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To All TPTB/Black Ops, Time To Wake Up To Equality and Love

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

The Creator is Love. Love is not found in bombing children, murdering, raping, enslaving, or forcing one to live in a cardboard box on the street. Love is not found in running the world as a death camp, with satanic rituals dismembering children all over the globe, and starving billions of people, or causing the death of a child every other second. This is not love. Love cannot wear that hat ever. There is a presence of light in this world. Wherever there is a strong presence of darkness, in this duality there is an equally strong presence of light.

The Creator is not all of our behaviors. There is a river of incredible sorrow running through the fabric of this Universe, one that those who serve in angel and archangel capacity can feel in their souls, but that they cannot change.. In my past life memories, all off planet, and there were things that I knew in those memories, that overshadowed the memories themselves, I tapped into me and the memories or details were not as important as the river of sorrow that was strongly felt in the fabric of the Universe, the Force and also, the knowledge that my race was a true family that we had spent a long long time together, with love, and had come down interchanging roles and relationships many times, your mother was your child, your child, your friend, your friend, your husband, always interchanging.

I know what role love serves. It guides, nudges, makes aware, protects, teaches,intercedes, intervenes when appropriate, and guides you through.

Again, the duality is not a choice of Soul or Light. No Light chooses do these things. Becoming blind, dark, forgetting who you are, giving into love of self, comfort, power, embracing greed, are all possible choices in the duality. Also, there are some some very dark entities who havn't it made it back home yet, many planets enslaved and many planets free, all from personal choices in the game/system/school DVD player. Its structured to be very hard.

No matter who has fallen into error, and however brutal some of their behavior is, the Creators/Designers/Teachers on the other side, who are also here, understand, and love everyone unconditionally. Wherever someone is living in darkness, either as mind controlled, or as heartless controller cut off from their source, there will always be those helping, until everyone is home, ready for a long vacation and the next journey.

So, one thing is true, those who are following the law of one, or felt moved by Hidden Hands thread, and those who see beyond that, knowing Love never puts on the butcher's hat, not even once, once you are chosing Light and Love, you always are Light and Love. Once that test is passed. All do chose to be Light and Love in the end. Nonetheless we all have unconditional love for each other. In the other side, in "no time" we're standing united together, though the any one individual could be stuck here for a very long time to our current "space/time" perception.

The whole pupose of this thread is for those who are following a dark path, to wake up themselves while we are in "time" and chose light and love. When someone is disconnected from their Higher Self's proddings, because they are not raising their frequency with love and awareness, seeks within or channels something, the message they recieve is alot like the message they give to us:

Disinfo, truth mixed with lies. The lies are put in at critical moments, where a perception of Life is altered. So they're being guided by other dark ones. Its a pretty big twist to say the Creator is all things, even darkness, murder, rape. Instead of seeing this as a format, program test that challenges every player in it to see the light and emerge into themselves and progress.

Its a pretty big twist to say that Love can serve in a "Higher" role where there is no higher, lower, forward, backward, as a brutal ritualistic murderer for our own good and to accept that this is LOVE. Its not, it never can be, and never will be. Nor should one ever accept that there is a DADDY role, a stern partiarchal element that lays siege to your empowerment and keeps you as its slave, mind controlled, and tortures you for love.

Love does no such thing, nor does it ever imagine its over anothers head, as a patriarch. Nor does that patriarch enslave and control and tortue you. Listen, your higher self is you. You are a thought, or fraction of Self in forgetfulness, in this "dvd". To the fraction of you here, your Higher Self is Superman! But no one here in flesh is Superman, only equals, another fraction! They're not your Big Daddy! And daddy isn't doesnt blow your head off!

To accept those twists is to undergo an altered perception of Love & Light and Equality.
Those are the basic things that pass this test.

You just have to take those into your heart in meditation, and connect to Yourself, and ask for an understanding of Love, of being of the Light, to fill you.

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 09:47 AM
I know what is being done with those key points, these twists of key issues. They are making it appear in the minds of very idealistic intelligent seekers, because they are the ones drawn to the message which is close t the truth, in a similar way to what is done in Christianity for example, for that person who came in the capacity of Teacher was a progressed soul, strongly connected to the Light, and he came many times. So the message is Love & Light and has an authentic feel too, but it was hijacked so that Love & Light does not run the Church(s), and one is once again, instead of being empowered within and finding themselves as the message truly was about, they're in the same role as a student of the Law of One giving their power away to another:

Atracted to what is good in the message but both accepting a Dictator, A Higher Level Paternal Disciplinarian, who's role is to abuse you, set you backwards, enslave you, divide you, create wars and injustice, all for Love. And for Love, you should accept this, and be diminished as a slave/child in the system, instead of empowering self and all with true love in your heart, that cannot ever do these things.

This is another net, another push to accept their fascism, a harsh, cruel big daddy state, and an attempt to enshrine it as Divine. That their power and authority comes from on high.

Two different hands, slightly altered versions, one for the religious who seek outside authority, and one from those seeking inward truths.

A net that is put there on every level.

Again, the Creator is not all behaviors, though has made allowances in this digital hollogram binary system for programs to run that are very challenging and can lead to stark divisions and behaviors that are light and dark in origin. There are things happening on earth that cause great pain on the other side of life, and this was never meant to be so hard.

There is a bottleneck of souls being created by the numbers that are not moving forward.

Its also not true that we all progress at the same time at once. We all progress when we're ready to. Its always like that.

This dvd isn't even what one would call a new release. Thats another thing. Its buried in the shelf.

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 10:53 AM
The way my Higher Self, feels about the dark ones in control here,including the negative ets they're being handled by was quite informative. For some reason there is always the "mother" capacity involved and even in my sitings of crafts and contacts, I've been called this, though we're equal, profoundly equal. And those who according to the law of one, are supposedly higher dimensionals (instead of being trapped by their own behavior and lessons at a lower level, or grass roots level, the living library foundation of all experiences, as self, where you must be love & light to progress as unique vibration of Infinite Light, doing it "your way" as unique as a "snowflake") is not seen that way by Higher Self.

When I was me, there was no sense of danger, nothing in this world or universe could harm me. And all those lost in darkness here, on all levels in this dvd player, were children, toddlers even. I saw them as my children running with scissors chasing their siblings, a danger to themselves and others, but still too immature to really have alot of self control. This is the most sophisticated and elite mystery school practitioners, and the "higher level" controllers over their heads, just children. And they need help. We don't get through this game/school/lesson alone.

That is another fallacy that is taught by many. That helping another is violating free will, that we all have to find our way in this darkness alone.

Not so, never so. There is a level of awareness the soul has, based on lessons learnt in the past, so some graviate towards light, know truth in their heart, and access their inner self easier than others. You cannot force someone to see. But you can shine light, and encourage, and disclose the truths you know, and share, because, the Family of Infinite Light, are team players, united, ONE-1. They lend a helping hand, and model this to others so they can do the same. It is the next step, unity, universal understanding, innermost thoughts understood. This is not a lone wolf game, the division, power struggles, every man for himself, survival of the fittest is the pyramid, understanding that means when you hear someone arguing for doing it all by themselves and saying no ones help, someone who is very knowledgeable in their posts, your're seeing someone sending out their knowledge they have gained from mystery schools, from the dark side.

We are a team that always assists each other because we love each other and this grass roots level test is the hardest one there is and can take ages to complete. The very harsh duality of this "hijacked" systme is actually slowing it down for everyone, people are being trapped in situations they've already conquered, they've already done, with what they have gained ripped from them by incredible increases in traumas, though they still do make gains. Its one step forward, and two backwards, still progression. But the lessons arent learnt better the second time.

Everyone here has already done this so many times, that its time to wake up. And go within and find yourself, and reach into infinity within. Seek to raise your frequency and reach within, best done without the conscious and layers of opinions, but in zen mind just rush in quickly to the infinity within before you can think and ask for whatever blocks to your awareness to be removed, and to remember who you are, and how to give gifts to others each day, how to love. For its in giving.

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 05:30 PM
Putting it as plainly as I can, another way:

I feel people really don't understand love, and that there is no circumstances in which love and goodness is cruel or murders. None. Zero. Its a basic awareness necessary to advancement, and its the fundamental way those in a pyramid power structure, fascist by nature (AND RA IS THE TRINITY OF THE PRYAMID: IS RA EL/OSIRIS/SATURN)!
hold their power. Its crucial to see this, and that the setting up for the patriarchal cruel god of Judiac religions, the one who depopulates a planet or murders women and infants in war, or the setting up of higher level evil dictators over our heads so we dont understand equality, is being done by making us feel this is higher wisdom. Its not.
Love does not hate, hurt or murder. Good is not evil and does not harm. Right is never wrong. Light is never darkness. We don't become light until we pass the test here in this school.

If you can buy into that, you can go war and bomb babies!
If you can buy into that, you think the leaders are good when they do wrong!
If you can buy into that, evil and good are interchangeable, and any means can be used ot accomplish your means, or rather to hold power!

Wake up!

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 05:45 PM
Fractals? Our bodies are biological machines and as such contain the entire infinite universe within, fractals are contained in nature everywhere. And we are all from the Many In One Source of all. We are united, we have a oneness, but we are not each other, rather as unique as snowflakes, in fact the grass roots, most solid plane, where we really experience our separate natures makes real our individual unique journey forever, in both directions. Not to mention that all the other you's in each clip of your journey, are also that same unique snowflake, and as you move ahead a clip, so do they.

The dark decisions of your neighbor are not yours. Your light does not get dilluted by their darkness. We don't share all deeds. Someones murder does not become you own by fractal default in a huge melting pot. Light loves unconditionally but does not approve of dark behavior period. And it continues to shine its light to others to feel strongly for each other, to remember who they are, Infinite Light, and to yearn for paradise, equality, eutopia, eden here on earth, and in this cosmos.

Edit to add:

Rather than benevolent dark hats who only have our best interests in mind, consider Don Juan's quote:

“We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so. They took over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops the predators rear us in human coops. Therefore their food is always available to them.” ~ Don Juan, The Active Side of Infinity

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 08:54 PM
Were too far apart on this subject so while I had much more to say, I will instead bid a very loving adieu.

Love is the primal distortion for Oneness. Therefore everything contained in Oneness is Love. There is no other way about it as it's written in the Cosmic Law of our Logos.

There are an infinite number of paths to return to the Creator so there is no right or wrong way. See all of you back home.


posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 09:47 PM
reply to post by Universal Light

Love is the essence of who we are, we are the Infinite Light in source, Many in One, forever, but the Love that connects us all is the very Source Itself that is between us all, connecting us in our hearts and minds, so that we are a team in unison, and on fire with love for each other in the Beyond, love that is only positive in every way, in eutopia worlds that we design. The Love between us quite possibly from the Force, the Creator, that part is a mystery, its origin, as well as us, the Many In One. It is not a distortion of any kind.

The coding in the english language, in the code to the matrix, in all the religions and most documents, birth certificates, even graduation cermonies and certificates, court houses is all to the Egyptian trinity and to Saturn.

There are many ways to live, and we are all wonderfully unique, but there is only one way home, beyond the veil, and that is Love & Light, and a profound yearning for equality. We all make it though, thats the good thing.

Much Love & Light!

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 03:27 PM
I have deleted this post and would like to say I have record of these events etc and I'm doing this as I feel it would be best to stay in the shadows between us what you know of now. Thankyou for your time reading my posts and if you have any questions I will be more than willing to post answer's and also thankyou very much for your help and the help you got from other's as you have helped me stay alert and positive and calm
Love & Light.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Well so many questions came and I was discussing things with a mutual friend of ours, the other day. So many questions, for example what came out in our conversation from my many questions, was that, I was wondering, since we can pass the test here, when we gain unity and love for all, and yearn for equality, and actually make it to the Beyond in the here and now. Also some of us are from the Beyond on assignment, but some are starseeds from other systems, these are Big Fish systems, only a small sliver of self fits here, where is the rest. Well I have seen the craft/station with many many forms, and could recognize them from their soul, the majority of it, was with them. And of course that remote viewing/vision brought many more questions.

So I was asking this. If this lifetime is important in our self realization of self.(this in general for my Higher Self told me as a child I did not have to be here this time but had chose to come, I had already passed this test, my mother and grandmother, grandfather, others too. We already knew that living in a monied world was wrong, there was no need, form early childhood, and also that we werent use to having to react or get into heated discussions like the family did, that we didn't understand why no one felt each other, deeply inside, and understood how another was feeling at that moment, so instead of arguing, one would support the other, reaching into the persons discomfort and offer support. That this entire world and way of doing things was primitive.)

But that we are choosing to be light or darkness too.

So my question was, since I knew inside my heart this truth. That Light can never be darkness. That when we reach that level, we can never truly go back, we might get a little lost at times, in the world, but we regain quickly. It ties into what ET_MAN said when he spoke words I had known before, my soul knew:

That Light is never darkness; Right is never wrong; Truth is never a lie; Love is never hate; helping is never harming. Etc Etc

So, if we pass this test here, we become Light and telepathic. We go home and take a holiday before we go on for other worlds and tests, if we've passed the bigger test, we don't ever have to come back.

So, I asked how does darkness progress, control the worlds, have a system of Big Fish to little fish, how do they have technologially advanced worlds and telepathy IF they didn't pass the test?

The pyramid structure, and they reward their own and torture many, the underwords have their own portals into advanced worlds and they took over some systems like trojan horses. I understand now, in fact the answer to came to me from inside my heart while I was waiting for an answer really.

There are many questions.

Another thing was shared. The crafts we all see, from the bigger Fish. Well the recent one I saw on the 27th, the morphing triangle/manta ray one/Orion?? I know it is. I actually know where some of my experiences are from, for Rigel was asociated with one of the men, a very regal one.

But who is everyone? What are they? David Icke's new book was also examined in the conversation. They stream consciousness through our brain waves and make up, from the moon, to hold in this matrix!!!

Well what is really here then? We're on a planet in this dvd, 3d earth in a 3d solar system in this space/time dimension, that we leave upon leaving this one. We look out with our telescopes in a 3D image into the past, millions of years ago often, or more, and we see it 3D, so we're not seeing whats even there, for they are in their own space/time dimensional planes. Like a giant collage of different dvds, that are intercepting so advanced beings and stars, heavenly bodies can cross over inbetween.
We don't see squat!

Also, in our own solar system, what are we really seeing. when we enter their time form ours? Basically, anyone on a plane can see the lower planes, but not the higher. The further out you get, its actually an altered space/time, as each planet travels the sun at a different rate. This makes pockets, or planes within our dimension. We can only see and experience Mars, for example, from our 3D perspective but not a higher step up.

Lots of questions. Also, what is a manta ray craft? Are the crafts the Big Fish use crafts at all? What if metaphorically that was an Advanced Race of Insectoids that could travel through space, or a Draco/Dragon, like one of my friend speaks of in his travels of past lifetimes remembering flying through space, for he is a dragon he remembers.

And when we enter in, mind controlled so to speak, is it not transporting tiny human microbes and transplanting them elsewhere possibly. We live in a very unusual universe with infinite levels, and there is always a Bigger Fish over the smaller one.

In a duality system, its amazing and intimidating all at once. And think, the little fish can go home too, but it also means That Everyone Here On All Levels Haven't Passed The Test Yet! Except for the ones coming in from the beyond to help.

Its really confusing in a sense, and leads to even more questions. Also, what does our world look like underneath the matrix?

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 05:44 PM
Unity_99 You had quoted that

I have seen the craft/station with many many forms, and could recognize them from their soul, the majority of it, was with them. And of course that remote viewing/vision brought many more questions.

I have deleted this post and would like to say I have record of these events etc and I'm doing this as I feel it would be best to stay in the shadows between us what you know of now. Thankyou for your time reading my posts and if you have any questions I will be more than willing to post answer's and also thankyou very much for your help and the help you got from other's as you have helped me stay alert and positive and calm
Love & Light.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

How many are in your family? We live in Canada in cramped, noisy, my kids
, conditions, but hopefully you can find somewhere to go too, if absolutely necesary. I will try to ask some questions from my friends, but if you showed up in an emegency near us, I woudn't let you starve ever, and I don't care how big those Orion or other Vrill maybe, type hybrids are, I won't back down from anyone. They don't intimidate me.

Now that being said just in Case, for I wouldnt want to not say or do what I could in a bad situation, and mean it from the bottom of my heart, there are things you can do right now.
The physical part I know less on, such as, make sure you write down in detail everything and send it to as many people as you know and get some round table agreement, with others to cover each others backs, and see if there is an escape route anywhere. These guys are probably advanced enough, probably working with Vrill, to know where you are, so I'm not sure on the hiding out part. To me its spreading the info and then I'd tell them to get in my face, ASAP for I have something to tell them. But I don't want you to do that either, for I'm not sure the right way. I would like some way of tracking these people down myself.

Because if something happens to a friend I want them to know they're not getting away with it! So if they're listening, get in my face, I have something to say to you.

Universal Law, does exist and so does the fact that every situation is in your and my Higher Self's hands. They're superman in this system.

So, the first thing we need to do is to be fear free, and not angry either. Which I do tend to get a kind of outrage in me over things, so its to be the higher frequency vibration of Light and Love, and the more we reach that, the more protected we truly are. Its to respond with Light & Love, and say, You have no authority over me, no right to touch me. I do not give my permission. And seek your Higher Self. Of course if they're hitmen, much harder.

I will ask, you need to find ways to get the info out and protect yourself. And I am also telling them if they're reading that they have no right, and that the more advanced the greater the expectations or repsonsibility, so back off and rethink who and what you really are.

The cat eyes, reptlilian eyes, I've hear and read alot about them, the hybrids. One race like this that is here, is the Orion group.

Love & Light be with you. Be safe, and secure, take steps as well. I am sending you love and will seek for some answers.

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

I was just told by our mutual friend what he had already said many times that you need to stay calm without fear and continue connecting with your Higher Self and Family of Light, in your heart. Phone home through your heart. That no one can harm you if you are connecting to your Higher Self and family that you would only be allowed to go through any experience if it was in your best interest from the Higher point of view to experience such a thing, and that they would only protect us though, if we were striving to be Light & Love and operate and react calmly out of that frequency and level of understanding no matter what the situation or the people, entities, ets that were involved.

So from that perspective I need to tone down my feeling of reacting to the outrage of bad thugs bullying or intimidating a friend as well. I do mean though, that even while a loving response is best, that they still should have it explained to them that they are chosing wrong and why, and I would still wish to do this to them.

Edit to Add: There is a bit more to this than what I wrote above. This works for all negative in our lives, but for Ets, negative visits/entities, and also for the leaders too, if we think about it, for we could fire them in a letter and let them know that we choose right, not wrong and that they're standing alone in their choices, not endorsed by us at all and that they must step down and be gone!

Never fear and always send unconditional understanding, loving and forgiveness to all. While at the same time, in the same breath, we must reject and renounce the presence of negative/evil but in a LIGHT way. That is how it should be done when getting rid of unwanted entities and the person doing this must understand that negative beings cannot touch them under such a circumstance or situation but that if they give into anger or fear, or respond in a non Love & Light way, then they lose ground and the negative one gains ground, and their protection is diminished.

It is also very important for them to denounce their presence or have them leave but in a very loving, unconditional love, understanding them kind of way, that does not wish to harm or hurt, or call names to, but shines light and awareness, but denounces the presence and behavior of evil and negativity and insists it leaves.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I have deleted this post and would like to say I have record of these events etc and I'm doing this as I feel it would be best to stay in the shadows between us what you know of now. Thankyou for your time reading my posts and if you have any questions I will be more than willing to post answer's and also thankyou very much for your help and the help you got from other's as you have helped me stay alert and positive and calm
Love & Light.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 07:26 PM
Its the same nudge I get when I've been told I've said too much in all interest's of staying calm for my own purposes and keeping other's away from harm its best to keep quiet about some of my experience's to the ats website. I appreciate Unity_99 has read here and ET_MAN has read also and helped guide me in the safest way possible and I thank my Higer Self and Family Of Light to nudge me to stay alert and calm always and send me lots of Love

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Do you think its safer to delete what you've shared, I'm the kind that always wants to keep info out there, but its a really personal issue. You're area, where you live, is a bit risky. We also currently live where there is a military base, and aside from the crafts, and contact we've seen,and definitely not all bad, as our positive contacts were pursued by the black ops/militia here, won't get into too much detail on this thread, also saw what looked like an aurora, so there are links here to the US bases obviously.

I'm going to leave my posts up. Also, I'm going to carefully answer a point in your post, which I don't believe will threaten your removal of it, as its a more general point, but I thought it was incredibly good:

Do they really know who their targets are, no they don't, they're just getting orders from above like always, being programmed like robots. Its daft if only they knew what I know they wouldn't even be over there, they would be at home with their families helping eachother out and looking after eachother.

This is so true, we need to respond in Love & Light always, and this is so much what others need to understand, before the curtain comes up for everyone, before "no time".
Its going to happen for all, no exceptions. And this is a sobering thought. We have to get our houses in order, and really understand that everyone is our Family of Light on the otherside, and really reflect on Love and what it is:

Love is not hate. Right is not wrong. Truth is not a Lie. Helping another is never hurting them.

We have to wake up from our zombie state and really feel for each other.

By the way, I've encountered whats under the matrix here too, and David Icke is telling it how it really is! Also we don't see the phasing in this 3D, they're here, and can walk around in plain site.

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 07:44 PM
If we could all understand this the world would be perfect "everybody deserves everything equally" yet its the hardest thing on this planet.

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by Intuitiveaptitude2009

Its also how we pass the test here, the Love and Equality factor, the wish for a truly equal paradise, without any negative response, being in control, conscious, aware of the programs running in our so called "physical" suit, our bodies,and the universe, that make us quick to anger, or react, or attack another, or covet things, take more than we need, desire to be admired, for some their pride wants to be elevated or dominate. These are all programs, all of our basic biology and the biochemicals that run through us, can be manipulated and enhanced. We need to remain concscious and renounce, and cancel out stray thoughts to get into control of our mind, our feelings our thoughts and realize how much is on auto pilot, reactive, like a button, not really "our" thoughts.

Its a process of stripping off layers of the old and emerging new, and being grateful, appreciative of the Family of Light, our Higher Selves, the Many In One, each other, all the gifts we do have, and striving to help.

This is how we pass the test. How we progress beyond 3D earth.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Hello Unity_99 I have copies of what I have deleted but I do believe as I would rest a lot better everyday that passes knowing that I'm not only not putting my family and myself at risk of TPTB but also because I'm not putting anybody on ats at risk either as I did sign a contract to never speak of what I saw I have kept to my word and only allowed with permission to speak of small details and only within friends/family. I wouldn't go about publishing it as I did as I realised I would get in the dog house big time. But feared for everybody's safety so deleted the posts. Its hard as much as I would like to keep that information up I won't do it as I believe you were meant to read what I posted and now its had its purpose I've deleted it.

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 08:08 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Yes, well its why I didnt quote it, Love & Light. You must follow your heart and be true to your guidance. Sweetdreams and sleep well, I know its late there.

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by Universal Light

Hi Universal Light,

And you and I have a good relationship so please do not take any of this personally.

I never do and I hope the same applies to you.

These are false statements.

Murdering, bloodshed, rituals, sacrifices and war is not a good thing and I will respectfully say this about your belief in Ra and the law of one. There are some truths to be found in the law of one where “Light” resides with “Dark” truths mixed in with lies and calling good evil and evil good is one of the biggest manipulative, deceptive lies there is.

Evil never was Good.
Good never was Evil..
Light never was Dark.
Dark never was Light.
Murder never was Good.
Doing good never was Evil.
Wickedness never was Happiness.
Happiness never was Wickedness.

I stand by the above 110% with a 110 where there is no %.

The Infinite is One. We all came from the Infinite.

When one-1 says the Infinite is one-1 what does one-1 truly refer to and/or mean?

If one-1 is referring to the law of one-1 concept on the infinite one-1 then one-1 is missing what the Infinite one-1 truly represents/means/is.

That includes evil, good, light, dark, wickedness, and happiness.

The above are oppositions one to another and not one-1 and the same.
Truths are not Lies and Lies are not Truths and in writing this I speak the Truth and those who hear the Truth and understand the one-1 infinite Truth recognize the one-1 true relationship of all things one to another on an infinite level.

One-1 in likeness with infinite levels of one-1's self.

One-1 in likeness not one-1 being alone consisting of all things in fractals.

One-1 being alone consisting of all things cannot exist and never has existed within Infinity where there is no within or without.

If One-1 takes more time to ponder where there is no time one-1 can realize that one-1 being consisting of all things could never be put together within Infinity where there is no time and there is no one-1 alone but infinite one-1.

Code infinity one-1.


If One-1 being consisting of all things came together then infinity could not be infinity as it would become limited/finite with beginning and ending. A one-1 start point of only one-1. A one-1 start point must always have one-1 end point. Infinity never had a start one-1 point but infinite one-1 points that have always existed without beginning or ending where there is no time thus code “Zero Time.”


As snowflakes come in all sizes, shapes and patterns coming from a snow storm source- so do the Infinite Teachers/Creators/Designers above and beyond sharing individuality, personality , pattern but are one-1 in likeness/design constructed of the same intelligence/light/energy source as a snowflake from the snow storm- connected made of the same light/love materials of the soul in likeness and infinite One-1ness with infinite one-1 freewill/individuality the greatest eternal one-1 infinite gift that all souls share and have in common being eternal and infinite one-1.

Thus code Infinity=1
But not just 1 alone but Infinite-1

One-1 being alone consisting of all things cannot exist without putting an ending, limit or stop to Infinity and the best part of the one-1 infinite truth of all eternal/infinite one-1 souls are they did it their way with free will and the infinite one-1 gift of individuality free choice/agency that has always existed and will always exist.

There are infinite one-1 snow flakes/Teachers/Creators/Designers existing on Infinite levels one-1 in likeness and one-1 in infinite one-1 light/design.

They/Us and Infinite others are “The Family Of Light” all eternal/infinite souls are part of that Infinite/Eternal---“Family of Light.”

We all derived from the same source so to say war and murder are not good things is to say that you are not good, that I am not good.

In saying that all souls were derived from the same infinite one-1 source you have said correctly but one-1 must understand clearly what coming from the one-1 infinite same source truly represents/means/is.

One-1 source in likeness does not mean one-1 being alone separated into fractals of itself experiencing but it means infinite one-1 souls in likeness/design derived from the same eternal materials/light/intelligence source.

In one-1 recognizing dark from light and the opposition of dark to light in nature that runs against one-1's true infinite material/light/intelligence – (Source )– one-1 recognizes truthfully that Evil goes against what Light and Love truly means/represents/is in choices/decisions/actions.

The infinite one-1 soul derived from the same source of light/intelligence consisting of the same eternal materials/source is “Light” and “Love” and from the same “Source” but with freewill and free agency to act and choose as one-1 pleases living their life their way constructed of the same eternal soul/material of one-1 coming from the infinite/eternal one-1 source that is “Light” and “Love.”

Everything is One and it is crucial to one's advancing of their own consciousness to understand this.

That is a very big statement for one-1 to make where there is no big to make but mistake in suggesting that all things are one-1 whole alone where there is no whole and nobody alone. When one-1 refers to all things being one-1 what is one-1 truly referring to?
The soul?
The source?
The likeness/design of a soul?

I will stand up for the Light and Truth.

Good is not Evil.
Evil is not Good.
Love is not Hate.
Hate is not Love.
Lies are not Truths.
Truths are not Lies.

Calling good evil and evil good is not manipulative or deceptive.

There are billions of people out there in religions all over the world that know better than to call evil good and good evil. At least the larger majority amongst the religions of the world recognize the truth about one from the other. Evil is not Good and Good is not Evil if the law of one-1 RA can convince the world to believe in such things then Evil reigns in this temporal existence and those who believe in such things are being greatly deceived make no mistake about it.

From what's being suggested it makes absolutely zero difference what people do with their life. Everyone can pick up a gun and start blowing each other away, nobody has to care about anyone again because doing Evil is only doing Good. Murder is doing someone a service out of Love along with stealing, killing, raping, torchering, abusing among all those other EVIL things or GOOD from RA's perspective etc. etc. etc.

It's ok if someone invites one's family over for dinner and then after the dinner takes their children and wife and does horrific/horrible things to them while hacking them up into bits and pieces.

Torcher, rape, murder is Kind, Gentle, Friendly, nice and Evil is merely Love and Good.

Murder, Rape, Abuse, Torcher is only doing that family a service and is really only Kindness and Love.

From such a perspective no preparations ever need to be made because regardless of what one-1 does “All is Love” and “All is right” therefore murder, bloodshed, torcher, abuse, theft and war should continue and much more of it. Nobody needs to spiritually prepare or care for another person because they are already loving everyone just doing whatever they want raping children, hacking neighbors up in bits and pieces, burning people in fires and slowly torchering others to death.
That is Love, That is Love, That is Love...

But is it really?

Does one-1's heart deep down inside tell one-1 that doing such EVIL acts is only really LOVE?

Find the one-1 truth in your infinite one-1 soul that is one-1 in likeness/design but not one-1 fractal of the whole where there is no whole but infinite/eternal and one-1 may find the truth.

It is the truth when one takes the perspective of the biggest picture....The Infinite Creation. Everything falls within.

One-1 can only begin to touch on the fundamental basics of the infinite where there is no beginning but to even come close where there is no close to the infinite cannot be done, not by you, me or any other finite temporal being occupying earths finite/temporal level of existence. What one-1 feels they know or comprehends outside of the fundamental basic understandings of the infinite where there is no out or in is less than a grain of sand and yes that is this infinite universe and all one-1 can see/understand/comprehend for the time being where there is no time. Nothing but a grain of sand understanding missing the infinite elements, existences, realms, dimensions, stations, channels and infinite/endless others incomprehensible to the limited finite temporal vehicle/body/vessel for the time being where there is no time.

The world one-1 knows/understands/perceives to be living in for the time being is nothing more than a blade of grass to the infinite where there is no more or less or whole to the infinite. There is no all or whole to the infinite but infinite one-1 and same.

FWIW, the Law of One is the most accurate source of information on the planet.

The law of one-1 is cleverly put together with truths mixed in with lies and great deceptions. Many have been deceived and have swallowed the grass of lies mixed in with truths. Most who believe in such things surely have hearts of gold but they have been deceived nevertheless as the law of one-1 is manipulative lies preying on those who are full of love & light as those who believe willingly accept that they are all fractals/parts of a one-1 whole being of their one-1 infinite self thus taking upon them the many evils of the world believing that all of the murderers, rapists, killers are part of them and only themselves. All murder, rape, torcher and evil things are for the betterment of all but in truth they truly go against the true infinite one-1 nature of all eternal “LOVE” and “LIGHT” souls.

The one-1 infinite you in the here and now where there is no here or now only IS---IS the one-1 infinite/eternal you. The infinite one-1 you is the one-1 you now not the murders, rapists, killers - be not deceived and open your hearts to the infinite one-1 truth that is found in LOVE not HATE and EVIL.

Those who swallow the RA pill have been gravely deceived and have greatly mistaken LIES for TRUTHS in believing evil to be good and good to be evil accepting such things in their hearts brings disruption/corruption and blindness within one-1's soul. Their connection to the truth of the infinite one-1 LOVE & LIGHT source has been severed.

Choose the path of LOVE and LIGHT and that which is RIGHT.

Follow NOT entities channeled. Evil is not Good and Good is not Evil. Truths are not Lies and Lies are not Truths. Do not be deceived and misled down the wrong path. The one-1 true Love & Light calls them back to the infinite-1 truth that is LOVE & LIGHT not Evil/Hate/Murder. Entities mock and laugh as they entrap “LIGHT” souls into such a belief willing to support their EVIL acts in heart/mind that goes against their true infinite one-1 Love & Light nature/self. Some of the darkness/entities are not what most think or one-1 makes of them in which I will leave these words to be interpreted however one-1 chooses to interpret them.

Nothing in this matrix is 100% accurate as this matrix is full of distortions.

There is truth and LIGHT and there is deception and DARKNESS.
Try to convince someone in great pain/suffering that they are not really in pain/suffering but only experiencing joy and happiness. Most in this world know the difference and know better, be not deceived.

Those with clean/clear eyes and hearts distinguish one-1 from the other recognizing one-1 from the other. Everyone-1 deep down inside knows the difference from Evil and Good so feel with your heart rather than follow channeled material. The infinite one-1 Love & Light soul is the eternal/infinite guide that can make a connection to the “Family of Light” that are continually broadcasting for those tuned into that station of true Infinite “Love & Light” The true infinite one-1 station can be found within the infinite one-1 soul heart and one-1 can tune in from the heart through LOVE, Kindness, Giving, Sharing, Caring, Helping, Compassion, Forgiveness, Charity and all the good things one-1 has within their infinite one-1 soul if they pay attention. Feel the love/light infinite/eternal force and tune in. Listen to the still small voice of peace, love and light within that whispers direction and guidance.

However, TLOO is 82-85% accurate which far exceeds the accuracy of other texts.

Never make assumptions/speculations as foggy and light as an object may seem/appear there are truths mixed in with deceptions/lies and there are no accidents in which I am here sharing this now where there is no now but I am and you are. This message will be shared with all of the law of one-1 followers where there is no all so they can see/recognize and re-think/distinguish the one-1 infinite truth for themselves.

There are reasons for the distortions such as the narrow bandwidth from the sixth density they use for communication. But there are not deliberate lies in the text only distortions.

Opposition can be found in all things in duality existences and that includes emotions, feelings and intent of individuals who choose to commit such acts based on their true desires, feelings and intentions of the heart/soul. If someone commits an EVIL act they have lost their path/way and are doing it the dark/evil way that goes against their true “INFINITE” self way and soul/nature of who they really are being eternal souls of “LOVE & LIGHT.” Do not be fooled in believing that Evil is Good and Good is Evil, it never was and never will be and is an opposition to the “LIGHT” and that which is “RIGHT.”
Love is not Hate. Truths are not Lies and that is the TRUTH.

There is a split in the Harvest in the fourth and fifth densities. It must be this way. Everyone rejoins in the sixth to finish their completion before everyone returns to the Creator.

There is no such thing as fourth, fifth or sixth to the infinite. Such words/numbers/labels are for the limited/finite temporal time being on earth based on human understanding/definitions to better explain something that they know very little about where there is no little, very or there.

It makes a huge difference because of the Law of Karma. Those who have caused much pain here in the third density and graduate to the fourth density negative will suffer even worse than what they have done onto humanity. It is the only way. Everything balances out so by the time we are to reunite, everything has worked itself out.

The law of consequence to action, what a soul sows so shall they reap, in the above statement you have said correctly. Evil is not the path to Light and every soul on planet earth has that freewill choice/option to do GOOD and LOVE. Nobody is forcing anyone-1 to do EVIL, nobody but themselves as they choose THEIR own path/way and are making THEIR own decisions on how they live their life. Nobody is forcing one-1 to murder another and that is NOT part of the Infinite/Eternal Love & Light plan. Nevertheless those experiencing are free to choose with freewill agency/choice to decide choose and learn for themselves. Eternal progression is a never-ending story and will always exist but duality is a big step through to the infinite where there is no big, step only through. Duality will seize to exist upon through for the infinite one-1 love & light soul where Dreams DO come true and “ALL” things are possible where there is no “ALL” but infinite one-1 eternal YOU and ME and THEM among Infinite Others--- The Eternal “Family of Light” and Fathers/Designers/Creators in Utopia/Heavens.

Please brother, remember that this game of chess is only an illusion. This is not the reality you are Cosmically aware of. Pain and suffering are an illusion.

Suffering, pain and misery for the time being and those experiencing earth reality is REAL to them even though technically from an infinite/eternal perspective could be viewed/looked upon from another perspective/angle --- dream/state existence even illusion. The time beings experiencing do feel/perceive their current state of existence and it is very REAL to them who are experiencing/suffering. Go find someone that is in pain suffering and explain to them that what they are feeling is not really pain/suffering but happiness/joy and only an illusion. Most in this world know the difference and feel the difference. Whether it's technically an illusion from another perspective or not it's REAL for the time being experiencing. Have you ever felt pain and did you actually feel it? Was that happiness/joy to you and not pain but illusion?

And you and I have a good relationship so please do not take any of this personally.
I Never do and I hope the same goes for you. I truly hope that you can find the infinite one-1 truth within yourself and please further question the law of one RA material.

I used to be like you, I despised TPTB.

In suggesting such a thing about myself you have made an assumption that is false as I have never despised TPTB or anyone-1 for that matter where there is no matter but hey no matter.

The first time I looked at them in meditation and sent them Infinite Love and Light,

Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Understanding is always there for one-1 who truly understands the infinite one-1 eternal soul knowing who and what really/truly lies behind the dark/evil costume. One can recognize one from the other and Evil is not part of the Light but an Opposition to Love. Evil is not the path one-1 should take and everyone-1 has freewill with free agency/choice to choose for themselves, nobody is forcing one to rape, torcher, kill and do all kinds of evil to another.
Be wise and choose LOVE coming from the true infinite-1 LIGHT which is RIGHT.

In these times where it is very apparant that the cycle is closing and it most certainly is, making advanced spiritual preparations is a must.

From such a perspective why would spiritual preparations be important if Evil is Good and Good is Evil and everything leads back to the One-1 infinite Love & Light?
What does it matter what anyone does if that is the case?
If everyone committed suicide today or murdered each other and blew up the planet what difference would it really make?
There is a FAIL and there is a PASS to the test of Life and EVIL is not a pass where LOVE is the truth, light, path and way and YES way. I did it my way, you did it your way and everyone did it Their way. I am what I am, you are what you are and it appears to look like an infinite one-1 star with freewill/agency to act choose/decide for one-1's infinite eternal existence never to be taken away and YES way where there is infinite way. If such a freedom was taken away nothing would be infinite one-1 free way with eternal individuality/equal opportunity from an infinite/eternal perspective. The greatest of all gifts--- Eternal freewill/individuality to think, act, choose and decide for one-1's self.

Blessings to all. You are loved.

Are Cursings and Blessings the same?
Is being loved the same as being hated?
I wish you true Blessings of infinite one-1 Love & Light truth.
I know deep down inside one-1 can find those answers out for themselves but only you can find them. I know that everyone-1 will eventually find the infinite one-1 truth as they have always known them but it must be in their own infinite one-1 way on their own time-0 where there is no time-0 but only one-1 infinite LOVE & LIGHT way.
From the infinite/eternal perspective everyone already has and IS.
But you did it your way, I did it my way and we all did it our way being infinite one-1 light souls with infinite free way----> freewill/choice agency making one-1's decisions/choices and following one-1's eternal path/way and yes way.


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