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What is Your Number 1 Pet hate?

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posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

OK, I was searching for some photos and came across your twin and just thought I'd share.

Bluebelle's doppelganger

posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 01:31 PM
Pet hate for the day - forms.
I had to go register at a new doctors today and the amount of forms Ive got to fill out are ridiculous! Especially this little questionnaire about my drinking habits:

'How often during the last year have you failed to do what was normally expected from you because of your drinking?'
'How often during the last year have you had a feeling of guilt or remorse after drinking?'
'How you or somebody else been injured as a result of your drinking?'

Do I really need to tell the truth here?

Also, the relationship break up over fb thats been occuring just got a whole lot more interesting!

'Retard: is so f**king pissed off. really thought she was different but she turned out like all the others. always new there was someone else involved but they tryed takin me for a f**king mug.'


reply to post by LiveForever8

Its such a good song, it needs to be re-released!
Just be glad that it wasnt Gordon Brown who had a brief stint as a pop star before becoming a politician.

I like that I express my disgust at such terrible humour and you take this as a sign to carry on with it.

The only word I recognise there is 'pikachu'. Im assuming those other words are pokemon related, which tells me that you have a scarily extensive knowledge of pokemon. How old are you again?

I was in his bedroom after dark because he was showing me his plasma ball. Dont even try and make any terrible jokes about that!

Chickens are tiny! Well unless you're a midget.. their wings are meant to be clipped?! Poor things. Turkeys are much better, they just sit there and get fat... and they make this noise, which is actually the funniest thing in the entire world.

You cant mess with Russia though, those guys would just blow up the entire world if you tried to eliminate them.
Haha, yes thats why I want Korea to stay! I love that guy he's so cute. Plus, Ive been a fan of his work for some time now... the way he runs the country is pretty much exactly what would happen if you put a spoilt 5 year old in charge.
I particularly like the 38 under par one, and him being Hennessey's biggest customer.

David Bowie would never sleep with Mick Jagger! As shown in The Labyrinth, David only has eyes for underage girls. And enjoys nothing more than luring them back to his castle in the goblin city, whilst leaping around in spandex and singing songs about making babies bleed. Wonderful film.

Nah Im 99% sure they were serious!
Her husband was blind... what?! How did I miss that! Poor man, I bet thats down to the numerous beatings she gave him so he wouldnt step out of line.

reply to post by tribewilder

That girl looks about 14... which is approximately 5 years older than I look, so thankyou.

posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 04:56 PM
Pet hate today - revolting cover versions of songs played at shops for our 'convenience'. If you are so stingy that you refuse to pay for the official songs don't force us to listen to cheaply made covers that are tantamount to ear rape. Mika's 'Grace Kelly' wasn't even good when it originally came out so a cheap cover version by some talentless waster from Barnsley isn't going to be much better now is it?

Pet hate number two - Jar Jar Binks. 'Nuff said.

Pet hate number three -! If you state that pre-sale starts at 10am I don't expect them to be already sold out by 9.57am! If I don't get these tickets on Friday there will be hell to pay!

reply to post by Bluebelle

The answer to all of those doctors questions are 'Often...but not often enough!'

Ah, I see retard has finally given up hope and resorted to being down right offensive, it's a nice development. I have the feeling that taking him for a 'f**king mug' really isn't that hard a task.

It really doesn't need a re-release! Although with the power of Facebook anything is possible! Gordon Brown could never be a pop star, Tony Blair on the other hand was a natural. Whilst at Oxford he was in a band called 'Ugly Rumours' and for this reason alone I am willing to forget his numerous war crimes
Although it must be said that whilst being in a band is cool, being in a band called 'Ugly Rumours' whilst studying at Oxford probably isn't the coolest of the cool.

It's like when you tell a child "Now Timmy, DO NOT press this red button", I mean, the kid never stood a chance. Of course the very next thing little Timmy is going to do is press that button! Your just lucky I have ran out of bear related puns.

Haha, fortunately for me I Googled those pick up lines. But that still means that someone out there has used them, I'm guessing with little success, although they worked on you so, who knows

I was in his bedroom after dark because he was showing me his plasma ball.

I didn't even have to try with that one! Instantly I had a million puns shoot through my head, luckily for you I'm choosing not to use them against you on this day. That was unfair of you though to make such a comment knowing full well it's potential implications.

Chickens are not tiny! Chicks are tiny but fully grown, egg laying chickens are suprisingly big. Yer, you're meant to clip some feathers off one of their wings so they lose balance and can't fly. Apparently it doesn't hurt them though. Turkeys are awesome. ' I gobbled at him, and he gave me a hollaback.'
That's why at Christmas we celebrate by eating turkey, it was originally a celebration of the greatest creature on earth. Then Jesus jumped on the band wagon and ruined it. Damn hippie!

If all the world dumped it's entire supplies of vodka in Russia we could easily take them out in about an hour. But I wouldn't want to lose all our vodka so I suppose they can stay. I just love that man so much. The way he concocts these lies so effortlessly and then isn't shy on telling the world about them is genius.

Well he did, deal with it! Why though had I never even heard of this film before you mentioned it? It sounds like the most monumental piece of cinema ever made. I shall hunt it down.

I'm sure they were being serious too, but at first I just couldn't fathom what they were saying. I think I just didn't want to believe it
I don't know how you missed it actually, it was kind of obvious. He wouldn't stop banging on about it for one, also he spent most of the time stumbling and fumbling around wearing sunglasses that put Stevie Wonder in the shade

Apparently series four has already been filmed and will air this month! Should be funny. I'm keeping an eye out for series 5 applications all the same

posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 07:23 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Haha yea, spot on!
Thing is with this questionnaire theres 10 questions that are all pretty basic things that will happen when you've had a night out e.g. 'Have you ever drunk more than 6 units in one night?'. It gets scored on a basis of never=0, monthly=1, 2-4 times a month=2, and 4+times a week = 3. And if you're score is over 7 then you're classed as being at risk.
So basically unless you're a hermit, you have mild alcohol issues, which is good.
Its also pretty stupid that they tell you what your score means as well. If you're an alcoholic you're not really going to be that thick and tell people are you?

I hope he has given up. Back when I was in 6th form with him he didnt seem to be such a whiny little girl, Ive lost major respect for him after all this! He should have gone the way of this other guy I know from school who split up with his ex and spent the next two months alternating between statuses where his ex was apparantly either a dog, slag, dirty sket, ho, and a massive minger.
Ive just come across another amazing status as well!! This girl I used to work with has split up from her husband and from the sounds of it she removed her stuff from the house today:

Husband: thinks its childish how people have planted dead insects everywhere, wish people would grow up
Randomer What!??
Legend Wot r u on about
Husband the dead spider which just happened to be under the covers on my side of the bed, the dead bug that was on my side of the settee when i got home, after you'd been round, bit of a coinsidence
Legend I have moved a lot of stuff today they may av come out of the cracks of the house why don't u grow up
Husband what and died exactly where i'd sit and lay, come off it
Legend Wot the # r u on I avent done it
Husband fair enough
Legend There was dust n crap every where ye know

Ugly rumours! How convenient. I could definately see Tony Blair replacing Adam Rickett in that music video. As long as he grew some curtains and had blonde highlights.

The only reason they're on google is because you obviously made them up, and then uploaded them somewhere for safe keeping.
Aside from that I have never met a 15 year old who would have the balls to use actual chat up lines, that one would only work if I was binged beyond all belief, and thought the person was talking in a foreign language. Love the foreigners (apart from the Polish).

Cutting their feathers? Thats horrible.... they should just put tiny straightjackets on them instead.
Yea see, turkeys are gansters. Theres literally no other animal in the world that can get away with having something that resembles a ball sack hanging from its face!

cannot believe you havent seen this film! You're missing out, I insist you go out immediately and buy it.
David Bowie sports a wonderful mullet in it.. and for a large portion of the film you get to see a very defined outline of his meat & two veg. This video here has some major crotch action going on: sly
Note whats being sung at 1.47. If they arent singing 'smack that baby make it bleed' then I'll eat my own arm. Oh and it definately isnt a coincidence that those goblins heads are level with Bowie's crotch.
This one's good as well: even slyer
Using rohypnol & trying to pull a 15 year old girl. Ideal content for a childrens film.

I noticed he had a rather 'vacant' look in his eyes, but I just assumed that that witch had dosed him up on nytol or something.

You'll be fighting me for a place on coach trip! And dont think I wont push you off the coach onto the middle of a busy motorway. I absolutely HAVE to visit the sandpaper factories in romania or wherever the hell they're going next.

Also, please watch these.. Im gutted that I was exposed to these videos in my youth..
The hero & threat trap are amazing.. as if you'd ever mess with the threat guy!
I want to be the man with the cigar in his mouth.

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posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 06:05 AM
reply to post by Bluebelle

An innocent trip to the doctors has the habit of turning a relatively healthy individual into somebody with serious health problems, I'm growing suspicious of their motives. Have I already told you about my doctor and the disabled parking space? Only an idiot would tell their doctor the truth, "Does it hurt when I press here?" "Of course not!" (Wincing in terrible pain)

You really have to applaud the tenacity of some of these losers, their ability to keep coming up with rather splendid insults is commendable. It fills me with hope that the English language hasn't been completely ruined.

Husband - what and died exactly where i'd sit and lay, come off it

I especially like this bit
He kind of unravels the whole sinister plot with one astute observation. Nice one Poirot.

You really do give me too much credit. My knowledge of Pokemon isn't anywhere near proficient enough to create such wondrous chat up lines. But considering they obviously impressed you no end I shall claim them as mine. "I'd like to Munchlax on your Cloyster" - come on, admit it, you're pretty turned on right now aren't ya

Haha, in my experience chat up lines are a waste of time. I have never see anyone pull because of a chat up line. All they say to me is "Hi, I have very little imagination but I am able to use the internet so all is good. Can I sleep with you now?" Let's be honest, nobody likes the Polish, not even the Polish like the Polish. What kind of sums it up for me is the fact that when I see the word 'Polish' (even with the capital letter) I can't help but think of it's alternative meaning - 'to make something shiny' - even if it makes no sense in the sentence. That's how little I respect the Polish people.

I literally cannot understand how this film came to be. It's as if GG and Geoffrey have sat down and decided to write a film! Sick. Then I find out that none other than George Lucas was the did that happen? Also, how did Bowie come to be involved in this seminal event in human history?

"Right guys I hear you have a possible role for me?"
"Yes...yes we do."
"Good stuff, can you give me the low down then?"
" we go. You are the goblin king..."
"Goblin king, right, gotcha, I like it..."
"...of a fantasy world. He's a bit of a cruel character who steals babies, you could argue he's a bit of a pedo really."
"Right, pedo, gotcha. Will I be wearing incredibly unsuitable trousers throughout the film?"
"David didn't you hear us, your character is a disgusting paedophile."
"Because I won't do it unless I have some unnervingly tight fitting trousers, that's the deal breaker."
"Quick! Go and get this idiot some of GG's lycra!"

You can keep your arm, they definitely say it!

The film turned out to be a box office failure. The film grossed only $12,729,917 from ticket sales under its $25 million budget.[6]

A box office failure, surely not? Also, $25 million to make that piece of madness! I hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

Haha, there are none so blind as those who choose not to see. Except blind people of course, I've never understood that saying

Ha! Don't make me laugh, you wouldn't stand a chance. I would sweet talk Brendan until he was like putty in my hands. But as long as I got to see Salzburgs infamous salt mine and had a tour of a Balsamic vinegar farm in Modena I would happily give up my place

Haha, I remember Stranger Danger! But hadn't seen that one before, amazing. Any kid who falls for that 'Being Famous' trap deserves everything they get. As if any kid would believe he was famous. Unless he was famous for having such sh*t hair. The fellow in the 'Hero Trap' looks suspiciously like Larry David, I don't like that comparison. The 'Threat' one is brilliant. Even now at my age, if he approached me, I would do literally anything he says! He's a monster!

- I'm actually crying here! How amazing is that! The man with the cigar, I mean, if you can't trust him, who can you trust?

posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 01:57 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Disabled parking space? No I dont believe you've mentioned anything about this, tell me more!
They are very suspicious, last time I went to the doctors they acted like I was on the verge of death & needed an overnight stay in hospital due to high blood pressure. But 6 months on and Im alive & kicking and still waiting on this hospital appointment.

Oh bloody hell there's even more with retard & co. I dont even understand any of this is just appears to be random insults & threats all mixed together. This is actually the longest argument over a status in the entire world, but nevermind, its a good read

retard's ex: dont you just hate people that come to conclutions all the time just because other people s**t on you dont mean i will and just to get this all straight he thinksi was with andy when i was with him if you would like to put his mind at rest dont be afraid to coment and let him no how wrong he is thanx xxx
Andy Mega wrong! Danii aint no cheat!
whom? oi! dickhead! who you calling a f**kin cheat my dan dan Defo isn't a cheat and i'll kick f**k out of anyone who wants to even suggest different
Andy Tis or8 chick
retard never said she cheated said she left me for him wich i aint bovad bout cus she just a lass theres plenty more out there its just the fact she lies and teks me for a mug i just wanted the truth. so chill ya sen out duk and stop with the idle threats cus ya dnt no nowt bout me at end of day.
whom? Never mind idle threats Hun i'll come to mansfield solely to kick your teeth in and dan dan ain't just a lass she's my best mate you divvy
retards ex yea im no lass and you wasent saying i was some lass when you wanted me bk and i never lied to you i told you the truth and you no it and thanx kellie and andrew love yaz xxxxxxxxx
whom? i won't have anyone make out my best mate is some cheatin Skanky slag and say she's 'just a lass' because if he knew her at all he'd know that's know true
retard It would take more then you 2 kick my teeth in duck. At end of day dannii nows how i feel got nowt to do with any1. I never called her a skank 4 a start so get ya facts rite. And as for knowing her i thought i did but after all this im not so sure
whom? oi i never said u called her a skank i said its been made out she is if uv suggested she cheated as for more than me to knock u out if u wanna take yur chances sweet cheeks f**kin bring it i'll even film u gettin knocked the f**k out so u can see what happned
retards sistermy brother would never hit a woman he is a better person than that so its easy for a girl to threaten to knock him out coz he would be stupid enough to stand there and let you do it buti swear to you...dannii knows what happened xmas day (how he stood up for me) and i would do they same thing without a blink of the eye!
retard this has got nothing to do with you its between me and dannii at end of day. And as for knocking me out ya make me laff ya nothing and ya dont scare me in the slightest i would never hit a women and even dannii nows that. If she wants to plaster this all over face book then thats fine i will tell every1 now. I lost the love of my life and im taking it badly who the # doesnt. Dannii i think for the time being we need 2 stop talking and stay away from each other just untill we over each other then

I LOVE mansfield.

Impressed/terrified, whatever

I believe we have discussed this before - the only good chat up lines involve rape, kidnapping, violence.. or any combination of the three!

I didnt even know it was in the cinema

If I hadnt still been in the womb then it wouldnt have been such a failure, I wouldnt have gone to see it at least 200 times.. imagine the sheer joy of experiencing a 5ft tall version of Bowies crotch for a whole 101 minutes, just the way God intended it.

You can sweet talk Brendan all you like, maybe even offer to rub suncream on his bald patch.. I'll just bring the threat guy with me!
The hero one reminded me a little of Jimmy. I think further analysis needs to be done there, Ive definately seen that wispy grey hair somewhere before.
The man with the cigar completes my life, as does the man with the sunglasses on. I am a little annoyed though because the only reason Ive seen these things is because my friends boyfriend works at front magazine and he actually gets paid to sift through piles of this stuff! Jealous isnt the word. He's the one that introduced us to meat hats if I remember correctly.
Nice signature by the way, spread the word!

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posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Oh good! I didn't think I had. Well, a few months back I went to my local doctors because there was a chance that I might have the dreaded SWINE FLU. It turns out it was just MAN FLU
Upon pulling into the car park we were cut off by some maniac in a fancy Mercedes, obviously in a rush. We followed this maniac into the car park and I noticed him park in the last remaining disabled parking space. We parked a bit further back and whilst getting out of the car I noticed it was none other than my doctor, Dr Chong. He leaps out his car and goes to his boot while we approach the main doors, then closes the boot and sets his alarm. He turns around and takes a few sprightly steps forwards when he suddenly notices us. The second he noticed us noticing him he started limping
The worst fake limp I've ever seen! Cheeky sod!

He barely looked me in the eyes whilst I was in with him. It's the first (and probably the last) time I felt more superior than a doctor. Best thing was on the way out some old woman with a stick was going apesh*t because the good doctors Mercedes had no disabled sticker. Did I inform this blood thirty old woman of who the culprit was......of course I did.

retard: It would take more then you 2 kick my teeth in duck.
whom?: if u wanna take yur chances sweet cheeks f**kin bring it i'll even film u gettin knocked the f**k out so u can see what happned

Duck? Sweet cheeks?
Absolutely amazing. It's like an online version of Jezza Kyle.

I think that if it had been made today it would smash Avatar off the top of the charts for sure. It's a masterpiece before it's time unfortunately, but it will have it's day, oh yes it will. I reckon it's the perfect 'first date' film, like you say, if I was to take a girl to see that she would surely be mesmerised by Bowies love spuds. And if it doesn't get her going I know she's not the one for me

Possibly the greatest job ever? The amount of amazing stuff he must encounter is mind boggling. I'm still reeling from the fact that I'm 21 and have only just heard of The Labyrinth and have lived this many years without knowing that cigar man ever existed! What else are we missing? What else?!

I've been wanting to change it for a couple of days and so I thought that would be perfect for now. Raise a bit of awareness, save a few lives, just another day at the office.

Oh yer, another thing, if an event says there is an OPEN BAR, does that mean a FREE BAR? I'm getting conflicting definitions and need to know

posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 06:00 PM
Pet hate today-

stupid people.

posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Haha, oh the swine flu paranoia! I live in constant fear of getting it. Really suprised I havent got it yet what with all the trains I have to get on and someone in my house had it a few months ago.. I feel like a medical marvel, Im blatantly immune to it.

I feel your pain with the man flu. Thats the one I always seem to get!

Yes, people from Mansfield have such a lovely command of the english language... that girl is actually being quite classy & ladylike judging by most of the other 'ladies' that live here!
Seriously looks like this girl is just trying to fight with everyone:

whom? oi oi get this little mushroom too keep his rhubarb comments to himself or i'm on the next train to mansfield to kick him back to his place x
retard blah blah blah
retards ex right you 2 stop it thanx for everything kellie but i can handle it from here if i cant ill let you no love ya baby xx
whom? yeah its clear that u can woteva dan

Absolute mentalist.

Haha, yes it would be the perfect first date film! Kidnapping, indecent exposure, songs about bleeding babies, attempted date rape (which could also be classed as gang rape seeing as the goblin massively fancies her (beastiality?) and tries to aid Bowie by spiking her fruit), and paedophilia are the perfect recipe for a romantic, valentines day film. Possibly followed by a cancer ridden candlelit dinner!

He is such a lucky boy.. he didnt even have to finish his degree either because he did work experience for them over the summer and they offered him a job!
I cant believe I went so many years without ever knowing about the various paedophiles lurking in parks. I shudder to think what could have happened if Id ever been approached by any cigar smoking gentlemen.
Also, have you seen the comments under that video, some of them are brilliant.

Ahh you're such a good samaritan! Not quite in the same league as the guy singing the song though.

Yes, open bar = free bar.

What else could it possibly mean?

posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 08:06 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

I actually wanted to get it. I read some article about how the first time a flu like this spreads round it is really quite weak and not a major threat. However, when it comes back a few months down the line (which they often do) it is more powerful and dangerous. Anybody who had the original (weaker) version has built up an small immunity of sorts and is less likely to contract it or die from it should it come again. So when my brother got it just before crimbo I was round his like a shot, asking him to breathe on me and sneeze in my face
Unfortunately I did not succumb. I have an annoyingly strong immune system which, given the chance, I reckon could even give AIDS a run for it's money. But I'd rather not test that theory!

oi oi get this little mushroom too keep his rhubarb comments to himself

Haha, where is she from - 19th century London?

Kidnapping, indecent exposure, songs about bleeding babies, attempted date rape (which could also be classed as gang rape seeing as the goblin massively fancies her (beastiality?) and tries to aid Bowie by spiking her fruit), and paedophilia are the perfect recipe for a romantic, valentines day film. Possibly followed by a cancer ridden candlelit dinner!

Oh what a night! That's the stuff dreams are made of
And yer, I'll go with it being beastiality, they are definitely beasts.

Stuffy basterdo! I could have done work experience at the BBC if I didn't feck up my first year of uni and pack it in.
Things like that aren't even worth thinking about! How do the people who failed us so miserably sleep at night?
Yer, I love YouTube comments, it's a goldmine of hilarity. ' lol strangers are ppl you dont really know... nice conclusion' - funny cos it's true.

Yer, I aspire to be him. Wearing some shades, then taking them off, then wearing them again, so on and so forth. Also it looks as if he commands a small troop of puppets, so that's a bonus. The very end is brilliant - from 2.50 to 2.56 he goes from being incredible hulk to incredibly happy, excellent.

Well, I wasn't sure if open bar just meant like our own personal bar (so we get served quickly and whatnot) but we still had to pay, or if it actually meant free booze. I think my mind just couldn't handle the idea of the words 'free' and 'booze' being used in conjunction

I asked somebody today and they said 'Well its a bar......that's open. You know, it's not closed, it's open'. Yer, thanks for clearing that up

posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 01:09 AM
For today, my pet hate is people who Slurp their coffee on purpose.
Jeez man, if it's too hot leave it for a minute....

posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 11:30 AM
Pet hate for today - having to work for money instead of just being given it.
Ive had to apply for another part time job due to being quite poverty stricken at the moment, and I really hope I dont get it because its doing promotions. Trying to convince the hideous people in Mansfield that they need to go to a particular pub for no actual reason whilst freezing to death.. no thankyou.

Urgh, and hollyoaks. Hate hate hate. Hannah decides to move away the next day with her druggie boyfriend who has just turned up, tells her whole family, organises a party, dresses up & gets some insane hair do done, and attends said party with all her friends etc there... all in 3 hours. Things definately happen that quickly in real life.

reply to post by LiveForever8

However, when it comes back a few months down the line (which they often do) it is more powerful and dangerous

Dude, its flu.. its only powerful & dangerous if you are either a small child or an OAP.

Although, saying that my friend had it during the summer and he told me it made him go delerious, which actually sounds like a good laugh.
I have an amazing immune system, Ive not even had a cold in about a year! I ALWAYS get freshers flu though, horrible little children bringing their nasty germs to my uni.

I was most confused by the change in her language.. I like the rhubarb & mushroom better though, much more inventive using fruit & veg as insults.

I think Im actually stalking this guy now, Im spending waaay too much time on his profile.. he's had no more arguments today but about 15 mins ago he put this as his status:

retard: what a tune..... ravers united hardcore vibes sy and unknown remix

So of course I typed this into youtube, and this is what it came up with. A wonderful song Im sure you'll agree.

I never got round to doing any work experience. I should really do some though cos there's an annoying amount of people at my uni who have been offered jobs from doing it. This one girl I knew did work experience in her first year with Joules and then they offered to pay for the rest of her degree as long as she came to work for them when she finished. And she said no!
How did you manage to 'feck up' your first year? That simply isnt possible unless you were on one of those hideous courses that require you to get more than 40% to pass!

I liked these comments the best -

'This guy should do more PSAs in random places.

"Don't eat that burrrgerr! (You'll get fat) That burger's murrrderrr! (Just like that)"

"You f**kin' mind? I tryin' to eat here, guy." '


'Wait she asks what a stranger is, yet then replies that her parents taught her never to talk to strangers. WHY THE LIES?'

Those puppets are horrific, I cant look directly at them when they're on. And I cant actually cope with the cigar man, everytime I see him it sets me off laughing!

Haha yea, its only once in a blue moon that a free bar comes around!
'Open' must mean 'free' though because saying theres an open bar is just stating the obvious, like saying 'hey, we have open toilets!'

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posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 03:46 PM
Pet hates today - Hollyoaks, although this could be here everyday. WORST. PROGRAMME. EVER.

Oh, and this

reply to post by Bluebelle

Dude, its flu

Dude? Did you just actually say that?

My brother said he went mental when he got it, hallucinating and whatnot. It's worse for him too because he has asthma, he actually rang me up cos he thought he was going to die
I'm never ill either (touches wood) but I find that the one time something sneaks through I'm an absolute mess. Although that could just be me being dramatic because I'm not used to it.

Yer, you want to watch out in case you turn into one of those weirdos who gets obsessed with someone on Facebook. My old flatmate had a one night stand and the girl made the terrible mistake of accepting his friend request. He just used to sit there for hours at a time pressing 'refresh' over and over in the hope she would do something. Then when she did...he would strike!

ravers united hardcore vibes sy and unknown remix

Every single word in that sentence makes me want to vomit! And I use the term 'word' loosely. Music like that disgusts me and I find myself instantly hating anyone who genuinely likes it. It just reminds me of those tossers who bomb it round in a 'suped-up' crappy Nissan with purple neons underneath. I'm getting angry just thinking about it. Also how many different ways can you say the word 'tune'? According to the morons who commented on that video:

- tuneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e
- tunez

posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

I dont understand whats happened to Hollyoaks, I used to enjoy how ridiculous it was - gay priests, force feeding anorexics with cream buns, and the fact that every year without fail a serial killer would set up home in Hollyoaks.. now its just stupid. No one's even been raped for over a year. :shk:

No, it was a figment of your imagination!
But, if I did say it - hypothetically of course.. and what? At least Im not calling you 'baby' like in the matchmaking thread

I was beyond gutted when my friend told me he'd gone delerious, mainly because he told me after it had subsided. At the time I was in posession of one of these (it wasnt actually mine, I just stole it from a friend who did media studies), I would have definately gone round his house with it and scared the s**t out of him.

Then when she did...he would strike!

With what? Rohypnol?

I love the slyness of fb. This actually reminds me of a boy who my friend pulled last year. He added her on fb a few days after their romantic evening together, and it turned out he was engaged. He then started constantly 'poking' my friend, she played along a couple of times but even when she cancelled them he'd just do it again. Then about 3/4 weeks later we were both in the library, and this guy was sat about 3 rows away, facing us, which was mildly awkward as she didnt acknowledge him.
So she ended up on fb chat, and this guy starts talking to her. And what he said to her - and Im being completely serious - was 'We should poke eachother in real life
Imagine reading that and not being able to laugh due to him being sat so close by!

Try listening to the other songs, I have a mind to contact youtube about the false advertising occuring here, its exactly the same song but with different titles!
Mansfields the place to be for your boy racers and hardcore 'choons'. Check this out. What anyone fails to mention in this group is that this 'circuit' has traffic lights every 20ft along it so you never actually end up going over 15mph anywhere.

he also used to dress up as 6th century warriors and re-enact 'famous' battles so he's not to be trusted.

Oh my gosh, Ive always wanted to get harrowingly drunk and attend one of these, would literally be the funniest thing in the world. Id love to knock a few OAP's over.

Haha, oh the joys of first year... I wish my liver could still cope with going out 3/4 nights a week. And I wish I was still hardcore enough to make it to 9am lectures even if I was still horribly drunk.

Aww, dont worry, Im sure there'll be more 'I heart pokemon' seminars occuring at some point.


Did I tell you that another opportunity has arisen for me to possibly meet them?
Oh and please tell me you've seen this story - Baboon pushes man to death

posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 07:41 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

I went through a stint of watching last year, only because the flatmates wanted to of course. But I just couldn't handle the stupidity of it, there seemed to be a new theme every episode, a different little start were they are dressed as zombies or faeries or something else completely mental. Plus the 'acting' is pure cheese. One of my old best mates was offered the role of John Paul, the gay chap if I'm correct?

Oh, hypothetically of course, I would accuse you of being a 14 year old American boy. Possibly from the ghetto. Oh sorry I forgot, you are from Mansfield after all
'Baby', haha, we're about 2000 post short of calling each other 'baby' and even then I don't think I could stomach it

Oh my good lord that would have been gargantuan! I suddenly find myself asking why is it I do not own one of those things
And don't worry, you don't need to lie to me, we both know you didn't get that from 'a friend who does media'

Actually I haven't heard from him in a while so he could be serving some kind of sentence at Her Majesty's pleasure, he was deffo the 'rapey' type.

'We should poke eachother in real life'

What a guy! The problem with that little gem is it implies that your female friend has something to poke him with

Honestly I really couldn't listen to them, they all sound the same to me anyway, just noise! Is it me being stupid or does this not make sense:

'I used to (and still) go down on Mansfield Circuit'

Used to and still do? Is that possible?

There is no doubt that alcohol + replica sword = greatness! It's quite literally a license to kill.

I can always rely on my Pokemon, my sweet, sweet Pokemon

Another opportunity! Spill the beans immediately!

That article is so good I had to pinch myself in case I was dreaming of killer chimps again. Yes, again. I particularly like how they describe a baboon that has killed somebody as a 'nuisance'
I also love how the alpha male killer baboon is called Jimmy, perfect. 'Most baboons who plague tourists along the stunning coastline now face being put down if they attack three times.' - so three potential human deaths before these little scallys are put down? Yer, that sounds fair.

Also, re-read the article replacing the word 'baboon' with 'chav' and the story still makes perfect sense

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posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

It has got more ridiculous as time goes on.. But, the acting actually seems to have got a little better if this clip is anything to go by - rape 'o' clock. That was the first time I ever watched it, I had such high hopes for what other brilliant storylines there would be, but they never came. God bless Gary Lucy getting arse raped in the showers.

Also, is it just me or is Gary wailing, washing, AND dancing all at the same time? Wonderful multi-tasking there!
Back in the day I used to like all the characters, but I detest the newer one's. Well, apart from sexy Niall the serial killer. Who after hours of discussion, me and my friend decided the only reason we thought he was fit was because he was a murderer.
Oh and Darren's okay I suppose, but he doesnt wear enough string vests & medallions anymore.
Thinking about it, the only heart-warming, enjoyable moment Ive experienced on Hollyoaks lately is when Sarah plummeted to her death out of the plane. Im sure I heard her bones cracking when she hit the ground.

Ahh yes, John Paul, I hated that bender.

Haha, 14 year old boy maybe, but not from the ghetto! If I was from the ghetto I would be calling you 'bredrin' or 'brother from another mother'. You shouldnt diss Mansfield, I wouldnt want to have to send any of my man dem round to bust a cap in yo' ass. And in the immortal words of the best big brother contestant of all time - 'MEMBA I TOLD YOU'.

Babies nothing, if you're going to be cheesy you may as well go completely overboard and go with 'babyboo smoochykins'! If I see you engaging in any serious, philosophical debates from now on Im blatantly going to join in just so I can call you that and watch any credibility you have melt away into nothingness.

I wish the horses head was mine! I remember when me and my friend dan discovered it randomly in the kitchen. At that time we'd just returned from an insane alcohol/illegal substances fuelled night and so we ended up playing with it for a good 2 hours. Later on I nearly managed to convince him to come to the shop wearing the horse head. He only managed to get about 15ft away from the front door before he regained a little bit of his sanity. Such a disappointment.

That makes sense to people in Mansfield. Mainly because everyone is so illiterate that they've managed to form their own nonsensical sub-english language. Its quite beautiful really.

Well, to cut a long story short, this girl I work with does interviews with various bands, singers etc... and she's had permission of some sort to interview the guys on the x factor tour, and she's asked if I want to go with her!

Such a sly babboon! Jimmy is clearly such a menacing name to have.
Yea I thought that, if good old Jimmy was a first time offender then he's allowed two more goes at bumping off the tourists! Id like to know how they came to the decision that three is the appropriate number of attacks to be put to sleep. If a dog attacks someone then it gets put down straight away, but monkeys dont. And really that babboon is way more dangerous than a dog.
I wish in the picture on the article they had Jimmy sat there with a bottle of white lightning in his paw and a corsa with the standard boy racer body kit on in the background.

posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 10:28 PM
Ignorance, I literally can not be around ignorance or I'll flip out.

posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 08:50 AM
reply to post by Bluebelle

My internet history can now boast a new low......'gary lucy shower scene'
Your link was rather misleading though, I was promised some hot rape action and all I got was some mild flirting/violence. Haha, your right, wailing and washing is to be expected but he really pushed the boat out with the dancing. He had obviously took notes from Jim when researching for this scene, but not even Carey could have envisioned the dancing.

Well that takes the whole 'bad boy' thing to a new level. Although it's probably a bit of an oversimplification to call a murderer a 'bad boy'. I can't say I know any of these characters, didn't take much notice of the finely chiseled guys, the only up side of being forced to watch it was that the girls in it seemed to take any opportunity to take their clothes off.
The lad in question turned it down because he was massively religious, and as we all know, religious people don't like the gays.

Okay 'sister from another mister' you need to chillax
That woman was an absolute joke! I'd be more frightened of the likes of Kinga coming at me with a wine bottle than that stupid woman with her 'mans' gangster friends.

My brother is terrible for it, constantly calling his fiance 'babes' and the even more ridiculous 'sausage face' which he openly calls her in public!
"If I see you engaging in any serious, philosophical debates" - haha yer good luck with that, although I'm flattered you think I currently have any credibility

It's wonderful how after massive amounts of alcohol/drugs even the most simple things can be entertaining for hours on end
I shudder to think what I would have done had I stumbled across that horses head, it's surely the ultimate prop. Our flatmate let me and a mate play with her hamster whilst we were under the influence, it didn't go well. Needless to say hamsters are NOT good swimmers!

Mansfield certainly seems like a 'special' (
) place.

Why don't I have such connections
I hope you have said yes?

Jimmy is such a scally name, all thanks to Jimmy Corkhill methinks. Another thing from that article that seemed to slip under my radar was:

The tough rules were brought in last year after growing problems from the animals, who steal picnics, grab parts from cars and sneak inside holiday apartments.

Could it be possible that Jimmy and his motley crew are trying to build a vehicle of some sorts? A baboon is scary enough but one behind the wheel of a car is just plain harrowing!

posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 12:15 PM
Pet hate for today - cherry flavoured cola bottles. Ive eaten too many and I feel ill.

reply to post by LiveForever8

Oh I do apologise, I did promise you rape and didnt deliver... for some reason the actual rape isnt freely available to watch on youtube. But in this scene he appears to be raped with a can of silly string, I hope this makes up for the lack of penetration occuring in the other video.

Haha, just hope that no one comes along and has a nosy through your internet history, because any explanation that doesnt include you breaking down, admitting you're gay & are infatuated with Gary Lucy, just wont sound believable. :
Im shocked as well, the last 15 seconds of that video is exactly the same as the hollyoaks one, Jim Carey should sue for that blatant copying!
Actually, speaking of the gay rape scene has reminded me of my second favourite hollyoaks scene - 'Im not in the mood'.. 'WELL GET IN THE MOOD'. The perfect start to married life!

Niall wasnt really 'finely chiselled', he was just very tall and a complete psychopath. RIP.

You're friend missed out, he would have had the opportunity to get it on with hannah before he realised he was gay!

That woman off bb was amazing, I wanted her to get her own chat show.

'Babes' isnt that bad, Ive got friends that just call everyone that. 'Sausage face' is awful though, I dont even want to consider how that name came about! Luckily most of my friends who've got boyfriends/girlfriends arent horrible soppy people so I dont get exposed to any hideous pet names.

Well, I dont personally think you have any credibility, but Im assuming others do considering that your flag contribution level is a very fetching shade of blue.

Hamsters can swim!! My little one-eyed hamster used to be a very good swimmer.

Of course I said yes.

I think I might propose to them. Im definately going to wear a top that says 'I love Jedward' on the front and 'Joe is a w**ker' on the back.

I dread to think what they could be doing. Im just trying to imagine what they could possibly be doing sneaking into peoples apartments. Ive got visions of a family coming back and finding a load of baboons sat round in their clothes, drinking beer and watching porn. Or maybe holding a cocktail party.. the possibilities are endless!

retard: When im dead and in my grave, no more sex will i crave, upon my headstone it will be seen, here lies the bones of a shagging machine.


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posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 02:15 PM
My pet hate today - idiots who knock at your door trying to convince you there is a God by informing you that you are definitely going to hell and by generally insulting you

reply to post by Bluebelle

Apology accepted
That's the problem with YouTube, it's full of videos of funny cats and men with cigars but there is a distinct lack of rape action. That video is just confusing, I didn't have a clue what was going on, and who the hell carries around a can of silly string 'just in case'? The video also ruins the somewhat flowery reputation of silly string, you wouldn't exactly call a rapist 'silly' - 'sadistic string' maybe?

Haha, I would have a lot of explaining to do! Thank god for History ---> Delete
Gary Lucy tried to be sly about it by not including the toilet plunger part but I reckon if we sifted through the Hollyoaks deleted scenes we would find it there.

Why on earth did she marry him in the first place when he's obviously a humongous sex pest?
"I wasn't hungry then"
"Well I'm hungry now"
eeeee, and
"Your being an idiot"
"Your being a tease"
This guys got an answer for everything.

Really?! I bet he was gutted about that, haha sucker! She is awesome, but we could be related so I shall restrain from saying anything I may regret

Well if Steve Wilkos can go from being just a security person on Jerry Springer to having his own show then anything is possible. I bet Dr Phil went beserk when he was told that some unqualified jumped up bouncer had been given his own show
Which leads me to the conclusion that while Jezza is poncing around America our beloved Graham could maybe take over the reins somewhat. Imagine it

Haha, one of my brothers mates is terrible for it. He will log onto Facebook and write how much he loves his missus only to then log out and pass her the laptop so she can reply in kind. Just sitting there next to each other for hours at a time flirting back and forth. Sickening.

Haha, your probably right, having more blue than anyone else doesn't mean I have any credibility. It's like the Demetri Martin joke: "I think Employee of the Month is a good example of when a person can be a winner and a loser at the same time."

Well this little chap was terrible, although he was himself massively on drugs at the time so that could explain it. Wouldn't your hamster have just been going round in circles?

Propose to both of them? Surely that's illegal, you're going to have to choose, which one is it?

Would human porn really do the trick for them though? I mean, when I see animals mating on the nature programs it doesn't exactly give me the horn.

I'm devastated that I am not friends with this idiot, well not real friends just Facebook friends. I wouldn't actually want to have to spend any time in his company.

Oh, I see you have noticed that DarkCyrus is back with a vengeance. I was meant to tell you last night
Also, I was snooping through the Members Pictures when they were young thread only to discover you, as a baby, tonguing one of your dolls. They start early in Mansfield don't they!

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