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I was born into the "bloodlines" and went rogue

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:16 PM

Originally posted by clandestiny

Man, that was a mouthful wasn’t it? I’ll be back later after taking a break and doing some exercise.

Break for exercise? From what you've said in your story, I would think you would be way too busy saving the world to even make this thread, much less get in some gym time!

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by Hazelnut

Originally posted by toddtenexpa
reply to post by clandestiny

You have my attention clandestiny. Very intriguing post. I have my own theories about the food we eat having ingredients there are added for alternative reasons.

Could you possibly be referring to something like the bag of Green Giant Peaches I bought 2 weeks ago which were hard as rocks that are still attempting to ripen in the fruit drawer of my fridge? Something is wrong with those peaches. Normal peaches would have turned soft and brown within 5 days. These peaches are still rock-hard and have little to no flavor. I ate one 3 days ago and another one today. The rest in the bag are still preserved in their pre-ripened stage. Is that normal? Or is their condition due to chemical intervention?

Peach Viagra. It took the blue pill

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:24 PM
So you're saying 2012 is another y2k? Just media enforced fear of something that won't happen? This is no surprise. It is weird though, more and more on t.v. there are shows about Nostradamus, Nights Templar, 2012, Mother Shipton and so many other "conspiracy" themes getting at "the end times". It would be no surprise that the elite are just trying to scare the general public so when the time comes there will be mass hysteria.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:24 PM

Originally posted by StonyJ

So we're being poisoned, starved AND having our climate manipulated?

All of this is being controlled by descendants of Jesus Christ or the "House of David"?

Is this the gist of your truth so far?

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True descendants of Jesus Christ would not have ever plotted to destroy. Therefore, they ceased to be descendants as soon as the plot was hatched. They are deceivers. They are satanic. It is that simple. You do the research, the illuminati/NWO are worshippers of satan.

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:25 PM
It is a little selfish of those members who don't wish to read, to keep adding insult after insult, some of us want to read, simply because it is a welcome break from the same old stuff turning up day after day.

If you think it's BS then go to another thread and let us get on with this one, and stop making yourselves look ignorant.

And this does not mean I am falling for this hook line and sinker either, some of what the OP has said makes sense if you have have taken notice of some of the changes over the past two decades, yes some of us are that old.

As others have said come back in a day or two and see if it's the same.

If this person is speaking any truth, it's obvious there will be those determined to make them stumble, if there is any truth, then somewhere someone is having a cow and wants it stopped, probably starting with the creation of new accounts to add distraction and trying to derail.

Give those of us who are interested the chance to keep reading without boring the crap out of us with stupid and senseless comments.

We get the message you don't like it.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by PenandSword


Didn't see that one coming.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:28 PM
If I am asked a question that the answering of will aid in telling this story, I will do it as fast as I can. What many of you are demanding is impossible to give because of how long it would take to provide. And I am not going to give my name. Besides, how would you know I was telling the truth if I did. So my name would be out there with my not having any cover from the fall out this is going to create while there would be no reason for you to believe that it is really my name. In fact it is so obviously linked to the Templar story that you would think I was lying anyway.

What we did to offset the plan before the winter of 1999 was to force the Clinton administration to flinch on July 26 by prompting a news reporter to ask questions around Washington about MTBE causing the drought. We kept the pressure up until MTBE was quietly taken out of gasoline. The resulted was that the water vapor that had massed over the US settled slowly during summer, which did result in some hurricanes, flooding, and subsequent earthquakes, but not on scale that prompted thinking it was the end of the world. Well, actually it did cause a lot of people to speculate the end was near. But it wasn't close enough to the change in millennium nor violent enough for those beliefs to resonate deeply.

By the time the other teams sleeping forces were rallied so to clamp down on Washington and get MTBE back into gasoline, there wasn't time to pump up the atmosphere with enough water vapor to cause the level of damage needed to act in concert with the Y2K virus to pull of their con job. Meanwhile, my people moved into a position where they could exploit this story using it to begin dismantling the other teams assets. We’ve been at war with them ever since, and they have lost every battle, except 2012 and ethanol. They simply refuse to give up on it at this point so we are going in for the final kill. If this works, exposing this story through ATS, it will save me a lot of time and work. But I have other programs working that will bring about the same result if this stalls or is undermined.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by PenandSword

I think if you read the OP again you will see that has been said by the OP, the God they worship is not the God you think, and I am also remembering they said, the bloodline to what we would consider the same as Christ, not that it was.

Going to read again I need to recap.

Although if it was assumed that this plan was created by God, it’s theorist would have been mistaken, unless they knew God to be a man, or group of men, descended, or alleging to descend from, Jesus Christ, which are my ancestors.

I guess that can be taken several ways, but points towards control through Religion.

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:33 PM

I can beat you.

Mine's so secret, they won't even tell us about it.

Beat that for "rogue."

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:33 PM
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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:35 PM
So you are decended from the big JC? Another Jesus complex sufferer on ATS ~~Sigh, ok where to start.

Lets go with your sacred math. 2000 years since christ was born divided to get 666. Well that only counts if you use BC ar AD as your time/calender measurement. I dont. There were humans well before the year 0 on the gregorian calender. Humans apply time, time doesnt technically exist as we apply it. Some choose to apply it in the Gregorian calender, others dont. This 'fear tactic' to bring in the number of the 'beast' is inaccurate math anyway and very transperant.
Its 98% confirmed the 0 year is actually wrong, and in fact its a 2-3 year year discrepancy...does that throw out your math?

Whilst there are certainly naughty PTB in corporations refusing to move us to sustainable renewable fuel source. The big oil companies have found away to remove the pollutant from the air and make synthetic oil using Algae. Keeping us using oil, but by removing pollutants, so how did this critical piece of NWO control slip past your desk? Maybe it was placed in your intray whilst you were out excercisng. This will be Exxons fuel in the coming decade (after 2012 lol)

Algae that can turn carbon dioxide back into fossil fuel - it sounds too good to be true. How is this going to work? Algae use carbon dioxide to generate a number of oil molecules, via photosynthesis, as a way of storing energy. People have been trying to make them overproduce the oil and store it. We're changing the algae's gene structure to get them to produce hydrocarbons similar to those that come out of the ground and to trick them into pumping these hydrocarbons out instead of accumulating them. As other groups get CO2 sequestration techniques going, we'd like to take that CO2 and get the algae to convert it back into oil. The aim is to prevent it from further increasing carbon in the atmosphere. How do you get from algae oil to oil you can put in a car or jet engine? The next stage is to take the algae's biocrude, put it into Exxon Mobil's existing refineries, and try to make the same products that you get from oil that comes out of the ground. So the goal is to make gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel out of the same hydrocarbons we use now - just from a different source. Instead of pulling the carbon out of the ground we're pulling it out of the atmosphere. How soon do you think that can happen? There have been a lot of announcements from small demonstration projects claiming they're going to have major new fuels in one or two years. Our aim is to have a real and significant impact on the billions of gallons that are consumed worldwide. Materials used to make a vast range of products - clothing, carpets, medicines, plastics - come from oil. The goal is to try and replace as many of these as possible. The expectation is that doing it on this scale will take five to 10 years. So will Exxon be producing nothing but algal power in 10 years' time? I think that's highly unlikely. The real test is going to be how simply this can be produced so it can compete with oil prices. The challenge is not just doing it but doing it in a cost-effective fashion. What makes you think that you, unlike anyone else, can do this? Well, we've had some breakthroughs in terms of getting the algae to secrete pure lipids [oils] but I think the real trick is the partnership that we have - the financial resources we now have available to us and the engineering and oil-processing skills of Exxon. Exxon has a poor reputation on climate-change issues. Won't partnering with them damage the project's green credentials? Quite the opposite. I think the fact that the largest company in the world has gone in this direction after several years of study is good for all of us. I've said many times this change can't happen without the oil industry. They have a reputation for studying things for quite a while and acting in a large fashion once they become convinced of an approach. I don't see how it can be bad news if somebody makes a major change in direction for the benefit of the planet

You are perpetuating fear here as your system to get 'followers'.

This behaviour is the same technique as those 'masters' you claim to reject.

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by clandestiny

Let me ask you a question.

What was the Knights Templar secret language?

Let me ask you another question.

The Y2k virus..Can you explain what it was supposed to do in technical computing terms?

I mean did it overwrite the hard drive, did command the computers fan to stop blowing WHAT exactly was this alleged Y2k virus supposed to do?

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:37 PM

Originally posted by clandestiny
MTBE and ethanol can act as fuels, of course. But even in engines designed for gasoline, that have been being engineered for that purpose for over a hundred years, are still only around 20 percent efficient, meaning we waste 80 percent of the potential power in gasoline.

MTBE and ethanol (anhydrous ethanol) need high compression ratios to combust. Most engines these days have low compressions and have never been ported so even gasoline won't burn efficiently in them Gasoline and MTBE/ethanol are called oxygenates and are totally different than gasoline. Its like the difference between diesel and gasoline, you can't just run them in engines they are not designed to run in.

But really oxygenates were designed not to burn so as to cause excessive levels of volatile organic compounds to mix with nitrogen oxides smog causing a photochemical reaction in the suns rays that got rid of the smog while making air quality worse for the environment and our health. This not only helped set the stage for the end run to take over the world but made the same people doing it enough money to cover their plan through selling medical related products and services to all the people their oxygenates program was miking sick, all this while claiming oxygenates are good for air quality because as long as most people don't see pollution, they believe the air they were breathing is safer.

Do chem and con trails have anything to do with oxygenates?

What are the "bad guys" plans for Earth? Every bad person always has good intentions, and I want to know what there plans are.

What is your goal for Earth, if you are the other side, what is your goal, just to destroy them because you disagree?

If you don't have a plan, I WILL make a third team, because I have a plan. If this involves deaths on any side, I will make a third team.

Not that I believe any of this, because I simply don't have any proof.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:38 PM
Okay. I'll cut to the chase and ask point blank what I'd like to know. Is the presence or factual knowledge of extraterrestrials involved in any part of your story?

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:41 PM
It is the grey area, but for the life of me i cant understand why this is hitting the front page. Why this is getting replies and more importantly why are you encouraging the OP?


posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:42 PM

While it is interesting, I, like many others am still waiting for this absolute proof of who you are (which you have yet to mention) and that what you speak is the truth (which pardon me but hasn't been Earth yet). So, just to clarify you say that you are a descendant of Jesus, is that literal? Or are you a descendant of a templar and by default Jesus? Or were the templars physical descendants of Jesus and then down through your family tree?

Who exactly is this group? Is this a group that we are familiar with, any names?

I look forward to your future post.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:42 PM

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:43 PM
I have what I think are important comments to make on this thread, and I hope people read me with attention:

The OP is mostly right at the archetypal level. With this I mean that his account of elitist conspiracies, which come from beyond the grave in their genesis, being coordinated by bloodlines, with the purpose of bringing the old world aristocratic elite out of the shadows and into the light again while controlling the dumb scared sheep that survive contrived cataclysms made with stolen technology, is mostly accurate at the big picture level. It's mainstream NWO conspiracy theory, and nothing you can't pick up from listening to Alex Jones for a week, or Alan Watt, or Micheal Tsarion, or David Icke or Jim Marrs or a number of other people. It's pretty well postulated by millions of people now, and nothing that normal popular wisdom is not aware of, something a lot of psuedointelectual snobs I've known in my life are not aware of because, being snobs, they don't talk to salt of the earth people. Not talking to salt of the earth people is what makes the NWO types stupid enough to try the dumb stunts they try, because if they did and knew who they were dealing with they would decide that it's better to stay in the shadows after all. But hey, they're lunatics and I'm not going to even try to think like a lunatic to understand him fully.

The above does not mean I believe the OP. In fact I don't really. I think chances are that this is disinfo, psyops, slight of hand and/or memetic manipulation. Just a gut instinct call, but it's just to wishy washy for me to consider seriously. And I'll quote Richard C. Hoagland (who I consider a master bs'er so he should know): The lie is different at every level. We're probably still a few dozen levels short of the endgame boss in my opinion. If I'm wrong I would apologise, it won't be the last time and it's not the first, I'm human.

And now, to not leave with a negative, let me give my take on the real genesis of all this NWO and elitist nonsense, to all this genocide, to all this entropy. This is my final conspiracy theory, it's a coalescence of all that I think makes sense in conspiracy theory and it's my take at revisionist history. I'm giving a very broad approach so do think about what I'm saying and chances are it will start to make sense:

The universe is, at it's core one. Call it God. Call it energy. Call it me. Call it whatever you wan't, you'll always be right. But being one it decided that to experience itself it had to be more than one within one. How and where it came to this conclusion I don't know. Perhaps it was instant, because if there is one there has to be it's opposite, which is many. Thus the universe, which started as a point, manifested a circle, the circle manifested triangles, the triangles manifested platonic solids, and so on. Energy manifested matter.

Over time, space, dimensions, this process continued. Singularity experiencing itself through duality. But duality always tied into singularity. Singularity always present in duality. At the core good and evil are manifestations of the same thing. You can't understand one thing without it's opposite. Even God had to be Devil so he could understand, manifest, him, her or itself.

This makes me accept duality. We will always have good and evil, it will always be a choice what we want to experience.

Phew, a bit of a long type for the short version. But all this to help people understand why I can label something as good or bad. Good is Love and creation. Bad is entropy and destruction. But the sum of them is God. God made a system where good is fueled by evil, evil is defined by good. This is not a neutral universe. It's taoist yin and yang.

Our species has evil among us. We have psychopaths. We have those who, for whatever reason, genetics or a closed heart chakra, I don't know, can't manifest love. Can't create. That can only parasitise and destroy. This is the area of ponerology. The study of the social, economical and political consequences of a psychopathocratic species, of a species that, in the words of Terrence McKenna, is "lead by the least of us". These are a manifestation of the male dominance primate society (helped by the female hierarchy which exists along side it). The maddest monkey ruled the group. And they still do!

Being aware of all of the above is, for all intensive purpose what it means to be "Awake". Being aware of all of the above means that everyone is a part of a whole, a manifestation of the creative force. We can all change our own future. We all have the power. The psychopaths however can't awake, because they, for whatever reason, are broken souls. Or perhaps they are just very young souls. I don't know, I don't pretend to know everything.

I am, however, pretty sure I am everything.

My 5c, take it as far as you can run with it.

Peace and Love folks.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:44 PM
I've read Clandestiny's two posts with an open mind. I don't know yet whether I'm leaning toward belief or disbelief, but one detail he mentioned got me thinking: the MBTE additive in the fuel to alter natural weather patterns.

A handful of years ago I was living in the Northeast (U.S.) and I'd noticed how a number of storms would pass through my area, pouring down brief, intense rainshowers right around the start of rush hour traffic--4 to 4:30pm. They were like mini-monsoons. Haven't noticed that pattern to be as prevalent lately. But at the time, I made a comment to a colleague that I wondered if emissions from rush-hour traffic was triggering to a sudden and heavy release in precipitation.

I think Clandestiny said the MBTE made water stay up in the atmosphere so I wouldn't think there's a connection to what I observed. Not sure if ethanol is linked with any such effect. But his account made me think back on it.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:44 PM
reply to post by Hazelnut

Something is wrong with those peaches. Normal peaches would have turned soft and brown within 5 days. These peaches are still rock-hard and have little to no flavor. I ate one 3 days ago and another one today. The rest in the bag are still preserved in their pre-ripened stage. Is that normal? Or is their condition due to chemical intervention?

I do not know about those peaches, but we are definitely being fed food, that I a chemist, will no longer eat. There is this site that tells about GMO Peaches and there is the spermicidal Corn

Heck I do not need anyone to spin tales. All I have to do is read up on the grab for control of our food supply to have me unable to sleep because of nightmares!

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