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I believe over 1,000 people were murdered due to the actions of a UK national newspaper

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 12:50 PM
Good evening (UK time 6.45pm)

I have wandered around the local shops today to monitor how newspaper sales are going.

At one local store, there were 26 copies of the Daily Mail still available for sale at 6.20pm, out of a total delivery to that store of 35. In another store, there was only 3 or 4 left, out of an unknown distribution of I estimate 25 (S.O.R.)

Obviously I never pay for my Daily Mail - incidentally shoplifting the paper is probably not a good idea for getting hold of it - since I believe Associated Newspapers Ltd. would still get paid for that 'unit' @ 50p less retailer's margin etc.

I do monitor the paper however, and today there were 2 reports of knife crimes, one about the Stowe knife crime (which was at or close by Stowe school, where Richard Branson was educated), and another about a murder, I hope this was a historical murder rather than a very recent one.

But if the Daily Mail did not print sentences like "Sharpened knives anyone?" or "In the wake of the credit crunch, however, the knives are out", then these knife crimes simply would not have happened.

Bankrupt them.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 02:58 PM
If you believe that printing "Sharpened knives anyone?" would not lead to knife crime, then I think your thinking needs correcting - I do not understand your think-train or reasons to post to allow this kind of sentence to continue to be printed.

For those that do agree, I hope that is the majority of viewers, here are my tips on how to bankrupt a newspaper:-

(i) Advertising customers can be referred to previous posts on cancellation of advertising spend and means of disputing advertising accounts.

(ii) When you see a pile of newspapers - for example if it is the Daily Mail that you wish to contribute to the bankruptcy of - you can

a) deface the newspaper by means of ripping a tear in the front page

b) bury the newspaper pile under other newspapers which you move to block the renigade newspaper pile.

c) glare at newspaper purchasers who purchase the renigade newspaper, possibly advising them that "knives are out" led to "knives being out"

d) If you have a family member or friend who is a buyer of the renigade newspaper, recount to them the truth of the debate, thus persuading them to discontinue their Habit of purchasing the newspaper.

I do hope many subscribers to this thread will do these things, in the interests of creating a better society for all of us.

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Newsagent owners can themselves contribute to the bankruptcy by doing things like defacing / withholding units of the newspaper pile themselves, and then telling DMGT plc. that it was the customers that did this. The customers should be persuaded to spend their saved 50p on other items in the newsagents on which there are higher margins.

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 05:58 PM
The Shadow font and the happy hope, for the top management people at the Daily Mail is OVER. They MUST LOSE £1MILLION A DAY / these are approximate production, printing etc etc costs, to acheive their entity's annihilation - their bankruptcy.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 09:30 PM
The site did appeal to me ( for it's apparent probity, but it seems many of us may have been let down, unless there are stance changes. The Site Administrator openly supports the continuation of and considers my threads to be all about censorship, and therefore kinda all wrong, just like that.

Not censorship, just the shutting down of illegal activities at source. If you find a website to be illegal or having 'gone renigade', then don't access it. That's my sincerest advice.

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 01:28 PM
I was kind of stunned by what I read in this thread, and it made me reflective about the Daily Mail, and all you've been through too.

I don't think you're in it for the money, as one poster was spouting out - I haven't a doubt in my mind that you have the interests of the public in mind. To explain one scenario, I was involved in 1993 in a peace camp rally near Clayoquot Sound, BC to protest against Mcmillan Bloedel's clearcutting practices. It was a peaceful rally that would blockade the trucks and workers from arriving on site; the police showed up too, some people got arrested, work was delayed by an hour or two which cost the company money and made a scene. (I was a sideliner). Anyway, that group had turned down offers to side with a more radical group of environmentalists who had offered to blow up their multi-million dollar bridge, to stop the logging trucks entirely! They were turned down, but the point was clear that it was the only real way to make an impact on uncaring corporate entities - to hit them in the pocketbook where it hurt.
The bridge remained intact, and the forests kept being cut.

So, my sympathies for all the time you spent, and for spearheading such a good cause. I'm stunned by how obstenate they remained, and how much effort it took to make only a little change. They're obviously well connected and are following some higher instructions, is my theory.

I came across this today, and then thought back to this knife issue.

Encrypted Messages

Generally speaking, news items are meant to be made available to the public. However, there is much information that is not meant for general consumption, and it is labelled "secret". It has been known for a long time, as confirmed in the investigation of an Independant Senate Committee investigating the CIA, that ninety percent of encrypted messages and images are distributed via the media, in particular the regular press.

Nowadays, about the same percentages of all secret messages and orders from our powerful elite is transmitted via the mass media, via secret news items, mainly visual photographs in the printed press. The unsuspecting reader notices nothing, but the Illuminati, the Freemasons and other initiates know exactly what these photographs mean.

Only those who know and carefully analyze these secret signals can learn from newspapers what really goes on in our politics, economy and culture. in addition, these encrypted messages also contain information regarding which of the visible leaders of this world belong to the Illuminati and are being used as political, economic, and cultural pawns, and which of the apparantly "random" events are actually controlled by them. The message between initiates has to come across clearly, and when it does not, research shows that the photographer is made to take the picture again. Nothing is left to chance!

Chapter The Mass Media

chapter 7 of Worldwide Evil and Misery by Robin de Ruiter

Chapter located online :

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