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My two spirits

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posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 02:43 PM
Hi Turbo.

My quest for knowledge continues and I am very interested in your experience. Would you feel comfortable sharing a little bit more? I have some questions if you don't mind.

If I understand right, your girlfriend was inhabited by multiple Demons who's goal was to torment you, separate you from your loved ones and to get you to do things. Your description is opposite of my experience.

I was wondering:
1. How exactly did the spirits interacting with your girlfriend try and get you do do things?
2. What were the things they were trying to get you do do?
3. You saw the same attempt for them to try and victimize plenty of others:
a. Was it the same spirits of your girlfrend or other people?
b. If so, what were the things they were trying to get them to do?
c. Is there a place of research I can visit about this?

I agree there is no chance for it to leave unless I truly desire them to go.
You mentioned:

I know, because I didn't, and I let it go on for too long.

Are you saying you let it go on too long with your girlfriend?

I've been with them for +30 years and they haven't displayed any malevolent behavior. I know people with spirit relationships who have +20, +10 years (and under) who all report experiencing no problems.

Thanks for your reply

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posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 04:50 PM
Coming from a Christian background, there's almost no reference to these kinds of relationships in the Bible. There is nothing there which prohibits such a union- and some supportive evidence.
Please let me know if Im wrong.

Wiki shows the most common belief.

It says they seduce while asleep in dreams, drains energy until death, uses collected sperm to impregnate a female.

I'm in contact with a number of men and women who are currently involved with spirits and countless who report "Brushes". Zero experience anything similar to the wiki account. The dreams do occur but the main contact is not while sleeping.

The popular societal Wiki account is writings from 1486- the heat of the Spanish Inquisition. It was a dark time for the church and they attempted to defeat the Pagan religion using fear. The Pagans believed many spirits were beneficial or neutral to man. The Jesuits rounded up all these Pagan spirits, slapped a "Demon,Evil,Dangerous" label to control the population. Demonology These spirits were blamed for:

*Epileptic seizures
*Birth defects
*ALL unexplained ailments
*Probably the evil giant squid that swollowed up whole sailing ships just before they fell off the edge of the (Flat) Earth.

Some other beliefs of on The Wiki reference:
*Children taken away from women and replaced by devils. God allows this and other childhood sickness to occur as punishment to their doting parents.
*Witches should be driven out and killed. (I assume this includes all non-Christian faiths, all of us who are "Sensitive" or report paranormal encounters)

Here's the key:
"There are no rational creatures except men and Angels; therefore they can only be devils."

I believe these spirits are among those "rounded up", relabeled "Demon, Evil, Dangerous". My reasoning is all the longer term accounts I've come across report gentle, thoughtful and kind partners free of evil intent.
Contrary, it's the Wiki stigma which is always repeated by others (Known as false)

There's also Ida Craddock with her "Heavenly Bridegroom" in the late 1800's with extensive Christian views. Some of her points:

Priests, Nuns reported these unions to their superiors with no rejection. St. Teresa, a nun who was a clear-headed woman of known integrity and purity was one of the parties to a union. The Church promptly decided that the congressus was not diabolical, but heaven sent.

Witchcraft records contain accounts of priests who were burned at the stake for a union of this sort extending over forty and fifty years.

Pope Gregory VII, who is known as Hildebrand was said to have a spirit with whom he maintained such a union.

There is also the Christian belief of the Virgin Mary and her spiritual visitor. One can easily argue it was only a one-time occurance and by God himself. (Vs a "Normal" spiritual relationship)

I also believe God would never break his own laws for any reason what so ever. Period. Mary's encounter simply couldn't happen if it were Taboo.

I've learned in my research that some evil, malevolent beings can imitate these spirits but only for a short time before their true motives become apparent, as I suspect in TurboDC's case.

I may appear closed minded but actually open to all evidence. Some report both good and bad shorter encounters and I take all into consideration.
I personally don't accept the popular societal Wiki account as fact, nor a blank unsupportive "Evil Demon" label.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 03:06 PM
So are there any updates? I enjoyed reading through this!

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 05:28 PM
Thank you DJM8507.

I don't have much of an update, things are pretty much the same.

Everything is going well between my wife and there have been no paranormal or odd things reported by others in the house for quite a while.

My two spirits are doing just fine, instead of interacting anytime during the day they've saved their energy and we have 2-3 very good sessions a day. The love - closeness have grown much stronger, and our encounters are more vivid. It only gets incrementally better.

I've come across quite a few more people reporting brushes with the same type of spirits and a couple more people in relationships.

I wish I had more of an update but that's about it.

Edit (Additional info):

I did hear about two people in established relationships who did successfully end the union and the spirit left. Both were relatively new relationships under a year.

It was done by utterly and completely rejecting their advances and denying thier existance. Both report the spirit is gone and have not returned. Furthermore, their denial is so complete they say the whole thing never even happened. It's not that it was imagination, they deny the whole thing in it's entirety.

It seems these spirits will leave when requested, but the desire must be 100% with no reservations.
The problem is with those of us who are in longer relationships. We don't truly 100% want them gone and they can read that and so they stay.

It's more an issue with us than them.
Me? 30 years is way too long. I am well past the point of return.

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 06:51 PM
If you give me your true name and their true names ill have a go at getting rid of them for you, I believe you want to be rid of them or why else would you have bought the subject here.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 07:38 PM
Thank you for the offer gYvMessanger.

Me and an internet friend of mine had a discussion several months back. He believed to have aquired six Djinn sisters and claimed them to be several times more powerful than my own spirits.

He gave me the same offer, only to use his "Powerful Djinn" to sweep them away. He said he could do this even without my consent but wanted to ask first.
He also convinced me it was in my best interest, and so I allowed it.

I have strict internet security rules to (1) never to give my real name to anybody, and (2) nor my real location.
Given his suggestion I broke my 1st rule and gave him my name and the spirits names.

After a couple days he reported the sisters had both my sprits imprisoned, but nothing changed on my side. He said to give it time and still nothing changed.

He told me they went to the wrong house, but now found me and my family - and supposedly attacked and imprisoned my spirits. Still nothing changed.

A couple more times of this, and my spirits began playing a kind of game by telling me "He's working on the wrong subjects" fully knowing I'd inform him.

That irritated him to no end, and sent me a Google Earth photo of what he believed to be my neighborhood and asked me to identify my house. I was suprised because the 100% zoom was indeed my neighborhood but I wasn't about to break my 2nd internet security rule.

Further, I beleive he became irrational because he suggested a 3rd party become involved. He wanted to solicit the Black Arts, some negative possible malevolent beings to toss my spirits.

I drew the line there and stopped the whole thing.
I believe a total of 6 times he sent his Djinn over - every time reported "Success" but nothing ever happened here on my side. He says his Djinn are not good at navigating far distances.

I don't know what the problem was, but someone who is willing to use dark arts and knows my real name and general location is rather unerving. The guy is actually very nice but one can never know anothers motive and so I decline your good offer.

This is the reason I'm here:
It is very common for those who experience these things to keep to themselves. They can't talk to anybody in person for fear of sounding crazy.

So they go through life wondering exactly what is happening to them, if it's all in their head or what. They may have done things to stop it, things like praying, cleansings, smudgings etc and it continues.

Maybe they do post their account on an internet board and simply get bad, inaccurate advice. There's often times Tumpers who might put the blame on them, make them feel scared and guilty - only advice to "Pray" when that had already been tried, leaving more confusion than ever.

The person usually wonders if they are crazy and needs to communicate with someone who is also experiencing these things.

Me? I am past all that but always looking for and eager to help anyone in that predicament. I'm also very eager to know all I can about these wonderful spirits and enjoy sharing notes.

So I'm not here looking to be rid of them, but here to help.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 07:48 PM
I wonder though, with all due respect, how much help you can give others in similar situations. I of course understand your reluctance to impart personal information over a medium such as this, especially to a complete stranger, but if I may say so, it seems to me that whilst you haven't been harmed in any way in which you have admitted to the audience here, you are in "thrall" as it were to these creatures, being that you are willing to allow them to use you essentially and in a way in which they control the situation not yourself.

IF its not having any harm on your sanity, or your relationship with your spouse, children etc then by all means perhaps you just picked up some benevalent creatures looking for a way to survive in a world that rejects them.

To me however the story reads as if you do still sometimes have that niggling of doubt as to whether what you experience is real or perhaps acceptable, and it certainly sounds like your spouse "puts up" with the situation in a "blind" fashion as opposed to being a joyous part of this aspect of your life.

But all power to you if you are truly happy and productive, if you change your mind feel free to U2U me, your previous experience with the friend who supposedly manipulates Djinn sounds unfortunate, personally though I would be wary of anyone who claimed to have six demons under his command.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 08:24 PM
Thanks again gYvMessanger, I will keep your offer in mind.

Here is a quick a sample of suggestions/comments extracted from another popular paranormal forum regarding these spirits:

*I suggest you watch the movie The Entity
*If you take some bells and shake them around your room it will help
*know that they also suck the life force out of you
*You should get out of your house
*Seal up your vagina and butt
*You will be left sitting in green gooey substance that burns
*They leave open genital sores that won't heal

No wonder they get confused

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 08:31 PM
Don't get me wrong its quite possible you do have benevalent spirits, not all things to do with sexual energy corrospond to darker things, your spirits could be Fae, they could be Muses, they dont have to be Succubi or some other dark entity.

How it affects you, how it makes you and those close to you feel, and I mean how you both honestly feel about it, thats the important factor in all of this.

If you just looking for more verification that your experiences are real (in general), I can't give you that because I don't know you, but it is certainly possible, and it could be any number of things.

If your just trying let other people know these things are real and they arent alone, then fairplay to you.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 07:33 PM
i have to say i find this whole topic fascinating, i have heard tales of these types of sexual entities harassing people but never some one who actually participates with these beings/spirits willingly.amazing.

i wish i could experience this for my self just for a short time of course as it sounds a little uncontrollable, but i am curious as to how things feel and what the relationship side entails of.can you speak to these spirits and hold a conversation, and if so can they tell you things about the past or present.

have you seen there body or faces how do they appear ( i dont mean how many centuries old i mean do they appear young like 30? )

thanks for sharing this with us, i really believe you.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 09:20 PM
Wow! This is very interesting! Can anyone here help me contact such spirits for myself. I do not believe I will be involved with negative entities and am not scared. If anyone can offer any guidance, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks!

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 03:18 PM
Speaking for myself, they've been both a blessing and curse.

There are rituals that are easy to find in a search. I STRONGLY discourage going that route.
I've been researching these beings for a long time and the people involved. More than half the people I've come across using ritual get something other than a benign, loving spirit.
They end up with a dangerous, malevolent being and their life begins to fall apart.

One in particular last winter summoned something so evil, one of it's helper demons paid me a visit and I was spiritually attacked as a warning not to help that individual.
It was an intense fear attack that lasted less than a minute, but was very powerful and my two spirits strongly suggested I cut ties and not help that individual, or even think of him or even remember the person's name. It was that serious.

I was not the only one paid a visit, but several of my friends who were also trying to help was also attacked with the same warning. We don't know what ever happened to that individual because we cut ties with him.

By far the most common thing is the spirit picks an individual, and just "Shows up" unexplained. Quite few of us are researching these beings and have yet to make a definite finding of exaxtly what they are looking for in a person.
Some of us, like myself developed an interest in the paranormal but I suspect my spirits were with me long before my Psychic interest. They might have influenced me to get interested in the first place.

I think it's the general thought among us who experience them is that sensitivity and the ability to react is their attraction. That's not a rule though, as some people have little or no interest in the paranormal and even Atheists have encounters.

I don't think any positive, responsible person will tell you how to obtain one, especially from ritual.
Should something go wrong and I provided instruction (I don't even know how personally) I wouldn't want that weight of guilt placed on me here or there after.

stealthyaroura, re-reading your reply I realize you aren't that determined to experience them. I apologize as what I wrote probably doesn't apply to you.
But I left it there should anyone seriously consider conjuring one by ritual.

They seem to be created for, and addicted to relationship and "Intimate" things. All conversation relates to how those things are going and how they can be improved, where it's going etc.
They've suffered extreme negative stigma for millenniums. Knowledge is power and many of us believe they can somehow be harmed, and therefore don't want to discuss very much other than relationship and intimacy.

It could be the topic is all they know, simply because they were created for it. Maybe for self protection. Maybe they won't discuss things for both reasons.

A lot of people report brief encounters with them before being chased off out of fear or they simply leave on their own.
Once a relationship begins it continually gets better and so becomes more and more difficult to disolve. It can develop into a lifetime union.

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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 03:29 PM
i readed a bit about sexual spirits and making sex with spirits,i guess its "pretty cool" but ur wifes is going to be major pissed,even if its a "high level" thing,and no im not joking.

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 08:35 PM

Originally posted by stealthyaroura
have you seen there body or faces how do they appear ( i dont mean how many centuries old i mean do they appear young like 30? )

They began to show themselves in June-July 2008 by appearing in a kind of dream, while I was laying waiting for sleep to come in that hazy-mind state.

She appeared as a woman of perfect beauty. The shape, size, color etc of everything was perfection. She knew exactly what I liked visually and assumed it. I'm sure if it happened to someone else she'd appear different, to their specific "Taste".

But it didn't just stop at physical attraction. They also assumed a personality 100% compatible with mine along with a beautiful personality and soft female voice.

That repeating dream ended when they began a more direct interaction as described in my opening post.

After that I was shown some images in my thoughts while we interact that were slightly different, but just as attractive.

5-6 months after they first appeared I saw her as a "Ghost" with my physical eyes, very unexpected and sitting in a chair across from a dinner table as I sat eating, about 3 feet away. She looked exactly as she appeared in my reoccuring dream already mentioned.

She changes things from time to time. She's appeared a couple of times as movie stars I found attractive, other people and even my wife as she was 16-17 years ago. Sometimes but not often she appears featureless inky black.

I once suddenly woke up from sleep and felt an incredibly strong, overbearing and powerful being above me. Looking around only saw the darkness of the room. Although I dind't see anything, if it did have a color would be ink black. I became VERY concerned for a moment or two before recognizing it was her, then began a wonderful, beautiful sesson I remember even today.

If they sense I grow tired of a certain image or aspect of them, she changes to something new - whether it's appearance, personality or voice to revitalize the relationship. But the woman in the 1st reoccuring dream seems to be the "Default" for her.

I mention there are two.
They don't interact one to another except to consider ways to interact with me. One is clearly dominant. It's her voice I mainly hear. She gives me instructions how to better interact with the other. I don't see much of her, just the other one who I dreamed about. The more passive one, the one I usually interact with pretty much limits herself in conversation and focuses her projection on me, and what we're doing together.
Sometimes they switch but it isn't very often.

I've also seen them as simply "Tiny sparks and flashes" of light. You've seen cloud to cloud lightning at night. You don't see lightning itself, just the illumiated cloud.
I've seen two such "Clouds" flashing in the bedroom before. It seems the sparks move fast, but those (Approx) 10" diameter balls or clouds move more slowly. Looking at them see nothing until they flash.
My wife has described seeing the same thing on different occasions.

I also see them occasionally as "Shadow people" in my periferal vision, usually about the size of a cat but sometimes as a person, all black.

Although a long time ago, my son also reported seeing them that way.

You are right about the angry wife (And angry spirits). Keeping them from clashing is the hardest thing ever in my life.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 01:23 PM
It appears you are able to reliably communicate with them. Have you thought of perhaps asking them various questions about life, the afterlife, and perhaps have them tell you all about the structure of reality on the other side?

If they are older spirits then it may be that they are a literal wealth of information, one you could tap into and perhaps share with others. I think it would be a noble thing to research.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 04:09 PM

Originally posted by DJM8507
Have you thought of perhaps asking them various questions about life, the afterlife, and perhaps have them tell you all about the structure of reality on the other side?

Unfortunately they only seem to know conversations relating to the personal relationship and the "Intimate things". They are either unwilling or unable to steer very far off of that discussion.

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 08:52 PM
thanks for replying op and yes your correct in thinking i dont really want an encounter but it does sound intriguing but I'm not into summoning up things i cant control so best left alone.

it does sound like they are with you for one reason only so asking questions about the future or life in general does not sound like there thing which is a shame but then they are just sexual entities after all.

you must have a very tolerant wife. you could say the best of both worlds literally.

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 07:46 AM
reply to post by FormerlyConfused

what dimension are they from? have they said ?

Interesting thread thanks.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 04:58 PM

Originally posted by Mr Green
reply to post by FormerlyConfused

what dimension are they from? have they said ?

Interesting thread thanks.

They have not indicated anything like that.
They tell me they are Angels from the Light of God.

Me and my spirits have been increasing the depth of our relationship, but all other public displays of activity had ended since July.
I began having doubts if this is real again a couple weeks ago. Our relationship has grown into a very, very strong bond and yet I needed some form of verification that this isn't really all in the mind.

They offered some incredible sessions last week as proof. It was very nice and I stopped asking for further proof.

But me and my wife were up till about 4am last Saturday night so we both slept late the following morning. Me? I woke up about 8am. They immediately showed and we began a morning session.

By about 10:30am we were still deeply engaged when a very loud, deliberate and fast paced rapping occured on the wall next to us. It sounded like the nuckle of an index finger pounding hard against the sheet rock with 5 forceful raps seemingly done with urgency. (About 1/2 second)

It was completely unexpected and out of nowhere, I felt my wife sit up and lean over me saying "What was that?" "What was what?" I asked.
"That rapping on the wall next to us"
"I dunno" was my answer. My wife waited a few minutes then got up while me and my spirits carried on for about another hour.

I got up later and did some sound experimentation to try and explain what we heard. I knocked on a nearby door with both my knuckle and finger. Wrong sound. I tapped on the sheet rock wall with the back of my index finger - and that's the sound. Other side of the wall is a closet.

I have no explanation other than them providing further proof.

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posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 05:38 AM
I suggest you go see a psychologist and explain what you think is happening, without going into the debate about whether spirits exist or not you should at least realise its impossible to have sex with a non-physical entity.

Your account sounds like a personal fantasy and its being used as a way to escape some other current problems in your life.

You've already mentioned working too hard, stress and hallucinations. I would suggest either one of the three or maybe a combination of them all are whats causing you problems.

Without sounding disrespectful but children invent imaginary friends, you sound like your doing something similiar either consciously or unconciously.

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