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What is Your Number 1 Pet hate?

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posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

You should have done, punching women is the way forward!
Ive seen crap like that happen loads of times, poor nana's. I never quite understand why people crowd round the doors like that, anyone would think the trains going to mcdonaldland or something. Happens with buses too. Although in my experience its the nana's that get a big too enthusiastic there.

Im more terrified of national express than I was earlier. My sister rang me up and recounted the tale of her last trip with them. A 4 hour journey to Glasgow, in which the bus broke down on the way there.. and on the way back the driver assaulted someone, so they had to wait around for another driver to turn up because said violent bus driver had been arrested. Joy.
Sheffield train station is horrid. I suspect that due to the excessive hideousness of the place it somehow manages to warp time & space, because Ive yet to pass through there without - for no apparant reason - my train being at least 20 mins late. The only station that beats that place is B'ham New Street (aka the pits of hell), I felt like Id stepped into an 18th century coal mine when I got off the train there.

I cant wait til Im raking in the cash as a single mum of 6 - who will all be from different fathers, and hopefully different ethnicities.. Angelina Jolie eat your heart out. I can just imagine pushing my triple buggy about and spending my days in the pub. Heaven. Ive even got a council house picked out in this part of Mansfield.

I think you're a little too old for Gary. Plus you probably wouldnt satisfy his exotic tastes due to your lack of orientalness. And while you would more than likely suffer severe mental and physical injuries at the hands of Coolio, at least you'd get a nice meal at the end of it.

You've been arrested?!
I havent touched wine in well over a year. Im normally such a happy camper when Im drunk, but if I drink wine it always puts me in a really irratible mood, like the one you get in when you're in a club & still sober and are thinking 'if one more person bumps into me Im going to literally end their life'.

Haha, she is a bit of a legend. Its so funny how terrified people are of her, she actually manages to command more respect than Jeremy!
Ive had a change of heart with that couples song. I want them to get married so they can have that played at the ceremony & their first dance. The thought of that makes me want to have 'smack my bitch up' played at mine.

I dont think it would be physically possible for them to 'get jiggy with it' (which is also another sly 90's song that I never questioned). However I think they could have a good game of hide and seek, the hidden thing being their winkys.

Good effort!

Yes it was published

Haha yes I like that description of Coach Trip.. his skills are wasted on facebook!

If only you could see his photos too! They are heaven sent.

Link, link, link!

This completely unrelated to anything.. but I watched neighbours for the first time today in about 6 billion years. Do you know why the hell Susan Kennedy is in a wheelchair?

Oh and another thing.. I have reason to believe I may actually be Jesus.

Edit to add this, Im crying - 'Share your previous alien life story'

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posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 09:00 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Haha, indeed, if the middle aged businessman type and the chavs rule trains then the nana's most definitely rule over the buses. What I love most is how they all talk to each other as if they are the oldest of friends when in actuality they have never seen one another before in their lives. Sayers running out of cornish pasties, the weather being good/bad, young people running amok - it's all discussed on the buses. I genuinely feel sorry for people who drive cars, they are missing out so much, public transport for the win.

Your sister is a filthy liar! I won't hear a bad word spoken about National Express!
I'm guessing the driver was Scottish...and possibly drunk, with buckfast being the likely culprit. That sounds like soo much fun, what more do you want?
It's an awful place. We missed our train because I had a run in with a tram, tram 1, me 0. We kept being attacked by some Italian American brandishing a mop, he claimed to be a cleaner but I still have my doubts. It's also the coldest place on earth at 3 in the morning! I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of visiting Birmingham New Street, I'm sure I would have remembered it. I shall avoid it like the plague from now on.

Except you didn't have to pay for yours, well not in monetary terms, but I wouldn't like to see the state of your......after 6 kiddies
I went to the pub at 12.30 on a Tuesday afternoon and couldn't believe how packed it was - full of mums getting pissed while their kids went AWOL. You women have it easy

We both know the only reason that article was written was so that they could use the awful pun in it's headline. Even I'm sickened by that!

"This place is a complete eyesore, there are more syringes than people –– it is absolutely disgusting"
- I would have liked an actual people to syringes ratio here, I can't deal with guesswork :shk:

Michael Pissides runs the Bellamy Fish Bar but is losing business after having his shop repeatedly targeted by vandals.
- let me clear this one up for you Michael......'Pissides' - 'Piss', there! Also, 'Pissides' is an anagram of 'Piss dies', which probably doesn't help his cause

A swift ass kicking followed by braised lamb in red wine and rosemary sauce, lovely

Not properly. Some lad was going mental on some girl and this lad she was with and I was trying to calm him down. Then he pushed the girl and the lad she was with went for him but got chinned instantly, so I jumped on him and was slammed to the floor, then the police decide to actually do something about it. So I'm jumped on and have handcuffs 'delicately' put on me and then I'm thrown into the van. After about 30 minutes they finally let me go with a warning. WARNING - STAY OUT OF OTHERS PEOPLE BUSINESS LEST YOU WANT TO GET HURT! Lesson learned

'if one more person bumps into me Im going to literally end their life' -
Being out whilst still sober is the most revolting experience there is. "Am I actually like this?" Looking at people like scum and then realising that in about an hours time you too will be scum is just soul destroying. Until your drunk that is, and then you look at sober people like "They look like they're having fun, naaaaaaat!" Which is the exact reason why an hour earlier you were looking at those people like scum. Am I making sense here?

I dunno what you will be able to see here - Hero. If not I'll consider putting a couple up on here for all to see, I just don't wan't to incur his wrath, I seriously reckon he could kill me with his mind if he wanted to!

Suzy K has got MS! She went mental for a while but then she made a full recovery, only for her to relapse exactly when the storyline calls for her to, coincidence that isn't it? Neighbours is uber good these days, there's even a Korean in it

Alright Jesus, spill the beans.

Haha, I saw that one when it was first posted and made a mental note to keep an eye on it but I forgot about it. Favourite part:

In closing I have to say you are a brave soul (that is if Venusians have souls) to come out of the galactic closet so to speak (no disrespect intended) here.

Well he's embarrassed himself there because I happen to know they call themselves Venuschans.

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 12:11 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Haha, the weather always gets a mention! The nana's round my end love complaining about the queues in the post office and whether its better to buy bread from tesco's or asda.

I dont mind buses really.. plus its probably safer for me to use public transport rather than getting a car due to the severe road rage I used to get on my driving lessons.

Fortunately my adventure on National Express has been postponed because of lack of funds. As relieved as I am not to be having to sit on a bus for 3 hours, I am slightly gutted that I wont be starting valentines day face down in a gutter in Manchester.

You had a run in with a tram? What?
That train station is horribly cold.. its one of those places that no matter what time of year you visit it its always -20.
Oh you'd definately remember New Street if you'd been there. When the train was pulling into the station I remember wondering why we were slowing down near the scary derelict building.. this of course turned out to be the station.

I wouldn't like to see the state of your......after 6 kiddies

Wizards sleeve.

Haha, what! 'Hell-amy Road' is nothing compared to some of the stuff you come out with!
There probably is more syringes than people to be fair. Every good druggie knows that you shouldnt use a syringe more than once.. opens yourself up to all sort of nasty infections & whatnot.
'Piss dies'.. nice

Well Im 90% sure that its a greek family that run that chip shop, so I can only assume that 'Pissides' is greek for 'alcoholic' or something similar.

Oh dear, that sounds lovely. But why was he going mental at her? He might have had a good reason to!
That reminds me a little of when I was out for my flatmates birthday & the porn star came out as well. She ended up getting arrested for assaulting this girl, and then faking a panic attack... and when the ambulance took her away a police man made me and 2 of the girls sit in his police car while they were looking at tapes & whatnot. I was terrified!

Haha yea I know what you mean.. I think. Its been about 2 years since Ive had a sober night and I hope I never have to go through the pain of that ever again. Although the only problem is that me and my friends tend to be a little over-cautious with making sure we arent sober, so any chances of having a civilized night out with maybe a bit of dancing go completely out of the window. Running around the engine shed playing, making new friends and then sitting on the floor outside are key.

One word for that guy - FIT.

His profile picture is the only pic I can see though.

As if she has MS, cant Doctor Karl work his magic & fix her? Yea I saw that weird korean girl. I was quite disturbed though because her face looked a little deformed.. I couldnt decide whether that was because she is genuinely deformed or whether it was just because Ive not seen many korean people before.

Okay well I may be Jesus because I managed to heal a laptop yesterday, and Im not even sure how I did it. The internet wasnt working on it, and after my mums boyfriend spent nearly 2 hours trying to fix it it still wouldnt work. So he gave it to me and I started randomly deleting files off it (on the basis that its a s**t laptop so I dont think I could make it any worse than it currently was), and after 15 minutes of this the internet started magically working! So yes, Im Jesus... or handy andy. Whichever.

I really want to join in on that thread! Although Im not sure whether it would be more amusing to claim Im from Venus myself, and that those two are liars... or just have a rant about those annoying alien immigrant souls filling up all our human bodies, and how they should all piss off back to whichever planet they're from.

Oh and my remote still hasnt turned up, and my phone charger has gone now too... I think they've eloped, probably halfway to mexico by now. And Im left here with a phone that keeps beeping at me, and Im having to actually get up & actually walk over to the tv to change channels. Not happy.

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posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

I never even bothered with driving lessons, the idea of me behind the wheel of a potentially deadly weapon is enough to keep me awake at night. I went out for a spin with my dad once, he aged about 15 years in less than an hour, I took that as a hint. Plus, I don't wish to turn into one of those road rage maniacs which all my friends have.

It's a sad, sad state of affairs when you can't even afford a National Express ticket
Ah, that's too bad, you were going to Madchester for a night out? 'Face down in a a gutter', how romantic

I went to a gig in Sheffield (Hallam Arena) but at the time I was on crutches because I had done my knee in. I've probably never been more drunk, it was amazing. I remember everything before walking into the arena (which included being shouted at via speakers outside of the stadium for urinating on the wall, "You there! Can you please not urinate on the arena wall. Thank you.") and everything afterwards (which included falling out of a tram) but I remember nothing of the gig. Except falling UP the stairs and being pelted with beer for revealing I was a scoucer. They were the days

Calling it 'New Street' was obviously a sarcastic inside joke.

Haha, 'Wizards sleeve'. As Stewie put it in Family Guy, "So, is there any tread left on the tires? Or at this point would it be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway?"

Haha, what! 'Hell-amy Road' is nothing compared to some of the stuff you come out with!

Thanks very much, what a lovely compliment
That's my point exactly, mine are consistently brilliant/witty, whereas that one is just awful :shk:

Well if I remember rightly she refused to sleep with him
So I was probably wrong to get involved, he had every right to slap her about a bit. How dare she refuse!

Haha, 'faking a panic attack', how inspired! I'm guessing that when you say 'a police man made me and 2 of the girls sit in his police car while they were looking at tapes' your not talking about your porn star friends latest release?

Haha, I'm not the best at restraining myself either. Mainly because I'm not a huge fan of clubs, but also because I have a terribly poor attention span at times. I find myself going to the bar even though I already have two drinks, just because I'm bored. This obviously leads to disaster. Also, do you find that if you go out with the intention of having a 'quiet one' you always end up in a skip or wake up the next morning in a half full bath tub? 'When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro'

I have some delightful pictures of him all ready to upload but my Media thingy isn't working, for some reason it won't let me log in! So as soon as I have sorted that I shall reveal him in all his majesty

She certainly does. But Dr K is helpless to the situation. He can successfully perform life threatening heart surgery. He is the man in charge when there is a chemical/nuclear spillage. He delivers baby's. Treats 1st degree burn victims. Is a part time psychologist/councilor and an all round medical marvel. But MS he just can't handle
Yer the Korean is freakish, her head/face looks like the moon 'Phobos', all deformed and whatnot. Like a badly blown up balloon

Not that I disagree with you being Jesus, after all that was a true miracle you performed, better than the original Jesus killing a fig tree! But saying 'I'm not even sure how I did it' and using the term 'randomly' doesn't fill me with much confidence
But out of the two (Jesus and Handy Andy) I'd have to say you are more likely Jesus, handy Andy could knock together a few shelves but ask him to install Windows 7 and he's all at sea

Yes! Claim your from Venus! Except say "I remember you! We were neighbours you and I. Remember that time you came over for a BBQ but ir rained? Oh we laughed so hard we had beer coming out of our gills." Just to see if he plays along

The phone ain't 'beeping' it's crying! He was in a relationship with his charger but she cheated on him with the tele remote, isn't it obvious? Just don't let him anywhere near Facebook!

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posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 06:26 PM
Oh my pet hate for today is the fact that I appear to be shrinking. I go to the doctors 2 years ago & they tell me Im 5ft 5 1/2, I go last year and Im 5ft 4. Then I go today, and wait for it... Im 5ft 3.
What the f is going on there?! That definately isnt right.

Another pet hate - Juliette off of Lost, and any other annoying people that have and will do this..

Juliette on the verge of death: Ive got something I want to tell you..

WHO DOES THAT?! Ive got something I want to tell you too Juliette... YOU'RE A MASSIVE KNOB.
How Sawyer refrained from bashing her head in with a shovel after that I dont know.

reply to post by LiveForever8

You've saved yourself a considerable amount of money there, its really not worth it for £20 an hour.
I seriously do not understand how they expect you to learn to drive 'by the book' in the first place though when all the cars around you seem to be being driven by chipmunks on crack.
My driving instructor was a dick as well. And he didnt find it amusing when I asked if by any chance he kept a cricket bat in the boot of the car after some stupid woman driver nearly ran into me.

Nah, was just going to see what the gutters are like, its the first step of 'The Great Gutters of England' tour.

Or, alternatively, I was going for a night out. My friend goes to Manchester Uni and she's in her last year, so I need to take advantage of the free accomodation and wonderfully cheap cocktails that Machester has to offer while I still can!
Plus of course, being harrowingly drunk before and on valentines day makes it seem a whole lot less depressing.

"You there! Can you please not urinate on the arena wall. Thank you."

Classy! You can get an £80 fine for that you know.. clearly you just love living on the wrong side of the law.

'Hotdog down a hallway'.. thats old school! Gotta love the classics though. During my first year at uni we spent a large amount of time throwing these analogies back and forth via fb.. oh the maturity.

Oh is that it, thats not worth getting in a fight over, some girls like strong-willed men, some dont!

Haha, I should have seen that one coming! Fortunately, it was just the video of her pulling this girls hair and then punching her. Once the ambulance people realised she was faking the panic attack they took her to the police station where the girl was in reception, and she went for her again.

That was such a harrowing night, I can still clearly recall the stern police man & womans faces frowning at me because apparantly in the face of the sheer terror of being locked in a police car I get the giggles.

I dont like clubs if Im not binged. But when I am they're my favourite thing in the world.

I HATE dancefloors though, if Im having a night out I dont intend on standing in a circle all night and trying to dodge would-be rapists. Luckily not much dancing occurs in the engine shed. But when you're presented with sights such as this, it pays to keep as far away from dancefloors as possible:

Also, are you familiar with the Liquid nightclub chain?

Gutted, I wanted to see his six pack (you can obviously see it through his shirt). Maybe he's just too sexy for ATS?

Haha, yea Doctor Karl is way away above trivial conditions such as MS. This is why Jesus never resurrected any kids pet hamsters or anything like that, it just isnt ground-breaking enough.

Somewhere deep down I know how I did it, Im just not enlightened enough to understand how these magical powers work. I can always just use the ultimate 'I dont have a f**king clue' reply anyway - 'God works in mysterious ways'.
I could well be Handy Andy too, I put a bedside locker together all by myself a couple of months ago (literally the proudest moment of my entire life). Although actually Jesus was a carpenter as well so I'll stick with Jesus.

Haha, yea it rained, and the whole BBQ casually melted away into nothingness, burgers and all.. Happy days.
Oh its soooo tempting to post on it, but Im scared. They're obviously a few sandwiches short of picnic and I dont want to anger them in case it brings on any mass shooting rampages!

I found the remote

It was snuggled up inside one of my slippers.. as always, how it got there is a mystery!

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posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

You in 3 years time?

Juliette! How awful was that! I thought Lost was better than pulling out that tired old cliche :shk:

Haha, I think it's for the best that you aren't on the roads, the number of cricket bat related deaths would go through the roof! What kind of self respecting driving instructor doesn't keep a cricket bat in the boot?

I've never been out in Manchester even though I'm only an hour or so away, it's something we always threaten to do but just end up in the same old crappy clubs in Liverpool. Closest I've come was after Jezza when we went to place which had dancing poles in the windows, which unfortunately we were sat next to. I say 'unfortunately' because the only people to use them were either horrific looking or stupendously gay

Valentines day is a sham. Who the hell is Saint Valentine? I've never even heard of what he has done to justify such reverence. Was he the original Cilla Black? My idea of a perfect Valentines day.

Haha, at the time an £80 fine was the last thing on my mind, I was more worried about Pi**ing my pants! Also, for the first few seconds I genuinely thought God was speaking to me from the heavens. Honest.

I'll never understand why they do that, why would they book them both in at the same time? I reckon they are hoping for round two so that they can watch it back on CCTV later on, nights are long on the front desk. Getting the giggles is an arrestable offense, you got lucky! I'm terrible at keeping a straight face, even in the face of possible arrest or detention, the amount of times I was sent out of class for laughing beggars belief.

Haha, I want to meet that old man and shake him by the hand! What a legend. Talk about bump 'n' grind! Liquid? Nope, we don't have one in Liverpool, I take it they are wonderful?

I found them

Beetle Juice?

The names Bond...James Bond.


What a guy

What the hell is a 'bedside locker'? Jesus wasn't a carpenter, he was a carpenters son. Jesus was just a lazy bum, a hippie, a student. You would be a better Jesus than he ever was

Just post in it and if the sh*t hits the fan I'll jump in and say I was a Venuchan too
This thread gave me a laugh today, mainly because of this:

My attention folding inward at this region, a pretty decent kaleidoscopic effect ensued; my body tingled with a salty energy and I burst into a fit of psychotic laughter. Needless to say, it was quite pleasant and it only lasted but a few seconds.

Haha, slipper, nice going

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posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

eee I hope so.

I hate her so much!! She's a doctor so she must have known that it was more or less game over for her. And if you are shortly off to meet your maker you do not waste time with pointless sentences like 'Ive got something to tell you'... just bloody say it, if you start speaking then he would have been able to figure out that you have something to tell him. GOD. :bash:
On the other hand though, when I die, if Im in the presence of someone I hate then I will definately use that line!

I know.. its crap, he could have at least had a few bricks in there or something, you've got to show these crap drivers who's boss! Although when Im eventually forced to get my own car I'll keep my cricket bat in the back window, I'll never get any trouble then.
I wouldnt kill anyone anyway, just bash their car up a bit.. and maybe break a few bones if the driver starts getting lairy.

Haha, Im the same except with Nottingham. Im 30 minutes away from there and they have loads of good bars & clubs, and Ive been out there a grand total of 3 times.
Ive only been out in Manchester once before.. my mate took a few of us to this hideous club called Opus and we were nearly involved in a smackdown with a bunch of black girls. They're sooo aggressive! Was still a good night though, the £2 cocktails made it all worthwhile.

I think its actually a rule that in any bars/clubs the poles are reserved for their more hideous customers. I dont understand why they find the poles so attractive.. its like a moth to a flame.
This is liquid. They've got quite a few of these places dotted around the country, and 'meat market' is quite an accurate description of what they're like.

That sounds ideal! Who doesnt love a bit of bloodshed/casual murder on valentines day. Its like the ultimate adventure date.

I do feel however that if Jeremy & Graham were about then this would never have happened in the first place.
Valentines day is awful.. its stressful enough having to buy birthday & xmas presents for someone, they really dont need to force people into this situation for a 3rd time in a year. But its still quite depressing having to see all that crap in shop windows!
This is my ideal valentines day:

Yea but if you were on crutches thats means your disabled, and disabled people can pee their pants if they want and no ones allowed to laugh!

Oh my days.. he is delightful! I think Im in love.
My thoughts on these pictures are -
1st pic - I really enjoy the colour coordination here, some serious time was put into putting that outfit together. And only legends wear those sort of hats. I'll show you a guy who was at my uni in a minute who sported one of these hats.
2nd pic - That silk scarf is marvellous, I think I own something similar myself!
3rd - that shirt.. I dont even know what to do with that. Although the aforementioned legend that Im going to show you owns a near identical shirt.

Oh and who is the girl with him? Please dont tell me thats his girlfriend. I'll be heartbroken.

Right, you will be in sheer awe of this guy here.. me and my friends spent a good year or so following him round taking pictures before we gathered enough courage to speak to him. And since that day we have become firm friends, we've even met his dad!
I cant choose a single picture which portays him in all his awsomeness, so here's a few:

Ed Crumpton.
Red leather jacket
Braces + checked shirt + german jumper = perfection
Lucky LUCKY boy
Casual nakedness

I was going to include pictures of me with him, but as these were taken around a year ago when I looked absolutely vile I have refrained from doing so. HOWEVER, there is a photo of our emotional last dance before he graduated, where only hideous hair is visible:
Binge britain

What the hell is a 'bedside locker'?

Do they not have these in your part of the world?
Jesus was a carpenter. He only got crucified because he sold a dining table & six chairs to the King, claiming it was made out of oak when it was in fact chip board.

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 03:36 PM
My pet hate??? When two people derail a thread and make it their own personal virtual motel room!!!

I mean really, can't you two go get a real room somewhere, or at least take this somewhere a little more private (or at least in a thread that ONE of you authored???)

Jebus H. Christ...

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

I don't see a derail - I see children.

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Very true, she should know better than that, poor form. It's like when someone says 'Can I ask you a question?' knowing that no matter what your answer is they are going to ask you anyway, pointless, just get on with it!
That would be a brilliant way to go. 'Look Jimmy, I need to tell you something! It's about your mum, well, she's not really your.....'

I knew of someone who kept a Samurai sword in his car 'just in case' which is probably taking it a bit too far. When your vehicles weapon of choice is only capable of removing limbs you have surely crossed the line. He wasn't even a real Samurai! Cheek of it.

That's in The Printworks isn't it? That's were we always end up after any gigs we go to in Manchester. All I ever seem to drink when I'm over there is cocktails, don't ask me why

Wow, I really hope that a 'Liquid' opens up over here......naaaaaaaat

Haha, it's true though isn't it, Valentines isn't proper without a good old fahioned massacre! Valentines has become so commercialised since then though they have forgotten about it's original murderous roots :shk:
Apparently they couldn't get hold of an accurate lie detector test so all hell broke loose. Jeremy and Graham would have had that sorted in minutes, I'm just glad I live in a world where they exist, God help us otherwise.

I like buying presents and stuff for other people, that bit doesn't bother me. It's just, like you say, all the crap in shop windows and needless shows of public affection. Facebook is going to be a nightmare on the day! Haha, that looks about right to me, perfect Valentines

Yes, true, but people not being able to laugh doesn't detract from the fact that I have just urinated in my own trousers. They might not be laughing on the outside but that doesn't stop me crying on the inside.

Isn't he just adorable?
Erm, the girl...I really don't know. But to save you from a a broken heart, especially so close to Valentines, I'll say she's a local trollop and nothing for you to worry about

Right, you will be in sheer awe of this guy here.. me and my friends spent a good year or so following him round taking pictures before we gathered enough courage to speak to him. And since that day we have become firm friends, we've even met his dad!

Stalker much?

Ed Crumpton - is that his real name? Please say it is!
1st pic - Outstanding outfit, check. Some kind of plant, check. Decorative snake, check.
2nd pic - a Thriller style jacket accompanied by what looks to be a Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt, brilliant.
3rd pic - Pat Sharpe?

4th pic - once again he has the attention of the fellas, how romantic!
5th pic - the outstanding outfit has gone (I'm guessing torn off by one of his sexual cohorts?) yet the snake remains

Haha, like I said, probably torn off by one of his sexual cohorts
You call that dancing? I've seen people on fire move better than that! Although to be fair he is seemingly being strangled to death by his snake, yet he keeps on going! What a guy!

You mean bedside cabinet?

I saw the advert for Coach Trip earlier! It starts on Monday

Also, my friend introduced me to the wonderful world of Roulette Chat today. Amazing.

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 08:02 PM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

Interesting attempt at putting the cat amongst the pigeons, but as Bluebelle and I already know, against the mighty pigeons (light beings), your cat doesn't stand a chance. Puur-lease

posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 01:17 AM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Oh yeah, and DORKS!!! I HATE DORKS!!! They make me want to puke in my own shoes! Pidgeons and cats... Someone needs to get a real life...

posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 01:54 AM

Originally posted by JaxonRoberts
My pet hate??? When two people derail a thread and make it their own personal virtual motel room!!!

I mean really, can't you two go get a real room somewhere, or at least take this somewhere a little more private (or at least in a thread that ONE of you authored???)

Jebus H. Christ...

If they get a room they may procreate which mean in X amount of years they would be babbling with their apparent kids in here,therefore I think JAX that you should let it be.
They have been kind enough to contain themselves to this thread and believe me we are all grateful for this. (lol)

Plus it makes it easier for bluebelle's stalkers to find her,thereby saving us all the constant stampede of lonely basement dwellers trying to engage her in threads and such.

So as Sir Paul McCartney once said... sing along and nod JAX.

posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 07:46 AM
Pet hate for today:

Haters (see number 2).

Come on people, where's the love? :shk:

Originally posted by JaxonRoberts
My pet hate??? When two people derail a thread and make it their own personal virtual motel room!!!

Since when did people go to a motel room for a chat?

I mean really, can't you two go get a real room somewhere

Terrible advice - casual murder

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I dont see a derailed thread either.. if someone would care to have a quick browse through the thread they will see that we have contributed an enormous amount of pet hates!
And as for the children... well, its better than seeing dead people I suppose.

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Haha yea, or 'I never told you this, but Ive got about £50,000 in cash hidden away and Id like you to have it, its in the'...... *game over*

What a show off! Thats got to be the most pretentious weapon in the entire world... is the guy you know the same one who gave the fish-man the 'good news'?
I understand your annoyance with him not being an actual samurai. When will people realise that if you want to own such a fine piece of weaponry then you should at least try and look like a real samurai. Otherwise you just look silly.

Yea its in printworks
its the first club Ive ever been in where Ive been the ethnic minority. Sooo much fun.

I dont mind buying presents for family and stuff... I actually enjoy buying presents for my neices (my present buying skills have actually bumped me up to being their favourite auntie
), but its an absolute nightmare buying something for boyfriends/girlfriends. You actually have to put some thought into it, its not good. :shk:

Tut tut, as if you're a big fan of this guy and dont know the state of his love life, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Stalker much?


That mullet alone made him stalkworthy, without even bringing his braces, hat and plastic snake. He did shots out of that thing as well.
And yes that is his real name, we thought he was lying when he told us that!

He took that shirt off willingly.. and as a member of his ever-growing fan club I was obliged to keep it from being thrown on the floor.
I was dancing with a half naked man with a mullet/braces/plastic snake/wicker hat.. was it really ever going to be good dancing?

You mean bedside cabinet?

No, I mean bedside locker. Dont argue with Jesus!

Oh my god, what the hell is this chat roulette thing? Can you just go on there and abuse people?
That bear head is really disturbing..

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Plus it makes it easier for bluebelle's stalkers to find her,thereby saving us all the constant stampede of lonely basement dwellers trying to engage her in threads and such.

Yea exactly, this is for the good of ATS... silly stalkers, Im just too popular for my own good.

Seriously, there's no love in here... people need to chill out, and/or remove the sticks from up their arses

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 08:40 AM

My hate for today is hate.

edit - I knew that

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 09:25 AM
Pet hate today...none. I am full of love and light today, especially regarding my two new best friends JaxonRoberts and Now_Then. I just...just love you guys so much it hurts :shk:

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Haha, the very same! Oh yer, you wouldn't want to look silly now would you, I'll forward that link to him, I'm sure he'll appreciate it. I take it you saw the other possible Samurai costumes available? Constipated Samurai.

Bribery: the last refuge of a scoundrel. Meh, thinking is for suckers. All you have to do is ask them what they would like, if they refuse to tell you or if they say "suprise me" then do just that. Buy them a really dashing pair of socks or a semi used toilet roll (double velvet mind, lets not be too stingy) and next time they will be sure to tell you EXACTLY what they want. This taught me that apparently it is not the thought that counts

It's hard to know with him though. It would be like trying to find out what state Hugh Hefners love life is in!

I'm ever so glad it's his real name, it's perfect for him. I take it you still own the t-shirt, maybe even donning it every now and then in order to re-enact that special night?

I was dancing with a half naked man with a mullet/braces/plastic snake/wicker hat..

Read that sentence again and then ask yourself that question, 'was it really ever going to be good dancing?', because if anything was ever going to spur me on to dance like MJ himself, it would be a dance partner of that exact description

It's disturbingly funny. I was having a great time seeing all of the weird and wonderful people doing/saying silly things, that was until I got connected to an old man, sitting in the dark, masturbating into the webcam. Apparently this happens a lot, which unfortunately I found out another 3 times in the next 10 minutes

I was also delighted to see that Facebook got into the Valentines mood today by notifying me that I should:

'Spread the love to your dear ones with a Valentine's SuperPoke! '
Awww, how sweet

Casual murder - did you choose that one because the suspect was from Merseyside?
I am slightly offended that you would insinuate that I was capable of such things. Having said that, do you wanna go get a room?

posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 10:00 AM
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Ah compassion LF.
Truly one of the great emotional states of humans.
Silly human emotions.

~wipes a tear from his penguin like eye~

Now I have to reconsider your chat proposal.

~ponders enteritis~

Oh and BB:
Nothing says I love you more than A book on composting and
Archery lessons.
Just not in that order. lol

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 12:12 PM
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Oh yes I saw the others, I just liked that first one because of the wig he was wearing.

"suprise me"

Hate people who say that!! :bash:
The only suprise a person who says that is going to get is a big empty box. Maybe with a dead kitten inside.
And you arent even allowed to ask what they want, apparantly if you already know then that makes you officially the worst human being in the entire world.

Haha, fair play, he does seem to type to have about 10 girlfriends on the go at any one time!

I was only copying his dancing anyway, here's an action shot of him before he began stripping, with a parachute & little plastic man in hand as well, not sure why...

I think from this picture it is blatantly obvious that my dancing was on par, if not better than his was!

I think the spider one is the best there, and the burns victim one.. oh and the cartoon one. Actually I cant pick a favourite... I really want to draw that little chinese man

I dont understand though, I thoroughly appreciate the comedy value of it, but what is its actual purpose.. surely fat/generally odd looking people dont go on there so they can get abused?

'Spread the std's to your dear ones with a Valentine's SuperPoke! '


Haha, no I didnt see that! I picked that one because I have the same first name as the victim.

No need to get offended, Im the murderer here not you.

And yes of course, who can resist a wonky porno tache.

Also, my new favourite thread - 'I want immortality'
'Do not take me for some mere human'.. okay

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Or maybe a book on penguin stuffing, and one on penguin hunting... but not in that order.

posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 01:39 PM
Ok,my new pet hate ...
The banner AD for "THE CRAZIES"

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