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I wonder how many here have seen a UFO but had no pic/proof ?

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 06:40 PM
1967...U.S Army....Germany..Our unit was on a practice alert so we had all moved out to the woods to squat for a day or two. This was S.O.P. for alerts. I was on guard duty, maybe one or two in the morning. Saw a light appear out of the clouds directly above me. My first thought was 'helicopter' and I glanced toward the tents wondering how many it would wake up when I realized it was absolutely silent.
Looked back up again and it was right over me maybe 50 feet up. Motionless, silent. Large lit windows very obvious. I have no memory of seeing anything through those windows. Grasping what it was I told myself to absorb as much visually as I could as I might never get another chance like this again.
As soon as the thought was complete the saucer seemed to slip backwards into the clouds, again, absolutely soundlessly.
What has always puzzled me about this was to have done that would have meant the clouds were also about 50 feet above me but I remember prior to this incident looking up and they were at their normal several thousand feet altitude.
Did this craft create it's own cloud cover to recede into? Or was it so immense I just instinctively assumed it to be much closer? If this thing was actually up with the clouds and not where I thought it was then it must have been several miles across. Did my mind just reject the thought of half mile wide windows and assume it was closer or did it create it's own cloud cover? I have no idea.
I know the naysayers may find it hard to believe that I would stand guard in the middle of the night without a camera or video recorder but sadly that was the case.
And that there were not ten or twenty other people who chose to sit up with the guy on guard duty at two in the morning to witness this with me might seem outrageous but that was what happened.
Finally, a third point to establish this as too ridiculous for serious consideration, but whatever was operating the craft chose not to land, interact with others or leave artifacts to prove their existence which must seem just too nonsensical a mode of behavior for extraterrestrials that I can blame no one for refusing to believe me. But for what it's worth, it did happen.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 08:44 PM
ok well i've been thinking about posting on ATS about the UFOs i and some people i know have seen and this thread has convinced me to do it now.

1. In 1991 (i was 12) my father was out the front of our house having a smoke (thankfully he no longer smokes) when he called out to me and my two older brothers to come out and look at what he was seeing. We all saw the same thing: a group of 5 or 6 lights in a linear, horizontal formation joined by a singe beam of light. the lights varied in intensity and distance from each other. they had no distinct colour and as it was dusk everything in the sky was an orange-ish colour. it was moving slowly from the north-west to the north-east sky. it was very far away and would have been 10s of kilometers from the first to the last light although at such a distance its hard to estimate size. after studying UFOs later in life i look back and speculate that it could have been a single large craft.

My father called the control tower at the local airport to report this and, out of curiosity, find out what it might be. They said that the had nothing on their radar in that direction and gave him the phone number for the "UFO office" which he had never hear of. and looking back now i think this could have been a privately run UFO research group as there are several here in Australia. My father reported this to this "UFO office" and later in the night called back to see if anyone else had reported the same thing and there had been reports from two nearby towns of the same object and the same trajectory. the timing was interesting though because of the time it was sighted at these other locations would have meant that it travelled thousands of kilometers per hour at some stage or simply "jumped" instantly ahead between our town and the next.

2. My grandfather used to tell a story of how he was followed by an orange light while driving across the nullarbor plane in South Australia.

3. My sister in law told me about when her and her family saw a large metalic disk-shaped craft hovering above the smoke stacks of a power plant. they got out of the car they were in and observed the craft for (i think she said) half a minutes or so and the object then disappeared instantly.

4. My father was working at a railway maintenance yard when he got an unexpected urge to look directly up in the sky where he saw a metallic object brightly reflecting direct sun light. he said it was oval shaped and appeared both metallic and watery, like mercury. it disappeared after a few seconds.

5. a friend of mine was at a party when he and a few other people saw three lights in the western sky (from memory he said the center one was red and the two either side were green and slightly smaller). the two smaller lights rotated around the center one and shot off in opposite directions and the center one also disappeared at the same time.

6. I mentioned UFO to a work colleague last year and i got the unexpected reaction: "i saw a ufo once" but i never got around to getting the full story off him before he left the job.

so i guess the point i'm trying to make is that these sort of sighting are numerous and prolific. and even though i know they can't be proven because none have photographic evidence i beleive these people just as you all would people close to you if they had similar stories.

ok i'm done now. thanks for reading


posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 08:57 PM
Im sure we will be getting many more pictures of sightings considering iphones and the fact that a lot of people now have phones with camera features.

I wish I had a video camera because a still frame wouldn't catch what I saw. I have a nice view of the stars from my neighborhood (considering I live in Southern California) and was taking my dogs out for a walk. I always look up to take advantage of a nice night sky and I saw shooting star. It wasn't the first I had seen staring up off of the hill on which I live, but it was the first to stop dead in its path. It just sat. Then, it shot off on its course as if it never slowed.

I know it sounds minuscule, but I never will forget it.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 10:16 PM
is everyone prepared to testify in front of Congress ?

could be the next Disclosure Project ?

i had a Close Encounter in the mid eighties in Florida and i will never forget it.

good thread , star and flag !

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 10:24 PM
Project Blue Book style, easynow.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 10:29 PM
I've never seen anything that is as strange as a lot of these posts, but there is the occasional occurrence that makes me think twice.

I actually got video of 2 objects I thought were UFOs.

The first turned out to be a strange contrail, and ATS is to thank for figuring that one out.

The other video I have never posted, because it came out entirely black (Yay for trying to video a distant light with a standard digital camera at night).

This light near the horizon was red at first, and would sit in the one position for a while, like a star... then it would shoot straight up a fair distance and stop again. It changed to white a few times too, and it would sway from side to side for a while... then shoot back down again.

It was amazing, and I was sure the video would be incredible. But the light just wouldn't show up in the video. All I've got is blackness and me talking in a panic over the top.

So I have renewed respect for those who attempt to video these things and come out empty handed. It really is harder than a lot of people expect. Even if you do spot a strange object and have a camera on hand, there is no guarantee you will get it on video.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by MinMin

It's really interesting
and return of witnesses would be good

thank you for us to share your observer

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by Quaght

Quaght , you talk about stepenville in Texas?
can you tell us mor?
thank you

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 03:02 AM
Thanks for such a fun and relaxed thread!
1) Summer of 1963, Huntington Lake, Ca. Lying at night in the bed of a pickup truck (we were camping, mom and dad in the tent) I was looking up at a small patch of sky and saw two white cigar shaped objects criss cross the sky. One at a time so it could have been the same one seen twice.

2) December 1974, Bali. At night, by myself, sitting in a chair with a mosquito coil underneath the chair looking up at the sky. A green orb shot across the sky from horizon to horizon in a matter of a few seconds.

3) July 1998, Mt. Baldy, Wyoming. Afternoon. Sunny and clear. A friend and I were comiing back down from the Medicine Wheel and I saw a black triangle "pop in" and "pop out".

4) September 1998, Casper,Wyoming. Talking with a friend outside her house when suddenly we both looked up at the sky and saw and orange orb next to the jet.

5) August 2,2000(1?), Port San Luis, Calif. Late at night me, my husband, and our nephew and his wife saw a flash in the sky. Yellow fading to orange to green. No sound but we thought it more of an explosion. later,my other nephew who was stationed at Vandenberg AFB could only confirm that we had seen "something". He was not with us at the time.

6) Late summer, early fall, 2004. Hwy 101 south, Central Coast, Calif. Late at night while driving home we saw a large flash of greenish white light fairly high up in the sky. For the next few days black helicopters were patrolling the mountains just inland from the ocean.

Absolutely no proof, no pictures. Just keep seeing stuff!

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 07:02 AM
My friend and I have seen a sighting about 2 months ago. It look alot like this UFO 1987 Gulf Breeze, FL.

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by Rek2008

In to 90's a UFO was tracked by radar, followed extensively by local police, it ended up being filmed by a local new's team with a $175,000 video camera.

It happened in SW Michigan.
The 911 tapes are aval online.
The video was broadcast on the local new in Kalamazoo.
Crisp clear video.
The craft was framed prpoerly & looked to be very close.
Framing was not a dot of light.
It was framed was you would takeing a picture to sell your auto.

The TV Broadcast company in Kalamazoo was taken off air with in hours of the broadcast of the video. I saw it along with the entire broadcast audience. The TV broadcast company returned to air with new management. This story & film was debunked.
The reason given for being off air for nearly a week was broadcast licence problems. When in truth the laws put in place by the Bush administation were not in effect. The local management was protesting for their freedom to broadcast news.

The film was copied & a battle insue'ed about who owned it.
The filmcrew posted it online for a short time.
It has been yanked.
The camara man was fired & legal steps forced him to loose his home near Three River's Michigan.

The Radar operator that was on the phone with 911 was transfered and his supervisor replaced.

The police that were involved do not talk about it.

MUFON debunked the film & report


This is just the normal way these things are delt with.
The pictures & physical trace's debunked.
Interested People are guided back to the old 1940's 1950's cold files.

American familys dealing with the UFO intrusions up close & personal.
Not 40 or 50 years ago; but in the current decade.
They have provided pictures & physical items to New's & Mufon groups.
The familys are torn appart by forces that the public is unaware of.

If you don't belive it.
Start a search on
Navy Special Services Group & USAF Space Command.
See how far you get.
I would never attempt it
I would suggest you think long & hard about it first
I have been down the bunny hole myself
Its danger is real & they will make you quit.
The public is unaware & when we are bumped we are glad to stay that way.

I pity our arrgance.
We live on the surface of small planet
With total self assurance that we are masters of it.
When in truth.

Our government keeps paying the rent on this small rock we call home.
If public remains unaware.
The only humans that can be held accountable for the contract;
are those in power.
A peaceful witness of the facts by the public is the only answer.


posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 12:44 AM
reply to post by missvicky

I've enjoyed it very much too. I didn't know it was still active.

You know, Miss Vicky, with all the sightings you've had, it might be a good idea to start carrying around a digital or even a disposable camera. Who knows? You might get lucky again.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:39 AM
it's possible I saw one when I was about 12 - but it was just indistinct enough for me to doubt my own sighting

I saw one a few years ago that went directly over head - I have no doubt about what I saw that time

not a solid triangle but a V - I've read about sightings that call them chevrons - that sounds about right

7 lights along the edge of the V - you'd think they were stars if they weren't moving - not incredibly bright

at first it was moving extremely slow - then it sped up and just disappeared over the horizon in a flash

it was huge - and made absolutely no sound whatsoever

I think about it every single day - it affected me that much

I'm willing to believe it was man made - it's just that the size, the silence, and the difference between moving so slowly and then so fast - just very odd

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 03:13 AM
Yesterday , similar to the experience I had a few years ago.

I saw what seemed a star (more likely a point of light...) that was moving incredibly fast.

It seemed to be flying pretty low in altitude , but I am certain i had never seem a plane fly as fast as that thing. Even called my wife to take a peek and she was as baffled as I was at the speed it was going. Was out of sight a few seconds later.

Currently in Madrid , Spain.

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 01:51 AM
May, 1978. I was seven. My mom and step dad were the managers of this little bar and grill out in the middle of BFE, Montana. Somewhere near the headwaters of the Missouri river. We were there for about three months. Every night right before it got dark three red lights flew up from behind the mountains to the north of the place. The mountains were about two miles away. The lights would fly around, darting around each other. They would fly in a straight line and all of a sudden would change direction by 180 degree's. No aircraft at the time or even military aircraft today can match the agility of these things. My mom and i would watch them everynight.

And my step-dad and i encountered another UFO in 1979 while camping at Crater lake in Oregon.

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posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 01:57 AM
Well count me in

Ive seen a couple of unexplained disappearing lights.

Once I looked up at the night sky and saw an orange light slowly floating by right above me and it faded.

another time I saw what I thought was a star till it started moving and also faded.

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 02:18 AM
I've had several and they always catch me off guard.

My most recent was in downtown Reno above the Wells Fargo building. I saw a collection of red blue and green lights that looked like a bundle of balloons being illuminated by roof lights...I made it to the other side of the street and the "balloons" turned into one glowing orange orb with a clear spherical shape. I had my digi cam in my pack and in the second or two it took me to get it out and turn it on it vanished.

9 months prior in Reno, I was downtown sitting by the river(the Truckee) and I was playing guitar with a friend when we noticed a light in the sky hovering at a few thousand feet and about 30 miles to the south east. It moved extremely slowly back and forth between the South and South East positions. It also changed shape and brightness. At one point it began to ascend slowly as another much fainter light began to circle clockwise, and then counter clockwise around the first object. Both disappeared after about 30 minutes. I took picture with my cell phone camera, which lacked the quality to capture the object visibly. the photos were essentially worthless.

Before that I saw a white object in Las Vegas hanging in the air for several hours. That one was my first sighting. I was on Nellis Blvd and Flamingo looking toward the west about 10 years ago in the summer. It was there until nightfall and then suddenly disappeared. I had no camera equipment at all at the time.

And that's it.

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 02:27 AM
I've seen one too. I reported here in 'The Grey Area'

See link:

Good thing with my sighting is it can't be explained away. It was a daylight sighting and it was seen from a flight I was on so someone else must have seen it. The pilots of the flight most definately must have seen it. And the fact it got chased away by a fighter jet it should be easily verified by whatever airforce chased it. Last April this happened. (2008)

There's no doubt as to what it was. But alas I never had a camera with me. I fly every month back and forth to Algeria from London (I work there) and I always carry a camera in my pocket just in case I'm lucky enough to spot one again. That's the frustrating thing. I suppose it is hard to be believed when there's no photographic evidence. I just hope it comes out in a declassified report someday!!

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