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Remote viewers: have you seen past 2012?

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by sciencenewby

Originally posted by sciencenewby
call me a skeptic or a flamer but I have some simple questions I need answered.

1. When "remote viewing" how does one tell what date it is? is their a calendar nearby always that is turned to the right page?

Usually that's integrated with the viewers target by the context of the subject being viewed. Meaning, if your target is to view this picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, you would get a random target number like: E4T57298 and told "go!" or whatever....

So if you see 2001 Honda civic on the bridge with other similar year cars, it's because it's in the target and gives you an idea of when in time the target is specified.

Inverse if the target was the map coordinates for the bridge (37°49′11″N 122°28′43″W) you could get all kinds of returns from viewers including the bridge and maybe what happened there thousands of years prior. Just depends on the viewer and the target.

2. When "remote viewing" how do you know which alternate reality you are in? because if im correct they aren't conveniently numbered.

Your intention should be to focus on something in this collective reality, so it's the viewers own interpretation that will take them into the wild-where-ever, not necessarily the data. So really as a viewer you should know you're dealing with "this" reality which is dictated by our collective choices.

3. When "remote viewing" how do you see into the future when the future is not written because it has not happened yet?

You're looking into possibility versus probability really. "Now" is always now in the future or the past of the perceiver and "now" is always changing. It's not really a paradox as much as a self perpetuating cycle. Even if you don't have conscious knowledge of something, doesn't mean the probability of it happening will go down either. Especially since Remote Viewing is more subconscious work then it is "guessing" like one would usually think.

Like when Joseph McMoneagle remarked in his book Memoirs of a Psychic Spy about targeting a top secret warehouse that the soviet's where creating there then new submarine in the middle of the ice in Siberia. No one believe their views where accurate because they weren't next to water. But they where seeing a massive sub with two hulls being welded together with an even bigger shell over both of them. Then the viewers started seeing bulldozers and ice picking machinery brought in and a channel being dug. Weeks later, out come the ice movers, a channel is dug, and like a proverbial steel poop, drops the new sub into the channel which could then all be verified by satellite.

4. How can we rise into the "4th dimension" when the 4th dimension is called "time" or "space time" which is where we already exist.

Exactly! It's more about realizing we are already everything & nothing. We don't have to "rise" or move anywhere, we are already eternally "there" at a pure conceptual level. There seems to be a lot of confusion when you hear people talk about ones "vibration". They talk about it like it's fantasy, or only an ideal. It is very real and can be see in the way your body gives off it's various signatures, like your temperature in various parts of your body, you blood pressure, even your thoughts as those give off electro magnetic pulses as well unique to how you perceive the world at any given time. Raising one's vibration is to raise one's consciousness of these and all things, especially about one's own self. If you can't get over your own BS, your views are going to be crap anyways. If you participate in "psychic breaking and entering", it will effect you. If you have a really bad addiction, it will make your mind see only that instead of the target, etc.

I hope that helped somewhat. I'm not a remote viewing authority, just a serious student who's had other experiences too outside of remote viewing that has given me further perspective on some of the subjects.

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 04:23 PM
I posted this before, but I'm going to repost it with some modifications, because I feel it's important for everyone to know. When I was little, I used to get asked what superpower I wanted to have. While most people said they wanted to fly or become invisible, I said I wanted to know the answer to every question and life mystery there was to know. Afterall, if I knew everything, I could find out how to attain flight, invisibility, and every other known superpower that most people wanted. Little did I know that this was actually going to become a reality a few years down the line.

Without getting into specific details, 2012 entails an "upgrade" of our DNA (our DNA was downgraded in the past by creator god extraterrestrials known as The Reptilians, or Annunaki) that will significantly increase brain capacity and function. When this happens, there will be incredible power. People, simply by coming together and jointly intending something, will instantaneously manifest what they want. With the upgraded DNA, you will be superhuman. You will know everything. Would you like to walk on water? Would you like to be telepathic? Would you like to travel to another dimension, or be in two places at one time? Remember that anything is possible, and so as you intend for something to occur in the melting pot of infinite possibility, so shall you be downloaded with the information (consciously) on how to manifest it, because you will be a telepathic receptacle for extraterrestrial energies that will be broadcasting information to you from various parts of the universe. You will be a living encyclopedia, and you will have access to any information you want in order to manifest whatever it is that you intend to manifest so that you could create a desired future for yourself and the planet. All you need do is set out an intention, or a strong inner desire for something, and you will just consciously "know" how to attain it. Think about this concept for awhile and how it relates to what you currently might know as "intuition" (knowing).

This is the reason why remote viewers cannot see past 2012 -- there are an infinite array of possibilities for what can happen. Remember, whether it being in our individual lives or collectively as a species, the course of the future is not fixed and never has been; we have been creating it with every thought and intention we've ever entertained. What happens in 2012 and beyond is no different, except that it will be occuring in a much more literal and instantaneous sense. The process will be happening at a much faster rate.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by hermantinkly

Your way off.

By the way Annunaki were of a different era.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 05:34 PM

Originally posted by nepafogo
reply to post by SaturnFX

You need to look further than just the Mayan prediction. Just look at the state of the world right now and tell me it doesnt look bleek. The entire middle east is ready to implode into a major war and most likely will be devastating. Financial meltdown worldwide. Extreme weather (major earthquakes, tsunam's, typhoons, hurricanes etc etc). Swine flu and vaccination propoganda. Civil unrest in the USA ( i suspect a civil war is not that far off). [ /QUOTE]

I agree on your account of current state of events but I disagree on the outcome.

I have been listening to youtubes of alex collier and dave wilcock. Over the last few weeks I have asked for contact from the andromedans.

I know this sounds strange but this is ATS. I feel as if I have been enlightened with what seems like a download into my brain of incredible clarity. I've been working on an essay but I haven't had the time to edit it and post it.

An awakening is occuring. We are about to have the fog lifted from our eyes and hearts. You must remain positive. The PTB are losing their control over us.

Try to keep an open mind. The future is bright ahead. I hope to have the essay done in two weeks. Realizations will be painfull but obvious. Sorry for the vagueness.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by zarp3333

I just am in such awe that people are still against some "shadow" government. When they don't realize that there is vastly higher powers at work here.

ALL IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. As it's always been for eternity.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 06:39 PM

Originally posted by win 52
[For me, I will leave this biological unit Oct 14, 2011. That is a date I have been aware of since birth. I only recently associated it with graduation day.

That's quite surprising.
Do you know more information about the following years and its transformations?

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 06:46 PM
Your report looks interesting because I have had similar or completementary visions, thus it seems they are genuine visions and not some imagination.
But even with visions, I take them with a grain of salt.

In my visions, my home town is still there, and it is still by seaside by 2020. The color of the sky was different, kind of more whitish.
But I also had undated visions of a great flood.

Still, on that 2020 I had the know that some parts of the world became unhabitable.
On a vision dated 2060, the civilization where I lived resembled post-apocaliptic, because people were living in small communities with tents and small stone-built houses. So, there is a general mood that is equivalent to your "visions" or "dreams".

Even more astonishing is the fact that I had frequently visions of battles in the sky and also a green phosphorous light in the sky, yes thats it.

Yours was also greenish?

PS: that light was occuring in 2012.
dates in my visions are not dated, I simply know the year (yes, it's difficult to explain, but it is just a knowing)

Originally posted by Doc Mons
I’m not sure what date I viewed, but I do most certainly believe that I remote viewed forward in a deep meditative sleep.

I mostly remember jumping great distances, bending time to run fast, in a city that resembles my own (Tucson, AZ), only the entire valley is filled with water, such as a coastline. If you've ever seen Tucson you know its surrounded on all sides by a bowl of mountains. Industrial structures are very crude and massive, something you would see if hordes of unskilled laborers tried to build as sturdy a structure as they could.

In these cities there are still "old" buildings. And by "old" I mean, familiar to us from this time, however, they are all completely gutted and burned, as though an atomic blast ripped through them.

There are areas of civilization that you simply don't go unless you are armed with knowledge of the possible consequences. It is the inhabitants themselves of these areas that are the point of worry. I've seen many times in scenes in which there are “flocks” people who wear ratted clothing, unkempt, smelly, it isn't a rare occasion to see one of them bleeding from the ear. They look and act like normal people for the most part, its just that their sense of reason is almost completely gone while basic instinct still remains (sleep, comfort, food, sex). They walk around without purpose or goal, following whatever promises interest or warmth, as a moth to light, and always in the desolated parts of the city. As if they are still trying to believe its real.

My take on this is that in the light of whatever may or may not happen in 2012, it will but humanity through the greatest emotional and spiritual strain ever known. Many people will not be able to handle it and the frontal lobe (closest to the eyes and where all our uniquely human thoughts come from) will undergo so much stress that it will become obsolete. I won’t even try to guess as to how.

I have had more visions like this. Including a giant phosphorous light that descends out of the sky like a HUGE falling star during a space battle over the skies of earth......but this was long before I started to seriously remote view.

I don't claim that anything I've seen in these states are fact. But the correlation in relation to the possible physical repercussions of such catastrophic events is stunning. These "dreams" or "visions" were how I first started to be inspired to research these prophecies.....

First post on ATS. Glad to be here!

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 06:48 PM

Originally posted by Lewis76
reply to post by Psychonaughty

I am not disagreeing with you, but i feel we're all in the same boat here, and to say that you absolutely know whats going to happen, and speak in such a condescending tone.... doesn't show anything to me.

If i had a clear dream, so absolutely real about what was going to happen, or if i studied it for years, ultimately at the end of the day, we all don't know what is going to happen. Plus, the thread is to hear other remote viewing angles on this future event.

Nobody knows exactly what will happen due to the infinite amount of distortions that can take place.

Though I do know the general idea of whats going to happen like I said in previous posts, I will no retype it all again.

No such thing as 'free will'. It is a myth.

Causality my friend, everything (EVERYTHING) you do is a result of causes.

No it is not a myth.

Free will is based on knowing of different choices that one may take, these choices are indefinite, infinite, all with smaller miniscule to mass scale outcomes.

If there were a cause, I have an infinite amount of choices that I may appeal to without any higher power dictating otherwise.

2012 is the end of this cycle for this planet, anyone who is polarized enough will move on a higher frequency of vibration with the earth as it trancsends to a 4th density planet,.

This does not mean your body that your physically enveloping goes too, nor does it have anything to do with someone being worthy or not.

Anyone who is not ready will simply incarnate into a 3rd density replica of earth for an entire other cycle. This does not mean they are terrible people they are just simply not ready.

It's been like this within this galaxy of ~200 billion stars for the indefinite amount of time at which it's existed, as well as the infinite multi-dimensional UNIverse.... For eternity.

All is how it should be. Do not fear death, understand uncoditional love and being.

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 07:03 PM

Originally posted by Psychonaughty
reply to post by zarp3333

I just am in such awe that people are still against some "shadow" government. When they don't realize that there is vastly higher powers at work here.

ALL IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. As it's always been for eternity.

That is not totally correct. There has been out of control dark forces that spread throughout different universes. You see, there are multiple universes and each is assigned to different specific creator gods, by the prime creator. One universe creator god was infected with darkness by a flaw in her orignal design which she then amassed forces to spead throughout other universes, and there was a very powerful energy field blockade that prevented any sort of "rescue" by the light forces. We live in a such infected universe. In these dark universes the connection to prime creator has been severed and our spiritual growth evolution has been extremely slowed, until now.

Unbelievably, it has taken over 500 million years for Prime Creator to prepare a powerful enough solution to finally eliminate this incredibly strong and spreading source of Darkness within our Fallen Sector of Creation. Over this time He has had to create a separate special new Creation within the outside Great Void totally from scratch, and which has been especially designed to create very powerful Beings with the force within their makeup to successfully battle the Forces of Darkness. At last, these newly created "Warriors of Light" are starting to enter our area of Creation and deploy their superior diamond-hard strength to successfully attack and destroy all our un-reformable Forces of Darkness. They do allow those that are prepared to make a genuine return to the Light to reform themselves under strict supervision, but those that totally refuse to do so will be re-absorbed into the basic matrix of Creation. [more about this in Chapter Ten]

taken from:

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 07:35 PM
reply to post by DarkCyrus

You still are way off.

Theres no "dark" energy only darkness in the absence of light. No light in the absence of darkness.

Here's a better site:

You act like there are opposing forces between higher beings, what you don't realize is that at a certain point outside of the narrow 3rd density perspective is that of uncoditional love and light.

It's all a Unity, infinity, there is not many, for many-ness is finite concept.

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 08:05 PM

Originally posted by Psychonaughty
reply to post by DarkCyrus

You still are way off.

Theres no "dark" energy only darkness in the absence of light. No light in the absence of darkness.

Here's a better site:

You act like there are opposing forces between higher beings, what you don't realize is that at a certain point outside of the narrow 3rd density perspective is that of uncoditional love and light.

It's all a Unity, infinity, there is not many, for many-ness is finite concept.

[edit on 15-10-2009 by Psychonaughty]

I never said you were wrong. And I never said anything about not knowing about higher realms.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 08:06 PM
Perhaps you have a direct question in relation to what I have just said. It seems you dont understand

Watch this to get a better understanding. It explains how regular souls develop to a point where they become creator gods overseeing whole universes.

The fact of the matter is that we have free will, and we live in a polarity state which is infact including the lower level vibrational frequency's and we live in one of the lowest vibrational frequency phsyically possible. And we have the choice what we want to do, what we think, and how we act, which interepeted spritually means we have the choice of light or dark. Infact there really is no such thing as light or dark but that concept is so far beyond anyones understanding that is to be totally missinterepeted.

I feel like a little respect is in order. Im not asking you to respect what I say or do, Im only asking for your complete understanding which is a spiritual concept that you dont seem to have. This is a perfect example of people who read and read but dont follow or understand any of its true meanings.

May god bless your soul and thank you for your response.

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 08:37 PM

4) There is a debate about this still. I believe we are moving to the 5th. Realistically it has no significance though. It does not matter, it is what it is. There is no real point in labeling it. I like Bruce Lee's analogy here... A master points and the moon and tels his student to look. He turns to his student and says "Don't focus on the finger that points or you will miss all the wondrous glory it is pointing to"

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions spiritwarrior but this one still does not make sense to me for one simple fact.

According to dimensional theory... now correct me if im wrong I am no expert. All dimensions exist. our eyes just limit which ones we are able to see. So technically speaking we are living in the first second third fourth fifth million and one dimension... we just cannot perceive them.

so when you say we "rise" into the fifth dimension you actually mean we are able to see what is already there? and if that is the case we would have to "rise" into the fourth first because we cannot currently see the fourth with our eyes.

Just to give everyone else a heads up into what im talking about. Our eyes see in 2d but we can perceive 3d. we do not actually see objects in 3d. to see an object in all 3 dimensions you would have to see all sides of it. We can tell theres another side to the wall but we cannot see it for example.

but theres a fourth dimension. One that is completely invisible to our eyes. if we gain the ability to see in 3d then we will be able to visually tell that the fourth dimension is there.

we know the 4th dimension exists because it exists mathematically.

so all that being said. I am guessing "rise" into the 4th or 5th dimension and so on. You mean we can see or perceive things that already exist.

aka we will have a new ability of understanding our surroundings and how the universe works.

sorry to take this post sorta off topic... but its kinda relevant if we are suppose to be rising dimensions in 2012.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 09:00 PM

Originally posted by Dometheus
Interesting subject.
Here are a couple of links I found:

Remote viewing 2012

Tibetan Monks Remote View 2012

Tibetan Monks Remote View 2012 Documents

S & F for a good subject.
Will post more as I find them.
Ok i am a tibetan and what our religion says is that the world is gonna end one day but it ain't gonna be anywhere near 2012 so yea, i am confused about whoever posted the above article....

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by sciencenewby

When you see "rise" think "increase one's awareness of" or "consciousness of". Check out my last post where I elaborate on that in an answer to your 4th question.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 09:23 PM
reply to post by HighEye

Viewing the future has been done many times.
- Hypnosis -
Our eternal spirits stretch forward and backward through time.
When hypnotized tell them to move forward in time.
What do you see?
They see hovercraft.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by Ufokrazy

Tibet has an underground alien base nearby.
Have you seen any UFOs there?

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 10:30 PM
2012 will arrive much the same way the year 2000 came about with fear taking over many, only to find out nothing happens. This continues into the month of January as many are certain of something.

Wayyyy off man and women will live under ground because of the harsh and changing weather conditions. Plains will start to get under way next year on building and surviving under ground. This needs to be put in place as soon as possible. Man/women will survive and the earth in time will heal itself. God is in control but man has his own will and freedom and almost destroys himself. Theres more ...

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by sciencenewby


i do not percieve that you are being intentionally antagonistic. in the interest of furthering an understanding of dimensional theory, i have created a new thread


posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by DarkCyrus

I'm just saying that in the end everything will go back to the light at which it came, there is no dark path.

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