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What is Your Number 1 Pet hate?

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posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 01:12 PM
Pet hate for today, facebook & that whole 'lets discuss our relationship issues with the entire world' thing again. Continuing the saga of retard, retards ex & various other retarded friends, this is what I came across today:

'Retard's ex: Do u eva feel like you are destand to hurt others even tho u dont mean it, and when u are happy u run away anyway because u feel like u dnt deserve what u have, i dont no if i should go and see it through and face what i have done and what i will do or go and start fresh ither 1 i think will hurt me an a diferent way x x'

Im not even going to pretend that I understand whats being said here, but it annoys me nonetheless.
And the two comments below just annoyed me even more:

'Retard 1: and i will always love you babe. xx
Retard 546876858: Never leave the one you love for the one you like coz the one you like will leave you for the one they love xxxx'

Now I saw the 1st comment coming, because obviously declaring his undying love for her over fb several times before has worked to so well. But the second comment just confuses the hell out of me, more so than the original status... I dont understand what sort of logic a person must be using to come out with stuff like that?

reply to post by LiveForever8

Ah the old classic lost phone in the hand... Ive lost count of the amount of times Ive done that.

You must acquaint yourself with the awkward turtle immediately, its the single best way to highlight an awkward situation without anyone else being aware of what you're on about. Its also quite good if you want people to think you're a bit 'special'.

'Anyone been here before then?'
A couple of people say yes.
'Get a job'

I like this more than anything.

Im soooo glad that Jeremy not only abuses his guests, but takes time out too insult his audience too, what a good man!

Graham sat next to you?! Did you speak to him?.. And more importantly did you get to touch him or Jeremy at any point? Did you get chance to abuse any guests and/or steal Jeremys lines?

It all sounds very pleasing so far, tell me more

I also like this very much - "Live everyday like it is your last because one day, you'll be right."
Sooo wise!
As is the man who came out with ''look at you, you look like a raccoon!'

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 03:06 PM
Oh another pet hate - people who completely sit on the fence and/or refuse to make a decision one way or another for fear of being wrong.

Someone said today 'I'm not sure really. It could be really great...or really bad. Or just OK.' Oh, could it really? I had never thought of it like that before.

reply to post by Bluebelle

Never leave the one you love for the one you like coz the one you like will leave you for the one they love

But what if after dumping the one you love for the one you like it turns out the one you like loves you? You wouldn't be going out with the one you loved but the one you liked, whilst the one you like is going out with someone they love. What you don't know though is that the one you love (who you dumped) actually only likes you and instead loves the one that you only like but who loves you

Awkward Turtle
In real American Sign Language. It means Platypus.
Friend making Awkward Turtle sign.
Friend who knows better: "Platypus?"

I shall try to use it regularly.

He basically abused anything that moved! He informed us that his floor manager - Will (the guy who brings on the tissues if someone starts crying) - used to go out with one of the crew members who was also there. He got them together in the studio and forced poor Will to tell everyone how he was in love with this girl but she left him......for a woman! And then made a remark about how 'great' he must be in bed.

He reminded me of the smarmy sarcastic lad in school who you don't really like but who's put downs can be quite humerus at times to the point where you are forced to take your hat off to him.

Obviously I got the 'Oh not a scouser, my car wheels better still be on when I get back' jibe.

Graham didn't sit next to me but Jeremy did. One of the girls I was with was jabbering on and he said that she could go onstage and finish the show off if she liked. My friend leaps at the chance and so she ends up on stage reading from the autocue while Jeremy is sitting next to me in the audience. I said to him 'You've opened a can of worms here Jeremy, you'll never get her off that stage now' to which he said (whilst rummaging through my friends handbag) 'I really should tell her to get off my stage shouldn't I'
Somebody else in the audience beat him to it though and normal procedures were resumed.

He just looks totally disinterested when the guests are talking, sometimes pulling faces at the audience or cleaning some dirt off his shoes, while some poor junkie is pouring his heart out.

The fella failed the other lie detector too. He was adamant he hadn't cheated on his girlfriend. She was an ex heroin addict and he was still using. Jezz even said 'Is it possible you could have done something when you were high' to which he replied 'Absolutely not!'

However once he got the results back he swiftly changed his tune and began to question if maybe he could have done something whilst he was high.

In the Geordie guys one, he accused his mental jealous ex of slitting her wrists in front of his little nephews. She said he was lying but refused to show us her wrists to prove otherwise. Anyways a bit later on whilst they are arguing my friend turns to me and says how the woman has got a big scar on her wrist and gestures as much. Jezza obviously sees my mate doing this and nods his head mouthing 'There's three of them (scars)' to us, lovely stuff!

At another point Jezza was interrupted by some crew member in his ear piece who was reading a paper apparently. He shouts through some wall where they must have been "Oi Sue, hows the thrush?" Graham also attempted to put him off once by waving a selection of sandwiches at him. Graham had opted for chicken salad, I know that's what you were thinking

Jezza also told us that his youngest son had crawled/walked for the very first time that very morning. So he was happy about that. And he asked us whether we had heard the the news about him going stateside, which he seemed less enthusiastic about.

The whole set up was so cheap though. I reckon I could recreate the exact same studio settings in my living room (which would probably be bigger than their one) in about an hour with a budget of £6.50. Looks so much better on TV.

Erm, I'm sure there is more I have missed out but my mind is still struggling to come to terms with the epicness of the whole day!

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 04:17 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

As much as Id love to form some sort of meaningful reply to that, my brain started melting after reading the first line so I feel it is in my best interests not to injure myself further by trying to read it all.

One would assume though, if you're with someone you love then you wouldnt leave them for someone you merely liked anyway?
I hate crappy quotes like that that try to sound all clever when they're really just nonsensical bs. Its quite tempting to add another stupid quote underneath it like 'you pay peanuts, you get monkeys'. Why the hell would you get monkeys?! Monkeys like bananas, you'd get elephants if anything... or polish people. :bash:

Haha I never saw that one about the platypus! I like that, would love to see a deaf person trying to figure out why me and my friends are constantly saying 'platypus' in sign language.

Obviously I got the 'Oh not a scouser, my car wheels better still be on when I get back' jibe.

Graham didn't sit next to me but Jeremy did. One of the girls I was with was jabbering on and he said that she could go onstage and finish the show off if she liked. My friend leaps at the chance and so she ends up on stage reading from the autocue while Jeremy is sitting next to me in the audience. I said to him 'You've opened a can of worms here Jeremy, you'll never get her off that stage now' to which he said (whilst rummaging through my friends handbag) 'I really should tell her to get off my stage shouldn't I' Somebody else in the audience beat him to it though and normal procedures were resumed.

On the basis of this paragraph I have to say that I simply dont believe you.. You cant honestly expect me to believe that you were honored enough to be insulted by The Kyle, have him sit next to you AND have an exchange of words... its too good to be true!

Oh Graham, ever the peacemaker, creating world peace one sandwich at a time.
Hmm, actually Im not suprised he's not incredibly enthustiastic about the show going over there, it means he'll have to take a 10 hour flight on top of the 15 hour drive he does to see his kids!

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

One would assume though, if you're with someone you love then you wouldnt leave them for someone you merely liked anyway?

And with a simple question you have exposed the obvious flaw to that stupid quote. Debunked

If you tried to pay a monkey in peanuts it would tear your ruddy face off, they aren't stupid. Polish people on the other hand......

Some idiot who lives in the flat opposite us was arguing with one of the security guards the other day. He had broken something apparently and he actually said "I never apologize. I'm sorry, but that's just the way I am!" Stupid gimp.

You have some serious trust issues you really do
Do I need to get photographic evidence of EVERYTHING I do? It's absolutely true though, he said "Anybody from Liverpool?" and although not technically true I saw this as my big opportunity to converse with The Kyle so I said yes. Then the insult came
Some other girl then said she was too and he mentioned something about a club in Liverpool which he apparently frequents

He also paraded his ex producer in front of us and introduced him as Richard Bacon, unfortunately it was not THE Richard Bacon but just some old geezer.

I don't get how he's going to be able to do the UK version and the USA version at the same time. Maybe he's going to abandon us for the bright lights of the USA leaving the UK to fall into near anarchy in his absence?

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Apparantly that quote does make sense, well Im assuming so anyway because the ex has replied with another nonsense quote... maybe its the in thing these days, swapping ridiculous quotes back and forth:

'Your right maybe i should do what my heart tells me but if i do i will hurt someone elts and i dont want that i promised myself that i wouldent do this but its better to have loved and lost than never to haved loved at all my old feels have changed for them and i realy do want to be happy but not at the expence of crushing another i realy dont no what to do x'

'Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all'? Really?! I thoroughly disagree with that.

Another fb annoyance, people who put statuses up saying they're drunk/paraletic/on the brink of death by alcohol poisoning. Seriously, if you're having such a great time getting drunk etc then why would you at any point feel the need to drag yourself away and update your status?!
Even more annoying are the one's who do this and then use better spelling & grammar then I do when Im sober. Example of this, Im not even going to change his name, he's an absolute plank and people need to know this:

'Joe Forman is absolutely smashed beyond belief!'

Yea mate, you're BATTERED. Obviously.

Monkeys are evil little bastards. Apart from these (I will own one of those someday!). Although I bet if you paid a polish person enough peanutes they'd be happy to rip someones face off!

Haha, thats a bit like when someone says 'no offence', and then goes on to say the most offensive thing in the world.

Of course I have trust issues, Im still waiting on £1 million pounds to be deposited into my account by this charming Nigerian man I spoke to a while back.

Plus Im always of the opinion that unless a person can prove otherwise then they are automatically a fat, sweaty old man who lives with their mother & only bathes twice a year.

I cant believe you lied to to The Kyle.. you should be ashamed of yourself! Im sure if you'd told him you were from a backwards little village that is scarily close to wales then he would have still conversed/insulted you at some point!

Aha, thats a thing!! I know Richard Bacon

Well, my brothers do anyway, they went to school with him & used to be best friends.. He even asked my sister out once but she shot him down.
I have proof of this as well, there's a photo of me when I was about 3 sat on his knee trying to steal his hat!

Also, random question.. do you have any idea of what this is:

It looks like the persons belly button, but that surely cannot be their stomach. Im really confused & disturbed by it.

[edit on 30/1/10 by Bluebelle]

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Ah, but you have forgotten that just because one retard can decipher what another retard is saying doesn't mean it makes sense.

'Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all' - probably one of the most ridiculous sayings of all time.

Your not going to like this but I have to say that pygmy marmosets are probably the most horrific looking animals in the world. You seriously want one of them? They look like gremlins.

Although I have never wanted to own something more than I want to own one of these:

Blobfish - even it's name is brilliant.

I've always said that the first thing I'm going to buy when I'm a millionaire is a chimp. Me and little Sir Jeffrey Winklebaum are going to live it up big time. Then I'd get another one to serve me and Sir Jeffrey Winklebaum as our monkey butler.

As for the filthy Poles, you don't need to pay them peanuts to rip someones face off. They would gladly do it free of charge. Scum, sub human scum

Haha, yes! The words 'no offence' are always proceeded by 'but...' Another one is '(insert snide remark here)' followed swiftly by 'nah, only joking' as if that makes it all better.

I didn't want to be the one to have to do this to you but, I don't think you should be expecting that money anytime soon

Haha, that's very true actually. I had a bit of a shock whilst browsing that 'ATS members photos' thread the other day. Man did I get some people wrong

Pah, as if you wouldn't have done the same thing in my situation! I'll have you know that I ain't from no little village, backwards maybe, but not a village
Bromborough is nay a village and I do reside in Liverpool a lot of the time so it was only a little white lie.

Speaking of white lies and Richard Bacon......don't you think that the singer in this video looks like Richard Bacon? Your sister said no to The Bacon? Is she mad? Did she say "Sorry, but I'm a vegetarian"

Proof smoof! I could tell you I have a picture of me moonwalking on the moon with Michael Jackson, doesn't make it true

At first I didn't know what you were talking about, but as I gradually scrolled down, and down, and down.....this thing just keeps going! After in depth analysis I believe that it is not her flabby stomach but her left leg we are seeing. She is covering her 'foo-foo' with her nightgown and so we are seeing her left thigh, not her dangly stomach. At least I think so...hope so!

By the way, did you see Jedward on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross? They were on top form as usual.

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

What!!! Are you seriously telling me that this isnt cute?

Look at its tiny little paws & furry face, I love it.

And gremlins are cute, well Gizmo is anyway.

Haha, that fish looks like an old man! And I seriously want to poke it with a stick for some reason.
That kind of reminds me of these weird fish/lizard type things my friend had last year, they were amazing:

They look SO happy all the time, they'd just used to swim about all day bumping into the walls of the tank.

But yea sure, get a chimp, turned out well for this lady.

Haha, that's very true actually. I had a bit of a shock whilst browsing that 'ATS members photos' thread the other day. Man did I get some people wrong

Haha, which people?!
I love looking through that, literally everyone looks the opposite of how you expect them to look, its very odd!

Theres only about 12 people living in your 'town' isnt there? There's no shame in living in a village! I see you havent addressed the 'scarily close to wales' comment, does that mean I was right? If so Im rather proud of myself, Im awful at geography. I used to get Belgium and Brazil mixed up.

Yes that does resemble him!
I think she turned him down due to him being a bit of a geek, and he worked in Macdonalds. Im going to find that picture and get it on here!

Aha I think you may be correct there.. urghh thats really weird though it looks like she hasnt got any hips. Oh well, at least she's got her 'foo-foo' covered up.

Noooo I didnt know Jedward were gracing Jonathon Ross with their presence! Gutted.

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 01:17 PM
OK today I hate cracked lips!! :bnghd:

It's that time of year... Every time about this time I forget to get some of that lip stuff - I chew on my lip, I take a bit of the skin off and that's it, cracked lips for ages.

Right now my bottom lip looks like hell and my top lip ain't all that comfortable either.

It used to be hell when I rode everywhere, I need some of that lippy stuff, cherry I think.



Originally posted by Bluebelle
What!!! Are you seriously telling me that this isnt cute?

Bite sized primates are always cute and handy when you need to eat on the run!

[edit on 31/1/2010 by Now_Then]

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 01:41 PM

Originally posted by pharaohmoan
OK it's seems I am going through a mid-life crisis and so hate everything at the moment. In fact everywhere I turn it seems I am discusted by the reality I find myself in!

So I want to ask fellow ATS'ers what is your number 1 Pet hate? Could be about anything, anyone or on any subject.

Go ahead let loose!

People that are overly critical of everything you do or say.

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 02:36 PM
reply to post by TheRandomUser

People that are overly critical of everything you do or say.

That was a bit of a rubbish response. I think you could have done better than that. You have let me down, your family down, but more importantly, you have let yourself down. Shame on you.

reply to post by Bluebelle

That one doesn't look so bad I suppose. Still looks like a miniature version of Chewbacca from Star Wars though, it's too small for my liking. I'd end up sitting on it or something!

Haha, it's definitely the type of creature you could spend hours prodding and poking in the hope it might start talking.

Those little fish/lizard things are awesome. They look like some sort of Pokemon, perhaps a distant relative of everyone's favourite Pokemon, Jigglypuff.

I remember seeing that when it happened and in all honesty it made me wanna get a chimp even more. Let's get down to brass tax here, did the chimp attack it's owner? No. It attacked her friend so all is good. It just means that my friends will fear and respect me more which can only be a good thing. Have you heard this? Pay particular attention to 0.38 seconds and 0.52 seconds where I'm sure the operator nearly laughs. That has to be the most lethargic emergency operators on earth, I'd be in stitches

I can't remember anyone particular right now, can't find that thread again, but I just remember getting everyone wrong completely. Men were in fact women, old people were in fact young people etc etc....It is true how enormously wrong I realised I had been

You make it sound like I live in Roston Vasey or something! You know full well how many people live here
It depends on your definition of 'scarily close', how close is 'scarily close'? But for me it is too close, then again if I was living in Russia it would be too close to Wales for my liking. I hated Geography, useless lesson. I remember in an exam once there was a question asking for the names of two types of tectonic plates (or something like that) and I put China Plate and Enamel Plate, on purpose of course. I thought I was soo clever, what a dick.

Richard Bacon a 'bit of a geek', surely not! Yes, yes you go and 'find' that picture.

She should be the star of one of channel 4's documentaries, 'The Woman With No Hips'. Just like 'The Boy With No Face' and 'The Man That Is Actually An Elephant'.

BBCiPlayer is your friend

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 02:45 PM
people who think themselves brilliant and come across as completely the opposite..:shk:

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 03:58 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Yea and who doesnt love Chewy?! Its like a hamster, except way cooler because you can teach it tricks & stuff. Which actually reminds me that for a while now Ive been wanting a dancing bear. Saw one on those charity adverts, they've got some good moves! Would be great fun at parties, ballroom dancing with the bear.

It looks like it should be able to talk, I think it would sound like Barry White if it did.
Urgh pokemon, thats the first time Ive heard someone mention those in about 10 years!

Haha, best 911 operator ever.. there's definately stifled laughter there. Although to be honest with that noise the chimp is making in the background Id be hard pressed not to laugh!
I particularly like it at the beginning when she says 'my chimp has killed my friend', and he replies 'so whats the problem with your friend?', like the fact that the chimp had killed her wasnt actually an issue.

As for the chimp not killing its owner, well thats a fair point.. but this this guy here (who im 110% sure is going to hell, its definately on the borderline of whether I should actually laugh at it or not) is discussing, how on earth would you try and mend the friendship after that?

'do you send a fruit basket, minus the bananas?'

Soooo ethical.

Roysten Vasey! 'Are you local?'

Ah, 12 it is then
. Well, if you can see this harrowing individuals glow in the dark hair then you're too close. And thats roughly a 300 mile radius.
China plates, enamal plates.. inventive.

Yep, he was a geek. He certainly didnt end up on Blue Peter by being a ladies man.
I will find it, unlike your non-existant Dr K picture! And if I cant find it then I shall get Mr Bacons number and he can confirm himself that the picture exists.

Aha, I forgot about iplayer.. in that case, virgin media is an even better friend!

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 06:06 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

That's just my point though, Chewy would be great! We could go for a pint, run across a meadow or high-five each other just because we felt like it. That thing would be no fun. What tricks is that going to learn? A pet bear that could throw some wicked awesome shapes would be quite good I agree. But they only do that after hours of mistreatment and brutality and quite frankly I just don't have the time.

Barry White is a good shout. My love affair with Pokemon ended pretty quickly after my brother tricked me into swapping Diglett and Goldeen (two sh*t Pokemon) for a SHINY CHARIZARD! What was I thinking

I'm going to get the transcript of that phone call printed and framed on my wall

OP: What's the problem there?
Woman: The chimp killed my friend!
OP: What's the problem with your friend?
Woman: He's killing my friend! Hurry up, he's killing my friend!
OP: Who is killing your friend?
Woman: My chimpanzee!
OP: Ohhh, your chimpanzee is killing your friend?

That guy (although I didn't particularly find him funny) was only saying what a lot of people were thinking. If it was me I would rather have just died. It's not a bad way to go really, sure beats a boring heart attack or the all too common cancer. If I was told that I was definitely going to die today but I could choose how it would happen I reckon a fist fight with a chimpanzee would be pretty high up on my list.

Haha, 'This is a local shop for local people we'll have no trouble here!' Yer, it's not quite as bad as that. Anyways you live in the 6th worst place in the country! What's that saying about people in glass houses

Oh God! Not that horrible creature. I have to draw the blinds in my room at night because of that idiot, so yer, I'm too close. When I become ruler of the universe my first action would to get Rhydian and Chico into a packed stadium and force them into a knife fight to the death. But then I'd just feed the winner to the lions anyway, you know, just because I could.

Luckily for you I'm going the shops to get a new cable for my camera tomorrow so hopefully I shall have it by tomorrow night. I just hope it's on there! Surely you have had enough time now to photoshop this picture of yours?

Haha, very true, that's what I watched it on last night

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

run across a meadow

Possibly the gayest thing you've said so far in this ridiculously long thread raping experience. Im guessing after this you would go onto having a romantic picnic and braiding eachothers hair.

The monkey could do literally anything, maybe even drive a tiny car! People would pay top dollar to see a dwarf monkey circus.
Oh the bears come pre-abused! I would have purchased one already if cattle prods werent so damn expensive.

Stop with the pokemon talk! Its bringing back horrible memories of my first boyfriend, who at the age of 15 still had pokemon on his bedroom walls.. what was I thinking. :shk:

I wish after that the operator had paused for a second and then gone 'Okay, so how long exactly has this cat been stuck up the tree?'. The woman would probably have lost the will to live by then and resigned herself to being the 2nd course of the chimps dinner.

I found the video funny the first time he laughed, and when he so eloquently described what happened as 'that monkey f**ked her s**t up'. But after that it was just awkward.
Nah, if you're going to die in a fight with an animal it has to be something cool like a tiger. People arent always aware how dangerous chimps can be, but everyone knows that tigers = bad times. Id love to be known as the girl who punched the tiger in the face just before it absolutely ended her!

At least my town is on the map, in every sense of the word! And besides, Im older than you so if from my vast wisdom I deduce that it is a village, then it is a village. Listen to your elders.

Chico would win that fight hands down. Mainly because he has his own catchphrase - 'its chico time', and he would blatantly turn up in a sparkly thong and scare everyone away.
Haha, thats it, buy yourself some time! Even if I did photoshop a picture you wouldnt be able to tell, I mean you have seen the marvellous work I did on the moses & the parting of the hair picture after all.

You failed to tell me that the sexy irish boy out of misfits was also being interviewed by Wossy!
Jedward were wonderful. I liked when they referred to Vanilla Ice as 'the original gangster'. Clearly Tupac and even the mafia modelled themselves on him.
Oh and this one was good as well - 'at the moment we dont have a girlfriend'.

Also.. have you ever seen a program called Coach Trip?

[edit on 31/1/10 by Bluebelle]

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 12:44 AM
I think the monkey had grander aspirations and just used you as A stepping stone,just to further said monkey's career.

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 02:32 PM
Pet hate for the day......chickens! My brother bought some chickens today and I offered to help him get them and sort their coop out. Long story short they took an instant dislike to me and I got into a scuffle with them. I lost that scuffle. Bad times.

reply to post by Bluebelle

Ah, but what I didn't mention is that we are shooting laser guns and running head first into an army of droids, probably to our certain deaths. Not so gay now is it?

A dwarf monkey's like my wildest dream come true! As long as you have dwarf monkeys getting fired out of mini cannons, if not, no dice. I'm having second thoughts about the dancing bears if I'm honest. I don't like the idea of them being forced, I remember my drama teacher used to try and make us dance. Okay, we weren't electrocuted or beaten silly, but I feel their pain and somewhat sympathise with their situation. If they wanna dance because they have a passion for it then let them knock themselves out.

Pokemon on his walls at 15 years of age?
You had a lucky escape there! At least in a few years time when he's arrested for molesting children you will be able to say "I went out with him once"

Haha, that would have been brilliant! "I'm sorry ma'am did you say pepperoni or mushroom?"

'that monkey f**ked her s**t up'

Quite the understatement

Being mauled by a tiger would be a lot cooler than a fist fight with a chimp, but who wants cool? It's all about the comedy and I don't think being mauled by a tiger is as funny, it would be over in seconds. A swift bite to the jugular and it's game over. Whereas a chimp has to beat with his huge fists and slowly eat away at the face......hilarious!

Well Afghanistan wasn't exactly 'on the map' until it all went pear shaped over there, I'm sure it's the same case regarding your situation. Wow! That extra year and a bit must have taught you a lot oh wise one
Knowledgeable you are. Have much to learn, I do

Chico would (quite literally) dance rings around him and eventually kill him off in a Mortal Kombat "FINISH HIM!" type moment.
This isn't going to look good but I returned from the shops empty handed, so no pictures I'm afraid. Ever since that picture of Moses I have been questioning reality and my very existence within it! It was just too good to be true

I didn't want to ruin it for you, I thought it would make a nice suprise. 'The original gangster', haha, I'm sure Al Capone was spinning in his grave after that one! At times I can't work out if they are joking when they say things like that, they seem blissfully unaware that they constantly have their feet in their mouths. Legends.

Coach Trip! I started watching this but lost track after I missed a few episodes. I was only talking about this last week with someone and we couldn't remember what it was called. We were drunk at the time and 'Coach Trip' sounded too obvious so we discarded it, I remember it being potentially brilliant though.

reply to post by The Utopian Penguin

'monkey on a goat on a cup on a tightrope'

Nuff said

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

It is when you consider that you're dressed up as princess leia.

Speak for yourself, back in my day we got poked with a cattle prod if we so much as took a breath without permission!
There's nothing wrong with giving them a little encouragement.. If those guys over in russia or wherever feel that the bear has talent then they have a duty to get the most out of it. Especially if they feel its talents lie in tap dancing, that would be a wonderful sight.
Although if the bear really isnt into the dancing they can always make it do stand up comedy or something like that instead.

Yes.. pokemon.. 15 years of age. It was a terrible experience. I dont think I'll ever forget that feeling of sheer horror going into his bedroom for the first time and seeing that.
What was even worse was that I was dying to tell my friends, but couldnt really due to the implications of being known as the girl who's boyfriend has a pokemon themed bedroom.

Nah I reckon if you went in there with a neck brace on then you'd last 10x longer, if you've got the neck area sorted the the tiger wouldnt have a clue! Whereas it would definately be game over if the chimp just decided to go for your face.
If you're looking for comedy then I say have a re-match with those chickens.

Afghanistan wasnt on the map because it isnt a real place. Its just part of the big & rather pointless gap between spain and china. No one even lives there, its just sand & mountains. Oh and Osama Bin Laden with his slush puppy stand.
Yes, my age has afforded me with much wisdom. I have a whole year & a bits worth of lambrini drinking, skintness and hangovers more than you!
This also means that in a mere 7 years and 2 months I shall be 30.

The thought of that makes me a little suicidal.

Yet another reason why chico would win - he'd obviously cover himself top to toe in baby oil, so if Rhydian did manage to get a cheeky punch/bitch slap in there then his hand would simply slide off chico, thus leaving him not in the slightest bit damaged.

They are actually being serious
thats why I love them so much. They're just completely oblivious to anything normal. In their world Vanilla Ice is God.

Coach trip is amazing. My life used to revolve round it, someone reminded me yesterday about it cos last year me and a few friends paired up and applied to go on it, but they never got back to us!
They have it on the virgin on demand thing as well.

Oh and I have a new favourite quote - 'this has probally already been said but that spiral looks like a failed wormhole attempt'
Yes, obviously. Because not only do you know what a wormhole looks like, but you know what a failed one looks like as well. Good.

eeeee, guess what I just found! Jimbob

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posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 08:55 AM
Another annoyance - people who think meditation is the answer to everything! :bnghd:

reply to post by Bluebelle

Fair enough, it's still rather gay. The only way it could be camper is if I was dressed as C-3PO, the biggest bandit in the universe. Alas, my C-3PO outfit wasn't back from the dry cleaners in time. Don't ask why it was there in the first place.

I think that bears have been vastly overlooked by the entertainment industry, they have so much potential! 'Bears Got Talent', there has to be some money to be made there. Not that I would just be doing it for the money, I hate to see wasted talent, I cant bear it

Haha, yer its a doubled edged sword. He was obviously mentally unstable for having Pokemon posters on his wall but some (not me you must understand) would argue you are just as bad for attaching yourself to such a person. You were an accessory to a crime, a co-conspirator, shame on you.

Well that's easily remedied isn't it, I would just don a mask of some sorts. Although a chimp would probably have the intelligence to rip my hands off and then remove the mask itself. I still reckon it would be funnier though.
Those chickens were evil! I thought chickens were quite small...I was wrong! I thought they couldn't fly...I was wrong! It was like Jurassic Park when the Velociraptors work as a team to get their victims. I'm almost certain I could hear one chicken psychically say to the other "Go for the eyes! Peck his soft, exposed eyeballs!" Well I'm going to have the last laugh as I eat their children for the foreseeable future. Boiled egg anyone?

Basically any country that ends in -stan should just be obliterated. Taking up valuable space and attributing nothing towards earth. Rubbish countries.
It's horrible that we're are approaching that seminal age, when things start getting serious, I'll be lost. When it happens I'll just be counting down the days until I'm old enough to start sh**ting myself again and waiting for someone else to clean it up. This bit of life in the middle is going to be one kick in the balls after another.

If Chico was stood in front of Rhydian covered head to toe in baby oil I don't think Rhydian would be interested in hitting him. Even if he did I'm sure it would be a repeated number of bitch slaps in Chicos groin region and them would both love it.

It's like the travel version of Come Dine With Me! I watched a few today and can swiftly see myself becoming obsessed
I'd ruddy love to got on it, how rude of them not to get back to you!

Haha, the saddest thing about that quote is the 'this has probally already been said' part. Kind of sums up this place. No matter how ridiculous the statement you can be certain you aren't the first to say it.

That picture is......

It's EXACTLY what I expected, only even more hilarious. Speechless

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Well today Ive come across something that makes C3PO look like the terminator. And Im also extremely pleased that this guy is now a serious politician:
Adam Rickett - I breathe again
I actually love that song as well.

I hate to see wasted talent, I cant bear it

Im going to pretend I didnt see that. :shk:

I didnt know he had pokemon adorned on his walls before we got together! If I remember correctly a couple of them were glow in the dark as well. Bad times.
I still speak to him occasionally, Im quite tempted to ask him via his fb wall if he still has pokemon on his walls. His girlfriends a mentalist so not only would I be poking a bit of fun at him but I'll be annoying her as well, gotta love killing two birds with one stone!

Chickens are small.

And they cant fly either!.. Well, they can try, but they only get about 1 inch off the floor. Are you sure these were chickens?

Everywhere between Europe & China should be gotten rid of. Except for maybe Russia, Korea, and wherever those tiny monkeys are from.

If Chico was stood in front of Rhydian covered head to toe in baby oil I don't think Rhydian would be interested in hitting him. Even if he did I'm sure it would be a repeated number of bitch slaps in Chicos groin region and them would both love it.

The second gayest thing you've said on here. Well done.

I love how seriously the people on Coach Trip take it! Its not even like they go anywhere good on these trips, just tena lady factories and crap places like that.
Im seriously considering applying for it again. Everyone on it is so dull! If I was on it Id just be drunk all the time & constantly bring up interesting subjects like my love for Gary G & David Bowie's crotch in 'The Labyrinth'.

Oh and if you havent seen them all yet, watch series 3 episodes 20 & 21. Pay attention to Ann & Mark, that women is the antichrist. And a bit of a paedophile.
Plus the tour guide guy gets referred to as a celebrity. One of the tourists actually says 'brendans celebrity status seems to be growing', and 'he's an absolute star here, it was amazing to get caught up in all that'. 'Here' being croatia. Which isnt a real country either.

I underestimated how good that picture was. I remembered that it was pretty special, but that mullet.. wow.
Best thing was - and Im not even joking here - I had this song stuck in my head after I found it. I think he must have been using his telepathy skills to make that song pop into my head.

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Haha, I remember that song! Didn't know it was him though. That video is horrendous, like a fruity version of Demolition Man. With people like him as politicians I shall sleep well tonight knowing this country is in good hands.

Oh come on! I give you comedy gold and you disregard it. I think if you took the time to paws (sorry) and think about it you would realise you aren't being fur (so, so sorry, I need help)

Oh, so your telling me his chat up lines didn't give it away.....

"Hello Beautifly, you're lookin' absolutely Goldeen tonight. I know it may seem a bit Oddish for a stranger to just start up a Chatot out of the blue, but you seem to be new Aron here. You see, I'm a member of Team Rocket, and I'd absolutely love to take a good Pikachu."

And the little less subtle......

"I'd like to Munchlax on your Cloyster"

What was a young girl like you doing in this weirdos bedroom after dark? But yes, it is now your duty to remind this poor lost soul of his disgusting past. Kill those birds.

Small? No chance! They were BIG chickens, super chickens maybe? They had massive beaks that could do a lot of damage I'm sure. They can fly a couple of feet off the ground so you're meant to clip their wings to stop them. That is when all hell broke loose!

Yer, Russia can go too though. Korea can be saved as long as this guy is still around.

As long as I'm only describing what we both know would definitely happen and not actually getting involved in any 'bitch' slapping I'm happy.

I spent today watching it, I'm only a few away from the end, and it's been funny as. There are too many boring people though, I'd love to do it! I'm going to seriously look into this as I believe I would enjoy nothing more than to travel around Europe with the legend that is Brendan. Everything he says is an innuendo, such as "I'm not interested with playing with wet balls" and "I've already wiped the poo of your foot what else do you want?"

Nobody can escape the lure of Bowies crotch! That's probably why Mick Jagger slept with him, the infamous ladies man couldn't resist a bit of Bowie.

Haha, yer that was brilliant. I thought they were being sarcastic when they were boning over his celebrity status. Amazing. That woman was vile! It's a good job her fella was blind, he would have run a mile otherwise.

Haha, that's how they pull in Andromeda, they plant a sexually suggestive song in your head and play the waiting game. Your doomed.

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