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To All TPTB/Black Ops, Time To Wake Up To Equality and Love

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 05:04 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Hi again Polarwarrior,

I noticed that you edited your post and added this:

I sense much fear in your post, the fear while reasonable, will hold you back. Remember it is very important for the negative PTB to create fear, and they are very very clever at tricking positives into being fearfull which has interpenetrated much of spirituality. Many think a certain amount of fear is healthy to stop you being decieved, thats a trick. No fear is healthy.

If you feel that you sense fear in me or my post then you have greatly misinterpreted/felt something, because there is absolutely ZERO FEAR in me and I have died before (according to what humans define/understand death to be) with an NDE among other experiences. I have no fear left in me and the message I have always shared with everyone is to have no fear. You can read my signature that speaks out loud for itself.

"FEAR NOT-What is Not Real, never was and never will be. What is Real, Always Was and Cannot Be Destroyed.Consciousness is ETERNAL it is not vanquished with the destruction of the "Temporal Body."

The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Buddha

The only thing to fear is fear itself and death is an illusion. Life is Death and Death is life from an Infinite/Eternal perspective where there's no such thing as Death. Just another word for the finite human mind to better understand something that it does not understand. There is nothing to ever fear from an "INFINITE"---"ETERNAL" perspective, so have no fear and never fear.

The secret to this existence is to discover who and what you are which is "ETERNAL" and the "INFINITE" overcoming the finite/temporal body/mind. Everything has a reason/purpose and everyone is on their own path working their way through life in the midst of "ETERNITY" where there is no "TIME" to the "INFINITY" & "BEYOND" through "Eternal Progression."

"Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." Albert Einstein

Best Wishes!
Best Dreams!

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 05:44 AM
Beautifull posts, thanks.

Theres not much I can add, so much has been said in this thread. Reading posts by you guys gives me great hope for humanity, its that little reminder that many are awake and aware and we're in for some good times ahead.

The initial claims in my first post stemmed from this.

The universe has explored polar deviations from neutrality in terms of spriritual orientation. I use the terms negative and positive because good and evil implies in my mind that there is something better about good. But they are just opposites. Entities will be certain their path is the best one, and the other path is wrong. But from the perspective of the infinite creator both are loved the same, and each have a part to play in co-creating epic sagas throughout the cosmos. The polarities stem from the infinite neutral, but because all things happen at once, they are still in that infinite now, but can be seen to have the illusion of being seperate and have a past from whence they came from unity. The illusion is the gift, it allows us to experience seperation where there is none. All things are experienced in infinity and we are in a portion that is exploring seperation. The polarities are closer than two sides of the same coin to the infinite creator, but to the ant exploring their surface they are seen to be two completely different things. So confusion can arise when claiming the polarities are actually one and the same, they are not to a human, but they share a common trunk and actually are. The power of the illusion is what makes it all work so well.

So when the entity outgrows polarity games and remerges with oneness, id call their polarity "positive" because it is much closer to this than negative but in actual fact they are sorta neutral because they see the importance for the other polarity and become fond of both paths as essential components to the creation.

Earth is a very hard school. This lead me to believe the negatives are not all from third. But some like the ones mentioned in hidden hand are from the dimension(half way through 6th) where they have almost re-merged back to the infinite all. These entities can see all is one, they are out of the "seperation" aspects that grips them through fith. And while they were negative in the past, they come to love us, as they love all things. But they still go back and use their huge wealth of experience at enslaving peoples to provide some "very hard" negativity for the difficult polarity games like our own. They know that providing more negativity will push us into the postive further (the polarities are in cosmic balance), thus polarizing us and helping us up to the next density to leave the polarity game and come and join them in the higher realms for the big cosmic re-union. This got me thinking, if an entity who wandered back to provide negative catalyst to polarize us rememberd all was one they would find it nire impossible to hurt us! but would have to stick to their commitment and provide the negativity anyway! an increadible feat. I gathered from hidden hand that this was the case, but they seemed modest about it. But I think most TPTB are not at this level yet and are experiencing seperation and learning hate to make it to fourth neg.

Basically, we realize were both from the same source at some point we come back together, but we sometimes continue polarity behaviour when reaching back to lend a hand to the brothers behind us. At least for those in "the choice" point such as we, the presentation of both polarities needs be provided and an entitiy whose path to the all was negative would have the experience nescesary to provide harsh learning experiences we find oursleves in today.

In the infinite usiverse all situations exist. So the above hypotheses exists somewhere, maybe of maybe not on earth at present, I cant know for sure while im incarnate I'll have to wait till I get home.


"One" has many meanings I think. There are ones within other ones. I see the inverse as infinte. And the only thing I know about infinty is that it is also unity. A concept that took me ages to see. I have often ponded the paradoxes of infinty, thinking well just when you think youve re-merged with everything you peel back another layer and there is more! then more still! So can one ever expect an end to their journey of discovery? The only way to comprehend infinity is to see it as one thing. This is where I think Ra gets the words one infinite creator from, he would be implying that there are infinity creators in that one infinite, and the the one infinite is just one of infinity creators above it, so you get back to the paradox and see all must be one. Its a concept that must have so many levels to it, the human one being just a taste of the paradox to come. The mystery may not have an ending.

My infinity paradox gets to the point wher I think "creation" must be just one concept in infinity. "universe" or "multverse" must be just one type of "thing" in infinity things and so on.....So even when you think you know the most fundamental divine elements there are, you sooner or later realze those were just one "type" in infinity "types".... so at the end of the day what can you say to know. IMO all is one, would be all one could say about the infinite universe.

I really enjoy these threads, thankyou both for getting me thinking about "the big picture" today. Its a pleasure to talk to others who want to discuss things other than the weekends football, and help each other learn, it makes a nice change to my daily life that is beginning to seem rather trivial.

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 05:44 AM
Great Great Post.


posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 05:46 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Perhaps that was my fear. Im sorry, I added that bacause i wanted to mention the fear of being decieved makes one reserved concept but realize now it was off topic.

Edit to add, You seem adept about fear, I look forwards to talking about fear in the future with you.

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 06:05 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

I cant add this to the last post for some reason, but I wanted to say thanks for the quotes I hadnt heard the Einstein one before and it reminded me of one I posted the other day in the I am the Creator thread.

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

- Albert Einstein

I just had to share it again cuz I cant believe id never heard those quotes before now, they are great and tie right into the thread.

Omg, ET_man did you write all that in your signature link, im reading it now but it seem I could be up all night!

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 08:17 AM

Originally posted by boondock-saint
I applaud your efforts here Unity 99

however, I dont think they care anymore

most of them will do their job to get a paycheck

they could care less what happens to themselves
or us after they leave their respective conclaves.

In my opinion as you say that they care less would be a matter of their not AWARE.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 08:19 AM

Originally posted by polarwarrior
reply to post by ET_MAN

All is one. All is perfect.

I only get my truth from looking within, but needs words from texts like Ra to explain it in words. Your writing from the perspective of a positive, I dont expect, furthermore it is not even important in this density, that you see it from the unity perspective. Everything happens for a reason. The creation being one thing, it is either love or it is not. There are only areas where the illusion of lack of love can be percieved and we are in one of them. One day you will look back to see how perfect it all was, all along, from the broader perspective. But for now you seem to be doing just fine and are way ahead of most people in grasping the situation at hand. I perhaps should leave the concept for time beyond words. In our little duality game were playing it is not necessary for us to realize that all is one. So I perhaps shoudlnt bother getting people to see beyond the narrow duality scope for the present, other than the fact that it can alleiviate fear.

I would reccomend much deep oneness meditation to aid in seeing all beings as one regardless of the side they take to play out our little duality games of polarity. There is a bigger picture to be seen.

All is one, and that one is loving.

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Polarwarrior I could have sworn you have a youtube account as I receive plenty of light and love from the same or similar name?

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Nah I dont have a utube account, Ive only been learning so far, and dont think im ready to start teaching. I could see how the name could be common, if one uses polarity to describe good and evil or light and dark. And warrior as in lightwarrior. I suppose the term polarity warrior could be used for both sides, I wanted a name that wouldnt instantly write me off as a new ager in the science forums but let those in the know see what I think is happening on planet earth at present.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 09:34 AM
Hello Unity,well spoken,and I hope taken to heart by those here.

I also would like to appeal to those in positions of power that carry the humanitarian burden of education,I say burden because once we become educated we BECOME STEWARDS OF HUMANITY,you see ignorance is not truly bliss--it is only a staging area for the germination of a humanitarian conscience nurtured by the feeding of real time information,and education.


We are the tip of humanities spear and we must ensure that we behave that way.

When we refer to the powers that be or TPTB, we do a disservice to humanity,it is ok to call a liar a liar and a cheater a cheater,we MUST NOT SURRENDER OUR ABILITY TO SPEAK THE TRUTH.We must not give these SIMPLE LIARS AND CHEATS to be cannonized through our giving them some special status that requires a moniker like TPTB ,when they are merely liars and cheats.

WE ARE THE POWERS THAT BE,each one of us carries a powerful vote in humanities cumulative future.Not only do each of us have the power to define which current reality we reside or participate in up to and including ending our participaction in ALL REALITIES if we choose by self termination,but we each have the power to choose to be a part of humanities cumulative future,it is a complicated version of staying with the times or stating hip or cool,informed if you will.If you fall out of the loop and cease to be informed by the assimilation of current real time information then you lose your ability to TUNE IN TO THE LONG TERM REALITY THAT IS HUMANITIES FUTURE,and you abbrogate your right to keep your place in even our physical reality.We choose our own futures as if by magic as we would term the ability to CREATE OUR OWN REALITY.Magic.



Lets not even say stuff like ,the victim doesnt ask to be murdered,ok,I already said PRIOR DECISIONS .

Now that you have been empowered and see the potential reality in which you can be a part of humanities future instead of being a memory in its past,you must consider Unity 99s proposition,the offer is ALWAYS ON THE TABLE,to choose to become a part of humanities cumulative future.

To do this is easy,you have already been through the hard part,you are educated,you arent aware of it but you have lived a thousand lifetimes through your educations,as I have.This is why we are stewards of humanity.It is not our duty to expect the masses of humanity to posess the ability or the strength to bear the burden of knowledge we currently bear all at one time,BUT IT IS OUR DUTY TO SHARE AS MUCH OF OUR REALITY WITH THOSE MASSES AS THEY ARE WILLING TO ABSORB OR LEARN.

This is what I am appealing for,I am asking all of us to reach within ourselves and to recognise the true power we posess and to also recognise that our lives are FINITE we must act quickly once we awaken to the possible future realities we can CREATE AT WILL---AND WITH OUR WILLS.

We must all continue to support our worlds infrastructure and econemy because progress is a forward motion,we must support each human on the planet as if they were living as our neighbor in our own neighborhood--WE MUST LIFT THEM UP TO THE STATUS WE OURSELVES HAVE ACHIEVED OR OUR ACHIEVEMENTS ARE MEANINGLESS.

All of us educated humans recognise the inequity that exists within humanity on a global scale,we understand and accept the atrocities committed through war and in many many cases INACTION BY US,we claim to be powerless and find innumerable creative explanations as to why we CANT CHANGE THINGS,but at the end of the day WE ALL KNOW BETTER---THIS IS THE BURDEN I SPOKE OF EARLIER AND WE CANNOT STOP TO PUT THIS BURDEN DOWN WE CARRY IT FOR LIFE AND THE MORE WE LEARN THE HEAVIER THE BURDEN BECOMES---THE ONLY RELIEF COMING FROM FINDING OTHERS TO HELP SHOULDER THE WEIGHT.

If enough of us shoulder the weight together the BURDEN WILL DISSAPPEAR.

Tell all of your friends about how you feel,about what YOU think could CHANGE THINGS FOR THE BETTER,have confidence in your existance and your knowledge and strength of purpose when you demand positive change from the world around you.


Share the knowledge like you share the love,gift it to all of humanity as fast as you can because it is through the offering of the POTENTIAL CUMULATIVE FUTURE AND THE ACCEPTANCE BY THE MASSES THAT WE WILL CHANGE HUMANITIES CURRENT COURSE AND DEFINE HUMANITIES FUTURE PATH.


But never forget that the magic only works because we all exist together,the more of us that see the same magic show,THE STRONGER THE MAGIC BECOMES--THIS IS HOW WE CREATE OUR OWN CUMULATIVE FUTURE AS A SPECIES---AS HUMANITY.

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Hi Polarwarrior,

But from the perspective of the infinite creator both are loved the same, and each have a part to play in co-creating epic sagas throughout the cosmos.

This comes from the “INFINITE” that has always been. There is no such thing as a “ONE” Creator but “INFINITE” and your perspective is absolutely correct and exactly what the Teachers/Creators/Designers above and “BEYOND” think about “ALL THINGS” not just about “Dark” “Light” or both where there's no such thing as both and always a “BEYOND.” There are “INFINITE” Universes in existence and WAY more than that where this Universe would compare to an atom of "INFINITE" empty space that contains more than just “LIGHT” and “DARK” things that humans could never even begin to comprehend/understand so “INFINITY” is not always just about “LIGHT” and “DARK” as there are “INFINITE” Possibilities/Potentials within the “INFNITE” Imagination of Creation existing in the midst of “ETERNITY” where there is no “TIME” and never-ending amounts of “TIME” at the same “TIME” where “TIME” does not exist.

but because all things happen at once, they are still in that infinite now, but can be seen to have the illusion of being seperate and have a past from whence they came from unity.

All things are “INFINITE” but they are separate yet interconnected in "LIKENESS" with their own freewill path possessing the greatest gift of all “Individuality” and they did it their way.
And I did it my way:

At the same “TIME” where there's no such thing as “TIME.” Unity exists in the “ONE” “INFINITE” Universes/Realms/Existences (Call them what you will) where there's no such thing as opposition/polarities. There is no pain,suffering, sorrow, misery or death only pure bliss, joy, happiness to be found with “ONE” Eternal day of “LIGHT” with zero “NIGHT.” There is no sleep, tiredness, disease, weakness or sorrow of any shape, kind or form. I am there now from an “INFINITE” Eternal perspective and so are you. All things are occurring at once (as you mentioned) from an Infinite/Eternal perspective “TIME” being an illusion/program specifically setup/created/designed for the “TIME” Being which is the vehicle/body/mind with reason/purpose to bring “Eternal Progression” and there are “INFINITE” perceptions of “TIME” for the “TIME” being.

When it comes to the limited/finite understanding of the Universe, Earth, duality, physicality or the material Earth world.- I’m comfortable with what I’ve been shown/given of the structure/system/geometry behind/above/below Earth-zone life/reality. Putting it into complete illustration/description/definition would be an impossibility task for the finite/limited mind. For one to better understand/learn what it's like outside of Earth-zone reality-one needs to visit/go there/experience it for themselves and within "TIME" they can. It's always a procedure-"Matter" of "TIME."

A few things to wonder/think about in regards to-"TIME" according to the current level of human understanding/knowledge/consciousness of what "TIME" really is in relationship to the temporal homosapien life/experience in Earth-zone. Is it Real? Of course it's real, it's very real to the finite temporal body/mind/vehicle “Experiencing”--- The “TIME” Being at least for the “TIME” being.

he illusion is the gift, it allows us to experience seperation where there is none. All things are experienced in infinity and we are in a portion that is exploring seperation.

“INFINITE” separation/division exists within “INFINITY,” All things being Eternal and- “INFINITE” but they are separate on their own freewill path possessing the greatest gift of all “Individuality” and they did it their way, and I did it my way. “I AM WHAT I AM.” “THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE.”

In the “END” where there's no such thing as “END” the word “Utopia” or “Heaven” for some will be different for others according to that which they Dream/Hope/Imagine and WISH for, where Dreams Do and WILL Come TRUE from an Infinite/Eternal perspective where there's "INFINITE" Space/Possibility available.

The polarities are closer than two sides of the same coin to the infinite creator, but to the ant exploring their surface they are seen to be two completely different things. So confusion can arise when claiming the polarities are actually one and the same, they are not to a human, but they share a common trunk and actually are.

This is Coming from the “INFINITE.” There are oppositions to be found in duality Universe/Existences. There is no confusion from that which is “RIGHT” and from that which is “WRONG.” There is “EVIL” and there is “GOOD” to be found - “LIGHT” to “DARK” within the “Infinite” Duality School/Universes.

This lead me to believe the negatives are not all from third. But some like the ones mentioned in hidden hand are from the dimension(half way through 6th) where they have almost re-merged back to the infinite all.

Coming from the “INFINITE”- there is no such thing as 3rd or 6th and if one truly understood what the behind veil/mask of “DARK” represented they would better understand that some things are “ILLUSION” but not in the way you think. Nudge!

These entities can see all is one.

The “INFINITE” Teachers/Creators/Designers see (as you suggested) all in one as “Equal Opportunity/Potential exists within “ALL THINGS” where there is no greater or lesser, more special or better and this “INFINITE” understanding is what those “SEE” who have found that “INFINITE” understanding/knowledge.

And the only thing I know about infinty is that it is also unity.

True Unity exits for the “TIME” being in “INFINITE” non-polarity Existences/Universes and “BEYOND.” Refer to the previous discussed comments for further description on such existences.

From an “INFINITE” perspective everything is right where is needs to be for the "TIME" being and there is “Equal” Opportunity/Potential for everyone but everyone is not “ONE” being but “INFINITE” and have always been.

Ideas To Think About!

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty." Albert Einstein

"A human being is “ONE” in likeness coming from the same source or whole, called by us universe, He experiences himself because he has freewill/individuality the greatest gift of all things and they did it their way and I did it my way. I am what I am, they are what they are... Not an optical delusion of his consciousness but part of his “INFINITE” self. The task must be to find one's true self and come to an “INFINITE” understanding of who and what they truly are and “ALL” that they represent---> “INFINITY” comes to Heart/Soul/Mind- where there's no such thing as “ALL.

The only quotes that I use from Einstein are the one's that possess “INFINITE” knowledge/understanding to help better give ideas about the “INFINITE.” Einstein's quote above has some truth to it from a certain angle/perspective to a certain level/degree but is incorrect if taken directly as “ALL THINGS” are separated/divided for the “TIME” Being- experiencing in duality School/Universes. The greatest gift of all is one's freewill/individuality, I did it my way, they did it their way, you did your way, we all did it our way. "I AM WHAT I AM, YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE" But from an Infinite/Eternal Perspective we are Eternal "FAMILY" and "ONE" in "LIKENESS."

Wishing You "INFINITE"
Best Wishes!
Best Dreams!

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 10:34 AM
We are all individual entities with no tie to each other in any physical sense other than the need to reproduce--we may choose not to reproduce and therefore negate this as a need on an individual basis illustrating the hypocracy of individual rights as opposed to humanitarian rights---we need to reproduce as a species irregardless of individual choice THERE IS A GREATER CAUSE THAN THE INDIVIDUAL WOVEN INTO US ,our emotional dependance on each other is an evolutionary response to a survival need,we need to stick together to suceed and emotional ties keep us close together,close enough to kill anything that threatens our small core group that we emotionally care about,--but we may choose to extend our emotional bond far beyond our core group if we choose in fact we have the MAGIC ABILITY TO PROJECT THIS EMOTIONAL POWER ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET OR IN THE UNIVERSE IF WE SO CHOOSE---THIS IS THE KEY TO HOW WE CREATE OUR CUMULATIVE REALITY THROUGH OUR EMOTIONAL BONDING AND OUR SYNCRONISING OF OUR EMOTIONAL FOCUS AS A SPECIES.
Not as individuals but as a cumulative group power.

Once we become educated we become empowered and choose to share the burden of choosing humanities future and the burden of awakening others to help us shoulder the weight of these decisions.Once we are educated we become empathetic to the conditions in which others live,we begin to THROUGH THE ASSIMILATION OF REAL TIME INFORMATION REGARDING THESE CONDITIONS ----BOND EMOTIONALLY WITH HUMANS ALL OVER THE PLANET.

When this happens we begin to ask questions,difficult questions of our leaders,questions that will not go unanswered for long,WE BEGIN TO SEEK PARITY FOR OUR FELLOW MEMBERS OF HUMANITY NO MATTER WHERE THEY LIVE OR HOW THEY FOUND THEMSELVES SUFFERING.

This quest for parity is NATURAL,and it is what has been taken from the masses of humanity through the withholding of education AND ACESS TO REAL TIME INFORMATION FROM WHICH THESE CRITICAL MEMBERS OF HUMANITY MAY DEFINE THEIR EXISTANCE AND VOICE THEIR WISHES CONCERNING HUMANITIES FUTURE.

Unity and I and others are asking everyone to please recognise that you are powerful ,that you weild strong magic in your ability to share real time information with humanity all over the planet,to please recognise that THIS IS ALL WE NEED TO DO TO CHANGE THE WORLD BY DEFAULT----TO TEACH THE MASSES ,TO EDUCATE THEM AND PROVIDE REAL TIME INFORMATION TO THEM SO THEY MAY SEE THE POSSIBLE CUMULATIVE FUTURE REALITY WE CAN OFFER THEM.


And I am not only referring to FORMAL EDUCATION,we need to give the internet to every human on earth,because each story we read becomes our reality and we can hasten our developement as a species by allowing the masses to LIVE A THOUSAND LIFETIMES OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE AND EMOTION AND EMPATHY IN JUST A FEW YEARS OF THEIR LIVES.

This is the trick,this is the way we bring everyone together,education,simply allowing people to share experiences fast enough and in a large enough volume that their emotional bond with HUMANITY BECOMES STRONG ENOUGH THAT THEY CHOOSE TO JOIN HUMANITY IN A CUMULATIVE FUTURE.Quickly,like around ten or eleven,not at sixty or seventy,as is common now.A child that has experienced a thousand lifetimes by their tenth year is able to contribute a greater degree of their potential towards humanities cumulative future than someone who is forced to learn these simple and short lessons OVER AN ENTIRE LIFETIME OF SIXTY OR MORE YEARS.

We want these children to understand their potential early and begin to create their own futures as a global entity,they should not be HELD BACK UNTIL THEIR SIXTYS AND SEVENTIES AS OUR PAST GENERATIONS HAVE BEEN.

Humanity is breaking free,call it indigo children,star children,natural evolution,whatever you choose,the result is still the same,personally I was implanted as a child by humans from other planets,my reading and learnig was exponentially accellerated.


Humanity has been manipulated throughout its history by the withholding of education and access to real time information from the masses,it doesnt matter what part of our history you choose to revisit the DYNAMIC WILL REMAIN THE SAME.If this wasnt done to us we would have united as a species long ago,we were united in our past history on this scale we just arent given the correct historical information.

This is the plea,a plea for a global provision of internet access for the masses IMMEDIATLY,and a plea for all of us to recognise why we need to allow these billions of people to begin learning as soon as possible,every day counts towards our cumulative survival or surrender to nature.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Thank you so much for your posts. To me sharing this infinite awareness/knowedge/understanding, is to activate, for those close to understanding, truth is within, and within themselves memories, feelings vibrations activate.

This happened when I read your posts on your thread, Warnings from the Benevolents, once you began answering the questions pertaining to our nature, the light shone strongly and I connected to this within, it activated more understanding, more awareness.

I realized that with those whose energy is very strong to me, positive, aware, light, that each one has been like a stepping stone to awakening, nudging and activating further. This is what its like for us, team work, lending a helping hand to each other, because we love each other as if its all prearranged before we come down, so no mistake will be made along the way, and nudges continue to bring us to flowering of awareness, full lotus. Just like the sleeping petals responding to the light and nutrients to unfold.

Evil never was Good.
Good never was Evil..
Light never was Dark.
Dark never was Light.
Murder never was Good.
Doing good never was Evil.
Wickedness never was Happiness.
Happiness never was Wickedness.

Search inside your Soul/Heart for the truth in this matter.

These words seem to me to come from an infinite perspective for when you wrote them it was right within me as if I knew this stream of information as well.

Yes, and so with those we call bloodlines, and controllers here, those who are serving dark side, it must be understood, that this thread is in earnest, concerned very much for them to begin to free themselves from being misled.

From eveything I know when I reach inside, which is why I always maintain that I don't agree with the duality, I'm not a person who the need for undending trauma and pain for lessons, there are better ways to learn, love and safety, security, good self care, many options to explore, and encouragement comes to mind, just as you would give these good things to a child, given that you had equal opportunity to do so, for not all can give what they know they want to in this horrendous inequality of base living conditions.

But the duality here is in form, structure, a program in the dvd player/computer/infinite school/in our "physical" bodies as well, but not in us.

All souls, all consciousness must choose to respond to the stimulus, and the real task is awareness, awakening to our true infinite light natures, and to start to try to align our lives and choices with the Love & Goodness our true selves possess, while expressing our individuality in expression and creativity, to explore.

But we're all, us, and the ones who set themselves up to be our "controllers" since Atlantian days, what we call the illuminati, are all, creating our own worlds, and based on our inner workings, and yearnings, and actions. Though I put the actions at the end because in this inequality not all are equally able to express through true natures and yearnings, and the full extent of their lessons by mirroring it out.

This in another error in the Law of One, because while we can awaken as co-creators and I've had my own experiences that this yearning for, and manifesting our consciousness is one of the things we also need to awaken to, this world is still not arranged so that all are able to do this, its not fair that way. It truly is co creation only with something beyond ourselves, and many very positive people are trapped in unequal circumstances, and "die" in these circumstances with a lifetime of manifesting and yearnings that did not manifest in their own circumstances, but obviously in their next step in the Beyond, and this should be sign to others to realize its not just an individual journey of awakening giving the individual the chance to advance, and where they are the master of their ship, the creator of their whole lives as some insist they are based on that law of one material.

In reality, we come as team, individual but connected to, and rely on other parts of the team to do their part as well.

The ones who are determined to force humans into wars, genocide, starvation, truama, pain, dumbed down and mind controlled, divided and conquered are not operating out of love, for love is not darkness or evil. They are operating out of the finite, a disconnect from their true nature and self, and are harming themselves in the process.

Behind the mask of the darkness is a program, AI if you will, but something that is not real, not life, not consciousness, void...........Yet they are real. We're challenged by the duality put into the structure of the universe, but all of life itself, soul, light is being tested to look within and run with what their heart tells them, their soul tells them, their Higher Self when they make that connection, tells them is right, for this is the only way to progression.

Running in another direction, towards outward appearances, towards money, trinkets, and looking for validation from above in the universe or ETs to justify this, or running with the temporal, and explosion of anger to react to someone, even if one can rationalize murdering anyone can bring justice or right a wrong, or create peace in the world, its running with a negative impulse instead of riding it out to clear waters, and connecting within. So some are spiralling downard in their lessons, and this is why I've made this thread.

As encouragement, to understand the progression, to go within. Also it becomes a discussion of infinity, the Beyond, our true natures, and what we can each bring forward in this, hopefully we will activate more memories within, by discussing these matters.

For some this is so far removed from their real solid lives, they don't give these thoughts consideration, yet these are the ones that are the most real, the most substantial, what draws me the most.

My reaction when I read words of love, light, awareness, infintiy, beyond, progression, Family, true family that loves each other, gallantly, romantically, true love, happiness, joy, just leaps in me. Because I feel it, reaching in, the connection, and greet everyone, with joy wishing this veil would slip a bit more to tell them how much I love them, its a strange feeling but I am getting a lot lately.

But those ones I wish to tell how much I love them, for I see their lights, and we all know each other, are not only waking up here, but they are also the ones mismanaging this world, handled by other beings, the bloodlines themselves, they're there. But "in time" this can still be quite a journey until their consciousness experiences this.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 02:36 PM
To carry on something of the duality not being soul, and that we can never rationalize that it is done in LOVE, murders/war/genocide. This is a failure on their part, to turn away from the outer world, the wealth and power they are becoming accustomed to and go within to their hearts, and their inner knowing, connection, world of the beyond.

The entire maxim, As Above, So Below, that is coded in so many structures and symbology, archetures, and arrangements, is about the structure yet again, an outer look. And they truly rationalize their duality by outer appearances, forgetting it was never that, it was always inner. By cutting off their connection to the true beyond, their manfistations, connections and communications that they recieve in their rituals and meditations are error, darkness, they're not connecting to self in the Beyond but channeling or connecting to those in the game, beings and entities both real and lost, themselves, and illusionary programs.

They must go further zen like, like a child, thats why that very simple video and reaching within would help them as well. Said with great love.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Thank you for your wonderful posts. You bring into this disucussion so many different elements, and some of the higher lines of thought concerning these issues, all nudges to us within to go further and reach into an understanding of infinity, that what seems like opposition,duality, clashes and discord, all in "time" where there is "No Time" is truly Oneness/Unity, Many in One! That we are truly Family!

To look beyond this structure, to be fearless, to see with love and activate a higher understanding.

Love & Light!

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 03:01 PM

Originally posted by DClairvoyant

Originally posted by boondock-saint
I applaud your efforts here Unity 99

however, I dont think they care anymore

most of them will do their job to get a paycheck

they could care less what happens to themselves
or us after they leave their respective conclaves.

In my opinion as you say that they care less would be a matter of their not AWARE.

This is exactly what I see, and agree with. Anyone who is allowing themselves to be bought off and compensated physically in this illusional dimensional plane, and atrophying their own phone line home to speak, their inner connection the Beyond is demonstrating very much LACK of awareness.

This dvd, is a big test that all infinite beings must go through, to gain super consciousness so to speak, we must pass it, and if we dont and either repeat the grade, or spiral downwards into baser thoughts, (though even going back,if we've learnt more here, its with us under the memory seals, so we may go back, but not full back, ie. two squares ahead, one square back, and then again, like GROUND HOG DAY, the movie, in repeat.

But to progress we must go positive awareness mode becsause it means connecting to our infinite natures and the Beyond, the lifting of the veil.

Here we connect to various channels of information, those going past the veil inside their hearts/feelings/insight, connect to their Higher Selves, the Creators/Planners/Designers, and the Beyond, the Infinite Progression.

Those turning to outer items, and status, in this illusion (and its really sad, if they only understood, they're not really here at all. I was asked. "Where do you think you are anyway? Do you think you ever leave your home?" Well, they've projected their consciousness into the DVD, but aren't connecting to themselves and family, so they are only connecting to those who are also TRAPPED IN THE GAME, ie. the ETs, and negatives and other dimensionals in this Universe/School, and some avoid their own review by staying away from portals out, hence concepts such as "soul traps" on the moon, and various ideas behind a system operating in this school.

Their awareness is needed, very much so.

Also, the detailed traps they set for others with coding in religion and language and records, documents, birth certificates, graduation ceremonies, all this falls back on them. Whilst their intended "victims" are with their own lives creating their own realities or progression or in a sense, maybe some must redo this lesson, they themselves by these intended actions to others, and the horrific murders in war, starvation, disease, even their ritualistic murders, are all the world they're creating for themselves, its what they're investing their energy into.

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by one4all

Good posts, and the message here is important, when addressing the bloodline/atlantian/PTB, in this thread, its not to differentiate them as "the powers" for they are not truly, and "We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For" as the Hopi elders have said. Therein lies a lot of the answers to the problems of the political mess we are seeing in this world, another Divide and Conquer strategy to keep us divided and warring and controlled, by a very misled group of humanity, whatever types of Ets they are channeling in, they are still EQUAL LIGHT WITHIN as we all are.

Its to address that one section with the fewest words that could fit in the title spot,and I'm never good with titles.
That is the most awkward moment of the thread for me.

We TRULY are in the ONES WE"VE BEEN WAITING FOR. A more advanced sysetm would be one, of complete never ending, higher education (in a moneyless world where all is free, giving and taking), where retraining is constant, and many guilds for every craft, art, body of skills or knowledge there for all to explore as well, tai chi, meditation, art, science, astromony, agriculture, anything the heart can imagine.....Wherein ALL adult members equally take turns in the local and higher levels of organizations, with rotating shifts, like jury duty.

There could be no better. And that the rules and laws are bare, basic, in other words all the things we criminalize would be decriminalized or if someone demonstrates error that caused injury, retraining, if its serious enough, but better to encourage than force except in extreme circumstances, in fact this whole concept has to be examined.

And education, free exchanges of information, sharing all, a free and open internet for all is a symbol, communication, sharing and learning from each other, providing more understanding and ways to help another as well, is crucial.

For we are to advance, not reset. The divide and conquer, the black operations and caps on information, the false matrix of lies they have constructed to make an illusionary culture, blocking the coming together of nations, all serve their very low based, control, its a very low vibration. It it is a roadblock to progression and advancement and is truly dark, base, primitive, low mentality, consciousness. This is what is running this system.

Though they themselves must disclose white squares, information, usually filtered and mixed with darkness and lies, the reason is because in the duality system there are consequences, ie. the cosmos may come in and take over, if they dont do the right, OR, they feel their own negative progression would be affected, they really see themselves in this role of managing a universal plan, and they're not, they're also in this test.

We truly are the ones more aware, questioning things, waking up to this matrix, the shadow government, nwo, many waking up to memories, experiences and as such, we are the ones that need to help those around us and others to also become more aware, locally.

Though many are not going to have their bubbles popped easily,and go into denial. Its OK, its really about planting the seeds, opening their minds to new material, and thoughts they had not considered, so that they will start to pay attention when the moments come to them, so that these connections can be made within, and nudges sent that they will understand more, form their Higher Selves and Famil of Light watching over and guiding them that they will start to gain awareness too.

So we do have a responsibility to share.

When we do the opposite to the mystery school members, and are tranparent and open with everything we learn and know, we are interjecting into the collective consciousness more information, more light, more frequency, more awareness, more growth. We affect the whole. We all do.

We're calling on those to come out, ask for immunity and stand with us,because its the right thing to do, and your own inner knowing, hearts, impulses to look within, and inner knowledge, if you choose to see it will tell you this as well. Evil can never be Love. Love and equality is what passes this test.

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 05:47 PM
There is a message in this song to all of us, and to the ones addressed in this thread. Before we leave the dvd and "time" disappears into the true "no time" we need to reach within. So we don't repeat, Ground Hog Day, or redo things, especially if we had it in us to go beyond this:

Era - Cathar Rhythm and After Time

Don't you come back now?
Don't you turn your eyes?
And if you dare to look
I'll be you waiting

You hear my prayer
Don't you turn your eyes?
And if you dare to move
I'll be you waiting ....

Hey, I'll brake the chains
That bind your fate.
Hey, I long to touch
Your sweet embrace...

After time...
After time...
After time...

Hey, the walls are burning,
Close your eyes.
Hey, from dawn to night
Before it fades.

After time...
Be too late...
After time..

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 10:19 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

True Unity exits for the “TIME” being in “INFINITE” non-polarity Existences/Universes and “BEYOND.”

I agree with almost all of what you say, but certain experiences have lead me to another layer of "all is one" and that I now think true unity is everywhere, where it is not seen to be unity, it is illusion. When leaving the body in trance, or sometimes when sleeping in but knowing I was sleeping(alot different to lucid dreaming), or in very very deep meditation, I have travelled to places where "all is one" is blatantly evident. But where I get the understanding about the space time im in now is when Im coming back into my body and the brain starts booting up again, First I feel time different, like im frozen and stuck in a glacial slow movement, and then laws of physics or reality come into the reality one by one each "illusion" layer that comes in creates more apparent seperation, this is beyond words. Then my single perciever point and apparent individuality becomes pronounced from the others and when this happens the whole perspective turns inside out and upside down. Then I rememeber im human agian and that ive got a body and that I live on a planet, and further complexities are added to the mix. Then I start to see all my memories of nature as illusions, the trees are not sperate or different, its just a very very complex illusion. Then by the time ive started moving about Ive lost the reason or the epiphany explanation why all was one, its like its impossible to see in our 3d space time or something. Ive tried this many times in hope of bringing words through to explain, but all its done is reiterate over and over to me the vast great power of the illusion I find myself in.

So although I have trouble providing words I think one begins to see "all is one" to a greater degree when they look from infinite perspective. So I dont say anmore that they are one in "likeness" because they are more one than that but its impossible for me to retain the thought as to why its more than just "likeness". But from within the illusion it is entirely correct to say they are only one in likeness or one of the same family because the power of the illusion stops one from seeing they are one and the same. The thicker I am in the illusion the less the "all is one" is correct, on a daily errand i'm me and seprate to the others around me, in meditation we're like cells in the same body, but when one transcends this reality all together our individuality is seen to have been a temporary illusion, its a gift from ourself to ourself, and we're actually the same single being that is infinite, experiencing many different facets of ourselves. This gives another layer to the saying "other self" becuase before ive come back down to my own spirit and then my own body its almost like I dont know which one I am, but then when I become the individual agian it seems crazy that I could be other people as well and it always seems like I come back to the right life of the right individual being but before I do, it woudlnt matter which being I come back to be, it would seem to have been the right one when im back there.

One really needs telepathy to send the thoughtform about this, I dont think its possible to send it through words, let alone even maintain the "thought" and drag it back into space time to have any sort of clarity left to it as to why the part im experiencing now is the illsion and the oneness is the way it actually is.

Back to the OP, what do you guys think about the veil lifting at a sort of zero point/nexus point in the next couple of years? Or from a combinded effort by all those around the world leading to some sort of 100th monkey effect which takes off. This type of global awakening would stop TPTB in their tracks, they would loose all their minsion and security folk and in fact anybody who works for them who isnt evil will stop. Armies could put down their weapons and the cops running the police state would choose care and love of citizens. Do you think 2011/12 will happen regardless of the efforts we make as a collective? or is it entirely under our controll, or a mixture?

Also when it comes to free will, what do you reckon the workings are in regards to collective free will vs. indinvidual free will. How many poeple would have to demand to be free for TPTB to let us go. And could them demading from the ego to be free, but not having their inner world their inner evil PTB overcome, still mean they are allowing permission to be enslaved from the level of the soul hence even though the ego wants freedon they dont count as being one who must be set free? I suppose once one is set free from the inner calamities they are free already but it must trickle down into physical worldy changes at some point, so at what point is this?

I think it may be a gradual relativistic responsive, meaning the more our own microcosm (mind) is in peace, the more it directly effects the macrocosm (world). And the more we set ourselves free from the resrictions of the mind the more TPTB will have to let us go. So the only way we would be free from TPTB in one quick instant would be if we woke up to peace/ oneness love and harmony in one quick instant which seems could be possible in 2012. My only hesitation about saying it will happen in 2012 regardless is it takes the responsibility out of our own hands to be the ones to cause the change. But somehow I think its no coincidence all this is happening on earth right now when the cosmic events are about to unfold.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 10:49 PM

Originally posted by one4all
Lets not even say stuff like ,the victim doesnt ask to be murdered,ok,I already said PRIOR DECISIONS .

I agree with you about prior descisions and volunteering to experience the apparent horror before even incarnating. But trying to tell this to other people will get your head bitten off. Its like trying to tell a cancer patient that they wanted the cancer, their ego will be enraged at the notion(risking making cancer worse) but the spirit may just hear ya.

I also agree if one experineces murder their soul has asked for it as a gift, a challenge for them that has the potential for greatly accelerated growth if whatever lessen, maybe forgiveness for the unforgivable, that is presented is learnt. I suppose one has to see the evil as a lesson in being rather than a virus to be avoided and stamped out like a plauge one must avoid catching. But rather treat the experience of evil as a gift to the self, the pain is not real and will go, the body is not real and the loss does not matter, but what is real and will stay are the lessons the soul learn from evil, like the increased ability to forgive evil provides. So TPTB are of great help to our souls, and we wanted to experience being enslaved by them back when we were in a place of broader understanding. If we could manage to still show love for them while thick the midst of their horror they infict on us, we have grown indeed and conquerd a mighty challenge.

Edit to add: The lesson of acceptance was the one I was trying to think of. Trying to expand our ability to accept to seemingly unacceptabe.

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 12:28 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

I see this completely differently. Due to the nature of Infinity itself, its impossible to have One, only Many in One, because: Infinity stretches infinitely in both directions, infinite "levels" and "planes", "dimensions", "universes", where there are no levels, planes, dimensions, no greater or lesser, higher or lower, and Infinitely more advanced you. In an Infinite roll of film, with each picture of you's, extending Infinitely backwards as in no beginning, where "backwards" is but a concept, and forwards, to future versions of self, where "forward" is but a concept, and ever Higher versions of your Higher Self, where Higher is but a concept. There is no One in Infinity, there is the Many in One!

But at the base of who we all are, there is a fabric or oneness, in the Infinite Family of Light, and I have experienced the Universal Understanding as my walk in friend called it.

I've been an experiencer all my life. And in August when I was experiencing strong energy increase, stronger energy recognition, many psi moments, my forhead was burning, and I felt really rough and had to sleep for hours each afternoon for a week roughly. But I was also recognizing so many people as my family, both amongst family, friends, my ex, and many online people, such as morninmayan and jessica mystic on youtube, and knew we had come down in waves through the decades and we all knew each other and what we were to do then.

I'm sure many of us fell off track as well in this world. But, kept stepping into myself, an expanded me. And then I suddenly felt so lonely, isolated in a way that was not comfortable, and walked out side reaching up (where I normally have my sitings of crafts) and without realizing I couldn't do this, just reached in to the wave, connecton with my family and they there were, we were plugged into each other so to speak, oneness, in a profound way, while still completely individual, really loving each other. The light in me, leaps and jumps, does cartwheels over the light in you, is the way I feel about this kind of thing. Its instantaneous joy. And I was so happy!

This I miss the most!

This is the kind of oneness we do experience, where innermost thoughts are understood. There is a gravity wave, connecting all things in this cosmos, like a gridwork of energy, and feels both like a fabric and a flow, current. I reach into this alot. This may also be connected.

I don't believe the elite will willingly give up, yet I do think our positive thoughts, images, manifesting, seeing, yearning, for change, seeing eden, vision boards, meditations, holding the peace and protection over this planet, seeing all those under the leaders steppign down and joining us. Holding light over this planet. All the ways we can activate awareness in another, just by sharing, we help each other that way. And if we can join thoughts together, then its even more strong.

I believe this can make an enormous difference.

I don't know what's going to happen, but doing the right thing and our best makes us know we're not letting anyone down.

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