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To All TPTB/Black Ops, Time To Wake Up To Equality and Love

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 10:55 AM
The natural clearing up of a concept that the Universe IS the Creator, and of course we know that the perceived "matter" in it is fractals containing the whole, so some draw a conclusion that we literally are each other, and that all paths are shared.

The truth is rather that all is lessons and stepping stones to progression where no one that is Love and the Essence of what that means could ever harm another intentionally, that Light is Consciousness and Awareness amongst other things, and that being devoid of knowledge is to be in "darkness", or to muddy up ones light, or underneath this mask or mud there is a Light Being that needs to progress. Separation and lack of progression is painful.

And the Creator(s) are not the Universe, for it is a Hologram that is erected from pixels by the Stars themselves which shine in Light from zero time, from the Beyond, and that all energy is from the Beyond It has already been discovered that the Vacuum of space is a very large Infinity, one they could not even begin to tidy up by rounding off numbers. They called that an "ugly" Infinity, an awkward one. There is more energy in one square cm of vacuum than in the entire cosmos observed going back in time to the mythical "and a moment that can not be pinpointed in no time" Big Bang.

The Creator(s) are streaming in this, the energy, for this dream/illusion/school from the Beyond.

And the quantum physics itself if following logically through some of the great questions that arise from the information they are discovering about the nature of reality and consciousness itself, follows into logical conclusions that can be reached about what is on the other side.

That the concept of the Many In One, united but individual and unique rays of the Infinite Light/Energy/Consciousness, is also a quantum physics reality based on the nature of Infinity, and that in Infinity which is boundless, and always leads to Beyonds, beyond Beyonds, without limit, and wherein all the clips in ones Infinite Life, creates the unusual reality of many You's, in no time. That even if you could imagine you were once bonded together that the moment you journeyed into the grass roots level, 3D earth like worlds, as unique person, experiencing the perception of Self, in Infinity, that moment is Infinite, and automatically, boundlessly, gives that unique Self eternal infinite expression in all directions without end. That this is also quantum physics, and exploration of Infinity. That to bring it all together, would be to create boundaries, borders, containment and Limit.

So in "no time" this :"moment" that can not be found as a "moment" when the Creator wishes to become the Many In One, this was an incredible gift of infinite eternal life to Infinite Children. And while some may see it that way, in reality that is also a misdeamer for the nature of Infinity itself implies that the Consciousness was always Aware of Being Many In One, therefore all are equal without predecessors, and therefore only Brothers & Sisters, the relationship of Parent/Child is one that we take with us in perception only based on experiences and journeys in the DVD players/Universes.

These concepts are actually quantum physics.

Of course if one wants to take the long road home, they can hurt, dismember and harm others, but they will, according to the law of consequence endure this and even greater themselves and every other person that relied on that ones pain, and feel the most horrendous remorse for this was never about choosing sides, but about being so grounded in love & equality that we become capable of creating our own eutopias and we are responsible enough to be Creator(s).

Love & Light!

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 05:35 PM
I just read a bit unity, and look forward to reading the comments.

I will add my 40 or 50 cents after the read. Thanks

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 07:51 PM
One of the things I want to add at this point is from personal memories and experiences. For some of us, we have been here for ever so long, in Infinity, and have done this test long ago, have walked these paths, because this test, stretching out into the infinite universe where earth is but a grain of sand. And in an endless Infinity of planes/dimensions what I think of as channels our infinite universe could be a grain of sand on the beach of a planet within another, and they are interconnected, worlds within worlds. Every planet/moon has life though we do not see this, on one channel or another.

For some here we've already walked into the consequences of negative paths, many many seasons ago in Infinity.

Everything in the "material" world is a test, to grow our understanding and foundation of love. We do incorporate it, this into the very fabric of our beings, in time. And there is a time when those who choose to remain blinded and not aware, lacking light, consciousness, awareness, or seeing that they are truly missing the most important things, Love and kindness, though there is still Light & Love within them, begins to wake up with all the consequences, and recovers.

Do not worry about the status of your life, the clothes you wear, how much personal beauty or personality you exude, your popularity, but focus on the inner and shine love, be helpful.

If every home truly woke up and treated each other kindly. Noticed when someone was upset, and tense and instead of reacting, compassionated them for what was hurting them inside, or how tired they must be, and began to cancel out negative and gain conscious awareness, the negative in this world would have no foothold at all.

All things around, including most of the controversies are all distractions, and some of the things happening are very harmful to others. We need to learn not to react or let them push our buttons, for they are constantly attempting to provoke responses and have all corridors cordoned off. Instead, stand still gain awareness, speak up or write a letter, connect dots, and find ways to help people in need, and if your own circumstance is harder, shine love, prayer, hold light, meditate, and raise your frequency. Being awake is very helpful in this world, simply waking up and tending to those around you is doing a great service in a world that needs more Light.

For those who insist on learning the hard way yet again, the consequences to what has gone on is going to be hard to endure, depending on varying amounts of responsibility, programming, childhood abuse, all things that our HS's are aware of.

Love & Light!

edit to add: The world is a small flower to the garden of those beyond. They can watch it and water it...
Some can read it
we are so slow to grow, where there is no slow!

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 11:42 PM
May someone confirm if this is accurate?

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posted on May, 10 2010 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by Arcandost

I dont know how anything is going to really and truly go down, for there are many elements discussed continually, one relates to anything that will cause the pole shift to occur such as cosmic energy from the sun due to allignments and the dark star theory, but that could just as easily be Project Lucifer. They do want to tip the earth and kill everyone and really think their bases will protect their backsides, they are blinded and simply don't understand what they're doing.

Also, that scenario is a bit like the Anglo Saxon Project. I've always seen China and Russia as a part of Fema.

Lucifer Project Update: Sparks on Saturn

They have put off crashing the probe with tons more plutonium than the Jupiter one, until closer to 2012. Their official statement coincided with this year.

Saturn (EL) to be exploded in 2010
Bill Cooper who died under mysterious circumstances and the author of Beyond a Pale Horse

"Most of this knowledge comes directly from, or is a result of my own

research into the TOP SECRET / MAJIC material which I saw and read between

the years 1970 and 1973 as a member of the Intelligence Briefing Team of the

Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet. Since some of this information was

derived from sources that I cannot divulge for obvious reasons, and from

published sources which I cannot vouch for, this chapter must be termed a


"The BULK of this I believe to be true IF the material that I viewed in the

Navy is authentic. As for the rest, I do not know, and that is why this

paper must be termed a HYPOTHESIS."


The Gallileo scenario is clearly a deception to manipulate Bible believers

into an "end time" mindset for the Millenium... and I have also stated that

on may occassions.

So herein, we do not even know if they intend to use this or not or just keep everyone on the edge of their seats as another distraction, because distractions are the name of their game.

Its about Love, and giving to others, lending a helping hand. Not reacting all the time to their distractions, but letting them know in a letter or two if so inspired that they are fired, they don't represent you, they stand alone and the karma they try to dump on us with drugs, though they are the dealers, wars and starvation, falls back on them. Affirm this, and help others, your family ---love. By the way, the issues around the narcotics, such as dealers, prostitution, thefts, crimes and murders are really the issues I mean by the drug trade.

And you can meditate, sungaze, (phone home through the projector, the laser from the Beyond erecting this hologram universe), and wake up to who you truly are and your memories, being awake in the system, and helping others does so much good.

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posted on May, 12 2010 @ 08:11 PM
There is still "time" for understanding to reach all the levels of this pyramid structure, the bloodlines/illuminati, and all their employees.

And this thread is very real, touching on with the best words I can, until an understanding beyond is reached to express what the nature of this universe is, where the broadcast signal comes from, and why the duality is not chosing sides, equal sides, its merely a question that we're tested on. More can be touched on here:

And love is the answer. That Love & Light does not come down to torture us into progressing for our own good, rather, all lack of love responses are failings, and those who are not growing in true Light & Love are blinded. It is a hard test and takes often many lifetimes to pass, ages. That once you are Love, you would rather die a thousand deaths than harm anyone once, if it could ever be avoided.

But we're approaching no time, and the curtain is coming up, and those bases are not going to help. This curtain is the big one. The grand finally. Everyone will be shifting channels, and the negative planet isn't a viable option, for upon death, there will be consequence to actions, however this is going to be greatly mitigated and shortened, and we are going to have miracles in the end. This I feel, and pray for and meditate with.

Its really time, to open up the channels to healing and transformation on this planet, to show the way, to release the healing, medical advancements, cures, clean free technology, to end and abolish all banks, corporations, realtors, to tell the truth as known about the religions, and the metaphysics, quantum physics and advanced technology. To talk about the negatives that are invovled with planet and join with us all to overcome, all that has been done, to implore worldwide meditation, forgiveness, absolutions, immunity, and for us to join hands, and bring in the real help we need to advance, so this shift in consciousness will be for everyone, a happy moment.

ElectricUniverse post at 4:12, 6 posts down on the page:

I quoted this because it takes some hunting on the link he provided, so I'm not quite up to the search,
but from this link here:

Lorenzo Iorio
Viale Unità di Italia 68, 70125, Bari, Italy
Abstract. An unexpected secular increase of the astronomical unit, the length scale of the Solar System, has recently been reported by three different research groups (Krasinsky and Brumberg, Pitjeva, Standish). The latest JPL measurements amount to 7 ± 2 m cy−1. At present, there are no explanations able to accommodate such an observed phenomenon, either in the realm of classical physics or in the usual four-dimensional framework of the Einsteinian general relativity

David Wilcock
2012 Event Horizon: Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age, by David Wilcock — Part 2

also part 3, shows dna changes and evolutionary leaps, that organtangs have been found using spears as if they are about to take the next step, and the above article shows odd findings of the distance in the solar system enlarging.

starting at 38:54, it talks about the historical opinons of crop circles as well about a current one that shows a reason for the increases in distance, namely that during a planetary allignment the sun is going to expand its consciousness, for that is our collective consciousness, and will extend to Venus. Everyone will be shifting channels for this to happen.

Step forward and release all the information, all the technology, and redistribute all goods to this planet in good faith that we will extend amnesty, forgiveness, and let us face with love and calling for cosmic good on our side, those negatives that have you contracted to them, so that these contracts are broken forever.

Its time to wake up to equality, love, evolution and progression.

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posted on May, 22 2010 @ 11:04 AM
I enjoyed reading much of this thread. I have always known that everything is relative. Good can't exist without the bad. When I meditate on it, I always come to accept those we see as evil as simply an embodiment of a natural polar opposite force. They don't seek to do evil - they justify it as good. With this view, everything in the world today can easily be seen as the natural progression of things.

My reason for posting is because I think someone here might be familiar with the following line of thinking and be able to offer me new input.

If oneness is true, and we are all entangled through quantum physics, creating the entire Earth consciously and subconsciously by being the observer, then that would make us completely alone.

If so, then it would seem at first glance to be an exciting possibility to create any world we desire... But what of the reduced value of all things when you know it's just a ride you can't get off? Power, material gain, social connections, sex, love, everything loses meaning in this view.

How can one achieve happiness in such a state other than by being completely selfish? How does one escape feeling so alone? Why bother working, raising kids, creating a family - why bother doing anything other than just meditating all day?

Can you help me prove that others exist and I didn't create them?

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posted on May, 23 2010 @ 03:19 PM
Love is tricky. Is it not in essence willfully handing control of your emotions to someone else? By forcing energy in any one direction you will experience a backlash in the opposite one. I think the trick is to achieve a perfect balance, so that nothing can shake you... Love yourself, no matter what is external to you. Balance any excess energies through meditation. Connect to the infinity within you, master your magnetic fields and power of intent. Kill the false ego, kill any and all Buddhas that come along the road (anyone who you feel is higher than you). That is to say, live in the moment, trust yourself, seek knowledge and believe in what you believe at any given time based on your knowledge no matter what anyone says.

As for this level of the holographic reality, your perception, you... If this quantum stuff is true you can essentially do whatever you want, be and feel however you want... It comes effortlessly if you envision it and don't resist it. There's only one way out - call for tech support (loud) then jump off a building...

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 05:29 PM
Hello Unity_99 here is a link I believe will interest you and everybody else here. I have been zooming into more and more of these solar system's and I just did the inevitable and looked deep within my Soul again and have seen first-hand and felt that we ALWAYS will EXIST and that there is no such thing as END and yet I do not fear this however its like even if we think we are sleeping after we pass where there is no time and yet I seek to find who the Creator is and I just looked so deep within and I did this by looking at the website link above.

I can't use words to describe what I have JUST experienced I do not know if everybody here has that psi ability like me to just look deep within and actually FEEL first-hand of experience of INFINTY & BEYOND I do accept this I FEEL like that was a big punch to my Soul like keeping me geared up sort of figure of speech. Because I will/am slowly yet after everything I have been wired/programmed to think and then over the years of CHANGE I have shown that I am willing and I can strive for challenges and courage and love. I feel like well my question is Who created the coincoius of the Universe? I feel and KNOW within that is what I am ALWAYS seeking.

Now I already KNOW who I am I have to accept that I am as much a part of the Creator as what I know through what I can do. Its very hard to explain.

Much LOVE & LIGHT goes out to all.

p.s Please somebody tell me here IF you have experienced this, I am not referring to use of meditation I am referring to just having that ability or KNOWINGNESS/SPIRITUAL AWARENESS to just CONNECT instantly without any thought just pure love striving for the TRUTH.

Believe me words couldn't describe it I have always struggled to describe this with words. I believe those who are Spiritually Aware enough will understand where I am coming from so to speak.

I am looking really forward to The Coming Changes as I FEEL many positive shifts are to play-out

LOVE & LIGHT to everybody

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by sandwiches

There are still rules in the matrix/universe, those who have overseen this planet and keep us controlled do not wish us to understand the nature reality, and wake up, for we can bring about a huge system change with it. Our progression isn't all about knowing for certain the exact way the Universe and Beyond works, in fact it can be reached from any faith, or lack of really. Its about love, desiring peace, and equality. Putting feeding, and housing people, sharing equally before all political stripes and economics, which is an artificial scarsity system. This advances us. But awakening, gaining knowledge of who we are, really can change this world, its why so many are working for awareness in others.

Everytime there is an awakening in larger numbers, or more become aware, they start another war, or stir the pot on another division, such as the illegals now, getting people to stop raising their vibrations or awareness and start hating and hurting each other again. Of course they chose areas where there are real hostilities and percieved right both sides by the factions, to really entrench the difficulties.

We need to learn to stand still, not react, and reach into ourselves alot more.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

That Google Sky link is wonderful. It would be a good tool to look within and see Infinity. When this enormous happened to me recently, I had been meditating and listening to whales and dolphin songs, and hemisync/binaurals, starseed music, Era/Gregorian/Vangelis for many hours, since last June/July. I had many experiences due to the meditations, the songs connect you to your right hemisphere.

If this is what you mean, I reached in to "feel" for my Infinity after watching the Infinity Zoom video I posted in this thread, and did it quickly without thought, and was blown away. My HS was waiting, and I spent two days in contact with my Self, and my son experienced a shared contact of a Guide, at the same time discussing the Infinity issue with him. Everyday a knew thing happened, more info downloaded, and I was also sungazing again. Our connection to our Family via the Sun is very real.

The knowledge in this thread is from having it triggered in me, having a friend ask questions, then show me that video, and suddenly day after day of experiences and downloads.

I really recommend this to everyone, we'd have such a different world with those connections and memories and awareness occurring on a large scale.

Thank you for you post, have been off for a few days.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by Arcandost

Just know that about 90% of the information out there is false. It is put there to confuse and control.

It is up to you to decide what controls you and what you have control of. Work on the things you can control. Then the big picture will shift position a bit.

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 07:18 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Thankyou for your reply and I know you've been away for a couple aof days and hopefully its been worth-while

I understand where you are coming from yet I can't help wonder if the white, bright Spirit that I saw w hile back sitting opposite me watching the television unless the Spirit was observing me because I felt like somebody was looking at me I looked to my left and saw this Spirit put its arms out and hands and pushed itself up off the sofa and walked off towards the kitchen and I just couldn't stop starring like wow! Then I got spooked out because I wasn''t aware of what I had just experienced.

The similar incident of 3 years ago when I was with my ex girlfriend and heard walking/steps in the next room and I ggot outta bed thinking it was a theif as my parents back then were away on holiday and my ex girlfriend didn't want me to leave her so I stayed with her in my room and to both of our suprise a white, bright Spirit dashed past my bedroom door and looked in then fell all the way down the stairs literally, poor thing! and then he/she must have bumped their head into the shoe-unit where we stack our shoes basically and the large candle fell on the floor as I chased after this down the stairs because I only caught a glimpse of he/she as they were very quick and when I did get downstairs this was around 7-8am in the morning of the UK summer so everything is well lit up. The blinds were swaying side to side lots and I was so puzzled/confused.

That we thought we had a ghost in the house little to my knowledge at the time to find out later on it was my Spirit Guide who got a little clumpsy and rolled down the stairs, poor thing!

A few days ago I said to ET_MAN that my guide was actually calling my name out aloud enough to hear him it was a deep male voice and was calling my name for my attention and then I started picking up on conversations in the room and one male and one female and the female asked "can he hear us" and the male guide replied "he is already listening" and the female said "we hope we do not spook him" and the male replied " He's already aware of our presence, do not worry as we are here to guide him"

And then they just kept talking among themselves. I couldn't see them but I could feel their presence and there must have been about 3-4 of them with me. I'm getting the picture that something big is going to happen as for that many guides to be with me on just one occassion is a lot considering it would make sense why everyday all this week and last I have been feeling very unusual like really tired, my phone battery keeps running out, I've bust the toaster by touching it, I'm picking up on electrical signals everytime I look at the skies.

Whe I look at water puddles in the streets/roads I can see through the reflections and pick up on static red/white dots and lots of them like millions and I see the same with barcodes and the same on televisions. I'm starting to wonder whether this veil/curtain is unfolding from my 3rd eyes.

Everyday I feel dazy/dizzy like really dizzy and spaced out I'm full of positive energy yet so much of it I feel trapped in this peanut shell as ET_MAN put it I'm like a big sun stuck in a peanut shell.

My neck and chest tight even now and I still feel this almighty, overwhelming feeling of free-flowing energy and its so perculiar and I feel like I'm slowly stepping out of my body for good. Because when I drive my car I feel like I could just float out my body, to be honest I can't really describe what I am feeling now with words and from a finite perspective.

I still feel alive yet as much as I am aware of The Coming Changes I have been feeling CHANGE since I was about 10 years old and it got stronger when I was around 12-13 years older and now that I'm 22 years old I feel like I'm ready to go HOME and feel/believe I KNOW who I am/ I have Seen/Experienced where HOME actually is and I'm looking very forward to re-turning to be back with the Family Of Light and my Higher Self.

I KNOW what I'm feeling is REAL its an uplifting feeling, a feeling of higher awareness, a feeling of joy, a feeling of compassion for life and everything on Earth including Earth including all and every life existances throughtout the Universe.

I feel its "time" to go on and leave the finite/vessle, I want to progress to a higher understanding. I strive for survival and I look forward to meeting the Benevolent Pleaidians and other advanced civilisations in our Solar System and INFINITY & BEYOND!

Its a great feeling and knowing what I have experienced all my life to actually have a meaning to it all. Its great to feel awakened and be alive and live everyday to the best potential I could possibly live.

I look very forward to The Coming Changes and hope everybody is too.

I know within myself I am living on "borrowed time" because I asked to come back through will-power from my near-death-experience I wouldn't let go as I love my family derely and felt at that time I haven't lived for everything here and learnt what I need to.

I KNOW I'm on "borrowed time" and I try my best to spread awareness as I can only hope enough people will become aware and wake up and find themselves from within. Touch into their Hearts/Souls, find who you all truely are.

The TRUTH is from within and ONLY you will KNOW it. Thankyou for knowing me in this "TIME"/LIFE as I have appreciated every second/minute/hour that goes by everyday to be here communicating with all of you.

As death is inevitable I look forward to crossing over to the otherside/afterlife as I will continue my live's work helping people become aware of The Coming Changes/Events.

I will try my best to overcome the fear that's left in me like worries/anxiety/anger. I only have a little tiny weenie bit of fear left in me as I'm slowly accepting the TRUTH as I'd rather KNOW than be put in the corner in the shadows so to speak and be hidden away from TRUTH.

I've always been a TRUTHSEEKER and I have always felt the presence of other beings/guides. I strive for success not for profiteering purposes ONLY for SURVIVAL and TRUTH.

I look very forward to meeting you all with The Family Of Light and our Higher Selves.

I do wonder whether who I thought was a ghost was actually my Higher Self all along though I will ask him when I see him in the LIGHT

Sleep Well
Best Dreams

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 12:17 PM
Regarding “creation” I think it is a delusion.

“God” can’t create anything from nothing.

It certainly is a form of corruption as the astro physicist now believes.

That’s why everything in existence has always been here one way or the other.

Creation is merely a secondary process of rearranging existing matter along the matrix of states of consciousness or trees of awareness within the four worlds of body-mind-soul-spirit.

The intelligence behind “creation” is the world where creation can be, that is this world, or in biblical and Quran lore—the forbidden tree.

This forbidden tree is only one world amongst infinite worlds that exists on a body of light known symbolically as “The Garden of Eden” where latent in it are infinite dimensions outwardly and inwardly in humans.

In this creation we are a reflection of the huge inter-dimensional being that is the solar system. In other words the solar system exists in us as we see it outwardly. It is the inward world of a huge inter-dimensional being. We exist because of that beings reflection of us.

I ask ET man

Do you know our metaphysical allegory?

I know you know of it, but the question is, do you know and understand it?

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 07:25 PM
Great thread,I believe we are god,as people attempt to interpret that concept or idea.

Our sentience is really our telepathic or empathetic or emotional connection to each other we are born with it,the same connection we have with all living things on the planet,both plant and animal.We are all related,all life froms that exist in our reality are related. to us BY PROXY

Because no human can exist in a sentient manner ALONE---as ONE---without another sentient being to verify and validate its existance or reality we ACTUALLY EXIST IN ,AS,AND BECAUSE OF OUR CUMULATIVE REALITYS OR PERSPECTIVES that humanity as a group constantly creates in REAL TIME.

Dont forget the "real time" comment because this is the portal or crack through which humanity has been manipulated for a very long time.This is how we were given the illusion of religon and how religon has been able to keep itself alive as an entiy,both idealogiclly and physically in terms of armies and money.In the laagtime between the exchange and provision of information AFTER REALTIME EVENTS HAVE HAPPENED.

The Perspectives or Realities that humanities cumulative existance creates are in a CONSTANT STATE OF FLUX,OF GROWTH AND TRANSFORMATION,this is why there are an uncountable number of potential realities or future at any given moment in time."Anything really is possible!"One person can and throughout history HAS changed humanities path in their desired direction.

We create our reality in REAL TIME ALL THE TIME---like majic.Each of us has a potentially equal opportunity from birth to affect the course of all of humanity. simply by manifesting an emotion which turns into a thought which when shared WITH AT LEAST ONE OTHER SENTIENT BEING then snowballs into a possible reality if it is nurtured properly,either intentionally or unintentionally

This is why anything that silences or muffles or misrepresents EACH INDIVIDUAL HUMANS DIRECT AND PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION TO HUMANITIES CUMULATIVE REALITY ---IS A CRIMINAL ACT AGAINST HUMANITY AND THE PLANET.You cannot withhold real time information and education from people to manipulate them into giving you their vote in humanities future ---to keep their own entity or reality strong and alive.

A global democracy is a right and a responsibility we are all BORN WITH--IT COMES WITH THE SENTIENCE.We are responsible for each other and all life in the universe.To enable ourselves to properly caretake the planet and each other ---WE MUST ALL HAVE EQUAL EDUCATION ,ACESS TO KNOWLEDGE AND ACESS TO REAL TIME INFORMATION.

As an entire species we do this CREATION OF OUR FUTURE REALITY AS A GROUP,as a relative of every living thing in the universe we do this,we CREATE ALL THE TIME,the only thing we cant create is mother nature,that we have to adapt to.We create everything and you now know how and why we ARE RELATED TO ALL LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE[and I never used the word god once]

This is why we created the lies or misrepresentations we call mathamatics.To defeat nature,to explain nature in a way a sentient being could comprehend it, so we could duplicate and then improve upon nature itself and then in our MINDS EXPLAIN WHERE EVERYTHING CAME FROM.

Anytime there is an interaction between nature and mathamatics,math will lie and be forced to present a weaker or inequitable equivilant manifestation,hence WE CANT CREATE ANYTHING STRONGER THAN A SPIDERS WEB.Math lies,and as such will forever be lesser or weaker or less complete than nature.

This is why we are god,the reasons I shared and others show us unequivocally that WE IN FACT ARE GOD,EACH OF US WITH EQUAL POTENTIAL POWER IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO REALISE IT.

Sorry for the long post,its just the proverbial drop in the bucket.

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 08:49 PM
reply to post by one4all

Wonderful post, and we are all collectively, the Many In One, or as a friend writes, One-111111111111111111111...............One-1! I had some negative things occur recently, and was so stressed and disappointed in myself and others, when I was called to sungaze (when it was the last thing on my mind!) and connected immediately to my helpline. We have a team to help us when we wake up and become aware, and now am working at turning some of it around, by my thoughts, by seeing it differently and wishing, for that which brings joy. In a sense I had put off personal goals with the world on my shoulders alot, and it still is, but we also need balance in our own lives, a sense of purpose and joy, peace, beauty, with a strong yearning for equality.

I've read your posts alot, and they are about a grass roots democracy, (something beyond democracy beyond our perceived notions of politics, I sense really), a kind of freedom, equality, empowerment, sharing, and compassion that would propel individuals and humanity into progression.

Inequality hurts and its meant to, we are meant to see this strongly. Our family, is everyone, and that includes those who are hurting us, and they need our love too. Not acceptance for their behavior. We need to Denounce all that harms another, or takes from, or surpresses, and all that walk by those in need as well. But love everyone, behind all masks they wear.

Thank you for your posts.

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 06:51 PM
A message from within I have just hit - it - on - the - head - of - the - nail. I was looking up about the oil sabotage spill in The New Gulf of Mexico and couldn't understand why those who are responisble do it when they already know of The Coming Changes. Then I asked within and instantly thankyou Higher Self showed me and know I understand why the oil spillage because TPTB are trying to stop/slow down Terra/Earth from transcending into The Golden Age as She/Earth needs the polar ice caps to melt so the more water the higher the frequency and connection with the LIGHT.

As for the oil spillage Mr KAKU said that it could take years to stop the leak basically TPTB are not going to stop the leak! Because they know what is coming.

How cruel they are, I've wondered all week why I've been pissed off!

I'm just going through a phase of abit of anger basher which I do not like being like this but it takes a lot for me to get wound up and as for the oil spillage that's done it for me. Because all that's left to play out now is Martial Law. Its just a matter of when. Be prepared, hey! that's what they say. The oil spillage over the next coming months according to a link I have just viewed it will eventually spread into the Fresh Water current, well you know what that means don't you, it means its going to pollute the entire pacific ocean and that water/oil will eventually reach the UK and its not rocket science where it will go next.

I want change and the only way for CHANGE is through LOVE LIGHT AND TRUTH!

Good Night, Happy Dreams, I know I'm going to be stressing a lot in my vision's as it frustrates me that I feel like I can't do a lot even though I know I can help, I'm just physcially drained and spiritually drained and exhausted. I need a holiday! lol

Love & Light - CHANGE LOVE LIGHT is the way forward.

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 01:03 PM
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What comes to me is that all is well, we are in very good hands, and that the Light and Love within us is all that is real, all else is illusions so I have this strong feeling that its going to be alright.

An idea came to me, but I'm not into astrology or numerology yet, hopefully others would be, a kind of prediction thread for disasters and earthquakes and wars, that involve TPTB and negatives, wherein we take a look at the ones already that happened, and their leylines, chakra points and numerology/astrological signficance, and then go on guard duty!!!!
Make a number of guesses and hunches and then hold the light over the planet, over the seas/oceans, over the land, the volcanoes, over the people, and work hard for peace and to give the land and food back to people and end banks as well!

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 05:23 PM
Today, listening to my mp3, and sungazing, ideas streamed in, I was holding light, and envisioning women and children throughout the world, and in brothels in our cities, held in the grip of drugs and black market econimies, sexual slaves, and harmed by the ugly webs others spin as free. I saw their Higher Selves and Family speak in their hearts, appear, give them dreams, absolute purity, forrests and wilderness and open spaces awakening within so their own countenance shines with light and purity, and the space to hear their inner voices. They connect to Higher Self and freedom, and the doors open and they walk away, into safety, into rural places, with others welcoming them in, starting ethical new age, artistic, natural vitamins, homemade soaps, makeup, spinning weaving, I just see the flood gates open.

Whatever it takes to free the women and children of the world, and the men brought to justice but the black ops and the mafia thugs also, waking up, their own visitations, their own understanding opening.

Graduation is coming, and it dawned on me to try and walk in every footstep, to imagine all that holds a black op, politician, and controller in this world from stepping out of line, how do those who desire to see a progression, change and freedom emerging, who are sickened at heart by the suffering others are enduring, free themselves.

I am holding over this, and seeing this connection within occurring for all those in posiitions where they are not free to disclose or help that their own Higehr Selves can arrange their escapes as well.

I see the doors opening and the light streaming in, words of dignity given to the public, truth, walk over to join with us.

I hold light over these thoughts, search within your hearts and set yourelves free.

constance demby - I set myself free

Love & Light!

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 03:43 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I too applaud your efforts OP but as time goes on I can't help but think that the 'real' entities, that are calling the shots and indeed made the framework of the system we live in today are detached from the hu-man race entirely. One could say that they do not have a soul or indeed show emotion. I wonder if they could even by categorised as hu-man, now theres a thought?

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