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The Clone Conspiracy: Royal and Presidential Clones

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 05:59 PM

Originally posted by faulconandsnowjob
More on presidents...
An awakened humanity can SEE the robotic replicas as produced by Satanic instruction. For instance—compare the one Cheney and that one, Powell—as they meet with their brother, the 30th replica of Bush on the morrow. All have been wined, dined and exchanged at Camp David whilst you believe them to be “studying the military situation” in Saudi Arabia. The flaws in the replicas are so obvious that you do not even have to look carefully. These ones are programmed to tell you exactly that which will pull you into the beast’s claws as dead-ahead as a machine can move.

Thanks for all those instructive quotes. While the author seems to place most of the blame on the Russians he doesn't fail to see that they were themselves agents for another power.

This brings us back to the picture painted by Pal Sarkozy of a Grey Alien controlling his Presidential son, either originally grown as a clone or exchanged for a clone. Scroll to the right to see their objective.

We can also note that Aleister Crowley who was behind the propagation of Satanism in the 20th Century, extending its influence to Adolf Hitler during WWI and WWII, said he had been "chosen" by Lam, Satan, who appeared to him when he was at Giza in Egypt. There is a disquieting similarity between this Satan and what we today call a Grey.

There appears to be a disquieting connection between the evil entity from another dimension to which Crowley dedicated his life's work and a similar creature depicted inside President Sarkozy's head. Was Crowley deceived into mistaking an Alien Grey for Satan? Does Pal Sarkozy mistake Satan for an Alien Grey? Could they both be right?

This brings us to suspect that there could be corroborating evidence that what we refer to as demons or the devil are actually disembodied entities living in another dimension. Or if you prefer, we may forget when considering these beings as extra-terrestrials that they are far more different than would appear, being ill intended spirits which we might qualify as Evil.

If such inhuman creatures are no longer simply possessing individuals with heightened schizophrenic predispositions, but have moved on to directly control cloned duplicates of our leaders, then we must define a strategy to send them back from whence they came. Our efforts should therefore be spent on detecting clones in leadership positions, making this information as public as possible and devising ways to prevent clones from holding public office. Also we would be well advised to defeat their plans of bringing forth Helter Skelter and Armageddon, biblically depicted as untold suffering and wanton death and destruction inflicted upon Babylon (Iraq).

If only it were whacked out crazy people waging wars and doing this cloning. No such luck. It seems to be that demonic influences have cornered the market in Elite circles, and are advancing their agenda in many places. This is therefore not just an issue of our politicians being puppets, or of the electoral process being a farce. It isn't power hungry money grubbers, but something far more fearsome and with much worse plans for us.

Without getting overly religious or sanctimonious, there may be some lessons to be learned from those religions adept at tangling with such nasties, especially since standard issue ammunition is grossly ineffective against ethereal entities. Given the nature of this battle and the risks of the War to end all wars, if it can work, give it your best shot... paying special attention to not open a back door by using methods from the dark side, which surreptitiously empowers them. Fight clean, but fight hard.

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posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 02:57 AM
That is wild that Crowley said Satan looked like a Gray.

Pg. 212, Humanoid Robotoids/RNA, DNA Doubles (Genetic):

...Any more recently “transported” “little gray aliens” which are seen regularly and reported by ones who see them and cannot be denied, are mostly reproductions. You are watching the very duplicates made functional by Satan himself come to, what appears, life. It is not the same kind of “life” given through Creator in soul manifested, physical matter...

So, if Kissinger is a biggie and is also robotoid, WHO is the PUPPET-MASTER? You guessed it! The prince of deceivers, himself. You were told that—in the ending—Satan would be given total rule over the planet and you now have a very real entity deceiving you as a mass populace of the planet...

posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 03:18 PM
I thought you might like this video i just came across.

posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 06:00 PM
Did someone already post this article? Anyway, picture comps...

The throne clones: How the Royal Family inherited more than just their titles

This is kind of a funny story about warring factions using clones/robotoids to sabotage each other:

...On October 9, 1979 Carter robotoid No. 18 was scheduled to hold a news conference. Three days earlier, Brezhnev No. 2 had made his proposals in East Berlin for military reductions in Europe. Robotoid No. 18 had been programmed to react positively to the proposals but instead your alleged President said, quote: “I think it’s an effort designed to disarm the willingness or eagerness of our allies adequately to defend themselves.” The Russians were totally dumbfounded. This was a fresh robotoid, surely the recurring instability problem could not be showing up so rapidly. After the news conference, he was bundled off for examination and testing, and that produced the second big surprise. It was not robotoid No. 18 at all, but a total synthetic. The synthetic was then transported to Novosibirsk for further study. There, robotoid scientists were able to establish an important and unpleasant fact: the source of the genetic material used in generating the synthetic had been robotoid No. 18; and whereas the Russian robotoids vary somewhat from one to another, the synthetic was virtually identical in appearance to the missing robotoid No. 18. ...
4/17/91 #2 HATONN

posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 06:15 PM
In reallity it would proberly be easyer for aliens to use clones than use advanced molecular transformation technology.We may be looking at a different type of being here.The aliens have been experimenting with humans for decades.A hybreed alien who looks human but is alien inside.The aliens also use advance hologram technology as well.I beleive different aliens use different stealth technologies to spy on each other.Another species of aliens use invisability.But we all know invisable people can still be detected.Sometimes holograms fail and molecular transformation technology is even to advanced for the aliens to produce.

posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 07:21 PM
There are supposedly artificial beings that "are comprised totally of physical 'matter' manifested into what you perceive as physical coalition of these physical matter particles coalesced according to the DNA/RNA holo­graphic blueprint whereby the re-creation will be a projection of that which is being copied at the time of replication.
" [from]

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 02:26 AM

Originally posted by faulconandsnowjob
That is wild that Crowley said Satan looked like a Gray.

Hi Faulcon,

This is definitely one of the most important clues of the 20th century. For it alone at the present time can offer a plausible explanation of that century's official public rejection by the scientific community of anything Occult while maintaining many secret scientific research projects concerned with such matters. This also explains the satanic implication of intelligence operatives in kidnapping children for ritual sacrifice and their indulgence in so many depraved activities destructive of humanity that they can only be assessed as being compelled by a manifest will to harm us: the very vocation of the Prince of Darkness.

This is the very drawing sketched by Aleister Crowley of the entity he considered his Lord and Master.

Given its early occurrence, dating back to WWI, and Crowley's testimonial that this being possessed great mystical knowledge and occult powers, we can imagine that it was no coincidence that there is a similarity between its nefarious influence and the plague of alien grey abductions and manipulations taking place since that time.

Here is a link to an interesting analysis of this connection:

Aleister Crowley's Lam & the Little Grey Men

There is a passage in that article which might also, per chance, explain for the first time what on earth the significance might be of the Skull & Bones official nomenclature of 322. This can be seen in the mention of that text of a number of triple digit identifications which may carry some obscure numerological significance and which appear to be the numbers of agents of Evil or alien 5th columnists.

"The Cult [of Lam] has been founded because very strong intimations have been received by Aossic Aiwass, 718'.' to the effect that the portrait of Lam (the original drawing of which was given by 666'.' to 718'.' under curious circumstances) is the present focus of an extra-terrestrial - and perhaps trans-plutonic - Energy which the O.T.O. is required to communicate at this critical period, for we have now entered the Eighties mentioned in The Book of the Law. It is Our aim to obtain some insight not only into the nature of Lam, but also into the possibilities of using the Egg as an astral space-capsule for travelling to Lam's domain, or for exploring extra-terrestrial spaces in the sense in which O.T.O. Tantric Time-Travelers are exploring the Tunnels of Set in intra-cosmic and chthonian capsules.
Members of the O.T.O. who feel strongly attracted to this Cult of Lam are invited to apply for participation therein. It is open only to Order members. They should contact Frater Ani Asig, 375'.' of the Sovereign Sanctuary, O.T.O. and submit a formal, typewritten and signed acceptance of the conditions of Working outlined here.

Crowley was reportedly given the significant identification number 666 which he strove to deserve his life throughout by exploring ever deeper levels of depravity and desecration. Number 718 was given to Aossic Aiwass and Frater Ani Asig was 375. It could be imagined that founder of Skull & Bones William Huntington Russell was number 322. The satanic symbolism of their crypt in the Tomb building on the Yale campus is in full ideological and mystical alignment with the teachings of Lam.

We can also consider whether Skull & Bones was not founded in the first half of the 19th century with a special purpose, providing Skulls and Bones for use in Genetic engineering by these Alien demonic entities? Most of the reports of Alien Grey abductions, which are so numerous that counting them becomes useless, mention the removal of genetic materials and the use of abductees in hybridization experiments.

If technologically advanced Grey entities were in contact with people two centuries ago, what would have prevented them from engaging in similar activities. Surely there would have been no technological barrier if they already were far more advanced than us. In this light it would be useful to examine the practices of the unusual secret society Skull & Bones.

Given recent evidence of grave robbing by Bonesmen, we must consider whether this organization was not established to provide genetic material take from graves? This would explain why they collect the skulls of famous world leaders in their Tomb. It could also explain why so many eminent people dating back two hundred years seem to be strangely similar to famous predecessors. Resurrecting Czars and Caesars would only be a walk in park for anyone with sufficient technology to recombine the DNA of deceased emperors into a brand new clone.

Let us take one example for which there is considerable information, some photographic, some biographical. Back in the good old days, we can wonder if there wasn't a high tech project to take over the world using remote controlled clones. Here is some evidence which recently resurfaced. Click this link and scroll down to view a video of the CNN report.

Skull & Bones Grave Robbing

I will soon post a theory about what was probably done with the DNA taken from Geronimo's skull. This is but one example of a practice which has most likely been ongoing since the founding of this secret society.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 02:24 PM
Why impostors, why clones, for whose control?
The evidence of replacing leaders with doubles, of clones being created for the purpose of controlling humanity, of usurpers of Thrones and Presidencies, brings us to consider alternative theories of who is doing this and why?

Why speculate?
In the course of our investigation into competing possibilities, we must examine as many ideas, no matter how fantastic or unlikely, to see how they might fit into the evidence we may discover. For, if the most likely and plausible theories were correct, this thread would not need to exist as we would all just know why and for whose benefit what we know is happening is happening.

Theory I: Secret Alien Invasion
In the course of outlining theories, let us take a look at one of the dominant ones from the second half of the 20th century, the secret alien invasion hiding behind human appearances.

What did John Carpenter know?
The preacher in this 1988 film delivers a warning which sounds nothing like the preachers I've heard in city parks or on university campuses. Check it out here, from minute You can watch all the movie by clicking on the next parts, or just check out minute 3:30 to 4:30.

Then you can quickly zap to the next relevant passages here from minute 2:00 to 4:00 and 5:30 to 6:30.

And of course the notorious segment here after minute 2:00.

John Carpenter really gives it away here at minute 8:00.

Do the Clones work for Aliens?
I used to think this was an amusing idea, but really didn't see anything even remotely connected to our reality. With the knowledge of widespread control over our political and cultural leadership by way of substitution with actors or their replacement by clones, we must grant such a hypothesis more weight.

Where are these Aliens?
Although we don't have access to any such glasses, the more closely you examine the world through questioning eyes, the more visible their presence will become. The danger to them is from those who can see, otherwise why use such illusory tactics?

Why doubles and Clones?
Also, regarding the replacement of real people by doubles, does this happen because people wind up finding out too much? They are in control of politics and media. There we can find that many have been substituted. Furthermore, they also place clones from day one into such positions, maintaining total control without any security risks.

Background Info
Before there are too many outbursts of flames, we may want to consider the identity of the person who wrote the story The Live is based upon.

Ray Nelson wrote "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" having been around and lifted a few rocks along the path. He lived in Paris in the late fifties and hung out with some of the brightest people there including the most highly acclaimed philosophers of that time, Jean-Paul Sartre and his wife Simone de Beauvoir. This is no ordinary Science Fiction writer.

Real or FAKE Aliens?
Either somebody is going to an awful lot of trouble to make us think that there are aliens out there or down here, or else there's something to it. Several reports from the entourage of Wehrner von Braun, former head of NASA, indicate that there was a 3 phase plan to take over the world, the final phase being a simulated Alien attack using anti-gravity saucers and genetically engineered aliens. Which is true? One, the other, both or none?

Clones and Fake Aliens
If the Fake Aliens theory is correct, what better way to fool populations and deceive people from all professions from Fishermen to Scientists than by ensuring the compliance with such a plan of most of our leaders, key politicians and famous media celebrities. They would confirm the reality of such an event, relayed by controlled media, and this would make it True. From that point on all they'd need is military and legal compliance.

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 06:02 PM
In the original short story, "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" by Ray Nelson, the aliens were Reptilians.

...For a moment the reptilian head dissolved into the face of a lovable old drunk...

Story available here:

The miniseries V has just been remade. Again, dealing w/ Reptilian invading aliens.

Here's the original - available on YT

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 08:36 PM
I don't know about robotoids or other such stuff as is mentioned in this thread. I do have some good reason for believing that the cloning of human DNA may be old news. I have reason to believe that a goodly amount of cloning may have gone on in the second half of the 1940's and the first half of the 1950's. They were not test tube babies ,but carried in the womb and born in the usual way . Genetic material was introduced somehow into the egg and a genetic-related (related to the ancestor whom was being cloned) mother was recruited sometimes completely unaware and in other cases , volunteered. These replicas are living today and they all would be now in their 50's and 60's. Is Putin really Rasputin ? could George Bush jr. really Julius Caesar , he looks identical to the bust of Caesar ,found a couple of years , ago. Could all the major villains thru-out history be alive , this day ? Yes , provided they had some DNA preserved somewhere. I believe God of course knew all this and made provisions as an antidote .All the major saints with their bodies incorrupt , were also cloned. The nature of DNA is such that clones can also happen naturally in nature. Your great-great-great grandfathers exact formula could decide to line up and kick in once more when you were conceived. A good example of this is the blonde mongolian girl in whom it was proven that she shared the EXACT same DNA as her ancestor , an amazon warrior woman (see national geographic) She is not merely related to the amazon warrior , she is the EXACT same person

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 05:32 AM

Originally posted by aethernaut
...Could George Bush Jr. really be Julius Caesar, he looks identical to the bust of Caesar, found a couple of years ago...

Hi Aethernaut,

Great to have you with us in the quest to figure out the Clone Enigma.

There have been findings, which Faulcon brought to my attention, stating that when DNA is placed in a given ovum there can be slight changes to the original cloned entity. Also, there are differences between clones of the same original including eye socket placement, nose and ear cartilage, etc. So it isn't totally "carbon copy" technology when people are used. However, with the latest stem cell only technology using neither sperm nor eggs there may be closer matches than previously.

I think that what you mentioned regarding the Bush Junior clone, is that he was created by fertilizing an egg with Julius Caesar's DNA which was then carried by his mother Barbara Bush? If we are to consider the recent discovery of the earliest known statue of Julius Caesar, one of only two sculpted with him as a sitter, posing for this bust in person, it is probably the closest thing around showing what Caesar really looked like.

This bust is currently exhibited in Arles in the south of France, near the Rhone river where it was dredged up among countless shipwrecked Roman river boats, amphorae and statuaries. Give your suggestion that 43rd President of the United States of America was cloned using Julius Caesar's DNA we must consider this possibility by comparing whatever most valid traces there are of their respective physical appearances.

There are a number of strong similarities and we can also consider that some of the features sculpted by the Roman artist in presence of his Demi-God Emperor may have been slightly rearranged to make him look as imperial as possible? Features have been known to have had their proportions changed by sculptors for the psychological impact of a sculpture. A case in point is the far more recent Rennaissance sculpture by Michelangelo whose David has a larger upper body than lower body (including oversize hands) because the statue was intended to be placed on a church façade or high pedestal, and that the proportions would appear correct when the statue was viewed from some distance below.

Originally posted by aethernaut
...I do have some good reason for believing that the cloning of human DNA may be old news. I have reason to believe that a goodly amount of cloning may have gone on in the second half of the 1940's and the first half of the 1950's. They were not test tube babies, but carried in the womb and born in the usual way. Genetic material was introduced somehow into the egg and a genetic-related (related to the ancestor whom was being cloned) mother was recruited sometimes completely unaware and in other cases, volunteered. These replicas are living today and they all would be now in their 50's and 60's...

Any insider info you'd care to share?
You have sparked my curiosity. Could you share your "good reasons to believe" if they are of a specific nature? I understand that they may be common sense based on a lot of miscellaneous information gathered over the years and could be thus hard to summarize.

The Nazis brought "Super Race" Cloning to the USA
I am in a minority among those who consider the possibility of pre-existing cloning, since I think this may have started before the 20th century. However others consider that it probably was well underway by the middle of the 20th century due to the Nazi investment in researching eugenics and reproductive processes including the horrendous use of concentration camp prisoners as human guinea pigs, many of which were done with identical twins. We take it for granted that the USA and Russia shared their rocket scientists, with the Nazi aeronautics engineers starting up NASA. What became of their eugenics colleagues and of their genetic research?

Is our Hidden Government hiding behind Aliens?
Isn't it interesting that it was about at this time that people started to report having been abducted by aliens and having their reproductive organs tinkered with? Was it really alien hybridization or hypnotically induced transference of guilt to an extra-terrestrial boogie man? Did they maybe even go so far as to use genetically fabricated entities we call Greys to take our genetic samples and thus avoid all accountability?

Are Aliens using our hidden government to clone us?
Is there a secret agenda to engineer a more submissive cloned population with built-in mental governors (like the ones that cut off your car engine above 120mph) and enhanced characteristics of a given nature but lesser capabilities elsewhere? They would also be simultaneously designing the prototypical Super Leader by testing in real life leadership situations a variety of human genetic makeups using historically important people's genes in a new laboratory "test group" of modern day politicians or artists.

Regardless of who is doing this cloning, they are lying to us and manipulating humanity directly be creating whoever they want for whatever reasons they alone choose. They are also manipulating us directly by conducting human affairs remotely though these clones. They are also playing God with our destiny, since at least part of who we are and what we may become is impacted by genetic predispositions. The other part is that which contributes to integrated intelligence in genes derived from what deeply significant lessons we learn from life. Here it is presumably the same "controllers" who are manipulating our culture and society by brainwashing populations and steering our minds through media and commerce.

Colonized by Clones: an Anti-"Clonolization" Gameplan
Confronted with the unrolling of a Gameplan which is going our own best interests and rights to self-determination, we must develop our own Gameplan because the colonization agenda is advancing at breakneck speed. In such a Gameplan we need to improve clone identification methods and political tactics to use towards such entities and their manipulators. To share ideas about this, here is a link to a specialized discussion.

.Science and Philosophy of Identity

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 07:55 AM

Originally posted by faulconandsnowjob
In the original short story, "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" by Ray Nelson, the aliens were Reptilians.
Story available here:

Hi Faulcon,

It is a shame that your link no longer works. Maybe Ray Nelson knew even more than he let on to? We need to skim through his book to see what might apply to today's circumstances.

The Alien - Nazi Connection
When we consider the TV series V there are similar features although the source of inspiration is somehow different. Why is this? Kenneth Johnson who wrote and produced V says he was inspired by a Bertolt Brecht play which had come to be known as "The Private Life of the Master Race". Maybe this is no coincidence that we find an Alien agenda connected to the Nazi agenda which is still alive and kicking today.

Globalization for Alien or Nazi Control ?
The Nazi Continuum was discovered by British Intelligence in the 1940's confirming that they had moved their activities underground and were penetrating the Military Industrial Complexes of many nations through their economic interests maintained through a web of multinational companies they control and concentrate into ever larger monopolistic mega companies. On the political level the plan was to merge all countries in the world into regional power blocks which they would control. One instance of this is the current Pan Germanic control of the European Union. The final phase would merge these regions into a single New World Order under total control.

Germany celebrates Kristallnacht + 4th REICH

Nazi Eugenics and Genetic Engineering
The Nazis worked very hard to design the perfect Master Race. This effort was undertaken in many laboratories located throughout Germany and testing was conducted directly on human guinea pigs taken from Concentration Camps. Research was directed at sterilization of undesirable races tested on captive subjects, fertility processes using fertile or pregnant women prisoners, genetic engineering experimenting with identical twins.

Nazi cloning in the USA
That Nazi rocket scientists left Germany to continue their work in Russia and the USA where they even founded NASA comes as no surprise to anyone. Then why should you think twice about Nazi eugenics scientists moving their research to the USA or elsewhere after WWII ? This has no doubt happened and can explain why there is a surge of identifications of cloned people at this time and date.

Nazi built Aliens ?
Nazis were probably already experimenting with cloning while advancing such research. They may be at the source of the supposed Alien races seen by witnesses in underground bases, using genetic engineering to design creatures of unusual physical characteristics. We must grant weight to the coincidental appearance of the first recovered Alien Greys at Roswell, in the State of New Mexico which is where the Project Paperclip Nazi Scientists were integrated into the USA's secret research programs at Fort Bliss. Nazi fertility scientist Claus Clauberg is second from the right in the photo and Mengele can be seen right behind the rocket scientist in a white sweater to the left.

Operation Paperclip NAZI Scientists in New Mexico

Nazi Agenda or Alien Agenda ?
Did the Nazis just transfer their technology, or did they also import their Agenda? To answer this question is of paramount importance. We can examine but a few of the dominant influences in contemporary life to learn more about such a possibility. For example, they used Fluoride in water to subdue prisoners in concentrations camps. They must have found the most appropriate doses to dumb people down without substantially reducing their labor productivity, because this has become a commonplace practice today in public water supplies of many nations from the USA to Britain. The scientifically fallacious claims of using Fluoride as an additive for dental care also point to such a utilization for social control.

Propaganda and Nazi Mind Control
Under Goebbels, the Nazis perfected propaganda and mind control techniques, using music, cultural events, folklore, ideology and most other human aspirations for a better life and brilliant future to manipulate populations to extremes. We can now notice how such pervasive mind control has been deployed in our multimedia society with pervasive subliminal messages and brain numbing hammering of messages throughout our communications and interactions.

False Flag Alien Attack
Wernher von Braun may have been telling the truth on his deathbed when he confided in his German housekeeper that there was a 3 phase Nazi plan in the process of fulfillment. The second phase was yet to come. It consisted in artificially fabricating a form of Religious Terrorism to promote international instability and crises. This phase having taken place, the third and final phase was to use another False Flag scenario, of a massive fake Alien Invasion Armada, to precipitate the world's populations into their arms under the banner of a single global power called the New World Order.

Mind Control is Pervasive
There are a number of facts we should examine before jumping to conclusions. Today mind control and brainwashing by the media are widely recognized as omnipresent. However people still insist that this is only for a profit motive, to get you to spend your money. That illusion is working, the idea that people who already possess most of the world's wealth are really striving only to separate you from the few measly dollars they still let you have to convince you that you aren't a slave?

Genetics is an Advanced Science
Cloning is here, it has arrived mainstream. We can be cloned either in spare parts on in whole units. There is already a surprisingly uncomfortable number of our leaders and idols who are cloned. Cloning dates back further than we are being told, and the purposes cloning has been serving and will serve in the future are also being withheld from our knowledge.

Nazi or Alien Controlled Clones are among us
We are at this very time subjects of a hidden power which is weaving an ever extending web of complicities and mechanisms to subjugate us indefinitely. Do we take it? Or take them out

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 11:49 AM

Originally posted by Getsmart
Nazi fertility scientist Claus Clauberg is second from the right in the photo and Mengele can be seen right behind the rocket scientist in a white sweater to the left.

Operation Paperclip NAZI Scientists in New Mexico

Not wanting to induce false presumptions, the man in the front row wearing the short white sweater is Arthur Rudolf better known as the designer of the V2 rockets among other things. Josef Mengele is behind him to his right and our left. Scroll picture to see.

He is mentioned here because he has been invoked as having been involved in cloning George H.W. Bush's son George W. Bush. This Nazi war criminal may have designed, programmed and controlled the 43rd President of the United States.

George W. Bush is a Mengele Triplet

The other man standing next to Mengele, also behind Arthur Rudolf, is very different looking. He was not a scientist but a Nazi officer who made the Wehrmacht honor list for eugenic elimination of inferior races. His participation at this meeting paved the way to his becoming Secretary General of the United Nations from 1972 to 1981 and then President of Austria from 1986 to 1992. Despite such high diplomatic status as President, intelligence operatives knew his pedigree well enough to ban his State visits in many nations including the USA.

Who's Who of the Nazi Mob
There were quite a few other important historical figures of the 20th century present for that photo opportunity in 1946. When identifying them it is important to keep them sorted out and not get mixed up. These personalities are presumably the originals, and not identical clones kept secretly hidden away in a New Mexico army base. For it seems highly unlikely that even an advanced cloning program would have at that time so many replacements for key figures of the USA and Nazi Germany.

Master Race NWO Conspiracy captured on film
The presence side-by-side of powerful men from media to engineering, intelligence agencies to military operations, organized crime to politics, makes it far more plausible that this was a planning meeting to coordinate a common agenda of bringing about a New World Order. They include men who will later become heads of State and Religious leaders on several continents.

NWO lasting until the Year 5000
The Thousand Year Reich was actually designed to last more than 3,000 years. The way to reach such a seemingly unattainable objective was to remove much of human influence from the Reich, or World Order. The Order itself would rule. People would follow, whatever their place in the system. It is the Reich of a machine, a mechanism bent on crushing anything human which might contest its rule.

A Nazi Reich or an Alien Reich ?
For this very reason, its intrinsic inhumanity, it lends every appearance of being almost alien in nature. From this systematized obliteration of humanity throughout its spheres of influence within society, we are very close to seeing what we would imagine an Alien occupation of Earth would be like. But is it an occupation by Alien beings, or by an Alien ideology? Or are the Nazis inadvertently serving a master from elsewhere?

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 01:57 PM
Since most people are convinced that all the Nazi figureheads died at the end of WWII and that any further mention of them stems from an unhealthy obsession with the past, I'll get back to the detection of the Army of Clones invading the loftiest circles of executive power and investing the highest political offices of numerous States.

Turning our attention to Russia, here is an unusual duo which reminds us of Batman and Robin. After all, where else would you find a President say he'd be willing to swap jobs with his Prime Minister? Reality is stranger than Fiction, and in this case it is probably even stranger than Science Fiction.

Both current Russian leaders appear to have been genetically sourced in Roman antiquity, using the DNA of Julius Caesar's successors. Do we see their leadership style to be respectively more modern than that of G.W. Bush? We saw the Empire of the West led by Bush allegedly pitted against the Empire of the East led by Putin and Medvedev.

Here's that Dynamic Duo with their respective genetic fathers.

Medvedev next to Roman Emperor Tiberius

Putin next to Roman Emperor Augustus

Medvedev and Putin framed by their pair of Caesars

Slightly larger photo comparison here

Preliminary Conclusions
What should we make of this? If Bush as well as Putin and Medvedev were cloned from Roman DNA, what is going on? Is there a power somewhere capable of controlling both Russia and the USA at the same time? Why would 2 separate powers use clones to do their bidding, and why would each of these powers separately select Roman Emperors as DNA donors?

The CIA & the KGB as Co-Conspirators
Until further notice and evidence to the contrary, this situation we must consider a collusion between the CIA and the KGB now replaced by the FSB. The Bush family came to the US presidency after Bush 41's passage at the CIA. Putin came to the Russian presidency after a career in the KGB. Are these 2 intelligence agencies really antagonists or are they guilty of conspiracy with one another? Unless one of these agencies suddenly wakes up and does something about the Clone invasion, we have to assume they are part of the Royal and Presidential Clone Conspiracy.

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by Getsmart

We've seen that one or more United States Presidents have been placed in the White House by the Illuminati power broker Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzeziński.

Why would so insignificant a Polish immigrant become the "maker of Presidents"? It is claimed that he was born in Warsaw the 28th of March 1928 which would make him 91 years old today. However, he may not be whom or what he appears.

I'm going to put this in quotes as indicative of a strong belief, but my energy recognition isn't wrong, however, you may take it as it is, and as an opinion.

The cloning aspect is talked about by those who know something, including that the elite have cloned themselves, and even incarnated into their own children and grandchild since sumerian days, that went through the 12 tribes of Juda, and the Egyptian Royalty to the illuminati bloodlines, our worlds current crop of leaders, royalty, bankers, and corporate heads in many cases.

The man you mentioned and showed a photo of, "is an alpha draconian in source". His intense energy zapped me. There are quite a few in the above mentioned crowd, and even in the population, awake, aware and on assignment for many.

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 02:23 PM
Getsmart, S+F for you just for the insane amount of information here. If I had the time right now, I would try and read through the full thread. But since time is not on my side at the moment, I'll bookmark it and come back later, and I'll hopefully bring my take on the whole thing with me.

In all honestly though, the basic gist of the idea (if I'm understanding it correctly) doesn't seem that far off to me. If anything just by looking at Bush Jr. through the years, there is no way he is the exact same person from the beginning of his first term to the end of his second term.

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You needn't go further than comfort allows, but you will find that those in this thread probably also feel concerned for a variety of reasons, some personal. After all, why else even consider so unusual a possibility if there weren't compelling reasons to believe they might be true? Something to do with unconscious memories and intuition, sometimes supported with glaring evidence.


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...The man you mentioned and showed a photo of, "is an alpha draconian in source". His intense energy zapped me. There are quite a few in the above mentioned crowd, and even in the population, awake, aware and on assignment for many...

Hi Unity and welcome to the thread. You mention Brzezinski's energy as Alpha Draconian. I cannot personally vouch for where he comes from, but as they say in the movie "They Live", it ain't Wichita Kansas.

While I cannot say if it is pure Evil as we may have encountered it, or if it is that he is so inhuman and even "anti-human" that we invariably find him closer to a devil than a man. This must compel us to be very concerned that it was he who chose the 44th President of the United States and placed his son in the cabinet.

If you have a method, even improvisational, let us know how we can detect such entities. Should you prefer, there is that dedicated thread in the Doppels forum where we are seeking means to better identify doubles, clones and other non human entities.

Doppel Board Identification Section

Originally posted by Unity_99
The cloning aspect is talked about by those who know something, including that the elite have cloned themselves, and even incarnated into their own children and grandchild since sumerian days, that went through the 12 tribes of Juda, and the Egyptian Royalty to the illuminati bloodlines, our worlds current crop of leaders, royalty, bankers, and corporate heads in many cases.

Thanks for sharing these thoughts, or knowledge which was revealed to you. If this is the case, then the biblical "pact with the devil" which mentions the surrendering one's soul in exchange for eternal life might be more literal than metaphorical?

If this is the case, where would the know-how or alchemical powers to operate such a process come from? Ancient human civilizations they are keeping secret from us, aliens visiting or colonizing our planet, or dimensional demons using black magic?

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We must assume that only 3 possible candidates for such a continuous and lasting presence are known to us at this time.

- Secret Society Occult Mystery Schools which have transmitted ancient lore up to the present day

- Demonic alien entities from another dimension which "possess" the souls and minds of our Rulers

- Extra-terrestrial aliens interfering in our Earthly affairs for an unknown agenda

Very well said, what else can be said about this issue? Having spent a good many years researching the Holy Grail, and the Bloodline of Christ, I have come to some pretty startling conclusions. We know the Secret Society Occult Mystery Schools have accumulated not all, but a great deal of important information on things like: coming Earth events, the Pole Shift, Atlantis location, and ancient spells and rituals the Egyptians and others used long ago to bring about what the operators wanted to happen. For those Christians here, God didn't help Moses, Moses knew exactly what he was doing.

I wouldn't call the alien entities we encounter "demonic." They are what they are, ET beings from other planets and dimensions. I believe a "demon" to be a former living human being who for some reason did not go into the Light, being neutralized and reincarnated,
(again, sorry Christians, reincarnation is very real) or was so full of anger, strife, worry, and all of the other human emotions we all fight with each day, and, they stay here on this plane. Now I may be all wet about this, but I have encountered what I am pretty sure was a demon a few times. They have only the power you give them, and no real power of their own. If the religious types were correct, and these demons are powered by Satan, a power akin to their God himself, we would all be in serious trouble. Walking about in the spirit world has taught me a thing or two.

You last sentence, "Extra-terrestrial aliens interfering in our Earthly affairs for an unknown agenda," is right on. We do not know what they want, but it seems to be all about control. They cannot control our Souls unless we let them do this. this is why it is necessary, if one is to escape this prison planet, is to learn what it is TPTB know and practice, by any means possible. Good thread, folks!

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