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I wonder how many here have seen a UFO but had no pic/proof ?

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 04:39 AM
Not a personal experience, but I randomly got on the subject of aliens and ufo's with a carpenter I work with and he said that when he was about 18 in the 1980's he was standing in his back garden at night when he saw a white light fly just above him, stop completely still and then shoot upwards at 90 degrees.

His story struck me because he is such a grounded guy and when he was telling me of this event he was so serious.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 04:47 AM
reply to post by DimensionalDetective
me also yet I have taken pics will register and upload soon...

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 04:52 AM
I was between 9 and 11. So, between 1994 and 1996 during the summer time here in Durban, South Africa(Southern Hemisphere) I was feeding the dogs outside the front of my house. We are in a slight valley, mostly surrounded by hills. A moving 'star', coming out from behind the trees in the North and moving relatively Eastward, caught my attention. I stood on the bank watching intently, as it looked a lot bigger than an actual star. then a straight line appeared as tall as the trees, following behind it creating a shape of a triangle, like this... | + (excuse the lame 'diagram') the triangle seemed perfect and the leading point, or 'star' as well as the line following it were glowing blueish whitish light in a weak strobe-like fashion. I stood there spellbound for a couple seconds, then ran to get my camera. I told my Mom, she was on the phone and didn't bother to believe and my brother and sister were to young and have since forgotten about it. I took a few pictures and then watched it move along the sky until it disappeared behind the trees in the east. But like a dumbass, a couple days later I opened the back of my camera and ruined the spool. I FAILED!! All the 'ufo' pics were ruined and I was heart sore. Was this a real ufo or some crazy satellite, or what have you, i will never know.

If anyone has any clue, drop me a line

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 05:46 AM
I have seen two. I have no proof or pictures.

Once when I was around 12 or so. Suffield Connecticut. It was night but it hadn't gotten really dark yet. A lot of us saw it. Typical saucer shape.

The second one was about 10 years ago in Madison Alabama. It was about 2:00 in the afternoon. Crystal clear day. It was cigar shaped, dark, and silent. I was walking my daughter in a stroller. I have no idea if anyone else saw it or not.

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 05:59 AM
I have never posted about my sighting, because I do not have a picture to back it up! Thanks for this thread.

It was in January of 1997. In northern Missouri. I was visiting a friend on her farm. As she was walking me out to my car to leave, we happened to notice a very bright single light in the distance. And we both thought out loud at the same time, "wow that's a bright star up there". But then the light moved sideways, then back again. Then sideways. In long sweeping, fluid movements.

Then she thought, "oh, it's a helicopter". But then as I continued to watch the light, I realized it was definitely not a copter. This light continued making these very fluid, seemless movements from the side to side for another few minutes, then it would appear to move down, then back up for another couple of minutes.

After these continual movements, it went UP and was gone from our sights.

On the way home, I felt very dizzy and light headed.

When I spoke with her the next day, she told me that she had to lay down after I left....because she felt lightheaded.

Very interesting sighting, and an interesting coincidence in our both feeling light headed following the experience.

I have another where I believe I was taken, but I'm not ready to share this yet.


posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 06:46 AM
I havent posted much for a while but i saw this thread and thought i had too..

My sighting was back in september 2003 driving home with my girlfreind. here is the report i submitted at the time:

on this thursday night at 10.30pm myself and my girlfriend were driving home from Frodshum hill 5miles outside of chester in the uk, on the way home i was driving and could see an object about a one mile away sitting very low in the sky. there had been a few helicopters flying around as normal so thought i was probably be one of them, but it soon become apparent that this was not the case as i dove closer and got the shock of my life when the object was Hovering directly over the road less then 100ft in the air and was making no sound.

The craft looked almost the same as the current B-2 bommer that the US airforce use but it had a different shaped front (shaped more like a boomerang)and it also had two white lights under it (rectangle in shape). i say lights but they didnt look like a light would be, they were not iluminating anything on the ground and had ridges in them going across width ways.

Link to report:

at the time i couldnt find anything out about it and because i didnt get a picture (this was before the camrea phone boom) it was hard to get people to understand what i had seen and just how close i was to it.

What freaks most people out is that someone else saw in a while later and drew a picture...This is all on so you can check for yourselves.

Bottom line is this the american have cracked it...They have anti gravity technoligy. The question now is How

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 08:53 AM
Well I've had a few sightings so far in my 24 years on earth here, but one sticks out as there were multiple witnesses and still to this day we bring it up when were in the area...

It was close to 11 at night we (myself and 2 friends) were walking through a ballpark on our way home when we seen what looks to be a plane coming in from the distance, but we all stopped and watched it as we know the regular flight patterns go nowhere close to this direction...

The lights a single steady but bright white, coming in at an incredible pace unlike a plane, once it got bright enough to look like a streetlight but still far off we knew this wasn't an ordinary plane... and thats when it stood still for atleast 6 seconds while we really zoned out and started freaking about what we were looking at...

Then all of a sudden it shoots directly up turning from white to red and slowly fading out, you can tell it was going up as it would occasionally dissappear then reappear though teh clouds, with a bright red light emitting from it getting smaller and smaller...

We were almost positive we just witnessed a ufo due to the extream change in direction and the fact that passanger planes generally don't fly in that area of the sky, theres nothing there but water...

Probably took about 10 or 15 mins after continuing to stand there hoping to see it again, but nothing... definitely got the heart racing....

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 08:59 AM
Hi ! this is my experience!

In the early 90`s something happened to me that would change my life in a way. I saw a UFO myself for the first time.
At this time I had started working as a Special Security Officer some 10 years back and I was on my way back home from work late one night driving my car, in the southern of Sweden, and suddenly something started to glow on my left side up in the air.
It was about 150 meters long 40-50 meters wide (it was HUGE) and just looked like it was on fire.

It looked like it was going down over a ridge, but change direction twice. then suddenly looked like it was going down again, so i tried to go there with my car.
But when i came around that ridge i had to stop, 2 horses stood in the middle of the road in the black night and was like hypnotized.
After banging the horn for about 2 min, i went out of the car i could not move them what ever i did and they still stood there looking at me, i also tried to see where the glowing thingy went, but nothing...
So turned my car around and went home. I know what i saw, I had at this time been a Security Officer for over 10 years and it was NOT something we humans have, i could see threw the flames that an metallic body was inside them. I will never forget that, it was 1993-1994.
I even called Swedish air-force and asked them if something went down that night, but nothing they said. After some time it got to me that what I saw, it was exactly the same as I had been reading about in the old scripts from Sumerian's and Egyptians and many other religions. Very weird encounter for me, that i will never forget.
I know that what i saw was NOT from this earth, i also had a very strange feeling inside when i saw this craft.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 09:05 AM
i saw one on tybee island, ga back in summer of 2007

I was driving out to my friends house on Tybee and I was about to cross the last bridge to get on the island. It's the bridge that goes over all the shrimp boats and make that first right and you will go to crab shack.

As I came up to the bridge, i saw 4 lights equal distance apart hovering slightly above it. With the angle of approach to the bridge, I would have to say that it was about 2-3 inches above it.

As I came closer i could tell it was moving, but slower than i was. I pulled over in the dirt lot area past the bridge and got out and it was now over top of me, and continuing off to savannah very slowly. It made no noise. I couldn't make out the body of it, because the lights were so bright, and I was under it.

I dont remember why, but I got back in my car and continued on my way to my friends. I didn't feel like I had lost any time, but I just can't figure out why I left like that.

It's weird because my friend saw lights in the sky but he didnt pay it any mind.

4 bright lights pointing down equal distance away. No sound. Moved very slowly. bigger than a helicopter, and airplane (fuselage... unless it had 4 wings) lights always stayed together, so it couldn't have been multiple aircraft (i would have definitely heard them anyways) even a blimp makes noise! stayed low altitude ( i could clearly make out the definition of the lights like they were streetlamps, but nothing on the body)

i dunno... you guys tell me.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 09:28 AM
reply to post by Rek2008

I told someone this the other day and frankly they thought I was crazy but I could have been seeing things. I live in a apartment building and in a very congested area of Massachusetts called New Bedford. I was out back letting my dogs out in the backyard it was about 11:30 at night and for my neck of the "woods" extremely quiet. I was standing at my backdoor admiring the stars and the full moon because it was a beautifully clear night, for this area it's rare to have an extremely stary sky. Well anywho I'm looking at the moon when I see what looks like a small black cloud. Now I say black cloud because the moon aparently had no relection off of it's surface and it was moving extremely slowly I'd say about 1 mile an hour and only about to my estimation, 100-200 ft. up. This cloud for some reason startled me, I don't know why, It's just a freaking cloud, but it did. No other clouds were in the sky and I mean none, I even took a drive afterward just to see if I could spot any small clouds in the area, to debunk my nerves. Well while I'm standing there, I'm staring at the cloud still and it moved over a series of stars, the mist of the cloud would allow the stars to shine through on the otter rim but completely blotted out all light in just a little from the otter rim. So I couldn't see any light through this cloud which I immediately thought was odd, so I stood and waited for it to pass over the full moon, It did and I couldn't see any moon through the cloud either. It just seemed completely odd and out of place and for the size and apparent density of the cloud it should have been transparent enough for me to see through it. I couldn't and I'm still lost for an explanation other then that I'm just making a mountain out of a mole hill. But the feeling that has stayed since the incident about a month ago was the stagnant air, the calm sound of a always busy city, and the feeling of being watched. It just didn't make any sense to me at the time and still seems very plausable that I saw something out of the ordinary.

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 09:33 AM
I was lucky enough when I was about 19 years old to see what I believed was a glowing red fireball about 1.000 yards from where I stood. I had the distant tree line to judge the distance by.

Size about 2 foot (feet) in diameter. Don't remember any sound.

Height - perhaps 50 yards of the ground.

I know it was between me and the tree line since I was elevated in respect to the fireball. I was on third floor of apartment block.

Don't know what it was but it sparked my interest in UFO's an interest I have kept now for neigh on 35 years.

Do I believe it was a craft directed by intelligent beings from outer space?

Do I believe in UFO's? YEP.

Do I believe they are alien crafts? NIX.

If aliens (ETs) exist (and I see no reason why they shouldn't) they are not here and have never been here. And probably never will be.

All those cave paintings, hieroglyphs, old book illustrations etc. are simply man's inherent need to explain what is not understood. Hence the need for God, Gods, Goddesses etc.

And the so called proof we have as of yet?
"I have a source in (insert name here). I can't disclose his/her name but I can tell you this..."
In my opinion it is a bunch of lying gits that are trying to earn a living by conning us.
OR their source in (insert name here) are a lying git.

For crying out loud - some of us use that exact reason to debunk The Bible.
"No Sir. It is not the word of God. It is written by men who CLAIM that God spoke to them."

"Yes but why should they lie?" The reasions are legio.

People claim a lot and no one produce backup evidence other than books or articles written by people that are also trying to con us.

Yes we do have UFO's. UNIDENTIFIED flying objects.

They are definitely not from any Multiverse - which by the way doesn't exist.
Logic tells us that if there are Multiverses where any type of natural laws exists, then there will be a Multiverse, where the laws of physics dictate that Multiverses cannot exist.
PUFFF - there it went. Did you see the smoke?


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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 09:57 AM
Ive seen two, i wont make a bold statement saying they were aliens, or the government or both as soon as u make a bold statement it’s ripped apart. But either way I saw the two I did on different occasions the appearance/ characteristics of these objects, the flight is all technology not from earth or technology we don’t know we have. the only facts I will tie myself to is there are ufo's, the government denies people are seeing such objects and having encounters with

the first object:

i was around 15-16 it was in the summer 9-10PM. me and my friend were mischiefious at that age poor neighborhood mailbox's lol and were walking on the street back to his house. The front of his house is parallel with the street and the whole area is on a hill with my friends house residing in the middle. Now if his house is north there’s a very shallow swampy pond like North West 100yrds in the woods it’s around 75yrs wide at the deepest maybe 3ft a dilapidated circular. There are no trails or nothing going to the pond you’re tromping through the woods up and down a few hills and it levels out. So we got to his house and walked up his hill of a front yard towards the front door to go inside. We were about 20 ft away from the front door standing ware the hill levels off a tad as it does for like 20 ft all the way around the house. And we both saw an arrangement of huge 4-5 circular linear yellow lights to our left in the woods in the direction of the pond. Now this is not in the sky because the lights are thru the trees this had to be right above the water, stopped just before or went into the water. there was a gap between each light to was moving turning on horizontal slant as it went to the left across the pond opening and abruptly reversing I mean snap your fingers and its now going the opposite a right horizontal slant.

And for size the arrangement of lights wasn’t bigger taller than the trees so none of the lights never went above the tree line but went as far down as to are view on the landscape so they could have went down into the water, so I would have to that the light it perfectly straight would be 20-35 ft long. now were watching this thing maybe half a min. has only gone by and its moving at a speed really smooth back and forth what we as talking to each other has to be going the width of the pond back and forth. With these lights coming through the trees. my friend had a pair of binoculars on him since dumb adolescents think u need bin colures when messing up mailboxes, so hes looking at it through the bin colures but is explaining how he cant see it any better because the lights are so bright now maybe a min. or 2 has passed, he hands the bin colures off to me to look and as im looking thru and were both are saying to what this thing is he shoved me to the side and said before I processed why he pushed me he said there was some separate yellow light other than the 4-5 linear ones that while I was looking through the bin colures that was jumpily shining on me bouncing around (not a still beam) he said before me we should go and sprinted to the front door which still wasn’t far only like 20ft but it was looked we forgot his mom said she was going to the neighbors on the other side of the street so we then ran over to the neighbors house and inside telling them what happened.

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 10:24 AM
I've seen two things in the sky that I could not identify. The first was in April, 1968. I was in 9th grade. A friend of mine and I were walking from my house to her house one Saturday evening. I had my 2 year old German Shepherd dog as well. We were walking across the playing fields of one of the two elementary schools in town (a small town in Bergen County, New Jersey) when I noticed something hovering over the baseball diamond about 200 yards away. It was a dumbell shaped object made out of what appeared to be a latticework of small lights. It was roughly 200 to 250 feet in the air and had it been a conventional aircraft or helicopter, engine noise would have been readily apparent. Both of us stopped and watched this thing hovering silently, then I noticed that my dog was digging a hole and crawling into it. I imagine that there was some sort of ultrasonic noise we could not hear that he did. But his actions scared us and we ran the rest of the way to her house.

3 years later I was at the house of another friend. We got discussing UFOs and her parents, both of whom were registered pharmacists, told about their sighting that had happened one Saturday night in April, 1968. Their house is right next to the playing fields of the other elementary school in town. They were returning home from shopping and saw this bright light low over the field. The father, thinking it was a small plane in trouble, ran towards it, calling to his wife to call the police. As he got closer to the object, he realized it was not making a sound and was not a plane. His wife did not make it into the house because she saw this lighted object approaching her husband, realized it wasn't a plane or helicopter and just watched in disbelief. The father said that the object passed over him at about 75 feet and he heard no sound from an engine. He said that it was oval shaped with bulges at either end and looked like it was made out of latticework of small lights.

The second unexplained object was actually just last week. I live in Anne Arundel County, Maryland now. Early Thursday morning, February 19th, about 2 am, my greyhound had howled to go out in the yard - something she does about twice a night. She also generally finds something to bark at and I have to step out on the deck and tell her to be quiet. and come back in the house As per usual, she barked and I stepped out to call her in. I usually look up at the stars when I'm out getting her, just to enjoy them. I was shocked to see a triangular shaped object silently passing overhead heading due north. We are under one of the flight paths to BWI airport, so we have planes overhead fairly often and this was not one of those. I'm not sure of its altitude or size, but I would have needed an old silver dollar coin held at arm's length to obscure it. Its shape was outlined by oval, orangish lights, 4 on two sides and three across the back. It had no normal flashing navigational lights like an airplane, nor was there any noise that I could detect. One of the more interesting things I've seen in the night sky in a while.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by Rek2008

yes! with two other witnesses.. it may even have been the tail end of an abduction because we werent sure where some time went.. I also believe there was a pre and post hypnotic suggestion to the encounter (pre: no thought of a camera or recording device even crossed our minds, and post: a overall sense of well being and no desire for some months to discusss the matter)

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 10:43 AM
I have had 3 sightings of something I could not readily indentify, still cant. I have no photos or any other physical evidence to assist in proving what would be to everyone else anecdotal experiences.

Would not matter if I did, I wouldnt post them or allow them to be publically reviewed due to the fact that photo and video media is so easily manipulated, so much so that either of those forms of evidence cant be depended on as tamper proof, therefore unusable as solid evidence.

I dont make any assumptions that what I saw was an illusion, man made nor alien in origin, solid or not they are simply unknowns and nothing more. I hope someday to understand what they were but I'm not holding my breath.

My experiences are mine, a revelation of sorts, which is a personal experience and not intended for public debate or ridicule. I dont care what others think of what I saw or thought I saw. The only person it matters to is me. I dont need validation or approval, rationalization or opinions from anyone outside of my head. I saw what I saw and that is unchangeable, but like I said its not evidence of anything.

My profile touches on them lightly for the sake of informing others but I will never engage in pointless debate with others concerning the veracity of them.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 12:08 PM
i have a vivid memory at age 5 of a pyramid shaped ufo landing in the field behind my house.
and my standing at my back screen door looking at it and telling my mother to look.
that was in ohio

and i have a memory of at age 12ish me and a friend seeing over 100+ balls of light in a cluster go across the sky and they was not airplanes or stars..
during the 80's.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 12:28 PM
So far 4 times. 1 of them no doubt that it was of an alien origin. The second one could possibly be explained.

First time I was only 7 years old. We were having a cookout with our neighbors. There were several tiny it appeared to be stars moving erratically as if they were dancing. There was about 4 of them. For something so high up in the sky they moved to fast to have been planes. They could streak from one end of the sky and back in only seconds. Zig zagging impossible for a plane to make those kind of maneuvers. There were numerous witnesses. Not only in my neighborhood but from around the area.

The others I think were just satellites above the earth maybe.

The last encounter was eerie. I was smoking a cigarette off of my balcony it was like 2 am. I had been playing Quake 3 most of the night. It wasn't unusual to see lights approaching. I lived less that 10 miles from an airport near Madison, Alabama. There is also a military airport about 15 miles from me.

The thing that occured to me is the flight path. WHen landing they usually come from the north or circle around then land since the strips on both airports run north to south. Landing from the north and take off going south.

Anyway this object with 4 very bright lights was approaching from the east very low. It was kinda foggy. I still didn't think anything of it. It was until it got closer. I saw no nav lights. The green and red and usually when landing the planes at night light up the tail section. WHen it got over my head is was completely silent. No sound at all. It was foggy enough I couldn't make out a shape. Judging from the 4 lights spanned out it was triangular. Still it could have been a plane but something that big?

I ran out front of my apartments to watch it go away I was afraid it was a plane making an emergency landing. This thing flew right on by the airport maybe 2 miles north of it. There was nothing on the news and I talked to a few people that lived near me if they had seen anything. Buddy of mine works at the airport. He said he hadn't heard of anything unusual.

I dunno just baffling this thing I would approximate to have had a wing span of 200ft. Hard to judge since it was foggy.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 12:50 PM

Originally posted by VooDooVonz
First time I was only 7 years old. We were having a cookout with our neighbors. There were several tiny it appeared to be stars moving erratically as if they were dancing. There was about 4 of them. For something so high up in the sky they moved to fast to have been planes. They could streak from one end of the sky and back in only seconds. Zig zagging impossible for a plane to make those kind of maneuvers. There were numerous witnesses. Not only in my neighborhood but from around the area.

YES! That is what I also saw here in Holland, Amsterdam! I have posted before you. You are the first to mention a very similar event.

I told my then boyfriend about these lights I would see when looking out of his window, and he became very defensive when I mentioned to him that these lights were out of the ordinary : o yeah have seen them a lot of times bla bla.

Anyway regarding these lights I called an Observatory and he was interested but could give me no explanation. But now I wonder whether it is not the "tick tack" of the front light that becomes disturbed by the atmosphere.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 12:56 PM
Before I share my stories, let me say I have enjoyed reading the experiences of others. And I do not need 'proof' to listen to and believe in anothers UFO story. Thank you to all who have shared.

I have seen more than two, but only two types. They may actually be the same, I do not know. I lived in southern indiana, about half an hour from louisville, ky. In our region, and the direction the first sightings came from, is Ft Knox KY. There may be other military bases around here, and although these are UFOs, I always wondered if they were military.

The first sightings were all the same. I was standing in front of the house, and saw what appeared to be the biggest brightest star I have ever seen. Eventually, and by eventually I mean maybe twenty minutes, it would pass over, circle around and then, some time later, start over again. When we tried to watch it go overhead, it appeared triangular. But these sightings, and there were many of them, always happened at night.

The other sighting happened in the spring or summer of 07. There were about four of us in my friends car, late night, back roads, and I am looking out the window, and see a triangle craft. It is huge and appears to be low, and it is slow moving. We are all like, what IS that? It had amber or orange, or yellow lights on the bottom of it. We followed it until it was out of sight. It scared my friend.

Those are my sightings to date!

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 01:25 PM
1st sighting: When I was spending the night at a friend's house as a pre-teen, we'd sneak out and climb onto his roof to watch the sky for anything. Usually, the most interesting thing we'd see would be fast moving jets or satellites. One night, we were watching a particularly fast satellite move across the sky in a straight line. About halfway acorss the sky, it stopped for a single second, then shot off at an angle at a speed so fast we could only tell what direction it went and could not locate it again.

2nd sighting: Again, at night. A friend of mine and I were talking outside, him with his back to the moon. As he was speaking, I watched a triangle-shaped object pass slowly in front of the moon, partially blacking it out, making me think it was in our atmosphere and relatively close. (Within 10-20miles) It moved slowly enough and had such defined edges that I ruled out the possibility of it being a bird or plane. No exterior lights were visible, nor sound audible.

3rd sighting: While observing an annual meteor shower, I witnessed what can only be described as a mass fly-over of triangular shaped objects. Due to lack of noise and the darkness, it was impossible to tell the altitude and therefore size. While this is my most easily explained away sighting, as that it could have been a flock of birds or more likely, bats, the shapes were unwavering and unmoving except for the movement through the air itself, passing in front of stars.

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