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I believe over 1,000 people were murdered due to the actions of a UK national newspaper

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posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 06:40 PM
I think anyone telling you that they were incited to knife someone by seeing a Daily Mail headline is pulling your chain.
As for those with delusional psychotic tendencies, frankly, some could see the Antichrist in a piece of cheese. Or they will imagine a crack in the ceiling is sending them malevolent messages. You couldn't possibly sanitise everything to remove all possible stimulus.
However I fully believe in the powerful subliminal messages given out all around us. So maybe you have hit on something.
For example people laugh at me when I go on about the 'girly mags' on display in millions of newsagents. I believe the portrayal of women as objects in this way sends out a subliminal message which affects overall perception of women. I'm not saying they inspire people to go out and rape. I think it's more subtle than that.
Hasn't Darren Brown shown in his TV shows how people pick up messages from their environment?

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 12:31 PM
The thread's closed.

May I close the thread with a copy of my latest post which went onto "Murders by knife after deployment of knife metaphor".


An article headline in the online said today "Girl, 5, stabbed to death by mother in ritualistic killing after series of missed warnings". But (if) when you open the article, you find that the murder happened in 2003, so it's complete misinformation if you don't open the article (you'd think it was a recent murder).

These days, I think a lot of people get diminished responsibility, because when it said "the knives were out" in the Daily Mail over 150 times, every single time - this is what my eyes have seen - there was a murder. One day 6 murders were I believe triggered in 1 day.

Eg, they printed "Sharpened knives anyone?" in a football article and then a man was murdered near a football pitch with a sharp knife.

Eg, they printed "After a week to forget, the knives are out" on May 1st 2009 so the man stabbed a pregnant lady to death.

Eg, they printed "KNIVES ARE OUT FOR GORDON BROWN" (the front page headline for all to see in the newsagents) on July 2nd, 2001, and then, I believe, that led to "knife culture" in the UK.

But I expect someone will tell me yet again I am completely wrong. These are the knives of Caesar / Hitler / Shakespeare, so it couldn't possibly lead to knife crime.


Thread closed - thanks folks.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 07:56 PM

Have you heard of the term "if it bleeds, it leads"?

That is the mantra most news agencies have. More newspapers will be sold if they have news of terrible things.

What will sell more papers?

"Knives out for Brown" or "Labour Party Deeply Upset at Gorden Brown"

The first would sell more papers and preserve ink.

If the mention of knives has an effect on stabbings in the UK, it is a minuscule effect at best. It wouldn't even be a factor compared to other issues. Education level, psychological issues, and circumstance would be a much bigger factor. I would say compared to these factors, the 'knives' issue is negligible.

You could even find a perfect correlation between stabbings and the mentions of knives in the papers. It would not prove anything. In fact, the two could be parallel effects of the same cause or the cause you mentioned could be inverted.

More stabbings could be effecting the more mentions of knives in the papers, instead of the other way around.

posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 10:36 PM

The Managing Editor of the Daily Mail, Mr. Garside, telephoned me (on 23rd December 2009), in addition to kindly wishing me a happy Christmas, to advise that in view of the fact that "there may be a link" between knife metaphors and knife crime (esp. homicide), the newspaper will no longer print knife metaphors.

This I knew in 2001 - I told them in over 30 documented written/email communications since 2001, and in over 100 phone calls between July 2001 and December 2009 including calls to and from the Executive Managing Editor, Mr. Esser, to and from the Managing Assistant Editor, Mr. Garside, to and from the PA to the Executive Managing Editor, Miss McGirr, the Chief Executive Martin Morgan's PA, the former Chief Executive Charles Sinclair, and attempted calls to the Director/Chief Editor Mr.Dacre, but he himself was never ever available to speak to, even at one time despite assurance from Mr. Chappell, the Managing Editor of the Times newspaper, that he would personally telephone me in response to the "Open Letter" I published in the Times at a cost to me of £1,820, which I had saved up by working at my local 'Blockbusters' video store (on a wage of £5.52 an hour!) - seeking cease & desist of use of knife metaphor cacophemisms and dysphemisms.

Many ex-murderers wrote to me after publication of my article in Inside Time, the newspaper for prisoners, last year, to say that they had committed their murder or violent crime/s having been given a catalytic trigger in a headline of the Daily Mail / Mail on Sunday.

The last knife metaphor cacophemism used was the double-page spread "KNIVES ARE OUT FOR ALESHA", which my data suggests led to 6 murders in the UK in the 7 days following. This was the last time that the knife metaphor cacophemism is used, I have been assured.

Hence, with very great sadness and regret, I expect to see them go bankrupt, as soon as possible, for what they have done.

posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 12:30 AM
reply to post by TheDailyPlanet

Many ex-murderers wrote to me after publication of my article in Inside Time, the newspaper for prisoners, last year, to say that they had committed their murder or violent crime/s having been given a catalytic trigger in a headline of the Daily Mail / Mail on Sunday.

I am sure many criminals have written you about this. Don't be surprised if you have to appear in court in one of these "ex" murderers appeals.

They are not ex-murderers. They are murderers and they are using your work as an excuse to the atrocities they committed. I pray to God none of your hard work will lead to some violent criminal getting away with their crimes and doing it again because that blood will be on you as well.

What you have found is a correlation at best and as any logic will tell you, correlation does not mean causation. Maybe the cause of the increase in violence and violent metaphors is the increase in the availability of drugs? It is just as possible that an outside force is causing both the violence and the metaphors.

posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 09:56 PM
Well the situation at this time, is that Associated Newspapers Ltd., could stay in business. It's up to the readers and the advertisers of course.

I've the great responsibility of sending their company an invoice on Monday, for £72.5 million, for the distribution to relatives, especially parents, of those murdered or very seriously let down etc. due to the historically printed words of this paper.

If they say they won't pay, I have to pay out nearly £3,000 to a solicitor, to prepare the certificiate, or petition of bankruptcy. That's what happens if they do not respond in 14 days, the invoice terms.

They only have to give the agreement that they'll pay, and that may be in instalments, for example of £7.25 million per month, for payment into our solicitor's client account.

That way, they get to stay in business!

I am also sending my bill for £70,000 for my very considerable time during the last 9 years, in proving the connection between violent euphemisms ("dysphemisms or cacophemisms") and real life violent crime, including a considerable number of deaths. I'm really pissed off about the whole thing.

But we can move on, and I hope for no knife crime ever again. A World of No Violent Crime - We Give it to you Every Day, that would be a great banner for a newspaper to print every day of the week, under their newspaper title-mast.

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posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 10:15 PM
The important thing is nobody died from a gun shot wound.
I'm all for strict knife control laws to reduce knife-related homicides though. You tea-sippers on the other side of the pond will just have to beat each other to death with clubs I guess. That's much more civilized, in a cave-man-esque sort of way.

posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 12:46 AM
The Managing Editor of the Daily Mail, Mr. Garside, telephoned me (on 23rd December 2009), in addition to kindly wishing me a happy Christmas, to advise that in view of the fact that "there may be a link" between knife metaphors and knife crime (esp. homicide), the newspaper will no longer print knife metaphors.

Week in, week out, the Mail on Sunday readers were greeted with page 2 headlines such as "No. 10 knives out for poisonous Brown man", and then my research shows resultant murders would usually appear average about three or four days later.

I posted before "The Managing Editor of the Daily Mail, Mr. Garside, telephoned me (on 23rd December 2009), in addition to kindly wishing me a happy Christmas, to advise that in view of the fact that "there may be a link" between knife metaphors and knife crime (esp. homicide), the newspaper will no longer print knife metaphors."

If you refer to the 'Dacregate' thread, you'll find that they DID subsequently print knife metaphors. Subsequent to failure to comply with our official legal request to cease printing knife metaphor cacophemisms in their newspaper headlines, they printed the double-page spread "KNIVES ARE OUT FOR ALESHA", then they withheld the report of 4 murders over that weekend to their readers, and they did report the double-homicide of 2 school teacher parents, murdered by their son who had gone into psychosis after seeing the headline, though unfortunately he is guilty of murder.

My Dad's continued to keep buying the Mail, and no longer does the Mail on Sunday, week in week out have the knives out, as printed for their readers.

posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 01:22 AM
May I give clarification that the double-page headline "KNIVES ARE OUT FOR ALESHA", which my data shows was the catalyst for 6 murders, was printed prior to the telephone call from Mr. Charles Garside, advising that the newspaper would no longer print knife metaphors, since the newspaper was now aware that there may be a link with knife crime, including homicide.

However, that headline was a wicked breach in my opinion, subsequent to my cease and desist letter to the Chief Executive of June 22nd 2009, which was ignored, revoltingly and insultingly.

And they still printed a knife metaphor "knives are out", (apparently quoting the words of a politician), subsequent to Mr. Garside saying on the phone that the newspaper would not further print knife metaphors having said on the phone to me what he did.

posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 11:48 PM
Verbatim transcript of start of call with Mr. Robin Esser, in respect of London Evening Standard headline of "KNIVES COME OUT FOR MICHAEL GRADE"

Me:- "A man has been murdered in Hackney, London"
Robin:- "I know"
Me:- "That's subsequent to your newspaper printing Knives come out a few days before"
Robin:- "That's right."

I then paused, and continued the conversation, although I have no notes about the rest of the conversation.


This thread now continues at "DACREGATE" also on ATS Conspiracies, which I created rightly or wrongly because I thought that this thread was becoming somewhat long. I may need to duplicate just a few of the information of a few posts in Dacregate, for those that will not have seen the information having not read this thread.

Here is the link to Dacregate:

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 04:08 PM
The Daily Mail newspapers' Legal Department have sent me a two page letter, disputing my two invoices - one, a debit note for £72.5 million, and one an invoice for me personally for a value just over £80,000.

Therefore, I need to see my solicitors, either to:-

a) invoke the petition for bankruptcy

b) sue for £0.6billion.

The worst incitement we saw was "Sharpened knives anyone?", which of course means "Shall we stab him?", and this led to 2 or more murders.

At least knife crime doesn't happen anymore - unless this newspaper decides to issue yet more knife metaphors, and if they do, then the incitements must be ignored.

Here is the email I sent to Rebekah Wade, Chief of News International Ltd. earlier today:-

============================ COPY TIMESTAMP 10.30AM 3RD APRIL 2010


I'm sorry but I'm very disappointed in News International Ltd.

You printed "KNIVED" in Red on the back sports page, Friday 13th, 2005, [embossed in red and shadowed etc] and a girl was murdered resultantly that same afternoon.

And of course, subsequent, you printed "MP's queue up to knife Brown", and a man was murdered resultantly that same afternoon.

Quite frankly, I am entitled to send this email, and I am absolutely devastated by what became of the now perhaps near defunct media (current titles). I am a serious player,

Yours sincerely,

Peter Dew,
Peter Dew Media Communications
telephone (0800) 0845 001

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 08:13 PM

Please continue the excellent work, and keep the faith. There are many all over the world who are watching this very closely.

posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 09:49 AM
Elizabeth Hartley, head of Editorial Legal Services has written me a letter to say that Associated Newspapers Ltd. refuse to pay the £72.5million debit note (in instalments), and furthermore refuse to pay my fee (Peter Dew Media Communications) of £82,500.

Therefore, with regret, I will now invoke the bankruptcy of this Company.

That's what happens subsequent to printing "After a week to forget, the knives are out" as a headline, and "Sharpened knives anyone?"

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 06:27 PM
So it's true. Mr. Dacre is a dead man. Great implications for it's future tense.

Unfortunately the knives are now being reversed onto him.

This is obviously appalling language but Mr. Dacre I advocate, was a murderous pervert.

He can now change, because I am aware he has suffered from illness, including I believe mental health difficulties, and in addition, heart problems of a mild to moderate nature.

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 06:32 PM
By the way, the knives are not out.

If Mr. Dacre attempts to get his "kNives" out again, then I imagine, I would wish him to have a heart attack. I'm really sorry about that but that's it.

People kept dying at the Mail in their seventies I noticed, and probably they couldn't take the stress because apparently the Mail Editor has a problem of shouting "#" at people - so that's the real Editor of the Daily Mail for you, unmasked.

If anyone will be knived it will only be him, and of course it must be the metaphorical knives.

What are the metaphorical knives? They gotta go don't they, and I personally think that the Company should be immediately shut down.

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 12:53 PM
NOW I finally see what this ridiculous thread is really all about. I thought it was rooted in your own paranoid delusions, and here all this time it was nothing but a money grab. No doubt your true goal is to hope that they'll settle with you for a big chunk of money just to avoid a public trial. Shame on you for trying to warp the legal system just to make a dishonest profit for yourself. Your actions here are appalling.

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 05:09 PM
How dare you previous poster. I don't give a damn about money, I care about human life. How dare you. I mustn't go on because I don't want to insult you, but you should I think re-read your words, and examine your own head! For God's sake, get a #ing grip.

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 05:11 PM
"Knife crime". It's come to an end.

Here is the shocking scandal of how the "knife culture" came about.

Do listen and spread the story, it's a very sad one but this is real life, and this information really must be spread to as many people as possible, I'm serious about that, and let's keep it zero 'knife crime' [and indeed zero violent crime] forever. That's what's running now, and we will indeed be keeping it like this, be fully assured.

Our national newspaper is to launch imminently - just a few months now, there's even the possibility now of a printed national and international edition, the newspaper group is being set up on a relatively shoe-string budget of a little over £500,000.

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer of our newspaper, we're gonna be big, and we're concentrating on great news stories that wil enthuse you, 365 days a year.

Meanwhile, listen to this shocking frightful scandal, feel free to leave comments, and don't forget to watch part 2. Thank you.

The above spiel is my own words from the new YouTube video just posted up. Type KNIVES ARE NOT OUT and hit enter into youtube.

Or, to go direct to part 1, recorded some weeks ago, and until now withheld until tonight - certainly the most important recording I have ever made in my life, here then, is the link:-

It's a global scandal of epic proportions - this WILL send shockwaves around global media within 24 hours you can pray for and rest assured - you'll fully appreciate after you've seen the video, I promise. It may leave you stunned, shocked, very saddened, but I hope the ending of the video really cheers you up.

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posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by TheDailyPlanet

How dare me?

How dare you. For 12 pages you've lead ATS along on a string with this "knives are out" nonsense, and all of a sudden the entire thing boils down to you demanding tens of millions of dollars. For what? Did you have a specific financial investment in the people that were supposedly killed by the Daily Mail's "Manchurian candidates?" Did they steal some brainwashing method that you'd already patented? Did they print some article that slandered your good name and cost you millions of dollars in financial losses?

Oh, wait... no... none of that is the case. They just ran some articles, and you accused them of some wild conspiracy and from those accusations you now hope to SUE them for... let me see if I can get this straight.... £0.6 BILLION? Not for the supposed victims, not for the public, not for any noteworthy cause... just £0.6 BILLION for yourself? Get real, dude. That's a money grab, a con, and a blatant attempt to line your own pockets if I've ever seen one.

Stabbings happen every single day. I could just as easily make up a link between USA Today doing stories on Britney Spears, and people getting killed with spears. I could even go as far as demanding 70 million dollars, and I could even file a lawsuit for POINT SIX BILLION if they refuse to pay it. None of that would mean that USA Today was causing people to stab people with spears. It would just mean that I was some awkward combination of "off my rocker" and "consumed with greed."

If any thread has ever needed a hoax tag, it's this one.

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 08:39 PM
The newspaper has refused to settle my own £82,000 bill, and in addition they dispute the debit note for £72.5million. This sum is for distribution to victims of knife crime, the families of those who have had loved ones lost etc.

They have threatened to sue me for all losses in the event that I go ahead and contact all their major advertisers and explain why I think they should pull out.

I have responded by saying that if they decide to sue, I will make the matter ever more public.

Virgin group has pulled out already, but Virgin Media continues to advertise the last I saw, Virgin Group owning an 11% stake in Virgin Media.

I would advise - if you owe Associated Newspapers Ltd. money - DO NOT PAY. I repeat DO NOT PAY. The bills can be disputed on the basis of refusal to advertise with a newspaper doing what they have been doing. Contact the Accounts Dept. and advise that you will not pay your bill since the newspaper is not a proper family newspaper any more. I am sure that they will be quite understanding.

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