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I believe over 1,000 people were murdered due to the actions of a UK national newspaper

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by TheDailyPlanet

I hope they do sue you. Somewhere out there, a Jury deserves the opportunity to sit through a trial and laugh their butts off. Frankly, if your insane story has actually convinced an advertiser to drop them, then I honestly do believe you owe the paper compensation for the lost money.

If the "victims of knife crime" feel that the paper owes them money for being responsible for the loss, then it's up to THEM to file a lawsuit and make the claims against them. Maybe it's different over in the UK, but here in the US you can't just sue somebody on other peoples' behalf, while pretending that your intention is to share the money with the "other victims."

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 11:41 AM
As ever, I speak the facts. You must NOT get the knives out.

Youngsters asked what does "Knives are out for Gordon Brown" mean, told me, that it means get the knives out, literally. If you want to go on arguing, I will argue back. Metaphors, if not understood figuratively, can be taken literally. Daily Mail is left on trains etc. - youngsters saw the headlines. Knife crime is so awful, if you want to stop it, then you can't give people the idea to get metaphorical conjectured weapons out can you? Or, do you continue to support the use of such metaphors?

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 11:44 AM

(from last year)

cc.Guy Zitter, Managing Director, Daily Mail,  Paul Dacre, Editor-in-Chief,  Charles Garside, Managing/Assistant Editor,
     Martin Morgan, Chief Executive, DMGT plc.,  Kevin Beatty, Group Managing Director, Associated Newspapers Ltd.

Dear Robin,

As you know, I have a very serious dispute with the Daily Mail, and it's associated group, which concerns the use of knife metaphor cacophemisms - violent metaphors, in headlines, since July 2nd 2001.

I sent a special delivery letter to the Chief Executive of the group, Martin Morgan, in June, requesting, yet again, the cessation of use of knife metaphors since sound substantiated knowledge had been proven that these kinds of headlines can and have led to knife crime, including homicide.  I further requested £200,000 to charity, which was not remitted.

The most important thing was that knife metaphors would cease.  What happened subsequent to my letter which Martin Morgan read, and passed to Editorial - the Daily Mail printed  "In the wake of the credit crunch, however, the knives are out." in article body text, and other use of knife metaphor cacophemisms in body text too.

The Daily Mail totally ignored my letter to the Chief Executive in the interests of the prevention of violence.

During the period preceding the publication of "KNIVES ARE OUT FOR ALESHA" (double-page headline) there had been 2.5 months where the number of people murdered were 2.  Subsequent to the headline, 4 people were murdered during that weekend - none of which reported to Daily Mail readers, and there further a double-homicide which was reported (by someone who had madness).
I believe this person was triggered by the double page headline.

Furthermore, I notified you all - Robin and other recipients - that 3 ex-murderers had written to me, to say that headlines about knives in the Daily Mail had been their catalysts to commit their fatal knife crimes.

The knife metaphors usage must stop for good - your company is not the only media organisation I have been contacting with reference to this, however it is with your organisation that the matter has been and become the most difficulty.

I want to put to you an offer.  The most important thing is that the knife metaphors stop.  I expect to see your organisation and other media organisations co-operate with my anti knife crime work on this, in the interests of the prevention of knife, and violent crime.   Cacophemisms such as the following:-   "knives are out", "knives come out", "knives are being sharpened", blood metaphors, "the gloves are off" - they're not just unhelpful in the fight against violence, saddeningly it's been shown that these phrases are all in effect, catalysts for violence.  That point is now completely known to you.

Please see I have attached a draft ad for the Daily Mail, envisaged to appear at the end of January.

I would be prepared to accept 5 insertions x 10cms x 2columns f/c rop of the finalised version of that ad, in full colour, as settlement to me - without your organisation actually paying me anything, in compensation to me for the 1000+ hours of work I have spent trying to persuade your newspaper company that these metaphors are more than just highly problematical, since July 2001.

In return, I would stop publicising my great disappointment across the internet completely.  I would advise that the matter had been dealt with - and this is of course provided that violent metaphors stop, in light of the expert research during the last few years, that has conclusively proved that metaphors may be taken literally if not understood figuratively, are problematical to those whose brains have a damaged 'Angular Gyrus', and that metaphors can be misconstrued by youngsters, and that they can be, and have been, catalysts to those with a mental condition who felt that the headlines pertained to them and how they should behave and conduct themselves.

I would like to feel that I could re-build my respect for the Daily Mail.  With your agreement to this, I will straight away make a purchase order for 12 further insertions, for a value in excess of £30,000+VAT, all prepaid, you will have a long-term Mail customer, and I can assure you that years hence, you could have a customer that is a very significant one, rather than just one paying £30,000.

If you can't agree to this, then I'm sorry I will have to take the matter much further.  I would, in such instance, step up to as much an extent I can, my extreme disappointment with the Mail group to date since July 2nd 2001.  Furthermore, the matter would be taken legal, and I would sue DMGT plc. for corporate incitement to murder.  Much of the matter can be prosecuted by myself, I could sue your company for less than £5,000 expenses to myself, as already discussed with more than one solicitor company.

Legal action is highly stressful for all parties, and I hope that you will take the decision that is in your company's best interests.

Should legal action be taken, I will seek as much as possible for violence reduction charities, I have spoken to solicitors about a figure of £5.5 million, in any case the figure sought would not be less than £1.7 million, as advised to Martin Morgan's office, and may be higher than £5.5 million if a group action is taken with the families of knife murder victims.

I hope that action can be avoided.  Obviously the very most important thing is that we, in the media, don't do things that can catalyse violence - this we now know.  And the best news stories are those that enthuse, excite and are about good happenings - there have been some good features in your paper.

I would like a full reply please.  The last time you "noted my remarks" with interest, with a brief reply, thanks but I request a full reply to this email.  Furthermore, I never heard back from Charles Garside, after I was informed that he would respond to my last group email.

May I re-iterate, that I will immediately place a purchase order for at least £30,000 with the Daily Mail if you agree to that course of action,

Yours sincerely,

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 11:49 AM
The Daily Mail headline from May 1st 2009

After a week to forget, the knives are [were] out.

Headline. (page 11, bottom right corner)

How could this headline NOT encourage knife crime.

This particular headline led to a madman going up to a pregnant lady and stabbing her, and she died, along with her unborn baby. That's a murder, and I am telling you that the headline quoted is an incitement to murder.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 11:56 AM
Dacre is a murderer, it has been confirmed.

He is the Chief Editor of the Daily Mail newspaper (including Mail on Sunday etc)

Minutes ago, this came into my inbox:-

My bet: The Tories will win, but not by enough. So is this what we're heading ...
Daily Mail
The knives are out and senior ministers, led by Jack Straw and Peter Mandelson, are poised to tell Brown he must quit immediately if he loses on Thursday. ...

Please, do not commit knife crime, and regard this as an attempted incite if you are seeing it as a further incite, subsequent to the Managing Editor admitting the link between knife metaphors and knife crime on the phone to me, please consider the knives to be out for buttered toast, rather than anything else, please, thank you.

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 11:59 AM
It has come to my attention that in Mr. Dacre's office, in Kensington, London, he has a headline framed on the wall declaring "MURDERERS" - a front page headline of the Daily Mail.

Furthermore, an ex-Mail employee is quoted as saying "Dacre kills with his headlines".

I cannot of course be certain of the exact figure, but I would estimate that the use of knife metaphor cacophemisms and dysphemisms by the Daily Mail and associated newspaper, led to around 2,400 additional murders by knives which could have so easily been prevented, if the declarations of getting the knives out had not been made.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 12:03 PM
My bet: The Tories will win, but not by enough. So is this what we're heading ...
Daily Mail
Senior ministers, led by Jack Straw and Peter Mandelson, are poised to tell Brown he must quit immediately if he loses on Thursday. ...

That's how the article should have been presented.

According to information that I have received, the reasoning behind the knife incitements is to boost sales and profits as "bad news sells", therefore to create attempted incitements creates the possibility of more bad news for the sick Daily Mail readers.

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 12:09 PM
link have just published, the following:-

Knives were out on a night to remember
(the headline)

Daily Telegraph
At both, the knives are out and there's plenty of dead meat, cheesy sentiments, overcooked egos and deflated souffl aacs.

The Telegraph are confirmed murderers too, I spoke to the Managing Editor on the phone, and he agreed to stop the knife metaphors to stop knife crime, then they resumed, and people have resultantly been murdered with knives.


posted on May, 1 2010 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by CRB86

Exactly my thoughts. Although they could catch a glimpse at a newsagents, I don't think the newspaper connects to the usual suspects.

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 01:10 PM
Here is the link to the professionally recorded video, where I present the case of corporate incitement to murder against the Daily Mail:- (part 1 of 2)

I hope some of you would like to click the link.

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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 05:32 PM
The knives are being reversed onto Mr. Paul Dacre.

I first looked at this issue on July 2nd, 2001, the front page headline of the Daily Mail, I saw, was "KNIVES ARE OUT FOR GORDON BROWN". Within a split second of seeing this headline, I felt that this would almost certainly result in an increase in knife crime, due to the fact that many youngsters would see the headline without having the knowledge that it was a metaphor.

In 2006, Peter Hitchens published in his column a piece entitled "Knives are out", explaining that he felt that the knife amnesty would be a failure. The problem I have though is this - I interviewed several youngsters, and 3 out of 6 of them thought that "Knives are out" means "get the knives out", 2 others could not make head nor tail of the phrase, and 1 person thought that "Knives are out for Gordon Brown" meant that they literally wanted people to get knives out and go and attack Gordon Brown. The danger is this - if someone is perhaps not so intelligent as you or I, and they see something like "Knives are out for Gordon Brown", to them - if they do not accept this as a metaphor, it could mean the countenancing of knife crime.

From the document 'Metaphors and Metaphorical English', part of the Waylink English website:- "With a metaphor, because the comparison is not explicit, it can lead to confusion. If the comparison is not recognized, the expression may be taken literally instead of figuratively."

This day, July 2nd, was the first day that I had ever seen a "knives are out" metaphor, as a headline, in the Daily Mail newspaper, and it was on this day that the softly softly approach to marijuana was being pioneered in North Lambeth, London. There was quite likely a great deal of cannabis being smoked, and cannabis can have an effect where metaphor phrases are processed more deeply and hence are more literally pictured, processed by the Angular Gyrus part of the brain. This headline had been put on the front page of the newspaper, you simply
had to walk past the pile of newspapers in the newsagents and people would have clearly seen the headline.

Barking up the Oak tree - no disrespect to the Oak tree - instead of the Willow tree if you thought there wasn't a link.

It is a well known fact that many people with 'Asperger's Syndrome' have difficulty with metaphors, because they tend to see them far more literally than others, and sometimes have difficulty comprehending their usage, their brains are less likely to quickly step over a metaphor with full understanding - instead they may have the trait that they will open up and process what the phrase literally means and conjures up in the imagination.

Those with a violent predisposition may see these phrases, and it can give an idea, or a catalyst, to a violent crime. Or, as in the case of one of the knife crimes which I have documented, such a headline may induce a psychosis in a those with a serious mental condition. A person has said that they don't mind if their details are shared, provided the person is allowed to remain anonymous.

This person told me how she entered a 'trance' state (several years ago), after reading a headline such as "Knives are out for Gordon Brown". She had started to think that the headlines pertained directly to her, and how she should behave and conduct herself in her own life.

She, and others, have said that these headlines have sent them into a psychotic trance, where she was thinking "I [DO NOT] want to get the knives out, for Gordon Brown' sake".

In the grip of her madness, she rushed to to her local superstore Robert Sayle, went to the kitchen knife display, found one of the biggest knives that she could, which she had decided to regard as a weapon.

She then went up to the sales counter, and brandished the weapon with a threat to the terrified sales assistant. Other personnel rushed over to deal with the situation, and then she snapped out of her psychosis, and said "I'm so sorry" - she had been in a trance. Now in 2010, she is completely fine, and says she is completely free of the psychosis that afflicted her.

The knives have been put away for Gordon Brown.
The knives have been thrown away for Gordon Brown.

More damning so far unpublished information to be published very shortly....... (at approx 0000hrs UK time)

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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 06:08 PM
Carbon copy of letter sent to Daily Mail's legal department earlier today.

Dear Tracey and Elizabeth,

Thank you for your letter.

I regret to inform you that I am not prepared to receive communications from the Daily Mail newspaper and it's group of companies (DMGT plc t/a Associated Newspapers Ltd.) as of this point forward.

Any attempt to communicate with me (from the Legal Department) will be unwelcome.

Unfortunately, DMGT plc needs to note the following:-

i) We have sworn testimony from knife crime criminals, including those who have committed murder, citing the Daily Mail's idea to "get the knives out" as their sole motivating catalyst, after the headline gave them the idea to commit knife crime.

ii) Charles Garside (the Assistant Editor), with probity, admitted that the link was true, as did Robin Esser in 2006 (I believe, without probity), after a letter before of obfuscation.

iii) Despite this, the newspaper went on to print more knife metaphors, suggesting that "knives be got out", yesterday. [It appears that this led to a knife crime in Stowe, which thank God was not fatal due to, on this occasion, swift intervention by the local police. These knives (printed attempted homicide incitement) are no longer out.]

Any attempt to take legal action against myself or my group of Companies, will be met with legal action against your own company, for the required sum of £600 million for payment as compensation to knife crime victim's families etc., which will implode the DMGT plc. group

I agree to your request to not contact your company, unless there was an urgent need, in which case you will not invoke a legally binding prevention. Should I contact your Company, as agreed I will not contact in any matter which may or may not be construed as harassment - eg. shouting down the phone etc.

I expect now to see your company fold.

I would like to advise you that any attempt to contact me will not now be in the best interests of your Company.

A carbon copy has been sent to Mr. Richard Branson in particular for reasons pertaining to my own personal security,

Yours sincerely,

Peter Dew,
Peter Dew Media Communications.

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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 06:30 PM

Scientific research has concluded that knife criminals run a very great risk of contracting Angular Gyrus syndrome, which inevitably can lead to a condition equivalent to, or the same, as "Alzheimers", with great respect to those who got Alzheimers through no fault of their own. Sad, but true. This is due to tears on the right hand hemisphere of the upper brain layer. Tears on the right hand hemisphere of the brain, can develop after the knife criminal contracts 'Angular Gyrus syndrome'. The symptoms can get progressively worse, until eventually there is pretty much nothing left of the knife crime commiting criminal's brain, it starts with lesions and also affects the knife crime commiting criminal's neo-cortex in a very unpleasant way, sad, but true. For further information search specifically for "ANGULAR GYRUS SYNDROME KNIFE CRIME".

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 07:31 PM
I am effectively presenting the case that Mr. Paul Dacre, Editor-in-Chief for Associated Newspapers Ltd. (the Daily Mail newspaper), is a murderer, he is a proven cacophemist - possibly the most evil man in the world.

He opened his speech to the Society of Editor's conference by saying tellingly:-

"May God strike me down"

If he were trying to create a zero-violence society which is what I work for, then he should have printed "Put the knives away" etc. however he did the reverse.

I advise meltdown - here is one way you can help:-

Telephone 0207 938 6000 - the switchboard (International +44 207 938 6000) and give them a piece of your mind. Knives are not out - ask them why they kept saying get the knives out, and people got stabbed with knives. If they try to get you off the line, do not clear the line, and continue to stay on the line until they give you a straight answer. NB Use '141' or similar is recommended - number withholding, your phone number will appear on the switchboard screen, even though their own outbound calls are always dialled "Number withheld".

If you owe the Company money, YOU MUST NOT PAY. Grounds for non-payment dispute:- Incitement to murder / Incitement to commit knife crime.

If you advertise in the newspaper - I myself spent nearly £5,000 advertising with them - please IMMEDIATE CANCEL YOUR ADVERTISING. If you do not, you are complicitly supporting the organisation.

If you see a Daily Mail reader, you should elucidate them with the TRUTH

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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 07:42 PM
Here, are useful email addresses you should email, should you wish to take your complaint directly to senior editorial / management personnel of this warped wicked company:-

paul.dacre [at] - the Chief Editor

margin.morgan [at] - the Chief Executive, who failed to sack Paul Dacre prior to the "Knives were out for Alesha" headline, which led to 6 murders, 4 of which the information was withheld from readers, obviously to cloud the reality of the situation and to bamboozle their own readers.

robin.esser [at] - the Executive Managing Editor, to whom complaints are normally referred to. He was sent testimony in 2006 from a knife crime criminal citing the Daily Mail headlines.

kevin.beatty [at] - the Associated Newspapers Ltd. group managing director.

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 07:57 PM
If - any Mail advertisers reading this thread - you receive a call from Nicky Ramirez (who I have no gripes with, she's a nice girl), or anyone else in the Credit Control Department for DMGT plc. - requesting payment of invoices or accounts etc. - you can either advise that:-

(i) you are not paying due to blatant breach of contract whereby the newspaper purports to be a 'family newspaper' but is actually a totally renigade illegal corporate. Should you require assistance, eg. if the newspaper puts pressure on you to pay, you can seek legal advice, or indeed I would be prepared to help - you can email my media division at peterdewmedia [at]


(ii) for the time-being you are not paying until resolution is found regarding the facts of the evidence of the dispute.

If you have been advised by the Mail group that you cannot pull out contracted advertising, advise that due to circumstances that it appears that the newspaper seeked to encourage knife crime, the advertising contract drawn up between that 'company' (Associated Newspapers Ltd.) and your own is invalid, and you will therefore not be prepared to pay the company any money whatsoever.

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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 08:41 PM

I regret to inform the new proprietors of Independent News & Media (UK) Ltd. that it is now pretty much nigh on impossible to prevent a second bankruptcy at the Independent, due to Lebedev's failure to get rid of Simon Kelner and Roger Alton. Lebedev Media Corp's assets may well now, with deep regret, implode.

Independent News & Media (Global), previously owned by Rugby star Sir Anthony O'Reilly (Gavin's father) will now implode into bankruptcy.


[edit on 2-5-2010 by TheDailyPlanet]

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 09:21 PM
To give you final confirmation, if you doubt any of my words, the newspaper printed:-

"Sharpened knives anyone?" as a complete sentence in it's newsprint, and this led to at least 2 murders. If you look at the words, and look to see what they mean, you can then start to appreciate that it's actually an "incitement to violence / homicide".

I am now going to bed, thank you for viewing my thread, I would suggest that the work to bankrupt this organisation begins at 0900hrs UK time today.

With regret, soon further information will be released with respect to criminal activities of the worst possible kind that you could possibly imagine at:-

The BBC, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Telegraph and several other national newspapers and other media outlets who will be named during the coming weeks. This information will be released soon. Unfortunately, it appears that Peter Hill, the Editor of the Daily Express, who I spoke on the phone to for about 15 minutes, went renigade himself too. I read the People, I did not see any problems with it in today's edition, I was quite impressed, however this newspaper is owned by the same company as the Daily Mirror, I have information with respect to the Mirror in respect of incitement to murder (which resulted in a murder), and incitement to rape (which resulted in a gang-rape). The file on my laptop PC pertaining is called "Media_Rapists.odt"

I have sent copies of internal documents to persons such as Sir Richard Branson, and others, in the interests of protecting my own personal security.

Please do not be violent, or commit torture. Please do not commit murder, or incitement to murder of any kind. Thank you all for your co-operation.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 03:04 AM

Please cease and desist from the use of knife metaphor idioms in your article text and/or headlines with immediate effect, in the interests of the prevention of 'knife crime' and violent crime. For published research between the link search for "Knife Metaphors" in Google. (please do not commit knife crime).

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 05:22 AM
I do not know why is it that some people have argued that they feel that everyone - every single one of the 5.5million readers would take a headline such as "Now they will stab him in the front" (January 2006 Mail on Sunday) figuratively, that that headline would not lead to knife crime.

I wonder why it is that some of you felt that the Daily Mail printing "Knives are [WERE] out for men", verbatim, in the Jan Moir column, and "Knives are out" mid-knife amnesty, arguing that the knife amnesty would be a failure, would not lead to any knife crime at all? At that time, 2.2million+ copies of the newspaper were being printed, and I can assure you that a lot of youngsters read the paper too - usually eg passed down to them by their parents, or found on trains etc.

I don't know why it is that many could not see that the front-page headline "KNIVES ARE OUT FOR GORDON BROWN" JULY 2ND 2001, would not lead to knife crime whatsoever? The newspaper front cover was seen by millions and millions of people throughout the UK, and in fact probably throughout the world. That headline led to knife crime. The newspaper group must fold.

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