportunities to make that leap, progress and so the few progress at the expense of the many for the good of all?

I could see elitists so bored with their lives and determined to force change at all costs, and having no value for the lives of others, considering this to be their ultimate ego goal and also, some may get roped in a distorted view of believing they are serving the good of humanity as a whole.
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posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 09:09 PM
Part 2

There is another model, one that does not incorporate all of this. Though some of the scarcity is true, for we are always engaged in our growth and journey through infinity, walking it one step at a time, not necessarily in a linear fashion, and with some glimpses of our global wholistic self. On higher levels, that already exist, for there is NO time and all exists infinitely at once, very much beyond our imagination, in a wonderful way, and we're surrounded by past, present and future in ways we can't imagine.

To begin with, where there is no beginning, for if there was a beginning there could be an end, the biggest question I keep asking from time to time, is WHY is anything here at all? Why infinite energies, intellects, expressions of this energy in infinite varieties, endlessly all at once? Why? Why something and not nothing?

What came to mind was the Double Slit experiment, and the electrons fired slowly through the slit one by one, that still created an interference pattern.

This implied that, all the probabilities or timeline potentials, existed all at once, but then were determined by the observer. Observer could be both consiousness or even decisions and actions to me.

If all possibilities existed then there would be something, and nothing, and both in infinite varieties of this.

But, nothing is nothing, and therefore the only expression of this would Something existing. That something could be determined intrinsically positive.

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posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 09:23 PM
Part 3

If we look at Infinity, in infinite expressions of itself, and consider the possibility of this as Consciously Aware and God, then we could also see this in terms of every possibility, infinite possibilities ranging from an Infinite Whole, being the Soul/Spirit essence of all, emanating from all, to the diversification of the Whole into all of its infinite parts as well. But there would be infinite expressions of energies that would be animate, but also infinite expressions of energies inanimate, that as we would have to consider God in the way we would consider anything existing, as Something/Nothing and Both. So all possibilities would be in existence as Global Consciousness, diversified disbursed consiousness all representing intelligences, and also that energy that would not represent intelligences or be inanimate.
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posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 09:47 PM
Part 4

The Universe is NOT one universe, as one is a limit, and cannot exist in infinity.

It is infinite universes, and infinite planes, frequencies, astral levels within each universe, with infinite Beyonds, that are not of the same nature as the planes we call universes, and those Beyonds would be infinite in nature and variety as well. It would be mind boggling in its diversity and endless, for that is what it takes to hold anything into existence, for otherwise its nothing.

Energies in infinite form exist in infinite abundance as there IS NO CAPS on it.

Infinity IS Abundance!

And its something that can be determined simply by thinking in a light way upon infinity itself.

Yet even the principle of abundance versus scarcity, would find infinite expressions of both in existence and form.

However, there Is No Time!

Thus, there is No moment in which intelligent design for schools from Higher Levels and seeds of Higher Beings, Positive in nature, would not guide and watch over this school and all others.

Schools would be anything in which children or seeds were.

Nor would those diversified expressions of intelligence be living boring lives, as they would still be walking their journey but with a spiritual awareness that could connect to their Global Wholes in ways beyond our understanding and to God or that Global Infinite Whole of All As Well.

Our advancements would be Pulled From Ahead Not Pushed From Behind.

In fact, many scientists including Einstein were given their knowledge in dreams, with Guidance.

This river would be flowing and pulling us in the directions that would enable progression, this Force would act upon all things, including dna, including cosmic energies, including earth energy, including consciousness and cultures.

This Force of Abundance and Guidance and Goodness would also be sending forth Great Teachers.

The + and - = 0 where zero is gravity and the force that holds all things together.

In a school that is a mirror from its home in Beyond and a universal completion. So this would be operating both with some ideas found in scarcity but also not, both being true and somehow neither as well.

So we have choices here in our behavior.

All energies themselves would upgrade, all elements would upgrade as well.

I think of Crystal Cities, Crystal Crafts, the candle flames recently discovered that have billions of nano dust diamonds in them for example.

All things would have in them by design and purpose teleology.

For a school this would imply that we had the ability to draw a faster advancement and progression towards us, and enable this to happen.

In a school there is a purpose.

Status Quo is merely maintaining the school or gravity neutral balance, holding all together, so its a separation of charge, postiive and negative or polarity, that would enable the progression to occur rather than regression or gravity to increase. To Higher Realms, light as a feather.

So if everyone, overcame the challenge of the school or duality and loved each other more, were peaceful, and strived to weed out abilities to harm others, ignore their pain , walk by those in need, for example, all gained the + charge. Progression could be done in a day, or a week. Not 10 000 years, or millions/billions.

They have a lot to think on, because if they go infinite gravity, their own progression of consciousness intellect, will be greatly halted and prolongued.

This 50/50 balancing bad and good, and willingness to sacrifice anyone else for the supposed good of yourself and ego, is not a progressive thing, not expanding awareness, not joyful and not light hearted or conscience free, its dense, and heavy with guilt and gravity, its compression/regression, not progression.

A very grave error or distortion indeed.

This school hast the + and - charges holding it into this lower level together by structure. ie. night/day, sickness/health, harm/help, harshness/KINDNESS.

The first two structure, the second choice. The choice determines the density or frequency and this determines Progression/Regression.

Magnetism/Frequency Attraction/Permissions ie goodness translates into more expressions of help from Family above, and miracles, and the gravity of heavy conscience are all a part of the school.

The evolutionary leap that the Nazi's and many groups throughout history desire for their own kind in particular, in this inclusive way, rather a universal leap, is actually the purpose behind harder schools. But there is a consequence to trying to take shortcuts and walk over others to do so.

Those consequences involve opposite polarities, mirrors,and not only delays in recovery, but alot of pain if others have gone through this at your hands, and especially if one has not tried to face what they're doing and made those U-Turns.

The Light always here to assist.

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posted on Sep, 25 2011 @ 12:21 PM
While this one rather criminal group seems to be orchestrating events and harming people, I also have faith in the integrity, notwithstanding there is also alot of corruption at higher levels here on earth, the ones wearing the white and dark hats, but a certain amount of faith in the intelligence and good intent that many have.

There isn't only one way to view things, there are infinite ways, but basically two polarities.

On a higher level, one could see, that in some ways, the leaders are in a position of being MIRRORs. Reflecting the amount of control or freedom, and reacting almost, not just leading, to the pulse of the people here.

It is coming to me over and over, that there is a function, that is responding to what is perceived as that which halts humanities progression to level one civilizations: fundamentalist religons, reactionary violence and unrest, wild west menalities, individualism to the extreme of lack of compassion, a willingness to shoot a teenager stealing your aluminum ladder.

All the choices were always put out in this free will zone, the various ideas of fascism, social democracies like Norway shining their lights, with high standards of living amongst their citizens.

Yes, there has been forces working on humanity to obscure their growth and maturing, to stir the pots and traumatize, for there are those who let the dark side in.

But I believe there are many who would much rather prefer humanity respond in a different way. Like mirrors.

Without unity, we inherit more fasicism, there are more actions the dark hats can take and more control measures being allowed by all of them.

I think talking about the kinds of options that always are here, and are in our hands too, that were put out for us to see, as choices, by the leaders, and most would rather play white hats than dark, this is my strongly held opinion.

We need to grow up more, and have more concern for others. Free energy for example was leaked and the things that could upgrade this planet, and eliminate slavery and even the need for slave labor, reducing work hours and freeing individuals up, giving them base survival and services always, but choices to work, to engage in bigger projects, and use their skills to serve others, locally and in the world, as doctors, teachers, farmers, helpers, etc counselors, we've been shown alot of options.

But I think they're mirrrors and we're not seeing the bigger picture here.

I'm going to write a thread and link it.
What If World Leaders Where Not All Dark Hats, What If As Mirrors, We've Been Given Choices ,

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 02:41 PM
In this school, we were given gifts, with some consequence attached as well. Stars are actually crystaline in in structure. The Electric Universe is a good fit for many things. But stars are mirrors, mirroring a Light so intense and High Frequency that unless we are of Goodness and One Element, we cannot stand in its presence. In this sense earth,and her universe is a like a mirrored reflection too, of our home in the spirit, and we stream into the school, seeds that are expected to grow.

Earth was created on a higher realm, through consequences/actions, things occurred that reduced the frequency and the harshness. More primitive tests. We never ever had to go this route to grow into flowers. It wasn't necessary.

We had choices to bring the frequency higher or lower. The fastest progression was unity and cooperation and kindness.

There are many planets in similar tests that traveled far, from 0 to 1-4 level civilizations, and higher realms and frequencies much faster.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 02:46 PM
The crystline sun.

Candle flames have been found to contain billions of nano diaomnds.


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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 02:51 PM
A friend is waiting on those sunspots. He talks about the fire balls we're seeing as chunks of the sun and thinks the disasters will occur the test will be on for SURVIVAL VERSUS COOPERATION/UNITY, and then go home fast.


There are two polarities, plus infinite grades inbetween, those frequencies and infinite frequency channels. Like Christ Yeshua/Jesus said, In my Father's house there are many mansions.

The Scarsity Theory looks at Progression/Transformation/Evolution as if through catastrophe. We are always given choices, even buried in our earth history we can see die offs.

So a negative outcome might be, cataclysm. But was cataclysm meant?

Where we meant to choose this way, the long slow painful way back home?

What other choices did we have?

Unity/Cooperation, Love and a Fast evolution to level 4 and Beyond? Its been done so many times before!

In this era, in this frequency, Hold the Light. Be the Love. Shine away the darkness.
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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 02:55 PM
Be the Love and meet all challenges as this one element, or strive to be that way. Thats more important than sunspots.

Its also called growing up. Evolution. Progression. Growing Up.

posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 11:55 AM

Originally posted by polarwarrior
reply to post by Unity_99

So I have come to feel great love for TPTB. First it was for the role players but even now I am becoming very fond of the negatives, they are an essential part and are playing it well. Everything is perfect.

Ill leave you with a quote from Ra it goes something like, "To consciously see the love in all things, that is the lesson of this density"

At a stretch, I am beginning to see love when I look at ground zero, love when I look at hirmoshima, love when I see the pain and suffering we are going through.

What an epic we live in huh, just epic. To think when looking out at the infinity zoom you posted that similar games are played out all across the universe, and unsimliar games across the broader universe/multi verse. We play such as amazing saga of learing about ourselves that will continue forever in an eternal present.

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And we'll all see each other at the cast party afterward, and congratulate each other on our performances!

Stay well!

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 09:16 PM
Well couldn't find a better thread to add this to. While this kind of thing is going on, including the milab and bases, and genetic manipulations, time agents, these guys could still be decoys and distractions. But it does appear, they are attempting end times, or revelations, really playing the religious card in the most insulting way.

Basically while watching it a window opened, and I said, We're here! And things are NOT going the way they think. Far less concerned with how the reality show around us plays out, except that suffering is suffering, and having depression, pain, and your talents atrophied instead of growing, is painful for people, and watching the happiness and innocence disappear from your children's eyes, powerless to prevent it, is very hard. But....its the spirit of things that matter to me, and we're here.

They can try to manipulate as much as they can get away with, not realizing that the boundaries are already there, and some of what they're accessing is illusion and perceptional realms or realities. They fail to understand, since the nazi era, and the black operations, that they're being tested themselves.

All I know is the window opened again, and the message is this: We're here! Not just overhead, but us, many of us, are here now. Not special, but here none the less, just another person showed up, in large numbers, to deal with them apparently, for they won't be winning any prizes except the need for healing and couseling. Love always wins, and Higher Ups are the ones truly managing what is happening. Every single person, would find their lives filled with miracles, the world interactive, if they really start to work on themselves and have faith and reach within, asking questions. Also, if they cannot at this time, then the allowance for readiness, our own timing, grades, or even, what issue a soul came in for. ie. You may have come in to wake up the masses, but they may have come in to be there for a family member at a certain moment and show responsibility, paying the bills. Everyone is different. There is no time, so on another realm, they may be coming in to wake up the masses, and you were doing something else. We're not all doing the same thing here in this realm. That would make it too easy.

Nor does it have to be harsh as it is. Those who really think they are contracted to perform as a dark hat, for souls to grow in love, are deluding themselves. Goodness doesnt ask that. Maybe some middle management, but quite confused Et or Entity did, but that wasn't God/Goodness. God/Goodness expects everyone to do their best at being Love.

However this outer story plays out, the inner is the most important. They are not off any hooks, and there are souls ready and waiting for the rescue, healing and advancement of all souls.

So, sometimes the value in something is what it does to you, opening a door in you, you just know, they're not playing a full deck there and something far more important is really happening for the benefit of souls, and they have no rights over anyone.


Hey Mr. Black ops and all you "PTB" pretenders out there, Its Time To Wake Up To Equality and Love.
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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 10:23 PM
NWO and depopulation goals, if they succeeded for example, in this realm, or in their own private rooms of earth hotel perceptionally, for I know the difference between believing, knowing and experiencing, so that we are talking possibilities, but from on high, its from higher mind this is being discussed, not highest, but higher. So, looking at this idea, one realizes that its only due to the lack of seeking/understanding/questioning/intelligence, of the common foot soldier/grunt/minion, that these master planners get things done. They buy into ridiculous concepts of wishing to live in the human body, on this lower frequency realm, in a robotic transhuman suit, for millions of years. The human body is akin to being in a jail, so good luck with this idea.

But here is the thing, the talk of the various royal levels of reptilian. LOL. Yeah well, so, these guys are lower frequency, like peter pans lost boys that never want to grow up, primitive, predator, animal kingdom, dog eat dog, lower mind.

Interesting. To stay there. I can't imagine the so called elites think they're staying in the lower realm for millions of years. They play a different game.

They rope lower IQ, those who might do more brutish things without real thought, into doing criminal soul shattering, (theirs!) things, and believe that they themselves are off the hook, for who is responsible, Hitler or the one who follows the orders. They feel they're working on the higher levels, doing important work for the betterment of all, and like advanced priestly group, their hands clean. They can only have goals met if there are truly beasts in the world.....and they look down upon them, and have traded souls with entities who will have access to those others, WITHOUT THE INTERCESSION FROM FAMILY TO HELP. Because the saying, God looks out for drunks and fools is somewhat true. I have a story to tell about that, from someone I know, an old timer who likes to live in the bush, very humble man, alcholic. And with his friends one night, they were backing up drunk in the dark, and hit a tree. So they decided to pass out and camp there. Next morning they discovered that the tree they hit was the ONLY TREE, on a cliff.

Well, both of these groups are so distorted and lost in lies, its unbelievable.

Growing up means becoming 1000X Superman, 100's of thousands of times your consciousness as you step out of the "plasma film" projected/shadow from the higher dimension. Your form vastly enhanced.

I can imagine that anyone who could harm another in any capacity, would think of avoiding the God/Spirit/Innerscape answers and strive to live as long as they can, to avoid facing what they've done.........

Good luck with that because its not possible. And the minions, the ones who do the bad things, perform the murders and even rituals, are not being protected, and they are kept out of the loop, the ones above know a little more, but they also, have some major problems in their logic.

For Love only Loves and delights in all expressions of Love, but never dons a lower frequency hat. They're not primitive, they don't contract people to be primitive.

You can't give bad orders and not end up being, if you really are more intelligent and gifted, more responsible than the person who isn't, and carries it out. In fact, if you really are a stumbling block to others, that will be a huge weight to bear.

Please everyone, realize something here, this isn't the way home. Repent, say No, to all contracts. Turn away from everything you've done and seek to understand now, in "time" what you have caused to others, and let that break your heart, and ask for forgiveness.
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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 10:56 PM
There is no valid soul contract for any form of heirarchy, harm to others, obedience to dark side. All those contracts amount to is a bully on a playground running around and convincing people that they owe him. Walk away, period. There are no legally binding or real contracts with predators. The only agreement that ever matters is from Higher Mind: LOVE.

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 11:55 PM
I have to make this point. Mushroom cloud in Texas explosion. Will need to research this, but truly, if after all these years, such immature selfish "annanuki" type beings, and others, still haven't made the slightest effort to grow up and become an adult. Well how many times do they have to till the soil to get the crop off? This is to the "heirarchy", the little ones on earth. The two sides, the two brothers, and the elite haven't even taken off their nappies yet. And that goes for off planet ones too.
Bunch of diapered tinytots flying around in beamships.

13 000 years since, "the last fall", millions since another "fall", and yet, the diapers are still in place.
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