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What is Your Number 1 Pet hate?

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posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 04:32 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Yea that video is mildly confusing, its not even the same people who originally raped him. It appears that everyone was after a piece of Gary Lucy's ass.
Actually if I remember correctly the person carrying the can of silly string round was some hardcore gangster, which makes complete sense when you consider the sheer ridiculousness of Hollyoaks. Im suprised that silly string was his weapon of choice though, he looks more like a rubber chicken kind of guy.

I think she felt sorry for him. He was originally married to her sister who shagged an underage boy, had his baby and then got stabbed to death in prison.

I want to shake the hand of whoever wrote that script, how they managed to act it out without laughing is beyond me.

I think you'd be forgiven for commenting on her, she's fit enough to make incest okay!

Hmm, I think Graham should stay on the sidelines, although if he ever teamed up with that woman instead he'd probably end up taking over due to having to spend the majority of the show calming her down. If he had any sense though he'd just dart her with some sedatives before filming began.

Urgh, thats hideous. Whats even worse is when theres couples that feel the need to overload messages with these - ♥♥♥
Yea, its a tiny litte heart, its cute.. but stop putting a million of them in EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE. :bash:
My old flatmates 17 year old girlfriend absolutely loves them, and because she does, so does he. I have zero respect for any adult male who feels the need to add little emo hearts to their messages.

"I think Employee of the Month is a good example of when a person can be a winner and a loser at the same time."

Haha, good point. Thanks for clearing that one up, clearly your blue bar means you are a massive loser. Well done.

You gave a hamster drugs? Nice one.

I think mine was just the Chuck Norris of the hamster world. One-eyed, a stroke victim and she could still out-swim a shark! There wasnt an ounce of fat on that hamster, it was just pure muscle. I really should have tried giving her protein supplements to see what happened.

I dont care if its illegal, love transcends the restrains of earthly laws. However if its a huge issue then I'll just hop over to romania or whatever country allows you to have multiple husbands. Im planning on marrying Ronaldo & Shayne Ward as well so a move would definately be on the cards.
And if any of them refuse to marry me then I shall move onto plan B - kidnapping.

As for the baboons.. they push defenceless OAP's to their death, meaning they have no morals, which therefore means that they would more than likely enjoy a bit of human porn!

Im sooooo happy that DarkCyrus is back on the scene & spreading the word of... erm... well Im not sure what he's spreading, but Im glad he's doing it.

'Everything that a I have "spouted" comes from my inner chalace of life, that is what you are feeling.'
'Its coming now please let it come its hurting. But its ok becuase I love so much I am everything.'
'I am holding my light as long as I can before. Its bursting forth.'
'I hear the angels sing. Im crying. Can we end it soon father.'

Such inventive ways of telling us that he enjoys gay sex and was molested by his father!

That picture is nothing.. Look at what I was upto a couple of years later:

Oh and that isnt an actual cigarette, just one of those candy matchstick things. And I have no clue why Im doing a Dr Evil thing with my little finger, strange child.

posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

I suppose Gary should look on the positive side of things, at least he's popular
As long as he looks on just the positive side and not the HIV positive side. I suppose hardcore gangsters carrying silly string does make perfect sense in Hollyoaks, and I suppose the local priest carries a sawn-off shotgun too.

The writing process must just be a giant alcohol/drug fueled evening whilst watching the best of Jerry Springer and random episodes of Crimewatch. Then when they all wake the next morning/afternoon they look at what they have written and choose the most ridiculous ones.

Haha, I don't think I need to comment now, you kind of summed up how amazing she is - 'she's fit enough to make incest okay!'

Yes! Those horrible little hearts do my head in big time! One is more than enough, doing more than one just devalues the point you are trying to make and makes you look like a moron. God, I don't think I could ever go out with someone who insisted on using them things, which by looking at the state of play on my Facebook home page seems to rule out about 80% of the girls.

A massive loser I may be, but if that was the case I would like to think of myself as King of the losers at least. Personally though I just think you're jealous

Well we didn't force him, he likes it, honest. But his proper owner is a hardcore druggie and so he's pretty much used to it by now. If your old hamster is the Chuck Norris of the hamster world this one is definitely Pete Doherty
I'd love to see a hamster on protein supplements, I saw some documentary about this stuff they pump cows full of that makes them absolutely MASSIVE. Super cow. That one looks like a pussy compared to some of them I saw

love transcends the restrains of earthly laws

Ah isn't that sweet. Your starting to sound like some of the people on here! Ronaldo? RONALDO?! I have lost all respect for you.
Haha, I'm sure you'll have great success......naaaaaat!

In tears once again! They all came from DarkCyrus? Outstanding!

Haha, 'not a real cigarette' yer, yer. We can clearly see the cigarette packets and lighters on the sideboard next to you. The only other person I know of who started smoking that young was Deirdre Rachid (I know she's 'Barlow' now but she'll always be Rachid in my heart) and we all know what happened there. The most worrying thing about that picture is you seem to be half girl half plant. Freak

Oh, and was your signature from the one and only DC too? Once again, outstanding!

posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

The local priest didnt have any kind of weapon unfortunately, not even in the form of God. He could have done with one though to get revenge on John Paul when he turned poor Father Keiron gay (I called that one about 5 seconds after he turned up) and then ran off with Craig Dean. Oh and when Niall killed him because he found out that Niall was Myra McQueens secret love child. Yet another believable storyline that everyone can relate to.

I think by now the writers must be recycling all the old storylines and just changing small details. So far there's been about 5 serial killers, 8349 murders (who always seem to end up buried in the woods, I definately wont be visiting that forest anytime soon), 7 gangsters, 18318472 gay sexual encounters, 307134072734027502 affairs, 17 illegitimate children, 4 exploding pubs, 28 anorexia sufferers, paedophilia, lots of incest... oh and about 3 billion accidental deaths. Literally the only thing they havent done is beastiality.
Thats something that really pee's me off about soaps in general actually... if you watch one for more than a year they just start repeating themselves.

God, I don't think I could ever go out with someone who insisted on using them things, which by looking at the state of play on my Facebook home page seems to rule out about 80% of the girls.

And 80% of your female friends can sleep easy tonight. You really arent in a position to be that picky though considering that your chat up lines revolve around geeky japanese cartoons

The hearts just remind me of little 13 year old girls... Im not sure why though cos I cant recall ever using them myself at that age. Which is suprising really cos I used to be a major 'faceparty' addict!
I think the only thing that annoys me more than hearts is when you get those bell ends who put their fingers together so it looks like a star & then take a picture of it. Knobs.

Haha, you truly are the King of the losers!

That cow is immense! Its like the Rik Waller of the bovine world. They ought to take some of them to Iraq instead of tanks.

You had respect for me in the first place?! I love Ronaldo.. he's such a sly greasy foreigner, plus he's a complete wanker. What more could a girl want!

Yep, all from DarkCyrus, and the sig! Been catching up on his most recent posts, Ive been weeping with glee at some/all of it. This next one is a new favourite as well, I want to add it to my signature but there's not enough room what with the other sexy time with racoons quote.

'CLIMAX riiiiiiiiiiiinggggggggggggggggggg pumppumpumppump flasheshhhhhhhhhhh rest, relax, love, all there is.'

Oh and look at his last post in this thread. Made me jump.

You cannot accuse me of smoking, you only have to look at the other two photos to see what an innocent, angelic little child I was!

The only other person I know of who started smoking that young was Deirdre Rachid (I know she's 'Barlow' now but she'll always be Rachid in my heart)

Got a little infatuation with Deirdre you want to tell me about?
She was never a Rachid, that turkish bloke she was marrying got ended just before the wedding didnt he?!
Ken Barlow is much better. Purely because someone wrote into points of view complaining that he was a satan worshipper, due to the fact that in one episode he said he didnt want to join in a prayer or something like that. Ken Barlow = antichrist.

Oh and before I forget.. remember that paedo at my uni I told you about a while ago? Well I was perusing someones fb album earlier and came across this picture of him. I really want to send it to various newspapers so they can use this picture of him in any further stories.

[edit on 6/2/10 by Bluebelle]

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 07:37 AM
Pet hates today - I have mentioned this before, my hatred for all the recent dancing programmes, but this is just taking the p*ss! Dancing On Wheels - 'Six couples compete to enter the Wheelchair Dance Sport European Championships. Follow their progress, as they receive training from Strictly's Brian Fortuna and face the judges.'

Definition of 'dancing' -

1. To move rhythmically usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures.
a. To leap or skip about excitedly.

I think I have made my point here.

Second pet hate - Twins who are dressed the same, or more accurately, parents who force their kids to do it. It looks ridiculous, stop it!

reply to post by Bluebelle

John Paul turned a priest gay? Oh I so wish my friend would have taken that role, it would have destroyed him

All the soaps are the same it's true. It's like when people only seem to die in soaps either on December 25th or New Years Eve. Coronation Street is the worst, a tiny little road populated by mostly elderly people or mature adults and yet there is a horribly violent death every few months! Nobody ever seems to actually work and they spend 90% of their time in the local pub. As if.

Yer, I suppose I was being a tad optimistic there. But never diss the Pokemon chat up lines, so far they have a 100% accuracy rate, ok that may have failed with 100% accuracy but at least it's consistent

I had never heard of 'Faceparty' before so I used the power of Google and this is what I found:

It's main target audience (or perhaps it's main attraction) appears to be infantile, mentally-underdeveloped under-18 chavs and chavvettes looking (by own admission in their profiles) for casual sex.

Sound familiar?
I hate that too, also anyone with an album that has the title 'XxMe PosingxX' or something to that effect. Said folder contains numerous photos of said person trying desperately hard to look 'sexy' whilst standing in front of a dirty mirror and pointing the camera into it. My little cousin has started doing it, in one of them she was giving the V's, I had words.

Haha, you truly are the King of the losers!

Finally you acknowledge my superiority

That's a good idea actually, imagine riding those big basterds into battle, the Afghans wouldn't know what to do. Also, if they get shot, dinner is served.

Not really, that was merely a figure of speech, a literary device used to express my disgust and disdain for you
By the way, we are talking about this Ronaldo aren't we? Fit.

Haha, he is quite literally mental. I'm going to have to start spreading his word via my signature too, we should try and get as many people to do the same. They are just too funny to be overlooked.

Well in all honesty my infactuation, some might say loving obsession, was with Blanche. My mum even rang me after she died to check I was okay
But now she's resting in heaven with all of Gods other angels my eye has been caught by her daughter Deirdre. It's just that rough, gravely voice, makes my knees weak. She's still no Blanche though

Haha, is that true? Some people have far too much time on their hands.

That picture couldn't be more damning, excellent! I suppose in a way he is legendary, the same way Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot are legendary. More infamous that famous. That sex pose really doesn't help his case either.

I think I have found my new sig - 'I am the seagull. This hurts. You have everything that I give The more we push, the closer we get. I take it, for you. I must rest again so I can take in more. Good night. '

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Yep! Not sure how he did it though. Their first kiss was after a fashion show as well. Typical!

The life-expectancy on Coronation Street is quite low considering most of the residents dont ever go more than about 50ft away from their doorsteps. Personally, I blame those cobbled roads for most of the deaths.. I think Id last about 2 days before I tripped over them & died! Oh and Richard Hillman, the best serial killer ever!.. I used to get such undescribable joy from seeing him seething with anger over Emily.

Haha, yes you just keep telling yourself that the consistancy is a good thing!

Yea that sounds like the faceparty I know and love.

Nah I was only about 12 when me and my friends were on that. They might have been looking for casual sex but I certainly wasnt!
I hate people who do the posing albums!! There's a girl on my fb who does this constantly. Actually here's a picture of one of her albums containing pictures of her doing a pose which I imagine is called 'help me Im having a stroke'.

Also, in that silly little box under the profile picture she has this written in it - '... x ♥ x ... Miss Independant! ... x ♥ x ...'
Im so glad.
She also adds letters onto the end of words that really dont need to be there. This is her latest status - '... mansfieldd is in needd of summ neww eyee candyy
ha! ........................ ♥'
I dont understand it!!

Well Im assuming that because they appear to be 15 times the size of normal cows, they're hide will also be 15 times thicker, meaning they wont get killed... The Afghans etc wouldnt have a clue, they'd probably think they were a gift from Allah or something along those lines.

Not really, that was merely a figure of speech, a literary device used to express my disgust and disdain for you

Charming. After everything Ive done for you!

Oh my God, I knew that Ronaldo was never really a good looking boy to begin with, but what the hells happened to him? He looks vile!
But yea anyway, I think we all know this is the Ronaldo I was talking about.

Oh poor Blanche, yes I remember that being in the news. How did they manage to explain her death in coronation street? I love when a character dies and they havent been written out of the show. I remember a few years ago on Holby City some girl died of an overdose and they explained her disappearence by saying she'd won the lottery and had fled to vegas or somewhere like that.

Im beginning to resent DarkCyrus a little.. there's simply too many brilliant posts that wont fit onto my signature. I found this one today: Thoughts on the unexplained explosion on the Sun.
Interesting, very interesting.

Oh God and Ive found another picture of the pedo, seriously how did we not realise that he had something wrong with him? - Come here children, Ive got BALLOONS!

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Haha, a fashion show, of course it was.

Richard Hillman was a legend. I can't believe somebody could get so angry with sweet innocent Emily. Then again I reckon it would only take a few minutes of her bible bashing before I introduced a baseball bat to her face. Another win for Atheism
"Where's your precious God now Emily?"

I also loved how Richard tried to take out the entire Platt family in one fell swoop! I'm gutted it didn't work, he could have just stabbed them or something simple like that but nooooooooo, he has to load them into the family car and drive it into the canal

Haha, that is a perfect example! What it also shows is how unimaginative these idiots are. Nine different photo's and yet eight of them are exactly the same, well done 'blossom'
That's another thing, people who put silly little names in between their actually names! 'Blossom', for Christs sake!

I'll never understand adding letters! First it's 'cool' to used moronic shortened versions of words even when there is absolutely no need, and now we add letters to words? Fu*kk Offf!

Everything you have done for me? Ha, don't make me laugh! I dragged you out of the gutter, you were a nobody before you met me (King of the Losers) and now at least you have some public credibility. Not much but some

And as long as you insist on fancying an absolutely horrible little diving, cheating scumbag, I shall not change my mind. You gotta love fat Ronaldo though, he actually still plays football like that! This is just the icing on the cake: Ronal-D'oh!.

It was indeed a dark, dark day. They haven't mentioned it yet, they have tried their best to just ignore it. I reckon they might just try and slip it in on the sly.
"Did you get a paper this morning Deirdre?"
"Yes, it's on the table, I'm going to be late for work."
"Oh we got a phone call this morning from - "
"- I can't stop I've got to go!"
"It's Blanche, she's dead."
"Okay, I've got to go though, see you later."
(Cut to Dev being a legend)

Won the lottery and fled to Vegas
I hope they do that with Blanche, that would be amazing.

The weird thing is his first posts were normal, OK not normal but understandable. He spoke like a normal person. But slowly he has just declined into a raving madman.

Haha, balloons are the hallmark of a master pedo, he was hiding in plain sight all along. What sickens me even more is that he looks scarily like Fernando Torres, or does he not?

[edit on 05/08/2009 by LiveForever8]

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 05:17 PM
Pet hate - the awkwardness of msn.. i.e. when you go online and someone you dont want to talk to tries to start a convo, and the only option you have is to say 'brb', change your status to 'away' and hope they go offline soon. :shk:

reply to post by LiveForever8

I reckon God must have had a hand in her not dying at the hands of Mr Hillman. That whack with the crowbar was very impressive, he had such a masterful swing.
I loved that episode so much, I remember shouting at the tv 'do it, DOOO IT!!' as he edged his way towards her. I thought he was going to be foiled again after he got disturbed trying to smother her. I also really enjoyed how sly he was going over there. Im sure the house was only about 15ft away yet he managed to find about 20 places to lurk in darkness before he got there. Im suprised he didnt don one of those fake nose/porno tash things and then do a forward roly-poly across the road.

He was such a massive attention seeker really. Im willing to bet £50 that he spent the majority of his time practising that murderous stare in the mirror. I miss him. I have a lot of time for serial killers.

Yea the random name thing is annoying, especially when you know full well that it doesnt actually relate to anything and the person who's put it on has only done it because they think it sounds cool! I know for a fact that no one calls that girl Blossom.
That leads me onto another annoyance - people who force nicknames on themselves. This girl I know from uni used to do it. On a night out once someone was describing a dog that they didnt know the name of. She said 'beagle', someone else thought she said 'bagel'. There was about 5 seconds of laughter and it was then forgotten about. Until the next day when she decided this in fact was her nickname.. facebook, bebo, myspace.. you name it, she put 'Bagel' anywhere she possibly could.

Ive done loads for you!.. I introduced you to The Labyrinth, Gary Lucy being raped, Dr Phil, the picture of Jimmy (not the babboon... well, maybe part babboon), the wonders of Chinese zoo's, and the joyful retard & co saga going on over facey b. I give and give and give, and I get abuse in return!
I have more credibility than the Pope, David Hasselhoff, and Jesus combined. Fact.

He told police he was having some psychological problems linked to his injury.

This was his excuse for hiring three transvestite prostitutes? Brilliant.

As if they havent mentioned it yet.. she passed away a fair few weeks ago didnt she? I hope they tell people that she'd secretly been having a relationship with a 25 year old Turkish man named 'Ramone', and decided to flee England to be with him so they can run a chicken farm & have lots of sex.

This guy seriously needs to start his own religion or something.. I call shotgun for being his first disciple! Some even more funny/random posts:

2nd post down..
'Bitch is the snitch is the ultimate diss'

I think there's a little gangster trying to make himself heard here.

Again, 2nd post down. Random interjection of 'lol'. Most confusing.

eeee yes that does look like him! Although Gordon does have this special pedo 'quality' that Torres just doesnt have. Unlucky for him.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

MSN awkwardness can be easily avoided by having your status set at 'away' at all times, that's what I do. This way you need not reply and the person is not offended, simples!

That's what I was thinking, surely she would have a little bit of brain damage or something? I know people say that religious people are headstrong but what she withstood is beyond comprehension. Hillman was like a ninja, I didn't think much of that baseball cap though, surely a balaclava would be better. If your going to wear a baseball cap, do it right, wear it backwards. The best bit is when he is about to strike down at Maxine only for the scene to change to somebody plunging a fork into what looks suspiciously like a lamb shank.
Where have all of our good serial killers gone? All this forensics and CCTV will be the death of the good honest serial killer

Exactly, one of my fb friends has delightfully taken it upon himself to add the word 'Mad' in between his first and last name. Grow up. Haha, I know exactly what you mean! 'Bagel' isn't even a good one, how sad. One of my flatmates in my first year was just horrific for things like that. He would just walk into the room while were all watching a film or something and just shout "Sausage rolls!", swiftly followed by "Oh, I'm crazy me!" People like that are so bland that they have to force themselves to act mental and then remind anyone who is there to listen of this massive development. He's the same person who stated he needed to go and get a shower after having relations so he could "get that after sex smell off" Vile human being.

Yer, okay, I take it back. Just for the picture of JimBob alone I shall forever be in your debt
Your choice in men still disgusts me though. So your saying you have more credibility than the King of the Pedo's, this man and a trumped up hippie? Yer, in your dreams

I know yer, brilliant isn't it! What I love about it is he just doesn't seem to give a toss.

'Ronaldo admits the facts. He said he just wanted to amuse himself, that's not a crime.'

I long for the day when I need to hire 3 transvestite prostitutes in order to amuse myself

Apparently they filmed her funeral scenes last week so it should be coming up soon. Haha, if only that was the case, imagine Ken and Deirdre trying to explain that to a packed out pub
It will end up being something rubbish like a fall down the stairs, if only the genius writers at Hollyoaks gotinvolved, your idea would be top of their list!

'Bitch is the snitch is the ultimate diss' -
I tried to make that one my signature a couple of hours ago but for some reason my settings are being gay so I can't change it. Truly magnificent. I even U2U'd him to ask permission to spread his teachings. He better reply or I'll be heart broken.

That second one is mind blowing. He says:

'Ask yourself this one question.'

One question he says......

'How can you get yourself out of you. Am I asking for trouble? Why do I trouble myself? Is it for you? Then tell me who are you? Do I need a reason other than that I love you? Can you forgive me.'

Just one question you say? Who the hell is he talking to?!

I didn't think it was just me going mad, I'll never look at Nando the same again.

Are you gutted?

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Ive tried that before, but I always end up feeling like Im being incredibly sly, like those people who stay on appear offline all the time. Plus I never initiate conversations (because Im so cool, obviously), unless I have something specific to say, so Id just end up feeling like a social retard.

I need to do something though, because when a conversation starts out with someone copying & pasting a conversation they're having with their ex girlfriend, and then asking you what it means (in terms of does she still like him blah blah etc), and this girl slept with 3 people behind their back, and has a child.. a ginger one at that... and this is around the 4th/5th time you've had this discussion with them, you just know its going to turn into the longest most suicide inducing conversation of all time.
And Im still not sure why exactly this person comes to me about such things, relationship advice is definately not my area of expertise.

Im not even sure why Emily is on coronation street.. she doesnt do anything. Theres no point to her existance. Well, apart from being the object of Richards hatred.
Serial killers arent what they used to be. The only thing that pleased me about that Tony guy was when he murdered that OAP and hid him in a bin. And I was severely unimpressed when he killed Liam.
Yea I wasnt a fan of the baseball cap. He should have gone for a horses head!

He would just walk into the room while were all watching a film or something and just shout "Sausage rolls!", swiftly followed by "Oh, I'm crazy me!"

Urgh, people who do that need to die. Thing is though its always blindingly obvious that they're trying to be 'crazy', yet they never seem to realise that they look and sound ridiculous.
Actually thinking about it that girl forced nicknames on other people as well. I remember asking her about a year and a half ago who she was living with next year, and she replied 'Coops' & 'Geords'. I cringed when she said it. 'Coops' is a girl who's last name is Cooper, and 'Geords' is just a girl who's from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Neither of them have ever been called those names by ANYONE.
Having 'relations'.. alright grandad, calm down.

The best video of all time
His daughter is stupid - 1. You should never interrupt The Hoff while he's eating. And 2. Why was she begging him to stop drinking, he looked so content and happy!
The Pope is not a paedophile, according to uncyclopedia he is a Sith Lord. And they are very credible!

They've filmed her funeral scenes? I wonder if they used the actual coffin she's in.

You shouldnt bother asking him permission, I didnt

Plus, if he replies no one will be able to understand whether he's saying yes or no because the answer is bound to be littered with references to faeries, HE (whoever that is, he mentions 'him' quite a lot), and his eternal chalice of peace and love.
Im curious about who he's talking to as well. He appears to have conversed more than once though with whoever/whatever it is - whom?

I had a feeling this would happen. I think its because the download they released was made a big fuss out of, when it should have been the actual CD which still isnt out until the 13th (I think).

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 07:07 AM
Todays pet hate - sad acts who put little signs on the front of their houses giving their homes a name.

'River Cottage' - which is not a cottage by a river but a semi detached in an urbanised area.

'Southdown' - I have no idea where they got that from.

'Avalon' - Cool sounding name but if you saw the house you would die laughing.

reply to post by Bluebelle

It's not sly at all, people who appear offline are sly though, my cousin does it all the time, it's so annoying. Nobody is ever on MSN anymore, Facebook chat is king, even though it is turd. I'd be lost without it especially now my phone is on it's knees but I only ever talk to four different people.

I feel for you there, people should just realise that nobody gives a toss about their relationship problems . I discovered a long time ago that if you give someone some really crappy advice they tend to never ask for it again, so whatever his ex has said, tell him the opposite, then when his little heart is broken he won't ask again
It's better to just tell it straight, bullet to the head, quick and painless.
Haha, I'm amazing at relationship advice! Which is quite extraordinary for somebody with such a diabolically poor relationship track record

In all fairness though the majority of the elderly people in Coronation Street do absolutely nothing, that's why Blanche was so amazing, she was a right goer! Tony was a cool cat, anyone who tries to bump of Roy is OK in my book.

Yer, people like that need to be eliminated. 'Coops' & 'Geords' - how imaginative.
I nearly hit this lad once when, after making a stupendous dinner in the flat, he walked over to it on the kitchen table top and stuck his finger into it, pulled it out and stuck it in his mouth. "Hmm, that's nice, is there any left?"

Haha, that video is just lovely, he does seem genuinely happy with the situation. I can't see what all the fuss was about, a drunk man eating a burger, so what? There are probably several videos of me eating a burger whilst intoxicated knocking about. The way they also try to make something out of the fact he is naked from the waist up is ridiculous. This is a man who made his living out of running about in Speedos!

Just throwing this out there - The Real ATS? Kind of tells it like it is.

I'm guessing that they didn't use her actual coffin although in these tough financial times it would have been the logical thing to do. I'm just hoping she is given the full traditional Viking funeral, it's what she would have wanted

Yer but I'm not an inconsiderate reprobate like you
Anyway, you don't even name him whereas I shall do so. I got a reply!

'Hey, I'm feeling both good and bad. And I am changing. I'm starting to realise, that what I thought was bad, was nothing and only great things came from it.

People are truly living in their own dream, and there are so many people out there waiting for you to wake up.

I didn't want to let go of myself and my love, becuase I thought if I held onto myself that I would never lose it. How wrong was I. I saw myself and realised that none of us are any better. I took the fall, and starting living outside of myself.

I realised how much powerful energy is waiting out there for us, and its like walking into a group and finally everyone notices you, and welcomes you, and you share your great new feelings together.

Its like being reborn and it feels like grade school again.

The greatest things I learned where to embrace the tune, let go of mine, walk. And have a good time!'

I'll take that as a 'yes'
I don't know which one of his quotes to use though, what do you reckon?

I haven't got a clue who he is talking to and to be honest I don't think he does either! Who is this wannabe?

Don't worry about Jedward, I'm sure this will cheer you up

Oh...and my sleepy little area was on GMTV the other day because we have one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the country. Free chlamydia and pregnancy tests in our all round!

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posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

I think people are still on msn, they're just all appearing offline.. sly badgers.
Facebook chat is hideous! Actually facebook on the whole has become really annoying just recently, today its decided its going to mess up by telling me I have nothing in my news feed thing. And Ive got 3 more crappy farmville requests.

Ive tried giving bad advice, but I got told off! When he first started obsessing over this ex girlfriend because she re-added him on fb and wanted to meet up with him, I said something along the lines of 'kick her in the fanny', which I thought was quite an amusing response.. but he didnt agree. Apparantly because he gave me advice one time that was literally about 4 years ago, Im forever in his debt and so am required to psycho-analyse every single little relationship issue he has, and in a serious manner.

Oh I forgot about Roy! Please tell me you watched coronation street back when Tracy slept with him and tried to make out she was carrying his baby.

Haha, as if someone would do that, thats vile!

This is a man who made his living out of running about in Speedos!

Exactly! There's nothing odd about him being half naked. Silly people. Id never deny The Hoff of something that made him happy, be it burgers, nakedness or large quantities of vodka.

That sounds like it was written by some angry teenager who got banned.

It is quite true though. I could add heaps of stuff to the page though, that dragon fly thread is nothing!
Oh and an actual member went on a shooting rampage? Is that true?!

Im not an 'inconsiderate reprobate'! Did anyone ask Jesus before they started quoting him & making books containing little anecdotes about him? No, they didnt.
Haha, that is more or less exactly the reply I would have expected from him. I think you could ask him literally anything and the reply would still be the same.
Oh there's so many to choose from. These are my favourites:

1. The one in my signature. I dont think anything will ever beat mating racoons. Amazing.
3. 'CLIMAX riiiiiiiiiiiinggggggggggggggggggg pumppumpumppump flasheshhhhhhhhhhh rest, relax, love, all there is.'
4. 'I hear the angels sing. Im crying. Can we end it soon father.'
5. 'Bitch went snitch is the ultimate diss.'
6. In a thread about people who see 11:11 all the time - 'My first and last names equal to 33 and 33, added to 66 and reduced to 3.
My first name has 7 digits and my last has 8 which equal 15 and reduce to 6. I was born in the month of 6 on the day of 14, 6+5 = 11'

With those and basically every post in the 'so this thing went into my brain' & 'The Biggest Secret You Hvaen't Heard' threads, there's alot to choose from. I think rotating quotes on a weekly basis is the best way to go.

Oh dear, the ascension. I do not like this person.

"I'm not having anyone with ginger hair making music. I can't go down that road.

"I'm sure she's a nice girl but she sounds like someone has stood on her f***ing foot."

Wise words.

This will please my big brother immensely, thats his favourite album of all time!

Congratulations! My town has never recieved recognition for anything like that. We just have s**t schools.

Also, I like this thread with DarkCyrus conversing with himself - 'What is a dream.. Life in the mind of..'

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

One of the reasons I sometimes set myself as 'away' (setting it as 'busy' just seems to unrealistic
) is so I can avoid people like this:

'- Gary - I party like a rock star...Look like a movie star...Play like an All Star...Fu*k like a Porn Star'

What a pleb.

Facebook chat is an absolute abortion. I was going to ask you about that actually, I'm glad it's not just me being made a fool of by those big wigs at Facebook. I can view the photo album and that's about it and my Uncle keeps sending me farmville requests every hour it seems!

'kick her in the fanny'

People tend to lose their sense of humour when it comes to matters such as these, I've found that out to a cost. That raises another good point, never ask anyone for advice! Because they will never let you forget it and use it against you FOREVER. Unlucky.

Haha, of course I saw that! I'm coming to the stark realisation that all the other soaps are just as bad as Hollyoaks

People treat The Hoff the same way they treat Pandas. Sticking their noses in when there actually isn't a problem. "Oh no they aren't mating, what are we going to do? We need to get involved here." Just leave the poor things alone, let them get on with it. Obviously, The Hoff has no worries in that area just in the same way that Pandas have no problem with Vodka, but you get what I'm saying. I think

Yer apparently he used to frequent this very site, I actually remember that happening.

He attempted suicide in May 2004, describing his experience in a post made on the website Above Top Secret:

I had went through a lot of things in my life that had driven me to a darker path than most choose to take. I split the flesh on my wrist with a box opener, painting the floor of my bedroom with blood I shouldn't have spilt. After sitting there for what seemed like hours (which apparently was only minutes), I had the revelation that this was not the path. It was my decision to seek medical treatment, as on the other hand I could have chose to sit there until enough blood drained from my downward lascerations on my wrists to die.

Oh I so wish I was around here in those days! Sounds like a blast.

I suppose your right about Jesus, but my point being, look how that turned out! Too many people started blabbing about him and before you know it he's nailed to a cross. Then his true story (of him being a David Blaine style street magician/hippie) was twisted and before you know it he's the son of God. I don't want to see poor DarkCyrus nailed to a cross and I certainly don't want my distant relations being pestered by one of his 'followers' in 2000 years time
We've got to be careful of what we say and do...he may be watching us

I think I'm going to go with 'CLIMAX riiiiiiiiiiiinggggggggggggggggggg pumppumpumppump flasheshhhhhhhhhhh rest, relax, love, all there is.'

I think alternating them on a weekly basis is the best idea, that way people get to see many different facets of his genius. I just hope he keeps posting!

Haha, some of Liams quotes are stupendous. Liam Gallagher on American music...

“Americans want grungy people, stabbing themselves in the head on stage. They get a bright bunch like us, with deodorant on, they don't get it.”

The wise one has spoken
Your brother sounds like a man of great taste.

Yer, I'm pretty made up about it. Finally Bromborough is on the map!

Haha, he's just brilliant. I can't believe he isn't more popular on here! His signature has me baffled - 'I am three thousand loving mother's smiles, three thousand warm father's embraces, three thousand grandmother's kisses on your forehead or cheek. My love can never be measured.

Surely it can, surely the magic number is 3000?

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 04:18 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

I can go one better than that!

'DaN - Is on it like sonic. On gin and tonic. Thats bout to vomit. On a car bonit. Ya get me.'

Hideous. This does have one redeeming point though, in that little bit next to the name it says 'I like little boys x'. Its been like that for a few days so I dont think he's realised that someone raped his msn when he wasnt around.

Urgh, facebooks changed! Well the homepage has anyway. And I still have no news feed, good.
I hate when they change things, usually I cant put finger on whats actually changed but I know somethings different. I end up being really suspicious of everything and staring at pages for ages trying to figure out whats happened.

I feel bad for the panda's. They're just too chilled out, all they want to do is eat bamboo and sunbathe, and Im fine with that! They're boring anyway, just get some black spray paint on a polar bear and no one would know the difference.

He sounds ace! Gutted that I wasnt around to speak to him though.. although Im quite confident that something similar will happen again before long, judging by the interesting collection of ATS members we have at the moment.

Oh that would never happen.. DarkCyrus has waaaay more people on his side than Jesus ever did. Namely the faeries, and the illusive 'him', whoever that is.
Ahh good choice. Im sure he'll keep posting, Id even go as far to say that he's immortal now. He did surivive that thing that went into his brain after all.

I want people stabbing themselves in the head on stage!
Yea my brother was mildly obsessed with them when he was a teenager, he had 3 copies of that album, on tape as well! I feel like such an old nana for remembering a time when CD's didnt exist

You're being a bit optimistic there, it isnt on the map yet

Im sure once Mansfield builds a couple more council estates then we'll definately overtake you.

I wouldnt be so sure. Another confusing part of his signature.. why not 3001, or 3002? 3000 is a s**t number, nobody likes 3000. :shk:

Ive stumbled across a thread I posted on ages ago by a guy who is possibly even crazier than DarkCyrus - The Evil Alien Agenda: For Real
I did of course propose to him as soon as I saw that video. Which is another stroke of brilliance apart from the thread.
His youtube account has had me in tears for the past hour. I highly recommend you watch 'My desire to break free is brought to Reality.', 'Out of Love: My message to all.', and 'HERE COMES THE HAMMER! I am a son of God.'

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Oh deary, deary me. I bet it took 'DaN' literally hours to come up with that little...I don't want to say poem...rhyme? Yer, that will do. Haha, I'm guessing he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed?

I'm exactly the same. I remember the last time they did this and everyone was saying 'bring back the old Facebook' but I didn't have a clue what they had actually done. I said to a friend who was moaning about it 'Well what have they actually changed?' and she said 'Well they have...what they have done is...hmmm', nobody knew! I don't trust Facebook at the best of times so when they start messing with my head I go into paranoid overload.

That's just the point, they seem happy eating themselves to death, so be it. It's not as if they are a crocodile or lion or something actually interesting. Live and let die is what I say.

It's only a matter of time before somebody from the wonderful world of ATS goes bonkers and picks up an AK-47. I just hope they spill their heart out on here first.

If anything that thing going into his brain has just made him stronger! I'm just glad were on his side because when he starts throwing thunderbolts and making waves were sure to be safe

Yer I remember those days, awesomeness. The very first tape I remember listening to was this piece of magic. I remember my auntie buying it for my brother and we were obsessed with it! Legend.

Okay, maybe it's not on the map but it's certainly on a map, somewhere, probably
Have you ever Google Street Viewed your house? I was fascinated by that when it came out spending hours looking at my house and all my friends houses, just in case we were in the windows or something
Sad init.

Yer 3000 is a lame number, along with 2786, 2,300,786, 476 and 12.

Right, I'm going to be honest and say that I haven't watched the vids yet, I'm watching a film at moment. But I already believe that this person could be an absolute legend. I clicked the youtube video on his thread and I paused it at 1 second in......already I love this guy
I'll make sure to look into this mentalist as soon as Jason Bourne has killed everyone he needs to

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 08:00 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

He is actually a good friend of mine, but he's from Birmingham and since he's finished uni he's gone back to his chavvy, sun bed loving, diamante earring wearing ways because all his friends there are really common.

He is a bit of a hero though because last time I was on a night out with him he actually started on a gay lad who was dressed up as a can of coke, merely because the boy didnt appreciate that we were throwing small stones at him and awarding ourselves points when they went in the can.
Oh and he's the only person I know that can outdrink me.

Thats something that genuinely worries me about facebook, I never know whats changed even though I spend ridiculous amounts of time on it! For instance, I feel quite strongly that the spring 2008 version of fb was in fact the best one... but I couldnt tell you why I think that because I dont actually remember what was different about it.

Haha yea, I hope they do too. Although I find it hard enough not to make scathing comments towards those whiny, pay me attention threads as it is... I'll have to fight that urge even more now just incase I set someone off on a murderous rampage!

Oh God.. I cant believe you've inflicted that song upon me. I feel violated.
In return though, check out the 2nd tape I ever bought - why... just why.
I used to fancy the pants off of Dane Bowers.

And can we please consider how sly that song is, I cant believe me and my friends were listening to this at the young & impressionable age of 11.
Oh and I hate that chemo patient with an absolute passion.. his jaw terrifies me, and the fact that his name is 'Bobak'. Why would you ever call a child that?

I cant see my house.

Apparantly Nottingham is worthy of being on street map, but Mansfield isnt. Its not sad though, when google earth came out I spent friggin ages looking at everyones houses!

Tut tut, as if you're watching that when The Hills Have Eyes is on... who needs google street map when Ive got something on that appears to be a documentary of what happens when tourists try and pass through Mansfield!
The first video isnt laugh out loud funny, its good, but mainly its just weird. You keep waiting for something to happen and nothing does, he just stands around. I was expecting to see his mum come through the door and tell him his dinners ready or something.

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Oh, he sounds like a nightmare, any lad wearing earrings should have them removed, his ears that is. I take every opportunity I get to spit at commoners, sometimes even urinating on them if they fall asleep on the train, it's so therapeutic

A queer chap dressed as a can of coke
A sailor, yes. One of the YMCA, yes. But a can of coke? The mind boggles!
He's the only person you know who can out drink you? But your a lady, a wee lass and as everyone knows, girls can't drink

Spring 2008 version was definitely the pinnacle. I couldn't tell you why either though, I just remember they were simpler times, they were better times. I'm going to start taking notes when on Facebook, I'm sure there is something sinister going on here, most probably the dark workings of the light beings.

Haha, imagine if one of your harmless insults on a conspiracy forum directly led to the death of numerous people thanks to some sad loners mad rampage. I'd be quite happy with those turn of events.

I love Scatman John with a passion. 'Everybody stutters one way or the other So check out my message to you, As a matter of fact don't let nothin' hold you back, If the Scatman can do it so can you.' - beautifully inspiring for all the stutterers out there

Looking back the idea of 11 year old girls dancing and singing to that is just plain wrong. Dane Bowers! It's the same with the Spic Girls too! I was listening to them recently (yer, what of it?) and I couldn't believe how dirty the lyrics were. Pure filth. Bunch of slags.
It's even worse that Bobak is the one who 'sings' the immortal lines 'I love the taste of whipped cream (hey), Spread it on top of me' . His parents were obviously retarded, most probably brother and sister.

That video is just mental. His others, equally so. He seems to be somewhatof a young pretender though, I'm buying into it. He doesn't give off the same 'vibration' as DC. He's trying too hard and loses any respect from me when he says...

I beggining to think that I'm Quetzalcoatl reincarnated.

I happen to converse with Quetzalcoatl regularly and know for a fact that 'frosti2008' aka 'ACKNOWLEDGE_ME' is definitely not him

Oh and did you see Coronation Street last night? They finally got round to mentioning Blanche (literally for a second) and apparently she is in Portugal of all places! God knows why
So maybe not a Turkish man but a Portuguese man


posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 05:38 PM
Pet hate for today - the robbing bastards at Midland Mainline. £37 for a return ticket to Manchester?!.. JOG ON. I could get to Russia & back for less than that!
National Express is my friend.

Although upon further reflection, the state Im planning on getting in I probably wont be making a return journey, so it doesnt matter really.

reply to post by LiveForever8

Yea I dont understand the silly wearing of the earring. You can guarantee on a night out that at some point the back will fall off the earring and then he'll be down on his hands and knees looking for it for about 20 minutes. He never finds it.
All his friends wear them as well, its most amusing when you see them altogether, looks like some sort of 'ladz on tour' sparkly earrings crew.

It was quite an odd costume, he had such a camp voice as well! I dont know why Dan became so angered by him. Probably angry little man syndrome due to him only being 5ft7.

Pssh, knob off! I can drink! Id like to see you mix half a bottle of vodka & half a bottle of amaretto together, drink it all before 10pm, followed by a 9 shot jug of skittles which is then rounded off with 2 1/2 snakebites.. and still be standing (just) at the end of the night!

Haha, imagine if one of your harmless insults on a conspiracy forum directly led to the death of numerous people thanks to some sad loners mad rampage. I'd be quite happy with those turn of events.

Now thats not very nice is it. For that Im going to start compiling a list of insults/rage inducing comments ready for the day that you come on ATS in a depressed state.

The worst thing about that video is that NONE of them are sexy.. we've got the black guy who looks like an IT consultant, the random guy who looks scarily like my postman (blatantly he was picturing a big, red post box when he was singing 'I wanna lick you up and down'), dane who's just fat.. and then that horrid 'thing' that I can only assume is either a cancer victim, or a demon.
eee yes Spice Girls lyrics are really bad. I was having this discussion about a month ago with someone, '2 become 1' is absolute filth! 'Are you as good as I remember baby, put it on, put it on'.. why on earth did we never question what that meant?!
However, the slyest of all the slys has to be this - 'I dont see nothing wrong with a little bump 'n' grind (especially with 13 year olds)'.
Please note the sterotypical 'black girl with attitude' at the beginning.

That guys videos are absolutely splendid. I didnt know what the f was going on when he started crying!
I loved the post about his alleged reincarnation. He said it so casually, just like how a person would say 'Im beginning to think Im getting a cold', or 'Im beginning to think it might rain later'.

Aha! Portugal! In that case I bet she's currently sunning herself with one of these people:
i.e. my old portugese flatmate.
And yes, I know what your thinking.. I did do the makeup myself, and no Im not available for hire.

Urghhh rug munchers. Vile! I'll never understand the attraction, I certainly dont get any pleasure out of watching two men get it on. :shk:

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posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 08:18 PM
Oh yer, pet hates - People who try to force their way onto the train as soon as the doors open, even though there are people to get off first!

The computer technician at my uni library whose response to any potential problems is to hit it until it works again. Thanks for the help

People who think it's vitally important that everyone else in the room needs to know the content of their phone call by speaking unnecessarily loud and pacing about. No-one gives a sh*t if he didn't turn up to your precious meeting so shut the f**k up!

Also, the ridiculous and surely made up names of some of the remedies on adverts. 'Bifidus Digestivum' - as if that's real.

reply to post by Bluebelle

It's only £12 return for me
I adore National Express. You are guaranteed at least one absolute mentalist on your coach, the actual coach journey ends up being funnier than the place your going to or coming back from. When I went to Cornwall on National Express last year (9 hour journey) we had some legendary middle aged deaf women trying to chat us up. They weren't easy on the eye to say the least but were acting as if they were finalists for Miss World! One of them even said (whilst we were still on the coach) "So do you come here often?"
Yer love, I'm always on the National Express coach doing 60mph down the M42!

Haha, 'Angry man syndrome' - I've got a friend like that. He will literally go out of his way to start a fight, usually with people twice his size, like one of those little Yorkshire Terriers that bite at your ankles

I think I may have touched a nerve there
Don't get your knickers in a twist, George Best, I believe you. Just don't come to me in 15 years begging for a few quid so you can buy your daily supply of White Lightning. One of the most head shattering drinking sessions I ever had was thanks to the drink known as "Commotion Lotion" and "Wreck The Hoose Juice", more commonly known as Buckfast. That stuff is lethal! My mate who is a bit of a legend on the rock and roll scene introduced me to it, he drinks it like tonic water though, hardcore

I never get depressed so it ain't gonna happen unfortunately. Plus I'm far too laid back to get angry, especially by the likes of you. But, if such a thing was to happen the first place me and my trusty rifle would visit would be Mansfield! Are there any bell towers in Mansfield?

All boy bands are just weird looking. They are the 'lost and found' of the music industry. Some grubby old pair of shorts nobody cares about anymore that lie waiting for that one special day that someone forgets their P.E kit.

Haha, 2 become 1 was the exact one I was thinking of! There are so many more.
'Black girl with attitude' duly noted
I love the idea of R. Kelly appearing before the judge to give his closing statement and saying "Judge, I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind."
Did you see one of the comments on that video......

i dont listen nothin without you babygirl..your think move slowly over my body i burn with your kisses pls dont tell me when will finish this dream ill stay forever inside you...

Er, come again?

That's whats so great about these heroes, it's just another normal day for them. Alien abduction, time travel, this thing went into my brain - yadda yadda yadda. I bet they get freaked out by really trivial things though, "WHY IS THE TV REMOTE IN THE FRIDGE?!"

Well isn't he just adorable. But why is he being strangled by a flamingo? Haha, your talents are wasted in marketing!

I think the appeal of lesbos can be summed up thus:

2 boobies + 2 boobies = 4 boobies = Great success!

It's all about the boobie ratio, never forget that important formula.

Oh yer, I was reminded of this today - Da Bomb. What a day that was. One minute I'm trying to beat my friends score on 'Helicopter', the next thing I know there are SWAT teams all over the place!

And in other news, I am now the proud owner of the elusive jacket I was pining over

posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Oh yer, pet hates - People who try to force their way onto the train as soon as the doors open, even though there are people to get off first!

I love people who do that, especially when Im getting off the train and you see them all crowding round the doors. I get immense joy from seeing how stressed out they get when theres about 50 people getting off.

Ive never been on national express before, Im terrified! Ive got an irrational fear of buses, I always think Im going to end up in hull or somewhere awful like that. However it is £16 cheaper than the train so it'll have to do. And this way I wont have to change over at Nottingham, or even worse.. Sheffield.

Haha, I love it when he gets angry, usually its directed at our friend Ken as well... not for any particular reason either, its just cos he knows that Ken's really chilled out and wont do anything.
Best thing is as well during second year when I lived with him, when it got to summer and the combination of warm weather & overflowing bins meant there was always a couple of flies in our kitchen, in the morning without fail we'd get woken up to sounds of things crashing about and a vast array of expletives being shouted. Apparantly he wasnt a fan of the flies.

Yes you did touch a nerve there, telling me I cant drink is like telling Gary Glitter that he's crap at touching children.. or telling Coolio that he isnt cool, or a good cook.
And I wont need your money, I'll get more than enough with my maintinence (from my 6 illegitimate children), tax credits and dole money combined.

'the tonic wine, which is made by Benedictine monks in Devon'

Aww, it sounds lovely, they cant ban that!
I'll stick with my amaretto & vodka concoctions though, wine is the devil. :shk:

Plus I'm far too laid back to get angry, especially by the likes of you.

Bit harsh! And thats obviously a massive lie considering your ever-growing list of pet hates.

You wouldnt last 2 minutes in Mansfield, even with a rifle in hand!

I think that song would be an adequate defence in a paedophilia/rape trial. Id certainly use it. It would probably have a better chance of working if you actually just performed the whole song to the court room, maybe even try and get the judge to join in.
From that comment I can only assume he's talking about contracting an STD of some description.
Whats even worse is this comment - 'this is mine and my boyfriends song.
1. What sort of people have this as 'their' song? And 2. Why would you ever inform people of this, especially in such a public place? Some people have NO shame.

I would find the remote control comment funny if it werent for the fact that my remote has gone walkies again. I had it yesterday and it appears to have packed up and left during the night.

2 boobies + 2 boobies = 4 boobies = Great success!

So Rik Waller + Meatloaf also = great success, yes?

'Da bomb'. Oh dear

We never get any crap like that going off in Lincoln, the evil/deformed ducks see all the would-be terrorists off!

Oh I am pleased for you, and also a little jealous.. I want to buy the whole of Topshop and according to my bank account this isnt possible. Gutted.

Also, take a look at this, straight off the wonderful 'retards' fb profile:

posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Oh, so your one of them are you
I mentioned it because whilst getting off the train yesterday some poor old woman with a hunchback nearly got floored by some horrible middle aged chavvy woman in a tracksuit. Who then called the old woman a 'stupid old cow' and stormed to her seat. I could have punched her right there and then!

Then your in for a treat, they are amazing journeys! Haha, there is nothing scarier than the thought of ending up in Hull but fear not, if the driver screws up, Sat Nav will save the day
Eurgh, I once spent the night in Sheffield train station because we missed our train, nightmare.

Haha, so angry that he starts a fight with some pesky flies, touché

And I wont need your money, I'll get more than enough with my maintinence (from my 6 illegitimate children), tax credits and dole money combined.

It's the life we all dream of
Although I would rather slightly insult your drinking abilities than insult GG or Coolio's respective abilities. The worst you could do is drink me under the table, the worst Gary could do is f**k me under the table, and I dread to think what Coolio would do to me with a rolling pin and his trust nut cracker

Doesn't it just! How could these monks come up with such a vile and soul destroying drink? Especially when as you rightly say, wine is the Devil. Every time I have drank wine I end up having a mare of some sort, be it being arrested or thowing up at my aunties wedding during the best mans speech...that was a dark day indeed

Haha, yer sorry, that did sound a bit mean, I take it back
But I use the term 'pet hates' loosely, I may hate them but I never get angry...I just get even

(Mental note - if ever caught up in a Paedophilia case perform Bump 'n' Grind) I doubt that sh*t would have any effect on Judge Judith Sheindlin though, she is as tough as old boots! I have watched that show for many a year and I must say, not once have I disagreed with her judgement - what a woman!
Oh god yer I saw that one, how sad. I hope her and her boyfriend are very happy together because I doubt either of them would stand much chance with anyone in the REAL world.

Oh dear, have you checked all the usual places - the oven, microwave, fridge/freezer...the bin? Mine turned up in there once, I still don't know if it was a subconscious critique of the state of television or just me losing the plot.

So Rik Waller + Meatloaf also = great success, yes?

Now come on, are you telling me that the idea of Rick Waller and Meatloaf getting 'jiggy with it' isn't a great success? Fair enough, it might not push all your buttons, but it would be entertainment the likes of wgich we haven't seen before!

We culd do with some of your evil/deformed ducks around here. As far as I am concerned anyone I see round here with a turbin in most probably a terrorist. Guilty until proven innocent

I got up yesterday with the intention of not spending a penny, except for my train fare, and yet ended up spending £240! I'm going to regret that sometime soon methinks!

Okay, okay, okay, hold on a moment here. First of all, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy would anyone do such a ridiculous quiz? Secondly, if my results of the quiz were 'violent/perverted', no matter what the quiz was about, I wouldn't publish it! Please say this retard didn't actually publish that for all to see?

One of my favourite Facebook friends gives me no end of pleasure. Not because he is a retard but because he is quite the opposite, an intellectual of staggering proportions. Last few status' -

'Whatever your views on Mrs Thatcher, I see very few current politicians who are prepared to answer questions as directly and as fully she does here.'

'Good news- there WILL be an SWHS poetry evening in late March. We are now discussing the format. Date and time to be confirmed.'

Good news?

'I dislike the word ‘inappropriate’, especially when it is used by certain people to describe my opinions on Wirral matters. When I am at home, I am not subject to an employer or to a Principal. Therefore, if I wish to comment on a local issue, I will damn well do so. It is my right as a citizen. ‘Appropriateness’ doesn’t come into it. How absurd!'

And this one I only just noticed is quite apt, see how he describes the upcoming series of Coach Trip -

'A new series of Coach Trip is starting next week- :-) It has all the makings of post-modern light entertainment: emotionally combustible passengers, a smattering of culture and a camp, northern tour guide called Brendan!'

If only you could see his photos too! They are heaven sent.

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