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To All TPTB/Black Ops, Time To Wake Up To Equality and Love

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 12:58 PM
reply to post by Universal Light

It is very easy to expose the deception happening here. Please do not bring it to the level of exposure that will end this once and for all. It will become quite clear if necessary.

I would advise some serious grounding before continuance. That or leave the hosts permanently.

The choice is up to you.

The buzzing will stop. The veil is thinning. It's virtually transparent. If not I would be happy to open pandora's box to make it fully transparent.

Aren't you ready to join our side already?....

...So I introduced it. BUT (to use your frequent caps lock) I never claimed it mine, because it's not.

....So how about you release the entity so it can return to normal function? The jig is up no matter how you look at it. You've lost.

1. What on earth are you talking about? Hosts? Entity? Please explain your theory. If there are any entites hanging around, then they must turn within their own hearts and recover but I Renounce the evil and send them Love & Light.

The only side there is to be free from all this pain and suffering is to with all your heart yearn for paradise, eden, love, equality, a world without war and suffering, where everyone will be healed and connect, Universal Understanding, their innermost thoughts will be understood. And in each day, to shine your light, try to overcome the small daily tests, like not to react when stressed or tired, give love to someone hurting, find ways to give to others. Because when we give we receive. I don't know what sides this is about, but I'm on the little guys side here. To me the smallest is the greatest and I want every single child on this planet, not only fed and clothed but happy, and creative, learnign all the education of the cosmos, art, wriitng, music, theirs hearts content, in happy homes without violence, but love.

Actually I want to go home and have everyone go home if they can.

2. Going form caps, to bold etc, in a long post is a way to make some diversity and have certain things stand out, my eyes get tired and I like posts like that myself. Different strokes for different folks.

Would really like the option of using a color wheel and being able to break up ideas with a new color instead, that would be great on this forum.

Edit to add: Also having questions asked or statements made repeatedly, so having to repeat what I know inside is not exactly being endlessly repetive, else why are the same questions being asked.

And in any case, the answers don't change, because the truth doesnt. So I can't use a dozen different ways to explain it. Talking about infinity and the infinite roll of our lives and the many scenes or clips, that we can only exist in one time space plane at a time, things like this are complicated and to make them easier certain method of explaining it is being used, because that one can be grasped, even by my 8 year old a bit. So I can't change the way I'm saying it, even if it is repetive, without distorting my response.

[edit on 3-5-2010 by Unity_99]

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 03:08 PM
@Universal Light:

I was trying to examine what you meant by entities and took it into the bath, and was shown this giant chess board, with these larger dark and light forces trying to move human pawns around. It was ridiculous! So, naturally I told them all to get a life, and ASAP!

Then I said to all the human/pawns, unite wake up, and shake yourselves free, for you are going to pass this test this time, and become yourselves, then you can really have a chat with those guys and tell them you really think about this. I know I am going to!
I've been planning my report for a long long time.

Go go pawns, kick those guys butts, but do it with Love & Light and a cold shoulder! But the fact is we are not who we think we are in source. The movie avatar has some really strong truths, for example, a portion of ourselves enters into this dream matrix world. I've also been shown this enormous station that views the sun, by my contacts, and at another time a place very similar, I think they're the same, with thousands upon thousands of people in suspended animation, with their larger soul essence with them, and I recognized some of them, and asked what as going on. This was way before avatar, and when I watched avatar it made sense.

Many will be surprised when they open their eyes.

I stand for the little guy! Grass roots, humanity, UNITE!

And this thread which is sharing deep metaphysics about the Universe, our natures and why we're here, who we are, is a strong message to my brothers and sisters lost is distorted concepts and doing terrible wrong to others to please wake up while there still is time and make efforts to recover, this is not a simple task and will take great courage, and will, for there are many things in many peoples closets, but you are loved so much so please start to recover.

Edit to add: I saw just before the checkerboard what looked like Michael fighitng with a dragon/serpent snake. And thought it was Enki/Enlil or the two pleiadian brothers the Hopi's talk about, the annanuki.

Is this the battle and war your talking about, with entities supposedly possessing people in the process. I don't allow outside elements to control me.

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 06:19 PM

Some have misinterpreted/misunderstood what's being shared in this thread.

Opposition MUST exist, that is part of duality.

The NIGHT is not evil.

The SPACE man perceives with the absence of Light in duality is not evil.

Void of DARKNESS is not Evil.

BLACK is not evil.

Let's not mix up the word DARK with EVIL.

There is an opposition to Love that is Hate.

In duality existences both Love and Hate MUST exist as choices that can be made or it would not be duality.

In duality, choices of opposition must exist and be available to one through freewill/choices/agency.

Doing good unto others on one hand is a choice through helping, caring, sharing, loving and so on.

Dong evil to others on the other hand such as abuse, rape, stealing, using, abusing and so on.

There are consequences to all actions based on one's decisions/choices/actions.

Murdering, raping and such evil acts will not get you to utopia existences unless you consider utopia existences to be places where everyone is murdering each other and committing evil acts.

Someone can also call the day full of light the night full of darkness and the day night and the night day.

Some can call Love Hate and Hate Love or Good Evil and Evil Good.

Words are just words based on someone's understanding/definition of something but they do not change duality and the truth of one from the other only the understanding one has or THEIR own understanding of Love and Hate, Good and Evil.

For the Teachers/Creators/Designers existing outside of mans perceived universe and mans TIME-zone of duality they know one from the other and choosing one from the other is part of life's school/experience/test.

EVIL is an act of committing Evil against another.
GOOD is an act of doing something good to another.

Do not misinterpret DARK as Evil because that is not the case at all.

Evil is murdering, raping, taking advantage of another and doing horrible acts of evil to them.

There is a difference between evil and darkness or a place that exists absent of light.

Evil is an Act.

Darkness is just there but it's not raping, abusing or killing anyone.

Here are some further visualizations/examples of what Evil is to further think about.

Basic visualizations to send a message and I'm sure you can only imagine what it's like for children who are being slowly torchered, abused, raped and murdered though of course that is not the case in these pictures and I've only used them for visualization.

The law of one is mixed in with fundamental concepts/understandings/truths weaved in with deceptions/lies and twists on those fundamental/concepts/truths/understandings that can confuse some of the best.

Opposition Evil from Good and Hate from Love MUST exist in duality and is necessary being one of the most fundamental basic understandings/concepts there is and the most important thing that everyone needs to know in order to make the right choices over the wrong or murderous, abusive evil one's.

So if anyone has misinterpreted what has been written, the error lies within those reading and misinterpreting what has been written.

Believing murder is doing good and doing good is abusing, raping and murdering is a minority way of thinking.

Most in the world within religions know better and recognize Evil from Good.

The law of one followers if one was to make an estimate would fall in the 0.01% or less category if that in comparison to the roughly 6.8 Billion on earth. But that is an assumption/speculation of course based on the information available at hand.

I hope we can further discuss and in a friendly manner as we are all brothers and sisters---> Family from the Infinite/Eternal perspective so let's further discuss this with that understanding.

Best Wishes &
Love to you all!

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

That infinity zoom, its been posted so many times and it shows the opposite to infinite. It is a finite example. Youve got to understand that almost infinity(fiinity) and infinity are opposites. Showing someone that the universe is very big in spacial terms is completely leading them astray from the concept of infinity because it leads to confusion where one uses the term infinity to describe the very very very large which is wrong.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 06:52 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Are you suggesting the organized religions have the truth? Now your just giving your manilpulation away. Read my post to you on the other page, an answer to the questions would be better than this constant repitition of the same old tired points, I assume that you cannot answer or do not like the answers.
Im aware of how one can use cummulative contrasted extreme examples of your opposite polarity to mount a rationalized counter attack against their right to exist.

btw nobody is misinterpreting pos with neg as you keep saying. We know they are polar opposites, but like to embrace the creation as a whole, it is limited perception and our own polarization which leads to the bias of "imperfection", in the scope of the all, all is perfect.

[edit on 3-5-2010 by polarwarrior]

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 07:03 PM

In duality existences both Love and Hate MUST exist or it would not be duality.

Ok I think your beginning to see. So hate has to exist for there to be the comparative opposite. Hence it is the evil which makes you seem good.

You cannot eliminate evil, so why dont you use it to learn? Thats called catalyst which ive been saying from the beginning. Since learning is a good thing which remains after the illusion, the evil we have experienced ends up being a good thing for the entity. TPTB are showing us what not to be, how not to live on a planet. At the end of the day what they are doing to us is beneficial to us.

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by polarwarrior

The video expresses the Infinity within, which is the main point of it,and I didnt need technical details, I just had to see it as inifinity and run with its, its wonderful, even my children love it. I looked within very quickly. Dont need the most up to date scientific version.

Also the point you quoted of Love and Hate having to exist is not true. In a duality, the framework for opposite responses has to exist, overall, roughly, but the choice of behavior doesnt. Technically speaking, all could pass the test and anyone awake certainly can encourage just that.

Also, when your Higher Self is waking you up quickly and connecting to truths and pushing you to reach out and help others in awareness, then logically you have to understand, it means its the plan by the Creators/Designers/Teachers for this to happen. In ET_MAN's thread you sounded like the Positive side was forcing something. You don't understand, there only is that SIDE outside of this DVD player. Everyone here, that is conscious, alive, has a soul, is Light & Love on the other side and is running this for our tests and lessons to get us out, while there is free will and those trapped here can be trapped much longer, and they are loved by their Family of Light, on the otherside who will do all they can for them to pass the test.

There is no, equality of Good and Evil on those levels, like an equal game of rules. This is just a school, our Light & Love Higher Selves and Brothers and Sisters manage to get us Beyond, with lessons learnt, and they would love us all to pass the test quickly.

[edit on 3-5-2010 by Unity_99]

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 07:24 PM

This is just a school

Would you agree that TPTB are an essential part of our school.

And that our school is beneficial to the entity.


posted on May, 3 2010 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by polarwarrior

From my response to the other thread on this issue, here is the answer.

Duality does not mean what you're saying. The actual duality is where the options or choices exist for us to respond one way or another. But there is absolutely no requirement in the duality school that anyone chooses an evil response. The resulting behaviors are not the structure of the duality system, which is like the classroom, that has opposition in it. The reactions or behavior is like the term papers handed in for passing grades or failure.

One, the duality, is the school, the other, behavior that is deemed good or bad/evil, is the students progress or work, resulting in grades given.

Now ask yourself, since the behavior is the term paper to be graded, where would you put behavior that is determined to be fascist, dissempower others, prevent them from homes, starve billions, murder, main, torture, and poison, as many as possible, and try to prevent anyone from waking up and mind controlling them into zombie states? Remember, they're just people in this school like you and me. They are not this metaphoric dark side, in opposition to light.

The Light is all of us, including them, on the other side, having passed this test, who is running this show, and grading us on how we react. Any evil behavior is a reaction that they, or us, or ets over our heads are making resulting in a consequence to us and them.

So no I don't. My thread is to ask them to start to look within and make ammends, take the steps needed, for they are loved so much on the other side, the consequences to their behavior will be tormenting to them. Its time for them to realize they never were in a special category, they're being misled. Its time for them to wake up to equality and Love.

[edit on 3-5-2010 by Unity_99]

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 07:49 PM

But there is absolutely no requirement in the duality school that anyone chooses an evil response.

I dont like repeating myself, I already said this in the other thread. For infinity, the requirment is all things are explored. If nobody acted on the duality then it wouldnt be an infinite universe. Furthermore duality would only exist in choice and not action if nobody chose negative action. This is not a thourough exploration of duality now is it. All actions would just fall into a normal neutral with no negative opposite to contrast them as actually being positive actions.

But its the benefit to the school which is why it is so prevalent rather than being contained to some small far off part of the universe.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 08:04 PM
reply to post by polarwarrior

The requirement has never been to personally explore every behavioral choice. This is actually a disinfo, and yes I've heard it, one of my friends has expressed this for some time, along with some very unusual beliefs concerning duality.

We don't all have to fall, jump, or be pushed off a cliff to know what is going to happen. There is no requirement that way. The test is the test, our responses are all recorded, and we do have, most of us, choices, there are so many mitigating circumstances that we should never judge another, we are not qualified as the Teachers, and Guides and those who grade this are, in fact, it really is us that judges ourselves, so we should be paying attention each day, and start to become conscious, to become aware cause a lot of our reactions are like buttons that are pushed, we don't think things through. We don't choose carefully. There is alot of compassion and we need to forgive others and ourselves ultimately too.

But its not required to do it all. We dont' all have to explore boht the dark and light path, like my one friend thinks, that is actually something he picked up from the mystery school distortions.

Edit To Add: Again from in answer to the same idea, on this thread:, this response of mine is more in depth:

Some do go from wrongdoing, and after purging themselves and perhaps in several or many lifetimes, even, eventually start to feel this is enough, and start to realize. But for those who chose to love ,they do not ever need to walk a dark path, for they empathize and love strongly all who are hurt, wounded and victimized and already light candles to them, imagining it as if it was their own child or themselves. Also, they imagine the trauma and great sorrow of waking up as the perpetrator of violence and finding out they harmed others, and want to rush in and spare them, wake them up while there's still time. Even imagining what people must feel like accidentally harming another.

No, we don't need to walk all paths. We just need to chose Love. It empahtizes with all and walks in others moccasins already.

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 09:03 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by polarwarrior

The requirement has never been to personally explore every behavioral choice.

No as I said in the other thread the reuirment is actually to choose one side and polarize so exploring all behaviours would be counterproductive to this. But, what your friend may have meant was If you think of the universe as one infinite creator of which you are a part then you are the creator and the creator explores all things which includes the negative path. So while you dont do it personally when speaking from an indinvidual entities point of view, you are part of the all, and the all does explore it. So you do explore it. But only if yu are up to the level of spiritual advancemtent where you make very little to no distinction between "me" and "we", but see other beings as otherselfes. Your other self does experience it personally, so a part of you does experience it persoanlly, hence why they may have said that you experience it personally.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 09:47 PM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Polarize? We're all the same on the other side ,individuals but Love & Light! Failing to live with love and work through our life issues, and try to get them turned around has the consequences that we purge ourselves, and go through suffering at the hands of entities and negative beings who haven't chosen to go home yet. Its being in darkness when you can't see things, they're distorted as you cut off your Source, and the Light/Wisdom/Clarity/Consciousness.

The real goal of the University Duality school is to become grounded in Love and Equality and desire a eutopia for everyone, gaining control of self, consciousness, awareness, examining all things within and weighing them up. Perfecting self and passing the test. Its not about polarization, but about reaching a passing mark and everyone must do this. We're all supported according to the lessons and freewill choices, by our Higher Self, future versions of ourselves, and our Family, as we chose to respond to the light within us, and to make loving choices and seek further answers in our hearts. The Family of Light is with us, helping us each step of the way.

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posted on May, 4 2010 @ 02:43 AM
I am going to do this genuinely. Stop the thread or the whole thing will be exposed.

And Kori, whether you know what I'm talking about or not, the entity playing host upon you is not your fault. It will leave though you and Chris do not believe it. Chris is also exposed.

You want the black ops/PTB to wake up? Start with yourself Sister.

I can't believe you never answered me in the first place. Says so much. And just to be obvious it was so spot on. It's quite easy yet blaring you in the eyes.

So two choices:

1. Both you and Chris get exposed (and considering neither of you could come close otherwise I will go full force).

2. Admit what you did. Renounce the attached entity and begin from square one. Chris you are equal part of this.

But the thing is, it's neither of your faults. This is part of growing. Jesus, don't you see both sides of the chess game? Mercy Brothers and Sisters, all of you are clueless whille being sentinent individuals

That is how the healing starts.

You never came close to answering my other post.

How bad do you want exposure?

Initially I was going to let it go out of humanity's sake. But I have evidence now.

So let's go back to the thread title:

To All Black Ops......

Srop buzzing........

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 04:47 AM

Polarize? We're all the same on the other side ,individuals but Love & Light!

Yep, but we're not the same in this duality game.

The real goal of the University Duality school is to become grounded in Love and Equality and desire a eutopia for everyone, gaining control of self, consciousness, awareness, examining all things within and weighing them up.

That the goal for you, a positive entity. But it is not the goal for negative entities, they have a different route back home.

Its not about polarization, but about reaching a passing mark and everyone must do this.

To reach to passing mark you must polarize, you a positive much choose love, light, acceptance, and fearlessness. You know what polarization means yeah? even though you havnt read the Ra material? Becoming more loving is polarizing, if your a positive.

Perfecting self and passing the test.

This goal is the same for positives and negatives.

Do you think the only way for negatives to pass the school and get back home to oneness is to jump over to your positive side????

It is not, they could make it home by doing this, but most of them wont. They must become more evil, ie. they must polarize further to the negative in order to pass their requirments for the negative path home.

It is not nescassary for you to understand what the negatives need to do to advance spiritually because your not one of them which is why you probably dont get this information from within unless you specifically ask for it. This could have lead you to naively think they must choose your path of love and light becuase its the one you know will get you out of the school. They actually need to become more evil in order to graduate from duality.

[edit on 4-5-2010 by polarwarrior]

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 06:38 AM
An interesting read I must say and I can see where you're both coming from.

I agree that it's all about perspective, you need light in order to define dark and vice versa. One reflects the other. Hot and cold, fast and slow, up and down etc, all extremes of the other. Though, each has a mid-point where they are neither one nor the other. A neutral point.

So my question, you both in a way state that this "test" is to polarise one way or another. What happens if someone does not?

- Phoenix

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 07:02 AM

Originally posted by phoenix_zephyr

So my question, you both in a way state that this "test" is to polarise one way or another. What happens if someone does not?

They simply stay in this plane of existance until they do. There is no time limit, as long as it takes them. Theoretically one could spend an eternity of time as we feel it in our illusion as a linear progression, its actually sort of going round in circles, cycles of time (well in actual fact its not going anywhere at all cuz all things happen at once , but this is hard to see in our illusion). You get the chance to leave at the end of each cycle, but there are most likely infinity cycles so no matter how slow you go you'll get there in the end. If an entity is having much trouble there are ways higher beings can step in and help without violating their free will.

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 08:29 AM
Polar and Universal light.

I ask for this madness to stop now for there is not need of what you are doing for them. I will not fight you nor will I force you but I will shine my light on you both to wake up to what you are truly dug in.

So Please stop this madness now for there is no need of it.

"For I give my internal Light and Love onto the brothers, sisters and friends."
"We are all light no matter what for I love all unconditionally within my heart and out"
"Seek within the truth and seek for what truly is in your sight"
"For darkness contains Light thus it will shine through the dark and light up the skies"

Love and Light to both of you.

Break free and spread your wings.

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 09:31 AM
reply to post by ShadowNinja

You dont learn as much from the things we both agree on, so im sorry if you've been offended or somthing, but we have delved to the point where our views on the matter differ and have begun an exploration into why the other holds that view for learning purposes. Etman and unity have the gift of unuiqe views I havnt encounterd in spiritually adept people before, I cant just ignore what they have to say. There is much we could talk pleasently about that we'd agree with but it wont mean we'll learn from each other as much as we do if we skip to the deeper down parts we dont agree on.

Im sorry if you think this is "madness", personally I think posting gruesome pictures of severed legs was a bit mad for a spiritual discussion, it doesnt add anything to the forum I have seen much worse than what that picture could do.

So the best we can do is keep the insults at bay and remain calm as we explore this touchey subject. I have not insulted anyone directly, ive tried to remain civil. But anytime you touch a nerve on someones deeply held spiritual view, sometimes they can take it to be a personal affront. Thats an unfortunate part of having these discussions.

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 09:41 AM
Hello to all,

First i would like to thank Unity_99 for another great thought provoking thread and i thank all that have contributed. But what i am seeing/feeling from some is a lack of love, instead much negativity. Your ego's and personalitys are getting the better of you it seems. Now i'm really in no position to preach or critique as i'm still having much trouble of letting go of my own and still looking for love and light to fill my heart. But I always find time to take a step back to compose and remember what i came here to do.

For me the Ra LOO material does not resonate with me in its entirety (i will give it another, but straight away it felt wrong) whereas certain peoples posts/messages on this board always have, full of love, light, compassion and understanding.

I understand the need for duality to exist in this school/dimension/matrix.........or whatever you want to call it and i have much love for those that reside in the dark, i just can not embrace/accept the evil, cold and calous acts they commit. Now, it is my understanding that the invitation to enter into the light is open to EVERYONE. Humans, aliens, Et's, you, me, them, ALL and i think that by making them aware of this is the RIGHT thing to do.

Much love and don't forget the light.

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