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Unusual reports of UFOs 'taking on water'.

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posted on Jan, 19 2020 @ 04:45 AM

originally posted by: Erno86

I consider myself lucky...that I was involved in the U.S. UFO flap during the mid and late 70's.

I'm 68 years old.

There really are some freaky UFO flaps and incidents from the 70's mate - wish I could have been there.

Have been looking more into the Wanaque Resevoir case from 1966 and it really is a strange one involving claims of MIB/Military confiscating photographs from Police Officers and Security Guards and ordering other eyewitnesses never to discuss their experience - the object is also said to have landed in front of the dam and 'burnt a hole in the ice'.

"The phenomenon was terribly strange.” Mayor Wolfe would later recall. He described the shape of the unidentified object as oval, and estimated it to be between two and nine feet in diameter.

The next thing that officer Cisco remembers is his patrol car’s radio “going bananas,” as calls from all over a 20-mile radius flooded into the police headquarters. Cisco radioed Officer George Dykman, who was on patrol nearby. Just as Dykman received Cisco’s message, two teenagers came running up to his patrol car frantically pointing at the sky and shouting “Look, look!”

At that moment Wanaque Civil Defense Director Bentley Spencer drove up with CD member Richard Vrooman. “The Police radios are all jammed up!” Spencer said excitedly. Dykman and Spencer gaped at the sky along with Michael Sloat, 16, and Peter Melegrae, 15. “What the heck is it?” Dykman wondered out loud. “Never seen anything like it in my life.”

Back at the sandpit Joseph Cisco’s radio crackled as another unbelievable message came across the airwaves: “Something’s burning a hole in the ice! Something with a bright light on it, going up and down!” Then another transmission fought its way through the din: “Oh boy! Something just landed in front of the dam!”

Spencer and reservoir employee Fred Steines raced to the top of the 1,500-foot long Raymond Dam where they described seeing “a bolt of light shoot down, as if attracted to the water…like a beam emitted from a porthole.”

UFOs Over The Wanaque Reservoir: The Roswell of the Ramapos


posted on Jul, 31 2020 @ 02:51 PM
See 1:20:20

Sourced by David Marler, more on the 160 foot wide flying object over the Little Pudding river in Oregon.

Rounded triangular UFO with 5ft retracted 'water tube'.

Sounded like a 'kerchunk' noise (washing machine).

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